PSA: Challenging a YouTube Take Down with Fair Use

The Rocketboom Institute for Internet Studies explains how YouTube makes it easy to dispute a wrongful copyright claim. A Guide to YouTube Removals, Center for Social Media: Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video
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  • BlueZomig says:

    Wrongful Copyright Claim = False DMCA for the people not in the know. :) (I hear the latter more often than the former)

  • canada995 says:

    fuk copyrights

  • WarRockLT says:

    Copyright my ass!

  • Elliottslingsby says:

    Now i know, and knowing is half the battle!

  • Mustkunstn1k says:

    THEY TOOK DOWN NOSTALGIA CRITIC! He made many funny videos to say the same thing, but nobody listened. :(

  • Sarunas233 says:

    well,they do have the right...the right to kiss my ass.

  • gvi341984 says:

    Oh look mainstream is catching up on why copyright infringement is bad

  • RandomGamer1911 says:

    Fuck copyrights.
    ~Pirate On~

  • ChryslersCrown says:

    @Mustkunstn1k So sad :(

  • Apathy132 says:

    Did you know that?!?..... Now you know!!

  • GreenKitsuneTheOG says:

    MUDKIP!!! I wants it, now...

  • TrueSoreThumb says:

    Brilliant, KYM! I love it :D

  • SpyCrab says:


  • eyreland says:

    Yes, there needs to be a lot of videos like this here.

    YouTube however enforces US copyright law practices on non-US content.

    This is unfortunate, as AU CAN NZ copyright law is a lot more open.

  • fLiKoUnEt says:

    PEDOBEAR !!!

  • ruagamer says:

    Great video. iPad sux.

  • 13igAdam2040 says:

    Fair use is silly squishy law to try and use to get your video unblock and fixed. That and Youtube doesn't care about few users Vs. the entire network and being sued.

  • 17R3W says:

    Let me ask you this, I have (on another channel) music from a live event (Olympic Torch tour last year), and I have a copy right claim against it.

    1) Because it is actaully "news coverage" should I dispute the claim?
    2) What do I need to do to prove that it's news? (In this case it shouldn't be hard because the event received coverage on several local TV stations).

  • alowlyapprentice says:

    Would you guys be nice and allow us to mirror this video? Please, I would love to mirror this. All who see my comment should request them to allow mirroring of this video. ツ

  • guyboy625 says:


  • iChronical says:

    lol Mudkip, Pedobear, Boxxy, and Star Wars kid.

  • BuggerOffBuddy says:

    You guys are awesome. You deserve cookies. Chocolate ones... with fudge chips.

  • deathsheep says:

    I love his labcoat. "Yatta! Internet Scientist"

  • AquaShadow says:

    You guys are saints :D

  • agolosha says:

    ...snack attack?

  • KaseZ2009 says:

    That guy is making mudkip play with the iPad :D~!

  • rollen01 says:

    I know Christopher's last name now its *Censored*!!

  • panos3320 says:

    save downfall.....or leave the room

  • BfDelano says:

    This is just as informative as Mike Mozart's ongoing series right now about Viacom, removal of their content on Youtube, and false copyright claims. People should also be aware that if you have a popular video that's about to or has "gone viral", chances are Spike or another site have stolen you video, changed it's description, and gave you no credit for it.

  • artem2922 says:

    Pedobear and Mudkip in the background.

  • BfeoAdmin says:

    This isn't very accurate. You are telling youtube morons who think that they should be allowed to post a music video if they simply state in their description that they don't own the video that they have fair use. These people don't know anything about copyright, and 99% of youtube videos that are removed are infringing. Derivatives are not necessarily exempt.

  • WolfUrameshi says:

    This is an excellent resource and informational video on defending content that does not infringe copyright. Thank you for this video. I will keep it handy.

  • elspoko says:

    You guys won the internet. You just fucking won.

  • digiconner says:

    i have a question: i had a remix of the songs bedrock, forever and numb/encore. This video got copyrighted by WMG for the forever part. Is this still fair use and if so how can i dispute it?

  • LoRthePuppeteer says:


  • shuttledik says:

    This is what happens when you allow commercial enterprises on public thoroughfares. I'm still waiting for the fees on my microwavez! Now whar auhr the feez fo mahs INTERTUBES!

  • IndiEmmaProductions says:

    I got my video taken down when it was a news clip about it.

  • shuttledik says:

    @BfeoAdmin but they should be ... hee hee hee.

  • SmashTVCanada says:

    good job rocketboom!! You guys(and gals) rock!

  • EmoGavero says:

    A bit of irony about the copyright claims: Viacom has taken down several Youtube videos, but they have stolen a bunch of videos from Youtube.

