Out Of Place Artifacts

In today’s episode, Molly gives us the low down on such out of place artifacts as Greek Fire and the Antikythera device.

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Out Of Place Artifacts
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February 3, 2011 • 6:11 pm | Permalink


  • berdgar says:

    I am a Greek and i am proud of my history !

  • ThefamousZozo says:

    0:10 man that caveman is a hero he lost his own life in stopping a guy with a Vuvuzela............ i want to be like him!

  • SaoPauloOrBust says:

    Aww, no mention of the Baigong Pipes?

  • Gullfisken89 says:


  • ThatChickCalledRosie says:

    if its a genuine artifact then how can it be out of place?????

  • Ub3rRopium says:

    1 person... *salivates jiberish*

  • Localmode says:

    Anyone else feel the need to go motor boatin?

  • SaphirYoshi says:

    I feel smarter and hornier at the same time..
    never thought that was possible

  • johnytoreno says:

    These videos are getting smaller:(.

  • TheCrimsonW says:

    I wanted to hear more :(

  • ZillieZephyr says:

    @TheCrimsonW me too

  • Montork says:

    happens all the time, life is funny like that

  • Flyborg says:

    ..umm.. I hate to post a comment other than "boobs".. but.. those "proven" out of place artifacts aren't actually out of place. They just seem so intuitively. But they simply represent the peak of technology at the time.

  • Tinydestiny2 says:

    I thought for a second I had figured out what Rocketboom was... I'm lost again... Also, MOLLY <3!!!

  • GmasterRED says:

    The trouser snake has a mind of it's own.

  • PlayEvenLouder says:

    I miss Amanda Congdon.

  • flibber123 says:


  • JONATHANgoober says:

    Looking good molly, great to see your geting a life. Have fun with the days that come. muhahahaa

  • okzon says:

    hey, sumerian texts anyone?

  • sonicase says:

    low cut shirt is low cut

  • dsibri says:


  • TheGstein says:

    @Flyborg Thats exactly what the definition of out of place artifact is... wow.... just wow...

  • phoenixsprite says:

    Molly, you also forgot a thing about Greek Fire that shares a similarity with a modern (ish) era weapon: it was unquenchable just like Napalm.

  • GmasterRED says:

    I watched this video 3 times. Once to stare at Molly's face. Once to stare at her boobs. And once to actually listen to what the video was about.

  • zetsu12345678910 says:

    why is everyone so fucking obsessed with molly. i mean seriously, this is getting really creepy. i bet half of you are only here to see her boobs :/

  • heymrk says:

    It isn't called an "out of place artifact." It's called an anachronism.

  • Flyborg says:

    @TheGstein An out of place artifact should actually be out of place, IE, all the debunked ones would have been out of place if they were real. I don't think it's accurate to refer to something that APPEARS to be out of place as an "out of place artifact". In any case they way they went through the debunked ones, and then said some are "real", it implied they were actually out of place.

  • ImbaNewb says:

    rewatch without sound mmmmmm

  • zyniker88 says:

    @heymrk Implying that the 12 year olds that stare at her chest would know what that means, sometimes the simpler terms are better so more can learn.

  • slLLyhumans says:


    She really does have a pefect pair. In 5+ years they will turn very few heads and she will look back with nostalgia of the reaction they once commanded .

    Im even willing to overlook her pronunciation Zo-ology ( zoe-ology) as Zoo-ology .....which is completely incorrect .

  • TrulyEvilBob says:

    Molly, aren't you cold wearing that?

  • deadRoden7 says:

    Love her accent :)

  • coolstream1 says:

    If I ever invent time travel I'm going back in time and stopping myself from inventing time travel!

  • zetsu12345678910 says:

    really now, interesting.
    you,sir, have made me lose all hope in humanity and men in general.
    Im pretty sure molly doesnt appreciate you guys posting things like
    "OH MAH GAWD MOLLEH, YOUR TITS ARE AMAZING!!ONE111!!!" instead of actually paying attention to what she is trying to say, or maybe that is just me. I guess im the only one that hasnt completely lost their minds.I personally, would be completely offended by some of the comments i see. but whatever. enjoy your "boobies" -_-

  • DeRealUno says:

    i remember the time when 90% of R.B viewers were not obsessive perverted morons.

  • seriouslyWeird says:

    this is so fucking old

  • GmasterRED says:

    But rocket boom was never good.

