Island in a Lake on an Island

Molly reports on an island in a lake on an island and more. Story links: Philippine island qualifies its way to a “World’s Largest” title, What to get the man who has everything? An underwater plane of course, Try air to stay dry, NASA, Valentine’s Delieverd from Space, A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter, Deceive and Slaughter on Ebay, youme, Illegal Advertising Replaced With Public Art, US Internet Access for All. Assets: Taal Lake, Taal Lake 2, Map of the Pacific, Whale fighting a squid, wind umbrella, Necker Nymph, Darth Vader with a Parosol, air umbrella 6, air umbrella 2, air umbrella 3, air umbrella 4, air umbrella 5, Endeavour Blasting off in space, NASA main flags, Main Node 3, JAXA Satellite, Space Valentine’s, Cale Blarsen, Cale Blarsen 2, Cale Blarsen 3, Cale Blarsen 4, NYSAT, Public Ad Campaign, Jawbone Bluetooth Headset, VHS-C Camcorder, Man on the Street, Charlie Bradley playing video games, new version amazing robot asimo, Terminator 2 Style Vision – Creating in After Effects, Free Lemonade, American Flag, World Map


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  • PhantomLyric says:

    lol niiice

  • TH0KH says:

    That’s confusing. and mystrythng, it takes a while for the higher quality version to process. It’ll get better after its been up for a while.

  • ARodriguez258 says:

    Hooray for Molly!

  • PhantomLyric says:

    When the internet becomes free here… I’ll eat my foot, record myself doing it, and put the video up on youtube using said access…

  • sevendueceoffsuit says:

    The island thing was like a dr seuss book.

  • n0Obman says:

    It’s still processing.

  • hiddenchannelTV says:

    she tries to hard to impress, i like the other one better

  • ZechsLightningBaron says:

    YouMe? That sounds like something out of a bad movie……what was that movie Gamer about again?

  • WILLIAMLUTZ2 says:

    hey i lived in the philippines! davao city

  • yoursofakingstewpit says:

    what happened to your wrist …poor molly =(

  • xXfrownyguyXx says:

    tits r tit tatistic

  • btwbrand says:

    I’ll see it when I believe it , as well.

  • Periance says:

    @PhantomLyric Win.

  • sonicfan123456 says:

    dude srsly epic win

  • tobyw87 says:

    Haha the last island on a lake was lame because all you did was zoom out a bit. What exactly is different about the water that surrounds the Philippines and the Pacific Ocean that surrounds that?

  • Razear says:

    Epic rack is epic.

  • toddissofullysick says:

    you americans are conplaining about your internet? australians internet has a maximum of 32mb/s for the highest prise avalible. right now i got 2 mb/s. so STOP COMPLAINING!

  • Dukklord says:

    Ah! My BRAIN!!!

  • DJActivitY says:

    @toddissofullysick not only that, we will soon be like china and iran in terms of internet censorship.

  • edwinrproductions says:

    whats on her wrist??

  • MrAizakku says:

    scars from her past suicide attempt.

  • NakedJKid says:

    The first good rocketboom in a long time. well done.

  • six66www says:

    It’s an epic within a fail within an epic that’s in a fail within another epic.

  • ninhbac04 says:

    @MrAizakku I hope not. She’s so sweet.

  • ninhbac04 says:

    @Razear yes it is!

  • TheCustard17 says:

    You lost me at lake on an island….haha!

  • yuriythebest says:

    @toddissofullysick 2mbit it’s that bad as long as it has uncapped/unmetered bandwidth . I pay about 30usd – I live in ukraine, and it’s pretty good- sure I have to wait like half an hour per 350mb tv show but I can still watch everything, youtube works great also (all be it not in 720p)

  • TheNewBarrina says:

    i want that umbrella

  • MrAizakku says:

    lol, me too. me too.

  • jacktchance says:

    That umbrella is awesome!

