Joseph Ducreux: Archaic Rap

Rocketboom’s Research Institute for Internet Science explains Joseph Ducreux aka Archaic Rap with Elspeth Jane. Assets: “Get Low” Lil John and the Eastside Boyz, Ducreux Portrait, Ducreux Portrait in Frame, Portrait of Marie Antoinette by Ducreux, Run-DMC, Cool Moe Dee, Old School B-Boy, Etch-A-Sketch, Notorious B.I.G., Biggie with Crown, Ducreux: Disregard Females Acquire Currency, “Get Money” video, Biggie in Jacket, Biggie in White Suit, Biggie Pointing, Digg with 25 Best Ducreux, 25 Awesome Decreux Memes.

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April 13, 2010 • 5:04 pm | Permalink


  • TheCheerioBandit says:

    @3rdusername It's from Tha Crossroads. "Why they kill my dog and man, I miss my uncle Charles y'all"

  • mrocznyandrzej says:

    Okay then :D Anyways epic meme

  • Sabohaque says:


  • alg289 says:


  • inwi1980 says:

    fuck you

  • Dangeresque300 says:

    Disregard Females.
    Acquire Currency.

  • pasterqb says:

    If Molly was in Know your meme the world would explode from sheer awesomeness

  • aWaterbottle420 says:

    cease, cooperate and hearken

  • LastHCompany says:

    Teh meme is a meme

  • PureZOOKS says:

    rocket boom is back!

  • TimeDawg says:


    Doesn't really count because it isn't a rap song, but still fun to do.

  • Kmezon2 says:

    you guys rock

  • redneckcaseyjones says:

    funny yet interesting

  • imgordonfreeman says:

    shes insanely hot

  • sk84alife says:

    just imagine ducreux seeing this :)

    bwahahaha!!! :D

  • elspoko says:

    cuz im da best maybe

  • chloeisnotabanana says:

    To thine window!
    To thine wall!
    Till thine perspiration descends downward from thine genitalia!

  • hiddenchannelTV says:

    I love her she is the best female of rocketboom

  • Nazeem38 says:

    Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate, let us all become intoxicated.

  • robs70986987 says:

    disregard females, accure currency


  • 2muchwatching says:

    mai thez liev long!

  • duplicatehelix says:

    Vid is missing the Know Your Meme heading.

  • derberg19486 says:

    Now if you can get her and mememolly kissing you would have a hot hot video, any chance ladies?

  • 1x800xPOCKETS says:

    They see me trollin, they hatin', reportin and tryin to catch me postin CP

  • buggfire says:

    i find it very disgusting how the emanations of other people's cultures are typecasted and marketed as entertainment to be consumed in another, an to sink as low to coin it a meme, when that very culture is the product of the fallacy of reality in which they are the victims of. and they are not standing up for themselves and i have to do it for them. o ignorance thy seduction is most efficacious! it is such a waste of time, but if so, why should anyone do anything then but what pleases them?

  • Davidddddde says:

    in an instance male genitalia occupied a large area around me

  • JimPrower says:

    @1x800xPOCKETS The gentlemen see me making sport of their carefully crafted discussion. They dissapprove, thus are reporting me to the authorities and are attempting to observe me sharing sexually explicit images of underage people on the internet.

  • sonygipo says:


  • KnutFreakKid says:

    "My frozen dairy beverage bringeth all the gentlefolk to the yard, and they claim, 'Surely, 'tis better than thine! Surely, 'tis better than thine!' I'd instruct you, though I must levy a fee." I have that one as my desktop background.

    Another personal favorite of mine: "Let us enjoy ourselves, this rhythm is ill, I want to sit on your penis."

  • Tyghtrope says:

    Joseph DuCreux: Travel on, or parish, infant! Travel on, or parish!

  • HardRawRocknRoll says:

    two wenches, one goblet

  • mrselfdestructpart5 says:

    omg roflmao snakes upon a vessel that's freaking hillarious

  • ThePurpleSuperman says:

    I just love the way Rocketboom make the memes so scientific ^____^

  • sindri69 says:

    @ThePurpleSuperman maby more classy ^^

  • TheMarziman says:


  • Snowflake70 says:

    Anything and everything that glorifies rap along with rap itself needs to be
    flushed in the bowels of the great porcelain crapper. Generated by a mental deficiency / abnormality of nature or mutant perversion of that which can or may be perverted. Deplorable and pathetic say I. Can you tell it pleases me not?

