Molly walks you through Visit to explore more and create your own account. Click here for Show Credits: Magma.

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July 29, 2010 • 12:35 pm | Permalink


  • ArtypNk says:

    No, it doesn't exist for people outside the us.

  • zirconia80 says:

    this is pretty cool. I didnt see this months ago. first time for me!

  • deangeoff says:


  • OzzyOzrock says:

    heck yeah japan

  • GRIZZY1303 says:

    dislike if you already saw this. the fight against re-posting videos has to start somewhere people!!!

  • SonicobbsessedR2 says:

    reupload i do belive?

  • zeromagic says:

    this is not the firts time u featured magma did they pay u molly?

  • daverayel says:

    repost? maybe magma's not hitting much as expected :|

  • clonekiller38745 says:


  • amjwUK says:

    just signed up. pretty damn good actually.

  • krullboll says:

    what the fuck is hulu???

  • sarsattacks says:


    why does it "suck?" it's not even accessible outside the US. That's like saying "Mt. Everest sucks for climbers who don't live near it."

  • heroinahat says:

    i feel like i've seen this video already...

  • SomethinDwnUrPantss says:

    thus, a site was born to keep people on the computer even more. people who use magma will gain 10-30 pounds

  • Mynameisnotooo says:

    This is actually a pretty good idea.

  • Mistyjan says:

    YOu are looking different today,,, dont know what it is.

  • zetsu12345678910 says:

    ive... seen this beffore?

  • clonekiller38745 says:

    its quite genius

  • someone332 says:

    @emmetHERE -points to the Mark II part-

  • redneckcaseyjones says:

    please DONT! have something like youtubes new black bar!!! ITS ANNOYING!

  • stickmanbrains says:

    YAY for MACs! =]

  • Hal0Elite42 says:

    seems like a decent faggotry idea

    you are going to become rich for jus organizing everyone elses shit

    congratulations. you figured out how to make money on the internet

  • ilikecakeido says:

    @ArtypNk I think that was his point....

  • poooop83 says:

    I'm almost positive I've seen this video before, like months maybe a year ago.

  • indiangoku says:

    I love this show.

  • 6382474887 says:

    I'm not a big fan of social networks, but I'm very impressed at how practical, versatile, and easy-to-use Magma is :- )

  • shawnspringstead says:

    @emmetHERE yeeeep

  • GNoodle says:

    i joined magma the first time you guys uploaded this video lols

  • jucid says:

    tool bar? oh hell no!

  • defect530 says:

    this autoplay thing i really making me MAD!!! aaarrrhhhhgggggg!!

  • kareemDC says:

    mac >:-(

  • waffleiron24 says:

    old people over the age of 70 or 90 need to die. make room for new comers

  • RaccoonCamp says:

    i am impressed

  • EvilBunniexxx says:

    @defect530 Turn it off then lol

  • Pyroproductionz says:

    tool bar fuck off!!

  • moneymaker8815 says:

    So...,its like.....,the greatest youtube ever? Epic!

  • TheLunaScamander says:

    What the heck happened to Molly? o_o

  • LamaarTheHeadcrab says:

    omg please remove that ugly mac keyboard..... -.-*

  • tado05pro says:


  • flashash2k9 says:

    someone should remove hulu!

  • deetaha says:

    Molly looks different in this video. Her makeup makes her look more mature.

  • TurtleyPompato says:

    "XXX adult" just boomed up my face at 4:24 XD !!

  • GermanGangrel says:

    @emmetHERE Yeah, they've covered this before. Not sure if it's the same video.

  • defect530 says:


    i cant! it just resets >:(

  • TheRydog100 says:


  • angelmarauder says:

    Very Nice!

  • arrisfilms says:

    Is it just me or does Molly look a little tired..

  • NSArachnoSniper says:

    Her hair is sexier than ever.

  • kruserandalla says:


  • forextroll says:

    this looks like the next best thing since sliced bread! #FTW

  • BlackJeopardy says:

    Viewer 302 Approves.