  • AmbipomMuffins says:

    OMG that umbrella is AWSOME!

  • pineapplemicrophone says:

    yeh i want one of them umbrellas

  • 4K4K1K0 says:

    in that case she failed hard

  • pmalveda02 says:

    Hey, I been there.. Thats Taal Volcano in Talisay, Batangas. LOL!

  • Jazza159 says:

    ive got to get one of those umbrellas

  • STevEKlm012 says:

    According to her, it’s a tattoo. She got it during summer one year I think.

  • djcap2001 says:

    my head hurts. :(

  • ToniSkit says:

    i finally bought my space station with 28 million monopoly money :)

    i like umbrella

  • jacquelinelacan says:

    Whoa nelly I live in Finland. And Finland is mentioned in this vid… so …. nevermind.

  • ryodragoon says:

    wouldnt that first lake technically be a lagoon?

  • Adeebster says:

    woah still no news about flying cars
    that sucks

  • mini696 says:

    How well would the Umbrella work in high winds?

  • worbat says:

    MOLLY HAS THE MARK. The kraken will get her next!

  • marwinout says:

    woah!!!!! yay philippines :D more power rocket boom

  • ezekieloak says:

    It’s an island in a lake on an island within a lake on an island in the ocean on my computer screen inside of my room where I should actually be doing something productive.

  • OrphanPaper says:


  • hakumeinaru says:

    Only if it’s separated from the sea by a beach or coral reef. In this case, the lake in question is completely surrounded by solid land.

  • Withless92 says:

    wtf is that mark on mollys hand at the end of the video?

  • morgyjbd says:

    A tatt

  • RuleOfRoseMysteries says:

    I’d love to walk downtown, in the rain, with an air umbrella!

  • PsychedelicVideos says:

    molly, just take your top off already.

  • nuggetzor says:

    I masturbate to videos of you

  • 52766 says:

    I think the internet policy here in the UK is that all internet must be vastly overpriced for the service you recieve; and that if your internet goes down you have to ring tech support in India: you can find the number to call on their website… It’s awesome.

  • HybraxNZ says:


  • NwZ2 says:

    Hey molls, thnx 4 being beautiful


  • najtrows says:

    @nuggetzor thanks!

  • najtrows says:

    @Withless92 looks like a scab

  • Pentech2u says:

    just die in a car fire already

  • Pentech2u says:

    you sir have failed at life

  • xx5115xx says:

    u should believe it before u see it
    it is real

  • LaexProductions says:

    I was wondering when the seemingly perfect umbrella would be obsolete.

  • karldays says:

    @nuggetzor disgusting

  • themightythor1212 says:

    the International Space Station has been extended to 2020 as of yesterday. it will be used and expanded thru the next few years when in 2020 the life of it will be extended again, its not falling from the sky anytime soon. please check your facts

  • themightythor1212 says:

    it is also not a 13 days flight, its a 13 day mission, it takes a day to get tot he space station

  • Theinfamous13 says:

    OMG, I was at the island in a lake in an island in a lake during the holidays!!!

  • oxbridgeooo says:

    the host is really lovely

  • SomeSunshineOutside says:

    Wow, and island on an island on an island~

  • firnantok says:

    awesome stories !

    i <3 you, molly :)

  • morkhan says:

    I want that umbrella.

  • emoly1994 says:

    Wouldn’t that umbrella just spray the water all around you onto other people, who would them proceed to hit you?

  • DarthAndre24 says:

    I Live in the Philippines but i don’t know that.

  • thndrjames says:

    “I’ll see it when I believe it”

  • zepiroca1313 says:

    YO DAWG, so i herd u liek islands n’ lakes n’ stuff….

  • 11danzizzle11 says:

    Yays for molly

  • formless777 says:

    Ican haz free internetz ?

  • formless777 says:

    We need a demonstration !

