Molly Goes to the Maker Faire

Today on Rocketboom Daily, Molly takes a trip to the Maker Faire to show us all kinds on new and interesting inventions!  Click here for show credits!

Maker Faire: New York 2010

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Molly Goes to the Maker Faire
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September 27, 2010 • 6:36 pm | Permalink


  • FlobotVlogs says:

    Looks like so much fun! :D

  • bluespringwater says:

    That 360 swing looked like so much fun!

  • luckystrke says:

    Looks like a DIY ghetto theme park to me :)

  • hdzsound says:

    no dress today!

  • OneEyeJay says:


  • dravarian26 says:

    I'm going there next year and the year after and after that year again and forever.

  • codyroxx101 says:

    Loving the length of the video! :)

  • staygulf83 says:

    Health and safety authorities allow these sort of makeshift rides ?

  • zomgomgomgz says:

    She loves herself..

  • StripyTie12 says:


  • rayruiz12345 says:

    going 360 on a swing has been everyone's childhood dream

  • GmasterRED says:

    Seems like there's just a propane can inside. All he has to do is get a nozzel and a match, and not fool with building a rocket to put it in.

  • GmasterRED says:

    I agree, Ella would have done it better.

  • runekey says:

    Be careful on that swing, Molly!

  • haltrix says:

    Molly\. . . your facial expressions made you look a little stupid at the beginning

  • animasterJrowe says:

    @zomgomgomgz We all love herself XD

  • jedigman says:

    4:00 nerd celebration

  • EricDredd says:

    cool, hope PDX has something like this

  • banido says:

    molly is wearing pants? that's a first

  • Dakkosa says:

    Omg the 360 swing was cool :D

  • tribbleofdoom says:


  • Blargaldalien says:

    Hello,Molly.Yes, the Makerfair, is fun. Until, the robots get cranky, and start attacking people.

  • imagineapplefan says:

    that looks like fun

  • 13495 says:

    @staygulf83 Let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doth. XD

  • Tignarius says:

    Molly turns my world upside down too

  • gregaaron89 says:

    That looks like the coolest place ever O_o

  • JONATHANgoober says:

    your so lucky, looks like fun

  • AeonofOblivion says:

    We go from not seeing her legs at all, to seeing her entire body flying in a circle going 360 degrees.

  • Gtownprincess16 says:

    that giant mousetrap game is epic

  • MillerShowHQ says:

    EPIC SWING!!!!!

  • staygulf83 says:

    @13495 I don't have a left hand. I lost it in a skiing accident.

  • CMDRKillsalot says:

    Molly has legs?!?

    Guess that means they do open aswell, lol.

  • OzzyOzrock says:

    he does propane

  • mattblack77nz says:

    1:23 WANT WANT WANT!

  • IamRegor says:

    I made fiah! I love molly's british accent :)

  • 13495 says:

    @staygulf83 Aw, that sucks, sorry! Well then I edit my comment to: If health and saftey doesn't know, they can't shut it down.

  • Jerman81 says:

    im going to cure cancer just so that molly would interview me

  • arabianpharoe says:

    she's the only reason i watch these <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


    Wow! New York has things to do that don't involve moslem hating!

  • staygulf83 says:

    @13495 One could never get away with that in the UK. Too many do-gooders and jobswoths around.

  • FFarmerCharlie says:

    Whats with the rocket guy? does he sell propane or propane accessorys?

  • Snowflake70 says:


  • Angelius36 says:

    Molly rulez again:D seems you had a nice day

  • Prytonis says:

    "Safety third." LMAO

  • rbekers26 says:

    @godsrightbuttcheek I find that way more funny than I should.

  • angeltroea says:

    fun video

  • angeltroea says:

    @zomgomgomgz beats hating yourself

  • T1carus says:

    gosh that looks fun

  • rbekers26 says:

    @icemeltall snorlax

  • joen0411 says:

    If I see one more mentos and coke bottle thing again I'm going to get angry.

  • jmh456789 says:

    2:45 merry-go-round thingy powered by pulse jets? Heck yea!

  • fishbone937 says:


  • barendbos says:

    looks like fun

  • burkemd says:

    I don't care what you people say! She's still soooo pretty! lol

  • RobbithThePengin says:

    Molly looks like she had fun with the 360 swing!! Looks like a cool faire!