  • GoodSamaritanSam says:

    @SmashTVCanada TOTALLY AGREE. That's right, you get caps for that.

  • tidus93 says:

    2:04 Watch it!! Pedobear in the background!!

  • StrayTheNomad says:

    @BfeoAdmin No, that's not what we're saying at all.

  • Cubicleboy04 says:

    Yo! I heard you liek your rights. Good informative vid. +1 internets to you.

  • ChiefRepublic says:

    this dude looks like tiger woods

  • dtman83 says:

    A much needed video, Thank you for that Rocketboomer!

  • hcortens says:

    @ChiefRepublic you're a racist

  • albel65 says:

    Viacom, worst or worsest company?

  • peacefulshades says:


  • bmxbob says:

    really good. thanks

  • SomeSunshineOutside says:

    This is such a nice and liberating video.

  • maitkarro says:

    Under Hitler Trolling BOXXY.

  • jpscsa says:

    Afro-asian lol

  • TheCommentGuy8 says:

    this is so TRUE

  • NabuArat says:

    A good video showing US how to defend OUR videos, we all have put so much work into. Easy to understand and follow. Nice work yet again ROCKETBOOM, nice work.

  • bangNL94 says:

    Mudkipz in the background is awesome

  • HollyTheFireNinja says:


  • Zoiros85 says:


  • OhTehNoes1000 says:

    The Hitler videos aren't under the law of parody because the film was made in Germany where those laws don't apply

  • Randomness65535 says:

    racism is overrated

  • mm20105 says:

    what is the idiot in the background doing?...............looooooool

  • JoonasD6 says:

    Beautiful and brave. I salute you

  • LosKeshusos says:

    So... Whole nostalgia critic account suspended for nothing?

  • StrayTheNomad says:

    @Zoiros85 Adagio for Strings

  • cxgamer says:


  • MellowSolo says:

    CHRIS MENNING <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 !!

  • DeeperBlueX16 says:

    boxxy :3

  • HaShomeret says:

    your still the hottest guy at rocket boom

  • thecursedland says:

    this is good shit man. Thanx.

  • 12moondoggie12 says:

    Down with downfall take down!

  • YakomoFujikawa says:

    @OhTehNoes1000 but I think an American company bought the rights to it since they subbed its still under copyright laws...

  • Cutlesnap says:

    Well said Rocketboom. The constant, random, baseless lawsuits have to stop.


  • drsmit8 says:


  • wario22 says:


  • xXfrownyguyXx says:

    I miss boxxy.

  • WhoaDavid42 says:

    Eat that, Constantin.

  • QuetzalElla says:

    first mike mozart (jeepersmedia) now rocketboom! VIACOM IS THE WORST EXAMPLE OF THIS! type in jeepers media and watch mike's videos about viacom...seriously if you have videos on here you need to know about the viacom stuff....peace.

  • swisscakeroll123 says:

    0:02 is that...hitler?

  • swisscakeroll123 says:

    1:57 oh noes! i dropped mah mudkip! 2:02 then he brings out pedobear LOL

  • TheMetallkylling says:


  • mas92 says:

    Viva La Revolution!!!!!!!!!

  • mas92 says:

    @swisscakeroll123 uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh... you're new here, aren't you?

  • jackalope901 says:

    Haha look at everyone trying to protect Hitler. The irony!

  • exodus2142 says:

    thank you for this i have no vids like this but i am upset that instead of taking down full movies that blatantly break copyright laws like the system was set up for they go after normal people with legit videos and you can still find full movies all the time

  • Reatos says:

    @jackalope901 all those people who want to save him should be all jews :D:D

  • LethalLemonLime says:

    We all do.

  • runescapeownyawe says:


  • greatestwhoeverlived says:


  • PurpleLawl says:


  • eatbeavers says:

    can someone tell me about the meme to the far left the guy with no shirt i need t
    o learn about more memes to keep them alive!

  • RossEStern says:

    @jackalope901 too bad im jewish lol

  • alfman111 says:

    so if i have a WGM song on a video, but have my own video from camera on it, i can dispute it?

  • RomeoCo says:

    How do you challenge Falls Flags?

  • chris7toronto says:


  • thelegendofbob says:

    Great video and message :)

    I play with my mudkip in the exact same way, and LAZY SUNDAY FTW!

  • OhTehNoes1000 says:

    @YakomoFujikawa Maybe we will probably find out soon

  • thelonewolf86 says:

    I think the reason why Constantin Films wanted the parodies taken down is because the movie has been parodied way too many times.