  • DGC019 says:

    You mean 'anachronism', why use more words than necessary?

  • retronightmare says:

    Woooaahhhh ...nice..... please jump up and down.

  • apehodet says:

    @DeRealUno i don't. and i've been watching since before molly

  • DeRealUno says:

    @apehodet cool story bro

  • MoonBurgle says:

    @DGC019 Because specificity in cryptozoology is paramount.

  • slLLyhumans says:


    So the tight fitting shirt and position of the camera are on accident ? They dont care to film her from above the shoulder up do they ? Dont be gullible .

    Also , the comments I have read arent offensive as much as they are childish , and men acting like children around a beuatiful women is nothing new .

    But I do respect what you are saying .

  • zetsu12345678910 says:

    well, obviously its not by mistake, but please at least keep SOME of the dignity you have and dont post stupid comments that make you look like a shallow asshole . Take it from me, women do not like it when you drool over their boobs, it just makes you look retarded.

  • apehodet says:

    @DeRealUno um...


    That is a science fiction prophecy, the Time Traveler's paradox; that in the presumption all of Creation exists in Time & Space, therefore time travelers are already here, and we should occasionally see a future artifact. If Time is linear, and we have to live it, then are we past or present, as the future has yet to become, thus creating the paradox. Some pictures recently emerged from early Hollywood of people speaking into cell phones over 70-years ago: Either that or nuts.

  • mazle100 says:

    What did she say? I was distracted by something...

  • theburt83 says:

    Ah, for the life of a grey sweater!

  • zabukazar says:

    "In today's episode, Molly gives us the low down..." She sure did. Yummy.

  • locustkllr says:

    Those two are just FANTASTIC. ...the stories about out of place artifacts of course. ;)

  • DGC019 says:

    @MoonBurgle Hahahaha, yeah that's right and adlapicasically honcodormiosis-on-the-cosis is the quintessential light-feather in the black-feathered rondocles and if necessary squeekologically too.

  • akidforever92 says:

    Molly's awesomeness is too much to describe in 500 characters. And to try and fail would be a disrespect.

  • blah22322 says:

    Thumbs up if you like molly for other reasons BESIDES HER BOOBS!

  • TheStoomie says:

    Christ. I sure do love me some Molly.

  • MrMadisun says:

    Sorry i didnt catch a word of that! Damn grey sweater!

  • CMDRKillsalot says:

    Thumbs up if you were hoping to follow Molly's microphone cable down her shirt! :)

  • RebelsWillLiveOn says:

    aren't the Baghdad batteries real?

  • NominePatris says:

    I want to be a Molly sweater!!!

  • Staleghoti says:

    Can we have an episode that scientifically explains Molly's new bra?

  • SCDSlimShadow says:

    Fascinating fact: Da Vinci invented the Tank. also, 100 GET

  • HondaBender says:

    In the first 3 seconds of the video I sprayed my coffee everywhere. Simply because of Molly wardrobe...

  • TheGeneralPain says:

    @blah22322 loving how you got no response... but you get a thumbs up from me anyway xD

    I like her boobs certainly, but her Birtishness is to be admired :P

  • Natureza88 says:

    Jesus. Effin. Zombie. On. A . Raptor. Christ
    Im sorry Molly, i would of listen to the fascinating things you're usually talking about, but i was somehow distracted ....

  • InflatableVampire says:

    @zetsu12345678910 Not to say I don't appreciate them(I do) but the things she is talking about are genuinely interesting. I want to learn how to build the Antikythera Device made of Lego Technic pieces.

  • caseygtr says:

    She's got those god damn tits!

  • iHateToRegister says:

    Knowledge: THanks to wikipedia.
    Boner: Thanks to that awesome boobage.

  • MrKmoes says:

    Fucking hell people with the things she is talking about you would think that there are better things in the comments then BOOBS. everyone knows shes hot without your pointing it out

  • yolomo321 says:


  • yolomo321 says:

    @blah22322 lol you have no thumbs ups.

  • sidprz says:

    did i miss a rage thread or is this particularly full of Legion today.

  • zubieta says:

    The woman who is supposedly talking on a cellphone on a 1920's mute film

  • eastendthug360 says:

    @MrKmoes you're either gay, a woman, elderly or lack a basic sense of humour

  • PandaArmyXX says:

    ಠ_ಠ ( ¤ Y ¤ )

  • rasalghul5555 says:

    I did not listen to a word she said....

