Epic Web Wars!

From #iamsparticus free speech protests to email domination and 4chan vs. Tumblr spam attacks, things are getting heated on the web!  Click here for show credits.  Campaign on Twitter in Support of #iamsparticusGoogle vs. FacebookGoogle Products4Chan Users Declare War on Tumblr Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more Rocketboom Daily with Molly!  Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!  Join us on Facebook for behind the scenes pics and videos!

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Epic Web Wars!
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November 15, 2010 • 10:19 am | Permalink


  • TheTramsen says:

    @rileypmht GET OUT

  • JanMasl says:

    @polkjarga1 Those only apply during a raid. IDIOT

  • m0r1arty says:

    Relevant content for a change...what's happened at Rocketboom??

  • imTKA says:

    Cool story bro!

    Love you Molly! And it wasn't tumbler who counterattacked, it was Moot, who found out about 4chans raid and started 404'ing everything, leaving a hefty 1 page of posts.

  • CrumblyCloud says:

    @waltzinator4 MINE!

  • thekiller1111 says:

    Spartacus, is cute :) , that is if u are spartacus

  • nomickok2 says:

    molly need to lose some pounds

  • PookiePorn says:

    1111 VIDEOS!

  • MRaverz says:


  • pepomk123 says:

    @nomickok2 Oh SNAP!

  • ExELCiS777 says:

    @rileypmht oh should stay at your grandma house if you want a nicer atmosphere...hahaha that sounded gaay maan!!!..your gayness is out of this universe

  • Poxypriest says:

    I'm patiently waiting for Molly's bikini episode

  • ToniSkit says:

    well molly looks lovely in this video

  • planerxxl says:

    4 CHAN > Tumblr.

    Tumblr. just did that to be noticed by 4 chan.

  • th3c00p3rd1t says:


  • librano says:

    Gmail is spammy and Facebook isn't?

    What about lost ducklings on Farmville, Bazookas on Mafia Wars, RSVP requests to parties on another continent, etc

    Screw Facemail or whatever they'll call it.

  • blehrolfbleh says:

    Bah, can't believe the tumblr-4chan newfaggotry war <.<

  • Hopebringer24 says:

    oh crap i got lost in her eyes again and stop listening to what she was i have to watch it again...

  • pavelcernik says:

    @planerxxl whats tumblr

  • Mynameisnotooo says:

    @waltzinator4 she would morry you if she was asian

  • planerxxl says:

    @pavelcernik just type Tumblr on the internet. ??? profit

  • Makosis says:

    tumblr retaliating by posting cats... on the board caturday was born.

  • pavelcernik says:

    @planerxxl youre doin it wrong

  • UtterlyMoot says:

    haha, ive been known to ..:awkward smile and 2 thumbs up" .. when im on cam and dont know what to do too. so many ruined family movies

  • TechCuber says:

    Epic Hair, as always Molly

  • djcap2001 says:

    I like when cute girls cuss.

  • m4a1maverick1 says:

    1111 episodes.. win

  • CmdrSloanne says:

    Your my Meme Molly your the First Lady of Rocketboom

  • SushiGoat says:

    In the way these episodes are built up, I sense some Ze Frank, informative, funny and creative in the structure.

  • NOSFERATUalu says:

    LOL Molly =D

  • konoha1993 says:

    1111 episodes. MOLLY GET OVER HERE

  • azumaninjay says:

    thats why I jingle keys off to the side, to see how smart women are... ;-)

  • UbermageCE says:

    4chan won ,we waren't fully out , tumblr was !

  • TehCacti says:

    Thumbs up if hearing molly swear gave you an instant orgasm

  • MuzzOnUtube says:

    she said...shit? *_*

  • wolfspirit9 says:


  • REALITYjk says:

    @waltzinator4 SHE'S MINE!!!!

  • MudScarf says:

    4chan likes cute things.

  • saltkrakan1994 says:

    Sure Molly is good looking, but she is smart as well!

  • wolfspirit9 says:

    Ahahaha, well tumblr think that they're going to kill 4chan and piss everyone off because "they uploaded cute things" That happens every fucking friday, well not necessarily cute but things they have to tolerate. So if tumblr actually think 4chan are going to go cry in their corners because of cute things....well they're just a bit retarded really. Also, "fighting back" as rocketboom said, it's not really on the same scale is it? 4chan could easily post gore to tumblr, but they went way better.