    Interestingly, the film's director even spoke positively about the videos stating that they were a fitting extension of the film's purpose.

  • sharperguy says:

    Was just thinking about the song you used in the background.

  • okzon says:

    this is the start of something huge.

  • optikfiber says:

    ::bow:: to your meme enlightenments! ☺☻☺

  • Linkachu007 says:

    It's the Memetic Revolution!

  • SkotFischer says:

    Thank you. This is perfect! time to pass this around to my friends... the world needs to know!

  • XxIAmRedeemedxX says:

    Where was this video 11 months ago >_>

  • quill18 says:

    Fantastic -- I sub'd because you guys are hilarious, but this is ENORMOUS for the YouTube (and Internet) community. We need to spread this video around.

  • PsychedelicVideos says:


  • legomaster101 says:


  • mystrythng says:

    nooo mudkip ;_;

  • neerdy5 says:


  • PoisonAmber says:

    I've been wondering, why is there not a Know your meme of the abridged series obsession? Is it beacuse it does not qualify as a meme, but as something else? Either way I believe the Abridged obsession deserves at least a mention. As many people make, view and love the many abridged series on Youtube. The various abridged series has had a major impact on many viewers over the many years. Surviving many blows from Youtube and still becoming more popular over the years. So why not?

  • ShadowDimentio says:

    The internet culture MUST LIVE ON!!!

  • Zoot101 says:

    I have used the dispute form before and it works.

    If you don't want to write something original under option 2, you can instead write "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

  • MattDoesNotRock says:

    is that molly's ipad or does rocketboom have one to share?

  • guitarbass95 says:

    FUCK VIACOM. check out mikemozart's page. he has tons of anti viacom vids that show how corrupt they are

  • B00NYK says:

    Yatta is srs bsns

  • midevalman202 says:


  • naraicks says:

    lol was that pedobear?

  • YoshiFan501 says:

    Viacom Why Thumb This Down BOYCOTT VIACOM

  • maggru91 says:

    Hey dont rip in Stagevu. Stagevu Is DA shit!

  • NekoBlaze014 says:

    @PoisonAmber seconded

  • exxinizn says:

    yay RocketBoom, take action! =D
    also, does anyone else find it funny when mudkips falls, the dude takes out pedobear...?

  • PhaserRave says:

    Internet culture is my culture.

  • lvp20 says:

    mudkip mudkip mudkip

  • Robotfan987 says:

    Thanks Rocketboom, I know a lot of people aren't exactly clear over copyright on YouTube so this helps a lot, especially when it's from a trusted source such as yourself. I'll definitely be recommending this video to friends and subscribers with copyright concerns.

  • AnimenerdMuffin says:

    super mudkiiiiiiip!
    ah pedo bear run away!

  • jordanthewizard says:

    I did not know that, I thought Fegelein was behind it.

  • GeneralRoshambo says:

    Fair use FTW

  • hhheeeccckkk526 says:

    omg mudkip

  • LukieRawr says:


  • unorthodoxJ says:

    how could 13 people thumbs down this video?!?!? what is wrong with society

  • windowmaker525 says:

    Fuck Viacom

  • RogueBlueJay says:


  • nguyent139 says:

    does this count for anime Subs that u make a sub for?

  • CoconutsalesEO says:

    2:02 What did he do THIS time? [Pedobear]

  • Ginby says:

    Rocketboom, For the internet!, On the internet!



  • LulzGun says:

    KYM = Epic

  • Hopeful71 says:

    He should have clarified that this does not apply to copyrighted music. Even a 1 second clip of the original music is technically theft and not subject to Fair Use under any circumstances.

    I have noticed that more often then not on YouTube the copyright holder will just attach a mp3 ad to the video but it doesn't change the fact they can take legal action. Be aware

  • WarrenEBB says:

    what if i made a short video while in college for a class, using copyrighted music, but have since graduated? basically, does my "scholar-use" expire when I cease to be a student?

  • censor says:

    @Hopeful71 you should be aware that what you're saying is wrong. Know your memes, know your rights.

  • LuigiGodzillaGirl says:

    The way I see it, we are not protecting Hitler. We are protecting our right to make fun of Hitler. Think about it; if we weren't allowed to make fun of the guy, we wouldn't have brilliant works such as Der Fuhrer's Face or Springtime For Hitler.

  • CognosSquare says:

    Fuck yes rocketboom.

  • dionarapthevicious says:

    That was so beautiful I shed a tear.

  • muskdeeer says:

    I highly approve of this message.

  • MrCameronMCT says:

    Hooray for Agnus Dei

  • DrEatbox says:

    I guess Pegobear like the iPad

  • Hopeful71 says:


    "you should be aware that what you're saying is wrong."