  • darkelivrio says:

    the last one aint really a lake is it.. thats the ocean! Anyway i just learnt about that lake in geography lol -.-

  • MovieMentalist says:

    Great vid. I want that umbrella AND that Island… I wonder how much it costs…

  • Fensterplaetzchen says:

    I don’t get it. Is it a reference or just a reversed statement?

  • Fensterplaetzchen says:

    How would a usual Umbrella work in high winds? :D

  • iHateToRegister says:

    On 0:30 my brain just exploded :)

  • Jontman42 says:

    Finland ftw


    my head just asploded

  • gecko7564 says:


  • KanonXD says:

    I have High speed free Internet, and my country does not provide it, but my neighbor is dump enough to have an unlocked wi-fi.

  • freespace21 says:

    molly, you should argue the case for free intrawebs to Congress. they would be so enchanted by you, they’d have no real choice. yay free interbutts!

  • Christhepufferfish says:

    Molly… you just blew my mind. How do you find out all this stuff?

  • wilmerbagol says:


  • Christhepufferfish says:

    … why is internet a human right? That kinda diminishes other human rights….

    and Molly… My head still is spinning.

  • GigaBoost says:

    Wow molly’s tits look really good in this video

    om nom nom


  • grouse575 says:


  • secretorganisation says:

    i wanna be molly toiletbowl

  • SnazzBot says:


  • OkNowImWatching says:

    Very good video!!

  • OkNowImWatching says:

    How does that diminish other human rights?

  • PrimeSonicYT says:

    The french didn’t make internet free. They just enforced that “someone” has to provide it to you at a reasonable cost. Essentially, no carrier can deny you access, which is a far cry from making it free.

  • SnazzBot says:

    lol we have had 100% broadband coverage for years.

  • Christhepufferfish says:

    @OkNowImWatching because if we make everything a basic human rights, the REAL human rights, are not as special.

    Life and liberty, the ability to have some kind of covering over their head and some sort of food, is much more important that internet. What will become a basic human right next, iPhones, iPods, Netbooks, TV, Cable, Video cameras, girls as beautiful as Molly?

  • hesitation24 says:

    pointless comment

  • Tophius says:

    …Air Umbrella. That just blew my mind.

  • shMouse says:

    Lake 0n a iland is island on a land ..

  • OkNowImWatching says:

    That actually doesn’t sound so bad. :-)

  • Blah13lah says:

    Someone answer this riddle:

    I am what you cannot be
    but you once were what i will become
    i am what only blind can see
    and of infinity and 1 i am the sum
    i am the cure i am the cancer
    the riddle is the answer
    is the riddle the answer?

    Its not nothing….

  • TDPUK says:

    Huge tits molly.

  • UVStudio says:

    Free internet access will be cool! when will Canada have it?

  • Charusho says:

    You lost me after the 2nd repeat.

  • irishgypsy62 says:

    Could you repeat that please?

  • chrisquick123451966 says:

    What was that on Molly’s left wrist??? A tatoo or an ink spot?

  • Draugo says:

    I wouldn’t say huge, but just the perfect size. Also the swinging action was kinda nice :)

  • Goldberg1337 says:

    A terminal for connecting to You-Me.

  • legonerd1234 says:

    i saw molly on a gf prono site

  • rcffan says:

    Now, I’d eat Molly.

  • JaJake101 says:


  • do0me0nice says:

    Molly makes my rocket go boom

  • Chomperz32 says:

    Most of Canada already has it, its just insanely slow, and only good for phones and shit

  • Mazequax says:

    how does the umbrella wooooork?? wanna have one xD

  • 6663000 says:

    The Philippines looks awesome, I have to go there sometimes.

    That air umbrella looks sick ! I wonder if it is noisy ?

  • SoftwareReviewer says:

    mini tattoo

  • 6663000 says:

    Well, its a 3G network, not actually free wireless.

    Also, it reaches about 93% of the Canadian population, which is really quite impressive for such a vast country.

  • tgokas says:

    wouldn’t that umbrella be splashing rain all over others?

