Phonetic Translations

Rocketboom Internet Research Scientist, Jamie W., explains Phonetic Translations. Story links: Scuse Me while I kiss This Guy – Jimi Hendrix, Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising, misheard, Even Flow: Misheard Lyrics, Misheard Lyrics: Sean Paul – Temperature, Britney Spears: Toxic Misheard Lyrics, Mondegreen, Homograph Homophone Venn Diagram, Homograph Homophone Venn Diagram, Rock the Casbah: Misheard Lyrics, Hyakugojyuuichi!!, Lemon+Demon+Neil+Cicierega, Hattan Ar Din!, Now with yatta power, Moskau with english lyrics, Crazy Indian Video…Buffalaxed!, Kalluri Vaanil, benny lava, Fart in the duck, You are a Pirate! RAUNCHYY!, Misheard Numa Numa Lyrics, Ken Lee- Bulgarian Idiol (WITH ENGLISH TRANSLATION), Celine Dion.

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  • mikeyman211 says:

    Know your meme makes me laugh more than the memes themselves. What's more is that WYM is enlightening and it's a good look into psychology and the internet.

  • StrangeHatter says:

    The best animutation has got to be the three part "Colin Mochrie vs Jesus H Christ"...I thought the song from the first part was made for that, until a Dutch friend told me that it was from a kid's show

  • TheHlynurskuli says:

    the icelandic version ? THE ORIGINAL VERSION! this is from iceland u know...

  • KragJin says:

    Benny Lava FTW!

  • iSometimesWriteMusic says:

    Holy shit, "Hatten är din"! That's one legendary Swedish Internet video, one of the very first I ever saw!

  • tubelev says:

    Agathe Bauer! ;)

    finally a new nym! been ages.

  • 7Voo says:


  • alberts101 says:

    HOT DOGS. :D

  • mikeyman211 says:

    My friend told me that when he listens to the song "For Whom The Bells Toll", instead of the words "(look at the sky just before you die.) It's the last time you will" he hears "it's an ass climbing whale."

    True story.

  • JebusJack says:

    I knew about HOT DOGS a few years glad it made it on here too!!!

  • CognosSquare says:

    Hatten är din!!!

  • LokkenJester says:

    this is made of aids.

  • EccentricInTexas says:

    I still believe that the hotdogs go on!!!

  • adolphbot says:

    Anybody need a sign, benny lava?

  • iHateToRegister says:

    Ken Leeeeeeeeeeeee ;)

  • NeoMinimuz says:

    i love watching "know you are maymay" videos... ::off screen:: what?... yes thats what its called... well, thats how it sounds anyways.

  • ywpro says:

    2:51 Kabouter Plop XD

  • 21rey03 says:

    Yey ^_^ Nice vid.
    Rofl XD"..Hot dogs"

  • panos3320 says:

    hold devils pot of tea ftw.also in greek to krasaki tou tsou

  • Nightman221k says:

    I have been wondering when there'd be more NYM.

  • londonpunk66 says:

    @EccentricInTexas yeahhh!! ive never understood the real lyric?

  • EroSennin6669 says:

    I still say the best one was the phonetic translation of Pantera's Hostile.
    Fucking Hoff-style!

  • henkieshome says:

    i love what they did to the dutch song, it´s from kabout plopXD i used to watch it as a child

  • 777Stitches777 says:

    Benny Lava and Ken Lee were the best.

  • arashzlord says:

    the Indian Nipple song should have been on here too

  • alanpgoodwin says:

    The old 80s' synth maestro Howard Jones was a gold mine for this sort of thing. That guy mumbled so much that you could make almost anything out of his songs.

  • Froyle says:

    Extra Kudos for the Evan Rot´s Graffiti Analysis wallpaper on the back.

  • Froyle says:

    Evan Roth´s *


  • apehodet says:

    in norway this was introduced on a tv show in 1999, where they "subtitled" indian music.

  • Goldberg1337 says:


  • WeskJago says:

    t-shirts. you herd wrong

  • MedievalChips says:

    looloooooooolll they sow Bulgarian idol maannn that was some funny s*** when i was there lol

  • mdrubin says:

    What is that screensaver in the background?

  • redjava1 says:

    LOL fart on a duck? haha thats "Plop" from belgium :')

  • lefixes says:

    nice vid, gr. work...

    but somebody please tell if what the iMacs screensaver is... it looks so cool... does any1 recognize it?

  • vukeidge says:

    0:43 TRI-FORCE :)

  • DCstar says:


  • bomberguy06 says:

    zelda triforce!

  • pibot314 says:

    I love these!

  • invisibleuntillost says:

    you should some for waking the cadaver and deathcore and guttural stuff haha that shits great

  • spundeman says:

    I wish they had put the grind core stuff in there. that's the good shit.

  • bitchslapper12 says:

    YEAH, but please you really should name these "Meme guys videos" because you and Molly are the only one great. Please specify better that these videos are done by "Meme team"!

  • musicmac00 says:

    I'm hungry now, who wants hot dogs?

  • thelonewolf86 says:

    I think Céline Dion likes hot dogs!

  • JimJam0797 says:

    I believe that the hot dogs.

  • PyroFreakDJ says:

    The dutch song actually says.
    There is a hole in my roof.
    Er zit een gat in mijn dak.
    There is a fart in my duck.

  • h6oib says:

    OMG bulgarian idol!!

  • HaShomeret says:

    Your my favorite of the meme team.

  • funtime77777 says:


  • ThomasWhatever says:

    Why they didn't mention the "Nightwish - Wishmaster" Misheard Lyrics Video which started a Hype again in 06/07 and was one of the most famous examples???

  • Ranact says:

    Sauce on screensaver?

