Futura vs Verdana IKEA Smackdown

Molly is ringside for the Futura vs Verdana IKEA Smackdown. story links: The Font War: Ikea Fans Fume over Verdana, IKEA 2009 Catalog, IKEA 2010 Catalog, Twitter Rants 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, IKEA Petition, Stop IKEA going Verdana FB Group, Futura, Verdana, Paul Renner and Futura, Matthew Carter, Windows 95 Plus, MyFonts Futura, Eyes Wide Shut, Volkswagen Ad, The story of classic font Futura, Absolut Vodka Ad, Domino’s Pizza, Red Bull, Apollo 11 Plaque, Diacritical Mark, Precomposed Character, Glyph

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September 25, 2009 • 4:30 am | Permalink


  • jsfitzgerrel says:

    i dont want to die yet

  • Tetsiou says:

    Hello molly. :D

  • pdpower77 says:

    first lolololol funny video..again!

  • BelgianGeneral says:


  • banzaijoe76 says:

    wow she is beautiful esp her eyes

  • abigor315 says:

    wtf did i just watch :D

  • kericr says:

    I've decided....that I have a life and don't give a crap.

  • PuppetXeno says:

    She keeps wrecking those classic 8-bit machines.. I do not know how much more abuse my heart can take.. :((((

  • aWaterbottle420 says:

    I used myriad pro, or helvetica.

  • aidilfbk says:

    Wow. I didn't know there was a font/typeface war going on about Ikea's choice of font.

  • NaiNosnibor says:


  • marjan15 says:

    Holly molly !!!11!

  • watchme2day says:

    Molly wins

  • dragonswordcannon says:

    typography is serious business

  • wispaintstyle says:

    I won't shop at IKEA until their catalog is in Wingdings.

  • RaptorTechSource says:

    Futura's hot, but frankly they look near-similar.
    I'd probably side with Verdana as it's more accessable but...... what the hell am I doing? Why do I care!!

  • vampzim says:

    Molly needs her own font, we shall call it ADORABLE.

  • crayjay3 says:

    zomg, I can't believe I spent 3 minutes watching a news report of fonts. But hey, at least it was done by Molly!

  • ruagamer says:

    Futura has always been my fave typeface. Verdana pales in comparison... but at least it isn't Arial.

  • StubzTurner says:

    Well, I guess we are all going to die because I can't tell the difference between the two.

  • kiriconan says:

    shes so hot

  • skwishypikl says:

    who gives a swimming brown

  • thelolipopman93 says:

    Futura. And we must choose! Or else our sweet Molly will die!

  • Whoooitsscott says:

    You might all kill me for this, but I seriously don't see how the two fonts are very different. Would anyone have noticed if no one pointed it out?

  • magily11 says:


  • hazelhimself says:

    we will all die.

  • JamaicanMon says:

    cool vid bro

  • ridehard4lfe says:

    as a graphic designer i have to fuck verdana yeah ok its good for the web and and such but come on ppl. futura is the next best thing to helvetica.

  • christmas0cake says:

    LMAO, i love you molly!

  • OmegaGraham says:

    Molly is cool!

  • goodman854 says:

    Both fonts suck. XD

  • eSilva90 says:

    i dont really give a poo

  • zet168 says:

    DIE! Long Live Futura! jk

  • GodLikeSkillz89 says:

    I don't give a shit about font, as long as I can read it i'm good!

  • XcathbrianX says:


  • KanonXD says:

    Futura FTW!!!

    but the best of all is the good and old: Times New Roman

  • pdmspencer says:

    shes put on weight :(

  • Llythe says:

    what a retarded thing to complain about

  • xx99Username99xx says:

    I'm a Perpetua guy.

  • errosmusic says:


  • Kanuuna says:

    Neue Helvetica ftw :P

  • surgingshark says:

    Pssh...Lucida Sans Unicode is where it's at!