  • MannenStudios says:

    1:58 long and hard

  • cogsincogs says:

    love the new hair :)

  • AmadiTheShaman says:

    @SgtHydra I don't even know what tumblr is lol.

  • PersonalJesus348 says:

    the game

  • callumAS says:

    Does anyone else watch this just because of Molly?

  • gshnoozer2 says:


    Also, the end made me lol.

  • VWLPT says:

    Molly looks pretty stoned to me lol...

  • gshnoozer2 says:

    @wolfspirit9 Not to mention multiple Caturday threads, even if it isn't saturday.

  • karadan100 says:

    OMG she said shit!!!

    I feel violated.

  • Lazerdinosaurshark says:

    She's a smelly stupid bitch who should an hero now(yes i smell her through the computer screen Yuck) 4chan did not raid tumblr like 10 14 year olds from 4chan did

  • pudgeypigeon says:

    butthurt pussy ass tumblr fags.

  • thesoused says:

    Nice sweater Molly!

  • UncleFesterius says:

    You know... you aren't actually supposed to see the lavaliere mic, Rocketboom. There are ways to hide it and still get excellent audio.

  • cricketbat08 says:

    The idiot should not have joked about blowing up airports. Molly is wearing her Christmas jumper! :)

  • watts4563 says:

    Love the thumbs up at the end!

  • ThatBookGirl says:

    Google won't lose, they own like 30 different companies. But still, facebook mail? Win!

  • TheSaiyanKing says:

    2:00 she is looking right into my soul O_O

  • 17degreescelsius says:

    Tumblr > 4chan

    Thumbs up for Tumblr!

  • TheRockinFreakshow says:

    I am a tumblroid and i didn't see a single attack, I did see a lot of Tumblr users laughing at the lack thereof

  • EliasElElias says:

    Theres a wild Pedobear!

  • omnomnomandrew says:

    Red 4 standing by. Commence Operation "Death to Tumblr"

  • straussen says:

    I like up closed-Molly!

  • JaxxDaemon says:

    Hello fatty Molly.

  • RayKalmNiam says:

    Okay. So yeah.. yeah. less blabbing more showing face.

  • bumblebumz says:

    @SgtHydra *sigh*
    please shut up

  • DeeperBlueX16 says:

    molly so cute. she should become a kitten

  • thefranstastics says:

    Daddy, what did you do during the web wars?

  • danisl17 says:

    Molly faps to traps on /d/

  • omnomnomandrew says:

    @danisl17 HAHAHAHAHA

  • SgtHydra says:

    @bumblebumz Make me. :3

  • greedyfoot says:

    Is Molly preggers?

  • Corrinrr says:

    I love the "As (insert historical figure here) and I used to say"s they make me laugh every time!!!!!

  • randomperson11111123 says:

    Watched this video, now I'm off to /b/ to see what shit is going down.

  • KnightMD says:

    I wouldn't like to see a mail address on someone's resume. I love facebook though.

  • randomperson11111123 says:

    @randomperson11111123 I found a thread, it basicly consists of how NO ONE CARES.

  • BillyCauseyjr says:

    silly 4-chan, if you want your jokes to stay on you website then forbid anyone from posting them elsewhere or sending them to thier facebook friends list... but then again, I thought that was the whole point behind doing somthing funny: to show the world.

  • broneslovas says:

    super cute today

  • flibber123 says:

    I love this video, Molly is having a bit of fun as she should be.

  • FriiUili says:

    Molly channel: princessteagarden

  • freespace21 says:

    I am Spartacus.

  • ImUrNightTerror says:

    ive been living under a big rock, never even heard that tumblr had a beef with a 4chan lol

  • KaptenN says:

    Molly looks really beautiful today. :)
    I like the long stare she gives at the end. You really get to admire her eyes.

  • bobbex89 says:

    molly <3

  • skeletonlord2126 says:

    /b/tards retarded imaginary wars

  • JACOI3ES says:

    YAY HAPPY 1,111 VIDEOS!!!!!

  • nerdie0girl says:

    @freespace21 This! IS! SPARTAAA!!!
    Lol :P

  • stalkerore says:

    Dat molly

  • CircusPark48 says:

    i demand Lucy

  • lootasisew says:

    This is their 1111th video!

  • HatterMadigan says:

    Tumblr signed their death warrant...

    4chan has the time, violent skilled geeks, and the teeth to bear...

