The First Fourth

Molly goes to her first 4th of July BBQ. Click here for Show Credits: The First Fourth.

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  • Nannirk says:

    I hate people like that.
    Good thing Molly's such a nerd.

  • Nannirk says:

    @lusciouspimp I hope that was a joke.

  • givemethelotion says:

    Don't fuck with Britain.

  • DannyJiggles says:

    @lusciouspimp Nah, Molly is English.

  • Phantasma71 says:

    Go Molly!

  • Dynanosaur says:

    @lusciouspimp she was born and spent most of her life in Britain but moved to Canada few years ago

  • P1votG33k says:

    Put a teeny mustache on this dude and it's practically 1939.

  • PaTandRoses says:

    Go molly!! :P

  • n10ding says:

    Never hurts to know the truths of things now does it!

  • cfx3 says:

    Molly opened wikipedia in her head :)

  • BuggerOffBuddy says:

    Now kick him in the nadgers!

  • cutepiku says:

    The funny thing is, they probably have a little British in them. Immigration ftw!

    (I'm Canadian, btw. Why am I here?)

  • FluffyLizards says:

    *disappointment face* I thought it was going to be a forth of marijuana...

  • xXMahnituXx says:

    stupid americans :)

  • Italyryan says:

    i LOVE British accents

  • inorkstonewolf says:

    how dare u not give molly a wait.....! nevermind!

  • Synecdoche says:

    ooo... wait to stick it to 'em, Molly. Happy independence day to all Americans.

  • johnnytastetest says:

    @cutepiku - I'm Canadian too. You're here for Molly.

  • Dr3v0 says:

    I'd like a hotdog too , if you know what i mean :D

  • WaxOnWaxHopf says:

    Molly's always right

  • amjwUK says:

    really wish they put some swearing in there.

    guy: 'i'm sorry, you cannot celebrate and you sure as heck cannot have an all american dog'
    molly: 'well go FUCK yourself then'

  • Obby16 says:

    Sorry Molly, Leah is hotter... but you're still smart.

  • 0VoiceOfReason0 says:

    she hardly has a British accent

  • Salohcin8940 says:

    lol the ugly americans...

  • shakunkadunk says:

    molly - summing up the states in 1 simple 4 minute video :)

  • mystro810 says:

    not even Molly could save this dreadful sketch

  • clairesimmy11 says:

    Go Molly!

  • BattleBrawlerX says:

    OMG! You just know something is going to happen when people suddenly put their glasses up on their head in conversations! Molly is so beautiful! <3

  • PanikTime says:

    huzzah for the british

  • iiiichaos says:

    British or not, I'd gladly give Molly my hotdog.

  • BeastMacoy says:

    Lol molly is such a nerd. in a good way :)

  • tycoon1994 says:


  • 93alv says:

    i really like the way you talk molly. it's nice :)

  • Penguiroo says:

    @ConahhWR Why not make this video? It's informational, and so what if it pokes fun at /some/ Americans. This video clearly has two that are shown to be dicks (That later come around, mind you), one defending Molly, and one more or less neutral. Every country has good and bad, and you cannot argue that Americans include some of the most overly patriotic people in the world. So much so that where they come from often becomes an issue with others. Most aren't, but some are.

  • janbananajr2 says:

    i just realy enjoy watching all the videoes from rocketboom. they are so great!

  • morkhan says:

    I wonder if they're really like that.

  • GorSthak says:

    I thought Americans were British. I mean they speak English after all and they came from Europe and they brought slaves and... British much, right? Nevermind, just trolling.

  • treehugger13obama says:

    "She's right!"

  • sulsa76 says:

    The sketch started out great, but I was really looking forward to a more macabre ending. The wannabe American enthusiasts could have died horrbly in a fireworks accident! And then Molly and her friend could peacefully celebrate without them.

  • QshesshoumaruQ says:

    Just another reason why people should really study their history. Plus if people can't get over something that happened over 200 years ago then they probably shouldnt be celebrating anyway. If anything we should be thankful to England for colonizing the American territories then imposing the outrageous taxes on them. If they hadn't then we would have never seperated from British rule and never would have made this land into the free country that it is. So thank you Molly and all Brits everywhere

  • searchwarranttube says:

    They got oiled (new word for when a british person pwns an american) OILED

  • bumlebasse says:


  • nick0tina says:

    @PanikTime quite so chap

  • sulsa76 says:

    @kipshiux333 Generalize much?

  • xXxXcalibanxXxX says:

    dude that black haired chick is so fucking ugly holy shit almost vomited when i saw her chin.

  • XXBiBiX says:

    Oh that was awesome :D

  • MaMastoast says:

    @MrLeekicker I think all non-americans do that ^^.. atleast europeans

  • n3vqh says:

    Nice So cute Molly....

  • UPGR4D3S says:

    Molly can CELEBRATE! Jeez be excellent to each other

  • heero854 says:

    @xXxXcalibanxXxX Boxxy is our queen, faggot.

  • MichaelHowrie says:

    I enjoy this on the most part... Except it makes out us brits to be all knowing. Infact, up to as much as 5% of the british population are just as stupid as the yanks.

  • kuwaimaha says:

    win pure win

  • Wilcox1336 says:

    go molly!

  • bangNL94 says:

    Intelligence Win.

  • elspoko says:

    That chick with the blue stripes is fucking hideous.

  • TheIrregularVerb says:

    In a way, overly patriotic Americans are fascists.

  • plus16hrs says:

    molly is way prettier than those other 2 girls there, why wouldnt the guy in yellow not want her around?!?!?

  • mas92 says:

    @MichaelHowrie lol

  • sarcasticpool says:


  • wackattack180 says:

    Well this one is going to get hot !!!! the culmination of people in the U.S. do not read about historical events, to the fine detail as this was presented to us by molly with proper care !!! to teach on the fly can bring out harmfull emotions to either parties
    starting into a tiff !!!! after all we are all good people or try to be, and if it was not for man reasons to give names to land this problem would not be an occurrence.....good stuff molly

  • xXantiknightXx says:

    ugly fat americans

  • karatecow99 says:

    so true.

  • gecko7564 says:

    Molly pwn'd those douchebags.

  • lawchristopher says:

    There's a turkey with red sunglasses!

  • NumbSkull34 says:

    i'm in love with ur brain :D

  • RareAlf says:

    all you had to do was jump molly


  • wudulikeapuup says:

    right im british , but i see why some americans would belive we shuddent as a predudice but not in the form of forcing us not to .

  • NSArachnoSniper says:

    molly served their asses on a golden platter.

  • bentraut says:

    She's right! *shows iphone*

  • RobertChN says:

    good lesson!

  • GameGeeks says:

    I enjoy the vid but in a real life situation would the correction about the hot dogs just make you come off as snobby?

  • j0nanimation says:

    haha silly people xD

  • mateenaleaf says:

    now the british parlament wants independence. they r kicking our the queen

  • Christofuforyou says:

    For all you thinking this actually happens and is anything other then a dramatized, scripted, and fictional video. I feel bad for you. No need to start a war.

  • SLagonia says:

    Actually, a few corrections while we're on the topic;

    The vote on Indipendence actually was the approval of the Declaration, which had been debated and revised in the weeks leading up to the vote. The writing of the Declaration was actually John Adams' last ditch attempt to delay the vote in time to get all of the colonies on board.

    Also, while the Frankfuters that would inspire the hot dog come from Germany, the modern hot dog is actually American.

  • slackmack says:

    Whats funny is that they sell Frankfurters in Frankfurt made by a German company with an American flag on the tin... bizarre!

  • adamlyons87 says:

    @cricketbat08 - I suggest you check your 'fact'.

    Sure, I'll normally say I'm English, but I've described myself as British plenty of times before. As have quite a few of my friends.

    Plus, on some official forms, they don't specify English or Scottish etc... they normally just force you to describe yourself as British.
    The only person I know that's stubborn enough to create her own box entitled 'English' is my 85-year old Nan.

    Any more ways you want to be proven wrong? lol

  • Mynameisnotooo says:

    You just got SEEEEERVED!

    ...a hot dog

  • PlankIndustries says:

    Molly just pwn3d that yank ^.^

  • 0VoiceOfReason0 says:

    the yellow shirt guy is an irl troll

  • CaptKundalini says:

    She's right, you know. :)

  • froliciouspanda says:

    that's what all americans are like

  • webwriter3000 says:

    You tell em Molly <3 You can come celebrate the 4th with me and my friends. We're having a picnic at RecPark where we will watch the fireworks :)

  • Unrea6lMe says:

    Molly wins

    Also, that wouldn't happen in Canada. We're nice like that

  • torangar says:

    she reminded me of my self when correcting my friends facts. and they get furious with because im not as cute :)

  • HazukiJ says:

    I'd never call myself British..if I did I'd might as well just call myself European..

  • vearheart42 says:

    Low FPS?

  • mousegeek says:

    Am I picking up a bit of an Australian twang to her accent? I'm British :)

  • FurballRZ says:

    in your face... =) haha, in yo face again times two intelligance is sexy

  • ELuhn says:

    People, stop flagging as spam comments you don't like. It's not your place to censor anyone, in this of all countries.

  • Somnioblivio says:

    @vearheart42 yeah i think its the video fps... i reloaded two times and still getting 20 fps

  • GmasterRED says:

    That was....akward. What's up with the pessimism from Rocketboom? I've never had this problem with British people. In real life, at least.
    And she just proved every stuck up sterotype against the British with that know-it-all rant at the end.

  • GmasterRED says:

    It wouldn't hapen in America either. Americans are too nice for that, they wouldn't say it outloud, despite the fact that they might be thinking it.

  • GmasterRED says:

    I'm gonna have to thumb this one down for putting a downer on my celebratory mood.

  • apfelipod says:

    I can't tell how much more I love the british english than the american english

  • the108yearold says:

    Awww...... they are still upset and butthurt because we beat them at soccer and they got their asses whiped in the world cup. 0/10, Rocketboom.

  • caste1200 says:

    molly makes me have low fps

  • MxMstrStve says:

    I think I get it...

    The stuck up white guy is supposed to represent the attitude of black people, and Molly is a white man. They are drawing a parallel with metaphorical imagery.... amiirite?

  • adsilcott says:

    @ELuhn Yes, that's what the thumbs down button is for. The spam button is for people advertising their own unrelated stuff, or those stupid chain messages.

