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July 6, 2009 • 5:00 pm | Permalink


  • Lublancan78 says:

    what a cute geek

  • Ashecroft7 says:

    I love your quirky style :)

  • StrongBadinaterSMU says:

    Hey Molly! I hope your time at rocketboom is well enjoyed. and i love that you play Ocarina Of Time, it's a fun game.

  • pinkbandgeek says:

    I like pies really....and rocketboom of course!

  • Kenny2k08 says:

    Molly <3

  • sharperguy says:

    When you get the scales for fishing and then use them to dive as young link how do you get all the way down into the pool to be able to get the the next area?

  • samuelkim1 says:

    you're awesome XD

  • Docthewrench says:

    All i can say ever since I seen her on youtube I was like WOW I am in LOVE

  • tubelev says:

    proceed, you have gained my interest, human...

  • p0ison1vy says:

    they killed her

  • Cheepn1s says:

    Ahahahah wow

    Should I cry or laugh after actually watching this?

  • MrAppleby56 says:

    Pride and Predjudice and Zombies...what a book

  • TheGreatSteve says:

    Yay Molly!

  • CognosSquare says:

    A very nice girl, but as an avid viewer of this channel I dont like being manhandled around between this these girls you happen to have in your rollerdecks. Im still not over Joanne

    Can I just say this about Joanne?
    Joanne was a spectacular woman. Every inch of her, a warmblooded, throbbing woman

    She would sit down and just own those images, sending perfumescented pixels showering my bare naked retinas. Caressing them as I struggled to catch the beauty of her symmetries in real time, but alas.

  • violapie says:

    I was worried until "right-handed vegetarian." Looking forward to some awesome Rocketboomage!

  • zakkmiester says:



    I.. think I'm proud for you...
    Eh, either way, we get rocketboom back


  • ClansofIdiots says:

    Ocarina of time>everything else

  • PurepOis0n123 says:

    ii love british accents xD

  • NumbSkull34 says:

    well i was surprised that rocket boom news was back with a new anchor...
    but i'm happy it's back. and i enjoy molly. i like the ackwardness, and the geekyness.
    i welcome u molly to be our news anchor :D
    good luck !

  • MoonFox35 says:

    You had me at "Extended Version" and forever stole my heart with "Ocarina of Time."

  • IhaveTubes says:

    haha shes funny good video

  • dykedesuyo says:

    omg! Rocketboom got mememoly!! Awesome.

    0:52 "...and she's adorable" lol ^.^

  • Cerebrocaust says:

    Joanne: Awesome in every conceivable way.

    TheHill88: Dumb bimbo with just enough charisma to get by.

    Mememolly: Dumb bimbo with no charisma.

    Get it together, Rocketboom. Not just any attractive girl with an accent can fill Joanne's shoes. If you're going to make me watch a thirty second ad for a three minute video, it better be a three minute video worth watching. If it weren't for the tech correspondents, I'd already have unsubbed just for the ads.

    • Leanne says:

      Hey, give Molly a break =/.

      She's a great girl. I've watched her many times. Look up on youtube, mememolly. Look at her videos. She's a nice, down to earth girl.

      I doubt Joanne is better than Molly, anyway!

  • crabalockerfishwife6 says:


  • krong666 says:

    So, molly, you're a tree-hanging-hippie-vegetarian-alternative-slightly-geeky-blond...?

  • mememolly says:

    you'd be amazed at what they can do with cupcakes.

  • mememolly says:

    saying hello - hi!

  • acestrife101 says:

    Yah!!!!! Canadian now!@

  • jriktor says:

    i would give my left nut to get with molly.

  • mememolly says:


  • wwewesty says:

    thirty second ad? you get ads before vids on youtube?

  • Mjhavok says:

    You favour your right nut over your left one?

  • lukeb3000 says:

    Hi I'm an English Blogging and Vlogging nerd too!

    Any chance I can appear on RocketBoom?

    I will no doubt just end up making a video response to this!

  • yourtube777 says:

    Lets have some GGW action, woot!!!

  • RaiohTheHunter says:

    I like eating meat!

  • phillyphan32992 says:

    Hooray for Mememolly!

  • OrbisFerrum says:

    I bet you could tell me. but then you'd have to bake me.

  • SaintCog says:

    Homestar! Yeh.

  • xx99Username99xx says:

    OMG! I'M a right-handed vegetarian Scorpio!

  • KillaSamos says:

    I love your voice/accent.

  • Tamerplane says:

    [...] and completing Ocarina of Time, I do that every year.

    I'm officially in love!