  • rtothepandj says:

    molly looking especially beatiful today =]

  • rtothepandj says:

    molly's looking especially beautiful today =]

  • rasalghul5555 says:

    I could make a mess on her upper torso if I was with her for 30 sec

  • Intothemoooon says:

    Holy Jeebus batman, we all know Molly is smexy. Post about something else, for heaven's sakes!

  • MaywitherDragon says:

    omg mememolly is so adorable

  • mrich75 says:

    And it seems just like yesterday that I can remember her being a B-Cup

  • captainBernd1 says:

    [Insert Chuck Norris Joke]

    [Insert comment about who are the dislikers]

    [Insert comment on wanting thumb ups]

    [Insert over 9000 joke]

    [Insert how things are different in Soviet Russia]

    [Insert how this is better then Justin Bieber]

    [Insert quote of this video]

    [Insert complaint about ads]

  • jstnhnh says:

    Damn, she's hot.

  • stephenrichy says:

    @captainBernd1 chuck Norris can pop a wheelie on a unicycle

  • animalntaz says:

    perky chest. :)

  • DLH112 says:

    saw the title and immediately thought of Star Ocean Til the end of time. thumbs up if you did too.

  • KazziKolorZz says:

    [Insert something about Molly's boobs]

  • jerommeke69 says:

    you're stupid...

  • KazziKolorZz says:

    I didn't catch a word of that....Deep V...Cleavage....Yessss.......

  • bhuyapublic111 says:

    @Staleghoti LOL


    The secret Moon base, the world is actually a colony, and there is a secret moon base that is covered showing our inter-galactic roots: Somewhere in the world is the remains of a starship landing site, that never left. Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy, Earth is a designed computer and we are colonists who inadvertently colonized the computer. One of the problems with Out Of Place Artifacts is Out Of Place Minds, our perception of "today" is what judges "yesterday", and it is a gross wrong.

  • bjam89 says:

    @zubieta please that would just be time travel or a insane woman, an artifact has to be found

  • WhirledSol says:

    I never heard the term "out of place artifacts" until today and I've heard it randomly three times since.

  • bjam89 says:

    @eastendthug360 i am 21 hetro male and am sick of people commenting on her breasts and i do not lack a basic sense of humor

  • bjam89 says:

    @RebelsWillLiveOn they are real, but likely just a huge we made these things that hurt us if we touch it, we are not sure how or why we made them kind of deal

  • alexishalo says:

    If my science teacher was like molly, straight A's

  • bjam89 says:

    @coolstream1 see grandfather paradox

  • captainBernd1 says:

    no u


  • 666TECHNO666 says:

    can molly at least do a video with just a bra on, thats not against youtube policy...

  • 666TECHNO666 says:

    can molly at least do a vid in just a bra, thats not against the rules

  • SoullessConviction says:


  • Otakkun says:

    The end. =)

  • pigman2222 says:

    Stop talking shit Molly and go do a porno.

  • ashwinkga says:

    @Staleghoti omg rotl LOL!!!! thumbs up

  • ashwinkga says:

    haha love how all comments target mollys bra here no surprise! :)

  • cperalta92 says:

    It's all Doc Brown's fault. Shouldn't have made a time machine out of a DeLorean.

  • uncachable says:

    How I wish to be her lavalier microphone. So close to her boobies.

  • frankylovesyall says:

    Molly's tits look especially delicious today. I like this shirt. :) I'm gonna go fap now. Later y'all.

  • dennisvanlith says:

    Concrete was a roman invention. That was lost for a long time, only to be rediscovered not so long ago...

  • 2bazar says:

    Sparkle plenty

  • mokosaurio says:

    I found Molly or a girl that really looks like molly! Please help me find out if it is her!
    3w[dot] shockmansion [dot]com /page/3/

  • Knuxsega says:

    Remember reading about a similar topic a few months back. Where explorers were excavating in a deep cavern which was once inhabited by neanderthals and they found an "out of place artifact" was an Archie comic.

  • HiJaayD says:

    I came hear to learn about scientific stuff and yall comment about her boobies. Man fucking humanity, waht have the internet done lOL. oh yeah, free porn.

  • InfernalXpression says:

    sorry...didnt hear a word she said...too busy looking at her chest

  • TwistedHot says:

    I once saw on tv amazonic golden mini-replicas of aircrafts.