  • MrCFCarePOO says:

    Love that pony-tail <3 Molly <3 very beautiful today.
    (Suppose it's only natural,but I'm a bit depressed at how the mid-atlantic twang is getting yankier and yankier...can't Moll take a leaf out of Henry Kissenger's book and retain an Old World accent - if somewhat less gravelly -come what may?)

  • BigAndTall666 says:

    Jellied eels to the people!

  • deogrou says:

    wow, she's so awesome o_o hehe <3

  • KidChaos878 says:

    " A soldier would fought long and hard for a bit of coloured ribbon." ~ Napoleon Bonaparte and mememolly

    I'm gonna put this up on my Facebook as my fave quote! XD

    4chan 4ever!

  • T9C1PSayWha says:

    Always a pick me up for my day. Thanks Rocketboom. And thank you, Molly! You're my favorite host.

  • nickman777 says:

    molly said "Shit"

  • iHapTiC says:

    i love molly<3


    The winners of the web wars will be who can accommodate the Great Unwashed. The Great Unwashed comes from 19th Century Britain where they could smell your class, and all the common values that go with it, and the common people are the Great Unwashed. Anyway, the Internet manages to concentrate every fruit, nut, and weirdo; as their personality notices even the smallest contrast across the world for a dispute. Accommodate everyone, and allow them to exist and rant, you win like youtube.

  • Nicoyutub says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaahhh creepy molly stalkers!!!

  • EvaChrono says:

    @HatterMadigan that's why I feel sorry for 4chan.

  • meshunderlay says:

    gmail is kind of spammy? That's the 1 account I've not gotten any spam at, ever. *shrug*

  • skunkredhair says:

    I....just...fell in love *_* ! You are amazingly cute :3
    sounds like some sort of british accent ?

  • formless777 says:

    Instead of fighting for a bit of colored ribbon, why not go out and buy a spool of the stuff if they're that into it ? Colored ribbon for everyone and no murders !

  • KaineSpawnX says:

    Thuuumbs uuup!

  • Accisma says:

    wish my dick was where that mic is

  • KendrickMcMurphy says:

    Facebook has become spammy too... everyday some unknown twat adds me as a friend. Anyone else having this annoying problem?

  • wvhdogg says:

    molly's new hair is win

  • chetopuffs says:

    But who is really going to trust Facebook to keep you private stuff private.

  • MrQarsim says:

    Molly you just made my day!

  • xXDeanBeanXx says:

    @KendrickMcMurphy maybe you're fit

  • windsaga500 says:

    C'MON 4CHAN!!

  • Bastardoom says:


  • Tinydestiny2 says:

    Thumbs up for Molly's thumbs up <3

  • TheGreatSteve says:

    Molly makes me long and hard. :-)

  • TheGreatSteve says:

    @KendrickMcMurphy unknown twat has never contacted me. :-)

  • jakdapotatoman says:

    Ha. Tumblr's out of it's depth.

  • ImmortalDestructor says:

    Congratulations on your 1111th video!

  • Amirplease says:


  • WeBelongUndead says:

    how i love molly and that face at the end she made

  • BaseAndAcid says:

    feeling a little cold there Molly?

  • andyzweb says:

    molly: long and hard indeed

  • lotusgirl002 says:

    Gawd, that face at the end! XD

  • BWareyfy says:

    "4Chan strikes tumblr then tumblr retaliated!"

    I don't appreciate your mixing of the present and past tenses in this case...

  • brooklynsweb says:

    @thefranstastics I twittered all over their facebook, till their gmail tumblred.

  • Smartboy7 says:

    1111 GET

  • mtganimemiikefan says:

    my mind has just been blown~with information

  • Riptor552 says:

    Tumblr is retaliating by uploading cute things? Did none of them know not to feed the trolls?

  • ThisisGee says:

    The 4chan & tumblr is great. I'm just kinda watching it happen.

  • michalchik says:

    So, if molly wasn't good looking would the things she does be cute?

  • akib89 says:

    One good EP after a long time.

  • Tobi963 says:

    >implying 4chan doesn't like cute things
    I mean really have they not heard of Caterday
    Fj's shit retaliation was better than that.
    4chan:1 Tumblr:0

  • hardworker424 says:

    This is the last binary video we will see till video 10,000.

  • dustyb58 says:

    I'd be so happy if tumblr AND 4chan both went away forever. Both are such a waste.