  • UnholyMB says:

    You totally forgot Waking The Cadaver's Bloodsplattered Satisfaction. That one is pretty famous for misheard lyrics.

  • Treknologist says:

    Could you link this back to the 1943 Mairzy Doats?

  • SimonGriffindor says:

    Happy 900 videos ROCKETBOOM!

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    Кто видел мозг-мозг-мозг енота
    Тот много в жизни потерял,
    Огромный мозг у бегемота,
    Но и он не интеллектуал :-)

    Отличное видео. 5 баллов

  • morkhan says:

    I want that screensaver! On the screen in the background.

    Anyone? Please?

  • leethus says:

    very lame that they didn't include Fishmaster, eh?

  • b07l1k3destroyer says:

    holy raptor jesus! you're infected with the mac virus!!! lol @ BG idol xD

  • GerardBlaize says:

    didnt rofl
    wasn't lmao
    didnt lulz
    not even a single lol to be had

  • crayjay3 says:

    Jeez, what about "French Erotic Film" and its sequels? Those are friggin classic animutations.... Jesus H. Chris Rocketboom

  • Fensterplaetzchen says:

    Komm wir Tanzen auf dem TIsch, bis der Tisch zusammenbricht. Hahahaha!

  • Kabukita says:

    Rocketboom Interent Research Scientist?

  • RHCristobal says:

    @Kabukita yep

  • BfeoAdmin says:

    :39 what screensaver is that?

  • jaketubedeja says:

    hot dogs lol

  • RyuDarragh says:

    I beg to differ. There is indeed a tune that says "There's a bathroom on the right!" - John Valby, Wierd Al or someone similar did it :P And the Numa Numa song (Dragonste by Ozone) causes a bit of cognitive dissonance for me since I know a bit of the language :P

  • librano says:

    What is Ellie playing with in the background? Looks cool. I want it!

  • LandscapeManX says:

    @leethus this!

  • shaithinshoe says:

    bongo drum ?

  • Gwarismetal says:

    i do interpretations, check my channel out!

  • AFnord says:

    @librano It's a round glass bottle, often used in chemistry laboratories.

  • Ki113dbysw0rd says:

    I absolutely MUST have that screensaver.

  • kirkieball says:

    waht is the OH DOLPHIN one ? need a link or song name LOL

  • jorreerroj says:

    i want the screensaver!!!!!

  • davidirak says:

    Whats that screensaver called looks soooo cool :D

  • itlax18 says:

    no its what people say is in the song bad moon rising when they dont know the lyrics it sounds like it and its been in other songs but thats what its originally from

  • BarbaricGoose says:

    You guys need to cover Epic Beard Man. Or AC Transit Bus Fight, whatever it's called.

    It is quickly becoming a meme.

  • heshoots9999 says:

    @BarbaricGoose yeah molly covered it on the main videos

  • kcaz64 says:

    @BarbaricGoose There was already an episode done on it by Molly, a KYM would be kinda redundant.

  • borttrollad says:

    they talk about him in a video before , but not a know your meme video

  • RAWryyy says:

    @kirkieball Even Flow by Pearl Jam

  • RyuDarragh says:

    @itlax18: Who knows but the artist which inspired the comedy version, what he heard or what others did and told him? There *is* a song featuring a stint at a bar by a beer drinking chump. YouTube Vid # mfYrt4oJZSE .

  • ArturoStojanoff says:

    I see the nuns are gay LOL

  • RWVideos123 says:

    buffalax ftw

  • RWVideos123 says:

    same dont has a mac but :(

  • 4twilighter says:

    I knew Céline liked hot dogs!

  • nenalyzed says:

    that about the 'Dutch' song is actually a Flemish tv-show (From Belgium)
    in a way it's right to say that it's a Dutch song of course
    I didn't hear the lyrics in that one, but that's probably because I understand
    the original

  • pheaktor says:

    what's the screen saver in the background they are using ?

  • TheInunah says:

    LOL! Hot Dogs.

  • Noudist says:

    @nenalyzed Second that.

  • DharokDude says:

    Not a meme at all.

  • DragonsRule02 says:

    Well I've never heard it before. Sorry if I'm "not with with it"..? >___>

  • JixMa says:

    What do we type in the search field to find all these hilarious misheard songs? Like. what's the category?

  • bluesmasters62 says:

    @DragonsRule02 well you have now.

  • BlueSundew says:

    You guys are awesome! :3

    YAY! Finally got to see Neil in a Rocketboom video :DDD

  • DragonsRule02 says:

    Indeed :D

  • hottsaucekid says:

    i wanna see ginger kid KYM
    and i wanna see always by erasure ever since robot unicorn attack its getting popular and is even being called the new rickroll ( it will never be the same as rickroll imo)

  • katsujinken10 says:

    The ants are my friends they're blowing in the wind

  • shuttledik says:

    What about translating lyrics into another language & back again using a translator:

    English to Spanish to Russian & back

    People always told me be careful that no
    And do not go infringement young girls' hearts
    He came and I had been right
    Sweet smell of perfume
    It was a very, very quickly
    I called in my room

    Chorus []
    Billie Jean is not my lover
    I'm just a girl who claims that
    However, no child is my child

  • yulite94 says:

    cool screensaver

  • geter14 says:

    hahaha hatten är din is so darn funny! ...if u know swedish!! :D

  • MonterreyLegend says:

    pearl jam>all

  • djsosad says:

    I see no meme here. The only funny thing is the pedobear

  • TK3C says:


  • misssy7ducks says:

    there's some funny videos for some sean paul songs.
    seeing as his songs are all mumbling anyways.

  • TheInsect56 says:

    XD at what the baby says from gerber!

  • 18deadmonkeys says:

    was that chick singing CCR into a bong?

  • thefireguy22 says:

    yeah wat is it? i want

  • TheNewYorkPete says:

    meh . . .