  • digivince says:

    Silence harlot. Shuteth thy lips. Act as if thy were the dame Hellen Keller and speaketh from thine hips.

  • bobbert82 says:

    Pedo bear in the background ftw

  • balzac308 says:

    Killer meme!

  • d313373r says:


  • unsenseful says:

    I went to the webpage that appeared on the whiteboard ;D

  • vicepresidentfru1tly says:

    Ah yes, Know Your Meme! The reason I subscribed!

  • JeraPerthro says:

    just.. friggin'... awesome.

  • TheToppon says:

    I weep for the sorrows of thine jester.

  • yoshypoo says:

    man shes hot!!!!

  • buksestrikk says:

    my favorite meme<3

  • FungiGamer says:

    He looks like Adam Sessler

  • bulbinking says:

    I am plagued with ninety and nine woes but a wench be not among them.

    I am the true and only proprietor of the fame which is sung about and hereby request those which impersonate my mannerisms take a stand for identification.

  • albaniandude6 says:


  • hiiambradkim says:

    @albaniandude6 it's coming sooon! check the db for updates

  • theotherfanboy says:

    Isn't that IGN music at 2:14?

  • MyT01 says:

    sony entertainment really takes the fun out of it by explaining the memes

  • ssivve says:

    shes better than molly hell yeah

  • thegodofloveero says:

    i loled

  • newyy1 says:

    How does she not know; STOP... HAMMERTIME!!!

  • revolutionaryverse says:

    this is by far one of the best internet memes

  • linesinaconversation says:

    @ssivve Ellie is associated with Know Your Meme and therefore is automatically > Molly.

  • cincynj85 says:

    I am an actual real housecat. After I take a bong-hit I SWEAR I can type in English for about 60 secmeow meow meow meow meow meow meow

  • SupportShotgun says:

    I am attepting to discover adjectives.

    *Joseph Ducreux*

    That would not cause harm or be impolite to this Lady!

  • elspethjane says:

    @newyy1 Ehhhhhh, it's all show. I used to have a pair of Hammer Pants.

  • hmoobdaj says:

    LOL, akon right?

  • zaporay says:

    im pretty sure rap people are to stupid to know that stuff

  • AlphaJ1300 says:

    3:19 Jesus Fucking Christ it's a Lion get in the car.

  • mat634 says:

    @ssivve take that back!

  • fourfives89 says:

    i came.... HARD

  • egg9man says:

    Stop! Hammer Time!!!

  • lbr218 says:


  • DeRealUno says:

    say what..?

  • squidvis says:

    @SupportShotgun Zut! you are an attractive dog of the female gender

  • LtWalker11 says:

    do not sayeth i have returned for i have been here for years.. ROCKIN MAH REARS AND PUTTIN SUCKAS IN FEAR

  • ssivve says:

    @linesinaconversation taths a good, point, but, face it, ellie is hotter than molly, molly is fat

  • akira357 says:

    ('~') <=== Ellie mouth

  • abramokids says:

    Woulda been nice if it was titled Know Your Meme

  • UFOHunter1690 says:

    Now this is way I Subscribe =)

  • njb444 says:

    Thou cannot make meaning of my blank visage.

  • StrayTheNomad says:

    @buggfire u mad

  • zorokid says:

    aah yes know your meem(?) i love these

  • TheLonelyImmortal says:

    You didn't mention that it also makes fun of how under-educated, and low class rappers are.

  • barakuda1111 says:

    @vicepresidentfru1tly hehe... Joanne is reason i subed, know your meme is reason why i stayed :)

  • sdaciuk says:

    Epic win.

  • thismightbeyou says:

    I love those macros, but I can only understand some since I don't listen to rap.

  • Tyghtrope says:

    I love how Elspeth knows all of the hardcore rap in the intro, and is clueless with MC Hammer. Now *that* is comedy! lol

  • btwbrand says:

    @d313373r LMAO really =P

    Stop, Hammer-time Just doesn't hold a candle to yours.