  • mememolly says:

    well it is the BEST zelda game. hands down.

  • mememolly says:


  • RV510 says:


  • HikariKage says:

    Best 3D Zelda.

  • whyattn says:

    molly is made of awesome!

  • numbah1pinoy says:

    molly mollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymollymolly

    I LOVE YOU! <3

  • Bucknik says:

    mememolly?! Awesome. :)

  • ElMisionero96 says:

    molly! D:

  • ColombianComplain says:

    win. marry me?

  • perfectlyMessy says:

    wohoo Pride and Prejudice and zombies! Awesome book! =)

  • metaphonica says:

    I liked Caitlin better.

  • baabaaer says:

    Looks like she is a little unnaccostumed to speaking in front of camera.

  • OneEyeJay says:

    Molly FTW!!! :)

  • kjpdqpb says:

    Sounds great. I'm interested in Rocketboom getting back on its feet. Thinks are looking up. pun intended.

  • BigAndTall666 says:

    Flog Molly! -I WANT JOANNE!!!

  • Spacepoliceman says:

    I agree!


  • wangstick says:

    what do you do, jump out of planes and hunt whales?

  • Cerebrocaust says:

    You'll see them soon enough. It's something Crackle is doing (the ads are on PennSays now, too) and I think YouTube put in the functionality with this whole Hulu update thing. It doesn't seem to do it every single time I watch a Crackle video, but it definitely doesn't happen when I'm NOT watching a Crackle video.

  • artvandelay13 says:

    lame video and i miss joanne.... but after hearing the LOTR comment, i've come to the conclusion that i will marry you. kthxbai.

  • SearchBillHicks says:

    very sexy

  • Rob L. says:

    Hello Molly :-) Welcome to Rocketboom

  • mechanesthesia says:

    I think I like this host better than the last one you had after Joane.

  • Rich says:

    Interesting that Molly wasn't listed as one of the people that applied via

    Looks like Andrew's "talent search" was a scam. Typical for him.

    Molly - welcome to RB. Hope you enjoy yourself.
    Here's a helpful hint. Watch and learn from some of JoCo's videos. Your elocution needs some work.

  • sedna90377 says:

    I so don't care about this girl.
    bye rocketboom

  • markjh2005 says:

    No offence Molly, but if you are the best candidate from the talent search, after the likes of Joanne or Caitlin, then Rocketboom have lost my subscription (other than watching the odd "Know your Internet Meme").

  • edAVP1138 says:

    Rocketboom goes through girls faster than Hugh Hefner!!!

  • iDrifter says:

    Welcome to RB Miss Molly.
    Pay no heed to Rich. Do your own thing and screw the critics (there will be lots). You will be just fine.

  • PewPewPew says:

    I haven't stayed in the loop with the recent Rocketboom changes.

    What happened to TheHill88/Caitlin again?

    Anyhoo welcome! Hope you stick around I guess?

  • ogrish84 says:

    Why change women all the time?

  • nowrongway19 says:

    where's caitlin. i had a girl crush on her.

  • J0ASH says:

    shes to fat.

  • skel8tor says:

    Congratulations Molly, i'm dumbfounded, how did this happen?

  • itscarlosj says:


  • ibrahimam says:

    unsubbing too..

  • ibrahimam says:

    get taste >_>

  • thejonax says:

    I'm interested in quantum physics, religion, politics, and beer!

  • Mickey Mouse says:

    I polled everyone at Disney World in Florida, California and Fwance and we all agwee, only Joanne will do, no imitations or imitators need apply. Oh, according to Rich Ms Molly never did. Well, Golly Ms. Molly, better tune in and see what Little Richard has to say.

  • dozztown says:

    mmmmmmm u made my day :)

  • amnesia says:

    i miss Caitlin, she was extra geeky cool

  • EnterpriseKnight says:

    Hi Molly! XD

  • OZfactors says:

    OK, Molly. So far, so good. Joanna is a hard act to follow, but it looks like you may have the right stuff. Vegetarian web geek is a good start...and cute too! Woo Hoo!!

  • OZfactors says:

    Oh, and the British accent works well too. After all, if you don't have one, how credible can you be as a Rocketboomer hostess?
    Anything else is really not acceptable. Especially since Americans speak only in "twits" and "tweets" these days, and don't
    even know the definition of most words that have more than 4 letters in them. (God Forbid anyone should be caught actually
    reading a BOOK in this country! How terribly shocking!!) Good to know that you read books. It demonstrates that you understand
    the language well enough to comprehend, and be comprehensible. Lovely. Your assessment of Hamlet as "whiney" is a bit cliche, but,
    what the Hell? As least you've read something be Bill Shakespeare! Marvelous, dahling....