  • fandanstan says:

    Hear that? She played w/ some "interesting" things.

  • 6663000 says:

    Molly seems attainable now.

  • Highran56 says:

    @rbekers26 same dude. her wiki pages gone under major changes recently though, and she never states her full name on this.

  • Reqrezentin says:

    She has legs!

  • Pirusiandres says:

    Why would I like to see more from the faire if there's no Molly on it?

    BTW, I'm 306th, never been the 307th viewer. Well just once.

  • RobertChN says:

    Molly looks way BETTER with jeans!!!

  • amlife180 says:

    I love you molly .. I really do ...

  • jawayetti says:

    What is that running in the background at the end? Looks like an antenna, but probably not (too over-engineered for Maker ;-).

  • ivanlai0225 says:

    1:58 talk to the hand's brother TALK TO THE ARMPIT

  • CabooseWillPwnCheif says:

    a flamethrower that looks like a rocket

  • ReadWriteAccess says:

    tag out

  • sabaths1fan says:

    Molly + Maker Faire = AWESOME!
    And Molly's legs are hawt.

  • icequeen9 says:

    Dear Molly,


    Jealous Australian

  • nickman777 says:

    o god that wheel thing is so lame

  • Snowflake70 says:

    @joen0411 Excellent ! fortunately YouTube link cluster has be subing to all Rocketbooms !

  • nickman777 says:

    molly is frickin awesome!

  • DarkArcticSun says:

    love how the new videos are just "Molly does something"
    maybe one day we'll see "Molly smiles into the camera for 10 mins"

  • 1piecemage says:

    i wish this was in the GTA, i would go =[

  • spongah says:

    Ok either molly has lost weight or she just stopped wearing those fluffy euro dresses lol

  • RoyVanNistelrooij says:

    @spongah She is not pregnant anymore.

  • BattleBrawlerX says:

    Molly doesn't just got DEM TITS, but DOSE LEGS and DAT ASS as well! XD

  • AltimaNEO says:

    Was that a life size mousetrap game?

  • spunkypuppy says:

    Hold on a, I'm sure of it now...Molly is the prettiest woman on the planet!

  • spongah says:

    @RoyVanNistelrooij o... perhaps she wants another? :D

  • Max10192 says:


  • FluffyBunniesOnFire says:

    Dammit Rocketboom, why can't you tell us about these events BEFORE they happen!?!?!?

  • KendrickMcMurphy says:

    Every bit of that faire should be thrown into a garbage dump.

  • derekcolman says:

    Great, Molly. Your obvious enjoyment brought life to the video.

  • unquestionablelogic says:

    That place looks like so much fun!

  • lipevolcom2 says:

    @IamRegor she is actually from Australia !

  • fataldisas says:


  • IamRegor says:

    @lipevolcom2 Aha, really! I had no idea! I still love her accent, whatever nationality it is :)

  • BADBOYCH says:

    Awesome looking fair. Thanks Molly for shairing.

  • jhalfaro says:

    OMG!!! you're so CUTE!!!!!

  • bhz10 says:

    the time is 4:20. Subliminal messages. How else would they come up with these inventions?

  • darkwhitedirewolf says:

    Science dudes checked out Molly as she walked by.

  • WhirledSol says:

    If every day was like this, there would be no need for heaven.

  • extrokurt says:

    Molly! It was awesome to meet you in person!

  • Centribo says:

    I wish i could go...

  • nathanredd says:


    molly, you have a very silly way of smiling at times :)

  • JhonnyBoyLive says:

    I loved the giant Mouse Trap. Molly has guts!

  • TDogg186 says:

    @IamRegor I sounds like she's been living in America for a long time because her accent is sort of halfway between American and English.

  • masik7290 says:

    stop doing these videos and do more "know your meme videos" theyr the only reason i subbed

  • animalntaz says:

    ZOMG! Human-size Mouse Trap!

  • Frodokeuh says:

    molly walks funny xD

  • gfrogy says:

    @masik7290 so your asking them to stop what the show is about and concentrate on one thing??? and that will change rocketboom or ask them to have a separate one like Rocketboom MEME ??? just wanted to post something

  • animalntaz says:

    @masik7290 Know Your Meme has its own YouTube channel, as well all other Rocketboom channels.