  • FTWization says:

    I'd give her my all American hotdog

  • yousefamar says:

    Sally is missing a chin.

  • Rememborance says:

    isn't Molly Australian?

  • ZirakuDO says:

    Mally has a hot accent and shes really preatty by the way ^_^

  • Fighting31st says:

    @Rememborance British.

  • Dince125 says:

    happy 4th july america from europe :)

  • ChaosHasArrived says:

    @Rememborance nope. hence why she says shes british. =]

  • adolphjlj1 says:


  • viperstrike0 says:

    @yousefamar the brits stole it

  • Categoriees says:

    (From wikipedia on Independence Day)
    the United States, Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

    It isn't about voting for independence, but when it was adopted or approved. So if she is trying to say otherwise...then she is incorrect.

  • AceVlog says:

    the dude denied molly, WHAT'S WRONG WITH HIM!?

    haha then molly owned him! xD

  • Fighting31st says:


  • Traviezo173 says:

    wtf LOL

  • B21983 says:

    @TheIrregularVerb 1. this is just a satire; 2. do you even know what fascism is or is it just a word you throw around when you want to criticize something?

  • wildboy92004 says:

    Wow Molly! Even though this was rehearsed, I was still impressed with Molly's badass stance towards the man and woman refusing to let her have a hot dog :)

  • zedex26 says:

    I thought Molly was Aussie as well!

    man... I got such a hard time differentiating British accent and Aussie accent >.<

  • Rememborance says:

    @Rememborance : Hmm... I must be confusing her with someone else...

  • lolisbol says:

    Hell yeah Molly, you get them!

  • Reborn8303 says:

    awww look at her face at 135 awwwww

  • CMDRKillsalot says:

    The yank denied Molly?!? Is he blind or something?

  • SkullCreap says:

    The chick with the red glasses is gross ... puke-a-thon

  • Reschat says:

    I really enjoyed this. :-)

  • StupidTeenTV says:

    what a bunch of douches. you go, molly!

  • Flameingice says:

    haha molly pwned them!!

  • rikugirl213 says:

    being a patriot, doesn't give him the right to be a dick.

  • PhaserRave says:

    USA is a melting pot, everyone should be accepted!

  • 3ZPaNH0L says:


  • xAL3Xx says:


  • MetalGearSamus says:


  • VronVieh says:

    awesome video :DDD

  • BryanByran says:

    proving just how shit the American Education System is, and how overally stupid Americans actually are

  • prt1dh says:

    @JamalJohnsonCo I'm am British.

  • TheIrregularVerb says:

    @B21983 Yes, I know what fascism means. And if you want to know what it means and to what degree it exists in the life of everybody then you should have a look at the movie "Die Welle - the Wave"

  • houndoom1234 says:

    Fireworks are from China :D omg that means America and Canada's Birthdays are even closer :D

  • eraq07 says:

    thumbs up if you wanna see Molly bend over and shoot bottle rockets out of her ass

  • jstnhnh says:

    Leah is hot.

  • hkpolitik says:

    This shit is terrible. Unsubscribing in 3....2....

  • VWLPT says:


    His face! Ahahaha!

  • deadhawk1212 says:


  • VWLPT says:

    Anyway, America wouldn't be the way it is if the British never invaded it's ass, so you've got us to thank for at least something....

  • part2themovie says:

    @SkullCreap she is obviously witty which somehow correlates with a tight vagina which is much better than molly's gigantic vavoosh where she stores all that wikipedia

  • VWLPT says:

    Also I noticed this video was upladed before the 4th, most likely made on the 2nd, very clever!

  • blargfailwin says:

    'Cuz you know that's what she was thinking when she said that.

  • kirw2n says:

    Molly's brain is so hot <3

  • ListeNROck11 says:

    Thoses americans arent acting that is how all americans are in real life all stuck up thinking they are best

  • thunderbird182 says:

    Looks out of bedroom window. See's castle. Laughs at American history.

  • Nocivel says:

    wtf happened to Leah's hair?

  • Knerdzilla says:

    @ListeNROck11 Oh troll harder.

  • mokosaurio says:

    The girl who said YUCK is YUCK!

  • BearWithGlasses says:

    HA! They got OWNED!

  • featurecreature18 says:

    what is up with the the FPS in this video? It's like 15.

  • SonnyTheWhiteDwarf says:

    This is a truly inspired video. I can totally relate! Lots of patriotic conservative Americans feel like Bill -- though in reverse -- about Cinco de Mayo. Liberals, too, have passion for Cinco de Mayo, but their passion is in favor of this holiday. That's because liberals are afflicted with White Liberal Guilt.

  • ru429 says:

    Molly FTW. And of course, you can come to my 4th of July party!

  • artvandelay13 says:

    lol "Wikipaedia"

  • box6666666 says:

    lol her face at 1:35 is priceless

  • Gaaaauuuur says:

    Lol, that was awesome except for omg low fps.

  • tito9090 says:

    Molly´s Legs *¬*

  • octadecagon says:

    Yay for Molly!

  • ChaosConRad says:

    GO MOLLY! lol :P

  • nonamerus says:

    LOL pause at 2:54 epic face
    and whats that on her arm at 3:36?

  • ShoelacePorn says:

    I am in love with molly.

  • 0123Tim3210 says:

    Love the ''she's right-guy''

  • xxblanksxx1 says:

    lol pwned

  • DFTricks says:

    You should have come celebrate the St-Jean-Batiste in Qc, we like to party with everybody... even english canadian :P

  • WolfTeenZylo says:

    @maritimetimes Um, no. Just because someone lives somewhere, doesn't decide their race or turn them into another. I.e. If you moved to Ireland, would you call yourself Irish?

  • Borstian says:

    HA! There it is! The most important part of the video! The Hot Dog is a german invention! We got our wurst sorted out down here! Although I´d really like to know if it`s from Frankfurt/Oder or Frankfurt/Main...

  • maritimetimes says:

    @WolfTeenZylo yea

  • LizzyChan101 says:

    ... I'd have punched him in the face.

  • hungrygoo says:

    molly's speech made me jizz in my pants

  • 6382474887 says:

    I am in love with Molly's brain. Molly's accent and Molly's beautiful aethetics are the frosting <3

  • kiravintio says:

    lol lawyer'd

  • rpknight12 says:

    Knowledge is Power.

  • sumeone123 says:


  • jhalfaro says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!! and MOLLY!!:D

  • JoeDull says:

    @WolfTeenZylo In the words of John Boehner, "HELL NO YOU CAN'T!!!!"

  • HXCRenegade says:


  • pfooti says:

    Love the popped collar.

  • holymasteric says:

    omfg that guy was such a douchebag to molly, he needs a life sentence

  • momothelemur says:

    @kirw2n Thumbs up to that!

  • insert_funny says:

    Whenever I drop a knowledge bomb like Molly, I get my arse handed to me as I'm tossed out the door.

  • RogueBlueJay says:

    I thought Molly was australian! Where is she from??

  • d0pesick says:

    Put that in your pipe, America. :)

  • iDrifter says:

    All that for a dog?

  • Stego says:

    They do have 4th of July in Britain.

  • lemonsyay1 says:

    what's with the frame rate?

  • Probewitch says:

    I heard more people actually died in New York State due to the revolutionary war fighting then in any other state. Ticondoroga, saratoga, et al... bring on the fireworks!

  • equalcharliebrown says:

    I fucking love Molly

  • BlackJavaBean says:

    Wow, Molly is in this video and the guy made a comment about "all American hotdogs" - and not a single commenter has offered Molly the opportunity to eat his "all American hotdog". By all of the comments on every other Molly video - that's kind of surprising.

    Anyway, Happy 2nd July, 4th of July and 2nd of August!

  • BumbleTheBard says:

    I've thought for a while now that the British should have a holiday on 4th July to celebrate their independence from the United States.

  • slLLyhumans says:

    Ya thanks for all the oil Biritsh Petrol idiots !

  • Solous848 says:

    Knowledge of History FTW. rofl total pwn

  • YoyoSquirrel says:

    What's with the frame rate?

  • fooflyz says:

    @RogueBlueJay Surrey I believe.

  • OctaveSinner says:

    she's right !

  • shootme333 says:

    @slLLyhumans Actually, the company operating the rig and the owners of the rig, were American. BP was paying them to drill a well.

  • j377yb33n says:

    paddle faster, i hear banjo's

  • TheEmptyHunter says:

    Lulz I hope this doesn't happen to me tomorrow being British living in florida D:

  • JCkido0o says:

    Molly FTW

  • ULAZYCOOK says:

    i want to be a midget just to look up her skirt

  • rabbitpirate says:

    Hey if you Americans don't want her us Brits would be more than happy to have Molly back.

  • CridiDeal says:

    go molly and go germany :D

  • DeRealUno says:

    MOLLY that was very well scripted :)

  • TUMaMeia says:

    she forgot to mention one thing...
    who the hell rebels over tea?

  • Leonardo says:

    This video exhibits the typical New Yorker elitist attempt to debase the American working class. No wonder Sarah Palin is going to make it for the next Rep nomination

  • CAlex6977 says:

    All those rocketboom episodes finally pay off.

  • Hitoritaka says:

    @inmydormroom Way to insult an actress for the role she played by criticizing her physical appearance. I'd call it a clever troll, but the fact of the matter is you actually judge people by their appearance.

  • Jason1087870 says:

    Sally reminds me of that girl from the Orbit Dirty Mouth Test 37 lmao

  • Obanion78 says:

    @BumbleTheBard That would be stupid though. No one wants to celebrate that. Merry Ole England is still bitter.

  • Hitoritaka says:

    @kirw2n I'm guessing that she just learned it for this sketch. But I do like her personality, judging based on her choice of employment. I'm just not buying into the idea that since she's cute and has a nice accent, and probably personality, that she's als a genius. And I'm calling it how I see it that you wouldn't say this same thing about an ugly genius. You'd probably call her a know-it-all.

  • FindYourself108 says:

    There's no such American thing in 4th of July holiday. LOL

  • XgusX says:

    OMG Molly is smart... i want her!!

  • scully2222 says:

    molly is already half-american. a few more years she'll be full american n bbq-ing the frankfurters n hamburgers n dunking berliners in chocolate

  • TitoIsTheGreatest says:

    she's not brittish..Australian she be you nimrods

  • aeriosa91 says:

    Man, that guy was a douche.