  • Alexdelannee says:

    Hey Molly! Nice to see you on rocketboom! I like your previous work

  • Rich says:

    Molly = C-

    Is THIS all RocketBoom can come up with?

  • Nick says:

    i don't know if i am happier that their will be more rb or about the new host

  • torhagen says:

    Hopefully you stay on rocketboom
    really lookin forward to see more videos with you.

  • iCraig88 says:

    ha mememolly got OCD- she still cool though

  • Mickey Mouse says:

    Diz waz ma pic fo host.

  • djstrat says:

    Molly I think you will be a great new addition to Rocketboom!

  • SoothingHysteria says:

    +1 unsub

  • manuelito1233 says:

    Why do they keep on changing?

  • Leonardo says:

    This must be the real audition that Drew sent in as a giveaway bonus.
    The other candidate should parse it moment by moment to realise what works out well in the talent search.

  • Tanru2000 says:

    I *like* her! Wow I never new but... it seems English accent + Canadian accent = Australian accent! ;)

    LOVE how she watches the lord of the ring EEs. :)

  • thedicennian says:

    lol wanna marry me? xD

  • dannyboyfour says:

    Ugggh. I hope this isn't the new permanent presenter of rocketboom.

  • jschrein says:

    you are LOVELY !

  • sinnsmd says:


  • sinnsmd says:

    No offence Molly :D your great, hehe just didnt realise Caitlin was abondoning us till now. =(

    Oh well, onwards and upwards right? =D Will miss ya Cailtin =) Go Mollyyyyy =)

  • wwickeddogg says:

    We are interested in nerd girls, but we need to know: Star Wars or Star Trek?

  • Treknologist says:

    With all due respect to Molly, I understand she is young, but doesn't she have a tendency to mumble a bit? In other words, I think she should work on her diction. But otherwise, her persona, personality, fancy English accent is perfect for this program.

  • Leodude1 says:

    Yeah but that's part of her appeal :)

  • sonofpissjuice says:

    i'm interested in you baby, what's your number

  • Potterda42 says:

    My interest include computer programming, web design, gaming, reading, and writing. At the moment I am reading through the dark tower series by Stephen King, and also reading several comics along the way.

  • m0r1arty says:

    I'm interested in unsubbing.

  • israfel070 says:

    Yeah, no. I still don't see what the hell was wrong with Caitlin, she rocked!

  • perlafdog says:

    omg shes perfect

  • TrueEyes says:

    Welcome and good luck!

  • RandomVisitor says:

    Hey Molly,

    You did well on the spotlight, good luck at Rocketboom (they needed a new anchor)!

    Some comments might be harsh, but most visitors of Rocketboom will be very happy to see some new daily news. They have become this way because we have been spoiled with fantastic anchors in the past (Joanne is my favourite so far). Have fun!

  • jeffreypopt100 says:

    like you!

  • ofeydofey says:

    Caitlin Hill was the best

  • SplendidDissenter says:

    Hosts are changing liek socks
    Hope this one will stay
    Her face moves the right way

  • iagonizante says:

    B R I L L I A N T

  • jsfitzgerrel says:

    much mellow, very cool

  • mt75270 says:


  • sam says:

    Does she know the camera's on? Snore.

  • coolhypedmovies says:


  • XerkDaniels says:

    Caitlin's company could'nt reach an agreement with RocketBoom so they had to find someone else. Also why does it seem like all the new people have some connection to community channel?

  • Buddhistpalm says:

    Welcome aboard, Molly. Even though I am not a subscriber of yours on YT, I still think that you will do a great job as a RB anchor.

  • Underdogz says:

    She's kinda of hot. Good kind.

  • simonjeste says:

    0:19 - 0:23 is so weird... 100% Canadian accent at first then drifting into British...

  • xcutiepatootiex says:

    omg i know!

  • Goldencrates says:

    Lol Summer activities beating Ocarina Of Time

  • doncartagena7 says:

    its the accent

  • livliv says:

    you remind me of cassie from skins!

  • Firster says:


  • David says:

    Cool, a girl on the spectrum!

  • DynamiteChild says:

    how's that? i'm curious.

  • Coruscatus says:

    She mumbles. She acts bored. Not a hat trick yet.

  • KnutFreakKid says:

    I must admit, you sound like a nice person, but you're not made for this job.