    It is not; it is called synchronization rights. Buying a track of music gives you the right to do anything with it privately but once it enters the public sphere it falls under copyright rule & fair use has no part in publically sampling music (outside education). I work in the field, we have an entertainment attorney; this is fact.

  • moosekaw says:

    the return of the downfall!!
    if the dispute IS taken to court, you will win, if you use the same method in court as described by the video.

  • MrFluffay says:

    im so gonna claim this as mine

  • yougotyourcherrybomb says:

    I love you for this

  • FluffyBunniesOnFire says:

    Damn, the new YT layout is so backasswards.

    Cameo at 2:02!

    I made a video from clips of a documentary, and did some sound engineering to remove the narration and preserve the music. The maker of the source clips had it taken down, since I labeled my video as a reconstruction of the original work (which you can't buy anywhere). Do I have a chance to appeal this?

  • JhonnyBoyLive says:

    I couldn't take you seriously at first, but this is serious. Not only the Downfall videos and other internet memes, but how Viacom had taken YouTube videos down, when they themselves did not have fair use.

  • Blade51 says:

    FAIR USE FTW!!!!!! :D

  • sonicfan123456 says:

    I heard you liek mudkips.

  • spongah says:

    does this apply to music too? like if I do a dj remix of a song or a dj set mixing a few songs together? is that fair use?

  • HewbertLarzToast says:

    Guy in the background ftw

  • nihaorachel says:

    i spy boxxy

  • PsyIn2D says:

    That's really freaking useful information. Thanks rocketboom :D

  • Nanashi85 says:

    I certainly don't speak legalese, but, in the case of Downfall videos, those are parodies, and they don't fall under any of the categories mentioned in the Section 107.

  • RogueCulture says:

    Thanks RocketBoom

  • mrknikers2 says:

    Love the home world music in the start

  • strictlysega says:

    dont u have a limit to the amount of times u can use the fair use law?... isnt it like 3 times?

  • DemonicSymphonic says:

    Yeah!! GIve US back our HItler!

  • KinderSurprise008 says:


  • popkorn68 says:


  • ELuhn says:

    @strictlysega No, there is no 3-time clause in the Fair Use law. If your video is taken down, you can challenge it. If your challenge is challenged, then the video will be taken down permanently unless you challenge the challenge of your challenge. But the actual number of videos on which this happens is not limited.

  • ELuhn says:

    @FluffyBunniesOnFire Everyone has the chance to appeal, and the video will be put back up automatically. But if the complainant challenges your Fair Use claim, then you have to either prove your point in court, or give up.

  • TheKenmoron says:

    i need moar on this subject. I need moar!

  • ELuhn says:

    @Hopeful71 Not true. In Lenz v Universal Music, Universal ordered the takedown of a home video of the plaintiff's toddler dancing to Prince's "Let's Go Crazy." Lenz argued fair use, the court agreed, and Universal had to pay damages.

    It's also a bit rich, IMNSHO, for a music owner to claim that your video is a copyright violation while using your video to advertise their music. One coupld make the case that they owe you money for using your video as advertising.

  • ELuhn says:


    Fighting a takedown with a Fair Use claim DOES NOT mean that you'll get sued. If the complainant really wants to, they can file a challenge to your claim; then your choices are to give up, or to defend your Fair Use claim in court. But you're not going to be punished just for standing up for yourself.

  • Meep9092 says:

    Thank you Rocketboom, for the sincere effort to protect our memes, our lives, and our culture.

    I also just realized I'm not entirely certain how to pluralize and spell memes. Or is it like deer or fish that it is just meme?

  • KyleMc2009 says:

    This video is serious business.

  • squidvis says:


  • ELuhn says:

    The real issue here is YT's "censor first, ask questions later" policy. Keep in mind that the law cuts both ways; YOU can sue, if you believe that their copyright infringement claim is knowingly false. Some parties have abused the copyright law by knowingly filing false claims just so the video will get taken down. Fox News, the Church of Scientology and the so-called Discovery Institute have used this trick to suppress or harrass critics.

  • Tanru2000 says:

    Boxxy next to Technoviking! Hahah!

  • Treknologist says:

    Yatta! Yatta! Yatta! Yatta! SO VERY WELL DONE! I am very impressed with the serious professional delivery.

  • RoyVanNistelrooij says:

    Power to the people!

  • stfuBUDDY says:

    wow old news.....

