• deafkiler says:


  • dannyboyfour says:

    I hate people who say first but… FIRST!

  • sw3d3nlol says:


  • Agaton33 says:

    She’s so beautiful! :)

  • kylebeans says:

    4th? lmao.
    How does she look so calm with people flyintg over handrails all over? lmao I’m be in the fetal position hiding in a corner so I don’t get hit in the face with a flying leg

  • wwickeddogg says:

    We did that stuff in high school before it had a name.

  • antshit123 says:

    it is amazing how you can just sit there with those guys jumping over you like that

  • Gloom99 says:

    aw bummer. the website is suspended. :(

  • defect530 says:

    LiveWire is my favorite

  • animasterJrowe says:

    She is quite skilled in the art of not screaming whilst people jump over her!

  • climbertobby says:

    hmmm, kinda old here in europe ;)
    still very cool though.

  • farazazhar1 says:

    u look cool barefoot …

  • XRayden says:

    Love the yamakasi!

  • gumby1008 says:

    on the 57th take

  • nitarna says:

    She’s pretty cute.

  • CognosSquare says:

    Dont forget the 2 “banlieu 13″ movies

  • SirReptitious says:

    So basically, someone in France went on a Jackie Chan movie binge years ago, then decided to say he created it by making up the name parkour for it… ;-p (that’s the cliff notes version of the history of parkour) ;-)

  • pyro4pk says:

    Yes, the website is down for now. But check back soon and it should be up and running. Sorry about that.

  • olenraks says:

    love parkour. used to parkour my self too:)

  • nornor9401 says:

    Parkour have also bin an “addon” for Martal arts as Shrin kampf and Muai thai =D

  • Dune93 says:

    Brooklyn banks<333333333333

  • jayeshchoudhari says:

    Parkour will always rock…

  • soccermafia89 says:

    I used to do that stuff years ago … like in the second grade, during recess lol.

  • jayeshchoudhari says:

    I have rarely seen women practicing Parkour…infact I have never seen one…just heard that they do…and are called traceuses

  • CuriouserNCuriouser says:

    There’s a second Banlieue 13 movie now? Thanks for the heads up!

  • duras says:

    This is pretty stupid. These guys are jumping over rails, even I could do that.

  • shinjosai says:

    yeah, ultimatum. no english subs as of yet. :(

  • deskcheck3 says:

    these guys suck balls

  • hahahaspam says:

    Um… website fail?

    Their website hasn’t been maintained in a while…

  • hlo10786 says:

    I thought it was called ” Free Running”

  • Pulverpojken says:

    Isn’t Free Running when you mix acrobatics with the Parkour?

  • desposyy says:

    that’s tricking, free running is a translation for parkour

  • Pulverpojken says:

    Ah ok, (:

  • Deseonfire says:

    Lol. They didn’t pay their bill. XD

  • drmangers says:

    I guess these guys can’t skate.

  • dahmane99 says:

    they are the same movement and more on a french moovie @ bonlieu 13 @, Thanks a lot

  • MadRecklessLevity says:

    hey i was going to watch this video a 2nd time but something painfully snapped in my shoulder as i reached for the remote mouse clicker thing. so maybe tomorrow after i get some rest, because i think i also just threw out my back typing this. and, i fear that i’m probably about to spring my wrist by pressing that ‘post comment’ button, but here goes…

  • psib93 says:

    pretty cool stuff

  • froliciouspanda says:

    yes, yes it is, and i know that because I am amazing and modest

  • Chris Canole says:

    Long before Parkour became a soul sport Jackie Chan showed us how it is done.

  • RaptorTechSource says:

    You know, if Rocketboom just dissapeared, I’d honestly be very dissapointed. I love their videos, always engaging and veyr informative – whatever the subseries.

  • Leonardo says:

    To date I had seen parkour only in tv ads — a lot of them, indeed, and before I even heard of any “life style” relating to it. Which shows the vulnerability of urban subcultures to be vampirized by corporate indoctrination practices. At least on me parkour didn’t deliver any message (if it had any) before it was previously framed by the advertisement. If a guy like Poster Boy, a New Yorker as well, is in such control of his communication that nobody can reframe HIM outside his own message, other actors of the underground scene should be more aware of what they are doing. Otherwise Parkour is just cheap acrobatics, a step below circus show.

  • TwistedTraceursMedia says:

    Twisted Traceurs was represented in this video!!!! Thats Me (marcos) and my bro (anthony)…. surfer hair and ponytail guys! LOL. If you like whats here check out our youtube

  • PurepOis0n123 says:

    sooo now you hate yourself?

  • whatismyleoname says:

    cool video! i like the way it came out

  • konikula says:

    very well done!

  • nomiSimple says:

    Well done Ella & Co.

  • dannyboyfour says:

    Lol. Figure of speech. I diddn’t even get first anyway.

  • CirqueDuCloud says:

    parkour looks like so much fun

    but i’m a skinny white kid T_T

  • SampaJasli says:

    loving these videos!

  • jiand21 says:

    haha…you made me Lol!!

  • turbonoisecat says:

    no shit. You’re on the internet. we all are.

  • timothiess says:

    This video is so fail.
    She firstly pronounced Parkour wrong, needs more emphasis on the park. The second pronunciation of Tracuers is totally fucked up, probably another shitty english translation.