  • redjava1 says:

    Comic Sans MS can be used for my chairs..
    Nice and round

  • tinkerbellfreak says:

    so funny! hahaha, great video molly(:

  • crisisstar says:


  • kylebeans says:

    $2000 for a set?
    LOL I just downloaded Futura Bold, Futura Extra Bold, and Futura Extra Heavy for free :P

  • Persiana says:

    Arial Nigga.
    Now stop pestering me.

  • FlanowaJHopper says:

    wow...People will kill eachother over anything! ~mocks~ "I feel like I am browsing a Wal-mart catalog"...These dumbasses need to get a life and get off their high horsees. I really can't believe people are serious about fuckign letters.

    Both fonts must die for bringing this hatred to our small and peaceful village!!

  • JFA2k says:

    Verdana ftw :)

  • CamoDudet04 says:


  • 1grolltack says:

    palatino, obviously!

  • diablo275754867862 says:

    i think youtube should change font

  • Eurotrippin says:

    Futura, die Schrift unserer Zeit....FUCK VERDANA!!

  • eeedel says:

    Helvetica, Presna, Decker and Avant Garde ALL DAY.

  • Marwane00 says:

    You are very boring Molly. You're not even hot. I hope you get a Gym membership with the money you make from rocketboom.

  • Richard says:

    I'm unable to sync this episode (and other recent HD episodes) to my Apple TV. Did something change in your encoding?

  • Avery1now says:


  • diegopmc says:


  • themightythor1212 says:

    where do you come up with this stuff, sooo funny! and i am in the verdana camp, screw Futura! :P

  • Nagoragama says:


  • plasticblimp says:

    Verdana is just so ugly on print! Can't anyone see that? Can't IKEA see that?!

  • DragonsRule02 says:

    Dude.. So much crappy fail drama over two fonts that look almost the same anyway (I can tell the difference, but still)..
    I'd join the group that doesn't give a rat's ass if I knew about it sooner. xDD

  • omnomnomandrew says:

    WE WILL AL DIE?!?!?!?1/!

    Futura ftw

  • BilliLovesMargot says:

    i like the dark turn at the end. more.

  • defect530 says:

    I love how you say "whats up"
    Molly your the best F**k The Rest

  • Yarcofin says:


    But seriously, get a life people. I can't even tell the difference between those two fonts.

  • newbaroque says:

    did someone say incorrect di̬̱̐͂̊ͪ̇̚a̳̮̭͍̱͒ͤ̓cri̖̬̬̮̱̟tì͗̐̏cal ma̶͉͇͔̝̫͆͜rks?

  • grnlfe01 says:

    Molly even though your over in the US full time you owe it to your fans. NOT TO LOSE YOUR SEXY ENGLISH ACCENT!

  • baxizach says:


  • stuslegend says:

    +1 Verdana

  • mickey mouse says:

    i use mickey font. it's the font of knowledge.

  • RubberDiBung says:

    futura+ verdana-

  • StabbyStabby says:

    Futura, haaands down.

  • Smartboy7 says:

    I thought there was some dirt on my screen.

  • Smartboy7 says:

    Do you see that man with the thick glasses? The man over there, who's ignoring all the stop-signs written in Verdana and Futura. Oh, hey, that's you!

  • Robotfan987 says:

    I'm joining that "who gives a rats ass?" group. They look so similar.

  • exoneuk says:

    ... it's a font. Seriously, people, there are more important things going on.


  • Ryan says:

    don't get me wrong, I think Futura looks better, but that is NO bloody excuse for this overreaction.

  • TamsosPadaras says:

    LOL 0:16 - 0:18 ^_^

  • d00dlefreak says:


  • spamanator666 says:

    Wow, I just looked around the web for some info about this and there are some pathetically angry people out there, upset over a font.

    LOL at font snobs.

  • hdzsound says:

    they should switch to Wingdings font

  • carebear72884 says:

    wow. really? I mean really? an all out internet war over fonts? Man, I knew internet peps were geeky, but that is just sad.

  • foureyes99 says:

    So then this new kid in town comes along and he's like, "Whaz up?"

  • hellfireyoutoob says:

    this is girl is hot!