  • animalntaz says:

    I can think of one cute thing tumblr can upload: Molly wearing bunny ears

  • bennyboyhead says:

    @michalchik Probably.

  • NeptuneMS385 says:

    And in the in..

    Youtube Wins.

    I think.

  • MattDoesNotRock says:

    i love your top molly!

  • pumkinvine says:

    Molly is ok, but she's no Joanne

  • yolomo321 says:

    i thought Napoleon said tits or gtfo

  • pyromaniacchica says:

    ...??? tumblr knows where the internet's obsession with cats came from, right?

  • iloverikku714 says:

    molly your so cute. can i cream pie you?

  • pyromaniacchica says:

    @pyromaniacchica worst. trolls. evar.

  • gulllars says:

    Considering google owns both the worlds most used, known, and arguably effective search engine pluss the worlds most used video sharing service, i doubt facebook will ever render it irrelevant even though it may overtake it in bandwidth.
    I wonder if they counted youtube under google's bandwidth profile there, since video streaming uses a lot more bandwidth than farmville... :P
    @hardworker424 rocketboom has already uploaded their 16th video...

  • smileykai77 says:

    a truth seeker. keep it up.

  • artsnotscience says:

    Love you Molly!!!

  • 781228XX says:

    The tumblr 4chan war was kind of weird, because all they managed to do was to post some lesbian porn to as site that is 25 % gay porn. Not your best idea 4chan.

  • codypg says:

    long and hard!

  • TheViewOfCalvin says:

    Whip cream pouring like waterfalls.

  • sutacarligmarian says:

    You are pretty powerful on some subjects...

  • sutacarligmarian says:

    You are pretty powerful on some subjects... Youtube, google, facebook... Social sites, servers, engines... Internet...

  • Neatod says:


  • Dvidflip says:

    4chan: 9001
    Internet: 0

  • blah22322 says:

    hope tumblr wins. im not a fan of 4chan

  • cricketbat08 says:

    Man, I got dem, Ain't got no money Blues. Dis ole world done me wrong, yessur.

  • Methor8 says:

    ahahahaha, ion cannons at the ready boys!

  • rizic1 says:


  • KakiHat says:

    @rizic1 0m9, N3wf495 0N MY in73RW385! 8I9 L4n5 w4R52222 73IM5!!!!

  • tetsubo57 says:

    I have no facebook and I don't want one.
    I love Gmail. I will use it as long as it is available. One of the things I like about it is anonymity. There is no outward connection to the real me that I do not want to reveal. I also use Chrome and Google is my go-to search engine.

  • lhunderboyreviews says:

    LMFAO @ 0:19 !! XD

  • peterhejlejensen says:

    I glad to live in a time and place where the majority of people have no purpose of life. Jolly good!

  • GmasterRED says:

    >1111 GET

  • GmasterRED says:

    Typical "lol me so randum" 14 year old interkids. 4chan will eat that crap up, at least /b/ will. Now, if you tried it some of the more anal pained boards, it might work and actaully be lulzy.
    I'm not into the whole tumblr raid. I've lurked in the threads, but there wasn't enough lulz potential.

  • Kurohadol says:

    the ending ruined the vid..

  • GmasterRED says:

    holy crap molly is looking extra ravageable today.

  • GmasterRED says:

    I liked it.

  • devourerofbabies says:

    chan chan chan chan chan chan chan chan

  • NarutoShippFan3 says:

    nice quads

  • GmasterRED says:

    Facebook will jsut buy youtube one day, I bet. Also, yahoo is a close second to google search engine wise.

  • pkfirestorm says:

    Hmmm...... Tumblr vs. 4Chan
    Pftttt.....Really now xD

  • soulshui says:

    what's the background music of the first headline?!!? sound amazingly creepy! >< anyone know that please tell me! :)

  • Flaksism says:

    seconding this question

  • GmasterRED says:

    Why the secret channel molly? And apprently it's updated.

  • GmasterRED says:

    You mean slicks. Molly Shlicks to traps on /d/.

  • GmasterRED says:

    @brooklynsweb win

  • todd3293 says:

    team tumblr!

  • GmasterRED says:

    sadfrog.jpg and facepalm.jpg
    Is what you will be doing in a few months when you come back and read your comment.

  • SpyCrab says:

    lol 4chan vs tumblr was epic yesterday.