  • blueblade50 says:

    @IamRegor Shes from AUSTRALIA

  • jeff9559 says:

    this videos is 4:20 long!!!

  • funrizwan says:

    I cant believe none of those sweaty nerds didn't try to ra+pe her or something
    it sure seems that way on youtube

  • SmexiSeamus says:


  • mindfreakloyal92 says:

    I like how the guy chose red for his rocket.

  • TheHill88 says:

    Giant mouse trap!? EXCELLENT!

  • Danzilla666 says:

    Only 42 deaths this year.

    Consider this year's Maker's Fare a success! :P

  • Cameronx says:

    @masik7290 unsub. they have a 'know your meme' channel now. find it.

  • zorokid says:

    was that the roketboom rocket as a flame tower?

  • MsReadingMonkey says:

    That swing looks like so much fun!

  • Pingoo says:

    @blueblade50 no she isn't.

  • kaganeaglechild says:

    molly, can we date?

  • Trelawney50 says:

    This place must be Lawsuit Central.

  • frankylovesyall says:

    Too bad I didn't go to the Maker Faire. I could have seen Molly and she could have tried out my creation... The Baby Maker.

  • kb1200 says:

    @IamRegor It sounds more Australian to me.

  • flibber123 says:

    I wanted to see Molly ride the pony...the jet pony I mean.

  • aeriosa91 says:

    lol the guy at 0:22 has a Firefly shirt. Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! hehehe =D

  • doomtrigger says:


  • doomtrigger says:

    MOLLY WILL YOU MARRY ME??????????????

  • obefiend says:

    molly slimmed down a bit.. no!!! I love chubbies

  • JPiiiX says:

    what is this the fail nerd fair.

  • mini14tx1 says:

    What kind of fair is this? What no fried foods and shit? Here in Texas the fair is ALL about fried foods and shit.

  • tannersanta says:

    love you molly!

  • originaljawz says:

    @mini14tx1 only americans would call their food shit and eat it ...

  • originaljawz says:

    Molly .. admit it .. you were seriously bored at this one !

  • Hombrelobo666 says:

    One of those girls that was helping you out looked like she had no bra, wasn't that thing scary. Were they food and drinks?

  • Hombrelobo666 says:


  • Hombrelobo666 says:

    : (

  • arad7613 says:

    Seems there was nothing exciting or interesting going on in that faire, except for one blonde cutie running around.

  • Skrappy777 says:

    360 swing! I want to ride!

  • Skrappy777 says:

    @burkemd Who says she's not?!?! Molly is always hot!

  • theDracoIX says:

    That wasn't nerdy at all. Not even a little bit...

  • sharethispoison7 says:

    Since I'm already subscribed to makemagazine on here, there's too much maker faire going on on my account

  • theDracoIX says:

    I use to think that I had a shitty life... and then I watched this video and realized - nope... I'm doing just fine.

  • theDracoIX says:

    1:18-1:20 After that tire turntable fail, you know Molly was thinking... "I'm a quasi-internet celebrity, get me the fvck out of here!"

  • roboflyguy says:

    Such beautiful curvy hips.

  • madskizophrenik says:

    Molly makes this show even better...IDK she is just so innocent and gorgeous but I do like her accent a lot I think it makes her commentaries and descriptions much more interesting!!! Great video, thanks Molly and thanks RocketBoom!!!

  • zeeneo says:

    Her accent is changing quickly from English to American. Can hear some small differences.

  • TheRobotViking says:

    i've asked every video so far but you have never answered. so i'll ask again; WILL YOU MERRY ME!?!?!?!

  • Selo79 says:

    molly has already made a fire, in my pants >:D

  • Tomorer says:

    Hehe... I remember when that other presenter woman left and a whole bunch of fanatics were on the 'UNSUBCRIBED' band wagon. I bet half of them are back now that U, Molly, are on an undoubted key-note of Ur own. If they are and they read this though, SHAME ON U !!!! ... U bunch of fannies :()

  • grendelee says:


  • DasMakNT says:

    wow, a giant mouse trap.......sweeet that game was aweosme

  • eveningniteshade says:


    Don't you get it, you're the english accent chick, you lose your USP if you start sounding american. Surely doesn't take too much effort to stay sounding english.

  • fockya says:

    i want to have a fair in molly's trousers

  • fockya says:

    @eveningniteshade no shes not dude. its almost impossible for her to do so at her age, only children lose accents

  • j0m0r says:

    Her full name is Molly Malone!