  • TommyymmoTX says:

    Oh my god, I can't decide which one deserves to be on the IKEA catalogue. I guess I'll be losing sleep tonight.

  • icemeltall says:

    ok i think .. uhm ... uhm .....

    We am died-ed


  • MindSplat says:

    No my friend, it's a typeface.

  • goingforthegold says:

    wow. who the fuck knew?


  • artvandelay13 says:


  • Chris Canole says:

    This feels like a parody of the way people freaked out when you changed Rocketboom hosts, without the sexual innuendoes like "F**k this Font" or "Verdana makes my type BOLD".

  • Oddity89 says:

    There are sadder things, but I won't point those out to you.

    I'm already feeling suicidal about this whole font change thing. I'm gonna go hang myself with an Ikea bedsheet now.

  • Probewitch says:

    Death by font: a classic elizabeathean tragedy.

  • Blargal says:

    parody right?
    I fear any shopper who has that much free time to inspect the minutae of fonts.

  • Alan - in - NC says:

    Speaking of freaking out over nothing -- Molly, Mac OS X is pronounced "OS Ten", not "X". It came after OS 9. Have a good weekend!

  • Duirward says:

    Futura FTW

  • claudiak90 says:

    futura train! hop on!

  • theOlie says:


  • DaAce96 says:

    noooooooooo i don't wanna die!

  • espn1337 says:

    Its just a fucking font.. Who the fuck cares...

  • Vermeer says:

    Molly Rules! Another Masterpiece of Sardonic Sarcasm, gracefully laced with faux-drama suitable for a Hollywood Oscar Nom Promo!
    But, in reality (remember reality?), no one really gives a shit....
    What further proof do we need that Western "culture" is deader than the Times Roman Empire?

  • TechnoHeroine says:

    Haha, this made me laugh! I love Molly :D
    I love both fonts but I think Futura should stay.

  • Miss Host, I don't know your name, but I thought you are awesome. I don't give a crap about the font fight, by the way, but I'd hear u talk about it all day long.

  • dalekkiller says:

    Ah, I'll take Helvetica.

  • 100dollarproductions says:


  • plasticvideo says:

    being a Graphic Design geek I found this to be ... perfect.

  • djderk says:

    molly looks good

  • MasterShrub says:

    Comic Sans wins of course.
    No wait, Wingdings.

  • EccentricInTexas says:

    Georgia FTW

  • IIIIFile13IIII says:

    wow people are crazy about fonts.

  • hoooooie says:

    Who is Stuart Harmon? and why does he have 20 message in his inbox?

  • SupaStealth says:


  • 1x800xPOCKETS says:

    Futura FTW

  • Intransitman says:

    That was epic!

  • Lefkada18 says:

    futura all the way!

  • brettlemagne says:

    Mac OS X (ten).

    I'm the jerk that points that out.

  • Tanru2000 says:

    LOL! I thought that too! Either he is popular or he doesn't read his FB e-mails very often.

  • Tanru2000 says:


  • httprover says:

    It's definitely new lamps for old.

    Wasn't the intent of the EU law suit to get MS to become more open? MS is too self-serving.

    Verdana looks crude when compared to Frutiger and Trebuchet.

  • OrbisFerrum says:

    There can be only one!

  • toppie34 says:

    Futura !!!!

  • mstrlnk7 says:

    O_O Molly scares me, mommy...

  • pineapplemicrophone says:

    futura :D

  • 8080256256 says:

    All else being equal, there is hardly a question which one is aesthetically superior.

  • TOstevo says:

    Thank you!!! That always drives me nuts.

  • henritje19 says:

    just because a font? I odnt realy see much difference

  • LaexProductions says:

    Haha, microsmirk split seconds from the blackscreen

  • ChrisFizik says:

    loved this! way to go and drop the Verdanagate bomb back in everyone's face ..hilarious really

  • Kuddzor says:

    AHAHHAHAHHAHAHA so random it makes me LOL

  • d2gizzo says:

    Oh, please no! Not Verdana! Some people really need to get out more. This is THE saddest thing I have ever seen. Who gives a shit, really?