  • ryodragoon says:

    ah, I knew I forgot about something.

  • ProfessorMaple1 says:

    What the heck ever happened to Manitoulan Island?

  • TheGreatSteve says:

    @6663000 Only has to be quieter than the rain.

  • legonerd1234 says:

    nice play on words

  • TheGreatSteve says:

    @tgokas Wouldn’t take someone else’s eye out though.

  • TheGreatSteve says:

    Some Americans don’t deserve high speed Internet.

  • daverayel says:

    yay! FILIPINO! :)

  • TessieTee says:

    I like that Helen Keller impression at the end.

  • artvandelay13 says:

    I’m gonna go to that island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island and dig a puddle with a little pile of dirt in the middle to make another island…

  • jschrein says:

    the air umbrella looks amazing !! cant wait till the hit the market !!

  • hardworker424 says:

    Molly is awesome.

  • superant10000 says:

    Where’s the sex on toast?

  • Talexe says:

    So much quality stuff crammed into 3:40!

  • TheFutureMonkey says:

    Internet access is a human right… ok
    What about free Internet? Beware, or your government will introduce an Internet censorship in your country.

  • TheBlackrose64 says:

    that umbrella is hella cool. and that qoute at the end was funny.

  • librano says:

    @jschrein you mean… you can wait for the air umbrella to blow the competition out of the water… :D

  • librano says:

    What that other island? Pen Island?…

  • Underdogz says:

    All these wordgames are really starting to get old. Lake, island, lake, island…

  • rossidude says:

    The thing at 2:30 with the game…

    Anyone seen the movie ‘Gamer’? That’s freakily like it.

  • 4K4K1K0 says:

    Internet is information and information is necessary for making right decisions.

  • JixMa says:

    My head hurts.

  • JixMa says:

    “Island in a lake on an Island in a lake on an Island…” My head hurts. LOL!

  • iTeets says:

    Your humor = win.

  • heero854 says:

    Umbrella = WIN but what the fuck, internet is a human right and they are just now introducing it? WHY THE FUCK CAN’T WE AMERICANS GO TO THE LIBRARY if its THAT big of a deal? I mean really. Now all of my internets will be censored. Goodbye 95% of the internet being porn, hello one use websites.

  • PSNrounder14 says:

    no you were probably the only one who saw it…

  • katsujinken10 says:

    sooo america will get free internet access but still has to pay for private health care. bravo :P

  • toastersXftwX says:

    molly i love you but … you got me here

  • hesitation24 says:

    screw the island or the umbrella… private submarine ftw!! when i become rich, im gonna buy me one of those and drive all over the caribbean!

  • meluhneh says:

    I love this video.

  • meluhneh says:

    @rossidude I was thinking the same thing.

  • SpectralSpiral says:

    WebMD, our new health plan :(

  • yuukisama2001 says:

    That island deal hurt my head. I didn’t even know such a thing even existed. Wow.

  • Sc4r4byte says:

    air umbrella… noisy?

  • TarEldamir says:

    3:28 what is that in Molly’s wrist?

  • TarEldamir says:


    Really? Where did you obtain this info?

  • ch00b7 says:

    a heart.

  • httprover says:

    Hear, hear for the right to access the internet. The Declaration of Human Rights guarantees people the right to access media, a rudimentary education and self expression. Access to the internet would certainly deter the repressors. But one should also remember that access to media is not necessarily the right to an audience. Access should include the ability to find the information one is looking for.

  • mini14tx1 says:

    I like what she did at the end.

  • mini14tx1 says:

    @yuukisama2001 It reminds me of those Russian dolls.

  • jordanthewizard says:

    so it’s sorta like a lower tech version of Society in Gamer.

  • yuukisama2001 says:

    Exactly. But at least they stop. How about, sitting in front of a mirror while looking into a mirror seeing yourself reflected sitting in front of a mirror looking into a mirror of yourself sitting in front of a mirror looking into a mirror, infinite… Even the island on a lake on an island knows when to stop. She says it’s a big island in a lake on a island…wow.

