Haiti Earthquake

Molly reports on the recent earthquake in Haiti and what you can do to do help. Story links: Haiti, Haitian Creole, Port-au-Prince, About Haiti, Maps of earthquake, Geo search for tweets, Videos on YouTube of Haiti Earthquake, Twitpic Images of Haiti, Archipelago, Haitian Map. How you can help: Unicef Donate, American Red Cross


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  • KooolaBe says:

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  • angrypunkbronxkid says:

    It's terrible what happened

  • Terbium123 says:

    sad :(

  • AKACalh00n says:

    I thought Haiti was in hawaii....guess i was wrong?

  • lobohaybusa says:

    poor people

  • 4ourOne6ix says:

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  • nydeucesfilms says:

    message me on youtube if u want to donate

  • 8352731 says:

    Wow ... you watch a report on the tramatic impact of a situation coupled with the urging to help and your comment is "first"? Western civilization really is doomed and deservedly so.

  • CANNUCK72 says:

    4ourOne6ix keep your racist crap to yourself.

  • ESAMMEX says:

    I've lived through a 6.0 earthquake. It's not so bad.

  • akira357 says:

    So...Does our new health care system cover for the Haiti people?

  • fl4w3d says:

    So sad. This is terrible.


    @4ourOne6ix lol, you're 19 years old? I didn't act like that when I was 8 or any age for that matter. Ah, I'm glad not to be you. Have fun having a shitty tool-boring life and your terrible tastes from what it looks like to be everything. This honestly made me feel better about myself, thanks.

  • TermsOfUseExpired says:

    SHUT UP! >:C

  • D33D0X says:

    Except a 7 is twice as bad..

  • locomotive147 says:

    Has anyone seen Haiti? I tried calling but I think it's set to vibrate.

  • stephenetienne says:

    Thanks, Rocketboom!

  • freesk8 says:

    It's a logarithmic scale. 7.0 is ten times as bad as 6.0.

  • DemonDZ says:

    @locomotive147 No matter how sick that was.. i laughed

  • PONJOnco says:


    Not funny.

  • Basicpiviot says:



    @8352731 Or how about the person named 4ourOne6ix, that just said "lol nigg*rs"? I think I've come to terms awhile ago that something needs to happen to clear this planet of the complete trash that inhabits the "states" and of course other countries as well. Thank god for some decent people in this world or we would all be gone, I promise.

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    It's worse when you're not even first or second. Insensitive noobs, at least doit right. In fact, no. Go home. GTFO youtube.

  • PsychedelicVideos says:

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    @locomotive147 That's seriously sick!

  • fossilpro says:

    @locomotive147 what a utterly mean and hilarious comment. bravo. (clappity clappity.)

  • bigred2989 says:

    Here in miami we have a very large Haitian population. A lot of support is going out to the nation from here.

  • cmonbugmenot says:

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  • crackthecorn says:

    haiti = human slavery hot spot ..get rocked just gona f up the place even more

  • DrGorgenflex says:

    If they make a movie about this, I hope they use the phrase in advertising, "The worst place in the world, just got worse"

  • CrdBrdProjects says:

    I LOL'D

  • TheOvitsky says:

    lol i know i shouldn't laugh but its so damn funneh!

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    holy molly!

  • scarfdaddy says:

    the MAN has shut down the twitter geolinks provided fuck

  • KROMEangel says:

    for a parody channel, that was an oddly decent coverage of serious content.

  • ZombotMask says:


  • mypasswordiscats says:

    its weird that i now get my news from youtube instead of tv

  • ivan18nav says:

    uncool dude

  • Joshlama says:

    @KROMEangel it's not a parody channel, it's a news channel that covers off-beat stories. This episode is an exeption (but it is still an important issue/story that should be covered. Great job Rocketboom!)

  • thelegendofpie says:

    You and me both, man, you and me both.

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  • VagianTuerous says:

    a tragedy

  • ThisIsCleverUsername says:

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  • ScottishDuckHunter says:

    When you donate to Red Cross or UNICEF, about half of your money is going to administration (wages, flights, etc.)

  • forphuksake says:

    is it me or is it her tits want to be free from her clothing??

    also the banks will lend tens of millions of dollars then with the interest the country accumulates the banks will ask for a stupid pay back scheme. they will be poorer then b4, or America will step in and take the mineral resources or land to reduce the debt.

  • ps2stony says:

    What do you call a thousand dead people under a collapsed building?

    I don't know but red cross calls it the next best way to scam us out of money.

    Go UNICEF.

  • httprover says:

    I doubt that Haiti has the resources to draw on during its current crisis that China had at the time of the Sichuan earthquake in 2008. When major earthquakes occur near a population center it takes a toll. They will probably need a lot of outside help to restore basic services. It's a very sad situation.

  • envoy3 says:

    They should like..make Haiti into a massive factory. Yea that would fix everything@!

  • ESAMMEX says:

    They are exagerating...they just want money.

  • ViLeDeth says:

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  • ForstaSvenskenIRymdn says:

    kinda noble video!

  • Birdboy029 says:

    Thank you, Rocketboom and Molly, for covering this story.

  • Birdboy029 says:

    And everyone with the ability (not preference) to donate--please do!! Seriously, even quarters. It will all add up. I'm gonna donate at least a dollar at my school so as not to be a hypocrite.

  • wannatry69 says:

    fuck Haiti. ur tits are big... need to do a show on them imo

  • mrpitchf0rk says:

    You're stoned, aren't you?

  • manok29 says:

    god bless haiti

  • schwarzwaldvache says:

    Wow. The first time I've seen something so serious on here. Good work.

  • nanooki says:

    Molly your boobies look lovely when you are serious

  • blackacadian says:

    Haiti, la perle des Antilles. Tu te reveille aujourd'hui sous l'écroulement de notre pauvre infrastructure, mais ton peuple t'aidera a retrouver le lustre qui te va si bien. L'union fait la force, notre devise nationale, restera l'appel qui nous guidera pendant nos moments les plus difficiles. Thank you for the post.

  • duplicatehelix says:

    Molly, I had no idea.

    Thanks for bringing the news to me

  • SirKnobofCheese says:

    Also don't forget Haiti's been hit by 4 hurricanes in the last few years as well.Talk about bad luck.

  • enigmatically says:

    This is very sad news. Thank you Molly for the timely reporting on this story. I completely avoid MSM so I am glad that you guys are keeping the rest of us informed.

  • SirKnobofCheese says:

    Who would you suggest we donate ?

  • enigmatically says:

    If it is of any kind of real significance, such as a natural disaster like this, it will be covered by independent news. I love how technology has empowered the rest of us who don't want to get our news from the MSM.

  • SirKnobofCheese says:


  • OrphanPaper says:

    don't get emotionally invested in things your can't change, give some cash

  • snylekkie says:

    This is normal in that area. I dont know why those people still live there.

  • SirKnobofCheese says:

    I don't think there have much of a choice.

  • Pulpulpullie says:

    about 80% lives in poverty in Haiti.

  • Shtephanroth0390 says:

    Let them die ....

  • kidaz says:

    What a USELESS video.

  • Joey7321 says:

    That's sad...

    PS. Why do you have British accent if you live in NY?
    PS2. Shouldn't say so, and I do not want to sound like those pathetic "hey, it is a girl!" YT users, but the sad face you were making after saying each piece of information is sooo adorable :D

  • CooperLordOfAll says:

    cuz she's from the UK...

  • wulfrich says:

    She has an accent because New York is a multicultural city! Many people from different cultures eat, live and work together in that city. Many even become citizens of the United States and still retain their culture.

  • PontoonWorldChampion says:

    Did the Earthquake not affect the Dominican Republic? They border Haiti, it's the same island! Why do people not talk about them either?

  • fretewe says:

    @Shtephanroth0390 you're a massive idiot

  • shatros says:

    The earthquake centered in the area south west of the capital of Haiti. Therefore it affects Haiti far more severely than anywhere else. It also was felt in Cuba but no dammage was done there. Another difference is that Haiti was a devistated nation before the earthquake and the Dominican Republic, while not especially well off itself, is not nearly as bad off as Haiti. Bottom line is the Dominican Republic was not hit as bad and has better resources to deal with it.

  • nuggetzor says:

    Molly - You look cute with your faux sadness.

  • erdal0 says:

    did haiti excist?

  • ElectronicRenegades says:

    Man, I can't believe some of the posters on here. I know people die all the time. It's the most common and expected thing in history, but seriously. All of you sit high and mighty in your well spent lifestyle with your want for everything, need for nothing attitude while there are hundreds of thousands of people dead or injured and millions affected in some way, shape or form wondering when they'll be able to eat next or drink next or see at least one member of their immediate family ever again.

  • ElectronicRenegades says:


    That's really sad that you can blow something like this off.

    I, for one, took every little bit of money I had in my pocket today, down to the very last cent of spare change, and donated to a relief fund. Did I have to? No. Could I have have used it for something better? Probably... But at least I'll sleep well tonight knowing I fed, clothed, and sheltered one or more poor, poor souls during this extremely unfortunate time.

  • AUTubeN22 says:

    theres more tourists in the dominican republic where micheal jackson & some of my friends had weddings like lots of others do every day of the year! haiti was nearer the epicentre. its also a place of devil worship voodoo & black magic.

  • director343 says:

    thanks for that xD some people just don't know anything!

  • Uberjoe19 says:

    You, sir, have hit the nail on the head.

  • redFISTofEUROPE says:

    natural catastrophes suck

  • redFISTofEUROPE says:

    you do realize that she does talk about a very serious and important topic right? YOU FUCKING DOUCHEBAG!

  • SinisterSpade says:

    I just stared at your chest in glee. Just... damn. Molly has the perfect body. She isn't one of those annoying stick twigs, and she isn't fat. She has a great rack, an adorable face, a cute little accent... and is damn smart and nerdy to top it all off.

    I'll tell you what. If you marry me Molly, I'll donate a one hundred million dollars to the red cross effort. IF YOU TURN ME DOWN, YOU'LL SHOW YOU DON'T CARE BOUT EM.

    Show you wanna help em Molly. =D

    *Waits for all the thumb downs*

  • endlessly13 says:

    those niggers had it coming..

  • Zhyard says:

    1:34 - 1:45
    The way you say that sounds like you want us to donate money to New York...

  • endlessly13 says:

    i love your tits :D

  • MrRainMan790 says:

    ill donate if she shows me her tits

    jk i dont give a fuck about haiti

  • nuggetzor says:

    you mad bro

  • themightythor1212 says:

    According to the USGS, the earthquake in haiti was the first in 200 years, 1842-43 being the last that struck the dominican republic. Haiti is also part of a low but active seismic zone, that being the carribean. now what is really worriesome is the fault that haiti lies on connects to the New Madrid fault that goes thru memphis tennessee. hopefully aftershocks will not follow up that line

  • pricelessD says:

    @endlessly13 you are gonna rot in hell you son of a b!#@$. They are people just like you.

  • jpmmartins says:

    Impecable video. Thanks

  • Snailbarf says:

    I'll suck Molly's dick if she gives me a quarter so I can give it to those poor Haitians cause it's probably like a million dollars to them and maybe it can buy them a forklift.

  • redFISTofEUROPE says:

    he's just a troll

  • fissure226 says:

    You're the cancer of the earth.

  • MidnightRain099 says:

    My teacher is there right now :(

  • SirReptitious says:

    I have never heard of aftershocks doing that before, so I wouldn't worry about that. BUT, geologists have been saying it's just a matter of time before there is a major quake somewhere in the area between MO and TN. Like Haiti, there was a major quake like ~200 yrs ago in MO. I am in FL where we have to worry about hurricanes. But at least we can see those coming and get the hell out of the way! Earthquakes are like a sucker punch in the back of the head...

  • HomeDelsGats says:


  • HomeDelsGats says:

    thaiti is

  • thewanderingshrew says:

    Molly is a liar. 8.0 recorded in 1776? Um, the Richter scale was no even developed until 1935 so there was no way to measure an earthquake's magnitude way back then. Yes, a big earthquake hit Haiti in 1776 but one can only use an educated guess at its size at best.

  • natasico says:

    @MrRainMan790 Your parents must be so troll as you. Blame them!

  • sk84alife says:

    0:11 seriosly!!! you have a map right behind you!!!

  • Hbbrocks says:

    @Snailbarf Well maybe she lied in somethings stop say bad stuff about her or maybe she just messed up

  • MyNameIsMarijuana says:

    This girl's too stupid to be a newsreader, if that's where she's planning on ending up, tell her she's dreaming.

  • KaiserTota says:

    @MyNameIsMarijuana Why do you say that? How can you even make any judgment on her intelligence? Have you given her an IQ test?

  • Nogert says:

    I always feel so guilty, that I don't pay towards charity, I have about £50 in my bank, and I can't really use that up as it's allready pretty low, am I considered selfish?

  • nemrod21 says:

    molly gives me boner. i can't focus on earthqakes, sorry

  • Citizen1234567890 says:

    It's the thought that matters, It's great that you want to help.

  • brawlmaster12344 says:

    yep, earthquakes are nature's dick move

  • PontoonWorldChampion says:

    Oh ok, thanks. I just looked at a map and thought that the centre of the quake was not very far from the Dominican border. I was concerned that if there was a situation in the Dominican Republic then all the efforts would be poured into the serious situation in Haiti, when there was also a situation in the Dominican Republic.

  • Cherinbrook says:

    no, if you cant afford to.
    i cant either, and there are things that i feel are more important, im trying to save for college (which will take a while).
    if you really want to help though, i would try and start a fund raising foundation, or if your close try and find some other way you can help...

  • SKERLOK says:

    yes, thanks molly, that sweet girl next door look

  • leamericanos says:

    This is something that really bothers me a lot . Every time there is a natural disaster overseas ; the US armed forces are the first to arrive in less that 48 hours . And when Katrina Happed our own people were left in there own for Days ... Really America , Really !!! I don't care how poor is Haiti or anything , But tell me Don't u think that we work for the world and not for Our self ????

  • shuttledik says:

    'back up'? It was 'up' to begin with?!!

    It's reprehensible that it takes a catastrophe of this proportion to motivate people to aid this destitute nation.

    Once we do assist, however, can we find a way to help Haiti rise above it's previous third world status? There were many internal factors keeping them in the dark. With an obliterated infrastructure, perhaps there's a way to build correctly this time.

    Prayers, people.... and funds. But well managed, please.

  • Hogwartian says:

    some of the comments on this video... wow.

  • TheKensteren says:

    Molly you're super hot and to how my support I've donated to the Red Cross! Can I have your number now?

  • Cheesewookie says:

    more likely 1976, just a typo nigger

  • icirobin says:

    Why won't you trolls grow up and stop your pollution. Do you need to be stuck in an Haitian home under a 7,0 stress to understand you are not alone on this earth?

  • mianmujeeb2009 says:

    Thanx molly

  • Firster says:

    not today

  • RyuDarragh says:

    Politics, shuttledik. Theirs and ours. Next to Darfur and other African nations, they're not much better off. No real government, no infrastructure, no investment from *anyone*... and people like Pat Robertson saying stupid things that should provide a clue...

  • morochez18 says:


  • lrgphalis says:

    Who cares about Haiti...I wanna deep dick this little philly.

  • CSXer says:

    leamericanos-Couldn't agree more!

  • TheAussie00 says:

    You scum fuck

  • PuppetXeno says:

    Good coverage. I will place a donation, as I always have.

    It's amazing how some commentors here.... never mind.

  • ricardomachine says:

    this girl is just amazing, wow! God she is beautiful, dou you want to marry me???

  • Lolinn123 says:

    Iceland Won We Were The First To Go Help Them Yay Us

  • Lolinn123 says:

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  • link104 says:

    Rocket Boom always does such a great job with these videos. I just can't believe some people still post the most ridiculous comments even on such a serious story.

  • jazmynn81 says:

    haiti is filled with aids and bad, uncivilized people who act like animals-no wonder-good riddins

  • jazmynn81 says:

    has anyone ever been to florida where all the haitians go?????? yea umm thank you!!! they are fuking animals-disgusting-they are evil and have no moral

  • locomotive147 says:


  • xMadmax5x says:

    OH Molly!

  • TheForgottenDefender says:

    It's the internet, you can expect better, but you probably won't get it.

    yeah, if only more people would mobilize.

  • Garmmin says:

    OMG shes beautiful. I love that sweet accent. ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 star

  • RetardedKid09 says:

    shes fat

  • Tucker2046 says:

    RocketBoom should be must-see for children in school. It deals in geography, economics and people in a non-political report.

  • finephillyguy says:

    are you even a human being

  • keithcry says:

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  • djderk says:

    serious video is serious

  • MorarSamuel says:

    Molly's GORGEOUS<3

  • ccboy9623 says:


  • primogennaio says:

    Where was all this fuss, concern and demand for help when Italy was hit by an earthquake in 2009? Why weren't Obama, ploiticians and the media demanding America and the world send aid to Italy?

  • natenocks says:

    compare and contrast the economic difference between the Haiti, and Italy. You really can't be serious, nor use Italy, a long governed country for support. Plus Italy is part of EU. That's like asking US for a helping hand when 20+ countries are already there for support. Thank you, come again.

  • MITsolar says:

    Please donate to the RED CROSS. They need your help

  • natenocks says:

    Gorgeous Molly keeps me captivated

  • randomvideodude says:

    @keithcry same

  • freakyfriday2211 says:

    molly very cute :P

  • SlimShadyNig says:

    i would put my dick in her mouth

  • pz3j says:

    Fuck Haiti! What about your own countrymen, who need help? Go flush out your head and read a book.

  • demsla says:

    Because Italy is a developed country?

  • tussemann says:

    @pz3j: I think you should read a book.

  • barry4929 says:

    bite me

  • knockonyourbackdoor says:

    Haitians would love to fuck all three of Molly's holes.

  • barry4929 says:

    i bet she would take it

  • ednoisin says:

    The worst nightmare and torture inflicted on a human being is hearing a "barby-doll looking european witch" be given the opportunity to call Haiti "the poorest nation in the western hemisphere." In fact, it is the usa and canada which are the poorest nations in the western hemisphere; eurocentric nations that kill, steal & destroy the creations of THE MOST HIGH. Haiti, Land of Levites, redeem Yourself by returning to THE MOST HIGH YHWH. Be Blessed, Peace and Shalom,

  • thecrusadingdebator says:

    I think what she meant by that was that people in canada and america don't have to bake mud pies and sell them for a living.

  • didloe says:

    i think molly is adorable..............

  • p0ison1vy says:

    nothing like nature to keep the human population under control.

  • evilsinzy says:

    Half a million people dead.. tens of thousands still trapped in a horrific and torturous way.

    Yet somehow the youtube assholes find the need for crude sexual comments to the video poster and hateful comments about Haiti.

    I really fuckin hope you all aren't Americans..