  • iHateToRegister says:

    @vicepresidentfru1tly Molly (not in this video) was a reason for me, too.

  • Reschat says:

    Definitely one of the better memes we've seen.

  • jldkrank says:

    I learn more from "Know Your Meme" than I do in university.

  • TK3C says:

    LMAO Serpents on a vessel.

  • PhaserRave says:

    This has to be one of my favorite memes.

  • sillypsyduck says:

    Oh poor ellie. Her clueless expression is so cute.

  • WESTLOS says:

    I love her nails!

  • skollll says:

    At last, Ellie on the front page. Excellent!

  • QuestionMarc says:

    I kept hoping I would see one of mine on there, I made like a dozen in what may have been the first Joseph Ducreux thread.


  • ARodriguez258 says:

    Will there be episodes on Giant Enemy Crab and "Can't let you do that"?

  • Biskmut says:

    Ellie is so cute ♥

  • Torpex5 says:

    @vicepresidentfru1tly Same, its i all rlly like frm them

  • rymaly says:

    I didn't even know about this meme. Thank you rocketboom for the lesson!

  • C00ki3M0nsst3r says:

    @vicepresidentfru1tly me to lol

  • shuttledik says:

    Why do memes always have to be funny? Are there no serious, sad or other memetics?

    Oh and:

    Perform vulgar intercourse upon the constabulary!

  • Colaglass says:

    who subscribed because of anything else?

  • elspethjane says:

    @Tyghtrope Imma rebel!

  • theChamp1993 says:

    She's more hot than Molly

  • j0ames says:

    that ain't no haiku!

  • Jontman42 says:

    Bosoms or be gone with thee!

  • GoGoserGo says:


  • Mrster says:

    I love this, almost as much as the Medieval meme.

  • thelolipopman93 says:

    @vicepresidentfru1tly So I'm not alone ;)

  • darkcase123 says:

    lol was it just me or did anyone else go to the link at 3:09 ?

  • gvi341984 says:

    So basically this is ED without any crediantials

  • bangNL94 says:

    Halt! The time of the hammer is upon us! xD I roflol'd at that :P

  • cormacorp says:

    eille is the girl of my dreams ..

  • elkor101 says:

    i just lost the game

  • nwknwk says:


  • wagneriandandy says:

    3:55 someone appeared in the background O.O

  • powergannon says:

    Stop! Hammer time!

  • bnzo00 says:

    ah yes, know your meme! the reason I didn't subscribed!
    MOLLY BOOBS FTW!!!11elf11eins

  • HyperPyroNinja says:

    @bnzo00 I didn't know people with downs syndrome knew how to comment on youtube videos.
    You learn something new every day.

  • applepie1991 says:

    dont h8 the playa hate da game lol

  • bnzo00 says:

    @HyperPyroNinja AAAIGH, don't mess mith ma syndomes...they gonna get cha!

  • RethParish says:

    I did not know about this meme. I love it. :)

  • theneonfire says:

    4:15, second from bottom
    Golddigger :D

  • effyleven says:

    Excuse me. I just have to leave for a while to take another look at Molly's delightful

  • Stef says:

    The "eux" in Ducreux is pronounce as the "eu" in entrepreneur.

  • linesinaconversation says:

    @ssivve Um, I'm pretty sure that's what I said, except for the Molly being fat part, which is a load of bullshit.

  • daisy says:

    It's "physiognomy," not "physiogomy." That should have been an easily avoidable mistake, rocketboom!

  • PsyIn2D says:

    Hahaha... "HALT! The time of the hammer is upon us!" that is beyond amazing!

    I love you "know your meme" :D

  • LfunkeyA says:

    this is too epic

  • LfunkeyA says:


    mine too

  • adj789 says:


  • yuukisama2001 says:

    Wow, that's interesting. I got the "big butts" one. Seems those "fails" didn't get it. I never knew about this one. Memes are great to learn about.

  • monkofdark123 says:

    i love the don't hate the player, hate the game one its so true :P btw i love the books from mystery and style guys check em out, it will get you laid like a rockstar, just youtube it ;)

  • Deathwhisper13thgen says:

    HALT! - The time of the hammer is upon us.