  • TheHumanComa says:

    funny stuff. it would have been better if you had finished by refusing her the hot dog again after her last little spurt of info.

  • apacnts says:

    Molly owned those fuckers. haha.

  • jlettuce07 says:

    That display of historical nerdiness may be the hottest thing I've ever seen. Seriously.

  • Boehoehuahoei says:

    Molly, crushing hopes and dreams with the power of confusion. Awesome :)

  • Prytonis says:

    Molly, as an American who loves you I have two things to say.

    1) Suck it. the 4th is our holiday learn to cope.

    2) If the 4th makes you sad you'd better not pay any attention to out national anthem, that just makes it worse.

  • MrBrannfjell says:

    He got pwned by the british! Omagad!

  • Charles Schnitzler says:

    Hahaha... Molly, I wish you were real :-) Love ya!

  • masteralaric says:

    Way to go Molly! PWN those inaccurate wankers! XD

  • bronlokis says:

    wow, that was hot

  • MrIhave2muchfreetime says:

    El Oh El.

  • AdRomam says:

    Molly, your smart is mind-blowing. :)

  • TwoThirdsMajority says:

    @Prytonis Dude, don't take it seriously.

  • HarroAnJo says:

    haha owned! lol

  • davedudeit says:

    We have the burden of the Olympics. We suck at football yet spend billions on it every year .The only thing that couple make it worst is if a major British company happened to be making 3.5 billion plankton simultaneously say pass the shampoo im feeling a lttle oilly today.

  • davedudeit says:

    @Prytonis @Prytonis I laugh at the American parade of self-righteousness. But then again its not all sweet in Britain neither.We are getting taxed even more even though were the most taxed people in the world. These taxes are being imposed by a government that we did not vote in. We are committing are armed forces in multiple country’s even though we are a tiny country.

  • davedudeit says:

    @MrBrannfjell lol its funny how people allways find this funny even though it like happends 2/47

  • freesk8 says:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.-That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, -That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government

  • SlappytheNinja says:

    Naturally, the American has a popped collar.

  • StrollIR says:

    I think this is the only video where people is not going to comment about mollys breast.^^ the video was kinda funny though.

  • Razear says:

    History debate over a wiener. Love it.

  • tzahi31 says:

    the frame rate seems bad..

  • Mogster27 says:

    This just sounds like Anti-American angst.

  • McMAC1989 says:


  • ceeeim says:

    fuck you molly is hot, she can do what ever she wants

  • abyssus99 says:

    Not a British company, American and British equally- not been called British in ages.

  • mysimplelittlelife2 says:

    the all american guy had a point about fourth of july, but its still wrong not to let molly join in on the fun cause she's brittish. racism takes many shapes and forms to devide and conquer the human race. besides united we stand devided we fall.

  • princeofexcess says:

    and so are hamburgers. Pizza is from italy
    there is no real american food. (telephone is italian as well)

  • bearBdamned says:

    I hate it when they do skits like this

  • radwalrus says:


  • leprechaunjoey says:

    I'd give molly my hot-dog any time lol :p

  • tummthps says:

    @Prytonis She did cope, by showing them whos the baws.

  • edgarshere says:

    How dare he diss Molly D:<

  • davedudeit says:

    @abyssus99 British company happened to be making 3.5 billion plankton simultaneously say pass the shampoo im feeling a lttle oilly today.
    British Petroleum.
    ppfff sherlocks in the house lol.

  • amurderofcrowz says:

    Go Molly!

  • tstgamer says:

    SHE'S RIGHT!!!

  • SuperOriginalGuy says:

    I moved here on may of last year. Our friends don't really care about us celebrating with them, we acknowledge that it's a celebration dedicated to the declaration of independence , but we Aussies just see it as blowing shit up.

  • berkeleyprime says:

    bet you this guy is the first one dawning a sombrero and drinking bear on the 5th of may!

  • helpme130 says:

    AND that is why i love you MOLLY, even tho you kinda killed our king. Im from Wales btw...

  • onlyoneskiez says:

    @tstgamer HAHAHA +1

  • powergannon says:

    It's true that a lot of Americans are like this, but they got one thing wrong... we LOVE Brits! Especially the accent.

  • anthoy84 says:

    @davedudeit You do know that BP likes to be called BP because of the amount of American executives that WORK for BP?

  • Prytonis says:

    That was offensive enought to block? Can I find out what the rules are for blocking comments?

  • edgehaedjr says:

    That cracks me up.

    You will always lose if you question Molly. YOU GO MOLLY!

  • Tycobrahe says:

    Sort of like that high school where they forced the American kids in AMERICA to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

    • lickmaballs says:

      Cause all the teachers were probably members of LA RAZA. The RACE. Not just a race, but THE RACE. Happy holidays America, your country is going down the toilet faster than a slippery eel.

      AS soon as amnesty is granted to the 30 million illegals you'll probably have La Raza Day. Nobody will give a fuck about Independence Day, except the few sci-fi nerds who enjoyed the movie.

      Lick my IP.

  • videomissionary says:

    molly melted their braynzz

  • iFouquetTV says:

    This video makes me want to marry Molly even more.

  • technologyms says:

    molly owns! xD

  • 310BPM says:

    Don't all Aussies see all holidays like that?

  • nbkcaniz says:

    did 4th died?

  • goodman854 says:


  • DeeperBlueX16 says:

    i would never be rude like that to molly. i would be even nicer, i was cooking hotdogs, and she wanted a burger, then i would go to the store and bring burgers, just for her.

    ok, maybe thats a little too creepy. sorry.

  • gm928 says:

    Everyone knows that Molly is a vegetarian.

  • FeldoPropane says:

    very predicable but it put a smile on my face :)

  • CrabbyMacBook says:

    Molly, you totally pwned that guy.

  • wmberserk says:

    wow sally sure is ugly

  • mzfckr993 says:

    kinda lame though

  • ArpTubes says:

    Noob patriot got owned

  • thelonewolf86 says:

    She's right! (x2)

  • flibber123 says:

    Bill and Sally- comedy gold!

  • STHayden says:

    history nerds ftw

  • stinkyslinky432 says:

    Omg thats so lame!

    I love british people!!!

    Their accent is so awesome. british women are sexy just because of their accent lol

  • mini14tx1 says:

    Long live the Republic.

  • mindstormmaster says:

    @TUMaMeia Tea tax.

  • xenex23 says:

    @TUMaMeia It wasn't over tea! it was over taxation without representation.

  • 0906peter says:

    Happy Birthday America!
    Greetings from the Netherlands

  • TwoThirdsMajority says:

    @gm928 Proof or GTFO

  • fdeink says:

    who wouldnt want to give molly a hotdog, I want to kick that guy in the face.

  • geargemartin says:

    @snailhunter66 wow! it's been 234 years. you lost. get over it.

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    This sketch is really nice, even though it's really unpleasant to observe Molly who had to listen to insulting criticism of that jingoist.
    Molly was told "on your way!", and those guys totally got it right in their faces.
    Her face was so sad but it turned well-lit from the inside when she started her monologue.
    Her eyes at 4:04 were 100 times smarter than those of both American lowbrow guys combined.
    And then came the Wikipedia comments. It was kind of Internet gold. Just brilliant!

  • refreshingapathy says:

    Rocketboom, pissing off xenophobic people with lovely British accents since July 2, 1776.

  • M4rple says:

    China? They "invented" it first right?

  • RaccoonCamp says:

    that guy is fucking funny

  • CuriouserNCuriouser says:

    Was that Anna Chapman at 0:02? Don't tell me you were celebrating the 4th of July with a Russian spy!

  • mathieuplasse1 says:

    Very funny! I like the mean girlfriend. Good job, Rocketboom!

  • retardedcandy911 says:

    1776 brits lost

  • frankylovesyall says:

    Something most of us need to remember as white folks, and I can say this because I'm white, is that NONE of us are TRULY Americans. The Native American tribes that lived here are the only ones who can rightfully claim this land. But we did a great job of killing most of them, shipping in immigrants as slaves for work, and ruling this nation LIKE A BOSS! For being such a pro boss, whitey, I thank you. Molly is from our motherland though. You can't be more white than Molly. That's why I love her.

  • alecz444 says:

    1:32 epic neck fat

  • Bucknik says:

    I'm ok with you correcting the date of Independence, but denying us the hot dog is going TO FAR!! TO FAR I say!!

  • Bucknik says:

    @retardedcandy911 Actually they didn't actually lose the war until 1781, and the peace treaty wasn't signed for 2 years after that.

  • L1ne3 says:

    she wasnt wearing that sweater when she CAME IT!!!! :O

  • TrueBlueAustralian says:

    Imagine how much better the world would be if it was still under British rule.!!

  • outie555 says:

    lol dogs

  • avaspongeriffic says:

    I think "She's right!" guy is my favorite part of this video, lol
    Great job as always, ROCKETBOOM!

  • yoyohaness says:

    this makes white americans sound like hicks...

  • 1336point5 says:

    @TrueBlueAustralian or how much better the world would be if we rode bears instead of cars and we all woke up to eat a nice breakfast of seven blueberry bagels and we all pet lolcats and got paid for it

  • zengrz says:


  • Medspecies8472 says:

    I watched this video then I Jizzed in my pants!

  • ZombieFriedChicken91 says:

    maggie from poykpak! makes this video 10 times better

  • NewRecruitInNatsArmy says:

    Make a mental note. Our Molly is always right.

  • hobomnky says:


  • elendilsv says:

    Love u Molly <3....

  • stalkerfrank says:

    i'd give molly a hotdog, she makes me lol

  • DrinkElectrolytes says:

    That was hilarious how much of a douche he was kind of reflects a lot of people in my country over here in the USA lol

  • obefiend says:


  • xCoolJackx1991 says:

    Whats with the shitty framerate

  • MrAizakku says:

    boo the unnecessary hate, <3 brits :D

  • DrinkElectrolytes says:

    lol, i imagine the idea to make this video went something like this... "Hey we should do a skit about the 4th of July where some douchbag American doesn't let us celebrate and we pwn his face off with trivial facts"



  • seanyyg says:

    Canada > America

  • SirJarred says:

    I lost real respect for the writers at ROCKETBOOM over this video.
    Did they really have to pull the old "Durr Hurr, Americans r dumb" skit?
    Come on. I expected better. Anytime we get into an international forum, the British attempt to berate us. It's pretty fail though.
    At least in America are allowed to defend ourselves. In Britain, if a crackhead breaks in your house with intent to harm and rob you, you better get on your knees and suck his dick, or off to prison with ya.