  • ELuhn says:

    @Nanashi85 Parody has been successfully argued as legitimate fair use, even if it is not specifically mentioned in USC 107. Certainly, it can be argued that a parody is meant as criticism, as it so often is. If such a case were taken to court, the plaintiff would have to prove that the parody was specifically intended to make money off of the original, or to deliberately destroy the market for the original.

  • ELuhn says:

    @WarrenEBB It's about the effect of what you made, and your intentions in making it. As long as your vid isn't "taking away" money from the music owner, you're cool.

  • WishesSetFree says:

    Wow- I actually find this really useful!!! Thanks!!

  • Stephen says:

    This video doesn't do much to clarify the difference between fair use and derivative works. For more info see:

  • shyharmonybear says:

    Is that a pedobear plushie? I want it!

  • ELuhn says:

    @Hopeful71 Fair Use is not about private use; it is about permissible public use of copyrighted material, so it absolutely would have a part. The facts are determined in court, if necessary; and if your attorney told you otherwise, he told you wrong.

  • S3FLionheart says:

    Sharing this Video will definitely be a good thing for Youtube.

    Viacom Must Be Stopped.

  • MAEdalgo says:

    Adagio for Strings. :)

  • RoyVanNistelrooij says:

    @jackalope901 the poor guy just found out that pokemons are not real, that MJ died, that taylor got kanyed, that his xbox live account was taken down, that L4D2 is a full price game,that he is dead, and hundreds of other bad news... he needs our help now.

  • morlandi70 says:

    Great vid AND info. Thanks!!!! and congrats

  • damr1990 says:

    mhmmm, i know i'm gettig a little away from the point, but it's interesting that Rocketboom got proactive in the saving of the meme, considering that they (have stated) preffer to get just an observer position (presicely) because the disputes,flamewars and other stuff...

    but then this isn't the time to see motionless, we shall unite and become a one big will capable of saving this meme, LET'S FIGTH MY BRODAS, for we shall be victorious!!!

    all your memes are belong to us

  • ELuhn says:

    @alfman111 Hell yes you can, and hell yes you should. My situation was exactly the same, I disputed it and my video is back up. Not even so much as a letter.

    Just to clarify again: You're *allowed* to dispute any claim. That is your right. Whether your claim or their claim is valid is a matter for the courts, if you and the complainant want to duke it out; but you will not, indeed CANNOT be punished for standing up for your rights.

  • TheOvitsky says:

    im going to laugh so hard when this gets taken down for using that music...

  • NoNameDos says:

    YouTube provides a "censorbot" making it easy for others to trample on your free-speech rights. Disputing a takedown says to them that if they want to silence you, they'll have to try harder. Most will give up, like WMG, who just carpetbombed YT with violation notices as a strategy in their licensing negotiations. If they threaten to sue, you threaten to sue them back for filing a false claim.

    Don't take takedowns lying down!

  • NoNameDos says:

    @TheOvitsky If it gets taken down, it'll be because some suit wants it to be easy to trample on other's rights.

  • barendbos says:

    first amendment? could you be a little more international please? there is more than just USA

  • amlife180 says:

    see what is the guy doing at the back 0:52

  • mas92 says:

    @greatestwhoeverlived wtf? are you high? or were you trying to make fun of me? because that was probably the dumbest most pointless comment i have ever read. ever.

  • thesnarkisaboojum says:

    @barendbos Youtube is a company based in California, so information related to US speech rights and copyright law is probably most useful.

  • johnnytastetest says:

    @jackalope901 - Well, since Hitler had a whole army - all of Germany, even! - protecting him, I guess it's not exactly ironic, right?

  • DoctorWeeTodd says:

    May Hitler live for a thousand years!

  • mindcombatant says:

    hooray for the GPL, CC and copyleft!

  • StrayTheNomad says:

    @ELuhn, I'm afraid Hopeful71 is mostly right. When it comes to music, things get difficult. In some cases there are copyrights on the recording, which may be licensed from whichever company owns it, for a fee. In other cases there are copyrights on written music, including notation and lyrics. People have been sued for sampling, unauthorized covers, and songs that even contain notation that sounds too similar to another song. But you can use samples for education, news, reviews, etc.

  • StrayTheNomad says:

    @ELuhn, I think there might be other cases where music can be defended under fair use where the new work comments on the original, but the RIAA has been so heavy-handed that it's hard to think of others.

  • ToLokyo says:

    This kinda understanding is so important these days for content creators.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • 12Fucitolz says:

    @jackalope901 LOL

  • Germanman277 says:

    Noe Wai, I love mudkips, don't think I didn't see it. ; )

  • JixMa says:

    This was really informative. Thank you.

  • morningstar13d says:

    Seriously though, a lot of people smack 'Fair Use' and think they won't get caught....