  • RocketBoobs says:

    Dear Elle RocketBoobs,

    Get Thee To A Nunery, Wench!

    (And, tell those guys sitting behind you to go out and get a real job.
    ...but, no one will hire people who can't produce something of real value.)

    Read A Book. Get A Life.

  • Pokedude9999 says:

    HALT!- The time of the hammer is upon us is easy. That's easy: STOP! HAMMA TAIM! from Can't Touch This by MC Hammer

  • MattTheSpratt says:

    He's the Fonz centuries before the Fonz.
    That's awesome.

  • soshimyk says:

    I rather enjoy the one hiding just past her shoulder at about 4:03.

    "Far be it from me to imply that she is a covetous lady...
    ...But she does not trifle with the destitute."

    I think that's the most I have ever enjoyed Kanye West.

  • countdudoo says:

    3:08 OHNOES IT'S A LION!

  • quixgofar says:

    Luv, Luv Ellie!!

    I can watch all day....

  • KyutoJohasu says:

    "Halt! The time of the hammer is upon us."
    Translates to
    Stop! Hammer time.
    I was surprised she didn't get that one!

  • 185niteowl says:

    Damn! Thats the first rocketboom vid that sent me to the floor laughing!!! Good 1

  • dan012345 says:

    @KyutoJohasu It was a joke, she pretended not to know the most obvious one.

  • h01yMEn says:

    I vote for Molly

  • Mrcomputergeek1 says:

    what is the song at 1:41

  • TehUberCyberBeast says:


  • uberOCD says:

    I demand you show your mammary glands, or begone!!

  • skollll says:

    Ellie is beautiful dressed as a scientist.

  • SonicobbsessedR2 says:

    i have a shirt of the disregard females one

  • KyutoJohasu says:

    @dan012345 Ahh, I see. Didn't get the joke in that one.

  • FluffyBunniesOnFire says:

    Ellie has never been cuter than 0:40
    Okay, I'll play along...
    Curses, it feels agreeable to be a ruffian!
    We hath endured the majority of our existences living in a ruffian utopia.
    Procreators simply fail to perceive.
    We require a modicum of contention, for it would be quite vacuous in my absence.

  • FluffyBunniesOnFire says:

    Thou hath precipitated an explosive device upon my person, ye bairn.
    Thou shouldst evaluate thyself in precedence to devastating thyself.
    My cognition recommends in the negative, while my anatomy asserts affirmatively.
    Oscillate thy derriere, observe thyself.
    Removeth thy incestuous blouse, ahem. Rotate it in the air, like an incestuous futurecaft.

  • N3B0R3D says:

    Curse you all to hell, revealing memes to niggers who don't deserve it.

  • TheBetterGame says:

    Molly should be doing these.

  • Nboy514 says:

    It's pronounced "Du Crew"

  • conchamolusco says:

    How is the Lil Jon song called?

  • dan012345 says:

    @KyutoJohasu It wasn't the greatest of jokes to be fair.

  • kilikman says:

    That site listed at 3:19 is real.

  • shroyerdave says:

    @FluffyBunniesOnFire Bravo. Very bravo.

  • neoninagirl says:

    lmao... that was hilarious!

  • neoninagirl says:

    @theChamp1993 **hotter

  • SmartiesLikesTurtles says:

    Hehe i loves the Mudkip in the background. :) <3

  • JayMinerFan says:



  • runingblackbear says:

    do you know you talk out of the side of your mouth you aint right

  • FrankieEsposito says:

    hahaha,,,ice-t quote

  • roflcoopter88 says:

    it came to my atention
    *funny image*
    thie likes blue and orange fictional animal

    who can solve this one?

  • simoncpu says:

    She sounds like Molly... Molly is hotter though....

  • invites4lockerz123 says:

    p t c s i t e s 4 y o u . w e b s. c o m

  • Maximatum99 says:


  • Viterkim says:

    @simoncpu no way

  • nidaroon858 says:

    hahaha this is genious

  • RocknRollercoaster1 says:

    @roflcoopter88 that my good sir would be a mudkip

  • roflcoopter88 says:

    @RocknRollercoaster1 Indeed a gentelmanly object of afection mudkip

  • unorthodoxJ says:

    They're posting Know Your Meme videos more frequently than usual

    As long as the content doesn't go down in quality I applaud it :)

  • Renotech says:

    Cute girl. <3

  • vedranzna says:

    wtf is this

  • svantearrhenius1 says:


  • knoxiuz says:

    I dont like her, I want molly instead

  • neo7th says:

    I did NOT understand a single thing from what she said.