  • 00Yarko says:

    Did she say "shit"? She looks like a such a goodie two shoes <3 she probably never farts xD

  • Shadowy0shi9 says:

    Too bad 4chan is fucking retarded

  • pangexp says:

    Damnit i want my coloured ribbon!!

  • TheeCoolOne says:

    no one ever speaks of the privacy issues gmail and facebook both have. imagine the backlash of your email on facebook automatically being "open" to see until you opt out of it in settings.
    may sound stupid but i'm satisfied with using hotmail, no spam, simple to use.

  • ufohunter16902 says:

    Molly I love you

  • podmember says:

    I was so happy when I heard molly say 'shit' =)

  • OcarinaOfTime554 says:

    1,111 videos :O

  • rain360 says:

    the sweetest thing to grace this earth,
    just swore??
    I know she's reading aloud a quote that she didn't say,
    but still!

  • zomfgitsJen says:

    4Chan vs. Tumblr wasn't "epic."
    It was dumb.

    I do go on Tumblr, but I can't stand them. They steal 4Chan memes and think that they created it. Fuck that.

  • Ianseymour says:

    Another vid with Molly, yet another pair of boxer shorts ruined and a sprained wrist.

  • d1ez3 says:

    song at 0:25 ?

  • TheInunah says:

    Hurrah, swear words on Rocketboom! :3

    Also, 4chan v tumbler is sad. Tumblr thinks they created memes everyone knows were created on 4chan. Even if the meme involves 4chan.

  • joshuasantangelo says:

    1111 videos

  • zomnomnom says:

    My friends told me about this and how one person said "I ship this."
    Then apparently, people started making 4chan x tumblr stuff like fanart, fanfiction, and even a cosplay.

  • loobus says:

    where is she from in the uk!? :P

  • mtr2k says:

    Molly wearing Christmas pullover already. Is it that cold in the studio?

  • Harminatron says:

    epic ending is epic :D

  • ruagamer says:

    OMG. Content.

  • chruschef says:

    @loobus yes.

  • MoMember88 says:

    @loobus Im pretty sure shes Australian mate ;)

  • TheConstipatedcamel says:

    Anyone Else Think Molly Looks Terrible In This Video? Thumbs Up If You Agree, Thumbs Down If You Disagree.

  • FindYourself108 says:

    @mtr2k it's because long time nobody warmed her up.
    you know what I mean ;D

  • FindYourself108 says:

    @MoMember88 she's British

  • theyellowdart31 says:

    @FindYourself108 she's made of pure WIN

  • Jeshikun says:

    You left out the best part of the 4ChanVSTumblr war! We tricked 4Chan into launching a DDoS attack on itself and for most of yesterday 4Chan was down while Tumblr still stood! Second best part of the war was that we made 4Chan/Tumblr the OTP that everyone could agree on. Tumblr won pretty hard.

  • mtr2k says:

    @MoMember88 she is British. You can check her personal channel at MemeMolly if you want

  • mtr2k says:

    I loved 1:36 and the whole tumbl story

  • Glaruf says:

    We should DDoS KNOWYOURMEME instead of tumblr, they're the ones who run our memes into the ground and demystify their esotericism.

    lol, just kidding.

  • mysterioso2006 says:

    :O Molly said a naughty word! Ooh!

  • Mazequax says:

    xDDDDD the end is epic! xD

  • crazycheatta says:

    You look pretty like that....but next time try a real smile with your thumbs....

  • q0zi says:

    lol 4chan. lol tumblr. lol long and hard. :D

  • MichaelHowrie says:

    @MoMember88 Lol, thats Ella Morten :D

  • KaylinJH says:

    @q0zi lol comment

  • sodamine says:

    you just broke one of the unofficial rule.

  • ashwinkga says:

    this funcking video does not play anyone else got the same problem?

  • MoOkS187 says:

    @Jeshikun the 4chan mods/admins did that to 4chan, not cumblr fags.

  • q0zi says:

    @KaylinJH olo

  • isctony says:

    @crazycheatta haha, dude it was a sarcastic smile, thats the whole idea - for it to look 'fake'!

  • robs70986987 says:

    @Ianseymour (facepalm)...

  • FluffyBunniesOnFire says:

    Awesome use of the Undefeatable clip!

  • townsjim says:

    plz don't lose the accent war molly, stay english!

  • httprover says:

    Does the recipient honor the ribbon and not vice versa? (Nice sweater.)