  • 00Yarko says:


  • bigbookofnothing says:

    @Syntox i love it too :)

  • ratys19 says:

    @sth128 BEST.IDEA.EVER.Someone should make this.

  • noiXi says:

    I just had déja vu ...

  • GmasterRED says:

    ...something seems different....did her face get squarer? It looks like a block.

  • BaileyDW1 says:

    add (;

  • apehodet says:

    isn't this an old video?

  • Gearholder says:

    @BlackJeopardy viewer 302 approves as well

  • CrescentStudios says:

    Awesome idea, I'm glad that you guys are doing such awesome stuff. Well done, Rocketboom.

  • tatooa says:

    If I follow you, and you follow me, are we really getting anywhere?

  • Immortalsmustdie says:

    Herp derp.

  • wolfganggangwolfe says:

    molly looks different

  • torhagen says: is awesome been using it a while

  • ifritto says:

    @wolfganggangwolfe she is wearing makeup.

  • GmasterRED says:

    This seems largely useless. I only use YouTube for video.

    And I think it's the eyebrows.

  • LifeEnderX says:

    Well done. This is definitely worth putting out

  • Izhape says:

    old. brain. overwhelmed. looking forward to try magma!

  • TornTech says:

    Basically Boxee

  • anryth says:

    i just use a shit ton of knobs when i search the internet

  • balzac308 says:

    haven't I seen this video before???

  • harimovs says:

    you talk'd about it few months ago

  • megasin1 says:

    wow i like mollys hair in this vid, shes looking good!

  • ThePolarbear4 says:

    Molly <3<3

  • chainslaughter231 says:

    popular content almost always = shit

  • trangni says:

    sooo someone wants to get rich you say....

  • Hulkmania316 says:

    tumm, the people on rocketboom finally want to make money.

  • acr08807 says:

    I don't think magma is ready for public release yet. I tried searching for "Molly naked boobs," but it didn't bring up any video results. Not even a Molly Ringwald vid.

  • SamarkandChan says:

    Love it :)

  • maksphoto78 says:

    Speaking of old Molly videos... /watch?v=wos2jhKhiCQ

  • sawamatsu says:

    deja vu?

  • acr08807 says:

    @maksphoto78 It's definitely a classic. :)

  • lunchbox2085 says:

    Are we into the re-run season already?

  • mev186 says:


  • TBVnBIX says:

    HULU sucks FUKC IT

  • subfuzion says:

    a revolutionary idea "forced" onto people like this will never succeed.

  • goatcheese2 says:

    You had me at "sex"

  • popsilviu says:

    let's reinvent social networking

  • Capt777harris says:

    Thank the gods, something to topple the outdated Nielsen ratings system.

  • thebober10 says:

    oh look an ad disguised as a rocketboom video

  • 1988simondoyle says:

    been using all day really cool good work rocketboom

  • 37Kilroy says:

    that sounds neat!

  • Bucknik says:


  • TheMartinAdventure says:

    you look really beautiful today Molly, <3!
    thanks for the info :D

  • rickardo004 says:

    too....many...options. I miss the 90s.

  • EyeOnTheTV says:

    Great but I rarely want to watch what's "popular".

  • firedragon117 says:

    fuck this shit. I signed up for memes

  • GetMoneyPro1 says:

    Nice 30 second ads on about every video.

  • karbinex says:

    @firedragon117 fuck your shit. rocketboom is amazing.

  • demetry13 says:

    Pshh i've been part of Magma for ages, way before it became cool

  • nateliebG says:


  • adamkyler says:

    sweet, i just made an account

  • alwaysmaxi1 says:

    what the hell is up with youtube make all these new changes i hate this "toolbar" at the bottom of the page

  • TheDevilBurning says:

    when you little boys going to turn on this fat phony?