  • darkelivrio says:

    aw sad molly

  • BullittBrothers says:

    check out the double chin on the chick with the blue striped tank.

  • GuitarHeroRulez321 says:

    Jesus, what happened to the chick's chin @ 1:18? It looks like it'd be fun to slap back-and-forth a few times.

  • GuitarHeroRulez321 says:

    @SirJarred Click name > Go to their channel > Scroll down > Location: "New York, United States"

    Wait, what?

  • infacide64 says:

    yukk ahh, ohhh... sorry you hav no neck Sally.

  • fossilman123 says:

    Molly wants a Hot Dog...Woot

  • calibansvg says:

    @SirJarred Meh, cry more. There were two "dumb Americans" there who were so exaggerated they can't even be called stereotypical, and two other Americans there who welcomed the Briton to the barbecue without question. And I think the whole point of the video was to drop a little history on us regarding the date of the birth of the nation, not to take a cheap shot at dumb Americans.

  • Computhink says:

    it turned out to be a German holiday from Frankfort, nice!

  • GuitarHeroRulez321 says:

    @98smithg It's all in fun, no? If it's a celebration, celebrate.

  • gartini says:

    I feel like going up there and stabbing those two couples with a pitchfork.

  • Boss0nomaka says:

    I hate british history, its so fucking long.
    At least we got a cup of tea out of it all :D

  • OnlyDoniaUKnow says:

    lol if he's so patriotic why is he wearing yellow?

    "she's right!" haha

  • gorillasapien says:

    i love you molly...

  • j0rdanimal says:


  • KarateWins says:


  • xuten says:

    molly can have my hot dog anytime
    i mean it
    i have a restaurant

  • TheTeeeekaaaa says:

    in times like that you are happy to have some guy with an internet conection on his phone to check it on wiki.......if been through this kind of situations alot (NOT) and that guy was always missing ........... sigh

  • AmadiTheShaman says:

    Made it to 1:52 ... So boring.

  • theQman121 says:

    Success! I think this put's molly into the "More American Than Americans" category?

  • onemoregoodguy says:

    i'm born and raised in america, but i'm not afraid to say that as americans as a whole, we are pretty dumb. not all of us, but a whole lot of us are. to become a citizen of the usa, people have to pass all these big tests about the country and gov. and stuff like that and if were are born adn raised here, well to be honest, i probably dont know half of the stuff. we should have to pass those tests too to be able to stay here. greatest place on earth. happy 4th of july

  • abyssus99 says:

    They are not British Petroleum. It's BP plc, no more than that. Just because of the amount of American workers and the fact that they merged with foreign buisness Amoco they decided that.
    Thats why when Obama called it British Petroleum Cameron went WAAAAAAAAA. Sorry if I wasn't clear before.

  • eggfuyung92 says:

    @gartini I second that.

  • RocketBoobs says:

    Dear Molly RocketBoobs,

    Britain never got over being beaten by the USA in the Revolutionary War.
    Then the British came back, and Andy Jackson whupped their asses again!!
    NOW, British Petroleum has returned to the site of their last defeat (New Orleans)
    to POISON the ENTIRE Gulf of Mexico, and destroy the land AND oceans that we legally bought
    from France, who Illegally stole it from the Native Americans, after Columbus murdered 100,000,000
    Native Americans with European diseases, murder, rape, and torture, after his "discovery" of the "new world".

    So, in actual fact, NO ONE should be celebrating anything. This should be an international day of
    Shame and Mourning and Repentance for ALL people of Eurpeon heritage.

    Think about that when you eat your (German) hot dog!

    • lickmaballs says:

      I think Americans should commit mass suicide. That'll teach the rest of the world a lesson. Also Apple should recall all iPhones & IPads before the deadly deed is done.

  • sccrwit2 says:

    lol Molly you're such a douche ruining our all-American fun.

  • Randamaye says:

    isn't she vegetarian?

  • LaurenceCFitzgerald says:

    It was snarky stuff like that which precipitated the Declaration of Independence. We celebrate on the 4th because the Declaration itself was not only more widely publicized, but is a great work of political philosophy. It wasn't enough for a small group of civic leaders to decide amongst themselves the country should be free, it required a well-reasoned declaration of how and why. I don't see it as an "Americans are dumb" video as much as a "Man, Molly will try anything to get a hot dog."

  • Chris says:

    Another great job, Molly! Rule Brittania.

  • murdockqotsa says:

    I'd like to live in England for a while...
    I need to know obscure facts about their land so I can impress them and get accepted to hot dog parties.

  • TurokHan says:

    nobody likes a wiseass ;)

  • img0rdonfreeman says:

    Rule Britannia!

  • TheGreatVax says:

    @TurokHan I do.

  • Mark says:

    I knew this was scripted, of course, but still, my visceral reaction as a Canadian was "typical American xenophobes." That Molly knew more about their history than they did was as happily dramatic as it was not surprising, since Americans are remarkably ignorant of historical contexts and facts, relying instead on their well-trodden mythologies (thanks, Boards of Education from the great States of Texas and Kansas!).

    Hey Molly! Her Majesty is visiting Canada right now. You're more than welcome to drop by for a spot of tea - English Breakfast Tea! Besides, our national day has a much better name - "Canada Day," rather than, you know, just reading it off the calendar.

  • trekkie108 says:

    @Boss0nomaka well there is over 2000 years of it

  • trekkie108 says:


    although in reality if any Americans acted that way towards me i would punch them.

  • tommmullen says:


  • SirJarred says:

    @calibansvg The situation is just extremely common, its frustrating and bland. We 'get' that the British have a superiority complex. Half their comedy is focused on describing other (non-Western European) nations as unrefined and ignorant.
    Even when done lightheartedly and in jest, it is still a terrible kind of humor.
    Thankfully there are comics that hold their own like Ricky Gervais, John Cleese, and Simon Pegg. Satire is always classier (funnier) than Parody.

  • SirJarred says:

    Brits can't live in New York? Imogen Lloyd Webber be damned. :p

  • trekkie108 says:

    @Obanion78 actually no-one is bitter.

    the USA becoming independent actually helped the british with spending cuts which then led to the british paying off all their debts and which in-tern helped Britain become the world biggest empire.

    so in actuality the USA gaining independence was actually one of the best things to happen to Britain.

  • forphuksake says:

    @yoyohaness that's how the world media portrays America sorry.

  • Boss0nomaka says:

    @trekkie108 yeah and the plumber still hasnt shown up yet.

  • 98smithg says:

    @GuitarHeroRulez321 Fine, i'll invite a load of jews to my next Holocaust party.

  • baddspella says:

    molly can try my hotdog ;)

  • 98smithg says:

    @DannyJiggles Its called patriotism Danny, a concept alien to you clearly.

  • stfuBUDDY says:

    thanks to the internet i hate america

  • mudisoft says:


  • TurokHan says:

    @TheGreatVax You mean to say: When it's a cute girl I do...

  • transfer8 says:

    owned pwned... smashed. wtfc?

  • Excelion333 says:

    America fuck yeah!!! just messing around lets not fight over what happened a long time ago l love you brits if not for you I would not exist today thank you.

  • DeviousInco says:

    totally thought she was australian

  • ThisIsAGreatName says:


    Hacked You All! Haha!!!<>

  • Syoran says:


  • casparuk says:

    Go Molly!

  • lickmaballs says:

    This guy should confront Obama who probably has no clue about America's history as he gets his info from the likes of Louis Farrahkan, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Al Sharpton.

    Whoever this actor is, I'd pay money to have him unleash on Obama.

    Lick my IP

  • pathduck says:

    @ThisIsAGreatName Wtf dude you broke youtube!

  • SophomoreSlump236 says:

    How DARE they do that to Molly?!

  • mantas1111000 says:

    And I thought americans accept anyone but mexicans, muslims, and canadians,

    Anyway, our first(and only) knigs crowning on sixth, so if anyone is interested...

  • alg289 says:

    I love this video

  • cricketbat08 says:

    way to go Molly, bore them to death with a turgid history lesson!!

  • reindeertigerteam says:

    Why are you always covering up Australia?

  • WishesSetFree says:

    Yay Molly!! I support EVERYONE celebrating the American holiday- after all, we stole all of our culture from every other culture!!

  • WishesSetFree says:

    @ThisIsAGreatName How did you DO that!?! :O

  • EricRosenfield says:

    But we put them on buns, thereby inventing the "hot dog"!

  • aquatic2207 says:

    this is so sad... it doesn't matter if you are British or Japanese you are allowed to be free and to celebrate anything you like

  • Storykilladude says:

    thank you!!!!!!!!!! I wanted 2 spam about "all american hot dog" OH HUR HUR MOLLY... oh HUR HUR

  • FilipH86 says:

    what an asshole nice comeback molly he he

  • ArmorZega says:

    So funny... XD I lol'd.

  • Squidgeididdly says:

    That was brilliant!
    Well done :D


    @tf2godlikespy If they could've, they would've.


    @MichaelHowrie I think your figures are a little low.

  • MiSsBeAuTiFuL333 says:


  • theflorgeormix says:

    the engish didn't like our choice, but they respected it, they did the same thing with the church of England Thing, better not mention Tea Party day, may be a new one

  • IamTheiPhone says:

    hope you dont mind myself coming over next july 4th.

  • ShadowOfIce says:

    She's right! :D

  • serpentisma says:

    rofl!!! what a dick lol. loved it!


    @Dince125 thanks : )

  • coffeeblackneggwhite says:

    of course she is. molly's always right : )


    All peoples should celebrate the 4th of July. It's not just about American Independance, It wasn't a war against the British, It was a war against the forces of a feudalist Tyrant. King George III couldn't get enough taxes from the English because Parliment stood in his way, so he decided to shake down the colonies. It was the beginning of the end for Global Imperialism.

  • coolstream1 says:


  • seanward says:

    Molly is gangsta.

  • icanfly303 says:

    The people of Great Britain were persecuted just as much as Americans during that time. I understand the joke, but this is kind of ignorant.

  • AaaaghJOE says:

    gj molly.