  • RocketROCKET1234 says:

    don't you just broke the rule

  • Mixarenan says:


  • ThoughsBecomeThings says:

    @Mixarenan um no

  • Jimmyboygohome says:

    So glad the Anons didn't win.

  • collin2187 says:

    i wonder what it was like for the 1111th viewer.

  • ophy4 says:

    At least tumblr isn't full of assholes.

  • JIYkp says:

    Molly is a quote thief!

  • ValandisValley says:


  • y2julio says:

    Sorry but Gmail > Facebook.

  • 6235river says:


    'nuff said.

  • turbonoisecat says:

    @Ianseymour thats fucking creepy and disgusting

  • John says:

    i liked the winekone stare!

  • ericleb01 says:

    Ah, but one thing Facebook doesn't have is influence -off- the net. Google will probably never die.

  • weehooherod says:


  • igykalen says:

    @ericleb01 they got a lot of people to go see a movie about it

  • ericleb01 says:

    @igykalen That wasn't made by Facebook, and it's trivial compared to the Nexus One, the driver-less car, the fibre optic connections in Mountain View, CA, Google Earth, and various other examples of their investments. But comparing Google and Facebook in the first place is like comparing apples and oranges.

  • mario says:

    all-in , how do they is easy open in the web with name false!

  • nmukerjee27 says:

    I want to say something cool and witty here that will draw Molly's attention. Alas, all hope is lost.

  • Mixarenan says:

    @ThoughsBecomeThings That was just a 'response' to the commentaries such "you broke the rule/blablabla".

  • div3n says:

    Only reason 4chan was trending = whiney dumblers were whining

  • PaMS1995 says:

    rocketboom is the reason i care about youtube. don't that smile just light up your day?

  • L33Tspartan says:

    @6235river fuck you

  • L33Tspartan says:

    lol tumblr retaliated? thats what you call it? it was epic fail fucking hipsters! ANONYMOUS RAPES TUMBLR!

  • 6235river says:

    @L33Tspartan u mad?

  • L33Tspartan says:

    @Jeshikun umm no yu fucktard no one fell for that most of us dont even need a fucking loic to dos N00B and tumblr was periodically down. btw fuck 4chumblr you guys wish you had the balls to be 4chan

  • smikules says:

    Was anyone else turned on when she said "Shit" ?? I certainly was!

  • obeyme3 says:

    It's not 4Chan as a whole, it's just /b/. Most of the other boards don't care who is "stealing their memes" or anything like that. Get it straight, Rocketboom.

  • Jeshikun says:

    @L33Tspartan I'm sorry but I could barely understand that, I can't tell if "loic to dos" is another spelling error or terminology I've never seen before. But I can assure you that 4Chan went down on Sunday and Tumblr in fact did not go down. You see, Tumblr is already unstable and if it was down for a bit it came back fast enough that nobody on Tumblr noticed because we're used to it going down all the time anyways. Also, spamming Tumblr with porn doesn't affect us either. For obvious reasons.

  • AquaDonkey says:

    OMG i would tear that up so hard..........

  • CabooseWillPwnCheif says:

    the great internet war is coming but what side to choose -_-

  • Shuroku789 says:

    DUMBLR = for faggots.

  • ruonddogross says:

    when Molly says shit is it really a cus word?

  • nathanredd says:

    I love that grin, Molly.

  • ramtrolll says:

    i started using a "Molly rag" saves on buying new boxers all the time

  • mattSISONN says:

    honestly ... does anyone even pay ATTENTION to what molly says?
    or do we just watch to stare at her ...

  • TheOeberon says:

    @Jeshikun You do realize that tumblr was done for an entire night, right? Even got an admission from the tumblr creator to try to make a 'peace treaty' so to speak. Hell, he even said he would be banning tumblr accounts advertising a raid.

    Moot however sat back and enjoyed the mayhem,

  • joen0411 says:

    Facebook will have just as much spam. Not at first, but eventually.

  • Jeshikun says:

    @TheOeberon Can you provide a link to this? I was on Tumblr all weekend, Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night, Monday night. It never went down. And if David Karp said that it would've been all over Tumblr with people complaining about it and censorship. And if 4Chan going down at the precise time Tumblr was apparently going to was actually because of Moot, then how was Moot just sitting back and watching? I've seen no negative effects on Tumblr since the "raid" started.

  • oscarrs13 says:

    lol wut?

