NYC Resistor Hacker Space

Rocketboom Tech correspondent Ellie Rountree visits NYC Resistor, a hacker collective in Brooklyn, NY. Links: Bre Pettis, DIY Freaks Flock to ‘Hacker Spaces’ Worldwide, Hackerbot Labs, Chaos Computer Club,

This episode was created in collaboration with Intel!

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April 7, 2009 • 1:00 am | Permalink


  • notscooter952 says:

    Bre! I miss him from Make!

  • umchoyka says:

    It's definitely "Bree". Search for Make Magazine videos and you can hear him say it himself! :)

  • CalikoKat says:

    Buddy Holly lives...

  • RyuDarragh says:

    Been hacking and breadboarding since 1969, when I built a 1 tube regenerative shortwave radio. Don't stop, until you get that soldering burn out. Don;t stop, 'till you get enough.. DON'T STOP!

  • zakkmiester says:

    Bre! Oh how I miss thee...

  • ilikefriedfood says:

    at 41 you can see the ac generator he used in his show pilot history hacker

  • M4sk3dC4sp3r says:

    and me need to get one in San Diego i know lots of guys that would be into it

  • armyofmeisbliss says:

    great vid.
    it's Deutsche not Duetche, though.

  • SonomaDave1 says:

    Hes not only geeky, hes gagity gay too!

  • JesusSavesAtCitibank says:

    No comment.

  • mtvguy54 says:

    These guys contribute so much to society.....NOT

  • code933k says:

    Cute interview, thanks !!

  • Spacepoliceman says:

    these are the kind of people who invent the next great invention and make several million dollars, so be nice, they could be your boss one day.

  • spunkkymunkky says:

    love rocketboom . great reporting!

  • CognosSquare says:

    How do they finance these things? Lazer cutters costs money.

  • waldo2020 says:

    Bre is a total idiot!

  • Mattimattson says:

    She's too hot.

  • mtvguy54 says:

    Doubtful, I expect he still lives in his mom's basement

  • polywoly15 says:

    they hacked into stores of course

  • eskay2001 says:

    Aargh, I want such a lab too!
    btw at 0:17: it should be called
    "Deutsche Hackerräume" not "duetche"

  • Deathrape2001 says:


  • hjk798 says:

    the eyebrows on the girl is just ridiculous.

  • kahnicles says:

    dam twitter

  • snuffsan says:

    -4 for unoriginality. +2 for the effort

  • lpasepok says:

    Apparently their lessons cost money :(.

  • Newton says:

    YEA !!! ELLIE.

    Very interesting vid today guys !!

  • Leonardo says:

    Wow, two good videos in a row. A new start?
    BTW, if in future you're going to send more Ellie you won't have me bemoaning.

  • Newton says:

    Hey, if you mix Tequila, Gin, and Vodka, you're half way to a long island tea !!

  • Kam says:

    Yeah Bre but can you teach me how to find a launched rocket!??

    • C-C says:

      I think he truly wants to forget that 'stage' of his life. 'Stage' - get it? Like a rocket!! I sent a couple emails & made a few posts back when that balloon cam went astray and never got so much as a "Hi, thanks for watching". Having gone from Seattle to NYC maybe he is part of the Hackers Relocation Program.

    • b-man says:

      I think the North Koreans found it and re-launched it. Turned out to be a dud again. haha.

  • b-man says:

    re: last week's t-show

    Into the twittersphere... this is a must see!

  • MyMemories19 says:

    This is interesting. Thanks for posting this. It's good to see stuff like this. Good to see something aside from usual news.

  • justtwentyoeight says:

    Gin, vodka, rum... tequila, some sweet & sour, tiny splash triple sec, splash of coke for color, slice of lemon, all over ice in a hurricane glass... Long Island Iced Tea!

    I agree, truly disgusting... but effective!

  • b-man says:

    Why is there a different video on the RB YouTube site? Well for those who wanted more Ellie, here she is... great non-pretentious fun.

  • fjfj says:

  • TheNeoLoneWolf says:

    ☻/ hello im bob! copy and past me!plz!
    /▌ help me take over youtube!
    / \

  • 4Gehe2 says:

    What a shock?
    How you think small organisation stay up?

  • brockenstar says:

    / \

  • leeroynaggins says:

    She's wearing her Mission Impossible stealth suit...

  • johnballs says:

    wanna be hacker

  • kensuke0 says:

    It's Ben Stein's nerdy brother who won't leave his basement.

  • psib93 says:

    dayum she is HOTT!!!

  • cypher010101 says:

    the Beauty and the Geek!

  • youngnewtonian says:

    A hottie interested in intellegent stuff.. Turns me on :D

  • obglobgablob says:

    It's called acting brah.

  • obglobgablob says:

    Another congregation for virgins and social refuse? You've already got Magic The Gathering and World Of Warcraft, what the fuck more do you want?

  • Starchaser says:

    What's the music used in this video?

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