  • baxter2k5 says:

    Futura is way better. But Matthew Carter is sweet.

  • Heistmnky says:

    I'm with the guy who doesn't give a rat's ass.
    Srsly. Who cares about Ikea? :D

  • Douglas says:




    I NEVER use Veranda and only on rare occasions use Futura. I'm using Helvetica right now. Don't hate me.

  • thndrjames says:

    I rally for more cataloges in Wingdings font.

  • roidroid says:

    it's nice to know that there's people out there who are passionate about this sort of thing.

    it diverts the cabbage hurlings away from us other geeks.
    i hear that design geeks make more satisfying royal flushes, and stuff better into lockers compared to regular geeks.

  • aluall2 says:

    futura !!!!!

  • blackadragon says:

    To be honest i can't spot the difference. :(

  • diamonddragoniori says:

    nerds just got weirder.......and i tot it couldn't be done....

  • SajjadKhakoo says:


  • rocketman6881 says:

    I think people who have nothing better to do with themselves than to complain about a change of FONT, obviously are'nt having enough Sex with People !!!

    Yes, you know who you are,

    Put the Chicken down and go and get a Real Girlfriend !!!

  • camydoger says:

    This news is several weeks old.

  • MrSanguinity says:

    Who cares?

  • ChristopheBilliet says:

    I understand the designer's point of view. Yet designing is something of your own, you can't force it upon someone else. For instance, I'ld like it if everyone used Futura or some big and chunky font, but you can't force that off everybody! That's the beauty of free will.
    And let's not forget that IKEA is getting massive attention and thus advertisement because of this.

  • Font says:

    Verdana is great on the computer, but less in print.

  • wingxerox says:

    I love how people star wars over a few fonts. Its so entertaining.

  • hamvid says:

    sort of like amanda congdon vs any rocket boom reporter thereafter. molly=verdana

  • hodhod says:

    futura, that's way cooler

  • zeroblue720 says:

    Fonts are nice and all, but the fact that people are fighting over them is just. plain. stupid.

  • tchock says:

    futura ftw.

  • redman216121 says:

    The only thing that ran through my mind that entire video was "Damn, I would tap dat until the wheels fell off." and I don't mean either of the fonts.

  • PoKaDoTbLuE128 says:

    Futura, yo

  • Mandalorx10 says:


  • 666oFallenAngel666 says:

    who cares, i'm here for see you.

  • Matsushima says:

    Dump VERDANA!!! Long live FUTURA!! BTW, "it is not an X, it's a TEN" (Steve Jobs).

  • Njoker38 says:

    Is there any fucking difference between the two fonts? I don't see a damn thing.

  • yusefben says:

    fuck verdana. Piece of shit font.

  • Iheartkrotus says:

    Verdana! Futura screams 80's but I don't buy IKEA cause I don't trust europeans.

  • mihtnick says:

    I don't care.. but still interresting that some actually do care

  • glovestrong48 says:

    wow I didn't think there was such a dumb feud going on.

    On second thought, I'm not so surprised.

  • 5600981 says:

    comic sans ftw

  • linkg13 says:

    are you faking serious!!!!!!! The only person who would spazz about this would be the same retard who spazzed about Kevin Jonas' engagement
    like honestly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Make that 2 people joined the "i dont give a rats ass...." group on facebook.
    Like seriously...........those people must not have a life......

  • Mattstanley75 says:

    Futura. Iconic, like a Chanel Suit.

  • abramokids says:

    Futura FTW! I took a graphic design class, so I have an eye for stuff

  • TestMonkey000 says:

    If its legible, than I don't think it matters which font they use. If they use Wingdings though; it is so on.

  • THEGrumpyTed says:

    I love her.

  • Kurushimus says:

    well... why don't they make the website futura?

  • Jeromin says:

    I could watch Molly everyday talk about technical specs of inkjet printers, and it'd be interesting. She's getting better show by show.

  • FantomeCompte says:

    Futura all the way!
    everyone has vedana, even morons who only use their computer for facebook have verdana

    it's just distasteful

  • mic1720 says:

    verdana ftw.