  • dhmmjoph says:

    the music at 1:43 is the same as tweeterman287's intro music

  • wiseye61 says:

    It wasn't that hard...

  • bahorized says:

    Something meaningfull in the ever growing rubbishness of the 'featured' list!

  • MediumKuriboh says:

    Molly is prettier :D and her subjects are much more interesting

  • thesxex says:


  • brittanytheward says:

    I was going to complain about the ad...then I saw it was Angela from The Office. Mehhhh....Okay!

  • thefedexpope says:

    Hey kids! Help schools and earn cash by sending in your box tops to boxtops4cash com website. It's awesome and quick!

  • archer1949 says:


    Even cool French artists can't make that Minstrel Show horseshit any better.

  • AosZas says:

    I find it extrrrrrrremely hard to pay any attention to what she says. For some strange reason :P

  • apenneukende says:

    @archer1949 cool French artists? I didn't knew there were any...

  • Botro1 says:

    It's not pronounced "meem" but rather, "mei-mei"

  • BorisMacsimovich says:

    @Botro1 This is wrong.

    It's meem as in the way you pronounce "gene"

  • philips502 says:

    Good one :]

  • PrincessAoi93 says:

    lawl! - i fart, in your general direction -

  • SmartiesLikesTurtles says:

    @JayMinerFan haha! :') yes i do lieks the mudkipz muchly.

  • racooninabag says:

    There's a pokemon in the background

  • geostillo78 says:

    am i trippin?
    i completely dont get this

  • wingxerox says:

    @Botro1 ... Not really.

  • venomouscreed says:

    Hot, I love intellectual well dressed women with a sense of humor. XD

  • nVei06 says:

    just a note how these brain dead expressions came. The jew thought it wise to tax the honest man and empower the dishonest man. The Jew also felt it right to make sure that black people are not educated. Together, you have uneducated dishonst people living off government subsidies taxed on honest people. Working guy, works for nothing, dishonest guy live easy they don't even need to speak english. They get the free house free clothes free food free school and they never have to work.

  • nVei06 says:

    They are also treated with special privileged. YOu can not call a black people with any negative anything while they can be as negative as they want. They also can walk all over any white people they want, but you can not even drive in a black community without being attacked and murdered. Therefore the woman sees the power of this, and the society flows thusly.

  • nVei06 says:

    the time is comign to kill the jew. and all the liberals. they will all be killed.

  • gnosticraider says:

    I didn't know....

    and now i do know.

  • Knat0001 says:


  • luanswan2002 says:

    Thy woman in thy video would recieve mine penis.

  • arcistry says:

    WTFFFFFFFF. Why does Chuck Norris continue to let this video exist?

  • Saibot00 says:

    @luanswan2002 Has thine even left thine mothers home?

  • dekaos88 says:


  • dpworld says: that pedo-bear in the background? o_O

  • kasp9451 says:

    rap sucks now... it was awesome in the 1900

  • jameslo93 says:

    which guy in the rapping industry cares bout this now

  • fingerprint211b says:

    @arcistry Oh fuck you.

  • RyanTheTuber says:

    I see pedobear ( 1:13)

  • makaveli2989 says:

    what the hell is the name of this hot chick in this video?!!!

  • khaled28893 says:


  • adrieldx08 says:

    someone PM me her name, THANKS in advance! :D

  • lorrr55 says:

    @RyanTheTuber wow...

  • andrey2793dec says:

    luanswan2002 learn some english and until then you r penis maybe will grow enough to fuck her

  • nuwaus says:

    Sexy fingers you got :D

  • fenix611 says:

    @luanswan2002 indeed.

  • merys96 says:


  • TeamEpicMeow says:


    EPICNESS!!! lmao!! iSubbed!