  • o0Meeshell0o says:

    CUPCAKES!!!! i love you

  • iPirateGirl says:

    Giraffes is my fav animal 2 and green is my fav color!

  • gabe0083 says:

    she has jiggle physics

  • MDA231 says:

    Are you kidding me? This is a severe case of oligoneuronia. Bring Joanne back or at least a carnivore. Seriously.

  • EpicSlug says:

    No Way! The North Atlantic Drift is My favorite Ocean Current too! Serious I thought I was the only person with a favorite ocean current!

  • AllGlory2DaHypnoToad says:

    go canada!!

  • annamalous says:

    I subscribe to her. :P

    Ahh Ocarina of Time! I've been playing that.. Haha.

  • oscarry says:

    WHAT THE HELL!!!! Advertisements before my videos? SCREW YOUTUBE, more like JEWTUBE!

  • hodhod says:

    rocketboom will loose more viewers
    more intrested in Joanne she was really charismatic

    any way good luck
    it's a good paying job and u just got a free Mac :P

    glad rocketboom is back

  • carpathianforrest says:


  • zakkara1 says:

    Guess we'll never see Joanne anymore..
    So I have to say goodbye rocketboom.

  • plebusmaximus says:

    Thnx for the intro. Im into rollercoasters, and eve online.

  • Ryan says:

    Vegetarian? That's good enough for me then.

    Coupled with the fact her voice is way less annoying than Caitlin's.

  • mattbiker419 says:

    not bad ;)

  • mattbiker419 says:

    hi im matthew and i hate mmorpg's.

  • mememolly says:

    haha awesome! i don't feel so alone.

  • petehbsn says:

    i like molly, long live rocketboom !

    Apart from the lord of the rings, she is a babe plus she is english.

  • DINDRAGON says:

    Abduct Joan, rope her in the RB lab-basement and force her doing Internet News under the threat of a gun... that is the only way it's gonna work.

  • bitemyshinymettalass says:

    I SUPPORT YOU ! ! ! !

  • bitemyshinymettalass says:

    the sorting and arranging and mmorpg... and hamlet is not winy he's a bitch! :P just like Han Solo... idk where that came form... sry.. but i'l still leave it there >:) muahahahahaaaaaaa!!!

  • mdiem says:

    not interested

  • Sealsealdk says:

    Not bad at all!! ;)

  • SenorDerp says:


  • noybw333 says:

    i like her... but i'm scared to get attached - rocket boom has a bad habit of dropping anchors when I love them most :'( lol

    im sure she'll be great ;)

    miss little record breaker though - she was adorable

  • kinabrew says:

    Your mum watches Rocketboom.

  • econchino says:

    caitlin couldn't keep doing the show because of some problem with her day job at hitviews, andrew barron posted something about it on twitter

  • CirqueDuCloud says:

    I love Mememolly but... she's not Joanne.

    It feels like my parents keep trying to make me happy with a new toy and I feel guilty for not liking it.


  • zeejustin6 says:

    I believe in mememolly.

    She is good people.

    Please meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  • Koujinkamu says:

    All this only leaves me more puzzled as to what Rocketboom is... what the hell is Rocketboom? I haven't bothered to look it up anywhere and guessing is fun too.

  • olaf761 says:

    You are quite beautiful. I am interested in animals, the weather, and other worlds.

  • WoWgen123 says:


  • Ichewicecream says:

    I'm actually reading pride and prejudice and zombies myself at the moment, really funny book.

  • toastman3456 says:

    yes finally some one else that watches homestar!

  • GrimEreaper says:

    u need to get out and workout girl..

  • Syntox says:

    I'm interested in mac and cheese recipes, execution methods from the dark ages, kittens, french horn and the clap.

  • doctorcatsburger says:

    Inspired by Cats Haha
    batman roller coaster
    I'm intrested in leaving this planet soon :)

  • lafave says:

    I promise to keep an open mind. She's not Joanna (whine), but she seems less annoying than the aussie, so that's good.

    My favorite animal is the cow because they taste so good. Well, to be frank, it's probably a tie with the pig - you know - bacon, pork chops, ham, etc.

  • ZoolanderDZ says:

    Umm... Your amazing. Call me.

  • Theshayeman says:

    Lol u wish

  • asamarcos says:

    I´d tap that!

  • cocaclasica says:

    so what happened to caitlin ?

  • djbproducti0n says:

    im unsubscribing because of her sry rocketboom

  • KissingAllowed says:

    so THIS is where you're hiding now... :o

  • species7213uv says:

    oh man, she is so booring.
    where is c. hill? she was great

  • Ramiro says:

    I like Molly though It will take some time to get used to her. Joanne was too good.