  • TwistedHot says:

    Pre-columbine ones.

  • vikngwill says:

    Molly...if you're not too busy for the next say...50+ would you like to just trash my life ??

  • newkie2008 says:

    Slow day?

  • httprover says:

    Another one is the Baghdad or Parthian battery. The Antikythera mechanism is considered to be an analog computer but what if it were driven by a water clock? Was the device intended to display the mean motion of the planets rather than that of Ptolemy's epicycle orbits? One does wonder.

  • ragna120k says:

    i couldn't concentrate. wasn't paying attention.. O_O

  • MnukR says:

    Molly, you have successfully diverted your viewer's attention to the wrong places...

  • TheKrimsonKore says:


  • httprover says:

    Another two are Greek crystal lenses and parabolic mirrors which were used to start fires.

  • jamesjiao says:

    I have to agree with most of the comments I've seen so far. I am so ashamed of myself!!

  • formless777 says:

    There were lots of Greek clockwork and steam devices used in antiquity. They were devised by a fellow called Heiron of Alexandria during the reign of Vespasian, who decided he didn't like labor saving devices and so bought them up and shelved them.

  • arad7613 says:

    A thousand years from now, scientists will discover the comment section of this vid, and will be surprised to find some comments that display knowledge and intelligence. They will conclude that these comment were made by "Out Of Place Individuals", living in the age of Homo Erectus, whose main preoccupation was boobs.

  • kuro114 says:

    I wish I was molly's mic....

  • legoclonetrooper1234 says:

    yay i saw my country on the map there

  • Psyclaws says:

    Salamanders shirt FTW!!!

  • MyInterwebs says:

    cute ^^

  • meerkat006 says:

    The Delorean and the Sega Dreamcast

  • argetlam134 says:


  • Hemulen40 says:

    Ha ha... farty facts !

  • Erbstank says:

    wish Molly would put out her artifacts for closer inspection

  • s043487263 says:

    big boobs:))))))

  • hardworker424 says:

    We've lost a lot of technology over the years. If it weren't for the dark ages we would have terraformed Mars by now.

  • russwelday says:

    The Greeks of Xenophon's (circa 400 B.C.) time had a flame thrower with bellows called a Dragon. It was a long wooden tube with a bellows at one end and a pot of flaming oil suspended just below the distant end. The bellows blew air across the top of the flaming oil and the flame incinerated several soldiers at a time.

  • frilink says:


  • deltatux says:

    In 2220 AD, humans will come back and facepalm at the lack of productivity humans have wasted on Facebook and YouTube especially on comments about boobs instead of solving 42 lol.

  • GoldenBloodyBeared says:

    cute, beautiful and smart ! glad i subscribed ) love your videos :)
    i wish i had such a teacher at school ))

  • ACLNM says:

    Molly, you enlight us with such interesting facts and questions. Oh boy, Rocketboom team sure knows how to compose a time travelling joke... Cheers, peoples.

  • Wikan95 says:

    lol! NXT Lego. used those in my mechatronics class. :D

  • jelmertjuh88 says:

    Molly: the end.


  • Endocrom says:

    Don't forget the 1920's cell phone lady :Þ

  • sk3pt1chasa says:

    yep, we greeks kicked some serious ass back in the day ;)

  • PerspectiveEngineer says:

    Yet,? I think it's more correctly.
    time travel has not been invented again.

  • 1955RodHot says:

    500 years from now a team of historians will discover these videos on some old hard drive, and after figuring out a way to watch them, one will say to the others; "Damn that Molly's cute. Did you happen to notice her boobs?"

  • skots says:

    @sk3pt1chasa yeah but now ....

  • willem01 says:

    everybody's into molly's boobs because she looks good...if she looked like a troll (sarah jessica parker) probably no-one would give a fuck...nice rack though.

  • bjam89 says:

    @hendrykicksass listen it is simple, i find her breasts to e nice looking but i would rather see a series of comments that shows people have a brain rather then see a bunch of comments about her breasts, it is low row and it gets sad really quick

  • hendrykicksass says:

    @bjam89 what?

  • 12119999 says:

    mmm molly tibbies... :)

  • Tanru2000 says:

    So the ancient batteries are disproven? The way the vid is set up it looks like you are rattling of a list of possible ancient technologies that are no longer thought to be.