  • do0me0nice says:

    @Ianseymour what did you do for the remained of the 2 minutes?

  • danxl5 says:

    Best response ever....

  • thelastjewalive says:

    Molly that was an epic face:D

  • Gullfisken89 says:

    u mad?

  • ashwinkga says:

    she is 21 guys or may be 22 i guess.....nyone know for sure?>?

  • 40ozFluid says:

    r1n2 on all.

  • xCoolJackx1991 says:


  • MoMember88 says:

    @Jeshikun you best be trolling... mods took 4chan down for a while to try and disrupt further raids

  • Rhall7191 says:

    @Ianseymour seriously?? Is your life THAT sad that you have to jack off to a newscast covering online network wars and 4chan??


    oh and clearly you dont have a high school degree/GED...basic high school health or biology would tell you that sperm/cum will NOT ruin your boxers. It''s water soluble and will wash out....duh

    I wont even comment on the sprained wrist...thats just really sad. Is your penis that small that you have to put your wrist at a funny angle?

  • ACLNM says:

    @ashwinkga Wikipedia says it knows her age for sure for sure... "Meme Molly (b, Oct 25, 1989) is the stage name of a British Internet personality who has hosted the video blog Rocketboom since July 2009.". But who am I to confirm what is written on the interwebz? God is the only one sure about anything, so may the Force be with you all.

  • NakedJKid says:

    why does Molly look so hot today?

  • wibezor says:

    Facebook will never take the role of google, we like simplicity.

  • IzzyIsRad says:

    I wish 4chan would leave tumblr alone :(

  • doskydotinfo says:


    nuff saif

  • PerspectiveEngineer says:

    Winner Winner.

  • coloded says:

    Good job molly!

  • LesterMDK says:

    I'd never trust Facebook with all my Email.

  • mynogu says:

    Hello, Molly!

  • greyjeb says:

    The hillarious part is. 4 chan love kittens.. so they win?

  • OZBarbarian says:

    You have massive thumbs.

  • uzetaab says:

    "But gmail is the primary reason why people use gmail services"

    So, when you say services, you are excluding search for some reason? cause compared to say, hotmail, gmail is really only a tiny player. google make most of their money from their search users.

    Also, by spammy, I assume you get lots of spam to your gmail account? That's your own fault for letting your gmail address become too public. Gmail itself only has one little text add at the top. Or did you mean facebook is spammy?

  • rileypmht says:

    @ExELCiS777 Please visit my channel before you type things like that. I'm pretty sure my gayness was out of the universe long before.

  • Cypher858 says:

    tumblr > 4chan

  • Ianseymour says:

    @Rhall7191 Trollface.jpg

  • Ianseymour says:

    @Rhall7191 Also who said it was sperm that ruined the boxers? who has a dirty mind (Trollface.jpg)

  • HannaRocker12 says:

    Finally swearing!

  • Rhall7191 says:

    @Ianseymour you do...what else could you be POSSIBLY implying

  • BattleBrawlerX says:

    I f*cking LOVE the new hairstyle! XD

  • Tanikaze2 says:


  • Me, me, me says:

    Just when I though Molly couldn't get any more gorgeous.

  • anubisswift says:

    creepy smile is creepy

  • zKATRYNz says:

    haha *awkward smile*! xD

  • bammcgn41 says:

    @Verdoux007 hey, get your reply right, I asked if she had been crying, and Ergopenin said some racist sexist thing, that I assume you are calling creepo perv-ish. I could not figure out what you were talking about until I looked up comment stream.

    I agree Ergop... comment is creepy perv, but dude, How is me saying "looks like you been crying... Hope all is well." crepo perv?

  • jmsjmsjms93 says:

    @PerspectiveEngineer chicken dinner

  • Yarcofin says:

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought Molly had cut all her heart off. Heart attack.

  • geonasa says:

    very cute today :)

  • GmasterRED says:

    What a lie. Tumblr is the ass hole capital of the internet, 4chaners are cool as long as you act like on of them.

  • GmasterRED says:

    Moot shut down 4chan for a while during an tumblr "raid".

  • erkburgles says:

    whats the song at 0:12 please?

  • GmasterRED says:

    @Rhall7191 >has never jerked off before

  • Jeshikun says:

    @GmasterRED But if the "raid" was the reason they took it down, does that not mean Tumblr took down 4Chan?