  • DwightFan says:


  • PorscheGTIII says:

    Creepy guy with the iPhone... lol

  • TugaPipeJunior says:

    Lool! You tell them Molly!
    The dude with the iPhone was funny. xD

  • heresthadude1080 says:

    I wish the people of the world would just stop its racial feuds. Why the fuck should another ethnicity be any different?

  • dreddy14 says:

    u want an all american hot doink

  • fishwish9 says:

    owned bitches

  • SirKnobofCheese says:

    Mollypedia FTW

  • OneEyeJay says:

    Daaaamn, She told them!!... MOLLY FTW!!! :o)

  • notsocrazyguy says:

    she's right

  • swordfightclub says:

    Popped Collar is a douche.

  • IrateJazzBadger says:

    I love how messed up History is ^_^

  • RoyVanNistelrooij says:

    Shut up already Molly! u cant have an all american hot dog now.

  • DISKFIGHTER2 says:

    if your white, your either british or european

  • soupjam says:

    @DISKFIGHTER2 or paint

  • LoveThatSceneChannel says:

    I love when people accuse you of things your country did generations ago. - It makes completely sense!

  • MindSplat says:

    Americans are always trying to pass things off as "American" when they're not. No hate towards all you Americans, it's just an observation.

  • pistolwhipextreme says:

    Too bad you don't know that America is a nation of immigrants and that those peoples traditions and ways become American.

  • theneonfire says:

    is British

  • pistolwhipextreme says:

    What the fuck is this bullshit? Americans aren't like that.
    We dont hate you. We just thought you were being unfair so we broke away.... you're the ones that went all ape shit on us with your red coats.

  • ThatsFakeandGay says:

    This is bullcrap. I'm not like that and no American I know is like that. And then she does and acts like the sterotypical English person, all snobby and stuck up.

  • ThatsFakeandGay says:

    That's the best way I've heard it put yet.

  • TodayOnTheShow says:

    Way to put a downer on the 4th of July, rocket boom. I'm now unsubscribing. I only subscribed becasue of Know Your Meme anyway.

  • ToshDog says:


    if you are gonna go back that far, you might as well just go back a bit farther. All man can be traced back to a centralized location in Africa, so technically speaking.... we;re all African

  • TheIrregularVerb says:

    @ThatsFakeandGay Uhm, it's a joke parodising american nationalism?

  • TheIrregularVerb says:

    @MindSplat Keep the Frankfurter Wurst real! :D

  • PatB4280 says:

    @pistolwhipextreme it's a joke, chill out

  • xiaonwa says:

    yay molly i love her soo much.who ever treats her like that deserves to be thrown off a building

  • ThePureawesomness says:

    molly shouldve gone ape shizz on his ass. molly didnt do nuffin. i know its a joke but still

  • luistijerina says:

    What an asshole (though I know he's just acting).
    Just tell me what is an American? It's a nation formed by immigrants who were and are looking after an ideal of freedom. Yes, immigrants. The Whites, Blacks, Asians, Latinos, are all immigrants in the United States.

  • EyeWarrior0545 says:

    "She's right :D"

  • 666thefireball says:

    you can't talk you fatass americans no offence to most people go on molly
    moly <3 no way im jokin hell no ok im british but im a lad yeah im scottish i no i dont eat haggish ken

  • 666thefireball says:

    @luistijerina hes/shes right

  • hollishillis says:

    hahaha awesome!

  • meow4me420 says:

    Molly is such a badass. <3

  • Darkesky says:

    <3 Molly!

  • YouMakeMeConfused says:

    wooooow o___o that was so COOL! :D

  • NickSansivero says:

    awww this was good up until the end... she should have just left

  • sangreiti says:

    i havent been a fanboy of you until this

  • jldkrank says:


  • slayer66616 says:

    I only subscribed because of Joanne and she isn't even in this show anymore.

  • funnytigre says:

    why does everything seem more accurate with a British accent

  • bishopx71 says:

    Molly FTW!!

  • Cyrus Draegur says:

    Wow. They were acting really, really unamerican. Everything this country IS, came from the rest of the world. This is WHY America is any good at all! Shit, I'd kill to have molly at my Independence Day party!

    May the 4th be with y'all!

  • melmac20 says:

    love it!!!!

  • starguard says:

    GO MOLLY!!!

  • it8nky0u says:

    We are still not independent from the British petroleum Hahahahahaha

  • TheInfamousBertman says:

    Molly is beautiful

  • thejoshknight says:

    Are you British? :)

  • Aro2220 says:

    so staged
    you're not a badass

    a real american 'patriot' would never have admitted they were wrong and would argue with you anyway lol

    at least anyone who wouldn't let you celebrate in the first place because you weren't american...

  • rbnsc1 says:

    british people rule!
    yes that's right we bloody rule!

  • graymalkin1234 says:

    The all American frankfurt sausages look remarkably like the ones that claim to be from Germany you know...

  • islandcaptain says:

    Actually, what better way to celebrate the 4th of July in today's world than with the "Brits"?

  • Lennychaos11 says:

    Best rocketboom video ever!!
    I love Molly :)

  • graymalkin1234 says:

    Damn she mentioned if further on.

  • Gruntforglory says:

    Smart girls are hott

  • beastboy834 says:

    @Aro2220 Are you an idiot? Yes, in a way, it WAS staged.
    Fuck sake, please do not tell me your american.

  • Duirward says:

    i loved her too first but then she ate that disgusting veggie burger and now she makes me puke.

    at least molly eats meat like real persons, and she's prettier

  • ShroomSamich says:

    that guy is the ultimate doucher

  • dennist3hmenace says:

    Oh, Molly... <3

  • marcuelcajon says:

    Molly's friend was hott.

  • Leonardo says:

    The more I listen to that guy the more I'm convinced he's right. Celebrations are for myth fabrication, not for actual hystorical record.

  • scootosan says:

    hey Billy give molly a weenie...very well done

  • mattblack77nz says:

    Edit: Line at 3:50 should be..

    SALLY: Please accept our most humble apologies by joining us in a threesome.

  • Stacktovic845 says:

    You go Molly!

  • slayer66616 says:

    Vegetarians, Vegans and whatever fucked up mixture of those disgust me too, but that woman was too hot for it to bother me tho and the accent... oh god.

  • thegatetube says:

    no one like a know it all Molly....cept fer us. Molly WIN.

  • Excedrine says:

    PWND. Also, the first "Americans" were (mostly) British colonists. LOLFAIL. I know it's just a show, but blatant indifference (and ignorance) and douche-baggery like that just goes to show you how UN-American some Americans can be. So what if someone from a different background than yours wants to celebrate with you? It shouldn't matter where they come from. Hell, they might even know more about your holiday than you do! Ex.: Ben Stein is Jewish, and encourages Christians to celebrate Christmas!

  • TheLazyCuddler says:

    The Britt's are allways going to be better than americans ;) Let's face it, they made the language :3
    (I believe. This is one of those moments someone could be completelly wrong, don't judge me I don't study history that much >_>)

  • fishbone937 says:

    Thumbs up if you demand a Molly Swimsuit Calender

  • GmasterRED says:

    You'll have to speak a little louder next time, I can't hear you over the riots in the streets.

  • MrElucidate says:

    Sally is a jew

  • CaptainSuzySparrow says:

    @MrElucidate Cool! =D

  • KnightMD says:

    That video was as lame as a cartoon.

  • tycoon1994 says:

    @TheLazyCuddler not judging... but you are wrong, you see the british did not create the english language... english is technically a "germanic" language and was made the official language of scottland before england... which then both were taken over by the roman empire making both of the territories official language "latin" then "english" but then england took over ireland and switched their native language to english... then when america became america they kept the language for themselves..

  • TheLazyCuddler says:

    @tycoon1994 Aha, Thank you ^^ You just made me abit brigther :) I completelly love the language and the more I know about it the better, Who wouldn't pick a brittish accent over the american one? (no offence americans, just... britt's are better)

    Anyways, thanks ^^

  • rp960 says:

    "British i thought you were Australian. Well funny you should ask / Geico 15 mins could you save you 15% or more on car insurance." Just kidding Molly.

    Happy Independence day....

  • rp960 says:

    "British i thought you were Australian. Well funny you should ask / Geico 15 mins could you save you 15% or more on car insurance." Just kidding Molly.

    Happy Independence day....

  • tycoon1994 says:

    @TheLazyCuddler i think so too! but personally i like the Australian accent :-P

  • joen0411 says:

    Alright Molly. Although I wouldn't recommend eating a hotdog cooked but that guy. You'll probably get sick.

  • GeekOfComedy says:


  • derekcolman says:

    @tycoon1994. Are you sure? English is a hybrid language, with words derived from Latin, ancient Greek, Norse (Viking), Anglo-Saxon, French, Germanic, Yiddish, and Hindi, to name but a few. These words came into the language from original native language, invasion, immigration and empire.

  • Wiirocks says:

    holy crap at that chicks chin+neck combo. They are the same lol.

  • seanyyg says:

    @GmasterRED Those riots are in place to protest Canada's Americanization during the G20. More power to them.

  • TheOvitsky says:

    sally's chin.

  • derekcolman says:

    @rp960 . That's a confusion often made. Australia has several accents, but they have a similarity that separates them from English accents. Try TheHill88 and communitychannel for Australian accents, and you will realise that Molly does not speak like them. I can't place Molly exactly, but think it is outer London, or possibly Surrey. She is kind of London metropolitan.

  • gonovasol says:

    what is the weird building on the left at the start of the video ?

  • ladev1988 says:

    @gonovasol It is a bridge I think :) you know the tops at the both ends

  • cellmate89 says:

    good one molly

  • popupheadlights says:

    Molly in a skirt == Awesome

  • tamsWTFvideos says:

    Thumbs up if you think that one know-it-all guy looks like a cross between adult Frankie Muniz and the bad guy from Tron.

  • narutostarfire says:

    umm should i say this own age. now molly what is your favorite thing to break since i know you have that issue to break things being serious here.

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    mememolly can celebrate at my place anytime she wants!

  • MuggleSam says:

    Molly you're dress is gorgeous!!

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    Of course she's right, MOLLY IS AWESOME to the nth degree.

  • mysterioso2006 says:


  • GabesSC says:

    yeah, cause the place where your born defines who you are... NOT!

  • GabesSC says:

    Patriotism sucks...