  • rollen01 says:

    yeah america is so poor that we are able to afford to send thousands of troops, food and other utilities to these people. you need to get over yourself and stop generalizing people just because you have some kind of grudge with the government doesn't mean america in an entirity is like that just like all muslims aren't bomb suicidal maniacs that deserve to be shot in the back of the head.

  • FCbarcelona11 says:

    @knockonyourbackdoor ROFL!

  • cherryneko2 says:

    To donate $10 to the Red Cross to aid the Haiti earthquake victims and survivors by phone Text the word Haiti to the number 90999

  • gareler says:

    you are the reason

  • MrTellTheTruth says:

    I pray the people wake up in time there was nothing Natural about that earthquake. But when you tell the truth like I don you get called crazy or labeled as a conspiracy theorist. There will be more natural disasters like this around the world mark my words. Funny how the HARRP program was running a drill the day before. Wake up people

  • RobHawkie says:

    jesus man. will you americans ever let 9-11 go... yes it was awful but it's far from the worst thing that has happend. for example, the tsunami in Thialand. it killed a lot more people than the 9-11 attack

  • matman16 says:

    seven point 'oh'?

  • shuttledik says:

    We can do both. We should do both

  • ilmhams says:

    and i donate money to those poor people. but the haitians are very ungraful persons. they talk shit about this country anywhere and any time.

  • shuttledik says:

    I agree that we need to focus on our own problems... however, this country is a close ally and they deserve any help we can give. Now, if they are actively refusing our assistance, I can see backing out (Venezuela, et. al.) But again, this is an historic ally of ours (Louisiana Purchase, anyone?!) and they deserve better from us.

  • shuttledik says:

    I really do dislike Pat Robertson. WTH does he have to do w/ Haiti?!? ever. STFU, rite?

  • powermonsta says:

    Ur a buch of little bastards and losers. I hope something terrible happens to all u lil bitches talkin shit so u can feel a fraction of what haiti is goin thru. I am proud to b an american and proud that our country helps when ppl really need help. Fuck all u dipshits. Grow the fuck up!

  • shuttledik says:

    No. You're ok. Prayers help!!

  • ksheboobear89 says:

    Donate $10 to be charged to your cell phone bill by texting "HAITI" to "90999."

  • shuttledik says:

    Thank you Anti-Robertson... lmfao

  • ilmhams says:

    you little bastard yourself. they hate america. i know for sure . they don't say anything nice about the usa. god bless america. america # 1.

  • shuttledik says:

    huh? that makes no sense.

  • Raindarsus says:

    Unfortunately, they even lack the basic service. This might be a chance for the Haiti government to change their ways and actually do something to help the nation for a change.

    I know it's sad to look at it this way, with the hundreds of deaths. But maybe something good can happen out of this tragedy for a country that desperately needs it.

  • shuttledik says:

    Not that you're racist or anything...

  • spock3283 says:

    Are you that uneducated or did Haiti become state #51 overnight? By the way, our president's name is O-B-A-M-A,

  • Armyscout1979 says:

    this is a scam, dont do it

  • jasonrj8992 says:

    Molly will you marry me?

  • marsCubed says:

    Why do you think Haiti is in the state it is in?
    Poorest country in the hemisphere directly due to USA interventions.
    USA trashed it with odious loans and exploitative corp contracts, supported dictators provided they pay up.
    putting a band-aid on it and calling yourself humanitarians is not on.
    Any kind of Chazes people style movement has been crushed.
    Read up on the history please. it is not much different to iniquitous US backed capitalism in the rest of the 3rd world.

  • spankymcfeely says:

    Molly.... you have nice tits! I'd love to bend you over right now....

  • RyuDarragh says:

    Have you seen the videos showing what Robertson said about Haiti? He says things like "They sold themselves to the devil to win their freedom from the oppressing French forces." and, in essence, blames THEM for their own problems because of that! You can't make this shit up, believe me :P

  • spock3283 says:

    @marsCubed Dude, it sounds like their leaders weren't smart enough to avoid being exploited by intelligent American business men. IF A COUNTRY IS SO PATHETIC THAT THEY CAN'T EVEN DEFEND THEMSELVES AGAINST A GUY IN A BUSINESS SUIT, MAYBE THEY SHOULD BE EXPLOITED. You obviously aren't a resident of a superpower like the USA. Ah it is lonely at the top!

  • barnriser says:

    very informative. so heartbreaking. i pray healing for them.

  • spock3283 says:

    @marsCubed Also, we are sending financial / miltary / humanitarian aid as a result of an EARTHQUAKE....or did we cause that too? I bet you are from Madagascar or some other nothing regime.

  • powermonsta says:

    @marsCubed. U act like u r speaking on behalf of haiti then u scoff the usa helping hand. What kind of loser who's doin nothin to help points his finger at the ppl doin the most to help. What we will end up spendind for exceeds any money we ever made of such a small economy based country u dick head.

  • ilmhams says:

    god bless america.

  • rosali500 says:

    @ilmhams how the fuck u know we ungrateful did u come up to us and ask us to funking say thank you.what da fuk u wanted us to do like we freaking know who donated and who dint..and if you really feel like dat u dint have to donate.......THANKS ND GOD BLESS U ....c i said thank u

  • powermonsta says:

    @ilmhams. U don't know wut every haitian thinks about the us to make such a generalization shows tha level of your ignorance. One day u will truly need someones help and u get it from someone u least expected to help. Who r u to speak for a whole nation ur not even from u shithead.

  • DeRealUno says:

    so damn tragic. the most fked up part is it had to happen to the poorest and most in need. its almost as if it was some damn curse. this is just ridicoulous its infuriating as it is sad.

  • spagandtuna says:

    Look, bad things happen to good people. Now, can we get back to the Conan O'Brien situation. Do you feel sorry for him, or, like me, want to shove his silver spoon so far up his ass it projects out of his mouth and kills Leno, Letterman, and every asshole at NBC that caused the situation in the first place?

  • shadling34 says:

    Thanks for covering this.

  • Clectaski says:

    very sad

  • Whoooitsscott says:

    Seriously? You REALLY want to talk about how a television network treated ONE PERSON badly when HUNDREDS of people just effing DIED?!?!?!

  • ilmhams says:

    fuck you ou moron. america's haters. dick head. usa # 1. you asshole.

  • ilmhams says:

    the usa has spent billions trying to help haiti. a country without help. and the only thing you people do is critize this great land. fuck you. fuck you. america # 1. you can't fuck america , america fucks you.

  • ednoisin says:

    Don't be deceived Lad on your delusion that america is the great "savior" of the planet. It's the demonic headquater of satan itself with only one prime directive; kill, steal and destroy using the facade of "american interest." Napalm bombs, atomica bombs, black water mercenaries, reservation casino for Native Americans, and destruction of all nonwhite cultures are the bricks of its demonic temple; america would have been better off selling "mud pies" at the cost of keeping its soul. Shalom,

  • xoANONiMUSox says:

    where is god when you need him, huh?

  • carb122 says:

    no1 wants to fuck america, and only ppl america fucks are themselves.

  • noris2323 says:


  • arevireba says:

    America is the demonic headquarter of satan itself, eh? Thanks so much ednoisin for educating me on the nation I call home. I had absolutely no idea that we were an evil, demonic empire that is only interested in stealing and destroying.

    Call me crazy, I thought we were actually the first modern democracy in the world whose foundation has been the model for societies around the world that lifted billions out of dictatorships and serfdom.

    I'm glad you educated me.

  • spagandtuna says:

    Hey thanks for responding. What do you think? Hint: Perhaps I am commenting on the state of media-citizen affairs in our society. If I am really absorbing the instruction given me by the media, what I wrote would seem a natural response.

  • ilmhams says:

    me too. im love america. i don't see any hatians going to live in cuba. they come here to the land of the barve and democarcy.

  • ilmhams says:

    go back whrere you belong.

  • LaborHours says:

    There's some dumbass people that subscribe to Rocketboom. It's your fault, Molly. You attract guys that are jerks.

  • endlessly13 says:

    I love your tits ^o^

  • Gullfisken89 says:

    I'm Molly and this is rocketboom :(

  • geoffy98 says:

    you idiots are BLIND! America is the country that is FIRST in saving lives during a catastrophy such as this and you idiots want to say we are demonic> Open your effin eyes and see the world around you, it's completely evil anyway and if werent for America it would be probably Nazi right now. Sure we arent perfect but better free than enslaved like you!

  • alex1314159 says:

    closer to 100's of thousands

  • MisAJGraveS says:

    arevireba, Agreed, thank you for saying better than I could.

  • Whoooitsscott says:

    Thinking for yourself is much more important. Try it once in a while.

  • spagandtuna says:

    O.K. I've learned my lesson. Now please, go away.

  • psychosexual99 says:

    Molly is sooo damn cute. I could watch her all day!

  • goodyfun says:

    Not since 1776? That just isn't fair to those poor people...

  • goodyfun says:

    I don't blame Molly. I blame the memes. Memes are fun, but trolls adore them. Sadly, the trolls stick around for ROCKETBOOM world news, too.

  • mshalam says:

    hey can i get ur number babe

  • hardworker424 says:

    @arevireba Actually America took a lot of their ideas from the French. The French took the concept of a democracy from ancient Greece.

  • somejerkonthenet says:

    all haiti is might cost as much as 20 bucks to rebuild...please send any large cardboard boxes

  • logicalfear says:

    Fuck America And Fuck You, What do u think now?!

  • scragar says:

    Fire off, the USA has provided almost no aid yet, meanwhile MSF has been over there working to help people BEFORE the earthquake even hit, they've got little communication, few resources, but you know what, they're doing their best NOW, not pushing paperwork to authorise it.

    Nothing against america, but don't claim something that isn't true, if you want to help the people shut up about your country and assist those who are helping now, not planning to help when it's too late.

  • VicarOpusDei says:

    scragar : the USA can not just get up and save the whole world dick! but like everything else the USA will be the one that will remain in the island till everything gets done, not like the rest of fucking NATO, that show up for a few minutes and live the US behind to clean and finish things up, sound familiar doesn't it. In another note I am happy that i am in the position of helping my pops will take his Heli to the island to help out.

  • venom326 says:

    Too much ppl = natural disasters

  • hartmanmp says:

    don't donate shit, there's already scams set up by haitians and nigerians trying to monetarily capitalize off the good will of white people

  • Ulansananelan says:

    metal is ugly for ugly people and it SUCKS

  • drjuancarlosvega says:

    CNN reporting that the capital of Port au Prince has nearly been destroyed with damage estimates expected to top $1500.

  • bio882009 says:

    realy sorrey for them the number is cut from the huminity of the world

  • bottlesandcans01 says:

    That girl makes earthquakes sound GOOD...

  • Alkhedr says:

    we need to stop being selfish and think even once about others. after all we all human,and this is areal human tragedy.
    if you cant show sympathy then don't put your comments .

  • D3vilsMayHurtU says:

    my hole family was watching the news last night and there was a 13 year old girl got baried bye a huge peace of concrete on her and people were digging her for 5 HOURS!!!! and she got out. her mom,dad, and her aunt is dead. only family member left is her Big brother

  • camdizzle99 says:

    Molly is my new favorite news girl. I'm a sucker for the accents.

  • marsCubed says:

    I am not scoffing, I am saying that the system which has led to the kind of inequality the USA has now, where 1% own 23% of the wealth, and where 40 million are below the poverty line, has for decades trashed others more.
    Debt and corporations have exploited other states for little gain for the people who live there.
    Hopefully it will change now. Most Americans do care. Stop with the capitalism saves the world BS. it does the opposite.
    USA corp history is not something to be proud of.

  • D3vilsMayHurtU says:

    I know =[ so sad.... the news lady said America and haiti are like...... close like brother and sister ...

  • DrWizardMan says:

    Fine, but don't charge me for it with new taxes.

  • Blindska8ter says:

    i was in this earthquake and its not bad at all. the people that died were the ones that ran under buildings. i just stoon on rakeras avenue and it was really shaky.

  • drjuancarlosvega says:

    Thanks Hugo!!! HAHAHAHA, what a tool.

  • powerbar118 says:

    this is the dumbest shit i've heard my entire life, now that there's an earthquake they want money for Haiti? but Haiti has been the poorest country in North America for decades and the government never gave money for shit. Stupid UN bullshit they obviously want something from this.

  • Jo2Be says:

    What, you need me to say it is horrible what happend over there?
    Can't you figuer that out yourself, that's what the video is all about.
    Horrbile shit happens every day, everywhere in the world. This is another dissaster. Yes, i know. It shouldn't happen, but it does. And it's good that she talks about it. But i don't need to say that, she knows.

  • MITsolar says:

    Please donate to the RED CROSS or the WORLD FOOD PROGRAM. They need your help. Even small donations can make a big difference

  • psychosexual99 says:


    Build the country back up again? You mean , to what it was before the earthquake? When the most profitable business was kidnapping and prostitution of children? Yes, we should help rebuild their mud huts to their previous glory.

  • Exscaliber70 says:

    lol, the advertisement on the video about the earthquake in Haiti was about the earthquake in Haiti.

  • thirdpositionist says:

    Capitalism could work if we could press the "reset" button every 50 years, instead of the pigs just endlessly getting fatter and fatter.

  • moraza says:

    You make is sound like a good thing America exploits countries. With great power comes great responsibility. Would you say slavery is okay as its people with more power exploiting others?

  • oldguncolt45 says:

    Molly want THIS cracker?

  • Eizbaers says:

    Love this girl


  • Ihatemary35 says:

    study your geography, not to be saying it in a rude way but its good for your and it also saves you from embaressment, good tip from a good o'le friend :)

  • Rida9651 says:

    "The counrty has never experienced an earthquake this magnitude?"
    Joanne would kicksass at this if you dont believe me go watch her "biggest words in the english language video" and you can't even remember to insert a word as simple as "of" in your sentence

  • Parapon3ra says:

    Molly is HOT! Damn!

  • psychosexual99 says:

    America exploiting Haiti? How so? Haiti was French owned until an uprising that murdered all the productive white citizens. Haiti, Zimbabwe, the pattern continues. History repeats over and over, yet people never learn.

  • Kronikwisdom says:

    god this girls face is round her teeth are huge her arms are huge and so is her stomach so she wears the fat belt then her tits are the only good thing that look good fat but god damn i wanna listen to some mature milf talk no the chic i make fun of in home ec

  • mani20194 says:

    wow... first time she's serious.

  • Froyle says:

    Of Course, i agree she should be more skinny, with arrange teeth, glamour make up and everything so she can be like a gorgeous woman on tv.

    But she´s not, she´s on the web. Get over it @Kronikwisdom

  • scolopede says:

    Wow I like Molly!, a horrible tragedy in Haiti. imo, about capitalism, there will be complaints about any system. In the US there is a mixture of capitalism and socialism. Even at the "gov claimed" poverty level, people can get food stamps, a place to sleep, roof over their head, TV, radio. I think it's "people" that have failed capitalism, with corruption, there will be corruption in any system eventually.

  • Last says:

    send dem some rocketboom t-shirts, it's cold down there.

  • SeedsofJoy says:

    Molly looks hot today.

    Oh yeah, rip to those folks that dies in Tahiti or wherever.

  • podcastbard says:

    Molly's Cute :(

  • meele1110 says:

    I'm on the south of the Caribbean plate :/

  • interneti says:

    Forget Haiti...I'm more interested in this chick!

  • olliegibbons says:

    The fuck, dude? Did you just grammar Nazi on a Haiti earthquake video? People miss out words sometimes. It's not because they forget they're necessary sometimes the words just don't come out.

  • bradatherton18 says:

    dude i SO agree lol

  • demonopolis says:

    The fuck, dude? Did you just grammar Nazi on a Haiti earthquake video? People miss out words sometimes. It's not because they forget they're necessary sometimes the words just don't come out. you misspelled country in your obvious troll's it spelled again? "counrty"?

  • SugaredPurplePlum says:

    you dont have a heart.

  • interneti says:

    Haiti was a hellhole before the earthquake. The people were eating mud and living in slums. Save your money on donations, crooked Wyclef Jean, The American Red Cross and the Haitian elites will just steal it anyways. They can withdraw their money from their foreign bank accounts to clean up the mess. Slums are cheap these days.


    Thrust your ridiculous jokes in ass. Put itself to the place of these unfortunate people!!!!!!!!!!! They have lost relatives, habitation, they have nothing to eat and drink. Come round!!!!!!! Kneel and pray to GOD

  • p0peye91 says:

    damn that bitch is hot and has nice tits

  • jesusonXTC says:

    doesnt make any difference for humanity.. haiti was always a shithole, it was a shithole back then and now it doesnt make a difference.

  • nonplayerzealot4 says:

    @p0peye91 Yeah, I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for the Haitians when her cleavage is giving me a hard on. I want to see a vid of her unhookin her bra.

  • AKACalh00n says:

    Ok, ill study on my geography, and you study how to spell correctly. Thanks!

  • Kiyoibaro says:

    I cannot believe the ... trollness of some of these comments.
    Thousands of people have died and people are just perving on a girl..?
    I'm not even going to bother commenting on how desperate that sounds.
    And other comments seem to be saying that as Haiti was already a "shithole" this earthquake hasn't changed anything.. Are you implying people should not even bother helping as there is no point.. that they don't deserve any help!?

    I felt sick reading some of these comments...

  • Tobougg says:

    nice how this girl tries to get hits on her profile by using the misery of others. stick to what you do best love, talking bollox.

  • ilovetoys00 says:

    well molly you are very pretty but you need to smile more

  • houndoom1234 says:

    As if Haiti wasnt bad enough

  • IONIESKYE says:

    The strongest earthquake in more than 200 years!President Barack Obama ordered U.S. officials to start preparing in case humanitarian assistance needed. "Communication is absolutely impossible"My compassion & hope goes out 2 all...Must live with hope. Nothing is stronger than hope. Safeguard yourself & others 2 the best of ability. Crying out in sympathy...Ionie

  • lewiszim says:

    @Kiyoibaro Some people like to do that on videos that people have strong emotions towards to get more attention. Horrible!

  • IONIESKYE says:

    Belair, a slum even in the best of times, was said to be "a broken mess." The earthquake had a preliminary magnitude of 7.0 and was centered about 10 miles west of Port-au-Prince at a depth of 5 miles, the U.S. Geological Survey said. USGS geophysicist Kristin Marano called it the strongest earthquake since 1770 in what is now Haiti.

  • TheGreatSteve says:

    It's not her profile, it's her job.

  • TheGreatSteve says:


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  • TheJewhader says:

    Please Donate KITTY LITTER So That Cats Can Get Busy Burying Haiti's Future Zombies

  • ruckenfigur says:

    why would she be smiling? not really a happy story she's reporting.

  • ruckenfigur says:

    i pity you. you are not smart.

  • mini14tx1 says:

    Some of these comments are just unfortunate.