  • FREAKout59 says:

    half way through the video i was sold ,went and now have an acount

  • TheDevilBurning says:

    @alwaysmaxi1 fuck YES it's garbage

  • Propolandante says:

    I was largely uninterested in UNTIL the tracking section. THAT was really cool...

  • origamiist says:

    Anoying autoplay bar =((

  • IamtheSalman says:

    Loving Molly's look D:!

  • birddog2017 says:

    If you have no life, could be useful at pretending you do.

  • the1stbeaner says:

    Is it me or does Molly look hotter in this one?

  • WhatBadGod says:

    Section 9 uses something like this to keep track of information in GITS:SAC.

  • jsrsjs47 says:

    Molly's new look makes her look fatter :/

  • turtleluda says:

    your hair looks like shit today

  • HighwayHaloFilms says:

    ive... seen this before. Is this a repost?

  • deogrou says:

    Wow, this video was awesome, and you were beautiful Molly, you are strong :)

  • knoxiuz says:

    molly got fatter

  • BelgianGeneral says:


    they've discussed magma before, but it's a different vid IIRC

  • dirwund says:

    I'm not going to lie that's a pretty GENIUS idea. Will definitely be checking that out. :D

  • kagurasaki says:

    it is a repost, look at the video sidebar, there's the other video.

  • supekele says:

    It's brilliant, and I can't wait to see the future of magma. :D

  • strivinglife says:

    Only bad thing is you still can't easily rate videos. Now I have to either watch the video on and click through to rate, or just click through to watch and rate.

  • aymanmk says:

    Boring !

  • shaurz says:

    I hardly ever use other video sites anyway...

  • meerkat006 says:


  • CMDRKillsalot says:

    Molly's boobs try to defy gravity. That's the only reason why her stool collapses from time to time, lol.

    To all of you saying that Molly is fat, clean the spunk off your monitors every once in a while, then you can see how wrong and how sexy she is.

  • entehrend says:

    i hate the background music

  • meerkat006 says:

    this would be an excellent iphone app

  • Qualitey says:

    wait, what? This is real?

  • UtterlyMoot says:

    great idea, but one of the reason we're on the internet for media, is because we don't LIKE whats popular right now.
    whats "popular" is trash like "Jersey shore" and "Glee"
    i dont want to watch that s***, so I go online.

    still a great idea though, good luck

  • thefranstastics says:

    I love that Magma has TED videos.

  • MonsteriuM says:

    @the1stbeaner I prefer her older look

  • Prohunter93 says:

    well... the gray bar won't bother me then (hopefully!)

  • IdleGod says:

    I've been using Magma for a while now, and am loving it.

  • N3THER says:

    Is this a repost?

  • btwbrand says:

    I seem to recall seeing this topic on Rocketboom a few months ago.
    If it's an old video then It would explain the more than average comments about how Molly looks.
    Last time I saw this info about magma I wasn't interested, still not interested.

  • Techercizer says:


  • P0P357UR3 says:

    This is a repost.

  • 666colorvision666 says:


    she looks more wet

  • Partyywizard says:

    why is she hotter!? what is it... her hair is slightly different sure but what else?!

  • miGsKills says:

    Eyebrows and makeup

  • mastakillav2 says:

    RWJ would like this one :D

  • pye3214 says:

    This is a repost.


    @the1stbeaner more make up...actually to me she kind of looks like a Doll which I don't very like but that's just my opinion. Even though the point of the video/channel is for the info

  • cupchange says:

    Molly said "go to your nob" lol

  • NiDeCo says:

    Wow, she has some more (or heavier) make-up on... big deal

  • bhz10 says:

    love you see through shits. keep it up ;)

  • AAgibsonAA says:

    @the1stbeaner not really ... a tad fatter if anything ... she def looks a lot sweatier though

  • Aendrix says:

    why did you reup this from last november?

  • thomasdfghj1 says:


    oh man that layout.
    no freakin' autoplay bar.
    ability to rate 5-1 stars.
    easy video response posts.
    seeing pictures of responses.
    oh god youtube. WHY!?