  • mini14tx1 says:

    I used to notice that when getting my hair cut. They also have some mirror like that on Star Trek.

  • Tagmannnn says:

    You me?
    Gamer much?

  • TheOtherAngle says:

    you me-reminds me of the movie: being john malkovich.
    you know walking in the dark molly…..helps you discover yourself.for those that doubt…..go to an abandon place,or a place you find to be spooky at night.and walk through it by yourself……i’m sure it’s just your mind.
    you may even see things.but why would you feel a mess in the dark?because your a person of light.think about it……take the light with you.

  • TheOtherAngle says:

    i like that…….an island…in a lake,on an island…..
    i’d name it minnie me for vador with an umbrella.

  • FersotJ says:

    is the pacific ocean really a lake???

  • katsujinken10 says:

    don’t worry, perhaps after a few years toiling on one of our off shore maple syrup rigs you can get Canadian citizenship & socialized healthcare. Sure we still have to pay for internet unless we’re downtown, on a school campus, at a library, mall, cafe or bar but then everywhere has its problems right?

  • MrAizakku says:

    ’tis a meaningless joke. worry not.

  • StevoDesign says:

    @Tagmannnn Exactly what I was thinking.


    Great, next they’ll make a law requiring all citizens to get the internet service from an insurance company at grossly exorbitant prices.

  • Clymaxx says:

    I always seem to catch the cool episodes.

  • tyb4 says:

    Wouldn’t the air umbrella only work on calm days, if the velocity of the wind would be greater then the velocity of the air coming out of the umbrella wouldn’t the rain simply be pushed back into your face.

  • zorokid says:


  • zyglak359 says:

    what is that little black dot on your left wrist in 3:29?

  • ch4os1337 says:

    Now this is a good episode, :)

  • teenlabotomy89 says:

    @MAXBLAYLOCK this same thought went through my head

  • Me, me, me says:

    Straight hair, wavy hair… Go easy girl, or you’ll ruin it. You look gorgeous either way and you know it. We’re here to remind you ;o)

  • teenlabotomy89 says:

    @FersotJ lakenoun 1. a body of fresh or salt water of considerable size, surrounded by land.

    apparently it isn’t

  • Vermeer says:

    Dear Molly RocketBoobs,

    Why would the government want everyone to have “free” internet?
    There is nothing “free” in this country. Especially not communication!
    What is the hidden price tag on “free” communication? And, who’s hiding it?

    Meanwhile, where is the episode you promised about “OxyMorons”?!
    “free internet” is another good example of an oxymoron, like “internet culture”.

    Lovely presentation, Deary. Keep up the good work.

  • xmacd says:

    3:30+ … I’m right here Molly

  • FuryChord says:

    did she take a bite out of her wrist or something? gosh

  • channelkate says:

    its a tattoo on her wrist. its of a ‘less than 3′ heart <3

  • PatitoFilmsSAdeCV says:

    YO DAWG! I heard you like islands…

  • mini696 says:

    Point a normal umbrella into the wind and it still works. The air current on this one wouldn’t.

  • ImmortalDestructor says:

    Well told Molly! And might I say your boobies are looking absolutely scrumptious today!

  • y512516 says:

    walk about face ,and stuff .
    But don’t talk boobies and pussies.

  • mattblack77nz says:

    @mini696 unless it does.

  • surroundedbyfuckwads says:

    lol. i think she might have stuffed them abit too

  • wrangleroooo says:

    Molly is so sweet:)

  • zYumiz says:

    lol sumone get xhibit there

  • PatchLevel says:

    yo dawg! i herd you like islands. so i put a island inside a lake inside an island insida a lake inside an island inside a lake inside an… oh. nevermind!

  • pdblouin33 says:

    Manitoulin Island! Look it up, it’s the world’s largest freshwater island, and it has a lake, with the world’s largest island on a lake on an island!