  • Metroidzard says:

    You could have pointed to Haiti on that giant map behind you

  • nalinihamil25 says:

    Its really sad how stupid and disrespectful how some of you are. Its unfortunate to know some of you have mothers,sisters or even daughters. At a time like this you people should not be posting "FOOLISH" comments like these. My heart goes out to all those people who lost a family member,child,friend and lost homes. May god guide them all and give everyone in haiti the strength to deal with this natural diaster. For all you who posted rude remarks hope it dont happen in your country. GOOD NIGHT

  • zck20200 says:

    Isn't Haiti cursed?

  • Feocia123 says:

    She is not smiling.....Titiri!

  • ebnflowandell says:

    Good earth quake report, we had and earth quake in our area too.

  • Feocia123 says:

    Well said friend!
    It's a shame that people are not aware of what's happening in the World and they take it as a joke...This is what we have to deal with in the States...

  • evilsinzy says:

    Your wrong scragar, the Americans were among the first there, if not THE first there. Americans voluntarily donate more financial assistance than any other country.

    That has nothing to do with forign aid, its actual people willingly donating without the hand of government forcing them. And not by just a little either. So give Americans some credit.

    Compare your (or another) entire countries foreign aid to one American named Bill Gates. That should put things in perspective.

  • numbah1pinoy says:

    dum niggers. lol

  • BigAndTall666 says:

    Fuck, you´re beautiful, Molly! :-P

  • mi96549 says:

    u racist. die in hell.

  • mi96549 says:

    Well said :)
    I wish this disaster never happened :(

  • jsnsykes says:

    Not even Molly's intense beauty makes this story palatable.. Horrible tragedy. My heart goes out to families effected.

  • Vermeer says:

    Dear Molly RocketBoobs,

    Thank you for this very informative piece about Haiti, Molly.
    With great power comes great responsibility. I am very thankful
    that you appreciate and excercise your position with such care.
    Keep up your great work!

  • scragar says:

    Yes, america donated more than any other country, but per person america's donations to foriegn aid of any sort at any time are low, very low.
    The united states spends almost 150 times more than their contribution, every year, to support the american armed forces.

    Don't give me some rubbish about america being heroes to the world, 91% of people in the tssunami were saved by private individuals, less than 1% by a goverment, don't act like an idiot.

  • Megafoot2164 says:

    Appeal to your internet friends and spread the word where ever you can on the internet . Donate to The Red Cross , World Vision Or The Salvation Army . Post messeges where ever you can for poeple to donate and lend a hand . I am a private citizen not a spam messege.. Post a messge to all your friends to do the same and help a poeple who have suffered enough . THANKS AND PEACE !

  • lorddkah says:

    HUGE Knockers!!!

  • scragar says:

    Why call me a dick? All I was trying to do was to tell an A-hole that he shouldn't be ranting about how much his country was doing and to get off his arse to do something that matters.
    Even if he donated to a govement effort it wouldn't do much good, govements have to go through so much paperwork and such, it's already too late for a lot of people by then, and repairing infrastructure is best not handled by the same government that caused their crappy economy years ago.

  • Landmarkmoon says:

    Tweets? You're covering this story by searching Tweets? Jesus fuck this is so dumb and trivializing.

  • paddlepopkid says: least its an excuse for people to migrate or claim refugee status to the united states. and don't donate, coz none of it gets to the people. its goes to offshore accounts and into the govertnments pocket!!

  • interneti says:

    Molly, if you're reading this, marry me!

  • kritikkal says:

    I'm Molly and these are RocketBoobs...

  • SuddenCatharsis says:

    fucking slut

  • Mahzian says:

    very sad event, we need to pull together to help these people, not comment on internet videos "nice boobs", seriously dont you guys get tired of drooling over the rocketboom girls?

  • greengreen7 says:

    bitch is fine. poor people in Haiti though. but, the bitch is fine! She knows it too!!! Tittiessss

  • Ihatemary35 says:

    lol i dont care about spelling right, if i spelled something wrong, ok then, its the internet, i know your mad, your trying to get back at me, once again ill repeat myself, i said it without disrespect.

  • crooklynsince1983 says:

    she is hot but cmon haiti is the one in need.............our brothers in our hepmisphere need our help!

  • Ihatemary35 says:

    lol did you hear that guy, he thought haiti was in hawaii xD HaHaHaHaHA pretty sad.

  • zahraelaine says:

    It's so sad donate if u can...any amount will help

  • KevinPaul444 says:

    who the fuck is this bitch?

  • wazerzeke says:

    Was it justy me? Or was molly extra-hot today?

  • smikules says:

    agreed, that color on her is just HOT.

    She's SO freaking sexy!

  • KevinPaul444 says:

    Molly's not hot,lol, she just has big TITS! lol

  • J3wsWr3ckNations says:

    Haiti is a dump, who cares, I hope some jew doesn't suggest dumping these streetmonkeys off into America. we have enough as it is.

  • badbangboy says:

    Smelly niggers.. all they did was curse God and pratice voodoo

  • felipipi says:

    @badbangboy U still believe in Santa too?

  • felipipi says:

    @J3wsWr3ckNations I do care and a lot of people too, our force is stronger than haters like you.

  • Manofbegging says:

    What do you call 8 Haitians in a tree? Branch managers!

  • Leonardo says:

    Sure enough I can't count modesty among my chief virtues, but to read comments by people who use the Haiti issue to insult and vilify the anchor with profanities and obscene language is a real eye opener on what humanity can stoop to. What a scum.

  • CGW129 says:

    .....I don't get it, lol!!

  • Manofbegging says:

    Branch managers! Because they don't have jobs or homes to manage. GET IT!!!

  • Hermitage171 says:

    I'm sorry, but in my opinion she's a little bit to sexy to be delivering this tragic information. Why is this show called rocketboom? Not the type of video I was looking for exactly, but also not without informational value.

  • CGW129 says:

    HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .........I get it nao, lol!!

  • AKACalh00n says:

    You know I'm mad? Really? What's your secret? Magic Ball? Voodoo Dolls? Or do you have an uncanny ability to know emotions through text? I am actually not trying to "get back" at you. Assume what you must. BEGONE KNAVE!

  • garrobito007 says:

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  • garrobito007 says:

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  • Manofbegging says:

    Awesome! Humor is the best medicine~


    Voodoo is not devil worship

  • queenswayXlondon says:

    racism wont make the world any better. sticking together will. only ignorant people hate and that doesn't make anyone better. we are all humans therefore no one is better than anyone else we all have the same shit. don't fell superior than God because your not. you'll never know if your next in this situation or worse.

  • primogennaio says:

    A lot of voodoo worshippers and many who hate this country. Haiti is poor but has a high birthrate, then it's their problem, not America's. As for you, when one resorts to foul language to respond, I can do the same. You are an ignorant low class piece of used toilet paper, and your only good use is for landfill. Don't bother replyying, I won't open it.


    hey! we need those cardboard boxes for our own homeless people!



  • hodhod says:

    i wish them the best
    it's always a tragedy
    to lose one's home
    not to mention the whole city or town

  • MrTrixter311 says:

    THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!! Haiti is a shithole of a country, half the population has HIV. The world would be better off if the whole country sank into the ocean..... I hope they get hit with another quake 10x the power of the last :)

  • Shinerbop says:

    LOL at this bimbo in the video. She has nigger lover written on her forehead.

  • hansfree007 says:

    Molly you cud tell me the worlds exploded and id stil smile you news angel you xx

  • FuryChord says:

    she..smiled a bit too much for my taste in this one

  • IWannabeJew says:

    Good job, Molly!

  • mcity88 says:

    LOL Americans are worried about Haiti the failed state that's economy is based around kidsnapping and human slave trade maybe you should stop paying for bombs to kill little kids in the middle east instead of worrying about these unproductive people to the south of you FOOLS

  • RebelsLiberator says:

    Good job there Molly and quite informative!

  • mcity88 says:

    Yes mark me down too show yourselves to be biased and dehumanizing Muslims and Semitics LOL you LOSE

  • Cpang00 says:

    you're hottttttttt

  • markthreemillion says:

    people just can wait to latch onto this disaster for attention ...

  • rollen01 says:


    love how you say america is satan and devil and all that good stuff yet your sitting their praising Haitis who OPENLY worship witch craft and satanic rituals. Your real smart buddy, you just need to get over your grudge and find out that shit happens and we move on. I'm sure what ever your heritage is has a long line of violent history documented or not all humans are destructive and you get point the finger at one group with out pointing it at yourself.even now you commit hate crime

  • masrawy1414 says:

    what a hot girl :) ..i just forgot about the earthquake and i was watching you :D

  • oldschoolelder says:

    thanks for the info.

  • refrgoldberg says:

    Very sad about Haiti but i must say this one thing and it may rattle some people but my god Molly, brush your hair!

  • sillyjojo6 says:

    im very glad rocketboom did a video on this subject. very informative, molly! as usual :)

  • crono916 says:

    I have an earthquake in my pants looking at Molly's breasts.

  • jfarris4417 says:

    Good news presentation

  • moonslook says:

    HAHA good one, but I would make the earthquake between her legs.

  • AlexanderHG90 says:

    I am going on cruise soon and will stop at Haiti, amongst other places. Any advice on where to stop by? I hear it is beautiful country:)

  • daredevil0063 says:

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  • MrFluffay says:

    nice bewbs, with that belt her bewbs look bigger, and why does she fixes better for the sadest news?-------bewbs

  • daredevil0063 says:

    J'arrive pas a croire que les commentaire sur cette vidéo sont telment raciste êtes vous des êtres humain ou des monstres dire des chose atroce comme sa c'est des êtres humain comme vous tous ils n'ont pas choisit ils ont subit ya plein d'enfant mort des femmes des innocents vous autre vous êtes parfais les américain LOL

  • CopperCab says:

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  • NeckPuncherJ0nes says:

    You are sick fuckers talking about her boobs while she's talking about the tragedy in Haiti. Where is the humanity?

  • LAZYDOGHK says:

    sadden only opinion is (based on our chinese culture) to be a professional news reporter shouldn't worn red skirt for the disaster.

  • prettyboy0909 says:

    This is no time for your black on white or white on black racism..

    If anyone cannot tell that these are the end times then you need help.. Submit to God or be ready to suffer on a world without his holy spirit on it..

    This is only a taste of the hell to come.

  • Traderb550 says:

    great boobs

  • bartapian5 says:

    You should read the comments under other Haiti earthquake videos, its brought all the religious nuts out of the woodwork (more than usual) , they're loving it, waving the "satan cards" & the "jesus punished them". the planet could do without these people.

    Christian Americans in they're "proof" element, full steam ahead.

  • davidls11 says:

    Two thirds of the comments on this terrible tragedy are crude, childish, racist and heartless. Says a lot about humanity, doesn't it?

  • AngryTacomaMan says:

    A big earthquake in the monkey land!

  • daredevil0063 says:

    Molly l'est go top m'y bed

  • gabbababy says:

    ok yep im one of those that says this is gods work but it has NOTHING TO DO with hell or bad ppl... its just the way the world works,,, if you proper religious freaks were real about god than you should no that he does not judge anyone!!

    May the ppl that died r.i.p ♥

  • travelinman617 says:

    Excellant coverage molly on the destruction and information on that poor country haiti god speed the recovery of those people and our prayers go out to finding the people in the rubble.

  • kmercolisa says:

    hey you Traderb550 go to hell **** this is a serious matter try to fix your **** mouth dont say anything stupid here...

  • jwindyboy says:

    please save the sermon for a wall where you live.

  • kmercolisa says:

    nice molly keep it up

  • callusedheel says:

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  • earthtovenus says:

    all i hear is the voice in my head that says molly your fucking hot ass brit..

  • saipultura says:

    damn huge tits. molly molly molly~ our son wont go hungry~

  • nadandnad123 says:

    people that make comments on youtube are always assholes.

  • pradeepkannan83 says:

    this is good

  • 73mandala says:

    i hope all you white hating black ppl see what us terrible white ppl do to help you, not 1 black country has done or promised to do a single thing for the ppl of Haiti

  • pradeepkannan83 says:


  • vmtz2001 says:

    "all you white hating black people"? What about all the black-hating white people? It works both ways. It seems to me like you don't like black people yourself. It's kind of a vicious circle. You just lump all blacks together into one group of white-hating blacks. Seems to me you're just a bit narrow-minded.

  • vmtz2001 says:

    You just made a comment on YouTube yourself.

  • johnnyheretic06 says:

    Well, America isnt based on white people, there are just as many minorities here as there are white people. America only sends help as we are the most caring and free nation out there. The color of one's skin does not increase or decrease the need for food, water, and shelter, this could have happened anywhere, familiar with California's history with natural disasters? Other nations may have the same sense of morality as we Americans do, but most of them cant afford to send help in.

  • bigdaddyquey says:

    love her accent... she look young.

  • hate420breed says:

    mmmm you have nice boobies

  • courtrye says:

    Excellent video, thanks for organizing all of those links and sharing the facts and history. That 8.0 in 1776 must have been crazy, I wonder how they measured it back then?

  • partygurl21 says:

    What is with you people!? A huge disaster took place and Molly reports on it.... and from the very many comments I've read are about her looks and *ahem* "rack"! You people seriously make me sick! You should all be ashamed of yourself... honestly!!!!!! There are MILLIONS of people suffering in Haiti right now as I type this... GODS!
    I pray for all the many many victims that have been affected by this tragic event, I hope that this country can raise up from the ashes with glory!

  • Rida9651 says:


    Looking back i feel like an idiot have no idea why i did that :/

  • banbina18 says:

    WHAT THE F.U.C.K.???
    This video is to inform all of you ignorant people that Haiti just had a terrible earthquake, it doesn't matter if Haitians are white, yellow or blue, they are suffering and we have to help!!

    Now instead of commenting about her boobs and her appearance why don't you all post a comment saying... I donated??

    This is INCREDIBLE!!

  • JeepChew says:

    I just felt a 7.3 tremor when I saw her.

  • tnoyy34rt says:

    In times of tragedy, a huge rack is a sign of fertility, a sign of successful reproduction, it's human nature, so relax... it's normal.

  • partygurl21 says:

    Mmmhmm... ok, whatever... it's still in extremely bad taste to plaster comments like that in a horrible situation such as this! >:(

  • 09thebestever says:

    thats sad man may god bless there souls r.i.p

  • tnoyy34rt says:

    i agree, but it's also bad taste to put a buxom blonde on display to report a tragedy.

    We got the bubbleheaded bleach-blonde, comes on at 5
    She can tell you about the plane crash with a gleam in her eye
    It's interesting when people die, give us dirty laundry

    - Don Henley

  • BeNice2Others1 says:

    this scares me. i hope Anderson Cooper will be alright. I love that man. All the's too sad.

  • shamantrainer says:

    Im glad all of the Hiatians are dead.

  • fgcewoud says:

    you're an asshole...

  • partygurl21 says:

    Ok... I agree with you there, you do have a point! :P I just wish that people would think before writing trashy comments on videos like this! =/

  • thiswonthurtbaby says:

    This is all about her, this is all about her, Christ isn't it always about ones like her... how about suppressing that smirking, densely objective, emotionally devoid, 35th-take, pseudo-pseudo-pseudo-pseudo-internet journalism attitude a touch more you sick, clueless piece of shit.. FUCK YOU- THIS ISN'T SOME "FYI, UM, BROS" BYLINE IN MAXIM, CUNT, GO BE THE MAYOR OF STUPIDSLUTSTON

  • partygurl21 says:

    Yeah.. this comment should be removed! Wow... just wow... how low can you get shamantrainer!

  • wasimsiddiqui4 says:

    Really she is making a sad news in to a fashion event. Throw her out

  • iLov3YuRi says:


  • evilsinzy says:


    Go fuck your straw man along with your anti-American brain washed mind. You are absolutely wrong about your numbers. The government doesn't force us to send money as much as others, but we voluntarily give way more than any other. Do you have any idea how many Americans are foreigners? Yet these poor people who come here with nothing make enough to send it home to save their families. All because of American generosity, not always free hand outs, but helping hands.

  • vydymian says:


    Yeah, America the beautiful right?? NOT! WHOLE WORLD is helping;)

  • Fattysnowfish says:

    InshaALLAH - God willing, i will make a donation this evening, for our Haitian Christian brothers & sisters.

    May God shelter those who have been left hungry & homeless - especially the poor children!
    A Muslim friend.
    الله يحمي شعب هايتي ، من هذه الكارثة

  • eyemax55 says:

    she has nice tits..

  • Sheeple102 says:

    Give to the ones she talks of will only afford them 10 cents on the dollar. Better to give directly if you are going to give at all. Why pay the ones that set HARRP to hit them in the first place. Don't give them more for their deeds.

  • olliegibbons says:

    Sorry, did you just copypaste my comment?

  • travelnotes says:

    Nice presentation.

  • brinewn22 says:

    damn,i would boink the hell out of you!

  • brinewn22 says:

    me too!

  • JeepChew says:

    Some People are saying African Nations haven't stepped up in Haitian Relief Help.
    THATS Not True! African Nations HAVE Promissed to help out!
    For Example, Nigeria has stolen the Identities of 300K dead Hatians to rack up credit cards quick. And Yemen has Promissed to blow up supply planes. And Nigeria has promissed to Pirate the supply boats so you can't say they don't have a hand in the relief!

  • KhaosTy says:

    I wonder how long this rush for aid will last. To make a comparison, the week after floods hit here in the Philippines, aid and supplies rushed in. But after it was really news, it died down quickly, even though there was still a need for aid.

    I wonder if the same will happen. Or perhaps, this tradgedy could spur other countries to help generate long-term stability in Haiti for their government and economy.

    What do you think?

  • pello777 says:

    I think it will be a cycle as it was with the Tsunami and the Philippines, after media reports die down, it will go back to the same old 3rd world country with no care for human life, sadly

  • mrlandsafe says:

    open the door jehovah you whore

  • GuidotSadarot says:

    what the hell is wrong with you?

  • prettyboy0909 says:

    I wish Bush was back in office... Obamas a smart man but it just seems like he gets NO repspect from anyone.. Bush may have looked like an idiot for the majority of the time but when disaster stuck people put their trust in Bush.. I really cant say that I feel safe under Obama.

  • MrMeineNamen says:

    i have an advisory project at school called "The Heifer Project" and what we do is raise money for a animal such as a cow chicken or pig (to name a few) and send them to a country in need. it was an unanimous vote to send it to Haiti

  • giorgiomariaforever says:

    i wish i could help these people..god will help u people...

  • Quizoid says:

    Thank you for this rundown.

  • newbe4me2 says:

    prettyboy were was bush after katrana

  • Just8eatit says:

    tell that to those who are being crushed and contused under the roofs of their own houses and homes. I don't think they will appreciate it much, so why do you bother telling them in the first!?

