Animal Week – Salamanders

Welcome to Rocketboom’s Animal Week! Today Molly tells us all about salamanders!  Click here for show credits!  SalamandersIUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesInvasive Species Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more Rocketboom Daily with Molly!  Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!  Join us on Facebook for behind the scenes pics and videos!

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Animal Week – Salamanders
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October 14, 2010 • 1:44 pm | Permalink


  • MrQarsim says:

    What's her full name?
    I want to Google Images her :P

  • randomperson11111123 says:

    @freesk8 It does sound stupid when you sum up the video doesn't it?

  • nicePiccolo says:

    molly got always that big tits? :o

  • jcjmadman316 says:

    how long before we are extinct? people like to EAT salamanders? can't they eat like chocolate cake or something!

  • BWareyfy says:


  • balzac308 says:

    Salamanders rule! like Molly!

  • snowlionud says:

    @MrQarsim Honestly, I have know clue. But she started out here on YT primarily on her mememolly channel, so if you google Meme Molly, you'll find plenty of history.

  • CassianMC says:

    regeneration of limbs... breathing through our skin... SAVE THE SALAMANDERS!

  • Sarahsneak says:

    Oh honestly people. You're all so very mature. Molly is more than a pair of boobs

  • randomperson11111123 says:

    @MrQarsim I googled: Molly "Rocketboom and got quite interesting results

  • KirkAwesome says:

    I want to motorboat her...

  • GmasterRED says:

    Molly Windman I believe. Or something like that.

  • HighKingTurgon says:

    If we only breathed through our skin, we would not be able to support our large statures. That's why our cardiovascular systems run on hemoglobin. It's so darn good at attaching to Oxygen and Carbon dioxide.

  • Draznar472 says:


  • grendelee says:

    What are you going to name the baby?

  • Elephantintheroom01 says:

    I heard you liek mudkips, so why you make them die?

  • theorderoforange says:

    dramatic boobs

  • wikigeek says:

    Thumbs up if you just looked at boobs the whole vid...

  • Dookiii says:

    nice... nice..

  • ICanCountToTen1 says:

    @Sarahsneak Indeed. She's got a fine booty as well.

  • TSBoncompte says:

    like the hair. I think molly has more sex appeal than hotforwords

  • ComptonWarriors says:

    @wikigeek the fuck is wrong with you?

  • yuriythebest says:

    @randomperson11111123 thanks! that led me to stumble on her blog. I had no idea she had a blog.

  • thejobloshow says:

    Oh no! The hair stylists covered your big ears! That's what makes Molly Molly IMO... Be proud of yo' genetics woman. Nice vid BTW, totes learned much on salamanders and what have you.

  • unsenseful says:

    I actually found a Salamander this Summer, I freaked out big time because I though they couldn't be found in Spain and never counted on seeing one. It was amazing :D

  • theDracoIX says:

    @sparkybaz77 Strong theory.

  • thefranstastics says:

    I hate what we're doing to our planet.

  • derberg19486 says:

    My guess is a new bra

  • MrZyod says:


  • abooood95 says:

    you fucking butch what the hell is this video you mother fucker piece of shit

  • derberg19486 says:

    @d809 Americans care about one thing, MONEY and nothing else period.

  • GmasterRED says:

    @derberg19486 guys are both idiots. We have the most environmental laws on the planet. We lead the most environmental treaties on the planet.

  • GmasterRED says:

    =o don't tell me she's pregnant!

  • MUJAHID56787 says:

    @derberg19486 damnn
    some bra's work magic

  • dominic508 says:

    I'm pretty sure she stuffed her bra to see what percentage of viewers would actually care about it -_-

  • todd3293 says:

    very nice big boobs. extra huge today

  • wwickeddogg says:

    Thumbs up if you have seen Molly on the C train and then followed her home.

  • todd3293 says:

    @MUJAHID56787 lately shes been wearing shirts that make them look not as big, probably to keep the "boobs!" comments to a minimum. but i NEVER forget for a minute that they are big beautiful BOOBS :)

  • seed1433 says:

    i watch this video coz i notice in the thumbnail that some part of her body has change..

  • iJackieoff says:

    Awww. Axolotl's are so cute. >.> I gagged when I watched the part about people eating them.

  • 1acroyear1 says:

    @derberg19486 No. She's putting on weight again.

  • mickeydubbeldekkers says:


  • nyihead says:

    @wikigeek nah man i'm all gentelmanly and spent my time avoiding looking at her huge tits

  • dropkickpikachu says:


  • banido says:

    @GmasterRED She's pregnant with MY BABIES. All 6 of them.

  • The95Alex says:

    poor salamanders :(

  • Teknoman891 says:

    Yes, yes boobs are looking extraordinary tempting today.

  • bigbookofnothing says:

    nooooo axolotlsss......

  • DORUKOZKAN says:

    her boobs look so soft and yummy today i want to squeeze them a little

  • TheBlackdragunov says:

    i like mudkipz

  • mikelae19 says:

    Wow Molly you’re looking exceptionally lovely today. I can’t quite put my finger on it since I can’t seem to think clearly. It appears all the blood from my brain has rushed to my penis.