  • WinkFaceProductions says:

    I didn't recognize her. I thought it was a joke when a random girl said her name was Molly.

  • MrDreigon says:

    out of all the thousands of keyboards they could have used, they went with the ugly mac keyboard ( 0:58 ). Logitech or Alienware keyboards look better.

  • Peter4101 says:

    Nice, good work rocket boom.

  • wacko031290 says:

    Awesome idea!

  • raganok1 says:

    Magma sounds awesome!!!

  • iammattstarkey says:

    I'm pretty sure this was posted a long time ago.

  • frankylovesyall says:

    Magma is going to be the mother that gives birth to "Terminator"s SKYNET someday. Magma will eventually become the commercialized rape machine it was meant to be and, after much buzz is force fed to us from all forms of media, skull fuck the innocent masses and shoot it's hot sticky load of Shane Dawson and any gadgets made by Apple down our unwilling throats. Someone should destroy Magma before it's too late.

  • kh2freek says:

    @frankylovesyall this deserves to be in the highest rated comments

  • alojz300 says:

    <3 :D

  • DirtyTrick says:

    I don't care about what other people are watching. Besides, sites like YouTube rig the view counters for material that isn't mainstream and/or they don't agree with.

  • Manifusion says:

    E gads! A mac!

  • djderk says:

    this is REPEAT FROM a while ago

  • darkglasses01 says:

    I thought the the whole point of YouTube was that we didn't have to watch repeats...

  • spasticpanda says:

    Magma is like Skynet for online video. Interesting.

  • abbasean says:

    damn the hotter she looks in this video the lesser she appeared

  • eternity2short says:

    must... do... her...

  • videomissionary says:


  • JPC009 says:

    I absolutely love this idea! I was looking for something like this yesterday, and today Molly and co. come to the rescue.


  • spongah says:

    it's that "just fucked" look that photographers go for

  • caramelldansendragon says:



    nob to keypad? What happened to the intermediary push button box that went up to 36? Remember the little lever that witched from 1-12 to 13-24 then to 25-36?

  • faggotnose says: is awesome! Just signed up!11

  • StupidTeenTV says:

    Am i the only one that noticed she didn't say "Hello and good THURSDAY" ? :<

  • Darkdruid24 says:


    No I noticed that as well. O.o maybe because it's a tutorial for Magma and not just a "Hello Youtubers!" thing

  • BrokenBjartur says:

    Isn't this old?

  • ONETRUEDUB says:

    fuck what everyone else likes or is talking about
    i hate that guy

  • UFOHunter1690 says:

    @the1stbeaner Is not you she is hoter on every video =)

  • Metroidzard says:

    Just call it an internet aggregator.

  • tiki02033 says:


  • stitch626123 says:

    If i am not mistaken this was first uploaded ages ago, I know magma has been out for ages

  • Salohcin8940 says:

    @stitch626123 same :/

  • jp3d2k says:

    @BrokenBjartur yep... RERUN!!!!

  • ShizoluckyShizostar says:

    Just a suggestion.
    Magma should have a little animated 'help agent' (like MS Office has). But this one should be a lot better - miniMolly!


  • EeXen says:

    looking good molly :D
    i'm your #? fan!!

  • zombiechaddy says:

    Not related to vid - what the fack is up with this subscriptions cue bar? God DAMN it's annoying!

  • fishbone937 says:

    epic boob jiggle

  • dd5k says:

    Magma sucks!

  • newobtterb says:

    @the1stbeaner its you

  • Budgetgravy says:


  • mini14tx1 says:

    I remember when we had a cable box that had an arrow that you had to slide from side to side to get to the channels you wanted to watch. The numbers looked liked this (1*3*5*7*). No remote control was available we had to change channels by hand. I know it, I'm an old man, and this new YouTube subscription bar is really starting to piss me off. I keep switching autoplay to OFF and every time I go to a new video the damn autoplay is ON again.