  • woody500z says:

    I have a way cooler out of place artifact, Kennewick Man.

    Proof that Europeans where first to the Americans, not the "Native" Indians.

  • Tanru2000 says:

    This is an interesting video - found through a few clicks of the videos on the right about this topic of ancient technology... they mention ancient batteries, ancient light-bulbs the antikythera mechanism, the pyramids, megalithic structures etc. Watching it now - half way through: watch?v=2mHe211mLV0&NR=1

  • bjam89 says:

    @hendrykicksass how to putt this simple...Molly has good boobies, me do not like it when all the comments are about her boobies, me want more brainy talk in comments, not just mindless jiberjabber...yes i know that was calling you dumb but i am sleepy and right now that is the best way i can tell you the meaning of my words, just cos i am hetro do not mean i have to be a mindless perv who only comment on her breasts

  • bjam89 says:

    @Tanru2000 no they are real, they would have had some power, she just did not found them that intresting

  • hendrykicksass says:

    @bjam89 wtf retard

  • maksphoto78 says:

    Molly's artifacts are certainly not out of place!

  • OpiSenpai says:

    Oh come on...yes, she's an angel descended from the heavens, but we already knew that!! Keep your hormonal comments to yourselves!!

  • gulllars says:

    As this relates to timetravel, you can also draw a parallell with fosils to disprove our current model of evolution (not evolution alltogheter, but as we understand it now). If you were to find a rabbit in the Cambrian, or a horse in the Cretaceous, it would be strong evidence if legit. However no such fossil has been found.
    The artifacts Molly list here is certainly out of place, but could have been made by brilliant minds by with the technology at the time.

  • Atreyu71 says:

    what? she has a pony tail? who knew!

  • roboflyguy says:

    Her lips probably taste like spearmint.

  • lthese says:

    i love this one

  • jsee12953 says:

    ffs a lot of you people here need to get laid and stfu

  • effyleven says:

    Golly, Molly... but they are n-i-c-e!

  • arrisfilms says:

    Now that was just lazy.

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    Really interesting. I have read a lot about out-of-place mechanisms like Baghdad battery, but I managed to miss this old clock mechanism.
    it's the fact that this is the only one that was found that really puts this device off his age.
    BTW, this episode looked as if there was a "to be continued" title missing. Too short...
    Molly, you look great :-)

  • httprover says:

    "Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that time travel is...not fair." -Subcommander T'Pol in Star Trek: Enterprise, Shockwave Pt 2.

  • mickeydubbeldekkers says:

    reminds me of the assassins creed series.
    the animus is REAL, i tell you!

  • cricketbat08 says:

    Thumbs up if you never once looked at molly's eyes.

  • iLoveKebapcheta says:

    0:25 Hey, that's in my country, Bulgaria! ^^

  • iLoveKebapcheta says:

    0:24 Hey, that's in my country, Bulgaria! :))

  • Hibofobi says:

    @cricketbat08 Huh?
    Have you never done that?
    Well thats weird

  • jcimrman says:

    Molly, you have beautiful eyes :-)

  • ikendusnietjij2 says:

    @MnukR those are not "wrong" places...
    They are different. (and beautiful!)

  • houdini209 says:

    My god, I watched it twice and I still have no idea what she was talking about.. Great video!

  • KidChaos878 says:

    The word motorboat comes in mind when I saw the rack.

  • memos415 says:

    Molly's body seems to actually have meat on it unlike some anorexics who believe the body is beautiful when it's starving.

  • NixanConcol says:

    does molly get bigger boobies, or am i just a perv?

  • BAMFdude15 says:

    must be good human being....look at eyes.....she's up there.

  • theflorgeormix says:


  • pigman2222 says:

    Nice tits. I'd like to shoot my load in her face.

  • Epicness117 says:


  • abyssus99 says:

    You sir are a hero

  • vivalaresistanc says:

    wow, nice rack.

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    @Pirusiandres 17. Molly, you are the best.

  • luisenrique223377 says:

    I love Molly's videos because you can always laught reading the comments :D

  • Skywalker875 says:

    ...super hot today

  • Xarr23 says:

    isn't that called an anachronism?

  • 123456789basil says:

    molly you did this on purpose.

  • harijoel says:

    thumbs up if you are not looking her to the eyes

  • deogrou says:

    If timetravel would ever happen or would have ever happened, we would probably already know about it.