    0.17second faster reading time than arial. it was my science project. wtf is futura...

  • mrcakey says:

    The actual text part of a website uses fonts installed on the user's system. 99% of people don't have Futura installed.

    What they could do is specify that the site uses Futura and then specify Verdana as a fallback font.

  • mrcakey says:

    This girl should be on our telly screens. I don't drool anywhere near enough at the minute...

  • Douglas says:

    Ah, remember the heady days of Word 3.01, with a choice of not three or four, but as many as seven fonts! Oh the joy! Times, Arial, Helvetica, Lucida, Palatino, Garamond, and Wingdings. Or were there more? I don't remember.

    I miss my daisywheel printer.

  • Douglas says:

    Whoops. I meant dingbats.

  • Maart3h says:

    when she talks abaut the german maker... you see only dutch text :)

  • SnazzBot says:

    I have to say I felt this was very good.

  • valakin says:

    Taking a class doesn't mean your opinion isn't bad, crappy, invalid, stupid, lame, ridiculous, retarded, ignorant, pointless, or plain old wrong. It just means you had enough money to spend to listen to someone speak.

    In case you didn't know that already, I figured I'd let you know.

  • Otakkun says:

    I think the whole word wars thing is so ridiculous. I mean, has anyone seen that god-awful documentary called Helvetica?

  • goodyfun says:

    I just laughed so hard. The punch line at the end always get me! :D

  • coolstream1 says:

    Helvetica :3


  • wpsbadne says:

    at least it ain't comic sans

  • Fridgeburn says:

    lol what's going on

  • santowhir says:

    mrcakey, 99% of people would still see verdana though? making the font type inconsistant across their digital/print format.

    The best thing to do is define a digital font type and a print font type, as long as this is set in the brand values it should be fine. But obviously IKEA want to keep this consistant.

    CSS3 will help towards this issue as custom fonts will be able to be loaded in stylesheets. Although IE seem to be lagging at this (as usual), and then there's issues with font type laws.

  • Andy Brice says:

    A bit of a shame considering how well Futura fitted with IKEA's aesthetic. But maybe the very utilitarian Verdana is what modern looks like now?

    I also made my own video about this a couple of weeks ago.



    i like times new roman

  • Sealsealdk says:

    molly win!

  • TranceElevation says:

    I can't take it anymore!!! I love this girl!


  • kaleign says:

    I like Molly. Her videos are fun.

  • genhp says:

    I think this video was really well done! I love me some typography nerding.
    I <3 you Rocketboom! :)
    (especially with darling Molly!)

  • MabungoLikes says:


  • tiswas666 says:

    I haven't been sure what to make of Molly until now. Now I know. She is awe. Some.

    • jeffreymm45 says:

      I kinda miss the older style Rocketboom. I guess Molly reaches a new audience, but really she just seems kinda blank to me and somewhat irksome. Perhaps I'm just an old fart Gen Xer.

  • iliekwaffles says:

    And you guys are fucking retarded. I remember the petition about Comic Sans...ITS A FUCKING FONT. GET A LIFE YOU NERDS!

  • JLtheking2 says:


  • michaelmas10 says:

    Something Molly is getting into = goood

  • doggybag71 says:

    Not mean to sound racist or anything but those letters all look the same to me.

  • aarondkeogh says:

    molly wana suck my lolly?

  • adolphbot says:


  • igykalen says:

    Some of these ikea people need to see FightClub, then beat the crap out of themselves.

  • aelia92 says:

    This was possibly the worst rocketboom episode i've ever seen

  • 123numafan says:

    FUTURA ftw

  • nomercyevolution says:

    I have never been more afraid of western society then I am right now. What are our priorieties?

  • rockrebelbutterfly says:

    futura is the prettiest tbh. and will always have a place in my heart :)

  • jschrein says:

    maybe they can ditch both and use Helvetica !!

  • cookie4monster4 says:

    this is such a nerdy video. I love it.