  • pav2k says:

    Wow.. you look awesome!!!

  • soundslikemine says:

    sometimes more isn't essentialy better, case in point, magma. at least until they find a way to better filter/organise the aggregated videos.

  • ScrabbleDiva says:

    sounds cool, but this made my head hurt. i'll stick with youtube, facebook, and google, thanks...

  • hahajipsi says:


  • LulzGun says:

    Magma must not be getting enough hits because this video is a repost from Nov 27, 2009

  • cekol says:


  • SpaceOz08 says:


  • httprover says:

    Nice pitch.

  • sk84alife says:

    @the1stbeaner its an old episode.

  • echoray2736 says:

    magma awesome!!!!!!!!

  • arturmazi says:

    @the1stbeaner hmm ... maybe a different make-up or sth

  • PauLauM says:

    that is just the best thing someone ever invented
    i'm speachless
    i'm never leaving my room again

  • SteamSkyLight says:

    Internet Stalking tool get! YES.

  • PeterKuriakose says:

    @arturmazi Because she looks fuller here, in a good way.

  • theceleryman says:

    Quick note, if anyone at Rocketboom is reading this: I think it would be better if this were a more up-to-date demo. Just from looking at the reddit links, each video was posted over 8 months ago.

  • iHateToRegister says:

    You look awesome different, Molly :)

  • alex1314159 says:

    @the1stbeaner it's an older video

  • alex1314159 says:

    was into it about a year ago, not interested now.

  • PrivateJokerCZ says:

    I think I saw this video already, like half year ago, does rocketboom recycling their videos? Or Magma isn't successful so they just put it here again to get more people to check it out?

  • Goodboy7557 says:


  • onemoregoodguy says:

    4:40- 4:55ish made me think of dr. suess.

  • squirrelboi2 says:

    *follows molly*

  • jason24568 says:

    0:07 FAIL. Molly is going down to the chair!!! xD

  • TitoIsTheGreatest says:

    Gotta say ; Magma ftw

  • TheRushrash2010 says:

    @frankylovesyall my thoughts exactly... especially the sickening Shane Dawson videos always popping in my youtube homepage wtf

  • allluckyseven says:

    We should have something like this for Boxee or XBMC.

  • junemoya says:

    this should really help ray for sure lol

  • Governmentalist says:

    This is a repost? How confusing.

  • guyboy625 says:

    The internet is becoming scary to some people, unfortunately.

  • Jesusability says:

    Wow. Fuck off. The keyboard wasn't designed to watch kewl videos on the web.

  • zephenxd147 says:

    Molly's Hair looks lovely today. Face it this is the Reason all of us sub or watch. lol

  • UFOghostgeek says:

    @Jesusability that's not the point, you idiot

  • mohan2 says:


  • Jesusability says:

    @UFOghostgeek You're just jealous of the rare names I scored on Magma.

  • UFOghostgeek says:

    @Jesusability not really, to be honest i couldn't care less

  • Jesusability says:

    @UFOghostgeek Hah! How could thou be not?

  • nowzadick says:

    Bing video search already does that, and with live preview too, get a life !!!!

  • UFOghostgeek says:

    @Jesusability I'm not going to answer that... because you're an idiot.

  • 0oziyado0 says:

    WHY did you wear black shirt on?! I can't see that bouncing.....*sigh*

  • Picullus says:


  • NakedPancake says:

    I think she's trying to take over my brain, but she's hot so it's ok.

  • quietthomas says:

    What if I don't want to beat the masses? Think I'll just keep wandering organically.

  • GarothThorp says:

    Huh. She's awfully nonchalant about the ridiculous amount of effort that must have gone into that site. I've seen startup companies try to build things like that with million dollar budgets and have 0 success for a year and a half.

  • fruitcake117 says:

    i absolutly love woot woot =)

  • GabesSC says:

    I've been on magma for over a year...