  • davidsudm says:

    @todd3293 I love boobs! hahaha

  • sutacarligmarian says:

    They look like fish...

  • ivanxdxd2008 says:

    they are huges!!!!!!

    and the salamanders are huge too.

  • CrazehGamer says:

    So I herd you like axolo-.. DAMMNIT MOLLY ALREADY SAID IT!

  • ivanxdxd2008 says:

    I'd bite her nipples till cut them off, then I'd shove them up her asshole

  • xxxnexuzxxx7 says:

    is it just me or did her boobs look bigger to day ?

  • Leadman1989 says:


    lmao... for some reason the voice i read that as is herbert from family guy

  • dragonswordcannon says:

    Is Molly wearing a push up bra?

  • Treknologist says:

    4:10 is cool

  • TheKillysOwn says:

    You people disgust me.

    Also, Molly, you looked cuter before you cut your bangs.

  • Chelseaxoh says:

    Her fake accent is extremely annoying.

  • Leadman1989 says:

    oh what i would give to be a lapel mic

    molly you and your bazungas are doing more for animals than ever

  • joejoe8151 says:

    god it sickens me how many fucking perverts go to a video just to comment "OMG TITS" every 3 seconds....go get laid or something seriously

  • ivanxdxd2008 says:

    I'd bite her nipples till i cut them off, the i'd shove them up her asshole

  • GigaBoost says:

    Molly has a huge fucking cleavage in this video, great!

  • mynogu says:

    Yes, we must preserve the boobs.

  • jecker19000 says:

    1:33 looks like a mudkip

  • Zingerola says:

    @ivanxdxd2008 what the fu..

  • dskloet says:

    @xxxnexuzxxx7 Just read the comments and you know it's not just you ;-).

  • XxSameerxX says:

    Molly is the most fun way to learn :)

  • WilAzzamEdison says:

    I got a tad [pole for molly :)

  • WilAzzamEdison says:

    I got a tad
    pole for molly :)

  • mendoza00721 says:

    Rocket Boobs.

  • Ranact says:

    I wish humans was on the endangered list, this kinda stuff makes me hate us :[

  • gstamo01 says:

    that the "Breast of the Animal Kingdom will follow" = LOL

  • tehcexymeowmix says:


  • BlackJeopardy says:

    It's good that doggies and kitties aren't going extinct. Yay for LolCats!

  • QuiteIncredible says:

    @KingChimp100 It was, but it died because I put it in a glass aquarium outside. It was really hot, and it cooked him.

  • Dave102693 says:

    Why Molly gotta be over there instead over here with me? =/

  • theburt83 says:

    @edc852 Everyone keeps mentioning that Molly sounds increasingly American. But didn't she live in Canada for years before Rocketboom? So what would be the big difference now?

  • EyeWarrior0545 says:

    Cleavage :O

  • unorthodoxJ says:

    People this is serious

    If something isn't done all the worlds Charmanders might die :(

  • GmasterRED says:

    Haven't you noticed? DEM BOOBS

  • Snowflake70 says:

    Love it when you say wha teer, not like us water dog Americans !

  • CoinDl says:

    lol, MUDKIPS!!!

  • Xyno1100 says:


  • edc852 says:

    Everyone knows Canada isn't real!
    If you spend allot of time with people who make their sounds differently, you tend to pick up on it and change your accent. I'm having trouble keeping my accent in a foreign country and its only been 8 months and I have put on weight because I've changed my eating habits.

  • GmasterRED says:

    She gets off to them.

  • TheCrimsonW says:

    It sure took the Rocketboom commenters a long time to notice Molly's boobs, didn't it?
    Also salamanders FTW

  • GmasterRED says:

    I bet she's knocked up.

  • djeraser says:

    Thanks for this great animal week series Molly and the Rocket boom ream.

  • jsrsjs47 says:


  • luckynumber6 says:

    I'm sorry but her breasts do seem strangely larger..

  • zerbinivideomaker says:

    oh Molly,
    that hair..
    that eyes..
    that kindness..

  • Armistance says:

    if salamanders wee mudkips the government would have bailed them out by now

  • pudgeypigeon says:

    how does molly handle all these boob comments, lol i bet she stopped reading any comments ages ago

  • FirestormPunk says:


  • MUJAHID56787 says:

    @todd3293 lol yeahh

  • Wakeupsleepyhead1984 says:

    OMG TITS! i had no idea molly :)

  • mynogu says:

    We must preserve Molly, so she Molly can procreate more Mollys.

  • ALIEN2oo says:

    although it was clearly a counsious desition to were such a revlealing shirt. you other suckers dont know how to act


    jesus keep that shirt

  • mattblack77nz says:

    Texas Blind! Boomshakalaka!

  • ARTOFWAR2008 says:

    Wash the shirt in HOT. and use it on the next vid.

  • mattblack77nz says:

    @StaticID Me too, but hers are superb enough to tolerate if it happened.

  • mattblack77nz says:

    @Chelseaxoh ...says the girl whose name ISN'T EVEN CHELSEA!!!!!