  • JIHOJIJO says:

    shows so much about the US

  • rp960 says:

    @derekcolman I know i was just quoting a stupid commercial he have over here about a British accented speaking gecko representing a Insurance company.

    I can hear the difference between the many British and many Australian accents.

  • voicetube says:

    Now THAT.. was one of the best Rocketboom videos ever produced! As simple as it was A) the acting was GREAT (possibly better than anything else theyv'e done) B) Molly underpalyed it JUST right and C) informative - great confluence of talent; well done!

  • GmasterRED says:

    @voicetube are letting your anti-Americanism get to your head. That was better than even all the Know your meme videos? All the other ones?

  • GmasterRED says:

    Oh you! How you Canadians will skew the truth. The riots were anrchists protesting the government. Canadians will find a way to blame every single one of their problems on America.

  • yangkx says:

    ummm soooo after she said that they should have said... "thats great now gtfo" i dont see how what she said changes anything

  • sumptng says:

    Thorough research FTW!

  • duplicatehelix says:

    I don't like these people.

  • Glenjamin87 says:

    This guy has a point, the British should duck there heads when they're in the US just to be safe

  • voicetube says:

    @GmasterRED Hey Gmaster - I'll be happy to answer: 1st of all, there was no way my comment was meant to express Anti-Americanism

    2nd.. You are correct -- there have been far better VIDEOS (overall) but as far as ACTING combined with info - this was the best I have seen (in your defense, I have not seen EVERY RB video).

    My favorite RB video of all time? Quite possibly Know Your Meme: Autotune.

    I wish they would do more of those as they ARE possibly the best that they produce:-)

  • kmat04 says:

    MOLLY I FUCKIN LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! this video was awesome

  • voicetube says:

    @jeswashere I agree

  • haloboy456 says:

    This....Is why I love Rocketboom

  • supekele says:

    @Glenjamin87 You can't exactly hide an accent.

    Well you can, but it usually takes a bit of training. :P

  • ashwalk85 says:


  • Delta2099 says:

    If Molly would had walk there with a case of beer regardless of nationality she would had been accepted and cheer for,but now she'll be know as barbecue 4th july crasher

  • sulz1234 says:

    Molly you are AWESOME! Long live the learned!

  • RolloTheApollo says:

    i knew that before she said it.

  • David L says:

    Thank you, Molly.

  • aWaterbottle420 says:

    you should be in canada, hell the queen is even here right now. She was at the queen's plate.

  • crazycheatta says:

    Pretty cool then cause August is my birth month anyway. August really rocks now lol!

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  • lickmaballs says:

  • digivince says:

    If I were Molly I wouldn't accept their hot dog. We demand our wieners with no dicks attached!

  • skollll says:

    Molly has a nice awkward face on the beginning of the movie. Anyway, although this is just fiction, in some places may be true. Nice small tattoo on Molly left hand (3:35)

  • jaxeedcom says:

    whatch your back Molly, as Im sure the Texas Board of Education will be out to get you now.

  • Paldasan says:

    Much prefer the British accent.

  • scotty0 says:

    Molly is awesome!.......that is all.

  • jwindyboy says:

    Yeah. Dont forget about the Indigenous/Native American peoples helping out yet genocide was committed upon them by the united states government. However, the President issued a half-assed apology to the Natives in what is called the, "The Native American Apology Resolution". Molly did some research but she did not research enough.

  • chaitues says:

    Molly is always right.

  • Yoshikuni14 says:

    Go MOLLY!

  • KaptenN says:

    Way to put those Americans in their place! :D

  • Christoffer says:

    I was at a standup show in Williamsburg the girl in the red sunglasses and some others had this tuesday. Me and my friend was almost the only audience. She was hilarious though.

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    I loved this!

  • nytrex2001 says:

    Lets invade the US and reclaim our country.

  • seanyyg says:

    @GmasterRED Look, I'm not trying to be an ass, but the bottom line is that our country just wasted 1.4 billion dollars to hold a summit that isnt even necessary. My city closes schools for the blind, and cuts public funding because it cant scrape together 5 million dollars. Meanwhile there are 20,000 police in Toronto beating up people for no reason, on a huge power trip. That kind of spending isntlike Canada, and was supervised by American contractors. I love the US, but am a proud Canadian =)

  • adolphbot says:

    @funnytigre because americans always boldly (as well as wrongly) claim they invented/own/are better than everything?

  • adolphbot says:

    @jwindyboy I guess she didn't wanna make them cry.

  • neoerebus says:

    Way to go Molly!

  • NasTheWild says:

    @jwindyboy exactly. and natives americans are the ones that can be proud of being americans. the rest are just a mix of many other cultures. let's face it, if you are not a native, then you are sure to have european (yes british too), african or asian ancestors. and i don't mean that as a bad thing.

  • proskull says:

    loved this!

  • hinatachansama says:

    umh, i guess molly went to school in europe

  • thefoxdude says:

    that guy with the red sunglasses looks extremely like a ugly woman!

  • UndeadAnonymous says:

    lol, silly americans...

  • Meep9092 says:

    Molly Win.

  • heyimtomato says:

    -Talk... Talk!
    -Hi I'd really like a hot dog..
    -Ugh, Yuck!

  • carfoz says:

    Molly for President.

  • djtron1x says:

    He got sonned. "BOY! Get in your place!"

  • djtron1x says:

    @GabesSC Then get the f*ck out. I'll help you pack.

  • djtron1x says:

    @popupheadlights I think you meant 'Molly in a skirt is awesome.' Using the programing syntax of == is something completely different. for example:

    if (Awesome == 'Molly in a skirt') {var Thumb = 'up'; } else {var Thumb = 'down';}

    or you could go:

    var Molly_in_a_skirt = 'Awesome';

    But the way you put it just hurts my programmers soul.

  • USAnumberonePATRIOT says:

    As the USA's number one patriot, I condem this video.

  • moabShirts says:

    High Five!

  • akira357 says:

    I'm pretty sure stereotype-football-head-American like that guy wouldn't care that much about history, to nerd raged that much at such a hot girl...pretty sure his brain suddenly gain cells when he looked at Molly boobs.

    I was expecting
    "sure, but the REAL american hotdog lies between my legs"

  • phosphors says:

    This is so good. Well done guys! (that's how I like my dogs I mean)

  • fjfj says:

    it's sceim!

  • RaptorTechSource says:

    I felt a little similar yesterday when there was a 4th July party next door and I wanted to join in. I'm British and live in the UK and the guys next door are American.

  • fjfj says:


  • NimbusFilms says:

    What a low frame rate.

  • TheChrisCraig says:

    @RaptorTechSource what, celebrating 4th july in the uk, weird, thats like americans celebrating bonfire night

  • 1acroyear1 says:

    I would SO like to throw my tea bags into her harbor.

  • lickmaballs says:

    50 Random Facts That Make You Wonder What In The World Has Happened To America

    Our world is changing at a pace that is so staggering these days that it can be really hard to fully grasp the significance of what we are witnessing. Hopefully the collection of random facts below will help you to "connect the dots" just a little bit. On one level, the facts below may not seem related. However, what they all do have in common is that they show just how much the United States has fundamentally changed. Do you ever just sit back and wonder what in the world has happened to America? The truth is that the America that so many of us once loved so much has been shattered into a thousand pieces. The "land of the free and the home of the brave" has been transformed into a socialized Big Brother nanny state that is oozing with corruption and has accumulated the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world. The greatest economic machine that the world has ever seen is falling apart before our very eyes, and even when our politicians actually try to do something right (which is quite rare) the end result is still a bunch of garbage.

  • lickmaballs says:

    #50) A new report released by the United Nations is publicly calling for the establishment of a world currency and none of the major news networks are even covering it.

    #49) Arnold Schwarzenegger has ordered California State Controller John Chiang to reduce state worker pay for July to the federal minimum allowed by law -- $7.25 an hour for most state workers.

    #48) A police officer in Oklahoma recently tasered an 86-year-old disabled grandma in her bed and stepped on her oxygen hose until she couldn't breathe because they considered her to be a "threat".

    #47) In early 2009, U.S. net national savings as a percentage of GDP went negative for the first time since 1952, and it has continued its downward trend since then.

    #46) Corexit 9500 is so incredibly toxic that the UK's Marine Management Organization has completely banned it, so if there was a major oil spill in the North Sea, BP would not be able to use it. And yet BP has dumped over a million gallons of dispersants such as Corexit 9500 into the Gulf of Mexico.

    #45) For the first time in U.S. history, more than 40 million Americans are on food stamps, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture projects that number will go up to 43 million Americans in 2011.

    #44) It has come out that one employee used a Federal Emergency Management Agency credit card to buy $4,318 in "Happy Birthday" gift cards. Two other FEMA officials charged the cost of 360 golf umbrellas ($9,000) to the taxpayers.


    Iran Too Stubborn to Give up Nuclear Program

    Russian Man Teaches His Dog to Scuba Dive

    #43) Researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo received $389,000 from the U.S. government to pay 100 residents of Buffalo $45 each to record how much malt liquor they drink and how much pot they smoke each day.

    #42) The average duration of unemployment in the United States has risen to an all-time high.

    #41) The bottom 40 percent of all income earners in the United States now collectively own less than 1 percent of the nation’s wealth.

    #40) In the U.S., the average federal worker now earns about twice as much as the average worker in the private sector.

    #39) Back in 1950 each retiree's Social Security benefit was paid for by 16 workers. Today, each retiree's Social Security benefit is paid for by approximately 3.3 workers. By 2025 it is projected that there will be approximately two workers for each retiree.

    #38) According to a U.S. Treasury Department report to Congress, the U.S. national debt will top $13.6 trillion this year and climb to an estimated $19.6 trillion by 2015.

    #37) The federal government actually has the gall to ask for online donations that will supposedly go towards paying off the national debt.

    #36) The Cactus Bug Project at the University Of Florida was allocated $325,394 in economic stimulus funds to study the mating decisions of cactus bugs.

    #35) A dinner cruise company in Chicago got nearly $1 million in economic stimulus funds to combat terrorism.

    #34) It is being reported that a 6-year-old girl from Ohio is on the "no fly" list maintained by U.S. Homeland Security.

    #33) During the first quarter of 2010, the total number of loans that are at least three months past due in the United States increased for the 16th consecutive quarter.

    #32) According to a new report, Americans spend twice as much as residents of other developed countries on healthcare, but get lower quality and far less efficiency.