  • junkaholic95 says:

    I find this uninteresting.

  • johantjie says:

    Really awesome!

  • magicalgoats says:

    bit long, getting bored

  • WatchVenusSpa says:

    The BOOM!

  • rtothepandj says:

    molly looks hotter than normal today, if thats possible

  • T1carus says:

    0:28 your nob hahaha

    yes im a looser

  • obeyme3 says:


  • QshesshoumaruQ says:


    JK i just wanted to finish the reference.

  • deaddu says:

    To block it you can use Firefox's extension/addon called AdBlock Plus.
    Once it's installed, go to tools -> adblock plus preferences and click the "add filter" button and add these filters:

    Credit goes to Ebzhent at

  • Gmod4ThaWin says:


  • wingxerox says:

    2:41 who's that sexy beast ;)

  • GabesSC says:

    @QshesshoumaruQ ROFL (that's not a word =D)

  • Hustonzz says:

    Too long, but Molly looks really sexy, so I kept watching.

  • Xylian113 says:

    Too much makeup :\

  • frdrcksncn says:

    I like magma. I just made my account. it's like the facebook of the video webs..

  • NinjaCrane31 says:

    Molly looks different today. hmmm... :)

  • Zerkonegence says:

    this brown cheek makeup makes molly look like the girl from drag me to hell. kinda.

  • MrIonization says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, data mining

  • Zerkonegence says:

    shes looking more manly than usual, like she has big cheek bones,

  • mattblack77nz says:

    Noooooooooooo. This is just more reason to sit in front of a computer instead of having an actual life. Not good.

  • JohnnyTsu228 says:

    Yeah, Molly, I'm not a big fan of this make-up either. Not to be critical of your looks.

    I love the show's content

  • wildforest2010 says:

    Is it me or does Molly look a bit hotter in this one?

  • herenthere says:

    Question: but would it count towards views in the original site, as in if you click to view a vid at Magma, would it up the count at Youtube?

  • Blacklockz says:

    Best timespender...

  • abosleman2002 says:

    how much they pay you ???????????????

  • ayooooyii says:

    didnt they do this like a year ago ?

  • theflorgeormix says:

    Austin Powers

  • FailedSquare says:

    *Doctor Evil Voice* LIQUID HOT MAG-MA.

  • hmanham says:

    I Think they already posted this exact video about 6 months ago... ROCKETBOOM, I am disappointed, reruns are not for the internet.

  • HaydenHatTrick says:

    nice work there!!

  • pterosaur says:

    Sounds cool. I'll check it out. Thanks Rocketboom!

  • HiBeccaBye says:

    Magma's not bad. I like it.

  • janbananajr2 says:

    magma magma magma magma magma magam magga magma mogga magma

  • mindcombatant says:

    @mini14tx1 i hate the subscription bar too, so i found that with the firefox add-on adblock plus, you can block the bar with the complementary add-on "element hiding helper"


    very promising! i like! :D

  • switchtechnique says:


  • r4z0r84 says:

    So i guess this is abit like Cocomment? lol

  • crayzmarc says:

    lava the name of magma that has risen to the surface! might make a good competitor site.

  • rocketrocketrockety says:

    i think magma's homepage should be customizable. as in the user will be able to arrange different pannels in whichever order they want... similar to the way YouTube allows you to show or hide things and move the order in which they appear.

  • gulllars says:

    Holy crap, /drool
    And the magma site is awesome too XD
    Joke aside, this is something close to what i've been thinking about for a couple of years now, but i didn't catch any mention of tagging and advanced filters.

    I'm definitively registering there, i just hope it doesn't go the way Google Wave did (which i had a similar response to). Wave failed because of too long beta and invite-only, this may fail from lack of awareness (people not knowing about it).

  • cocoesteves says:

    You know what would be great on Magma. To be able to import your favorites and uploaded videos from Youtube, Vimeo, etc. And to have it sync. with Magma, also.

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