  • lalaliam says:

    i hope you all cause the next show to be presented by a fat man

  • rtothepandj says:

    hi molly =]

  • DarthSchwartz says:

    @joejoe8151 it's the only reason she's youtube famous.

  • damlurker says:

    @joejoe8151 OMGZ BOOBIES!!

  • mattblack77nz says:

    @femaleprodigy1978 That's not true, they've got to be good ones. It's like women and'll only get excited if they're great.

  • phug1010 says:

    I heard useless banter and then "they totally look like mudkipz" which made me lol

  • theyellowdart31 says:

    she said "phosphate" but the picture showed phosphoric acid molecules

  • mattblack77nz says:

    @TheEmptyHunter Sadly, this is what we really think.

  • mattblack77nz says:

    @QuiteIncredible Yes.

  • CabooseWillPwnCheif says:

    omg mudkips

  • mattblack77nz says:

    @rickardo004 To be fair, westerners eat some pretty crazy shit. Oysters, caviar, sheeps brains, beef tongue etc.....

  • dustination123 says:

    @mattblack77nz Oysters really isnt a strange food. ALOT of people eat them.

  • BaseAndAcid says:

    tits ... no matter what @joejoe8151 says

  • BaseAndAcid says:

    @nikki111sar thats very nice of you

  • mattblack77nz says:

    @dustination123 Exactly....but are oysters really any weirder than salamanders?

  • boomerxxx says:


  • httprover says:

    A drier world which is the result of global warming does not bode well for amphibians.

  • BAB13100 says:

    @d3st88 :l

  • BAB13100 says:

    @femaleprodigy1978 :l I was serious. Meanie.

  • moneymaker8815 says:

    I used to see a lot of Salamanders, but now i hardly ever see them...=(

  • johnnytastetest says:

    Using cherry bombs, I blew up a bunch of salamanders when I was twelve or so. Though it was only today I learned that they're actually endangered. If I ever manage to finish that time machine I've been working on, I'll first travel back to help the salamander's population levels around the world. Then I'll stop in on my twelve year-old self and kick my own ass. I can tell you right now that that will scare me. Believe me, I know.

  • redred622 says:

    @joejoe8151 good just dont say f**** or ur not any worse than them

  • weehooherod says:

    I had never herd the Molly lieks mudkips!

  • ReadWriteAccess says:

    @mendoza00721 good lord ... you an't kidding ... what the hell did Molly do?

  • TheGiantRobot says:

    I could have sworn Molly said breast of the animal kingdom. Am I bad person or is Molly being cheeky?

  • JTrizzleFizzle says:

    needs more mudkips

  • Probewitch says:

    What ya gonna carve on the top of your treasure chest when all the salamanders are gone; no fair foul play, save one and and save the day.

  • siriuslymessedup says:

    they're such a pretty species why do humanz kill all the cool animals u bastards!

  • dustination123 says:

    @mattblack77nz Well, if you think about it no. But I just cant really see anybody eating a salamander. >_< Im sure lots of people like them, dont get me wrong Ive eaten some pretty crazy shit. So, no. Nothing should really be classified as weird... I think its just where some people live. I mean, some places think some things are normal to eat that where you might live, is unthinkable to eat. EX: People eat bulldogs in some places. To me thats weird, but to them its probablly not.

  • ssfunnyguy says:

    Save the mudkips!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NakedJKid says:

    those boobs have definitely gotten bigger

  • Skrappy777 says:

    Hey Molly, I heard u liek mudkips

  • henik9 says:

    I'll show you my salamander Molly..

  • tleneel says:

    lol bangs are retarded

  • CalzumSSBM says:

    i'm sorry what was this video about? i was starring at you cleavage

  • ELuhn says:

    My salamander is regenerating. I can feel it.

  • TheVillainOfLakeOhio says:

    Jennifer Aniston's nipples + Molly's frontpack = Unstoppable Force of Nature

  • jmac4506 says:

    Breast of the animal kingdom? Am hearing things or just being distracted by the V-neck top?

  • drewthegnome says:

    molly is a goddess

  • rbekers26 says:

    @ELuhn xD

  • CMDRKillsalot says:

    Cleavage.... :)

  • CMDRKillsalot says:


  • mtr2k says:

    Molly I love you. Nice shirt. I watched this without sound.

  • CMDRKillsalot says:

    I' like to help stop these animals going extinct, but as an individual with hardly any money, what could I possibly do?

  • ashwinkga says:

    @CalzumSSBM seriously they are like waiting to pop out in this video lol

  • pandazatthedisco says:

    I don't like Molly's new hair cut :c

  • ShroomSamich says:


    i know her tits look so supple i want them so bad

  • ashwinkga says:

    did she purposely chose that shirt today????

  • Akleptose says:

    Molly i think you are gaining weight

  • ocarinalover1348 says:


  • IHereVoices says:

    @jmac4506 i hear that too. perhaps she's mocking us?

  • deogrou says:

    People should search for alternatives for eating animals :( or at least care more

  • FluffyBunniesOnFire says:

    We have a serious moral responsibility to eradicate as many humans as possible.