  • Serubis says:

    lets just say that all over the internet people say that Haiti joined New Orleans thanks to U.S.A secret weather weapon H.A.A.R.P even china felt it wrath or could be made by nature who knows

  • paccplayer11 says:

    @JeepChew LOL

  • ClassicSoundTV says:

    please people donate anything you can, RED CROSS can be an option. It will make a big difference. it could have happened to any of us. the world is very unpredictable nowadays. Thank you

  • freedombiteback says:

    Research the HAARP Agenda (angel don't play this harp), and see how deep this rabbit hole goes !!...

  • regime01 says:

    God Bless Haiti,
    Da Regime

  • machinegun13 says:

    Keep in mind that for every person spewing racial hatred, there are a million people that feel love for these people. We are standing on the shoulders of giants. Most haters could not survive 48 hours without the help of others. And because we are standing on the shoulders of giants we should do everything we can to help our fellow Man. This is the fundamental question: what kind of world do you want to live in? Love or hate?

  • blingdorkle says:

    here you have another instance where the imperial United States has the audacity to instantly respond to another countries private business. Shame on the US for invading Haiti. It's all about oil.

  • robert50ph says:

    really! is earthquake a private business!

  • pboisei says:

    Text ' haiti ' to 90999 to help!

  • Fikeloco says:

    Que gatinha!

  • wilbertcaba says:

    hahahahah! good one!
    I'm surprised how many ignorant people are out there!

  • ehopkins12 says:

    I'm interested in going to Haiti to help relief. Ideally...I would like to be on a plan yesterday. Anyone know any organizations looking for people?

  • huykjv says:

    Contact the American Red Cross if you live in the US. I'm sure they need people.

  • Diabloke2701 says:


  • pboisei says:

    It's not a scam, it is being run by the Red Cross. LOOK it up for yourself!

  • bladerunner983 says:

    Right now, the poor Haitians need water, food, medicine,... and NOT MONEY !!!

  • brinewn22 says:

    fuck you dick!

  • brinewn22 says:

    what you dont like pussy?

  • brinewn22 says:

    me to but she does have nice tits!

  • AlleluiaPTLord says:

    @brinewn22 you are sick... when did you last see a doctor or exorcist!

  • GordaBoricua says:

    brinewn22 stupid, ignonat fuck sick!!!! this is not joke.

  • REDSOCKZ209 says:


  • royalspin says:

    What oil ?? Where ? In Haiti ? Wake up its about saving lives ! Oh and the US is always damned if they do and damned if they don't.Thats the price you pay for being the most powerful nation in the world.I may not agree with my nations politics or policies but I do expect it to help others in need which is what is happening right now.For those who want to spout hatred go elsewhere and stay on topic.The victims don't care who helps them, they just need help period !

  • kabir0836 says:

    It a proto-type I did not go for large scale production because the lack of facilities and privacy reasons. Im sure if I get the support required, this technology can be distributed within ten years around the globe, and we will be able to resists the effects of an earthquake by more than 50%.

  • kabir0836 says:

    But those who are the so called expert, they have showed no interest, to help me to develop this technology.
    Today the whole world is rushing to help Haitians, this is all very good of course and I appreciate this attempt. Other than that why dont they give us the solution to withstand the effects of an earthquake.

  • kabir0836 says:

    The technology available in the world to resist the effects of an earthquake are either very expensive or are not affordable.
    In my opinion, we do not need any hi-tech technology to resist the effects of an earthquake. I myself have developed a technology which will be very cheap, long lasting and affordable by everyone.

  • kabir0836 says:

    Either they ignore my approach or discourage me in some way.
    I will tell you that, why they are not interested to solve these problems, because every R&D (Research and Development) project are getting, huge amounts of subsidies from their respective governments especially in developed countries. Those who are in top positions in this field do not want this technology to be released.

  • kabir0836 says:

    Every year we are seeing hundreds of thousands of people around the world die, especially in earthquake prone areas, the property damage is also uncountable.
    My question is, what are the researchers are doing to solve this problem.
    Nothing really, I myself have approached the so called experts on earthquake technology.

  • kabir0836 says:

    I am talking about the Natural disaster EARTHQUAKE.
    Up to this time scientist & researchers giving us ultimate solution to resist the effects of an earthquake but, are these solutions helping anyone?

  • kabir0836 says:

    The world stands on a fragile structure. Yes, either you agree or not, this is the reality. Mankind has advanced a lot in the twenty first century, but at the end of the day where are we? Nowhere, our homes, offices, hospitals and all the installations, anything is safe for us.


    Yeah whatever Meghan Mccain! I vote genoicde for Haiti.

  • pharmacyiii says:

    I am President Barack Obama's "best" and #1 friend on youtube. I have Mr.Obama's cell phone number as well. Please come to my channel. Please subscribe and be "my friend" and I can give you his cell phone number.

  • allroundprodigy0 says:

    i agree. all u insensitive MF's can take ur wannabe-cool-for-saying-heartless-shit-in-the-face-of-tragedy asses and comment some other video. its 2010 and its a shame some people cant put there ignorance aside to at least hope for the best for those among the least fortunate. i guess if you cant relate you just dont care

  • allroundprodigy0 says:

    and anyone who wants to trash talk me keep it coming. =] makes me realize how much of a better person i am than you

  • endlessly13 says:

    que tetas tan ricas :p

  • endlessly13 says:

    well we started good this year didnt we :) .. less nigger = a better world

  • allroundprodigy0 says:

    fuck you asshole... think about whose runnin the country u live in and whose making the decisions around here. its a new day get over urself

  • cav3r91 says:


    Are you trying to troll?

    If you are, let me tell you are are fucking failing as much you possibly can.

    If not, kind sir, please shut down your computer, grab a noose, and hang yourself. Now THAT would be a good year... less of you = better world.

    Please feel free to argue back like the faggot you truly are, I can gaurantee you will not win.

  • endlessly13 says:

    im calling cav3r91 hypocrite .. cause of what he/she said

  • combat1con says:

    @endlessly13 your stupidity has turned you DELUSIONAL

  • allroundprodigy0 says:

    and idk why everyone is saying this bitch is beautiful or anythin along those lines....

    shes ugly as fuck n ppl sayin that must be dating both their left and right hand

  • delano654 says:

    FUCK 'em

  • Dahnje says:

    @delano654: Life is strange and poetic.

  • HelpHaitiVictims says:

    To donate money for FREE to help the victims of Haiti please click on our name....We will donate $1 for you for FREE to the Red Cross!! Click on our name to goto our page.

  • Dahnje says:

    @HelpHaitiVictims: Stop trying to scam!

  • BrianaBanana09 says:

    it feel so sorry for this

  • combat1con says:

    LOL nice 1 dude YOU LOSE

  • iluvtwilight77 says:

    ok i search this to hear what happened and yal are being freakin retards talkin about her and cussing other people out.. way to be mature ppl.... PEOPLE ARE DEAD over there.. and yal are saying all this??? wow, u think ur so cool rite? *ENDLESSLY* what is ur freakin problem? why dont u take ur own advice kid.. the haiti ppl are in my prayers..

  • HelpHaitiVictims says:

    not a scam!! We will donate $1 for real!! This is 100% true!!

  • HelpHaitiVictims says:

    not a scam...100% true!!

  • AUTubeN22 says:

    pray my asre who too?

  • NatureOne79 says:

    I feel for those who have lost their family and friends. 45 thousand people killed. I hope people will get their lives back on the rail again soon, although for such a poor country , it is not bound to happen any time soon.

  • endlessly13 says:

    the US gov might as well drop a bomb to finish the job.. now is our chance.... i dont know why do you feel compassion for this parasites

  • iluvtwilight77 says:

    WHAT IS UR FREAKIN PROBLEM?! people are dead over there and you say they deserved it?! mature.... take ur own advice on that

  • lyn61 says:

    How can you not feel compassion..i think your a can anyone be so evil

  • iluvtwilight77 says:

    you are one messed up person.. ur just trying to get attention on urself..

  • iluvtwilight77 says:

    these people are in my prayers. god bless everyone who is helping..

  • endlessly13 says:

    them nigger should be exterminated ... there's nothing good coming from them ... they're just getting a free ride, eating away our tax money

  • madlolchuck says:

    this is the reality. the pain make people grow up even more. but still i feel sorry for them. hope god and human help them

  • delano654 says:

    well said

  • NatureOne79 says:


  • iluvtwilight77 says:

    whatever.. u need help. how would u feel if ur family was over there? the little things they have are gone! there are bodies on the street. you are SICK.. and im tired of fighting my case, and hearing just flat out stupid people like you say stupid stuff to get attention when you dont know. and i have enough class to do it without swearing. unlike you

  • milosevic999 says:

    @endlessly13 well done you have illustrated that 1) you have no compassion 2) you are an imbecile devoid of any intelligence 3) if you were in front of me i'd give you a good kicking

    Best wishes to any affected by this tragedy, please ignore the few morons like endlessly13, there are more important things to contend with here.

  • endlessly13 says:


  • endlessly13 says:


  • brunospainpower says:


  • HAYGUY1234 says:

    @endlessly13 burn in hell you life hating racist i bet your a satin worshiper or part of the clan

  • milosevic999 says:

    @HAYGUY1234 they wouldn't take him, he isn't smart enough

  • endlessly13 says:

    no .. I'm a proud soldier of God and the lord Jesus Christ...

  • endlessly13 says:

    pinches tetas se las quiero mamar!!

  • samil155 says:

    @endlessly13 God is going to punish you too for the bad stuff you said to those who died, to those who survived, to those who weren't affected by the Earthquake, and to those who lost their loved ones.

  • GetASeriousPerson says:

    As many people have said, Molly is an inappropriate video commentator.

  • EndOfTimesProphecy says:

    Obama-election's next day, news-media made out their articles
    These were not yet printed when news came the Lottery-draw was 666
    So next day's newspapers-headlines read
    666's the Mark of the Beast of the Bible showing the Antichrist
    He will force this mark - money - on everyone
    Obama's the world's biggest spender and Jesus DID kick out the temple-merchants
    Money's Obama's 666-Mark

  • delano654 says:

    they need to help themselves

  • 912jumper says:


    Haiti is over populated as it is. They can afford to lose 100,00 or more. America needs to help out America and Obama needs to realize this. We have more unemployed people, more foreclosures happening and Obama wants to help these people out. Fuck that! Charity starts at home and then spreads abroad. Obama, help American's first.

  • GodHatesYouPeople says:

    Thank God for this, leaving 50,000 dead haitian niggers and many lives ruined. It's what they get for making a pact with Satan.

  • tmarpe says:

    Blaming GOD as always, just remember this: Northridge has killes 52 but this quake 52,000 why? God is good with Americans and bad with others?. This is a disaster caused by humans who did not help Haiti before, this a human's assassination committed by humans, especially humans who work for IMF !! IMF IMF IMF the most evil organization of the world!!!

  • iluvtwilight77 says:

    dont understand some of you people. how can u not be a citizen of the United States without wanting to lend a helping hand to those who are less fortunate than we are?? our economy may be down, but this is america, haiti needs as much help as they can get. god bless every man and woman going over there to help. if i could, i would.

  • Gilgamesh2010 says:

    May God bless and keep those who perished and their families who are now suffering. Every human life is precious.

  • JBroMCMXCI says:

    Stupid fucking Muslims.

  • mingmong0070 says:

    the world is living, man is futile against the force of nature, God bless the people affected. Nature will wait for no man.

  • daniaahmed says:


    Why are you blaming Muslims?
    An Earthquake is something natural!

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    Please don't cry. You know, your video is equal to some airlift cargo. I thinl thousands of subscribers donated their money after they watched this.
    Wipe your tears. Please...

  • skinny12331 says:

    France should try giving back some money that they stole from Haiti 200 years ago, they took what would be 20 billion in todays money.

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    A very tactful video. Thank you, Molly!
    I awfully wish you to never suffer anything like that.
    Those terrible nightmares described above.
    "The bird was born to be in flight. The human being was born to be happy".
    I could say these words ten times when speaking of you.
    The bloody ocean of human suffering!
    I know sometimes those images bring tears to your eyes at night because of your heart that is full of love.

  • tinytina789 says:

    I wish it to be known that I have an enormous knob. Thank you?

  • KyraFuture says:

    Omg, that was exactly what I was thinking daniaahmed!!!

    Here is a horrible story about a devestating earthquake n some1 starts blaming it on a random religion and it's, WTF???

  • fernlope says:

    she is HOT! damn

  • MrHappydays247 says:

    I'm absolutely outraged by this comment- thats 50,000 PEOPLE dead! and many more lives ruined!! These are people that were uniquely made and loved by God. My heart cried when I saw these pictures in the newspaper and on this video and wonder how you can say these things, and claim a WHOLE contry has made a pact with the Satan. Not sure it works like this. I pray you never have to see this kind of deverstation first hand, but wonder if you did if you would still feel the same.

  • 133Nomad says:

    @JBroMCMXCI Wow, that's the most arrogant thing I read today since Rev. Pat Robersons comment. Congratulations on being the second most arrogant person for me today.

  • skinflint28 says:

    Mark 13:8 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows.

  • LongshanksSid says:

    And me but mine might be a little bigger. lol

  • yerk3 says:

    JBroMCMXCI: What the fuck? Sniffing glue is bad for you, just so you know.

  • 202tyree says:

    3 words repent , repent , repent.

  • shamantrainer says:

    I am happy that 50,000 Haitians died, but still a little sad the whole country didnt just sink into the ocean. oh well, god takes god gives.

  • Vortex93 says:

    Why are you happy ?

  • diegopmc says:

    Cause he's a fanatic moron.

  • delano654 says:

    thats exactly what haiti needs fucking bleedin heart liberal do-gooders

  • shamantrainer says:

    Haiti is the least developed, most criminal piece of garbage in the west, one of the worst in the world. Its a country where no visitor has even a sense of safety. Go to the governments website and look at travel safety tips "keep windows closed and locked, stay away from crowds, alternate travel routes" Its a country filled with people who would murder you for no reason but to take the 11 pennies in your pocket. I am happy scum gets obliterated.

  • konikula says:

    too bad. hopefully Francia will success with its plans to recover totally this small subject. iam not sure, but they all still invest unbelievable money in stupid things like afghanistan, while they could push such little country miles forward, with minimal effort

  • StrictlyGentile says:

    Hey Whitey, worry about your own people (for once).

  • luchobal says:

    the Sheldon´s sister?

  • Leunamme1506 says:

    youre a looser

  • GlamourCakes says:

    It's so funny how Obama does absolutely nothing for america except put them in even more debt by giving countries the money america doesn't even have. I'm going to laugh when all the people that voted for the idiot, experiances america declaring bankruptcy because Obama wants to give Haiti $100,000,000 while America is sitting in even more deabt.

  • Jin6107 says:

    donate money ppl

  • GlamourCakes says:

    ~continued from my last comment~

    No offense to people that don't believe in God or anything but isn't it strange how Haiti (AKA the people that deticated their nation to Satan) gets hit by a HUGE earthquake leaving probably millions dead? And New Orleans (The place where people practice voodoo shit all the time) mainly gets hit by a astronomical hurricane. It's hard to believe that, that's all coinincidental.

  • GlamourCakes says:

    Sorry if I misspelled anything in my comments; I'm finnish.

  • jajuka5180 says:

    You're an ignorant asshole.

  • FlameBlazers says:

    Yes, young lady taking the opportunity to get famous off of dying quake victims. It seems she takes herself pretty seriously. Being so important... must appeal to her Im telling you.

  • StillSkyHigh says:

    hey guys please sub me (if u want to) i will appreciate it:)

  • Mario009c says:

    are you saying that everyone on Haiti are satanists?

  • Mario009c says:

    i'm sure you need more money to sit on your ass all day and do nothing

  • JROV13 says:

    id give molly an earthquake in bed ;] tehehe

  • latinkingsarebetter9 says:

    da bible said this thinqz wer gana happen

  • victoriahorses says:

    im in mexico and we are doing all we can to help also . reality is - its just turning the money making machine on and printing out afew more dollars.. if every country turns theirs on for the haiti cause. there will also be abit more money floating around the world . :D

  • bubblegrunge84 says:

    But it is ok for bush to send or family members to die in a country we do not even need to be in??? And, people's comments like this is what turn people away from the lord. I'm ashamed to worship the same lord as someone qwho has no comppasion for man kind. Instead of pointing fingers as to why it happened shouldn't you be more concerened with saving thoses people.

  • bubblegrunge84 says:

    . I I do not mean going pver there and helping pull them out of the rubble, I mean save their hearts. Whether it is true or not that they country ""Satans pack" dosn't mean everyone there is a satan worshiper. this is the most ignorant remark Ive ever heard and all of you who belive this should be ashamed of yourselfs.

  • fakeplasticjen says:

    This was actually very informative and Molly is a fabulous news reporter. Thanks and well done.

  • DeadEndJustice13 says:

    my grandma used to do humanitarian work in haiti before she passed(btw she is from peurto rico). she loved these people and i feel bad for what they are going thru. i hope the best for them :(.

  • basenjib123 says:

    Molly is smoking hot!

  • ModeLTU says:

    Except that Satan and God don't really exist, but okay

  • bubblegrunge84 says:

    Ok drive down miami beach adn you'll be told the same thing. That is a stupid excuse. find a better one fpr why hundreds of people should die then comment back.

  • delano654 says:

    the best thing to do is to do nothing

  • gabi326jjk says:

    so they are one of the poorest country's in the world and now this happens, any Christan wana explain that? ware is your "god" now

  • MrRainMan790 says:


    mexico is poor as fuck too ahhaah you arent doing shit

  • Echostarwb says:

    Yes because if everything is not going 100% right, then we are to blame. But out of this tragedy I know some Haitians are probably even happy. The world is noticing them now. Funds are given to the country where it had nothing before. A certain population were so hungry that the ate dirt. YES DIRT. Now they have "real" food to eat.

  • josywtta says:

    A small thing we can all do for them is to give some clothing, food or money to an humanitary organism that will really help the people there! I hope fot the best for them!

  • gabi326jjk says:

    fuck you you rednack american piece of shit

  • endlessly13 says:

    im praying for more nigger children to be squashed ..i hope God answers me

  • ilooouuvvTS says:

    What the! @gabi326jjk "God"...he was there all the time...He always is and always will be. He just could of let this happen because, well it teaches you to be a a stronger person and to get closer to God when bad things happen...

  • DaHebrewHammer says:

    HAARP was prescribed to reduce the Haitian population

    Only stupid people will think that the most dense Subsaharan city in the Americas was innocently the center of the Earthquake


  • Shinerbop says:

    lol the loot and murders have already started in Haiti. Go figure.

  • DaHebrewHammer says:

    I just noticed this Blonde Bitch on the video, Is she a mudshark?