  • 1AOA says:

    0:18 the girl is checking her out!!

  • grendelee says:

    @WhirledSol It could be, if we tried

  • orgemaggi says:

    she is very pretty!!

  • andopolis says:

    Nice to see Molly getting some fresh air.

  • SamuelLJacksonsFish says:

    I'm pretty sure Molly is the most likable person in existence.

  • Jesusability says:


  • Aragiss says:

    Molly why do you wear such conservative clothing?

  • Gigawamanamacon says:

    Did the mousetrap work? Cuz if it did the world is going to end because it NEVER WORKS!

  • TarikuKunn says:

    Molly needs that button on her keyboard ...

  • maigaard7 says:

    That turntable-wheel is actually very Marcel Duchamp-ish. Duchamp believed that all artists should have a wheel on a stool in their atelier, for inspiration.
    Man those people have made a lot of crazy stuff!

  • Accisma says:

    @Aragiss i, too, want to see more of her tits

  • JaxxDaemon says:


  • Aragiss says:

    @Accisma who doesnt mate :)

  • wonderbouy says:

    Is Ella on holidays?

  • 4evaFanFuruba says:

    i wanna ride the 360 swing :O

  • ExecuteToT says:

    I am kosher and this is my dickBoom.

  • marianislikesocool says:

    Its amazing how easily amused I am.

  • Rikunius999 says:

    I swear, every video in my subscription box has 5 dislikes, like all of those 5 trolls are going to them to dislike

  • Anthony883 says:


  • horazzz says:

    i want to RIDE that with molly. :(

  • Q3hero says:

    @horazzz more like, i want her to ride me

  • SpeakMouthWords says:

    It's called a faire and not a fair because faire is the french word for make. True facts, folks, true facts.

  • cannonfodder4000 says:


    FIIIIIIIIIII- ok its gone. . .

  • calito0010 says:

    I want to meet Molly, but only if Molly wants to meet a hot Enrique Iglesias man.

  • explosive2345 says:

    This looks like the best fair ever!!!

  • wildan313 says:

    Molly, u look tired. but cute as always.

  • ftwsmp says:

    0:12 Cthulhu went to the fair!

  • AnotherExperience37 says:

    3:04 *_*

  • thomasdfghj1 says:

    that guy must be the luckiest guy in the world.
    swinging with a 360 swing with molly!

  • Punisheryo says:

    Molly when i see you,my heart goes *boom*... ^_^

  • Andrej Hosna says:

    I know, sign said safety third, but using climbing harness for securing people on the swing and using material holders on harness for fastening !?!?! Those material holders are designed to hold up to 10kg's of load.

  • stalkerfrank says:

    lol @ the giant game of mouse trap

  • dovermoreno says:

    Molly ! You made FIRE !!

    (But then again, I always KNEW you were HOTT !!) ;)

  • Brokendrake7 says:

    Giant Mousetrap FTW

  • EccentricInTexas says:

    If I had the time I would so build one of those pulse jet rides!!!

  • MattDoesNotRock says:

    I LOVE SCIENCE MUSEUMS. that looks awesome

  • EirikXL says:

    I swear I have seen that rocket before... mabye it's the rocektboom? :P

  • pathduck says:

    Obviously these guys are too cool for helmets.

  • spyrmak says:

    3:14 is that the mythbuster ?

  • anestakos83 says:

    @thomasdfghj1 its a clever allegory,no matter how hard he tries,she we always be to the other side! :)

  • rickcheyne says:

    The techno background music is kind of annoying.

  • ChickenOxoDude says:

    4:03 Thats what she said

  • lalaliam says:

    @Rikunius999 haters gone hate

  • FragMag1000 says:

    @spyrmak Oh yeh, i think it is

  • nninolol says:

    Ou Mollly <3

  • Douchedoctor says:

    @SamuelLJacksonsFish I think you made a spelling mistake - its spelt 'fuckable'.

  • rukulathegamer says:

    Thank god.. No fucking annying Kip Kay at the Maker Faire.

  • spaceghost1313 says:

    I want to go on the 360 swing with molly

  • httpkiller says:

    Omg Jet Ponys !!!

  • jergsden says:

    A lot of her outfits make her look pregnant or fat, but here she's wearing a very nice outfit that shows just how slender she is.