  • ReliableInsider says:

    Ew. Salamanders are slimy.

  • iHateToRegister says:

    Oh, i'm viewer 303 again. Thumbs up if you're viewer 303 too.

  • mecrushbloodelf says:

    one thing i have to say, BOOBIES!

  • raidersdude911 says:

    @unorthodoxJ chamanders lol

  • raidersdude911 says:

    they totally look liek mudkipz i <3 mudkipz thumbs up if u <3 mudcipz or diez

  • raidersdude911 says:

    thumbs up i u liek and <3 mudkipz

  • ThePoubel says:

    @ocarinalover1348 10 thousand thumbs up for you, kind sir.


  • Chaosblade777 says:

    I hope those scientists and environmentalists aren't trying to interfere with natural selection and extinction, if their actually trying to prevent salamanders from dying of natural causes, or they could cause much more harm than good.

  • punkcanuck69 says:

    low cut shirt is low cut

  • iMattman509 says:

    5 people didn't think Molly was on screen long enough.

  • pukirocks says:


  • hhairball9 says:

    Molly's Boobs are soon to be a meme...

  • geektoro says:

    I like to freeze frame when Molly smiles then take my cursor and twirl her fun bags with it. Sad but true.

  • peruface says:


  • DanDanCanCan says:

    make more videos for your channel molly who's with me

  • imgod2u says:

    @Chaosblade777 The point is much of the "natural causes" are actually large-scale effects created by industrialization (for instance, global warming) and pollution (nitrogen concentration). This isn't just about salamanders, it's about the disruption in the food chain that could lead to a drastic reduction in both food supply as well as plants that provide oxygen and absorbsion of solar energy (which would cook this planet).

  • LaCokaNostra81 says:

    her big juicy cancer magnets

  • joejoe8151 says:

    @redred622 You just said if I say fuck Im not any worse than them. Fail.

  • driftster99 says:

    mmm molly ;)

  • derekcolman says:

    @imgod2u. It is, as you say, destruction of habitat and chemical pollution. I would also add infrastructure that blocks migration. We are on the verge of mass extinction caused by too many humans. Forget that global warming guff. All these species happily survived the Medieval Warm Period when over 300 years it was warmer than now. The difference is that there were not so many humans then, and no man made chemicals such as fertilisers and pesticides.

  • teddirez says:

    ( . )( . )

  • TheZachExperience says:

    I think my favorite part about these videos is the ranting in the comments about Molly's hotness.

    On a related note, Molly is so hot.

  • DeeperBlueX16 says:

    can we do an animal this week that ISNT endangered? god.

  • nooneisusingthisname says:

    AXOLOTL (lol seriously)

  • BrittneySS says:

    To hell with dirty lizards, need more of Molly's boobs, man they looked fantastic today.

  • kirkieball says:

    is she preggers cus her tits r defs bigger?

  • eveningniteshade says:

    @kirkieball nah she's just getting really overweight. Look at her face and upper arms.

  • VladvonRuuski says:

    i wanna a giant mudkip.. i mean slamander

  • Movies96B says:

    Did her tits just get bigger?

  • t1mTV says:

    mmmmm, digging the low cut top molly.

  • EveryoneWantsYou says:

    Not loving the 5 year old haircut, molly.

  • MrCFCarePOO says:

    How are ratings totals 33 bigger than total views?
    mmmmm,digging the low cut top,molly

  • iSometimesWriteMusic says:

    Rocketboom is growing as a random informative channel, at the same time it is growing more and more to to be about mollys boobs. Info don't go well with boobs... so.... I AM LEARNING NOTHING FROM THIS.

  • marianosergio990 says:

    i love that haircut :3

  • Hitoritaka says:

    @Movies96B Maybe she's preggers.

  • WiseWiz11 says:

    Someone save the salamanders! They are so cool!

  • katsujinken10 says:

    it's not "want", it's "do want" c'mon rocketboom. remember when you guys had your finger on the pulse of the internet?

  • BobVlogging says:

    Please Molly you need to talk about the Platypus!!!!!

  • rayruiz12345 says:

    Texas blind look like a penis lul

  • JIHOJIJO says:

    She's talking about Chinese people only..
    who else would eat that thing??

  • GiantCorey says:

    Can you do Scarab Beetles next?

  • AeonofOblivion says:

    You're gaining weight, Molly >.>

  • ramanglass544 says:

    so I herd you liek mudtits?

  • milirod says:

    I had an Axolotl!

  • uaenruotel says:

    @Hitoritaka probably not that was my first thought but I'm thinking shes stuffing. remember when she tried make up only a few videos ago? shes probably trying to modify her appearance to attract more viewers

  • TheDarkhollowteme says:

    I love how i watch robotboom videos to learn something new and the comments are mostly about Molly Lmao!!

  • TheDarkhollowteme says:

    I love how i v watch robotboom videos to learn something and the comments are mostly about Molly Lmao!!

  • fossilman123 says:

    wow what a treat thanks Molly

  • Hitoritaka says:

    @uaenruotel Meh, I'm here for the quirks and the accent. She seems like a good host, and generally presents the stuff in a pleasant manner. The rest is just eye candy. But then again, this is the internet.