  • GmasterRED says:

    It's a stretch. Kind of like terrorists, even though they didn't get their attack off, they still made us put full body scanners in airports, so they kind of win.

  • VeeRodrigue says:

    Tumblr FTW!

  • OneiroKing says:

    Molly is uber-cute! I replayed her saying shit about 100 times. Keep up the great reporting (and cuteness) Molly!

  • RoyVanNistelrooij says:

    I actually don't care about a word she says... she's molly.

  • HeartlessMayu says:

    25 people missed the thumbs up while admiring Molly's adorable smile!

  • Me, me, me says:

    Hmmm, there it is, Rocketboom being fanboyish again, like they do with Apple all the time. Spammy? Well I would not trust Facebook with my email, that's for sure, the have a corporate culture of TOTAL disregard for people's privacy. I'd bet they'll consider the email contents their property, like they do with everything people post in their accounts. I mean, why wouldn't they? It's worked out so far, right?

  • WOOHP1993 says:

    iv never heard of tumblr before this video

  • irishfinger says:

    Omnomnomnomnom Molly's face.

  • ScrabbleDiva says:

    mic in the boobs...nice one molls

  • unit10251 says:



  • doomtrigger says:


  • PerspectiveEngineer says:

    @jmsjmsjms93 woo hoo!

  • BRGxRandomHero says:

    a soldier goes off to die to protect some rich fuck's oil reserves

  • ProNorden says:

    Molly in Icelandic-pattern sweater. Wow!

  • Zeramirlastof says:


  • gLowje says:

    why did u put tweetie sign on spartacus' peecock?
    are we supposed to click it?

  • thegodofs says:

    @unit10251 air is 1 of two things

    1 it's the mixture of gases that we as humans need to survive

    or 2 and anime developed by Key, though I think the other 3 animes the developed are far supior

  • iJohnGame says:

    Molly can make my ROCKETBOOM

  • L33Tspartan says:

    @Jeshikun LOIC low orbit ion cannon its a script that auto Ddos' or denial of service attacks a url. basically you ping the server so many times it shuts down. also tumblr did go down occasionally because of the attacks but since tumblr is run by a corporation and 4chan is not they were better equipped to handle this thus it came back quickly.

  • L33Tspartan says:

    @Jeshikun and spamming us with cats doesnt effect us ANONYMOUS FUCKING LOVES CATS!

  • askfadafladas says:

    Well, it's time to DDOS tumblr. Don't worry, it'll be down by the end of this weekend.

  • WinterxBlazes says:


  • erkburgles says:

    plz tell me the name of the song at 0:12

  • effyleven says:

    I can't see them if she's wearing that wooly. Meh!

  • 21syaf says:

    most of the man sub her channel..because she so cute...

  • rizic1 says:

    I fucking hate this cancer!

  • lazyAlex13 says:

    Fuck Tumbler!! >:U

  • lazyAlex13 says:

    @obeyme3 I Agree with you
    but Rule 1&2 dude!!!

  • RaAyamLulz says:


  • eyreland says:

    Gmail I have heard of, the rest I barely know.

    There is a global depression going on, so weather any of these entities survive is anyone's guess.

  • obeyme3 says:

    @lazyAlex13 Doesn't apply to me, I don't go to /b/. I mostly only go to the real boards. Not some child porn infested cesspool.

  • RetroLuv04 says:

    shit... i missed the tumblr vs 4chan war. :(

  • lazyAlex13 says:

    @lazyAlex13 Still the fact remains

  • PurpleHamsterAttack says:


  • kerog6 says:

    @6235river he mad after all.

  • kerog6 says:

    @chruschef no.

  • HenryMonmouth says:

    She's a bit of a cute thing herself

  • NefariousBanana says:

    fuck your pizza.

  • ThinkFor1Second says:

    But honestly Molly, why are the attacks on Cooks Source not included?

  • xXfrownyguyXx says:


  • Tehsneakyy says:

    i personally loved the 4chan vs tumblr war. it was the most hilarious thing i'd seen in terms of "raids" ever...

  • giababy89 says:

    fuck you 4chan!

  • xxCesarxxOJxx says:

    Facebook is gay

  • aaronisawesomez says:

    I think 4chan got tumblr. D:

    tumblr's not working.

  • AFLoneWolf says:

    I KNEW she couldn't say that lame quote without smiling.

  • sk8trchick4545 says:

    @aaronisawesomez LOL NO. It's them remaking the site, silly.

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