  • hahahaspam says:

    For a vegetarian, she sure has a fat face...

  • lemonylimes says:

    meee too :(

  • WEKS87 says:

    Why do RoBo change girls so often these days?

  • souldude81 says:

    Wow Molly you are a Scorpio, that's hot!

  • spazzles14 says:

    i think molly's doing a great job as the new rocketboom host, well done!

  • fashionistaval says:

    hamlet is my fav. shakespeare play 2!!

  • mgriffioen says:

    I miss Joann

  • bigcrow666 says:

    We wanna joann!

  • Green Giraffe says:

    A green giraffe:

  • AnomalousVikingNinja says:

    Hamlet dies upon the breech, my friends.

  • logansGT says:

    Molly gives me a funny feeling.
    Excuse me.....

  • Frannnnnnnnnnie. says:

    All these host changes are making me dizzy....but molly's a good choice, I've followed her on Youtube for like, two years.

  • hardlyknown79 says:

    nevermind the info..... bendovahhhhh!!!!!!

  • GoblinCobbler says:

    right-handed = Masculine.

  • igykalen says:

    the hell you say!

  • igykalen says:

    arhg. I sub to you just to see which of the three you were lying about and now it's like a cliffhanger, but the show is canceled.

    I'm so sad.:(

  • RagingLion says:

    omg it's mememolly - I think I'll enjoy her as host

  • superextremelaser says:

    Caitlin replacement=FAIL

  • moonlitsage says:

    long time viewer. first time poster.

    just wanted to say... whoever's idea it was do this ep in this way, thank you. i had serious considerations of cancelling my subscription if not for this. i absolutely loved joanne and felt betrayed (not in her leaving) but for the lack of communication around it. ironic that a news program left us in the dark for so long.

    also ironic is how ppl compared joanne to amanda. much the same way molly is compared to joanne. it’s horribly unfair to make comparisons like that. you have your own unique element to offer. it’s beautiful, so i won’t be hung up on the differences. change happens. anyways, thanks for this small gesture to help keep faith in rocketboom. it shows you're trying.

    joanne, we miss you dearly. molly, we welcome you wholeheartedly.

  • thedetective22 says:

    Molly , i'm interested in u !! seriously .. .can i rape u for a moment ?? u r F hot !! and yeah i'm Vegetarian too .. u suppose to love me ..

  • andrewmanford says:

    molly = awesome

  • skappler26 says:

    molly i love your accent

  • skappler26 says:

    molly you turn me on

  • FindlaySucks says:

    I'm a left-handed vegan scorpio.

  • 04ray25number2 says:

    "cab i rape u for a moment??" LOL!!!!!

    Everyone click my user name above then visit the link. Like Peter Griffin from Family Guy said, that is all.

  • NaziJewNigger says:

    I jacked off to this

  • MeMeMolly says:

  • bronlokis says:

    where's caitlin?

  • bronlokis says:

    don't get me wrong, molly's hot
    but i subscribe BECAUSE of caitlin...

  • Lithium102 says:

    What's rocketboom?

  • SonHitler3 says:

    you're hot!

  • crono916 says:

    yal should watch her other videos, major cleavage.

  • RandomSPORTS12 says:

    molly?!! are you kidding me?!!

  • yogihaywood says:

    nobody care whore

  • elspoko says:

    They got rid of the other chick that quick? This one seems dumber.

  • flashawy says:

    boooooooooooring !

  • gegegeil says:

    Seems your having fun in NY! cool, plz continue to entertain...
    I hear you like phonebooths... :)

  • coexist4 says:

    im reading Pride and Prejudice and zombies!!! it's great... welcome to rocketboom :)

  • SonHitler3 says:

    Molly's cute. :-)

  • Svittidiu says:

    i would like make that woman pregnant

  • coolstream1 says:

    JEBUS?!!? the realm?

    i just got a major nerd crush...

  • iamVERYrandom says:

    Cupcakes <3

  • heresthadude1080 says:

    Molly's cute. :)

  • clubbedtodeath2 says:

    yay a fellow vegitarian

  • roniepao says:

    can you teach me how to speak your accent.

  • Brad.O.Farell says:

    What am i interested in?



  • arlo says:

    What is the point of these video entries? Does everyone think they're a celebrity and has something to say? At least do us a favor and show your magnificent rack. thx

  • arlo^2 says:

    I appreciate the video entries, unlike the previous arlo. However, I just watched your video with Mystery Guitar Man, and I must concur that you have most excellent breasts.

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