  • Rocketboobs says:

    Dear Molly RocketBoobs,

    Humans are frakking idiots! That the reason for extinction, including our own, which isn't far away.

    The reason for the frakking our frakking stupidity is that all we care about the GREAT BOOBS! So, if you want to contribute to raising the collective IQ of humanity, keep you GREAT BOOBS completely covered up! (Like wear a big, black plastic back over your tight sweater)

  • RHCristobal says:

    Nice Molly bewbs!!! :D

  • p0gothem0nkey says:

    ur tits got bigger

  • p0gothem0nkey says:

    @peruface yes they're bigger and kind of lopsided

  • Asphyziata says:

    Push-up bra.. maybe.. >_>

  • theman2meet5 says:

    Wow, you people only care about her tits. Instead of the video.


  • ralphcrisostomo says:

    is it me or she has a bigger tits right now?

  • omnidragon42 says:

    Don't forget salamanders are also totally cute.

  • ralphcrisostomo says:

    i smell meme on mollys boobs

  • TheMarziman says:

    Wow. I feel so ignorant. good vid! :P

  • BattleBrawlerX says:

    1:32 WOOPER!!! :D

  • magspajar says:

    fluffy molly!!

  • esancaro says:

    YEAH!! AND IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!... DUUDES!!!!. For allways posting stupid things about boobs, Molly went crazy, became pregnant and now is got to go feed the BABIES!!. Look at the lemurs video, she she was normal on tuesday!.
    By the way... yeah, salamanders.

  • sincityfire says:


  • blizzarox says:

    I got a rare salamander in my pants...

  • maccaaccam99 says:

    @blizzarox yes it is rare cause it barely gets to come out and play

  • K4M1N3 says:

    Salamanders look icky!

  • maccaaccam99 says:

    i wonder if she is happy or sad that all her videos boil down to changes in here appearance?

  • SumthinMaybe says:

    I can't go a single comment page without seeing something about Molly's tits :/

  • blizzarox says:

    @maccaaccam99 Yep, the hole aren't big enough for that massive thing to come out and play

  • arad7613 says:

    That map didn't include the Middle East. I know we do have salamanders in Israel.

  • thewolf86 says:

    Thank you for taking my advice. :drool:

  • jack10133 says:

    beautiful rack

  • screamingmonnkey says:

    I'd like to know how all these stupid comments about Molly's appearance affect Molly.

  • TOstevo says:

    Perfect face and perfect tits.

  • duggan23 says:

    that's fine molly, just CUT OFF HALF OF AUSTRALIA!!!!

  • Harekiet says:

    It's hard being an animal in China, since the Chinese will eat anything that moves.

  • mstienstra says:

    Are the comments a teenage stream of consciousness experiment or is this a 4chan assault?

  • AlexxxPerales says:

    i need a sailing license cause i got a sudden urge to motorboat. *BRRPPTTTT*

  • nimatoed says:


  • TheBassofmike says:

    either she's prego or she got a boob job

  • bongmannz says:

    Mollys getting chubby ^___^

  • Omniofaco says:

    I wonder what would happen if everyone who did nothing but comment about Molly was banned from further commenting on RB vids... Seriously people, show her and all of RB for that matter some respect.

    On topic: I remember looking for salamanders in the woods when I was a kid. That story about them coming out of burning logs sounds like it'd be pretty freaky to see.

  • blackhole522 says:

    Stop commenting on her tits. I know they're great, but give her some respect.

  • fffffffffffffffuuu says:

    omg molly why are you so hot

  • maksphoto78 says:

    ( . Y . )

  • adamlyons87 says:

    My friend has an axolytl so I never realised how rare they were until Molly just said so!

  • misanthrope013 says:

    im learning with Molly, and id have it no other way.
    im so hot for teacher right now!

  • J0ASH says:

    it's the fringe.

  • alex1314159 says:

    I wanted a pet one of these as a kid, awesome creatures

  • brokenthonqsz says:

    He boobies look bigger. :o
    Or even a Padded Bra?
    I need to know. D:

  • Linkforce088 says:

    See, this is what happens when too many things like mudkips

  • drheadshot12 says:

    @Movies96B pathetic...

  • koobydotnet says:


  • omnomnomandrew says:

    5 people actually watched this for the information.

  • JokerCrowe says:

    I don't think Molly should wear V-neck shirts. For one; all the tards- sorry- youtubers comment on it, and for two; because it makes it hard to concentrate on what she's saying.
    But it was very interesting nontheless. And I like salamanders.

  • retronightmare says:

    If she didn't want us to look at her tits she wouldn't have a V-neck shirt on.

  • chaincells says:

    Nice viedeo

  • SadieeeSweeet says:

    Probably because she has got fatter...