  • adoseofdelphine says:

    FUTURA!....and i love her and her fonts lmao :P

  • abramokids says:

    yes, I am well aware. I didnt mean to come off as though my opinion mattered, but i appreciate you being so rude :D

  • Vedelminashigo says:

    ....fuck right off you stupid cunts. The font of fucking catalog?

  • rainewater24 says:

    wow... all that for a font? hmmm...

  • valakin says:

    Well, I'm appreciative too.

  • mememolly says:

    fingers crossed for one day!

  • sporkafife says:

    I should join that "doesn't give a rats arse" group... but I don't have facebook. If I had to pick one font that I preferred it would probably be Futura. It looks better in my opinion, but I really don't care, lol.

  • M4rple says:

    There are people starving in third world countries, and people are arguing over a stupid FONT?!

  • Traviezo173 says:

    for reals...

  • Sharkwmu says:

    hey M4rple, step up and go do something about it then.

  • mayaliny says:

    C'mon who really cares? Is Ikea selling less chairs because of the font in their catalog? are you losing money because of that?

  • ngc2024 says:

    Yes they will sell less chairs - to me. Verdana is not an option and it is not for print. Futura is enlightened and - this is even better - BAUHAUS.

    In 2012 we are all gonna die because of Verdana in IKEA catalogues. The end is neigh!

  • kalcaron says:

    The one guy in the don't care group is a stand alone hero.

  • Watcher3223 says:

    Nice straw man.

    I could also claim that people are worried about bad impersonations of celebrities when there are people starving.

    People starve all the time. I'm not trying to be cold blooded, but this is a simple fact of life.

    But, trying to use that fact as a way to win an argument without actually refuting the point (straw man argument) is not only a cheap shot, but is also very cold-blooded because you are using human misery to win an argument that you are not really arguing.

  • LivingForLOL says:

    Futura hands down!!

  • Watcher3223 says:


    Futura is a font that visually is appropriate for Ikea: clean, simple, functional, but also stylish in its own right. The font visually represents Ikea and helps to bolster that image of the company and its products.

    Verdana, OTOH, appears to try to hard to be simple and elegant at the same time. In the end, it is a cheap-looking, tasteless font. How it looks is not characteristic of Ikea.

  • ASstudios07 says:

    almost 1000 members now.. and 11 on the dont care group ;) make that 12 :D

  • Watcher3223 says:

    If you don't care about this, then that's why you'd never be successful in graphic design.

    It's very much in the same vein as never being successful in designing and building cars if all you're interested in that aspect of the business is just driving the car, taking it to the mechanic for the oil changes and tire rotations, and filling it with gas.

  • Kemeji says:

    hahaha FUTURA GOGO

  • xunzx says:

    M4rple's claim is not a straw man. If M4rple had been arguing that the switch to Veranda was inconsequential because people are starving then it would have been. Instead that user is saying that the actual discussion about the font switch is trivial. I must agree with M4rple, the amount of debate this switch has generated is a little ridiculous in the grand scheme of things.

  • Watcher3223 says:


    You may as well not talk about ANYTHING that is not as important as people starving.

    And, ultimately, people use the particular excuse of a topic not being important "in the grand scheme of things" as a subtle way to express that they were offended by it.

    Well, here's my suggestion. If you don't agree, but don't really have anything to say that is conducive to the topic, THEN STAY OUT OF IT.

  • Watcher3223 says:

    And, I still stand by that M4rple's claim *IS* a straw man.

    It acts to dispute the point without really disputing it.

    Just because it may be trivial to M4rple, it's not sufficient grounds for others to cease discussion nor does it add anything new.

    Of course, this is trivial compared to human misery. So what?

    Furthermore, what if people talking about it not only know about that but actually DO something about it and are engaging in this dialog as a diversion from the miseries of the world?

  • JackHasCookies says:

    you must decide now or we will all die. I love this stuff :)

  • flobber238 says:

    I feel fact-raped.

  • LivingForLOL says:

    But I have Futura on iMovie and Office for macs... What?? 1000$?!

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