  • StripyTie12 says:

    @zetsu12345678910 Someone asked her whether it bothered her that half the comments on rocketboom videos were about her boobs on VYou and her answer was a very un-offended "nah". Don't assume peoples opinions for them, they're probably not as uptight as you.

  • Vereonis says:


  • xXDominoXx says:

    the Kensington Runestone is still in question.

  • xXDominoXx says:

    @xXDominoXx /watch?v=bhud80vWqks

  • hurbaga says:

    I honestly did not notice what every1 noticed ,, and im a guy ?
    Does that mean ... Nooo!
    Must go to other website ..

  • carbonunit says:

    @Erbstank didnt you know that cleavage gets more views on youtube

  • Ieetspeak says:

    7 people didn't like molly's cleavage.

  • GravedSanctuary says:

    *After rewatching video 3rd time*
    Molly hotter than usual.

  • gunstarJPY says:

    TITS ! !

  • artvandelay13 says:

    @Xarr23 I've only heard the term anachronism to describe an out-of-place object in a movie, such as someone wearing a digital watch in a medieval movie, or a song playing on the radio in a movie set a couple years before that song came out. I don't think it applies to out-of-place objects in reality (but I may be wrong)...

  • TheBlazinfury says:

    i would like to inspect her boobs closer!!! ;)

  • avsky123 says:

    I'd love to see how this video does with a crusty old dude, if it's really the substance that draws the attention.

  • AreaQNH870 says:

    @TheBlazinfury Yeah they already did that in the highest rated

  • govhater4 says:

    I'm in love...

  • pokiebaron says:

    Cool topic. I'd like to see an extended episode on it.

  • carlkirby says:

    Molly hot

  • olomamak22 says:

    this girl really cute.. heheehe

  • Arat1t1 says:

    *Sexist comment about Molly with no real point*

  • daflyinhawaiian2 says:

    I stared at Molly's Antikythera's the whole time!

  • mynameisray says:

    Love the tits babe, can we see more of those. Got a cute face to

  • maxinpains says:

    omg... she is soo cute!lol

  • dwbear7 says:

    What about the1920's old lady with the cell phone???

  • TeleologyOfDeath says:

    hypnotizing rack LOL

  • BGLooney95 says:

    Stop talkin about stupid stuff that no one cares about and just lift up ur shirt

  • inventorOz84 says:

    you just have passed the gay test.

  • Thegoodkingnado says:

    @cricketbat08 ur missing out! she has a FINE body i'm sure, but that will remain a fantasy. she has beautiful eyes, & an exquisite mouth- an all around gorgeous face! its a little strange- good, but strange, that SO MANY guys(and girls?) comment(often disrespectfully & downright rudely!) on how hot she is, when REALLY she is rather ~plain~, personally i kinda LIKE plainish girls-i.e. no make up, no hair spray etc. this is not directed only towards u- i made a comment here once i'm not proud of!

  • xXDeanBeanXx says:

    @cricketbat08 only when i was finished

  • undergroundjackal says:

    i wonder if anyone even listens to what she is saying

  • RocketBoobs says:

    Dear Molly RocketBoobs,

    There are many such artefacts: Read the book FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGY by Michael Cremo

  • RocketBoobs says:

    Here's a short video excerpt related to FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGY:

  • XXXKingofSorrow says:

    My God, she has amazing eyes.

  • ALSHARPTON69 says:

    Will you marry me, pla-eeze!!!! I'm in love:)

  • googlethatshiz says:

    sooooooo pretty!

  • QwIz2131876647342893 says:

    Half the comments:

  • MeegzIsCool says:


  • Ramsez says:

    @hardworker424 we have...

  • tashtan1 says:

    @cricketbat08 i think she is pretty cute

  • tashtan1 says:

    this thing at 0:47 was made by some man with just using LEGOs but still its so important. such big important thing with just LEGOs

  • ihmen says:

    how the hell is greek fire an out of place artifact? the antikythera mechanism is way more impressive than greek fire but we know for a fact both of these were made by the anient greeks themselves. no time travel, aliens, or any bullshit like that. if you actually think that the anient greeks were too stupid to figure out how to make a flammable liquid, then you're a bimbo.

  • allessandrapotpot says:

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    @arrisfilms errrr.....i'm not?