  • madskizophrenik says:

    Molly you are gorgeous and I love your voice in this clips :) Thank you RocketBoom another great episode :)

  • SuspendMyAss says:

    I don't approve of the new hair :(

  • xrayguns says:

    molly has always had boobs guys, if you've seen some of her older mememolly vids.
    maybe its just her top on this vid

  • calendula9994 says:

    I am sick and tired of all these comments on Molly's appearance. It just makes you look like a shallow, idiotic fool whose aim in life is jacking off to youtube videos. They certainly don't make you seem attractive or the type of person she would be mildly interested in.

  • UncleFesterius says:

    She said, "The breast of the animal kingdom will follow at the end"... Har har, funny joke Molly! But on topic, salamanders are fascinating creatures and it is a shame that they are so threatened.

  • rileypmht says:

    Her breasts look bigger because of her bangs.
    They truly are an excellent hair style!

  • yousefamar says:

    The only reason they can afford to absorb O2 through their skin is because they have the perfect surface area to volume ratio. We'd need to be sponges or else really small.

  • iHateToRegister says:

    epic boobage ...

  • DemonicSymphonic says:

    @peruface She has bra that push the tittie up

  • reimo90 says:

    @rileypmht MUDKIPZ FTW

  • TehCacti says:

    Thumbs up if you couldn't stop looking at her microphone.. for some reason

  • BagoGarde says:

    2:02 actually wooper is based on them ...not mudkip

  • crs0153 says:

    They totally did.

  • Blarghasaur says:

    2:21 zoom in on asian.

  • jrvideojr says:

    successful plan!

  • jnthnbush says:

    @Movies96B holycrap, that is the first thing noticed.

  • jnthnbush says:

    @marianosergio990 second thing I noticed.

  • nightvisiongoggles1 says:

    Salamanders are icky, like frogs!

  • nightvisiongoggles1 says:

    Man... Molly is starting to look hotter than Ellie Rountree...
    I hope she keeps on wearing that shirt.

  • frankylovesyall says:


  • frankylovesyall says:

    I heard you like mudkips.

  • nightvisiongoggles1 says:

    I think it's been that way, she just kept it hidden...
    Until now!

  • pyxzer says:

    Nature is making room for new species.

  • nathanredd says:

    nice report, Molly. And I love your hair. It looks great on you :)

  • katyhess says:


  • Draugo says:

    Just to be controversial, I don't like the new haircut. But it's not Molly's fault, I just don't like that style.

  • EyeOnTheTV says:

    I didn't watch this video because I'm interesting in salamanders.

  • lumms says:

    wow look at the size of those......... salamanders

  • ToasterPig says:

    I actually agree with you.
    Its completely subjective of course, but I personally dont find that cut very flattering.

  • Otakkun says:

    If they're going extinct by natural causes, is there anything we can really do? Also: I had no idea that salamanders were so endangered. Rocketboom is my daily dose of smarts!

  • youhearditfirst says:

    molly, u look fat!! time to slim down...

  • shuttledik says:

    Are you serious? You want to splice genes w/ a frekkin' salamander so you can regenerate body parts?!

    Embrace mortality, idiots!

    Enough of this bs. I'm unsubbing.

  • altandF4productions says:

    are you pregnant=? if so, best of wishes!!

  • theburt83 says:

    @bongmannz When Molly and I are married, comments such as this won't be tolerated any longer.

  • JUSTbeltiful says:

    @youhearditfirst Fat? Ha, she looks perfect!

  • Meeyoh says:

    @youhearditfirst she looks great >.>

  • esolor says:

    I like your previous hair better. grow it back out! ^^

  • ThatBritBloke says:

    "And they totally look like mudkips" Love it :)

  • hihosh1 says:

    @shuttledik I think it's very cool!

  • Gearholder says:

    i do leik mudkipz!!! who u herd it from?

  • saltkrakan1994 says:

    I would like to be that shirt ;)

  • JeusRivera says:

    0:14 who couldn't resist that cuteness?? T-Up :D

  • 4gs8vh4gs8vh says:

    rocketboom depresses me - but looking away never solved anything

  • Sm0sH004 says:

    (o )( o) =D xD

  • defaultuser88 says:

    so if they're going away from natural causes, why should we step in to save them?

  • piranaut says:

    @defaultuser88 global warming...

  • Soundy1337 says:

    @blackhole522 agree

  • dkittv says:

    @defaultuser88 She said in the video why - important studies that salamanders make possible

  • hd883low17 says:

    on a personal side note: Molly please please please dont lose your accent.

  • ChathamFr0 says:

    Mudkeipzz? I love salamanders.

  • thecyg12 says:

    hi tits

  • Sethir says:

    I do not doubt her intellect and wits, but the whole time, her generous chest held my eyes and mind glued.

  • bumblebumz says:

    @blackhole522 What did you expect with a shirt like that?

  • Zgenator says:

    I dont support her bangs

  • Jesusability says:

    @Sethir I panicked when they played sans molly clips... let's drink cossy together

  • 777neotamakachi777 says:

    LOL And they totally look like Mudkipz!

  • electrojoe42 says:

    2:05 molly drew something and thought, "let's just go ahead and put eyes on it and say it's a salamander, ey?"

  • electrojoe42 says:

    @Zgenator This has been flagged as general concensus.