  • TheJman says:

    Boxxy =0

  • M4N1F3570R says:

    rocketboom.. i salute you.

  • markiduval says:

    @ToLokyo Indeed! Good job with this video Rocketboom!

  • markiduval says:

    @Mustkunstn1k Yep. And the BBC had sfdebris's Red Dwarf reviews taken off youtube recently too. It's pretty stupid. Surely a video review that uses clips for reference is fair use.

  • LeeroyFan101 says:

    This is what happens when YouTube sells out, a bunch of butthurt companies make things unfun for the rest of us.

  • wulfrich says:

    Thank You!

  • elvispelt says:


  • HisForgottenSolitude says:

    i Loves Mudkip too :D

  • JPH says:

    So how does your use of Barber's "Adagio for Strings," (actually "Agnus Dei" in the choral version) qualify as Fair Use? It doesn't seem relevant to the content of your video. You don't even acknowledge the choir performing it.

  • KattinW says:

    thank you for touching on this topic!

    p.s. love the mudkip in the backgroud :P

  • RICbass78 says:

    Already knew about this :-) But thanks for spreading the info!

  • megaton666 says:

    0:23 I herd u leik Mudkipz

  • BigAndTall666 says:

    I would take Ellie down if she would let me! :-P

  • nekomajine says:

    didnt know about this, thanks a lot!

  • 4R3774N0 says:

    What the hell was Pedo Bear doing here?! lol

  • FluffyBunniesOnFire says:

    @ELuhn I don't think I can. In the form I have to admit that just about the whole thing is borrowed material. Before I even get to make my case that it's sound engineered, it tells me that I don't qualify.

  • hendersonhigh says:

    thank you

  • m0r1arty says:

    Nice one guys - I expect this to be the most viewed video this year ;)

    Let's claim back our YouTube!

  • kurtmcbeth says:

    nicely done

  • pandakickmyleg says:

    Thats a homeworld 2 music, isnt? Fair use, fair use, remove it!

  • kazooga1234 says:

    if u r a youtube partner then it wont take them down caz u cant flag partners anymore

  • TigerOfKarlstad says:

    Where can I buy that pedobear?

  • camilok7 says:

    that´s so cool that rocketboom is doing this!!!

  • canteen36 says:

    This is so thoughtful.....

  • timothiess says:

    Not everyone is from the USA.
    Thanks for your ignorance, though.

  • jhubeJELLO says:

    Thanks for the tips!

    The pedobear?

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    People have the right to access to media. If a third party bars the dissemination of some source of entertainment or information then that may violate a population's civil rights. One should look with suspicion on the denial of service to those who desire to exercize their rights. Treating people as markets to be bought and sold is probably unconstitutional. Efforts to commandeer the media with the intention of interferring with free expression or barring access goes against liberty.

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    Well first was from 4kids since I had Yu-Gi-Oh episodes up and the second time for a few AMVs due to copyright of the music. It really doesn't apply to what they are talking about. This video seems to be directed to Viacom who took down alot of Youtube poop with contant from shows that air on Comedy Central, Nick, and CN.

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    Thumbs up if you hope Jammie Thomas, Charles Nesson, Joel Tenenbaum and all of us take down the RIAA, MPAA, Constantin Film and any other companies that stand in the way of OUR RIGHTS and OUR INTERNET!


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    LK's situation with his orginal account applys for this. He took Yu-Gi-Oh and made a parody of it. 4kids now seems not to care but it's now Team Four Star that's geting the same treatment as LK did but by FUNi. They took DBZ and made a parody of it. Also FUNi may adventually go after a few other good abridgers as well. Geneon is dead plus US lost it's licence to Sailor Moon years ago so SMA Team is in the clear if Japan doesn't get involved.

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    @BfeoAdmin The reason why music videos shouldn't be posted is that if they are posted no one's gonna buy them on iTunes, at least that's what some think. However, all artists ALWAYS post their music videos AND THEY'RE STILL RICH. So obviously posting a music video, REGARDLESS of the one who uploads it, always benefits the artist. So music videos OUGHT to be posted. Anyone who agrees, click the "thumbs up" over there -->

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    Click the thumbs up on the right if you hope Jammie Thomas, Charles Nesson, Joel Tenenbaum to prevail over the RIAA, MPAA, Constantin Film and any other companies that stand in the way of OUR RIGHTS and OUR INTERNET!

    OUR message shall be placed in the highest rated comments for YouTube and everyone else to see.


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    Excellent choice. And way to stick it to the man :-p!