    #31) Some experts are warning that the cost of bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could reach as high as $1 trillion.

    #30) The FDA has announced that the offspring of cloned animals could be in our food supply right now and that there is nothing that they can do about it.

    #29) In May, sales of new homes in the United States dropped to the lowest level ever recorded.

  • lickmaballs says:

    27) Federal border officials recently said that Mexican drug cartels have not only set up shop on American soil, they are actually maintaining lookout bases in strategic locations in the hills of southern Arizona.

    #26) The U.S. government has declared some parts of Arizona off limits to U.S. citizens because of the threat of violence from Mexican drug smugglers.

    #25) According to the credit card repayment calculator, if you owe $6000 on a credit card with a 20 percent interest rate and only pay the minimum payment each time, it will take you 54 years to pay off that credit card. During those 54 years you will pay $26,168 in interest rate charges in addition to the $6000 in principal that you are required to pay back.

    #24) According to prepared testimony by Goldman Sachs Chief Operating Officer Gary Cohn, Goldman Sachs shorted roughly $615 million of the collateralized debt obligations and residential mortgage-backed securities the firm underwrote since late 2006.

    #23) The six biggest banks in the United States now possess assets equivalent to 60 percent of America's gross national product.

    #22) Four of the biggest U.S. banks (Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup) had a "perfect quarter" with zero days of trading losses during the first quarter of 2010.

    #21) 1.41 million Americans filed for personal bankruptcy in 2009 - a 32 percent increase over 2008.

    #20) BP has hired private security contractors to keep the American people away from oil cleanup sites and nobody seems to care.

    #19) Barack Obama is calling for a "civilian expeditionary force" to be sent to Afghanistan and Iraq to help overburdened military troops build infrastructure. #

    #18) On June 18th, two Christians decided that they would peacefully pass out copies of the gospel of John on a public sidewalk outside a public Arab festival in Dearborn, Michigan and within 3 minutes 8 policemen surrounded them and placed them under arrest.

    #17) It is being reported that sales of foreclosed homes in Florida made up nearly 40 percent of all home purchases in the first part of this year.

    #16) During a recent interview with Larry King, former first lady Laura Bush revealed to the world that she is actually in favor of legalized gay marriage and a woman's "right" to abortion.

  • lickmaballs says:

    #15) Scientists at Columbia University are warning that the dose of radiation from the new full body security scanners going into airports all over the United States could be up to 20 times higher than originally estimated.

    #14) 43 percent of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement.

    #13) The FDIC's deposit insurance fund now has negative 20.7 billion dollars in it, which represents a slight improvement from the end of 2009.

    #12) The judge that BP is pushing for to hear an estimated 200 lawsuits on the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster gets tens of thousands of dollars a year in oil royalties and is paid travel expenses to industry conferences.

    #11) In recent years the U.S. government has spent $2.6 million tax dollars to study the drinking habits of Chinese prostitutes and $400,000 tax dollars to pay researchers to cruise six bars in Buenos Aires, Argentina to find out why gay men engage in risky sexual behavior when drunk.

    #10) U.S. officials say that more than three billion dollars in cash (much of it aid money paid for by U.S. taxpayers) has been stolen by corrupt officials in Afghanistan and flown out of Kabul International Airport in recent years.

    #9) According to a report by the U.S. Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the baggage check fees collected by U.S. airlines shot up 33% in the first quarter of 2010 to $769 million.

    #8) Three California high school students are fighting for their right to show their American patriotism - even on a Mexican holiday - after they were forced to remove their American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo.

    #7) Right now, interest on the U.S. national debt and spending on entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare are somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 to 15 percent of GDP. By 2080, they are projected to eat up approximately 50 percent of GDP.

    #6) The total of all government, corporate and consumer debt in the United States is now about 360 percent of GDP.

    #5) A 6-year-old girl was recently handcuffed and sent to a mental facility after throwing temper tantrums at her elementary school.

    #4) In Florida, students have been arrested by police for things as simple as bringing a plastic butter knife to school, throwing an eraser, and drawing a picture of a gun.

    #3) School officials in one town in Massachusetts are refusing to allow students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

    #2) According to one new study, approximately 21 percent of children in the United States are living below the poverty line in 2010.

    #1) Since 1973, more than 50 million babies have been murdered in abortion facilities across the United States.


  • TLoZNarutofan says:

    People need to stop hating the British for that. That was more than 200 years ago.

  • bobbert82 says:

    Molly FTW :D

  • GabesSC says:

    @djtron1x No matter who you are the place where you're born does not define you. You are an immigrant, your family didn't have it's origins there. You are as different from your neighbor as you are from anyone in the world, yet you DO feel far superior than people from other countries. Patriotism incites prejudice and makes the world a horribly WORSE place

  • rtothepandj says:

    @1acroyear1 that makes no sense but epic win anyway!

  • rtothepandj says:

    @RaptorTechSource good job u didnt say anything they probably would have called an airstrike or something

  • tsumbra says:

    "The Silencing Waters of Leon Creek"

  • lickmaballs says:


    lick my IP

  • ChasinBoppola says:

    im british toooooo :)

  • upublic says:


  • piratecheese13 says:

    and fireworks like everything else are from china,,,

  • mafarmerga says:

    Sally is totally going to kick Molly's ass!

    And hot dogs are actually frankfurters. After Frankfurt Germany.

    And Molly is right. July 2 is our actual holiday. The fourth is when it was announced, not approved.

    But Molly IS hotter, than Sally.

  • djtron1x says:

    @GabesSC That is the biggest load of crap I've ever heard. Like I said, you f*cking pinko, I'll help you're commie ass pack.

  • Markoy121 says:

    'hi, i'd really like a hot dog'... YUCK, EURGH!

  • derekcolman says:

    I hope Americans do accept Brits to celebrate the 4th. of July. What is not often realised is that the War of Independence is taught in our schools as a shameful part of our history, with the Americans being the good guys. Even though I was at school in the 1940s and 50s, it was taught that way. We are certainly not proud of the way our ancestors subjugated other nations by force. The same goes for India and many others. Gandhi is our hero for driving out the British colonialists.

  • the1one2and1only says:

    thank you for whooping their asses

  • ferenzicmonk says:

    Dude, Haha go Molly :D

  • slayerpro63 says:

    LoL i love how the guy with the i phone is like SHES Right... out of no where Twice hahaha

  • 1acroyear1 says:

    @rtothepandj ...yeah... I'm trying to come back from another faileriffic comment I made here earlier. I still suck.

  • adamsam6 says:

    i know just how molly feels

  • Derek says:

    So adorable, Happy Molly-days!!

  • kawakocher says:

    The ugly uneducated american still lives?

  • IntrepidStranger says:

    Of course she's right! Molly is always right!

  • jcjmadman316 says:

    you leave molly alone, its her 1st 4th of july u bastard

  • poptarttoshi says:

    Damn straight she's right!

  • 10mintwo says:

    @seanyyg So, just to recap your thoughts then; whenever anything good and wholesome happens in Canada, it's the innate decency and virtuousness of Canadians that's shining though. But whenever anything you perceive as bad or wrong happens there, then it must, simply must, be the nefarious work of those cretinous Americans somehow, including this decision by your govt. to pay $1.4B for Toronto's WTO security. Good to know Canada has its counterpart to the ugly American caricatured in the video.

  • skollll says:

    Check XKCD number 84. Hey Molly ! An interview with XKCD author would be nice !

  • FREAKout59 says:

    lol molly pwns you rule

  • nathanredd says:

    go molly go! lets not forget that we were all english until July 2nd, when we officially became americans.

  • Tommyboiuk1992 says:


  • iJohnGame says:

    She's Right!!

  • TheRockinFreakshow says:

    I love these videos of Molly being awkward at american party functions which ultimately show the obscurity of american social events

  • edhernan534 says:

    this has to be the greates rocketboom episode! ooh goshhh.

  • NSArachnoSniper says:

    Jeeze, that chick in the red glasses has no jaw bone.

  • mm20105 says:

    u r magic sweety

  • Stradigos says:

    "Are you British?" LOL. I would have fought for Britain if it meant I could spend a day with Molly having tea :D And lmao, I loved the guy fact checking in the background. Thanks Molly/Rocketboom. I'm sick as a dog today, this helped get my mind of my aches and pains!

  • hcortens says:

    @nathanredd that is, if youre over 234

  • Metroid02099 says:

    SO true!!! Americans know less about their own country than foreigners do!!! Except for me. I knew Molly was going to say that. ; )

    On a serious note, I really hope people don't actually do that. Everyone who lives in America (Whether they have citizenship or not, or immigrated to this country)support and consider themselves American can celebrate the 4th of July.

    Because it is a Holiday to tribute the birth of a Nation who supported the idea of independence and freedom to govern itself.

  • jackeyramone says:

    Alright Molly!!

  • jimisajewboy says:

    @kawakocher huh?

  • leonidash15 says:

    She blinded them with her Wisdom! :D

  • fantasmaofdoom says:

    She's right!

  • ferrumexcessum says:

    the hot dog in the bun is American, the sausage itself is German

  • GabesSC says:

    @djtron1x You just proved me right by calling me a communist. First of all, you don't even know what communism is, and secondly, I'm not a communist. You're prejudiced, you think everyone like you is better than anyone else and you think that what's different is wrong.

    You really think the U.S. is the best country in the world and yet you know nothing about the world. You live your life by the ideals of most people, even if they're wrong. Get a life and a mind of your own.

  • megababy80 says:

    absolutely flipping unbelieveably brilliant and hi-la-rious. love love love it. awesome work and acting there all around. hahaha. yea. :]

  • 1sourjoe says:

    I'd give Molly my "hotdog", any day.

  • stanleycupchamps2009 says:

    racist assholz

  • djtron1x says:

    @GabesSC Really? Now you attempt to presume ANYTHING about me or what I know? Now I KNOW you are simply stupid rather than missinformed. I now pity you. But still, your comments again promote the pinko socialist ideals that ALWAYS turn strait to communism. Do YOU even know what communism is? I do. And yes, the USA is the best country in the world. I know plenty about the cultures of the world and what your saying is complete bullshit.

    That being said, get the f*ck out. USA does not want you.

  • nathanredd says:

    @hcortens actually I'm dutch. My family came to what was then Canada. Then after some lines were drawn, we were made into Americans. Then after that, the government took most of our farm land and gave it to the blackfoot natives. Even tho it wasnt part of their territory from the start.