  • wildcards420 says:

    This was a 7.0 quake, the U.S. sent aid; but how much did we send to Sichuan, China 5-12-08 when a 7.9 killed 22,000 people? How much aid was sent to Sumatra on 9-30-09 when a 7.5 killed 1,117? I agree with Rush Limbaugh that Obama just sent aid to make himself look good!! Fuck the other countries, take care of home first!!! After we fix America, then we can help the rest of the world!!!

  • 1paramotor says:

    @endlessly13 ...and I pray that your throat will be cut and you will watch as your own blood squirts out of your throat until you die

  • krisychantel2015 says:

    You are horrible. >.>
    Now if it was your country I bet you'll be the first one to die.

  • endlessly13 says:

    terrorist nigger lover!

  • 1paramotor says:

    @endlessly13 ...Go fuck that whore of a mother of yours

  • combat1con says:

    @endlessly13 anyone dont feed this fool gas cuz its been like 4 hours and obviously he has nothing to do but stay on here and cause shit, he's been on here since this morning doing this and is the BIGGEST LOSER IN THE WORLD. Keep jerking off lil boy and grow some hair in special places before you talk

  • delano654 says:

    well they wanted independance from france,and for 200 years they have had it and in that time they (the haitians) have fucked that island to hell,now their in trouble they want the white mans help again?well FUCK YOU HAITI part of being 'INDEPENDANT' is that you stand on your own fucking feet!!!

  • endlessly13 says:

    those nigger got what they deserve ... @combat1cunt stop being such a nigger lover!

  • 1paramotor says:

    @delano654 ..another DUMBASS

  • Funkyfm9 says:

    that is so fukin racist endlessy13, don't you fukin have a brain? twat.. n what makes you think you have a right you son of a BASTARD

  • delano654 says:

    another liberal WANKER

  • 1paramotor says:

    @delano654 that really the best you can do? that's sad

  • kukbmx says:

    nice tits

  • shamantrainer says:

    just remember Katrina, God hates niggers just like you and i do. Our prayers will be answered my friend :}

  • comeonmakemyday says:

    Why did their own police ran from their duties and why did their own government go into hiding. The U.S. will take over now. We will claim Haiti, but first we'll feed them and rebuild them and then we will be entitled to their oil, Gold, coffee and mangoes. Every one will be happy.

  • Jblackman900 says:


  • Jblackman900 says:

    very sad what friend who is in my new video..his family was affected by this...

  • Jblackman900 says:

    my friend is affected by this

  • 3looafifi says:

    fuck u all black people haters !! racist people u will never recover , curse u all , burn in hell suckers :(

  • joshskipton says:

    ok to shamantrainer and endlessy13 yall have got to be 2 of the most retarded ppl on this planet think about it black ppl have been here jus as long as whites and if god hates them he wouldnt have created them it aint the civil war anymore live in recent times jus curious but do any of u have any favorite sports teams? o by the way im half white half mexican

  • omgitsbrittie says:

    It's amazing to look at the comments on this video and see how absolutely fucking heartless and rude some people can be.
    Just saying. :|

  • omgitsbrittie says:

    It's amazing to look at the comments on this video and see how absolutely fucking heartless and rude some people can be.
    Just saying. :|
    People are still people, no matter what ethnicity. Those people have friends, families and lives just like we do.
    It's shocking how numb some people are to other people and their suffering.

  • omgitsbrittie says:

    @GlamourCakes Things like that go on everywhere in the world.
    I understand what you're saying, but just because that goes on doesn't mean that that is the reason it happened in my mind.
    A large population of Haitiansare Catholic.

  • kds798 says:

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  • Zorrill00 says:

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  • dynamitewebsites says:

    great news...less niggers in the world. I love it. they all have aids and brought it here in the u.s., karma....haha
    Look at the videos and watch them all walk around instead of helping rescue or ??? lazy niggers...

  • shegarrett35 says:

    how can God hate what he created? Not possible! too bAd THE RACIST people wasn't there in the rumble....

  • locoranchers says:

    I have a video about Kanye West and the Haiti earthquake on my page, check it out yall.

  • highchief42 says:


    I am with you on the whole Obama thing all he wants to do is spend money that the US doesn't have. Also he has accomplished jack shit (and gets a Nobel prize for it). The sheep that voted for him are blissfully unaware that our nation is falling apart. Just because Bush is out of office doesn't mean that we are changing direction. *braces for thumbs down from the sheep*

  • paddywagons104 says:

    that whole country should have slid rite in to the ocean who gives a fuck .......

  • bigwalterjones says:

    It's one thing to not care, but a whole other thing to be happy about this.....

    They deserve it???? That's fucking evil. People would be FREAKING out if it wasn't blacks.

  • MaliciaMiseria says:

    That's rude, but I was wondering when I was watching the news why they didn't try helping those still trapped instead of just walking around.

  • sacramentolove says:

    dam!!!!!!!!!!!! just imagine an earthquake in new york city... well, those in haiti earthquake will be missedd... :(

  • RuflessRecords says:

    she's healthy

  • JackSureshot says:

    the natives are out of line criticizing the fact foreign rescue crews are combing the hotels and foreign embassies first. I was air lifted out of Lebanon in 2006 by the marines, AMERICAN CITIZENS FIRST is the correct motto. marines and rescue teams are right to look for their citizens first. As an American I love having the comfort of knowing my embassy is my home soil and I am never abandoned, stop complaining Haitians, the world is doing all they can with your terrible infrastructure

  • KIRBYSLAYERm14 says:

    @RuflessRecords so u r to

  • Ihatemary35 says:

    im not stupid, everytime i send a comment like that, people always have to have a smart answer, you probably just tried to say it nicely, but yet your being a bitch about it, i can tell if your going to comment like that, like really i hardly spelt anything wrong on that comment, of course i dont care about spelling but you didnt have to say it in that manner, im done talking to you, this is getting nowhere lol, not worth the time.

  • AliveWithLoveTonight says:

    Okay, It's one thing not to care, But they deserved it? Do you have no hearts? That is fucked up man. And if you really want to help , and have a cell phone PLEASE text, yele to 501501, I am not a spammer, I did this about three times, and it's only $5. And if you don't it's pretty fucked up of you. Like over 6,000 dead bodies there, HAVE A HEART.

  • bigwalterjones says:

    The sad fact is....Many in Haiti are taking advantage of this situation, to rob, steal and loot, rather than save lives!!!!

    Talk about opportunism at it's most disgusting.


  • ken23118 says:

    she's fuckin hot. . =)

  • Medieval1991 says:

    Yeah, I see what you mean. People sometimes sicken me...

  • s0n0fman70 says:

    Please help the victims of the earthquake.haitirelieffund(dot)blogspot(dot)com

  • WDWaddict says:

    No act of kindness however small, is ever waisted. Plus if we dont give to the poor, who will provide for the rich if a tragedy such as this happens. Thank God for where you live, and pray, because you would feel allot different if it were your family member trapped under a concrete building.

  • QUEENM0ANA says:

    I disagree...People would be freaking out if this happened in a WHITE country. How long ago did the earthquakes and tsunamis happen in the Pacific Islands of Samoa & American Samoa? I saw aid and response but no freaking out.

  • delano654 says:

    god works in mysterious ways

  • billbounce says:

    Well, I hope the Almighty is satisfied!!
    This catastrophe is God's fault, period!!
    I hope the eternal bastard's spirit is eventually extinguished!

    This is one time Man cannot be blamed.

    Why does he pick such a poor and destitute country to suffer such a calamity?

    We have a very sadistic God.

    Destroy Oh father, son, satan and holy bastard spirit.


  • mjluvvvx3 says:

    your retarded this situation is serious and all you care about are her looks.

  • QUEENM0ANA says:

    God does

  • kophykupp says:

    @MaliciaMiseria It's called shock.

  • billbounce says:


    There is no mystery about it>

    God shall pay for this and other such tragedies, period

  • mcferglestein says:

    you shouldn't call tectonic plates God, that's just blasphemous

  • TheRetiredtrucker says:

    @JackSureshot agree. have a friend sent to work in haiti last week, was staying in the hotel montana. his boss got out, no ones seen friend since, still looking :(

  • stargazer315 says:

    why is it that people decide that they won't follow God and reject Him but when a natural disaster occurs they automatically point fingers at God and say that He is rejecting them when they have rejected and ignored Him from the very beginning????

  • GUINNESSGARY83 says:

    "Jesus. what a joke. hes gay everyone laugh at him."

  • delano654 says:

    who are we to judge gods work?

  • MrDabas says:

    If I wasn't a gay muslim I would fuck the ass off that girl IT WOULD BE OFF THE RICHTER

  • PurePower025 says:

    FCK YEAH!!!!! I LOVE GOD!!!!!!!!

    with that said, we in end times, so this is expected.


    ALSO, had this happen to white people like those in Argentina, BLACK people would be happy and laughing at white people, and say, "thats a white man's problem"

    but since this happen to black people in haiti, WHite people are called racist if they dont help.

    THANK YOU MASS MEDIA for your mind manipulation images and stereo types!

    Haiti, is hatey country.

  • faymx77 says:

    WOW ... Gods work is killing people?????
    Praise the Lord of destruction!!!

    or what? you believers are gonna say that god had a plan for this people?
    or that god works in a mysterious ways?? (killing people)
    or You'll never understand, only god knows why?
    or Praise the lord because a quarter of the city is alive??

  • delano654 says:

    our lord loves all his children

  • appletonp says:

    Do not give or send money to UN. The blood on their hands from Rwanda should never be forgotten, along with hypocrisy of Clinton who in complicity with Albright authorized that genocide of 2 million.

  • dannymezzo says:

    if u dont send money the blood will be on ure hands nobdy deserves a 7.0 earthquake

  • Shinerbop says:

    God bless the earthquake that destroyed Haiti and killed scores of those nappy headed animals. God did do something to Haiti and it certainly wasn't a blessing. Lol

  • carlmiester3 says:

    those people are lucky t die cuz they get t see god and dnt have t deal with the shit were dealing with.

  • ilmhams says:

    dear president : please sir : we need those 100 million dollars in america. people have no jobs. losing their houses. the old wonderful people can't pay for the medicine, etc. in the end they going to spit in the american flag.

  • JessicusMaxiumus says:

    HEY We give Haiti and the rest of the world the most aide even if our economy sucks because we believe in helping people and most Americans want only peace. YOU'RE THE IGNORANT ONE

  • Bigjonmetal says:

    Ignorant indeed, just look at these comments.

  • endlessly13 says:

    i hope there will be another earthquake so it wan squash the remaining nigger kids left...

  • Retrocky says:

    he mother nature has a nice way of get rid of those damn niggers

  • endlessly13 says:

    fuck you atheist scumbag! go hug a tree

  • mohan2 says:

    i hope one of those niggers fucks you're daughter like you're so afraid of.

    lol, get secure... pussy

  • OoohLaLaLamour says:

    Aren't negroes always screaming about how whitey holding them back from the full expression of their existence? And that whites are colonizers and overseers? Well then, let these Haitians exercise independence and self determination NOW, during the difficult times. That's what self-sufficiency MEANS. Blacks can't have it both ways. Blacks complain about the evil white man oppressing them, but then blacks run to that same evil white man whenever they need help. No. Let's see how "equal" they are.

  • endlessly13 says:

    fuck you, you wetback .. go back to your country or go to haiti to suck one of them nigger's cok if you love them so much

  • kaptainkarnage69 says:

    Concise account of the situation and the poor conditions in the country before this latest devastating earthquake.

  • JessicusMaxiumus says:

    this is what pisses me the fuck off all this anti-American bullshit-we need money and the average American like the government, like always, is trying to help but people will always bitch because they are brainwashed. If anyone fucking lived here before they opened their mouth they'd realize were good people who donate because we have heart and not money.

  • manly833 says:

    wats with all the racist ass holes in here? these are real people who have dificult lives trying to find the littlest things to eat everyday. fuck yall

  • locoranchers says:

    check out the Kanye and Haiti video on my channel

  • eSilva90 says:

    People in here disgust me, awful comments.

  • JessicusMaxiumus says:

    we don't have the money to send as much as we did, but as the comments on here show, no one fucking appreciates how we're still the leader in donations worldwide.

  • hamz411 says:

    To all you haters out there yall need JESUS in your life...and to all the people with hearts to give to these people who are in need the good lord sees ur good works and will reward you.....GOD BLESS THE PEOPLE OF HAITI...

  • endlessly13 says:

    i hope it finishes the job... too bad aids takes to much time to kill them... i wish there where things that could wipe them off fast so we dont have to deal with their filth

  • Shinerbop says:

    Agreed endlessly13.

  • endlessly13 says:

    GOd please kill more niggers ... it's my birthday..!!

  • Shinerbop says:

    Obviously, God didn't "bless" Haiti hamz411, in fact he did quite the opposite. You would think that it would be obvious but brain dead idiots like you can't tell a fire when its burning right in front of you.

  • Shinerbop says:

    You disgust me as well eSilva90.

  • JessicusMaxiumus says:

    stop making Americans look bad redneck

  • eSilva90 says:

    thanks for sharing that

  • ForcheAlex says:

    @GlamourCakes Oh your Finnish? Why are you commenting on America's poor money spending practices then?

  • ForcheAlex says:

    I'm appalled at all the lack of human decency in these comments.... if you don't want to donate, that's fine, but jesus christ, are you kidding me? Do you realize that this earthquake devastated the entire country? It's not like Katrina, which only affected part of the country, this is was a country killer. My heart really went out to them, I donated, but I'm not saying you have to..... just show a little respect.

  • ForcheAlex says:

    @nalinihamil25 Bless you

  • ForcheAlex says:

    @ehopkins12 The Peace Corps I would assume off the top of my head, but if you are serious about it, I suggest you do some good research.

  • MrRainMan790 says:

    people bitch about america getting involved in iraq then they want us to get involved in this. FUCK EM ALL. dont give em shit

    take care of our own first

  • joshskipton says:

    lol didnt u see the part that i am white also so ur talkin bad about a fellow white man? isnt that against some of ur kkk rules? what is ur favorits sports team endlessly please tell me

  • halofan38 says:

    i say we help them sadface:(

  • JessicusMaxiumus says:

    rednecks can be rich or poor. They are the reason no one respects this country with their idiot racist uneducated mindset. I live in the real America no racist bastards here!

  • endlessly13 says:

    dont like sport ... you're a traitor not worthy of being call true white ...

  • MrRainMan790 says:

    everyone is a little racist just look at how 98% of blacks voted for obama and look at the race of people in jail . its not racist to bring up facts either.

  • Shinerbop says:

    Ah ok, so according to you the definition of what a redneck is has vastly changed.
    In that case, I don't even care what race you are, you are a nigger.

  • Shinerbop says:

    No one cares if you are appalled ForcheAlex, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Oh and whine more.

  • joshskipton says:

    so what do u like then do u live in the south im takin it? and y am i a traitor if u seen me in real life i promise u that u would talk to me as a normal white person u would have no idea im mexican. o and where im from the minorty is the majority. us mexicans are here to stay we do all the jobs u rednecks wont do o wait i think mexicans and rednecks are pretty much the same right? u live in a trailer right? ur against the government right? u have a shitty job right ur jus like us

  • JessicusMaxiumus says:

    @ mrrainman790 no but he is using the n word.. that's racist

  • italy430 says:

    i wish all the best for the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

    i'd also like to point out that Molly's rack is looking absolutely fantastic today!

  • MrRainMan790 says:


    maybe hes pissed that money is being wasted on these people when it could be used here instead

  • JessicusMaxiumus says:

    @ shinerbop you're an uneducated piece of shit to be using a word like that- what state are you from anyway ? Please stay the fuck out of mine! We're the real America

  • Niggerbomber says:

    at least lots of niggers died

  • destructivetax999 says:


    u suck!!!

  • uchiyaa says:

    "IT IS TERRIBLE THING TO FACE" we all are praying to survive more peoples.from our every one will help u..........

  • PiningGersha says:

    How come they built their houses and buildings so weak that they cannot withstand earthquakes? Haitian engineers must be so dumb. In fact all blacks from Africa are so dumb - I think they were really born to be slaves of non-blacks. Look at Africa - it is so desperate, people don't stop killing each other, no civilization, no education. They are like monkeys.

  • tforeignguy says:

    @PiningGersha it is one of the poorest nations in the world.. its surprising to see they could actually be bulding stuff like that.. instead of criticizing you should be looking for a way to help...

  • tforeignguy says:

    @joshskipton very true... most hispanics are here to work and earn money for their families in their native nations, unlike rednecks that dont have a job and only live off of social services...

  • 21centurynews says:

    they were not dumb they just didnt have the materials

  • platinumbeatZ4U says:

    Niggerbomber u do no your going to hell for sayin shit like that....and i and going to ask someone to curse your life

  • DesperadoMan1989 says:

    @StormSinister I agree with you the niggers are helpless. Time to exterminate them

  • raimsire says:

    I hope you will die first... you chauvinist asshole..if you don't have anything good to say... SHUT UP AND GO FUCK YOURSELF

  • KemKem9 says:

    um rather not bitch i know your gay ass would like that go suck a dick trying to argue on such a tragic seen

  • DesperadoMan1989 says:

    @smittywer Bitch then I will see you in hell along with some niggers. And I will be killing niggers even in hell. I will amputate them limb by limb and then eat them alive.

  • pandadust1 says:

    I hope these racists never get their partners back from iraq lol maggots

  • DesperadoMan1989 says:

    @KemKem9 Bitch you can't even spell right, time to get your head slapped by some niggers, I'm sure you like that.

  • pandadust1 says:

    I cant believe were still at war over the twin towers that wasnt ish america needs to get on the heezy fasheezy and quit cryin over SPILLED MILK HA LOL

  • pandadust1 says:

    get it SPILLeD MILK

  • DesperadoMan1989 says:

    @pandadust1 I don't have a nasty guerrilla nigger wife from Iraq. Unlike you panda, and you love getting ur lil cock sucked by a big nasty nigger bitch, i feel sorry for you

  • DesperadoMan1989 says:

    @pandadust1 YES I agree, you American niggers need to get over the Twin Towers and let other niggers bomb you instead

  • KemKem9 says:

    @DesperadoMan1989 Racist motherfucker shut up, you insubordinate bastard just go wack of to porn an stop talking. Heartless starting shit on this subject it aint the time or place.

  • StormSinister says:

    The negroes are murdering each other. An extermination has already begun.

  • DesperadoMan1989 says:

    @StormSinister And we should help the niggers out and hasten that process, lol.

  • pandadust1 says:


  • StormSinister says:

    Lol. XD

  • DesperadoMan1989 says:

    @KemKem9 Hey Bitch. Let me clarify a few things.