  • shfbdfi1273 says:

    Parkour? Jackie Chan has been doing that for years.

  • redrebel69 says:

    she reminds me of my french ex gf

  • unkyman says:

    Hey, Rocketboom, whats the lastest status on Molly. Is this another….FAIL…whats happening now????

  • andopolis says:

    These guys are all complete peckers. Parkour should be about getting from A to B fast. If you’re only interested in elegant movements and spinning around in the air just call it what it is; GYMNASTICS and stop fagging up the place with your wannabe ‘urban sport’.

  • glyphmedia says:

    Well done Pyro. Good job of explaining yourself. ;)

  • atari67 says:

    Translated: When i jerk off, I pretend that my right hand is speaking french to me. “Ooh-lah-lah, stroke it faster, el faggoto!”

  • joepescifromcasino says:

    good call

  • joepescifromcasino says:

    Parkour gangbang in alleyway on bitch that looks like that gurl from spiderman

  • BigAndTall666 says:

    That would be Kirsten Dunst. :-)

  • BigAndTall666 says:

    Give her at good hard parkour! :-P

  • Aliyns says:

    Timothiess: If you indeed are French, you sure do fall into the typical stereotype..
    Give it a break gosh, it’s a translation.

  • rantingone says:

    urban ninjas — sounds way cooler than that french junk

    i had heard parkour actually originally developed in veitnam. native prisoners trained and conditioned themselves to take on huge jumps in order to escape. don’t know how true that is, but it sounds better than just some french gymnast guys doing flips. but in its most basic sense, its just outdoor gymnastics – without safety equipment.

  • Foggen says:


  • d4m4s74 says:

    I usually call it urban acrobatics, but that’s more freerunning then parkour

  • ubidubi04 says:

    ella should get her feet checked out after walking around BK bridge bare foot, that place always reeks of piss

  • MitoAgnt says:

    “Traceuse” phonetically:


    And “traceuse” is pronounced exactly the same as “traceuses,” the “s” at the end is silent.

  • Tanru2000 says:

    Ella FTW! :)

  • fxbezak says:

    EPIC! Glad someone brought some light onto this subject for NYC.

  • TheSage89 says:

    omg! Ninja’s!

  • eSilva90 says:

    Pronunciation nazi over here!

  • xclaimed says:

    What a huge fucking head.

  • theendisus says:

    “As far as I know there are people out there that train that we don’t even know about.” FTW

  • Wow, this is so awesome:) Great video, looks like a lot of fun!

  • ieatnuggetswithafork says:

    they’re fucking ninjas then

  • CylonFraker says:

    Ella you continue to astound me on bringing the most delightful stories to attention. You are a true ambassador for NYC. A Patron Saint of the street arts of NY.

  • envoy3 says:

    Is there a difference between parkour and free running??Cause IMO hoping over a bar then hoping back over the bar seems kinda pointless. Ive been doing parkour unintentionally since i was 10 but I always thought of the process of it being “To get from one place to the enxt in the msot easiest yet stylish way possible…”

  • NoodleFreax says:

    i think it’s a great sport and might be fun too:p! they’re like spidermen! we have a parkour team in kuwait as well and they’re as good as those fellas over here xp!

  • NaiNosnibor says:

    I am a ginger parkourist, AKA Ginja Ninja

  • adigazgurt says:

    she is hot!

  • qwertyfan123 says:


  • DoubleU says:

    Very interesting and would love to participate. Could have done it … when I was younger. I was very in shape back then.

  • Patric16 says:

    u r a stupid cunt

  • RileyOcelot says:

    District B13.

  • TROPIEESP says:

    Parkour is all about efficiency, speed and flow.
    Free Running involves tricks and stunts.

  • Badboyzon9 says:

    this is a waste of time and life……………

  • icequeen9 says:


  • Bleachmanme1 says:

    I have the sam trousers as the guy at 00:40 :P

  • Bleachmanme1 says:

    Parkour is about efficiency, Free running is about style

  • XoXoRiH says:

    WOO WOO, yeah this is under the Brooklyn Bridge, my hs near here

  • SerendipityFreekles says:


  • pigfaceddog says:

    She”s fairly cute, shame she’s a ranga

  • sk8nska says:

    my litle sister is all about this suff! i hate that we live in augusta, she has no one to train with

  • TrancePants78 says:

    great interview, very interesting.

    Ella: doing aussies proud in NYC :)

  • MrMarquinho01 says:


  • thirdplan3t says:

    Being incredibly in shape and having fun? You’re right, watching videos on the internet about something amazing and bashing on it is a better choice.

  • aa3gunner says:

    its pyro and vert!

  • aa3gunner says:

    NYPK-miss you all!

  • aa3gunner says:

    in a nutshell, yes, that is correct. haha

  • 2milho says:

    mary jane parker and toothy are cool

  • 2milho says:

    what would a ranga be?

  • pigfaceddog says:

    Ranga is a ginger

  • lewisian says:

    For some awesome parkour in a movie genre, check out the French film “District b13″. Soooo cooool.

  • turbulente007 says:

    spread this everywhere
    check out
    its a youtube that everyone should know about

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