  • RebelHQ says:

    Benny Lava is King!

  • kman5769 says:

    a lot of ppl have done this for the smash bros brawl main theme

  • ninetales1234 says:

    you chase solo

  • NimbusFilms says:

    Urine ocean.

  • AlmightyVirus says:

    Lemon Demon!! Woo! =D

  • ivancito7790 says:

    old meme is old

  • ImmortalDestructor says:

    No mention of Indian Thriller? C'mon Rocketboom, get with the program!

  • IronicSentiment says:


  • RobertsBoissiere says:

    Obviously redundant statement is obviously redundant

  • bigred2989 says:

    What about Indian Thriller, AKA GIRLY MAN!!!!

  • Erfa90 says:

    "Hatten är din!" :-D That's an old swedish meme. And it's awesome.

  • 00crz00 says:


  • anonymouswillnotstop says:

    animutations nevar die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • da1ved says:

    Where's memeMolly??? :(

  • shimgoody says:


  • ObsTheGreat says:

    Yay animutation and Neil Cicierega. I remember when Albinoblacksheep was the best site evar.

  • sadsaladproductions says:

    THIS IS (I think) HIS LAST VIDEO!!

    if you look on the forums he said hes quitting. :(

  • EmotionToilet says:

    What screensaver is that in the beginning? It's pretty cool.

  • MonoAzul says:

    No "We drink Ritalin?"

    "A Sticky Night of Love" (more SFW than it sounds) is another one that will never ever leave your brain if you see it.

    "Key shiny! Pete O' Meany!
    Koochie zoo, querer
    Poke an ass, ooh!
    Nab a lamb, oh
    Germany, namu!"

  • thelonewolf21693 says:

    whats tat screen saver!!?!? btw, rammstein is awesome to do.

  • ldavid2 says:

    LMAO :D

  • 715anabanana says:

    omg i saw the numa numa song misheard lyrics video before i saw this video!!

  • Mushyshark says:

    That screen saver right behind him was crazy awesome...where can I get a screen saver like that?

  • ObsTheGreat says:


  • unorthodoxJ says:

    5 stars for triforce and just for knowyourmeme being awesome in general

  • TheSenileFeline says:

    Sadly, animutations have dies out on us. But they are slowly being revived by the likes of YouTube Poops and Cacophanyvids.

  • Ainudil says:

    Oh, "Hatten är din". Classic childhood memories :D

  • shaurz says:

    Classical intarwebs culture.

  • shaurz says:

    Now excuse me while I go rewatch Hyakugojyuuichi!!!, Hatten är din, Irational Exuberance and Benny Lava for the millionth time.

  • EggoSucker says:

    ya neil!

  • shaurz says:

    We didn't eat QQQQSSSS....... I !

  • fustino5 says:

    I'm bulgarian :D I can tell you that a lot of tears from laughter dropped when that women sang

  • voxangelaemortis says:


  • Arcanage says:

    im 12 and wat is this?

  • HrathHeilong says:

    Dance send me o's, japan eat a hand and yours only yours I'm not afraid to dance dance it's all right, misa in the club now dance anyway it's CARAMELLDANSEN!

  • auroradreamer says:

    I love Benny Lava! I was wondering when it would get on here XD

  • personno2 says:

    Jamie I missed you too!
    I don't want to see any less of the rest of the crew... just more of you, and maybe more of everybody else too. Perhaps you could surgically implant a camera that comes out of your hip and films you 24/7 and stream it live to the interwebs. I would be satisfied then, although I'd want behind the scenes footage as well.

  • ricochade says:

    Another is blinded by the light B)

  • Samus5164 says:

    tunak tunak tun with english subtitles. go

  • mini14tx1 says:

    That girl at 0:13 has a nice voice.

  • ukimalefu says:

    Another vote for TELL ME WHERE TO GET THAT SCREENSAVER! please.

  • jozzaud says:

    that screensaver on his computer is so cool! where can i get it? does anyone know?

  • linhie281 says:

    0:43 reminded me of the triforce xP

  • windowmaker525 says:


  • jordanthewizard says:

    KEN LEE!!!!

  • elspethjane says:

    @mini14tx1 you should hear me at karaoke. Not so nice, I promise ;)

  • KenteousAwe says:

    Neil Cicierega!

  • TLoZNarutofan says:

    YAY I new KYM!

  • jschrein says:


  • zomnomnom says:


  • cobolt13 says:

    About time the Memes are back ftw

  • orphedeliaXimmortal says:

    ken leeee!!! almost died there whew!
    the first misheard i found was nightwish
    but O..M..G.. misheard jamaican dancehall is so funny!

  • Loe307uh says:

    That screen saver gave me wood. Must have!!

  • blehrolfbleh says:

    Hot dogs....

  • marvim004 says:

    great, again, as always :3, luv this :3

  • teersufscarlet says:

    i wish they would put links to the videos in the doobly doo.

  • craban64 says:

    What, no explanation of Mondegreen itself??
    Ye Highlands and ye Lowlands,
    Oh, where hae ye been?
    They hae slain the Earl O' Moray,
    And laid him on the green
    (And Lady Mondegreen.)

    • Firster says:

      Yeah - good point and, as Arte Johnson might say, "Very interesting, but...." Also, there seems to be some confusion between mondegreens and soramimi, which (according to Wikipedia) are songs that produce different meanings from those originally intended, when interpreted in another language.

  • Kuddzor says:

    HOT DOGS!!!

  • sippitysipsap says:

    Rocketboom is the best.

  • OrangMario says:

    I belive that the HOT DOGS go on...

  • stuslegend says:

    ken leeee + hot dogs = ???

  • TheElholm says:

    Know your meme are so great :D

  • ivancito7790 says:

    butthurt... much?