    1. I don't watch porn
    2. I am an educated person and I can spell, unlike you.
    3. I am sure you tried very hard to find a big word and you came up with "insubordinate." OMG

  • pandadust1 says:


  • youwildbank says:

    Silence! Please pause and feel the PAIN there. LIke the soil, we come in different colors. Like flowers we come in different colors. Give everyone a chance to grow out of poverty. Can you help your brothers and sisters around the world? Or at least give them your words of support? It will be a better world if you consider this. Please reach out and hug someone of a different color. It's a start. The world has been hell enough without your love. Thanks!

  • Shinerbop says:

    I would say about 95% of the 792 comments are racist hate.

    It's funny to me because I am one of those racists yet on a more serious note it shows what a lot of people think about blacks, and we don't like them. No amount of political correctness and attempted brainwashing by the media can change that. The liberals, the media, the news, in their decades of trying to convert white kids in to brainless self hating, white guilt feeling sheep, have FAILED. Now that, is a lot of wasted effort

  • mwolfe94 says:

    burn in hell

  • DesperadoMan1989 says:

    @youwildbank I hug my GF everyday and she has a different skin color than I do. That doesn't mean that I should love the niggers, niggers are not human, they are worse than pigs and rats.

  • pandadust1 says:

    @DESPERATE DESPERADO- I hope a tornado hits your vagina and makes COOLWHIP outa ya i know your pussy stanks

  • DesperadoMan1989 says:

    @pandadust1 This shows that you are a retarded nigger lover. Why do you think that I have a vagina. Isn't my youtube name"DesperadoMan?"

  • paulyboyproductions says:

    first time i m watching molly and i must say she does a great job hope to see more of her reporting

  • KemKem9 says:

    For such a smart person you sure talk like a dumb bitch aint no one ask for none of your brief gay as fuck LIE history about your self.

    1. Smart Person Dont Argue with people on youtube
    2.Don't lie on youtube bout your education an not watching certain stuff
    3. Im smarter so ill leave you alone i dont have time to argue with lesser being on youtube

  • DesperadoMan1989 says:

    @youwildbank The way it works:
    How to get shot in the ghetto:

    1. Drive a decent car
    2. Have at least 10 dollars in your wallet
    3. Look at some gangster nigger in the eye
    4. Is Asian(like me)
    5. Runs into a gas station
    6. Tries to shake hands, being nice, or hug someone.

  • fallenangel80 says:

    this made me chuckle , but i was thinking how do you like your Haiti, i like mine shaken not sturred

  • armani242009 says:

    i wish all the money that send to help haiti will really go to those people not in the hands of currupt people pls pls

  • DesperadoMan1989 says:

    All the countries with a majority nigger population are poor, that is a solid fact.

  • urie6543801 says:

    u ignorant bitch get a life,, nd im not a black person for u info ight b4 u start talkin shit figure out who u talkin too.

  • bylime says:

    I'm not asking you to refrain from expressing but rather hoping you could feel a little compassion. They've just lost relatives, friends, children, possessions, and their homes. The survives are going to thirst to death.
    If that's how you feel then it's how you feel... but it's upsetting enough without hateful comments.

  • youwildbank says:

    @DesperadoMan1989 You left out one part: the part that you put aside any fear, mistrust or hatred in your mind. Then you might have to BEG to get shot and won't. By the way, I love Asians too. I went to Japan and Korea. Beautiful people. I just beg of you forgiveness and a few more chances because the world is slowly improving and waking up. We can be friends. I can introduce you to some amazing black friends. Would you like that? It takes time. I am just sorry you had some bad experiences.

  • DesperadoMan1989 says:

    @urie6543801 It's easy to tell me that you are not a nigger on here. Well bitch, whether you are an American nigger, an African nigger, or a Hispanic nigger, you are a nigger.

  • urie6543801 says:

    so i guess ur a white nigger

  • StormSinister says:

    We are spoon-feeding these negroes way too much, as if they are simple-minded babies. We give, we give, and we give. We give so much money and food supplies, that it seems like we are wasting our time. If the country wants to be poor, let them be poor. The US has it's own problems. Spare the rod, spoil the nigger. That is what I say....

  • StormSinister says:

    Foolish negro, know your place.

  • youwildbank says:

    @DesperadoMan1989 There is a corelation between the HOT EQUATOR and poverty level. Books were written about this fact of poverty. In chrnonically hot climates, particularly islands, the necessity level is much lower, one doesn't need as much luxuries, clothing is light, production is slower, skin is darker. It is just an unfortunate environmental factor and it ran deep for generations. This could change as population increases and we are better organized to raise standard of living everywhere

  • DesperadoMan1989 says:

    @urie6543801 LMAO no I am not a white nigger.

  • fallenangel80 says:

    prayers help? are you fucking serious? the last thing we should do is pray and tell the fucking church to donate some of that gold they have painted on the walls and floors of the vatican.

  • youwildbank says:

    @fallenangel80 you probably can do much better than praying people and the Vatican. You are street smart. We need more people like that. Just give it abit more love. Money is less important than love. I think you know this inside.

  • TheAmpad says:

    Where is the all powerful God in situations like this. I am sure he saw it coming and he could have prevented this earthquake from happening, but of course there probably is no God.

  • DesperadoMan1989 says:

    @TheAmpad Hey you have to understand that God lets nature take its course. God exists, but he doesn't dictate what happens on Earth, besides, those niggers deserved it anyways.

  • youwildbank says:

    @TheAmpad Nothing on earth is permanent. We are just spirits learning how to be human for the experience. It doesn't matter how long we live, we die anyway. We don't need God in any of this. It is just a fact. Just like fallen arches and sagging bones, earthquakes happen from gravity. Everyone will just enjoy every possible breath we can muster. Death and life come together, inseparable. When you were born, you die daily. Now we realize we are just as fragile as a leaf. Appreciate what we got

  • DesperadoMan1989 says:

    OK BYE I AM OUT I HAVE TO GO TO SLEEP. Enjoy your earthquake video little niggers and non-niggers.

  • youwildbank says:

    @DesperadoMan1989 Everyone dies anyway. No one deserves it. It just happens sooner or later. It is time you let me introduce you to some really wonderful black friends of mine. Is it possible that you are repulsed by the adverse living conditions in Haiti? Yes, it desires improvement. I think we karmically were responsible as our ancestors brutally treated them on slave ships. You can read about it. It was so bad, some of us had to rise and abolish it. Scars remain today, still. Haiti is one.

  • JulieLOL55 says:

    hey i personanly dont belive in god

  • hoolahers says:

    All I know is this blonde is freakin' HOT.

  • DesperadoMan1989 says:

    @youwildbank You might be responsible, but I am not, I am an Canadian-American of East Asian descent, lol. I am not responsible for the slave niggers on the slave ships.

  • DesperadoMan1989 says:

    @hoolahers Too bad you can't get her, she is simply too elegant for you.

  • youwildbank says:

    @JulieLOL55 You have a point there. The "god" people talk about for ages is not supposed to be easily described. One just cannot "embrace" all that is, which is a staggering quantity. Atheists like us "know" that this "greatness" is just what is, undeniable, but indescribable and best left that way. No statue, no title and no finger can do justice. It is just all of us here, born and unborn, all magnificent miracles. The great mystery is our quality, what we are, before birth and after death.

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Can someone tell me what's so tragic about 50,000 dead niggers...?

  • Beagleface19 says:

    Absolutely Innapropriate!!!

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    I'm just asking...

  • unitedstatesdale says:

    Remove the Women and Children.
    Execute the Males and start over with good sperm from the West Indies.

  • youwildbank says:

    @TheMarkOfTheBeast1 It is 50,000 in pain. I am so sorry for the tragedy and their loved ones who lost someone. It could have happened to you. Even dogs are not racist, they come in all colors! You are much brighter than a dog. So please join us in your support in showing some care or sympathy. That would be enough if you cannot help directly. Can you spare the insult?

  • nastylefthook1 says:

    why doesnt black america go to haiti and turn country around,,,for that matter zimbabwe,,south africa,,republic of congo,,sudan,,etc,,,all these countries are suffering black nations,,,why dont the freed slaves go back to their countries of origin and help their people,,,,,black americans you are free,,time to go back to countries of black populations,,,,,,what is stopping you from returning and helping your people,,,tiger woods should be the first to leave,oops no white women

  • jostvandyke2007 says:

    I wish it had been the 50,000 racist commentators below.

    Apart from a few sympathetic comments, I find it hard to believe there is ONE HUMAN BEING AMONGST YOU.

    Your a disgrace, I would seriously DISABLE COMMENTS ON THIS PAGE

  • youwildbank says:

    @nastylefthook1 The universe doesn't work that way. We cannot dictate that much as you suggest. You know that. This is just idle talk. We have to let nations learn among themselves. Many of the problems in world stem from unchecked hatred within families. It just takes time through learning from errors. Errors manifest for positive reason: for us to see with clarity at the outcome and in turn we beg for reform. Maybe all this love could turn many people around? Your love counts. Thanks!

  • santababy305 says:


  • santababy305 says:

    @GlamourCakes DUDE UR FUCKING RETARTED. UNITED STATE IT LIKE THE BEST. HAITI WHICH IT MY COUNTRY IS VERY POOR THAT THE TOTLE NUMBER IT MAKE FOR HAITIAN MONEY IS 20,000DOLLAR. haiti has jack now. so obama can help he not racist. if john mccain was president. hell no he not gonna help the haitian get help. he just gonna let them starve or bleed to dead

  • santababy305 says:

    @endlessly13 GOD PLEASE KILL THIS NIGGER. IS HIS BIRTHDAY. Fuck you nigger. im black. if u try to stab me im gonna stab ur motherfucking family u racist bicth

  • santababy305 says:

    @Shinerbop i disagree endlessly13 haiti are not racist!!! YOU WHITE NIGGER WERE RACIST BACK FROM WHEN SLAVERY START UNTIL 1967

  • captainlargefingers says:


    I'd be willing to bet, from the disgusting nature of your post, that you have an astonishingly small penis. Or you're impotent. Probably both.

  • santababy305 says:

    @Shinerbop fuck off u idiot im gonna stab ur ass if u can't shut the fuck up. haiti need help!!!

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    I don't HAVE any care or sympathy for thanks, but no thanks.

  • kinkster100 says:

    i barley heard of this today and it just shocked me
    i donated money
    they need all the help they can get

  • FlowersRose989 says:

    omg....thats truly very sad about the victims of haiti... 140,000 people dead....still counting probably... god bless them, they need money more than we do...& we whine about our economy and all but look at haiti victims, they dont have a home & have countless injuries with barely any doctors....and their country is totaled...This, what happened should be an eye opener to almost everyone.
    R.I.P victims of the haiti quake...godd bless you all and i hope more help comes your way! :)

  • santababy305 says:

    @JessicusMaxiumus i agree many racist people tryin to kill them by tellin jesus..

  • santababy305 says:

    @Shinerbop u fucking disgust me nigger

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    If it was 50,000 WHITE people that died, Obama wouldn't give a shit.

  • CanadianWorkDivers says:

    I'm White, But I prefer to be called Honkey, or Cracka

  • santababy305 says:


  • JustHere155 says:

    Everyone should stfu and pray for more survivors.

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    @zck20200 yes, must be all the voodoo they do...

  • kinkster100 says:

    wtf is wrong with u?!?!
    i can tell ur a hideous red neck
    we dont need ur type AT ALL
    theyre just as important as ALL of us
    do u know the past of the word "nigger"
    its ugly 2
    just go away and leave them alone
    and maybe u should die
    we dont give a flip if its ur b-day either

  • cwhazzoo says:

    @y1hardtop wow how would you feel if someone said that about you. Everyone can be forgiven. That is why God sent his only son to atone for our sins. Anyone can always repent.

  • captainlargefingers says:


    Lucky for me I've got spare time.................................................

    unfortunately, for you, what I choose to do for recreation doesn't take away(in the least) from the fact that you're still a small, angry, deluded little douche....

  • steflondon88 says:

    I know this is besides the point, but your accent seems to go at the end.

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    A small, angry, deluded little douche you're STILL dedicating your time and effort towards.


  • tillyboos says:

    Wow, this is such a total tragedy -- Haiti will never recover from this I don't think. Unbelievable -- I feel so bad for them. Haiti has always been a tragic story, and this makes it much worse. Everyone PLEASE donate to the Red Cross or another organization of your choice to help the suffering. Remember, it could happen here too. I live in CA, so I know what earthquakes can do. This is such a saddening event.

  • eldentista83 says:

    If you imaginary god do that to!, he has to be bored... and needs to get laid urgently.

  • captainlargefingers says:


    Yup! Nothing like engaging & exposing the chronically stupid for who and what they are!

    Seriously dude, this is more fun than sex, and about as seasy as shooting fish in a barrel!

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    You're wrong. God has disowned these servants of Satan, and rightly so! And by wanting to help them, you too are turning your back on God! :@ :@

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    I fail to see what you're actually doing besides giving me undeserved attention and showing yourself to be a complete mug.

    Are you attracted to me...?

  • FlowersRose989 says:

    how in the world am i turning my back AGAINST god when i want to help others? from my point of view. your the one turning your back against god, and man kind for your lack of pity and not wanting to help those in need. -_-'....

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Because you wish to help those who follow Satan. And for that, you too will pay. Just you wait and see. You are not pleasing God for questioning his punishment.

  • captainlargefingers says:


    Nope, you're Dad, on the other hand, can't keep his hands off of me...he's in the next room and says I don't need to wear the rubber, he like sit bare-back.

    Pat Robertson's here too and wants a handjob...but he's so messed up with alzheimers he can't remember how to unbuckle his belt.

  • FlowersRose989 says:

    Punishment? for one you dont even know if god punished haiti! and theres exactly no proof whether they follow satan, some may but that doesnt mean all of them! & i would want to help ANYONE in need because its not right just to leave them standing alone and nobody doing anything about it.

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Hahahaha!! 'Kay, I must admit that was funny...

  • marcellechica says:

    God's heart is love.
    texted 'disaster' to 90999 to give $10 to compassion international. so much need, this is just one quick, small way to give. or text 'Haiti' to the same number for $10 to go to the Red Cross.

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    God's heart is justice, and these Devil-worshipping beasts are feeling God's Holy wrath!

  • y1hardtop says:

    The bible does say "let the heathen starve" and it also says "go out from among them." It really is a sin to associate with certain kinds of people and the Haitians are one of those kind.

  • Drogindor says:

    For questions on how you can help, donate or volunteer, please call 714 499 2123. Your aid is greatly needed.

  • mbabist01 says:

    Q: What is the difference between a nigger and an ape?

    A: The ape is smarter!

  • FunnyFamilyFive says:

    Nice, you ignorang SOB!

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    A. One lives in trees, scratches its ass and eats bananas, the other is an ape...

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Yes, exactly

  • morbidchild44 says:

    So the people that are saying things about this was all gods fault, do you really believe that?

  • ilmhams says:

    already there's a haitian saying '' fuck the usa '' i knew was coming. very ungreful poeple.

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    I know. I'm sick and tired of our governments wasting billions on foreign aid for ungrateful people who would rather see us dead. Fuck 'em, let them rot for all I care

  • xxhunnyxxbeexx says:

    What about the billions of dollars Canada, Britain, and many European countries gave to America for Hurricane Katrina? They sent aid workers there years ago. Why is this any different?c

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    And you're just another guilt-ridden, self-hating liberal pussy and you need to go and kill yourself.

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Because these people hate us and everything we stand for.

  • xxhunnyxxbeexx says:

    I think any God that punishes innocent children by death and disaster is pretty sick. If these people have "lost their way" shouldn't God try and help them rather than spitefully punish them.

  • mbabist01 says:


    "A. One lives in trees, scratches its ass and eats bananas, the other is an ape... "


  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Why do you care about these devil-worshippers anyway...?

  • xxhunnyxxbeexx says:

    What have these people done to you that deserves this? Have you been directly affected by ANYTHING the nation of Haiti has done?

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    No, I just don't see why I should care about them. I don't see why you should either...

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Who are you to question God's wisdom? If God wants to punish then He will punish, and you are NOBODY to say otherwise!! Now away with you, follower of Satan!

  • mangajo says:

    i'm not even american dumbass, but after that ridiculous statement i'm willing to wager you're somewhere near kansas rotting away in your own filth and dreaming up the 1950s when life would've been comprehensible to you. your jefferson is dead

  • xxhunnyxxbeexx says:

    @platinumbeatZ4U isn't cursing devil worship? Kinda being a bit hypocritical aren't we

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Nor am I, but you're still a guilt-ridden, self-hating liberal pussy, and nothing can change that. Now go and drink weed-killer and slit your wrists already!

  • xxhunnyxxbeexx says:

    Okay, not that it's any of your buinsiness but I am NOT a follower of Satan since i don't believe in him. I think any evil in this world is created by people like you who are too ignorant to see that the only true way we can help these people is by stop being so racist and putting religious differences aside. And by the way haven't you heard of "love thy neighbor" ? From what I've read of the bible god created the world from peace and love, not racism, ignorance, and evil.

  • FlowersRose989 says:

    @xxhunnyxxbeexx i couldn't agree more. (: it seems like theres only racist pigs in this world that show no respect for anything but themselves...& not for ones who need more help then they obviously do.

  • CarpetMuncher1337 says:

    ill donate some money if i can tittyfuck yo white ass lolz!

  • y1hardtop says:

    If we must love our neighbors and also consider Haiti as our neighbor, maybe we should unbolt it from the Dominican Republic and slide it, Haiti, over towards Russia.

  • zeromegatron says:


  • combatarmsSS says:

    I feel really bad for these people

  • 1purpledraank says:


  • IamLav says:

    If only things like this happened more often. It would really help with our over population issue. Nature will find it's way of balance, even if it costs the earth to start from scratch again.

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    You'll get flamed for saying that, but I completely agree. I actually get a sense of satisfaction out of things like this, because I know there are too many of us. For the greater good, that's what I say

    Good comment =)

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    No you don't.

  • callusedheel says:

    this dog has a lovely rack

    but she should stop the NIGGER loving farce

    Get with the Aryans girl

    I'll come pick you up right now, dog


    9.5 quake LA/HAITI


  • Gormangahst says:

    California will be next.

  • rystrttn1 says:

    i love you molly

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:


  • TheBlackWelshman says:

    seriously, america is the world's plumber, we are expected to carry the weight of the recovery while almost every other country in entire world is every bit as self righteous as we are yet they sacrifice very little compared to the US to solve world disasters. I'm not a gung-ho "patriot" or anything but the more you pay attention to these types of calamities the more this seems true, like where is china when this type of shit happens?

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    China puts itself first and isn't stupid enough to waste billions on foreign aid per year. China is a sensible nation.

  • darkelf68 says:

    right now, i am touching my dick, imagine what this girls feet and toes look like, i would love to rub my cock all over her feet until i cum hard

  • handyrandom says:

    Do you think this will help slow down their aids epidemic

  • nfl2k2 says:

    you know who else is in dire need of food, medical supplies, and water?

    millions of my fellow americans. Why shouldn't I help them first?