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    @FluffyBunniesOnFire Your call, of course; but "it" is not a judge. Other factors are whether your work is transformative (a different product as the result of your changes), whether it is for profit, and whether your vid has any negative impact on the saleability of the original. The chances are, your vid will be allowed to stand; but if the complainant insists, then you would need a lawyer's advice on the strength of the case.

  • darkelivrio says:

    is this meant to be sarcastic? i agree that the culture of the internet is dying though. A few years after its birth. or maybe this IS internet culture. Just having trolls around without a

  • ELuhn says:

    @FluffyBunniesOnFire The important point is, it's not for YouTube's computers to make decisions about Fair Use. Unless you know in your heart that you're just reposting someone else's material, you have the right to claim Fair Use in good faith. If the owner of the material feels otherwise strongly enough, they'll file a formal claim; at which point you can back down if you don't feel you have a strong enough case.

  • ELuhn says:

    Again: A takedown notice is NOT a legal action. Someone files a takedown, and YT's computers mindlessly comply. If you challenge it, then to cover their asses YT want you to state your reasons. But the filer can NOT sue you for challenging the takedown (not unless they want the book thrown at them in court). They must file a formal DMCA notice first, and if you do not comply *then* they can sue. But keep in mind that you can sue *them* for filing a meritless claim.

  • ELuhn says:

    Please, people, take the time to google "Lenz v Universal." Also check out
    w w w (dot) eff (dot) org. They actually want to hear from Youtubers about this issue.

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    @mas92 no, i was just into that guy who was playing with da mudkip lulz i find it funny with whats going on in the backround

  • ELuhn says:

    @StrayTheNomad Music does not receive special protection under copyright law, nor special exemption with regard to Fair Use. The laws apply whether it's music, video, text, interpretive dance or Braille. If music "gets difficult," it's only because of the rabidness of certain corporations, in an allergic reaction from genuine pirating. But just because music lawyers are more bastardly does not make them more right.

  • NoWordsToConvey says:

    What about audio? A couple of my videos have been taken down because I used audio that's not mine. Any easy way around this? Or did they take it down wrongfully/-insert more diplomatic term here-?

  • ELuhn says:

    @nguyent139 As with everything in Fair Use, it depends. If you're just doing a straight translation, then no. But watch ?v=vFldBVWFgWo This is Fair Use, because the material is used in such a way as to be transformative of the original.

    Often it's a judgment call -- but that's what judges are for, not YouTube's cheese-eating surrender bots.

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    "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."
    -- Henry the Sixth Part 2, IV, 2
    by William Shakespeare
    (no copyright infringement intended)

  • ELuhn says:

    @NoWordsToConvey The easy way around it is to challenge it, as described in this video. YouTube will put it back up. If the audio owners really want to make a big deal of it, they'll file a proper DMCA complaint, and then you can decide whether or not you want to fight it.

  • ELuhn says:

    @NoWordsToConvey The copyright laws with respect to Fair Use make nothing hard and fast. Basically, you have a case for Fair Use if you're not making money off of it, the owner isn't losing money because of it, and/or your use of it makes it a substantially different creative product from the original. Of course, if you *are* just blatantly ripping them off, then quit while you're behind. But "Don't Take a Takedown Lying Down!"

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    @multipurpose101 Whether it helps or not DOES NOT WARRANT OR CREATE GROUNDS FOR BYPASSING COPYRIGHT!!! Copyright means that they have control over it. They can do whatever the hell they want with that copyright, including not letting you distribute it. Copyright laws are to protect owners. NOT those who aren't.

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    Fucking Hi**er should be nowhere to see!
    Fuck him!
    Rather i say FUCK, before i say hi**er.
    Say NO to parody of him and say now to dumb jokes of him.
    Just forget him!
    It's a SHAME for the WHOLE world!
    And THIS is saying by a german man.
    I don't watch this film. Just see the first seconds and i have to puke.
    Why? Why anyone have to bless him in any case?
    Sorry, but this shit brings me to puke!!!!!!!!!

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  • OpinionatedJerk says:

    This video is misleading because it's a very vague explanation. While videos like the Hitler parodies do qualify for fair use, there's still a very thin line between what is Fair Use and what is not. Fair Use is entirely up to a judge. If this video used Metallica's song in the background, for example, it would not qualify as Fair Use, even though it's different than the original music video for that song.

  • OpinionatedJerk says:

    and before dumbass teen who read the Wikipedia article on Fair Use decides to come and try to correct me, I took copyright law courses at Foothill College for Music Business, so keep that in mind, as I do know what I'm talking about.

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    @OpinionatedJerk Actually according to Wikipedia, someone at the EFF says it's fair use. Parody has always been fair use. Ever heard of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series?