  • FluffyBunniesOnFire says:

    NeilCicierega also does Potter Puppet Pals.

  • NikiPaprika says:

    anybody remember the french erotic film? xD
    Man i love Animutations!

  • jozzaud says:

    @Loe307uh what is it called? i want it!

  • Manuel W says:

    Does anyone know what screensaver they're running on the Mac in the background?

  • ainekatt says:

    Ah Neil Cicirega I was wondering when you'd finally mention him.

    Also, I love phoenetic translations. :) I also like the converse, literalized music videos.

    (The best one being Total Eclipse of the Heart)

  • NinjaMuffinMaster says:

    The first Pokemon ending?
    xD I love Mondegreens.

  • blurglide says:

    This series is AWESOME. Only reason I subscribe to RocketBoom anymore.

  • DONOTWANTplease says:

    lol hot dogs

  • bleatingheart says:

    I super want that screensaver!!

  • Emerald1234S says:

    I will now go watch the Yellow Ledbetter transcript. "make me fries"

  • bellywog says:



    Lol, that was my favorite part XD.

  • therustygeartube says:

    :D I love this show!

  • mudkipsie says:

    Cool:3 Cant find the yatta vid tho:(

  • AburameFifox says:

    What about the Nightwish's song?
    those are funniest ones!

    HOT DOGS!!!

  • hotnpinkfeathers says:

    i love the benny lava video, ive seen it like 20 times

  • davehulteen says:

    New KYM! Yay!

  • MrAizakku says:

    空耳 最高!!

  • tacoreaper1 says:

    That is an AWESOME screensaver. Anyone know where I can get it?

  • Sealsealdk says:

    Happa Tai - Yatta yatta!

  • xb0xviper says:

    Waste your money on a Mac.

  • JaniceChaos says:


  • seedfreedom says:

    Why did they not mention the many videos on Caramelldansen trying to add english lyrics to them? Or better yet, why haven't they looked at Caramelldansen on its own?

  • tacoreaper1 says:

    ah, nty. I had a sneaking suspicion that it would be a mac thing

  • Yarcofin says:

    I can't believe this didn't include the most famous misheard lyrics videos... Sean Paul and Fallout Boy.

  • Intransitman says:

    Celine's awesome!

  • KrisDaDoodoo says:

    How could you guys forget the Indian Thriller translation?!

  • Firster says:

    Fussed. (not so fast, Andy.....)

  • wildbilltexas says:

    Why is there a bong in their offices??

    Otherwise great video!

  • lordino4 says:

    has anyone else see a pedo bear in the background.

  • cecilebakura says:

    YATTA YATTA! OR please, watch caramelldansen, it's a MEME! PLEASE! oh, and the cake is a lie or, wait for just lost the game!

  • DragonRomer says:

    What do you mean otherwise? That makes it better.

  • Dan says:

    I did not know that Neil Cicierega started the animutations. He writes music now under the band name Lemon Demon and has written several amusing songs.

  • RaiohTheHunter says:

    No, fuck you, they need to do Robot Unicorn Attack

  • mini14tx1 says:

    I don't believe that. I think you've got a very pretty voice.

  • Lorenz says:

    The only problem for german viewers is, that almost every youtube video is not avaiable here...

  • FluffyBunniesOnFire says:

    It's interesting that this was posted right before YouTube has activated the automatic closed caption feature for new videos. Considering every single sentence it transcribes is wildly wrong, this meme is about to EXPLODE!

  • castortwinky says:

    jajaja give me aids 8D

  • Minigunner says:

    Phonetic Translations, also known as Animutation's to some.

  • Hal0Elite42 says:

    thats what i thought before i even clicked on this video


  • PaulThePuppetier says:

    pearl jam ROCKSSSSSSS

  • SaramisKismet says:

    Wow this is a pretty dated meme... maybe with the explosion of shortlived memes lately, it's harder to make a cohesive video doc about them?

  • Gwarismetal says:

    cool ive been making these, sorta

  • FatherTime89 says:

    No 'hold devils pot of tea'? That's what introduced me to the misheard lyrics meme in the first place.

  • metalhead00xx says:

    My favorite is the Finnish DuckTales theme song, which gave us (older) memes such as "taco nazi" and "your arms are broken."

  • Pistbag says:


    Woll Smoth

  • katesmeow says:

    Lance any horse!
    Cuppa in a hand, yeah
    Yours, show me yours
    I wanna see your dance step
    You smell like
    Meat starting to cry, and
    Look at me, howl at me

  • sasukeichigo12 says:

    what no caramelldansen?!!? for shame!!!

  • SaukaKumagae says:

    I love the numa numa one. And OMG NEIL!

  • ivanlai0225 says:

    i misshear people quite often... i speak four languages lol

  • jakaddams says:

    yeah! check out my cousin's vid please!

  • jervey123 says:

    oh yeah neil cicierega started all this madness from a japanese song about 10 years ago, it was really funny back then when the internet was just starting to go crazy as we know today

  • sharperguy says:

    Most of the misheard lyrics videos these days arent so great and are made by kids.

  • Loe307uh says:

    If I find out I'll let you know. I'm hoping they let us all know lol.

  • xtericx says:

    ken lee is my fav

  • FleurOlivia says:

    The Fart in the duck video, the orginal meanings are:
    There is a hole in my roof. The show is called: Kabouter Plop and is a huge succes with dutch children, I know, because I used to be one.

  • AdamEtheredge says:

    This phenomenon is the soul reason I wrote the songs on my album. You can see some of my music vids on my channel, and retranslate them yourself. I was excited to think that a whole bunch of people would buy my album and have fun trying to figure out what I was saying. That's part of the reason that the vocals are slightly quieter in my songs than in modern pop. Unfortunately, NO ONE bought my carefully crafted album. Now I make animation. Oh well.