  • RasTmaan says:

    this girl is Hooot,

  • ma98h says:

    what a bunch of fucking racists on this page. yh you are right the one party chinese dictatorship dont do much, what a shock. fucking dumbass.

  • ma98h says:

    @callusedheel do some research about the "aryan race"before you open ur fucking mouth dumbass.

  • kelloggcerealxoxo says:

    so much for being christian

  • wildcards420 says:

    @nfl2k2 Finally, an intelligent comment from an intelligent person! Thank you!!!

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    YOU do some research:

    white-history. com

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Exactly. Charity begins at home!

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    We're racist for wanting to put our OWN people first? Oh dear, we have an ignoramus people...

  • ladycordisa says:

    @Bigjonmetal..well we all will c in da end and i dont need 2 kno wat u is and i cant judge u...but u will b just aiight and its crazy that u would believe dis world just happen...and no one created it!!!

  • Zauama says:

    Long live Haiti!

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Are you black? If not, then stop talking like a nigger.

  • Mrroyce07 says:

    America is the superman of all seven continents. mt Everest could get blown over by the wind tomorrow. whose gonna spend millions n millions n millions upon hundreds of millions on a six month munk relief effort? you got it. AMERICA. now we got our hands in another pot of shit (no u fuckin losers i dont mean blk ppl) n before you know it the next issue wont be water its what do you do with the people. so then the us will do what it does best. spend more millions upon millions upon millions

  • myhomethequeens says:

    Don't know what theirprobelem is I often can't find my house after a few Afer shocks

  • edyvnit says:

    Natural Disasters are impeccably out of human's control... but we can reduce the chances of their occurrence by being friendly with the Nature and as far as possible keep it as green as god gave it to us.

    Well For the Victims of the Haiti Earthquake may their souls rest in Peace ! Amen !

  • Mrroyce07 says:

    to save a country thats just to far gone. i could only wish that every man woman n child will find some type of peace after the total destruction w.e life they had. its horrible but its also not a horrible thing to feel a certain way toward the relief effort. instead of allowing all American citizens the privilege of free 6 month health exam lets just blow those millions of dollars on a lost cause. i love my American ppl but seriously. fuck our government....really

  • rystrttn1 says:

    OMG the whole world thinks Molly is a hotty and not about Haiti!

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    This girl does not have a brain-cell or a free-thought in her slutty little head...

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:


  • HelpHaitiVictims says:

    To donate money for FREE to help the victims of Haiti please click on our name....We will donate $1 for you for FREE to the Red Cross!! Click on our name to goto our page.

  • Shinerbop says:

    lol I know right

  • Shinerbop says:

    This girl wreaks of being a brainless bimbo. You just can't possibly take something a girl like this has to say seriously. Go back to the kitchen bitch.

  • gameswizard01 says:

    It saddens my heart that this tragedy is being laughed at and that some of you are saying that they deserve it or that God has turned His back on them.
    How sad that such a devastating tragedy has become a race issue.
    Jesus said that he would leave the 99 to go back for the 1 lost sheep, He doesn't want any of us to be lost to Him. We are to show love and compassion even to our enemies. Help Haiti!

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    lol agreed

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    It saddens my heart that idiots like you even exist.

  • BarryDennen12 says:

    I will donate if there's a date in it.


    Oh well.

  • Yourizan says:

    who's the gurl? she's friggin cute *drools*

  • hummusbomb says:

    200,000 less black people to contaminate the gene pool, thank heavens.

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Agreed, but nobody knows the exact death toll... I think it's only about 100,000 just now, unfortunately

  • GravityWithMe says:

    Well it's good to know people still believe in Karma and have excellent ethic and love for their world. <3

    Seriously? Go crawl under a rock. This is inappropriate.

  • pslteamcaptain says:


  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    What is there to love about such a shit-hole? It's inferior "culture"? Its voodoo-practising, AIDS-ridden citizens? The crime? The rape? The gangs who are currently taking advantage of the situation and looting? (see the news)... Or perhaps its the smell you love?

  • RproD says:

    really shocking video footage of the earthquake..


  • lictor313 says:

    this girl is doubtless far too attractive to talk about the festering pesthole that is and always will be Haiti.

  • chatterkoirafani says:

    Help Haiti!!!!
    This news is all over the country so it's not just a little eathquake and thousands of people need help!!! And so many people are homeless and they don't have water or food!

    Haiti needs our support and love so please donate money to the people in need in Haiti!!!! <3

  • imbissfrank says:

    Contaminate the gene pool? You gotta be kidding ! With "things" like you occupying space on this earth, the gene pool is obviously contaminated beyond hope !!!

  • cristoretornebiblia says:

    This girl looks like my girlfriend twin siester, Very beautiful, Where my partner works in the Medical field many work associates have already gone to Haiti on emergency to help out, I dont think the problem is lack of money, its lack off man power, at this time they need skilled people in this kind off situation who is experienced in these disasters, My partner is pregnant otherwise she would have even gone to help as she visited the country and loved the people

  • cristoretornebiblia says:

    I am appaled by the racism on these vedios, I am not "negro" nor am I "white" however I am in a relationship with a scandinavian blonde who is stunning and we are reading the comments with sadness, we are all one race, one blood, lets love and look beyond colour. In my country many white women marry black and brown men, why be bitter? Lets love each other

  • checkurbrain says:

    nice boobs , and thanks for the ..., hmm what was she talking about?

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    We are not one race, we are one SPECIES, full of different races.

    Race isn't only about colour.

    You really are a naive, brainwashed ignoramus.

  • ClythiaMystica says:

    Sucks to be them..

  • ClythiaMystica says:

    hey y1hardtop i agree with your comment =) ♥ Go america!!! white powaaaa

  • darckowner says:

    SHE IS HOT !!!:o:o

  • cristoretornebiblia says:

    We are all equal, no difference, my partner and I traveled africa, india south america, russia and helped and met amazing people, how am I brainwashed? Even thoe my partner is scandinavian she can speak 4 languages and helpd to build a school in kenya.

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    You're just parroting the usual multiracial propaganda that's been ingrained into you.

    Lol I really don't care, dude...

  • rhod5566 says:

    cristoretornebibia you have been brainwashed and you suffer from white guilt.please dont think that these feeble minded black savages in haiti are equal to whites.

  • Zammys0nly says:

    Do you believe in God?

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    What is "God"? That's the real question...

  • Abricialio says:

    I wish I was the next president of Haiti, I would save the country, and get so many money as possible to built a country like America... Haiti is a nice country, but the people realy needs money.

  • AreebaAmigo says:

    i notice that USA brazil australian UK, europe china lead the donation. i have yet to know if any islamic country has donated anything at all

  • MsKempter says:

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    no sign-ups

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  • patonrob says:

    I agree with cristoretornebiblia 100% and the fact tht rhod5566 can be such an idiot makes me sick to think that there are actually people who are this heartless in the world. I wouldnt be surprised if you die a horrible death. cheers XD

  • NornIronLegends says:

    Haiti, I'm real happy you,I'ma let you finish, but 9/11 was the greatest disaster of all time.

  • VursatyleMuzik says:

    This earthquake was punishment from God for practicing voo doo then claiming it is a religion, I'd say they got what they deserved

  • NornIronLegends says:

    I heard the Haitian government were appealing for relief clothing.

    So i sent them one of my wank socks.

  • NornIronLegends says:

    Some positive news from Haiti after the earthquake. They are confident they will have the largest team at the 2012 paralympics.

  • blindzzz27 says:

    the reporter is soo fucking hoooooooooooooooooooooottttttttt...

  • meliscl says:


  • NornIronLegends says:

    @meliscl I have plenty more, heres another..

    US takes control of Haiti airport

    2000 killed due to friendly fire

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    lol legendary stuff mate

  • NornIronLegends says:

    @TheMarkOfTheBeast1 Haha lool

  • stonem001 says:

    god what the hell is wrong with you? You are clearly so removed from your own conscience and sense of empathy that you can make stupid jokes at a time like this. You swine

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Why did the Haitian cross the road?

    To escape the shockwaves... lawl

  • allenahyong says:

    no, it is the story of Noah's Ark

  • NornIronLegends says:

    @stonem001 Oh im sorry, but i guarantee you dont know any Haitians personally, so shut the fuck up.

  • NornIronLegends says:

    Oh by the way, this bitch talks bollocks, she says an 8.0 was recorded in 1776.

    What??, the bloody richter scale wasnt invented until 1935. Daft bitch.

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Shut up you tool, acting all morally-superior. Get a grip

  • Lankybeefcake says:

    The fuck is wrong with you all
    Making jokes about people dying saying they deserved it
    Makes me sick people like you have no compassion
    If an earthquake hit your hometown where you grew up and you could hear your loved ones screaming under the rubble but you couldn't get to them so you had to let them die how the hell would you feel?
    It takes a pussy to make jokes on the internet about death
    But it takes a real human to help just by donating a little of your money to help

  • michaeluvnikita says:

    I'm happy you see people dying as a way of satisfying yourself.

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    They're not people, they're niggers.

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Lol have a cookie

  • Lankybeefcake says:

    Sad cunt

  • jessemac13 says:

    Molly has the nices titts on youtube .

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    There's plenty of people in need much closer to home, like in your OWN country...ever thought of helping THEM? Fucking hypocrite

  • BartRamone says:

    Damn this girl is so cute!!! I love her !!! And the Haitians asked for that, after so much voodoo, the demons shaked their land.

  • Lankybeefcake says:


  • peaceout5512 says:

    Thats nice how you feel about Haishins, I feel bad too. So, I donnated to charity 10 dollars to help. Because Haiti is a poor country. And guess what I told my friends to donate too. And the whole world has heard about the Earthquake, so their helping too! When I heard about the Earthquake I felt touched. And my uncle was in Haiti during that time and he died. So please, donate. You can do this every day if you want to. But if your cruel you might want to think about other people because its sad

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Have a wank and chill out.

  • Lankybeefcake says:

    Sad sad saaad excuse for a human

  • NornIronLegends says:

    @Lankybeefcake The only thing i donate, is my cum, collected in a clunge

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Sad sad saaad excuse for a cock...

  • Lankybeefcake says:

    @NonIronLegends Well..... thats your decision lol
    I'd hate to see what you donate that to lol
    Your mothers retirement home probably

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    This wee dick can't even SPELL "Hatians"...

  • GuidotSadarot says:

    I like women plenty fine, but not people like you.

  • delano654 says:


  • blingdorkle says:

    no blood for oil, nappy headed or not.

  • ay2941 says:

    i urge everyone who can donate to plz do it anything you donate will help

  • eyeparc says:

    Drop a nuke and be done with it already. I am tired of hearing about it. It would be the humane thing to do.

  • shegarrett35 says:

    It's time for compassion for human life . CLICK ONTO dedication : We love you Haiti from Knoxville,Tennessee. HELP IS OWN THE WAY......Very Inspirational....HELP GET THIS SONG HEARD AROUND THE WORLD! May God Bless us all!

  • eyeparc says:

    They are some of the most violent people in the world. Pure fucking scum. Nuke em.

  • eyeparc says:

    I have some used toliet paper

  • eyeparc says:

    Your exactly right

  • Imrankniazi says:

    I can't believe ppl on this page have this much hatred. I know that Haiti doesn't have a great past and some 'questionable' practies.
    But, for God's sake, this is no time to argue over these differences. There are ppl that have died and are affected. I appeal to all regardless of colour and religion to donate generously!

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if some of these disgusting niggers were running around raping the fresh corpses of children. Barbaric animals

  • eyeparc says:

    I love the smell of dead niggers in the morning!!

  • readysteady65 says:

    Question: Why has the United States not evacuated all of the Haitians temporarily to the USA? That is the only way to help. Evil is being committed right now by the world. You cannot help these people by leaving them where they are - everyone knows that but would rather see them die than to actually REALLY try to help them.

  • eyeparc says:

    These are the most barbaric animals with human DNA in the world. Seriously id God thinning out the savages like Katrina.

  • eyeparc says:

    Because Obama would have to give these savages amnesty

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Natural selection, my friend

  • noname5666 says:

    wow , people from the usa are once again prooving they're the most retarded people in
    the developed western world

  • SakyaNgor says:

    @eyeparc Satan-Obama
    Obama-election's next day, news-media made out their articles
    These were not yet printed when news came the Lottery-draw was 666
    So next day's newspapers-headlines read
    666's the Mark of the Beast of the Bible showing the Antichrist
    He will force this mark - money - on everyone
    Obama's the world's biggest spender and Jesus DID kick out the temple-merchants
    Money's Obama's 666-Mark

  • eyeparc says:

    It's the official Haiti death count,
    100,000 government will give out free subs from Subway

    150,000 you get a free block og government cheese'

    200,000 you get to claim an extra dependant on your taxes

  • strobuz says:

    Ancient Haitians' 'pact with the devil' caused earthquake

  • eyeparc says:

    And yet these retards give the most. Yea I would agree with that.

  • eyeparc says:

    Do you see the globle warming freaks dancing in the streets? That's a lot less CO2 polluters in the world.

  • ladycordisa says:

    yes im blk and yes im a nigga if thats wat u call it....

  • iloverocknroll888 says:

    Couldn't agree more. I don't know one person who hasn't given or isn't planning on giving a donation of some kind to the American Red Cross. And absolutely no one appreciates what we're doing for these people.

    And to everyone else, WHO CARES if you do not approve of their lifestyle? Who are you to judge? These are PEOPLE, and they're in trouble. You do not just sit back watching people die and then laugh because you think they deserved it.

  • DJKELLY145 says:

    she england? man i love england lisen how she speask i love her! lol

  • mangajo says:

    gdp per capita is also very large, and so is median income (always hovering among the top 10 in the world), a measure that refutes your relative argument

  • iloverocknroll888 says:


    Are you kidding me?! The "common people" of America ARE giving. People are donating left and right. We're not in a position where we're able to give as much as we would like to or as much as we could in the past, but EVERYONE I know is donating at least something.

    Please don't make assumptions about the people of a country that you clearly don't know a whole lot about. We've done a lot for those people, and we will continue to do what we can.

  • Echostarwb says:

    The truth hurts. But the Haitian people do not and will not have the ingenuity or know how EVER to produce a good life for it's citizens. Population growth have spun out of control. Modern day medicines have helped create a population boom that should have not had happened. Food is scarce and the people are starving and dying. Natural selection and order was to keep population growth down, and for those who survive a better life. In a morbid way, this is the best thing to ever happen to Haiti.

  • trentoncoin says:

    well said. all they know how to do is make more f-ing niggers. food what food who cares the white man will take care of us.

  • delano654 says:

    i'll donate some jerk chicken and watermelon

  • MegaRoFLL says:

    You do not donate to get recognition,. you donate to help poor childs, who have absolutely no fault whatsoever because they born where they born, to be able to get treatment.You donate to help ppl like yourself, child's, women,who lost EVERYTHING,and all that remains for them is a blanket and the help you can provide. And to delano564, didin't knew that the animals could post , or type on a keyboard. Surely you proved me otherwise.

  • JamesColvent says:

    So many white Americans and Europeans are donating to these people and yet whites are still accused of beinf racist. If this was a white populated island, no blacks would care to help them but white's are the evil ones? This is a clear example that white people are taken for granted. After all, of the poorest countries in the world, virtually all of tem are black and Haiti is the poorest in the wastern hemisphere, these people don't have the ability to create great and properous states.

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    @JamesColvent I know, but the truth hurts for most people because they can't face reality, so you'll be branded as a "racist" anyway.

    I 100% agree. These people are parasites incapable of running a country who haven't the slightest hope of ever achieving anything. Not now, not 1000 years from now. Blacks will always live in squalor and chaos.

  • iloverocknroll888 says:

    You don't know anything about me. Why would I give money if I didn't care about the lives of these people? I'm in a tight spot right now financially, and I really cannot afford to give away money to any cause that I don't really care about.

    I don't believe that our GOVERNMENT should be spending billions that they can't afford while ignoring the problems of our own country (as you said to someone else), but individual people do help and can make at least a small difference. Don't you think?

  • sugarmom100 says:

    iam reading some of the comments here dont yall belive in god rite now if god came down you be the 1st to say save me god think about god not a race you would be telling god that you are sorrie watch what you say and do to people what goes around comes around

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    You're in a tight spot financially? So why don't you save your money for yourself and your family instead of giving it away to ungrateful people who have absolutely nothing to do with you?

    Stop being a mug and get a grip of yourself.

  • sugarmom100 says:

    @iloverocknroll888 hello how are you iam in a tight also but i care about everyone,

  • delano654 says:

    what been jamaicas contribution? fuckall!!!

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Aww, that's WONDERFUL! Have a cookie! ^_^

    (You don't care about everyone, stop lying to yourself).

  • sugarmom100 says:

    better love eachother when god comes you gonna wish you had loved i agree with forche alex

  • sugarmom100 says:

    hatting people wont get you anything better love eachother and help eachother

  • readysteady65 says:

    Hey asshole, if you didn't have food or water for 4 days in 85 degree heat and you lived in a slum for 10 years prior to that. You would do the same thing if not worse.

  • remydroppclutz says:

    Estimates of over 100k dead. THE NEWS CAMERAMEN ARE PUKING AND ARE REFUSING TO SHOW THE CARNAGE. This is worse than when Mt. Vesuvius erupted back in the day Brian Williams has said. The Haitian Ministry of Sloth has canceled the annual MLK day parade and charity feeding. Why they do this one tearful Haitian asked. I gots to get to the bed. Aint no big deal on Haitian replied. I see these MOFOS drowing in free soup every day.

  • delano654 says:

    what been cubas contribution? fuckall

  • sugarmom100 says:

    amen daffodilangel

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Only stupid white people are willing to contribute to this...

  • MrKosherman says:

    I really couldnt give a shit about haiti and hate all blacks.

  • sugarmom100 says:

    amen its like they hate they want all blacks dead get sick and a black person as to save you then its another story

  • MrKosherman says:


    that's almost English......not almost coherent

  • sugarmom100 says:

    i love you in jesus name lankybeefcake

  • mishimoskowitz says:

    This quake may very well have been engineered by our US military. Look up HAARP

  • remydroppclutz says:

    Obamma has endorsed the new Red Cross. Teach a man to fish campaign. The Haitian Ministry of Sloth has put out a statement saying. "White People won't tell us where the ocean is". One of the surviving MLK childern. Talked to CNN. "How can we fish if they won't buy us fishing poles". The Rand institute, architectural
    division has donated schematics on how to work a fishing rod.

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    @sugarmom100 you're a crap troll. You're way too obvious.