  • toudal89 says:

    god bless the internet

  • AZERBAIJANEC85 says:


  • sam151188 says:

    @luanswan2002 Thou shalt reach the euphoria~

  • lambrosgeo says:

    what crap

  • wasabi654 says:

    HALT! the time of hammer is upon us

  • TheTwoTubeBloggers says:

    Hey, check out our new blog, it would make us happy! thank u

  • pitecusH says:

    The temperature seem to have risen // Promptly remove thine clothing


  • SteamGrace says:

    Get a job.

  • timrfrench61 says:

    Know Your Meme has outdone itself. Outstanding!

  • j2cool200x says:

    STOP! HammerTime!

  • Mistman12 says:

    Did anyone else see pedo bear in the background?

  • Arc111111 says:


  • elkor101 says:

    i just lost the game!!!

  • NHeidfeld88 says:


  • TeeEye84Plus says:

    Draped Up and Dripped Out Ya Know Wat Im Talkin Bout

  • jert38 says:

    she's a very attractive woman.

  • magicsamurai1 says:

    The time of the hammer is upon us!

    .....also known as,
    Its hammer time!

  • Charles2337 says:

    @venomouscreed Same here, good thing I got one myself ;P

  • CarlGraham12341 says:

    during the part about 25 awesome Decreux pictures what is that beat

  • Gw2Archon says:

    0:13 The Game :///

  • RJmacpot720 says:

    can somebody help me out .. wtf is the quote on 2:16

  • thesmart358 says:

    MC Hammer, "STOP! Hammer Time!"

  • JStrong784 says:

    @Gw2Archon the game?! i just lost it

  • TheEloeo says:

    @venomouscreed Well dressed? She's wearing a lab coat.

  • priestpilot says:

    I'm trying to figure that one out myself. The only thing I can think of is "I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night".

  • natashatarelia says:

    hamma time! oh i get it now! lol

  • darkbatMori says:

    @priestpilot That's gotta be it. :D

  • jk98765432 says:


    Oh c'mon, that one was so easy. Stop. Hammer time!

  • Sunlilly3 says:


  • bobthepenguin19 says:

    umm what the fuck its "they see me operating my automobile, they are prejudiced" that one is wayy better for the chamillionare song

  • robblindsay says:

    Elspeth gets hotter and hotter

  • MisterTTG says:

    @RJmacpot720 "I gotta feelin'...
    That tonight's gonna be a good night."

  • jpickar says:

    Nice! I love this meme, glad to see you made a vid for it!

  • crazycuddlyjesus says:

    wow, those pics are soooo hard to understand.

    fucking know your meme faggots

  • KarioDudeRBN says:

    This YouTube channel is determined to kill memes isn't.

    All of these videos are absolutely terrible.

  • velikayakrasivaya says:

    This video makes me feel embarrassed for everybody involved. Please work on your writing and acting.

  • Sunlilly2 says:


    Obvious answer is obvious.

  • KatrinaCabrera says:

    The internets used to be more fun. Nothing's underground anymore. 4chan just isn't the same.

  • lieutenantloopy says:

    It's Ducreux. Not Ducrow.

  • masterofsomething025 says:

    4:18 "HALT! The time of the Hammer is upon us."
    I LOL'D

  • blingerninja says:

    Having suffered a full semester of British Lit from that era, this is pretty hilarious.

    "Promptly remove thine clothing."

  • zantrua says:

    @TheEloeo Exactly.

  • matt1337c says:

    I challenge you to make one of:
    "Face down, ass up! That's the way we like to fuck!

  • MeansDarling says:

    Has "know your meme", become a meme?

  • killua916 says:



  • Stonehawk says:

    I love this man's poses.

  • willem01 says:

    @MeansDarling Fail!

  • rdvd7 says:

    Expose thine Breast or Vacate the area immediately

  • IBrokeRules1and2lulz says:

    i love the videos ect don't like the selling out-ness : /

  • [...] Though analogies from one form of art to another are not perfect, and I doubt the team set out to write a poem, the description as poetry is apt because the formal constraints of Portal make it possible to describe it in a kind of ludic meter. The remainder may spoil. (I also owe a debt to work from the Rocketboom Institute of Internet Studies on image macro haikus). [...]

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