  • shadarko says:


  • imlosingitrightnow says:

    Hi. wat is that screensaver on that mac.Can someone please name it and if known the location as well.thx

  • BitLord says:

    You're the man now hawt dawg!

  • httprover says:

    If you mean Haiducii's Dragostea Tin Tei that certainly has acquired meme status.


    (It's Romainian)

  • JangleRadio365 says:

    The best thing about soramimi videos on YouTube is reading the reactions of viewers from the country the video is from. "You're making fun of my language!" "This is not what it means!" "This is insulting my country!!". LOL

    Cant they figure out this is a cool way to introduce different languages and cultures to viewers in English speaking countries?

  • foxafox says:

    I`m a fuckin Bulgarian , and I gotta say Valentina Hasan isn't Bulgarian ... she's a gipsy .. !

  • NeedleGunner says:


  • strictlysega says:

    my fave was the old wishmaster song,(hampster, a dentist, hard porn,, steven seagull) it was one of the first youtube vids i ever saw and still favors nostalgia today..

  • tangent272 says:

    This is something my Mum used to sing to me when I was a kid.

    Mairzy Doats and Dosey Dotes and Little Lamsie Tievy, A Kiddle-e-tiveytoo, Wooden Shoe.

    Real lyrics: Mares eat oats and Does eat oats and Little lambs eat ivy, A kid'll eat ivy too, wouldn't you.

    I'm pretty sure this was the first and, for a long time, the only song that was regularly misquoted in this way.

    It's from 1944 and you can search for "Mairzy Doats" on wikipedia.

  • tangent272 says:

    I always liked "Look, look in the mirror, at the bouncing spud of the budgie thrown" in the song Reflect from the Australian band Frente.

    For those non-Australians among us, a spud is a potato and a budgie is a small parrot commonly kept as a pet. Truly psychodelic.

    And I'm *still* pretty sure The Clash were actually singing F**K the Kasbah, at least on the repetition.

  • yerk3 says:

    The Buffalax Tunak Tunak video is still my favorite soramini. "All along see you pumping my retard / and you fill me with tar / and you party laying beeeeaaarrrs!!" If I had enough free time, I would have made a little animated video for it, featuring John Wayne, David Bowie and Duke Owl from Rockadoodle, riding in a tuk-tuk for the "duke-duke/tuk-tuk" part.

  • TheFilip9696 says:

    Hatten är din (the hat is yuors) is swedish!

  • rizz360 says:

    @imlosingitrightnow i'm searching for it too

  • madhatter1334 says:

    5 stars for buffalax!

  • MonkeyDeLufy says:

    Babble? You mean Babel right.

  • RaptorTechSource says:

    Check out my Michael Jackson misheard lyrics video, on my channel. ;D

  • mirandansa says:

    Here's a sample of the original Japanese tv show "Soramimi Awaa" (Mishearing Hour), which has been in existence since the early 1990s:


  • icequeen9 says:

    @tangent272 OMG I have that song, I always thought it went:

    "Ooh mazy dotes and docey dotes and little lambsy-divies, a diddlee-didey doo, wouldn't you..."

    I thought it was intentionally nonsensical.

  • julianfx says:

    How the f can you hear: Fart in the duck?
    Thats disturbing...
    It actually says: Er zit een gat in mijn dak
    There's a hole in my roof
    It's dutch/belgian

  • lolgurlyyy says:

    XD this is true....

  • Drunkenvalley says:

    It sounds perfectly well like "Fart in the duck" if you're not thinking it over. It's gibberish to most people in the world.

    And what it actually says is absolutely irrelevant to misheard lyrics.

  • Whoompen says:

    Omg, you included "hatten är din", I have so many fond childhood memories of that. "Ansiktsburk" is slightly better though.

  • rug3r44 says:

    "Ken leee" is a Badfinger song made famous by Harry Nilsson, and you're an idiot for crediting it to that scat-warbling cow.

  • rizwan1983 says:

    This was superb!

    Ken leeeeeeeeeee!

  • ChibsogItchy says:

    They should talk about the countless Brawl Theme interpretations.

  • ChaosBW says:

    I know all the people mentioned in this vid, and now I feel bad. :(

  • waterflame96 says:

    The only reason I'm proud of my country(Bulgaria), Ken Lee... LOL

  • ezjay87 says:

    how could you not feature Girly Man?

  • Darkni35 says:

    lol hahaha :D

  • OverHereDear says:


  • lookylook777 says:

    neil =D

  • 33dgtp says:

    there's a portugese song goes just "Pula!Pula!Pula!Pula!Pula!" us romanians know why that's...beyond funny...

  • fandanstan says:

    3:54 PedoBear!!!!!!!!!111oneoneone

  • mrmango786 says:

    The auto caption feature on youtube exemplifies this meme pretty well. I turned them on by default for all vids to expand the lulz.

  • MandyHdk says:

    hmm I speak portuguese, why does it sound curious to romanians?

  • cuzzythewolf2 says:


  • 33dgtp says:

    cause it means "dick" :D

  • TheLummer66 says:

    I like the rage against the machine song when a redneck needs a f**k.

  • fantasmaofdoom says:

    Kabouter PLOP YAY! :D

  • alm0safer says:


  • Miecken says:

    PLOP :D whooohooo :P

  • eddrugstore says:


  • BrUSomania says:

    Go on, my minion HOT DOGS!

  • AvatarAndKataangFan says:

    Was this your last episode, Jamie? If so, you shall be missed :'(

  • brittanyleighomg says:

    I love your screen saver!

  • leungclj says:

    another vote for the screen saver!

  • otakuworldwide says:

    5 for benny lava!