  • ManusCelerDei says:

    you should put links to the new separate rocket boom channels in the description!

  • MegaTeddy21 says:

    i lolled at "safety thrid".

  • 159xxx753 says:

    Rocketboom seems like a channel just for Molly nowadays
    I guess they realized how popular Molly is ^_^

  • theDracoIX says:

    It's bad enough to have to be at an event like this - but Molly has to actually participate and act like she's having a good time. Bless her little heart.

  • theDracoIX says:

    Maker Faire? More like - Maker Fail! Ohhhhh, burn, lol.

  • willstokes123 says:

    @159xxx753 rocketboom daily is molly's channel - the others now have separate channels :)

  • nate22i says:

    molly molly molly, since i stalked every of her own video on youtube and stuff i see her with different eyes! (positively if you want to ask...)

  • Burlak4 says:

    HAHAHA "Safety Third" 4:00 you ARE INDEED brave

  • xiempie says:

    i fucking lold so hard at the fish on 0:02

  • jscheffer85 says:

    @SamuelLJacksonsFish agreed

  • YourPervertNextDoor says:

    @theDracoIX No.

  • ObiRaddlee says:

    to cute to compute!

  • FmightaTheAffaffin says:

    down at an english fair
    one evening i was there
    when i heard a showman shouting underneath a flare:

    oaye've got a lovely bunch o'coconuts
    there they ar'a standing in a reww
    big ones, small ones, some as big as ya head
    give 'em a twist'a flick'o'the wrist that's what the showman said.

    han hoey've got a lovely bunch o' coconuts
    hevery ball ye throw will make me rich
    theaah stands me wife, the idol of me life,

  • iFeedMyDingoBiscuts says:

    Thumbs up if you wish u were that kid

  • jmsjmsjms93 says:

    molly 360

  • pepkep says:

    "I MADE FIRE!!!!" Awesome stuff

  • 37Kilroy says:

    I wish the truman show was real but about Molly

  • technologywontsaveus says:

    Woah, I didn't think you would really try that swing - I got a bad feeling from watching it, you're really brave. Fun video, lovely Molly - some minutes for a better world...

  • FluffyBunniesOnFire says:

    At Maker Faire they just announced a new MakerBot model!!! Come on, Rocketboom, THIS is what we need to know about; Cheap 3D printing for the public!

  • MogDog66 says:

    the music is dreadful

  • UVStudio says:

    Besides being the most likeable, Molly also has the coolest job in existence.

  • aznsin83 says:

    welcome to Eurika!!!

  • missyki1 says:

    1:27 thought it was going to hit Molly in the face!!! :(
    Looks like fun!

  • chocolatekitten5 says:

    I went to the maker fair last year...

  • jagagaj says:

    With a name like 'Rocketboom' I'm surprised you cut the sound of the pulse jet engines at 2:47.

    Now 'scuse me while I check out your channel... :)

  • iHateToRegister says:

    Making things: Great
    Molly: Great

    Combined: ♥

  • TheGreatSteve says:

    I bet the best thing their was Molly!

  • LanaLilian says:

    science fair for adults... with children.

  • smikules says:

    I wonder how many guys asked her for her number . . .


  • smikules says:

    I wonder how many guys asked her for her number . . .

    3:16 SEXY !

  • CrazehGamer says:

    2:38 reminded me of Portal. :D


    molly is so cute, she's like a kid hahah

  • GrizCakez says:


  • TrentR42 says:

    Well done Molly.

  • KidChaos878 says:

    @CHEZLOVEABBY She is only 20.

  • wongsinghowe says:

    the jet ponies looks absolutely madddddd!!!!!!!!

  • RocketBoobs says:

    Dear Molly RocketBoobs,

    Lame geek stuff.... :(

  • DeeperBlueX16 says:

    ♥ love moly

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    @UVStudio And that's totally logical - the coolest girl in existence has the coolest job in existence.

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    @theDracoIX What's wrong with being at some show like that? I would have visited it if I were in New York now

  • Kak1stos says:

    ♥♥♥ MOLLY ♥♥♥

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    @spyrmak Yes indeed, and lucky him because Molly smiled to him :-)

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    @TarikuKunn The best comment ever.