  • tigerbomb94 says:

    That air umbrella looks AMAZING!!!!!

  • pathduck says:

    I wouldn’t exactly call the Pacific Ocean a “lake”…

  • JimJam0797 says:

    made me lol

  • macabreneco says:

    Yo dawg i heard you like islands in lakes, so i put an island in a lake that’s in an island on a lake thats on an island in a lake so you can be on an island while you’re on lake that’s on a island that’s on a lake.

  • hijoeturre says:

    el le lai la le lei le le lai le le lai el le lai

  • mangoa2 says:

    lol :)

  • madcowyup says:

    Internet is a basic human right? We get innerbutt for free? What about water? Food? Shelter? Clothes? Why do we still have to pay rent and utility bills, and buy nice clothes that cost a fortune and only get food for free at school but we get fucking internet for free? That’s messed up.

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    Сюжет с русским переводом:
    Island in a Lake on an Island + русские субтитры

  • vadetatimus says:

    @macabreneco hahahahahahaha

  • callishka says:

    @macabreneco hahahaa

  • Voidic says:

    ah this is becoming my fav show…

  • voiceofopinion says:

    must~~~~resist~~~~~Star~~~~~Trek~~~~~reference…. (Vulcan point)

    Omigod, that’s an insane island…lake…thing!!! ^^;

  • joshc007 says:

    That whole human control a human thing is the beginning to gamer……..we are dead.

  • pinoyfighters says:

    pinas! woohoo!

  • Sealsealdk says:

    @madcowyup they don’t need that in Finland!!

  • Leobons says:

    You can say it like this in the next century, enjoy it!


  • Mteigers says:

    sounds like Terminator too..

  • EdgarDirby says:

    I so gotta get me an air umbrella. And apparently that LSD on a sugar cube kicked in towards the end.

  • bomberguy06 says:

    wow cool. molly is pretty and sweet

  • PoisonAmber says:

    free internet?!?!?! CANADA MUST HAVE!!! :D EH!!

  • egg9man says:

    ok, for Christmas I am asking for an air unbrella and an interactive mirror…. sweet…

  • kr1spness says:

    In Japan the internet is more than 9x faster than ours and cheaper. The apparent reason is that the companies who sell internet don’t want to pay to give that sort of speed all over America, it’s too damn big.

  • xojoe says:

    51 deg 21′ N 68 deg 49′ west, a larger island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island (0.3 mile long vs 0.03) ten times larger.

    no reports of an island in a lake on island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island yet

  • kirmokin says:

    air umbrella seems like a total waste of energy

  • NoseEverything says:

    I wonder if that air umbrella sprays everyone around you.

  • fromwkfsmouth says:

    The island on a lake on an island on a lake is in my parents’ birthplace – too cool!

  • dashinghandsome says:

    haha there’s a Crater Lake in Oregon, so I was like What?

  • yosh322 says:

    Living in Philippines, It’s Lake Taal. Volcano. :P

  • tezeu21 says:


    ps she is so hot

  • conkt says:

    A regular umbrella sprays everyone around you.

  • vyti7 says:

    wtf is this black thing on her hand at 3:31 ?

  • david stone says:

    that’s cool, but did you know there’s an island in a lake on an island in the world’s largest lake? check out Isle Royale National park in Lake Superior. love ur stuff!

  • fantomphreak1 says:

    its a tattoo… they’re common in some cultures, made by injecting special ink into the skin.

  • gartini says:

    Air Umbrella. DO WANT.

  • Danster724 says:

    not even joking I’ve been to that island on a lake on an island on a lake on an island before. It’s taal we do field trips there at my school. Sexy.

  • KabutheKing says:

    Yo dawg…

  • jkub2008 says:

    That is what appears to be a heart tattoo.

  • vyti7 says:

    @jkub2008 and fantomphreak1
    both to you; Thanks!

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