  • Nintendoforever says:

    @33dgtp ROFL, that's awesome xDD
    And I speak Portuguese too =P

  • Jaspirita says:

    I liked the "Yatta!" flash video so much that I went and learned the real lyrics and the real translation. So, funny and inspiring!

  • ChandlerCarmine says:

    What program was the girl using on the mac where you could make cool writing? O.o

  • dumoulin11 says:

    yes Celine, the hot dogs go on!

  • adj789 says:

    they didn't show the Super Mario Bros. show theme in german, that's the funniest one

  • The1CamBo says:

    some of those are embarassingly bad. They don't sound like what they are supposed to sound like, if that makes sense. The early ones from ABS and newgrounds were the best. THE BEST. Search 'french erotic film'

  • beswerved247 says:

    CELINE knows Americans love hot dogs.... she was trying to sell more records subliminally... this made me laugh so hard... there is a very funny translation on here of the barbie girl song in dutch translated back into English from the sounds of the dutch language, if you can find it its awesome. Its in dutch with English subs

  • montuotojo says:

    no there isnt

  • xCoolJackx1991 says:

    Does anyone know what that screen saver is or how to get it?

  • MegaDoomsday123 says:

    in the loading screen you can see I Can Has Cheezburger, Crocker and Dramatic prairie dog

  • GimmeDatScreensaver! says:

    WHAT'S THE SCREENSAVER CALLED!? (sorry for the allcaps, but I'm the 24th person to ask up in here)

  • Kirarak says:

    Neil? YAAAAY!

  • HerdULeikMudkips says:

    @Jaspirita Cool story Bro.

  • tOOzinhO says:

    I was kinda sad they didnt mention french erotic film... it was so epic.

  • julianfx says:

    Your mom is also irrelevant :)

  • DetourOfTheMind says:

    it's funny how this coincides with the fact that this week was international foreign language week.

  • PizzaOfDeath2 says:

    where teh fuck was fishmaster??

  • pedopwn says:

    wtf this shit is not a meme

  • TheBlackout12 says:

    1. Select song
    2. Write and copypasta lyrics
    3. Create lulz inducing images
    5. Pofit!

  • mrocznyandrzej says:

    Hot dogs!

  • mrocznyandrzej says:

    You'd hit the point

  • macrador says:

    fart on a duck WTF! that's a song from when i was young called 'er zit een gat in myn dak' or there is a hole in my roof.

    It's sad people says it's dutch it's belgian xD

  • aggbala says:

    haha one of the best episodes of the series!
    number 1 is ofc weegee! :P i hope they can make a episode talking about youtube poop

  • unless68 says:

    Hot dogs.

  • zaintkb says:

    great video, thats happens quite abit with me. happens more when a person is tired.

  • darkstarXSI says:

    kem leeeee

    i remember that , lol

  • Fyrsiel says:

    "I've got the right temperature fish-hat a ewe from the storm... ANGOLA! I can be da papa and you can beat a mom, UH-OH!"

  • shinkeidei says:

    it's all god's fault!!!

  • NoseEverything says:

    Yep, It's in there for good now.

  • chriswel says:

    They forgot poland! I mean... they forgot "Wishmaster" by Nightwish, I think it's (one of) the first and most popular "misheard lyrics"/"phonteic translations": watch?v=gg5_mlQOsUQ

  • Chronosky says:

    I'm looking for it too

  • bolzoo says:

    You guys didnt even bring up Obama's Elf :<

  • kazuyamishima112 says:

    woo hoo, iceland!
    to celebrate the recognition of my country im going to kill a polar bear and drink brennivín!

  • katelyn980 says:

    What about Wishmaster!

  • Didit4daLULZ says:

    @katelyn980 You're right, it's almost the original.

  • 101shellybelly101 says:

    slightly surprised they didn't do " BLINDED BY THE LIGHT...reved up like a DOUCH / DUECE in the middle of the night."

  • Xantexhunter says:

    lol, triforce

  • frostare says:

    I loved the ones done at tunak tunak tun, the riddle, this ain´t a scene it´s an arms race (or something from FOB) and the Super Smash Bros Brawl intro.

  • pixelr0 says:


  • kazuyamishima112 says:

    dont worry, im going to share the brennivín ;)

  • Mandalorx10 says:

    to celebrate seeing my native land of Iceland without the words ICESAVE i shall kill one polar bear per-view

  • FAHADFOX says:

    where is hold devils

  • skywise404 says:

    Know Your Meme has been off a little lately but i am happy to report that you guys are back on your game.

    Excellent work. Now keep em coming and dont make us wait so long for the next one!

  • Quizoid says:

    OMG... that Yatta video brought back memories.

  • GunGirlYuna says:

    Ken Lee!!! That shocked me XD

  • ChibsogItchy says:

    @MegaDoomsday123 No, Crocker's not there, instead you have All Your Base.

  • mandaMartini says:

    that guy. is. smoking hot

  • MegaDoomsday123 says:

    is it anne mutations or all of my mutations ?

  • TalkingRaindrop says:

    Nice work! I just watched a bunch of these the other day. I love these things.

  • ckereluck says:

    "There's a bathroom on the right!" lol

  • generalization101 says:

    your killing memes!!! stop it!!! they're not meant to be explained!!!

  • dustysteve says:

    i need that screensaver on the imac in the background so badly... do somebody knows where it comes from?

  • Highlightlol says:

    i demand that screenserver NAO!

  • ChibsogItchy says:


  • Alfarjamie says:

    i have one of these.. its a rammstein - seemann video with phonetic translation, look at it on my channel ;p

  • TheWhoracle says:

    And here I thought I was the only 1 that was hearing something totally different.

  • Stormwern says:

    hatten är din was the first internet video I ever saw, so funny

  • fennosspamm says:

    it's actually pretty funny to see that i cannot "hear" the written text of the dutch song, i just hear the actual song.

    and yes, i'm dutch

  • Crokkle says:

    It's the same with "Moskau" for me...