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    @arad7613 There's been shown a lot of interesting things. Nevertheless, this is Rocketboom which is being run by Molly, so take it or leave it

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    @jeff9559 So what?

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    @TDBhCorsica She doesn't at all.

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    This video was really interesting! I didn't know about this show...
    The only problem is that the video was jagged as if the camera's matrix wasn't working properly.
    But anyway, thank you, Molly! I hope you had a great day!

  • pannfredrikaka says:

    I'd like to ride the 360 swing...

  • reimo90 says:

    9 people got hurt at the fair :P

  • SnorkyO says:

    @reimo90 I've got this image of at the fair that this person swings of the 360 swing and hits a bunch of people.

  • Ninjazap1 says:

    Chuck greene must be hanging around somewhere.

  • crazylegs418 says:

    Looks like so much fun

  • omgsparkle says:

    were you supposed to be acting dizzy @4:00 lol

  • childlike455 says:

    You can convert this to an mp3 at

  • Dav1dThe5trange says:

    Wheel on a chair...Dadaism anyone?

  • wytherwings says:

    I want to go to that!!

  • CopperV says:

    uhhh your hot

  • whizbonker says:

    amazing life sized version of mouse trap!

  • httprover says:

    Babe in Toyland?

  • dave3030 says:

    that guy needs to get some real DJ equipment

  • dave3030 says:

    "safety third" - damn carnies!

  • MsBunnyInvasion says:

    cowboy farmer types are always so good looking... mmmm...

  • Bill says:

    Wow...Molly, you have really slimmed down and have a fantastic body now! What is your secret?

  • majd2 says:

    she is hot

  • wph1138 says:

    would be hot if she went upside down and her shirt went up and her boobs fell out..

  • quosmo1 says:

    bicycle wheel : fail

  • conan1412robloxian says:


  • tHeWasTeDYouTh says:

    I banged the hot girl, in the urethra

  • elvispelt says:

    Good job on the 360!

  • Alexvideoclip says:

    Where is Joanne ?
    I want my money back !

  • TacticalFatNap says:

    The guy in the green shirt totally wants molly's number

  • thegirlthatsing says:

    Check out my album “FALLING UP” on ITUNES AND AMAZON
    This album is a representation of my love of singing, rapping and songwriting. .I know there will be a day that I have to decide which genre represents me the best but since I am only 12 and still exploring the world of possibilities I am trying to write and sing about everything that cross my way.


  • hd883low17 says:

    i still <3 molly so much...she's gone a long way from england to canada to NYC...

  • moviedude22 says:

    @quosmo1 oh yea lets see you do better

  • moviedude22 says:

    Safety 3rd?! Try again. Not one single person had a helmet on.

  • quosmo1 says:

    @moviedude22 shutuppp that was naff.

  • moviedude22 says:

    @quosmo1 get back to me when you learn to spell and use proper english

  • quosmo1 says:

    @moviedude22 haha okay my problems with the stupid dj bike wheel;
    - unlike a real turntable, it is not the source of music/sound to begin with : it would have been impressive had the track been recorded to the tape on the wheel, and the wheel turns at a speed allowing playback and the jigging of the wheel thereof creates the distortions.
    - hw never turned the wheel in 360' which makes me believe the magnetic tape did not contact nicely all over : poorly put together.
    in a word : naff == crap.

  • moviedude22 says:

    @quosmo1 clearly, you've earned your opinion!

  • NizzBomb69 says:

    Molly, you're fuckin sexy

  • CommentorX says:

    @moviedude22 I watched this video with a helmet on.
    /And by helmet I mean condom.
    /Because Molly makes me jizz.
    /In my pants.

  • moviedude22 says:

    @CommentorX Mental image, thanks for sharing :(
    And she is a rather tasty treat isn't she. Clearly the only
    reason she nabbed this position.

  • moviedude22 says:

    @MsBunnyInvasion Sorry a pair of overalls and a dorky hat, do not a cowboy or a farmer make. Nobody likes a groupy!

  • NiteLiter says:

    Yes indeedy,the "look" of the announcer/reporter can make or break the whole shabang!!,THIS Molly gal makes it............................

  • davi463 says:

    she got to play with some very interesting things. Haha! That is absolutely perfect troll bait.

  • Petro2544 says:

    molly, you're such a fuckin ugly cunt with a terrible please give up, , fuck off and die,,,preferably in that order

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