  • delano654 says:

    yeah forign aid is just the white mans tax to help buy the blackmans drugs and gold teeth

  • Echostarwb says:

    You think you have a good heart now and it makes you feel so much better? Haitians have always been dying, and so has other people all over the world. It doesn't matter if they die from war, starvation, or a natural disaster. Death is death and there is no way back from that. But why choose to do so now? You are worse then the people who do nothing. Because at least the other people don't pretend like they care. Did you donate or feel the pain from events like this in other parts of the world?

  • MrJohnboy92 says:

    u r a fukin idiot if u were there u'd b cryin lik a little bitch i'd lov 2 meet u and teach u how to respect people u should eat shit and die u motherrfucking imbred cunt

  • mishimoskowitz says:

    SEE THIS VIDEO, You won't believe it!
    "Haiti EarthQuake H.A.A.R.P 2010"

  • shainezwifey says:

    haha bitch get the fuck over it u ignorant fuck noone cares that u dont like black people or haitian ppl ur a waste of life and space on this wall post!! our president is black that must bother u so much u pitiful little bitch!! if u dont like haitians ppl or black ppl, stay the fuck off of this discussion board. Something else i want to add, and hope it ruins ur day.. im haitian american and my childrens father is white...hugs n kisses to u dirty scum bag :)

  • plotchickens says:

    my heart goes out to those dead niggers
    i dont know why Molly looks so happy about this disaster, it's all a joke to this slut .....

  • THETALICO37 says:

    It is a matter of well-documented historical fact that the nation of Haiti was dedicated to Satan 200 years ago. On August 14, 1791, a group of houngans (voodoo priests), led by a former slave houngan named Boukman, made a pact with the Devil at a place called Bois-Caiman. All present vowed to exterminate all of the white Frenchmen on the island. They sacrificed a black pig in a voodoo ritual at which hundreds of slaves drank the pig’s blood.

  • THETALICO37 says:

    In this ritual, Boukman asked Satan for his help in liberating Haiti from the French. In exchange, the voodoo priests offered to give the country to Satan for 200 years and swore to serve him. On January 1, 1804, the nation of Haiti was born and thus began a new demonic tyranny.

  • THETALICO37 says:

    Niggers are retarded.

  • THETALICO37 says:

    Voodoo is a practice based on a mixture of African spiritism and witchcraft. Depending on the source of one’s research, between 75 and 90 percent of Haitians practice voodoo. This seems to fly in the face of the fact that the country is predominantly Catholic. But, like their African ancestors, voodoo practitioners have no problem embracing multiple religions. In fact, most who practice voodoo believe they must be Catholic first.

  • 1000surenos says:

    crakers are retared

  • THETALICO37 says:

    At the time of the pact Haiti was France's richest colony, and was known as the Pearl of the Antilles for its singular beauty. But it soon became one of the world's poorest and most benighted nations. Scoffers may say that there is no connection between the fact that Haiti was the richest nation in the hemisphere, and then became the poorest after selling its national soul to Satan. But the scoffers can't come up with a better explanation.

  • THETALICO37 says:

    Until recently, voodoo was practiced in secret. Practitioners would go to the Catholic Church on Sunday, and attend voodoo ceremonies deep in the woods at other times. Voodoo was forbidden during the colonial times, and the 32 Haitian governments that followed independence also suppressed the practice because of world condemnation. But on April 8, 2003, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide approved Voodoo as an officially recognized religion in Haiti.

  • THETALICO37 says:

    Voodoo priests can now perform marriages and other ceremonies previously reserved for Christian religions. "An ancestral religion, Voodoo is an essential part of national identity," Aristide said in the decree recognizing Voodoo.

  • THETALICO37 says:

    Happy dead niggers day.

  • mangajo says:

    the liberals are coming Mark, this is now your chance to escape your own inner pussiness fight them on... youtube. good job patriot. and stop yapping it up about suicide you're conservative

  • mrlandsafe says:

    na-na na-na na-na na-na na na now, baby do a shit, do a shit, baby, do a shit

  • pokergenius93 says:

    fuck the koons

  • RussellRiot says:

    THETALICO37 obviously suffers from little penis syndrome and spends his saturday mornings hating on the less fortunate. tie the noose and put your pathetic life out of misery,, you obviously have no friends and are probly ugly as shit,haha you will have a lonely life,, pathetic looser filling up comments on youtube,,, no girl friend and a tiny little penis haha

  • wisevoltaire says:

    Making jokes about Haitians won't help the White race at all. It will in fact attract the attention of those who hate the White race and simply motivate the ignorant gooders out there to send more money to these savages. They will point fingers at us and say "look at these cruel Nazis" and make us look bad and alienate moderate Whites (who would sympathize otherwise ).

  • wisevoltaire says:

    The best way to deal with this problem is to present solid arguments based on facts and to treat this event with prudence and trepidation. Because make no mistake, the US gov WILL open the borders and bring a lot of these Haitians in, along with sending hundreds of million of dollars to them. Dollars that will go to waste, as all other humanitarian efforts to aid that country have failed in the past. Blacks will be blacks, this will never change.

  • 14dhat16 says:

    you tell these low lifes! :)

  • ccarolinaa13 says:

    asshole go fuck yourself you ignorant.

  • therover3 says:

    quite appropriate this happened close to martin lucifer king day....if martin was born today his name would be keyshawn..or latawan or antawan or deshawn or latrell or leshall ..or dew-wayne or m-dog or some other mixed up name that they cant spell. voodoo this ! got crip? melon? ribs? plenty o rilbs in haiti...chitlins? mmmm CORNBREAD?? ccrack?

  • MrKosherman says:


    happy james earl ray day!!!!!!!

  • rp7o333 says:

    The way so many notice primarily the differences between themselves and similar monkeys just goes to show that what should be taught in school is not so much the specifics we have determined regarding the humanimal, but a sense of scale. As individuals, we are flowers on the branches of the vast root the is the genetic software of the Mother known as Man. Gee, wow, some of the flowers are different colours and shapes. What a tree. Let us gather up our fallen leaves and mourn not loss but beauty.

  • livvyslife says:

    Why do people always become so shockingly unpleasant on these wall posts. It makes me so incredibly sad. Have some compassion and belief in humanity itself. The quake was indiscriminatory, those who are left are helpless and need our help. Can't we just rise above the religious and political divides and use this as an opportunity to be humankind. And have some grace and respect for those who are having to endure this horrible ordeal.

  • MrKosherman says:

    happy james earl ray day to you, sir.


    now molly will get less big black cock

  • killraykeebe says:

    its very sad what happend to that country, in 04 they had a revolution and since then the country has gone down hill like 08 with the food yeah its going to take a long time to fix it

  • rp7o333 says:

    Are you sure you don't mean pancake house? I love pancakes. And calling Mr. Ray a communist nigger is confusing (being facetious as there is no other answer). On a serious note, I HIGHLY recommend you read both Walt Kelly's Jack Acid Society Book (he's from Bridgeport, you'll understand his idiom well) AND Cotton Mather's short piece, 'Two Callings'. Especially the Mather bit - after you read it, you'll understand why I'm worried you may be rowing yourself in circles (metaphorically speaking).

  • cephl0pOd says:

    Molly, I'm not even listening to what you're saying. Instead, Im blowing my wad in your mouth

    BTW: who cares a/b a bunch of voodoo devil worshiping coloreds who have no money? no money, not important

  • Sashabesk says:

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  • remydroppclutz says:

    Hamite? Hamite? Mr Kosherman. Are you living in the land of truth and justice? Have you given up your racist ways yet? Do offensive racist words? Like Lazy, No good, Slop eating, can't get out of the beds and works today? I'd like to see you defy gravity. MLK could float everyone knows it. Teach a man to fish and if there is no lifeguard. Well hes probably going to drown. You have an IQ of 78. Goodbye

  • MrKosherman says:


    niggers and logic are forever strangers

  • eldentista83 says:

    didn't he say love your enemy? haha. You have not even read your Bible. Go finish your high school boy. Stop playing wii.

  • remydroppclutz says:

    Yes but they have good spatial skills and lots of muscle.

  • eldentista83 says:

    didn't Jesus said love your enemy? haha. You have not even read your Bible. Go finish your high school boy. Stop playing wii.

  • vonBeavis says:

    Good, concise report, Molly.

  • thirdpositionist says:

    The death toll could be about 100,000 people. 100,000 is the same number as the black-on-white murder tally in the United States for a 17 year period (blacks murder about 6,000 whites per year).

  • remydroppclutz says:

    Digs this. Mrs. Judas up there is a race traitor

  • remydroppclutz says:

    Third myob why don't you but a chalupa and count up at matamorous.

  • PhoenixAquua2012 says:

    Check out Phoenix Aquua at blogspot...very good article about Earthquake and Haarp

  • remydroppclutz says:

    eldentista83 is so good at strategerie. Lets recommend him to run the Hatian ministry of Sloth and mattress

  • OoohLaLaLamour says:

    Watch Obama bring this afro-vermin to USA (against White America's will) as refugees and dump this load of shit on our shores to exist among Whites, to sponge off us, spit on us, hate us, rob us, rape us, murder us. Just what we need, MORE black savages to prey upon us like they do to each other in their natural island habitat, or in Africa. More stinking, uneducated, illiterate, jobless, welfare leeching, gang mentality, brutal, feral, tribal, oversexed, breeding, disease infected brutes.

  • WhiteIGNITERS says:

    HATIANS SHOULD BE SHUFFLED INTO THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC ! and then is it the worlds responsiblility to rebuild their city ? after all didn't they kick whites out of the country once it was built up ? mabey THE WORLD should give them resources to build their OWN country up ! NO HANDOUTS teach the locals CAPITALISM mabey they can do things the RIGHT WAY NEXT TIME AROUND ! the real reason why the buildings fell is BECAUSE they didn't build the RIGHT WAY ! next time around do it the RIGHT WAY !

  • monstery4boy says:

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  • ingodwetrust54 says:

    If this newscaster was in Haiti she would have already been raped.

  • MrKosherman says:

    barry X, the abandoned bastard of an illicit union between a deranged communist whore and malcolm X, has his instructions from london to permanently destroy America via debt, and to exhaust and demoralize her military in a wild goose chase in the "graveyard of empires". He does hate America, especially White America, and does love his works of treason and destruction. It is through this that all his actions may be understood. I hope someone does what needs to be done very soon.

  • Asylum609 says:

    • Blacks thus committed 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: blacks are committing more than 50 times the number of violent racial crimes of whites

  • Asylum609 says:

    According to the latest annual report on murder by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most inter-racial murders involve black assailants and white victims, with blacks murdering whites at 18 times the rate that whites murder blacks

  • MrKosherman says:


    but they're so nice on the electric jew and in the jewvies.

  • nmassey44 says:

    what does that have to do will haiti

  • dicksonaaron says:

    this shit is worth then 911

  • MrKosherman says:

    my race is my country. Fuck america.

  • SolidWater0 says:

    Is you country in waht continent?

  • Asylum609 says:

    @MrKosherman ....well, semi human form anyway lol

  • SolidWater0 says:

    Ignorant. Thats the same as saying South Afirica is a continent and Northen Africa is another.

  • bballmaxa4lifeman says:

    how can they help anyone els?! huh? they have nothing!

  • MrKosherman says:


    afreeka is divided by the sahara

    subhuman animal niggers live in the south.

  • nmassey44 says:

    @Asylum187 grow some balls you sound hella scary no ones going to do anything to u pussy by the way do have a better person you can see as president please let us all know

  • MrKosherman says:


    purple lipped nigger faggot should be dipped in kevlar. We're at war in our own country.

  • SolidWater0 says:

    I said it was felt, I didnt say It caused damage here.

  • ilmhams says:

    @MrKosherman fuck you . go back to your stinky filthy hole. motherfucker. you need another earthquake but stronger.

  • SolidWater0 says:

    Yeah but Africa its still one continent.

  • nmassey44 says:

    @MrCrakerman who are we at war with pussy name one of your enemies you have actually had hand to hand combat with on are soil Pussy by the way I just returned from a real War IRAQ YOU PUSSY

  • SolidWater0 says:

    When you say America. You refer to what?

  • Asylum609 says:

    @SolidWater0 .......there are seven continents
    Europe, Asia,North America, South America, Antartica, Australia, Africa,

    open up a book once in awhile,..then you wont ask so many stupid questions ,ok

  • MrKosherman says:

    niggers are plagues.

    God stamped them with a warning label.....their skin. Ignore at your grave peril.

  • MrKosherman says:

    "America" is less a country than it is a ponzi scheme, right? I'm 5th generation "American" and can honestly say I hate america and hope the federal government collapses. Government banks, government auto companies, government student loans, government deathcare, FNMA, FREDDIE, the Federal Reserve, endless wars on "terror", ever collapsing currency, "property" taxes, illegal aliens, affirmative action, confiscatory taxes. A half-negrified, half-judaized atheistic "culture". It is shit now.

  • Asylum609 says:

    @nmassey44 the article in my profile...then you will have ur answer to who we are are war with in our own country....then you wont ask so many stupid questions and solidwaste0 must be from Haiti

  • SolidWater0 says:

    lol. and where is central America?

  • KiwiUSA16 says:

    seriously man? you need to get with the time

  • MrKosherman says:


    not much of an argument.

  • Asylum609 says:

    @SolidWater0 ..who cares where central America's just another third world shit Hiati

  • razor71927 says:

    She does not give a damn one way or the other. I have seen her before on video, she just picks on any subject to show her stupid, little face - a poser.

  • Asylum609 says:

    @razor71927 ...yeah, but she's a hot sexy white girl

  • remydroppclutz says:

    200,000 people dead. I think we are looking at Holocaust Numbers here. Time to build a Museum. I mourn for this massive number of dead. News cameramen throwing up in there vans. Unable to film. Massive graves have started. Someones working hard to hide the dead. God help us all

  • MrDufrais says:

    niggers are plagues, God stamped them with a warning label.....their skin. Ignore at your grave peril.

  • TheJomogogo says:

    If positions were reversed those niggers wouldn't give anyone else the steam off their shit, fuck them. Even while recieving billions in aid they still HATE white people. Evolution has passed them by and so should we, let Darwin take over.

  • MrKosherman says:


    there is no way out but THROUGH THE NATION WRECKING JEW

  • plotchickens says:

    i am jacking to this slut - HARD :D

  • MrKosherman says:



  • Ellisfamily2010 says:

    @MrKosherman Are you fucking stupid? If you don't care about all of those lost in the earthquake why bother to sit on here and talk shit?????Get a life. May an athiest site would be a better match for you.

  • remydroppclutz says:

    Charities on the INTERNET. All kinds of fraudulent websites set up. Drawing away much needed money for the peoples living in the streets. My man Cedric set up a website for me 4 months ago. He cant walk and uses a laundry hamper for a walker. Hes a good dude. He even suggested that if white folk want to recover money paid in to pay for welfare. They could set up a special Welfare-Haitan we want our money back website.

  • MrKosherman says:


    I can hardly tell the difference between pre and post earthquake haiti. Send some kitty litter so that the cats may get busy burying haitis future zombies.

    I really couldnt give a shit about these fucking nigger retards and their plight,

  • Asylum609 says:

    @mrlandsafe ...I got some old leftover pork chop and spaghetti,from 2 nights ago dinner,'s got some cigarette butts on it, but, it's still eatable ,for them.. that I threw in the garbage...I suppose I could wrap it up and send it on over,to aid there plight

  • remydroppclutz says:

    I just sent 700,000 dollars to Haiti. God bless those poor mourning families of the 300,000 dead and buried in the rubble.

  • sp33dylin says:

    o molly your fine ha ha

  • Satrthere says:

    @remydroppclutz u r amazing :)

  • Partylikeaturtle says:


    I hope your family is among the dead bodies.

  • Asylum609 says:

    @Partylikeaturtle is that possible?...MrKosterman is white

  • Footbooker says:

    Why would anyone sebd money for this lot? They're hardlyan endangered species are they? If it was full of panda bears I could understand it but send money to save niggers? Give me a fucking break. Ship some in from London if they're short. There are fucking millions of them there.

  • remydroppclutz says:

    Jesus love overwhelms me. I have never done anything like this before. My Church is sending 9 teams of missionaries. My pastor says we are gathering food that is thrown away at the grocery stores. We have even gone to Red Lobster and asked them for food.

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    Lol i know..

  • nenpa8lo says:

    @Footbooker - wake up, we are all the same

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    I hope the death-toll keeps rising...

  • nmassey44 says:

    @MrCrackerman would u like the chance to have hand to hand combat with me

  • Footbooker says:

    That's great idea. They'll be thrilled to bits when a bunch of tambourine bashing lunatics show up with a bag of lobsters. Good call.

  • Asylum609 says:

    @Footbooker .....LOL!!!!

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    @nenpa8lo - wake up, you're just parroting multiracial propaganda. We are clearly NOT "all the same". Open your eyes, jesus...

  • MrKosherman says:


    God stamped dirty niggers with a warning label. Their skin color. I avoid niggers as assiduously as I do poisonous snakes.

  • remydroppclutz says:

    Fox news has just shown UN teams shoveling dead people onto boats. It looks like there are to many dead to leave in Haiti. There could be massive dysentery and lack of water that leads up to the dry heaves and dry constipation. If thats the case we may need organ donors.

  • nmassey44 says:

    @MrCrakerman just like i thought u pussy your not even a real racist your a internet pussy LMAO FUCKING SNOW MONKEY

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

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  • drjuancarlosvega says:

    It isn't an assumption, just look at the DOJ violent crime stats.

  • 32abdull says:

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  • nmassey44 says:

    @MrCrakerman white people hate you more than black and jews (truefact) you make white people look OJAY to black people

  • TheMarkOfTheBeast1 says:

    It's not ridiculous. A large percentage of black people ARE violent

    According the US Justice Department, Negroes are seven times more likely to end up in prison than Whites.

    Negroes are also seven times more likely to rob and eight times more likely to kill than whites.

  • nmassey44 says:


  • Christyless1 says:


  • Velayasha says:


    It's VERY ridiculous. That's like saying most muslims are terrorists, which they are NOT.

    The few percent of the Arab/Muslim population that commit violence does not reflect Arabs as a whole.

    Blacks make up the majority of the prison pop. BUT most blacks are not in prison.

    Most school shooters are white. Most whites do not shoot their schools up.

    Your use of stats is misleading.

  • endlessly13 says:

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  • endlessly13 says:

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  • drjuancarlosvega says:

    You don't have a firm grasp of how percentages work.

  • agentdoubleozero says:

    money? they need food and shelter and clothing. Got an old pair of pants? shoes,shirts? canned food, pots and pans? Money is in short supply these days. Whos going to reconstruct Haiti? haitians??? What do they know about real building, not shanty towns? Real construction workers are available right here in the USA. Doing nothing, drinking beer, for lack of work.Use the money to HIRE them, the money would come back to help our economy and everybody would be happy.

  • sahamaha25 says:

    Sinners are next for distruction as long as they keep on commiting sins and not hearing the warnings of the allmighty GOD...