  • JamesTR4 says:


  • henkdeveroveraar says:


    yeah i agree. their basicly making it sound goofy instead of actually funny.

  • Jaspirita says:


  • Gav229 says:

    ken leeeeeeeeee

  • CharlieSpecs says:

    Can you do IMA FIRIN MI LAZER

  • Maverick619topgun1 says:

    It's kinda like how I sometimes think that Boston's "More Than A Feeling" sounds like:
    It's more than a feeling
    (More than a feeling)
    And I hear them zombies

    I know I'm wrong

  • jojoknight says:

    can't get my eyes of the screensaver!

  • jojoknight says:

    uhu ur right! how can you hear FART impossible ^o)

  • buffalax says:

    this is bad ass! :D

  • subjectb says:

    i can't believe they left out your finest work, which is, imho, the lyrics to Golimar (or Girly Man)

  • WilliamJazzCat says:

    As an Indian linguist.. I feel more confused than offended by the mix-ups...

  • Peralinth says:

    The hot dogs do indeed go on.

  • symbolt says:

    I can't believe that you left out the classic misheard lyrics to Wishmaster by Nightwish

  • SCP1891 says:

    Shit, I want a hot dog now.

  • Gwarismetal says:

    i make videos like this! check my channel out

  • EldMage says:



  • Darkspark77024 says:

    lol grafitti analysis on the computer

  • tubelev says:

    aber dann kennst du sicherlich "Agathe Bauer"

  • hildenailsthecasket says:

    This Dutch thing you're talking about is from Belgium.


  • me says:

    356 comments and no link for the screensaver! Come on guys!

  • SzFeri82 says:

    Yes, in Hungary we also have this meme.
    For example this one is richly illustrated. :)

  • Crokkle says:

    Ja, sehr lustig :D

  • TehUberCyberBeast says:

    For teh lulz. ; /

  • RaZor921 says:

    The swedish "translation" of the Russian Anthem is hilarious

  • paimail21 says:

    Han Teleporterar Taliban!
    Search that :D

  • RaZor921 says:

    I saw it 5 minutes ago, right after posting my last comment. Makes me proud to be swedish

  • keenan150 says:


  • mudkipsie says:

    haha thanks :)

  • ginomw says:

    the dutch thing sez: there is a hole in my roof

  • Ubiquitial1 says:

    Tower of Babylon? You Mean Babel?

  • Narutoguru001 says:

    He said Babel

  • Beastmonkey31 says:

    Is Know your meme now a meme? they should do one on themselves.

  • ericon52168 says:

    it isnt
    unless there is a tons of vids trying to imitate them
    or using their style extensivly

    tho that day wont be very far away i'd say....

  • realtoyz13 says:

    slight correction, it's a flemmish song, not dutch.
    there's a slight difference.
    in holland this is actually a pretty popular thing, only here it's called 'mama appelsap' (mama applejuice).

  • ginomw says:

    @realtoyz13 praat gwn nederlands :P

  • unorthodoxJ says:

    ooo you made fun of sweden
    Ikea is gonna send crappily made robots that fall apart like a month after they're built after you

  • TheCommentGuy8 says:

    ...oh, I see, so ''han telorterar taliban isn't what they really sing about... FINALLY. after 6 years, I finnaly understand. thank you rocketboom


  • GraffitiBMXskate says:

    You should do a "know your meme" on : DO A BARRELL ROLL!!!

  • newyy1 says:

    Hold me closer Tony Danza!

  • mistikalnawe says:

    omg!! sooo funny!!! =]

  • DrinkElectrolytes says:

    it's funny but i think you guys could have presented this a lot better. you dont give me enough time to process the jokes... i find i cannot get a lot of them without pausing, which is a cool style, but can definately be done better... and i need time to laugh too. at the end, the hot dogs joke was pretty much killed instead of made funnier, all you had to do was say "hot dogs go on" and I would have LMAO... but it was more like you shoved "HOT DOGS HOT DOGS HOT DOGS" down my throat

  • taolafands says:

    hooray for vagina

  • Aendrix says:

    you kinda missed the epicest misheard lyrics video of them all: wishmaster by nightwish

  • DAILEYericCaryUSA says:

    Ha,ha, 0:50, he said "mumbley" LOL

  • lanksta99 says:

    boat rudder, strange mountain?

  • tronulu says:

    @TheCommentGuy8 you don't need to add "-thecommentguy" at the end of your comments, we can perfectly see your account name right above!

  • CristianApostol says:

    best soramimi ever... if you know romanian

  • umusuuk says:

    I was kinda dissapointed you didn't mention "Niilin Hanhet". It's a Finnish soranimi meme of some Kurdish weddding song, that gained national coverage, and eventually, having the singer of the song come to Finalnd to appear on a talkshow.

  • Zefhyros says:

    Needs more Opeth - Goat C Petition (Ghost Of Perdition)!

  • FeltDownHard says:

    lol kabouter plop from belgian tv :P

  • ShanksForEverything says:

    What's funny is, Mondegreen is a Mondegreen. It's a misheard word. It comes from a woman who misheard "Lady Mondegreen" in place of the proper line in a poem, "And laid him on the green."

  • Uberwulf says:

    what's that screensaver they're using, with the sand-writing? looks pretty fetch.

  • lordaapjes says:


  • Dudinator123 says:

    Wow, what a dumb comment. There not making money off them, their making the memes more popular while also making themselves popular. Heck, i'm pretty sure that know your meme made the three wolf moon craze three times as popular. And what kind of idiot are you, of course they didn't steal it, they asked permission to use it.