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  • OpinionatedJerk says:

    Not all parodies are created equal. I know parody is fair use, I'm one of the people posting hundreds of "chipmunk remix" songs on my other accounts on here. That would constitute as parody because its significantly different than the original and doesn't affect the market for the original version. Throwing a Metallica song in the background of this video does not significantly change the song or make it a parody. No I know nothing about Yu Gi Oh, but I know copyright law.

  • domdom87 says:

    i dont get how these vids can be considered parodies. they are the original clips of the movie with subtitles. just because most of these people dont speak german doesnt make it something completely different. having said that, im really upset they're going down...

  • multipurpose101 says:

    @OpinionatedJerk Well basically yugioh the abridged series is a parody of yugioh created by littlekuriboh, whose account was removed. his new account is cardgamesftw. yugioh abridged was removed TWICE but eventually LK won and his vids remain on his cardgamesftw channel...though if all parodies AREN'T created equal then maybe it's not exactly the same thing

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  • multipurpose101 says:

    Click the thumbs up on the right if you hope Jammie Thomas, Charles Nesson, Joel Tenenbaum to prevail over the RIAA, MPAA, Constantin Film and any other companies that stand in the way of OUR RIGHTS and OUR INTERNET!

    OUR message shall be placed in the highest rated comments for YouTube and everyone else to see.


  • Kidbuu4163 says:

    @ThiefRikku0306 actually it was toei animation that took down TFS so the japanese companies do seem to care. i know ive gotten my accounts taken down by tv tokio many times

  • OpinionatedJerk says:

    Ok I just looked at his videos. They are definitely fair use because he switched out the audio and added his own for the entire video.

  • multipurpose101 says:

    @OpinionatedJerk What about Downfall? Most of us speak English so changing subs is as good as changing audio right? Or is that the point you were making -- that it's not as good as?

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    @Darchon101 - You mean the Temple of Time in Ocarina of Time? (Man that was a cool game back in the day, lol)
    Yeah, the choir's reminiscent of it, bu the melody is different - I'm pretty sure it's Adagio for Strings, op. 11

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    This video is the best and most informative video of this subject. Calm and straight to the point and short so with even a slower internet connection it is easy to watch. Still i would prefer people to make original content rather than reusing others work. Free speech should be more than just a law. Make a habbit in your daily life to respect other peoples choices and opinions.

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    Interesting use of the "Homeworld" soundtrack.

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    Regardless of fair use you still do not own the material. The artist or the record company has the legal right to file a copyright claim. And if you try to dispute it you can have fun in court buddy.

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    @oursedatedyouth it is still legal because you are not reposting the clips but are editing it tobe your own original content

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    Most copyright litigation is civil in nature a court finds that a defendant has infringed and orders payment either statutory damages or actual damages and profits. There are also criminal copyright penalties, felony copyright infringement. a Congress has recently increased these penalties. Criminal copyright infringement exists to punish infringers who misappropriate copyrighted works in which an author invested time, creativity, energy and money to create.

  • ItsMsMargie says:

    Courts have ruled on the question of fair use in numerous cases, and the following summaries offer insight into the relatively moderate number of cases that are particularly instructive . Seldom have courts had to rule in cases that are specifically about the work of academics, so we most often need to derive lessons from cases raising comparable issues. These generally follow the framework of the four factors outlined in the fair use statute, Section 107 of the Copyright Act.

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    This video is misleading because here in the United States copyright law is very vague explanation, meaning differing judges rule differently on like cases. There still a very thin line between what is Fair Use and what is not. Fair Use is entirely up to a judge.

  • ItsMsMargie says:

    This video is misleading because here in the United States copyright law is a very vague explanation, meaning differing judges rule differently on like cases. There is still a very thin line between what is Fair Use and what is not. Fair Use is entirely up to a judge.

  • ItsMsMargie says:

    LoL and why are these foreign guys trying to recite U.S. copyright law while wearing LOL..... white lab coats? This is kinda weirdly funny when you think about it. What they don't realize is that U.S.A courts are a whole different kettle of

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  • [...] a clever PSA from the folks at Rocketboom that shows exactly how to post your video works that are protected under Fair Use and prevent them [...]

  • [...] meme” genre of detourned video parodies of the movie Downfall, I was inspired by the recent Rocketboom video with Kenyatta Cheese describing the steps to challenge a YouTube takedown. Rocketboom, in turn, was motivated by the [...]

  • [...] the Hitler Downfall meme entry at the Meme DB. To learn more about your rights under Fair Use, click here. Assets: fear drawing, dailymotion, vimeo, funny or die, constatin film open, Constantin Films, [...]

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