  • UtterlyMoot says:


  • gregaaron89 says:

    I'm loving the bangs Molly!

  • shadowclock12 says:

    XD Axolotl is adorable!

  • ONETRUEDUB says:

    looking good today boobs... i mean molly

  • silviosdemon says:

    Damn I hate to be one of those jerkoff's that just leave random boob comments but I'd be totally lying if I said I wasn't staring at Molly's cleavage for the whole duration she was on.... very sad about the salamanders... very happy about the tits tho! :D

  • MichaelHowrie says:

    I thought axylotl could undergo their change if iodine was introduced into their diet? Or something like that... I know that it's possible to make them fully mature somehow...

  • 1955RodHot says:

    Keep up the great work, Molly! Very educational and intelligently delivered. Trust me, there are people who watch Rocketboom to actually learn something, and we appreciate your efforts!

  • cosy18 says:

    @blackhole522 commenting on female tits is not disrespectful

  • txmekanic says:

    more power to the salamander! The Barton Springs salamander is very powerful. It is able to hurl developers hundreds of miles. It can make lawsuits turn into legislative warfare and it can shut down entire creeks and rivers with just a wiggle.

  • RedCat0006 says:

    thank you for posting this! im a zookeeper and have been trying to get people to pay attention to this for years!! :) you guys rock keep up the good work!

  • voicetube says:

    @shadowclock12 Yes, I agree, the Aolotl is awesome! (Have you ever heard The Axolotl Song on Youtube? It's a hoot!)

  • thewirrow says:

    @blackhole522 ah managed to comment on them and still remain a gent? sneeakky :]

  • holymasteric says:

    cleavage ftw

  • blackhole522 says:

    @thewirrow hehe

  • OmarOcean says:

    Mudkip, lol

  • odarie1 says:


  • KdotJdot says:

    Molly.... U knew the moment you wore that shirt & bra combination, that no man watching this would learn shit about salamanders

  • b3astieboi2 says:

    nice tits ;)

  • localdjango says:

    It's really hard to masturbate to this when the video keeps cutting away to fucking lizards.

  • nightvisiongoggles1 says:

    Unfortunately for you, Molly gets all the attention, not the salamander...

  • nightvisiongoggles1 says:

    And that is a good thing.

  • okemes26 says:

    Molly, given the number of "boobs" comments posted here, PLEASE wear something more decent .

    This is an educational video, ain't it? Or it is just to attract more viewers?

  • RobertChN says:

    Xochimilco in México City!! Very good Pronunciation Molly! ;-)

  • shadowclock12 says:

    @voicetube OK, I think I will!

  • zonicthedog says:

    I LOVE MOLLY!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheLonelyImmortal says:

    0:04 GOOD LORD. Molly? Did your um. Boobs get uh, enlarged recently? A-are you okay? Have you been feeling alright? Not eating anything unhealthy, I hope....

  • commsky says:

    I applaud you for your great word pronunciation and memorization however...


  • Loonitic11 says:

    Thanks for making learning fun, molly ;)

  • sorrow198827 says:

    poor salamanders

  • TheViewOfCalvin says:

    I just watched a documentary about salamanders on National Geographic. They taste disgusting.

  • nonusefull says:

    A fringe???? NOOOOOOOOOOO :'(

  • NominePatris says:

    I would like to see Molly with her hair up! :)

  • Semtexxxxx says:


  • TheSlyFox16 says:

    nice hair molly! the bangs are cute :) and salamanders are cute too...

  • 3rdkray1 says:

    You mean that tiny thing you call a Penis

  • Manodragon says:

    omg I can't belive that there are so much perverts out there and nobody cares about our planet. This combined with other acts of the human kind will make the Earth to be a simple rock without any life on it. Dumbasses!

  • Sethir says:

    Right you are. Let us enjoy the intricate nature of female wiles, as we both ponder if they are using it as a weapon or as chains to dominate our collective wills.

  • QuatroDiablo says:

    is that saregama playing in the background?

  • arrow531 says:

    molly has boobs WTF! i cant pretend to care about salamanders any more nice tits molly ^^

  • portnizzle says:

    Axolotl = Mudkipz!

  • FieryPepper911 says:

    @3rdkray1 Shit just got real.

  • furyjeff76 says:

    nice tits

  • NRSC71 says:

    You know i find all of these animal week videos kind of depressing, as it shows how our world is being destroyed.

  • MatrixManAtYrService says:

    While hear beauty is unparalleled, the remarkable thing about Molly is that she can get the lowlifes of YouTube to sit through four minutes of video about endangered species. She's making the internet a better place.

    a fellow YouTube lowlife

  • lionelsnappi says:

    Please make a porno

  • wallysaruman says:

    @KdotJdot salawhat? is that what this video is about?

  • wallysaruman says:

    at 0:10 look at her pretty eyes...

  • monkeyfunforidiots says:

    Molly: Hey, cameraman, is this top too revealing? Do you think it might come up in the comments?
    Camerman: It hasn't been a problem before. I wouldn't worry about it.