  • GamingAwesome1 says:

    Twat. Where do they claim they invented these memes? You are one big, giant moron trying to slander a great group of thought provocative people who analyse the state of the things we enjoy.

    Quit shit-stirring, assbag!

  • ZwaziZ3R0 says:

    Can't wait until there is a Mudkipz Know Your Meme.

  • anonymous0s0egion says:

    I never said that they claimed to invent them, what I'm saying is that they're making a profit off of the work others have done (whatever became a meme) through sony and that's fucked up.

  • forXION says:

    the people who create the original content didnt create it with the intent to make money off of it. if they did the internet wouldnt like it. thats just the type of people the internet is. most of the time with a meme its just some random nonsense that is crazy funny.

  • LEpicFails912 says:

    i want them to do mcrolld/japanise mcdonald insanity.

  • hakkai999 says:

    @buffalax woah man you got your props on rocketboom hahahha congrats man!

  • Nathanderdethdealer says:

    2 words:

    hot dogs.

  • pepsi1649 says:

    "Fart on a Duck" reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield on 'Caddy Shack'

  • RecoveryUSB says:

    Make more of these please!!

  • DaThings1 says:

    At 0:43
    Triforce FTW!

  • elllietraitor says:

    It's pronounced sis- i re- ga

  • elllietraitor says:

    Neil sis-i-rega but spelled cicierega

  • iKyleInk says:

    I want that screensaver on that iMac, does anyone know what its called???

  • paymenow74 says:

    So, in a sence this guy is a dousch who isn't creative enough to come up with his own stuff, so he talks about others work. Ok, understood. The lab coats, very Best Buy Geek Squad, (appear to have knowledge, (APPEAR) to you get it. Mispronounce words. I give him 1 star at least he tri-forced, but needed Powerpoint to do it.

  • paymenow74 says:

    So let me get this right, these guys dreww up like proctologists and regergitate stuff, and violate the creative works by profiting off others work, and they don;t even get the info right. WTF? At least they triforced, obviously with powerpoint. Screw this I'm going over to 4chan

  • AndrogyneMichinaga says:

    I like the Desmond Dekker song The Israelites, misheard as 'ahhhh ahhhh me ears are alight.'

  • gomilev says:

    hey. can someone please tell me what's the name of the song with the "found a hobo in my room", because i can't find it anywhere. thanks!

  • PuntThePikachu says:

    I just burped and it tasted like a banana.

  • heart4element says:

    0:42 ^^ tri force!!

  • unorthodoxJ says:

    @paymenow74 Yes he educates us on other works and occurrences on the internet, godforbid we learn while we're entertained

  • unorthodoxJ says:

    @gomilev apparently its a song called hyakugojyuuichi

  • unorthodoxJ says:

    @anonymous0s0egion Is writing history books or being a teacher fucked up? They are simply taking information about a subject and teaching it to us in an entertaining manner

    They make know claims that it is their work they are pretty much a class for us to learn the lovable randomness of memes

  • unorthodoxJ says:

    @ZwaziZ3R0 I believe they've sorta covered Mudkip in a previous episode, showing the famous mudkip clip while explaining what youtubepoop is

  • Iserion13 says:

    Where can you get that screensaver?

  • NarcoticEvil says:

    Please do the meme An Hero / Mitchell Henderson

  • Droxxin says:


    Look up the guy's name or Animutation.

  • TheForkliftsOfNair says:

    Sometimes more hillarious than misheard lyrics are the "closed caption" interpretations on you-tube. Or get "natually speaking" from dragon and read into it.

  • Renae4life says:

    Hyakugojyuuichi :D

  • jozzaud says:

    @Iserion13 I KNOW! I WANT IT!!!

    i tried to find it on google but i couldn't find it....

  • jozzaud says:

    where can i get that screensaver? it is wicked cool?

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, wish I could get paid to basically trawl through the chans stealing stuff for newbies to repost and try to pass of as their own instead of having to do any real work. Do us all a favor and stop helping the cancer be lazy so they don't have to put any thought into their lame ass responses or come up with any original content.

  • ShaggyShan says:

    Chris O'Neill's "Hold Devil's Pot of tea" transcription for the God of War theme is pretty amazing (newgrounds).

  • neralotiga says:

    You should do a Know Your Meme of Amazing Horse by mr. weebl.

  • MrMoonpopm says:

    @neralotiga not a meme...

  • Muller27 says:

    Please do a Trololololololo - Know Your Meme episode ... please please please.

  • Serge Brosseau says:

    Beyonce at the Oscar(s)

    Ask a frenchman(woman) the significance of what is sung here.

  • lTherickl says:

    an hero meme NAO

  • pieislikesoawesome says:

    What is that screen saver on the computer in the background? and link?

  • sargeras99 says:

    where can i find the yatta yatta version showed on 1:49?

  • Aroweeco says:

    Nah, It's too fresh

  • noxnox11 says:

    the numa munma one made no sence

  • 1129toadfan says:

    lol they should do barrel roll meme next

  • cheatboy111 says:

    maybe they should do an episode about the mudkips meme.

  • wonderboyjohnny says:

    it's been done

  • onedi28 says:

    so many i herd u liek mudkipz?

  • PraiseLuciferOurLord says:

    that song makes no sence even in the origonal lyrics

  • blader09111 says:

    they should do the sparta kick meme or RWJ memes (i.e. troll, doin ur mom, etc.)

  • ripercheto says:

    I AM BULGARIAN AND IM PROUD ... waiting for the next season so we can fuck up another song

  • EnfanttMortt says:

    Agreed with @Muller27! "Trolololo" is the nee Rick Roll..
    Also, where can I find that screensaver? I really liked it :)

  • GimmeDatScreensaver! says:

    Hey, Know Your Meme, remember when I asked you what that screensaver was and you totally ignored not only my comment, but everyone else who was asking?


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