  • httprover says:

    It's good to hear that we are still free to welcome others in America.

  • Goodboy7557 says:


    no...the placing of the sausage in a bun is also German.

  • wereluva says:

    you are my hero molly

  • casey1234schoch says:

    haha hecka funny

  • hcortens says:

    @nathanredd wow. that just went right over your head didnt it

  • hcortens says:

    @nathanredd wow. that just went right over your head didnt it

  • MoNaser100 says:

    What's with the chinless girl with the gum. eewwwww

  • yuukisama2001 says:


  • watjushappened says:

    I think you mean condemn. You're the reason people around the world hate Americans. Unless you mean condom, in which case i am utterly confused but you still spelled it wrong.

  • Nogli says:

    This was a dangerous video to put up. Not for the video itself. Just because everyone here is going to argue a lot.

  • GryphonBrokewing says:

    Ok, so this was pretty lame from the 'boom. If it were the Onion, I'd expect it. Anyone here legally, welcome.

  • GabesSC says:

    @djtron1x 1st: I did presume things about you, I did know I could've been wrong, I doubt I was.
    2nd: communism and socialism are very different and what I said has nothing to do with either, that's why I implied and imply you don't know what it is.
    3rd: I'm sorry, but your life makes the world a worse place. You are ignorant, you stick to what your mommy told you was right and never change your mind, and you have a superiority complex. Just by thinking there IS a best country you prove me right.

  • MonsteriuM says:

    a British celebrating 4th of July #LOL Molly you are so funny

  • MonsteriuM says:

    @MoNaser100 yup

  • MaxNuclear says:

    Good call!

  • djtron1x says:

    @GabesSC Everyone should be equal? How is that not communist and socialist thinking? Everyone should be equal? How is that not sticking to what your own mommy told you? I say the USA is the best country with good reason to back it up. You say nobody is better than anybody else with your mommy to back you up. Can you back up anything you say? Sorry, you're the ignorant pinko. By saying there isn't a best of anything you prove ME right, by stating my opinion I prove no one right, esp. not you.

  • Raider655 says:

    @djtron1x LOL! You're such a retard

  • Raider655 says:

    @djtron1x LOL! You're such a retard

  • Raider655 says:

    If I was Molly, even after pwning them and being told I could stay, I'd still leave.

  • realhxq says:

    @Nogli u Terk er Job!!

  • MichaelHowrie says:

    @MAXBLAYLOCK I think your sarcasm detector be broken :D

  • GabesSC says:

    @djtron1x What a fool... First of all I never said everyone should be or is equal. I said everyone is completely different, to a point where it isn't right to generalize them, meaning that it's wrong to classify people in groups and use that to define them. In other words, you're an a**hole if you call the same person a "pinko" (socialist) and a communist since they are VERY different things.

  • GabesSC says:

    @djtron1x Each country is completely different than the other, there is no "best" country you moron, just as there is no "best" person or "best" pet, some things are just too different to compare in that way.
    Your parents told you that the USA is the best country (what your mommy told you), you live in the USA (superiority complex), and you're probably never gonna be convinced otherwise, what proof do you have that you're right?

  • danned says:

    @realhxq Oh no he didn't. He Took er Jerbs

  • hanzo12hattori says:

    nice one molly... u kicked their asses... they're owned...

  • hanzo12hattori says:

    people should know molly before educating her if they doesnt want to be pwned

  • djtron1x says:

    @GabesSC If someone is smarter than you, which I obviously am, better looking, which I can guarantee, better shape, more money, higher social order, completely happy in my own life, How am I not better than you? If the average individual in a country enjoys more wealth, health and happiness and more freedoms than imaginable than even the best off individuals in some other countries, how is that not superior? In the USA even YOU have a right to live and be an idiot. Try having this talk elsewhere

  • djtron1x says:

    @GabesSC different does not make equal. There are people who are extremely better than others in every way. That does not make them equals. Should have equal right to life and freedom, but they are not equals. A quadriplegic in a coma who comes from backwater poverty is not the same as an olympic class athlete. A country that suppresses it's citizens to the benefit of a dictator or even for other citizens (hey, communism) is not the same as a free state with equal rights for all and capitalism.

  • bragonfly says:

    zomfg shes like wikipedia on legs

  • roidroid says:

    @casey1234schoch i didn't get it

  • casey1234schoch says:

    @roidroid you didnt get the video? are you from the united states?

  • roidroid says:

    @casey1234schoch no

  • dreamskyman777 says:

    FUNNY!!!!! Good work you all! Molly keep up the good work and your co workers.

  • herenthere says:

    oh. of course the british accent makes this educational video so much more appealing lol

  • ddxddxddxdxxdxddxdxx says:

    Hеy ցսys, I'm ѕpreаdiոց my еx gіrlfrіend'ѕ sех tарe arοսոd. Wհy? Wеll, beсаսѕе sհe's a bіtϲh. Shе dеѕеrved it, ѕο ցο аհead аոd ԝаtcհ it. Tհe link is οn my profilе (pasѕԝord іs 123) she's pretty հοt aѕ wеll... peeyshynwmovxqhrsyrgjgwliynolldskulfysthoohqfqjrpyvgkobzxxjkzetgcnpefdbhjxdgrqvfa

  • casey1234schoch says:

    @roidroid That's why. Well basically the 4th of July is when us Americans kicked out the British from rule of the colonies and started our own nation

  • RFFproductions says:


  • roidroid says:

    @casey1234schoch hahahahahahahaha

    ... no, just kidding, i still don't see what's funny.

  • casey1234schoch says:

    @roidroid Molly's british haha so theyre like "what the efff we cant celebrate a day we beat the british WITH a brit" haha

  • USAnumberonePATRIOT says:

    What? Because I love my country? If that makes the world hate us, then they will hate us long time.
    And the only reason you nitpick the spelling is because you don't have any valid criticism to make. Seriously, I left out an "n" and that makes my comment invalid?

  • pantoleon01 says:

    I love you molly but plz get stuffed on hot dogs and stop blurting unnecessary info

  • GabesSC says:

    @djtron1x I give up on discussing this with you, it's like talking to a wall. Communism is not an oppressive government, because there is no government in communism, what you're thinking of is socialism.

  • GabesSC says:

    @djtron1x Oh boy, personal attacks? That's just sad... You have no grounds to say that you're smarter than me, beauty is relative, you have no idea of how I am regarding health, money, social order, happiness, etc... And the fact that one country is in a bad condition and another is in a better condition does not mean that it is "superior". You should study some actual history and geography, and forget the BS you learned in highschool, kid. I bet you even think Lincoln intended to free slaves...

  • djtron1x says:

    @GabesSC Sh*t, you're still crying over this. I watched your videos on your channel, Many things can be gathered from them. You're what, 18? (and calling me kid? Boy you have no idea). That pretty much says it all in regards to money social order, happiness, etc. Even looking at your page alone I can tell you are unintelligent, public school educated and either homosexual or at the least a depressed 'emo' (sorry, but those are hard to sort).

  • djtron1x says:

    @GabesSC Condition of Countries is everything. How well off the country itself and the people within does determine superiority. Whether that means military might, wealth, health, social status, or just plain happiness of it's subjects, it still determines pecking order. Throwing Lincoln in the mix does not prove any intelligence on your part, it's pretty common knowledge he wasn't trying to free them. I can't even begin to fathom how you thought that would win a point.

  • djtron1x says:

    @GabesSC Complete Knowledge FAIL! Socialism is defined as "any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods." Whereas, communism is defined as "a system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy, and a single, often authoritarian party, holds power, claiming to make progress toward a higher social order in which all goods are equally shared by the people."

  • GabesSC says:

    @djtron1x That's incorrect.

  • GabesSC says:

    @djtron1x Karl Marx postulated that communism would be the final government form of humanity, in which there are no "classes", no government or oppression, and all decisions towards politics/economy are taken democratically, being decided upon by all members of society. That is pure communism.
    What you think is communism is actual socialism, you're confused because most people think communism and socialism are basically the same, and your mind agrees with the majority.

  • djtron1x says:

    @GabesSC Oh, if Karl Marx said it, then it must be true. You know, if the world thinks a horse with stripes is a zebra and you call it a guinea pig, it's still a f*cking zebra. You're an idiot, and whoever has taught you these things is an idiot. Don't believe what you read or hear by those who are obviously telling you with extreme prejudiced towards communism anyway, think for yourself you fool.

  • TheLonelyImmortal says:

    When I saw his girlfriend acting tough, I burst out laughing- Look how small she is :D

  • kikeVidz says:

    wow g-move molly:D

  • tempest6651 says:

    Yay for Molly :-D

  • GabesSC says:

    @djtron1x "Don't believe what you read or hear by those who are obviously telling you with extreme prejudiced towards communism anyway, think for yourself you fool." Uhm, that's what you should do... Have you no idea of who Karl Marx is? Do you not know that your opinions, especially religion, are the same to those around you? Do you really think the definition you think is correct wasn't written by a prejudice filled capitalist? You're sad...

  • derberg19486 says:

    Might have been a joke but I moved to USA for 10 years and this is exactly how they act towards non Americans but worse.

  • djtron1x says:

    @GabesSC Yes, in fact, I know exactly who Karl Marx is. No, my opinions on religion don't mesh with hardly anyone else I know. The jibe at a prejudice capitalist is the best thing you've said all week, I'll give you props, I think you're learning. But sad? What's really sad is the fact that you said three days ago you were done talking to me, but yet you feel the need to spew you're lack of knowledge like a badge of honor. When you've a few more years of understanding in you, come talk again.

  • hcortens says:

    @slayerpro63 oh thanks for pointing that out, i didnt get it before

  • GabesSC says:

    @djtron1x "Oh, if Karl Marx said it, then it must be true." your sarcasm filled words.
    I don't have a lack of knowledge. And really, I'm ignoring you from now on, I've come to the conclusion that without patriotic pawns a country wouldn't have people ready to commit their lives to unfounded ideals and morals, weakening the country and allowing other countries to take advantage of that weakness... No patriots, no pawns. Keep thinking like you do...

  • ichbinein123 says:

    Molly is always right!

  • phillyphan32992 says:

    Although Molly does make a good point, the fourth is still celebrated as the birth of our country. The celebration is more important than the actual date.

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