  • ipodxdude says:

    all this talk about amphibians reminds me of what big boss used to eat in Metal gear solid 3

  • Medspecies8472 says:

    @monkeyfunforidiots O I'm look at something alright!

  • Medspecies8472 says:


  • maritimetimes says:

    nice tits

  • redred622 says:

    @joejoe8151 I know they are sick perverts but saying the F-word is just as bad .
    first of all the Fword means rape . and technically speaking the F-word is an ackronim for 2 things 1.I can not remember exactly but it is an illigal action (a soldier having sex during war) Irish law. If a couple were caught committing adultery, they would be punished "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge In the Nude.
    so by saying the f-word you are baciccly doing somthing very rude . I would usually ignore it....

  • redred622 says:

    @joejoe8151 cont ... but as you were trying to make a point I feel though I should just notify you that to make more of a point i would be better to not use the F-word .
    besides i Know they are doing sick minded things but,they are still humans(or trolls)and as long as they have a soul and have a brain, they have the right not to be insulted. So as I MEANT to say by saying the F-word you are not any better than them. And if they are bots sill the F-word is rude.

  • Knightmare7790 says:

    I dig no bangs.

  • Chelseaxoh says:

    @mattblack77nz pretty sure my name is Chelsea.. ha? I know what my own name is.

  • TheJesseMusic says:

    8 people are gay...

  • Depth Afield says:


    That hair.

    Molly, that hair... not good.

  • joejoe8151 says:

    @redred622 sorry I can see how un rude your trying to be and I appreciate that and not to be rude back but i could care less what the F word means. It doesnt mean rape its just a naughtier version of saying "lets have sex" basically. Yeah I know what you were saying I was just being a smart ass :P

  • larper501 says:


    what has science done

  • joen0411 says:

    Why would anyone eat a salamander, I don't care what they taste like.

  • ArgonSpyder says:

    So Mudkipz.... Are delicious?

  • WMIDRI says:

    i'm now a little bummed to hear that salamanders are extinct. :(

  • WMIDRI says:

    i'm now a little bummed to hear that salamanders are now endangered :(

  • WilAzzamEdison says:

    My Rocket just went Boom... oh look tadpoles

  • WilAzzamEdison says:

    @TheJesseMusic yep...

  • tomsonuy says:

    big tits fat bitch

  • kwnutty says:

    Never mind the endangered salamanders, what about the endangered Brits!

  • shuttledik says:

    @hihosh1 I'm sorry.

  • Crozzling says:


    Oh come off it, if she wasn't sexy nobody would give a shit.

  • Crozzling says:


    Why can't people use the correct word 'Britons' instead of brits? I just don't get it.

  • dovermoreno says:

    C'mon, Molly. You can tell me.... You're DRUNK when you do Rocketboom, aren't you ???

  • N30K4L says:

    Is it just me, or are her boobs getting bigger?

  • unuuu says:


  • EvilBunniexxx says:

    Molly is starting to look a little chubby!

  • kwnutty says:

    @Crozzling us Brits never use Britons cos we don't want to sound like ponces or from Monty Python. And that still wouldn't be right as the normal term is British.

  • kwnutty says:

    "Brits" come from the word, "British". "Britons" come from the 17th Century.. Or Monty Python. Whichever you prefer.

  • kingzant99 says:

    @N30K4L mayhaps... I will study this closely and get back to you on that... (what? me? a creeper? NAHH)

  • Random1765 says:

    Poor Salamanders!

  • pbldiaz28 says:

    i learned alot. thats pretty intresting.

  • beyeriii says:

    @NominePatris Check out "Molly Reads the Dictionary" for Molly with a pony tail :)

  • beyeriii says:

    @NominePatris Watch "Molly Reads the Dictionary" for Molly with a pony tail :)

  • beyeriii says:

    Rocket Boobs :)

  • aerexenn11 says:

    lol. thought i was the only one notice the boobs.

  • lilballerina says:

    I found an endangered salamander today!

  • SPOOKYDONKEY3030 says:

    @lilballerina Put it back in your pants and keep it endangered !

  • lilballerina says:

    @SPOOKYDONKEY3030 ?...

  • claytonbing16 says:

    the earth is "infested" with humans. too bad animals don't have pesticide.

  • SPOOKYDONKEY3030 says:

    @SPOOKYDONKEY3030 i meant plants sorry. wow that sounds weird.

  • effyleven says:

    Golly, Molly! They are nice.

  • effyleven says:

    @N30K4L I'm not sure that they are bigger. Maybe they've just been rounded up and headed in the same direction?

  • XeroK00L says:

    Horrible haircut is horrible. :(

  • NominePatris says:

    @beyeriii Oh yeah! But that was too short a clip! We were robbed! xD

  • spaceghost1313 says:

    wow ...i'm 12 and what are those?

  • ShroomSamich says:

    pause at 1:26 lawl

  • ShroomSamich says:

    keep clicking at 1:26 lawl

  • AstridStedro says:

    Is it just me, or is the map crooked?

  • DeadWhiteButterflies says:

    Is it me...or do they jiggle slighty?

    um...yeah, I meant the salamanders! XD

  • rrtt1 says:


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