  • StripyTie12 says:

    1. because it's awesome 2. because it's irrelevant to the point i was making

  • crazycheatta says:

    "The End".......that was different. So this report is saying concepts already thought of but no initiative, structure, funds, proper knowledge, or technology to produce what we have today that could've already existed before our time? Yea I believe that.

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    There are many ancient artifacts that defy rational explanation. However, given the age of the earth, and mankind in general, we would be rather foolish to think that civilization is something relatively new to the earth. Can we say for certainty that there were no such things as computers 10,000 years ago?? The known history of mankind is one of 'forgetfulness" - brought on by, perhaps, a global catastrophe which completely destroyed civilization.

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    thats what I'm talking about, a woman who is supposedly talking on a cellphone on a 1920's charlie chaplin film, well people says that because of her pose

    also google in images "time traveller 1940" and you'll see a weird guy, I don't believe he is really a time traveller, but at least his sense of fashion and clothing was sort of ahead of his time

  • graffitiphat says:

    I find those to be quite nice.

  • bjam89 says:

    @zubieta i hae seen it, but the point is an artifact is an item found in a dig site, as for the woman, i see many reasons why she could have taken that pose while i like the idea of time trael there is the fact that time trawlers should know better then that, and as for that photo, you mean the sunglasses that is from that time, and what he has on his torso, also found in his time, i like the idea of tie travel, i just do not like the idea of them getting caught in something that dumb

  • FarmerProduction says:

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  • UserNameManh says:

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    you. Grossly unqualified person. Stop your pretentious blabbering.
    The Egyptains knew how steam worked to power stuff, but never thought of putting an engine on tracks so it was pretty useless at the time. There's inventions today that probably seemingly have absolutely no use but 1000 years from now someone will be finding that we had thought of it and wondered how it was lost and how we could have possibly come up with it.

  • TheVaultingFig says:

    Give ancient people some damn credit.

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  • sk3pt1chasa says:

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    now we just drop our pants and take it up the ass by whoever feels like "helping" us :-/

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    Can you please show less illustration images, and instead show more of Molly?
    You're showing her for only like 2 seconds at a time.
    It would be better if you show her for at least a minute and a half.
    That way it would be easier to concentrate.

  • OddlyRandomPro says:

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  • OddlyRandomPro says:

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  • jmorgan87 says:

    There've been movie theatres, mobile gadgetry, and any other elctromechanical concoction you could ever possibly think of for billions of years. These "inventions" certainly weren't invented here at Earth first. The mathematical chance for that is literally infinitely small. EVEN If only .000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of inhabitable spheres are inhabited by advanced intelligent beings similar to us, then that would mean there are tens of millions of similar societies out there.

  • thealchymist81 says:

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    @lordOFbrooklyn She doesn't need to lose any pound. Don't talk rubbish. She has a perfect body.

  • lordOFbrooklyn says:

    @galleon5 maybe you have a fat girl fetish? or maybe you're so fat yourself that the point of comparison has been clouded?

  • Kaasperav says:

    Way to butcher the pronunciation of Antikythera Mechanism.

  • vampirelord1217 says:

    time travel is a wrong term the time u call is just a idea for calculating mass and movement. In reality u cannot travel back or foward cuz there is not a time line just a idea or concept in ur mind. There is just here and now eternal present only think about it ur mind is the only one traveling in time or memory or dreams mind tricks ego.

  • ericxpenner says:

    You people are disgusting perverts. Try getting laid, it will allow you to watch a video whilst looking at the female presenter's face, not her breasts. All this talk about seeing Molly naked, whether she needs to lose weight, and how you spent the whole time starting at her breasts makes you sound ridiculous. Just enjoy the video. And try desperately to get laid, because you clearly need it.

    Great video, Molly. Keep them coming. I thoroughly enjoy your personality and your way with words.

  • xxbckxx says:

    Her knockers are a "out of place artifacts"

  • lgreenl says:

    @vampirelord1217 true, true. but u can technicly time travel, the faster you go the slower time travels, wich means if you were on a space ship going at , lets say 99.9% the speed of light, time wouldn't travel. wich means when you stop you would be in the future. Time traveling is also possible as far as high powered computers. Get a computer powerful enough to re crate the planet earth and most the mater around it. then put in all the information available, and it could recreate the past.

  • BannedennaB says:

    This shit was as BAD as a science fair from a middle school set up by the stoner kids.

  • Brightgalrs says:

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