Commodore Comeback

Molly is out with the old and in with the new. Assets: Viper Bite On Finger, Viper Bite On Ankle, Viper Bite on Leg, Acne, Skin Disease: Large Rash, Skin Disease Eczema, Skin Disease, Yoda, Two and a half men dvd box, Commodore Store Web Site, Israel Distributes Biochemical War Protection Kits, Is Countering Violent Extremism CVE, The New Global War on Terror GWOT, U.S. Targets American-born Cleric in Yemen, 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Sumatra Indonesia, NYPD Shifting Anti-Terror Cops to the Streets, Biowatch Program Detects Tularemia in Ohio, Man Threatens to Detonate Bomb at Tulsa Airport, Look At Sick People to Give Your Immune System a Boost, Star Wars Figures, Star Wars Logo.

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April 8, 2010 • 10:00 am | Permalink


  • thefranstastics says:

    Tularemia. I love that word.

  • pearl04vic says:

    Molly you look sexy when you put angry face

  • goatcheese2 says:


  • olegros says:

    Sorry for the lack of knowlage
    but what's tularemia?

  • ginomw says:

    @nafativedec THE cutest

  • librano says:

    You forgot to mention that the new Commodore runs Ubuntu Linux :)

  • Guttanhehe says:

    @nafativedec Agreed !

  • Blade686 says:

    I'm only here 4 teh mollz.

  • Xylian113 says:

    Molly <3

  • maksphoto78 says:

    She has very squeezable... cheeks.

  • MasterOfBuckets says:


  • tarbuck77 says:

    She has great tits. I'd love to suck on them some time whilst playing Uridium

  • EccentricInTexas says:

    We love you Molly!!!

  • bobthewii says:

    When you threw that iPad, my heart skipped a beat...

  • AnonymousCoward23 says:

    Last time I watched RB while eating...

  • myalternative says:

    Haha, the intro to this was amazing. Good catch, Molly.

  • PlankIndustries says:

    I need to find me a Molly. Please comeback to the UK....

  • animwild says:

    Molly, love your action sequences, that ipad deserved it, keep plucking at those keys, your great

  • neocool12 says:

    thumbs up for molly giving the c64 another go ....sooolid thumbs down for the redesigned 'commodore'

  • malikyo0 says:

    lol at 0:50

  • pulsexx says:

    molly appears boring and ordinary under close public scrutiny.

  • kk4769 says:

    molly you're so fat

  • theorderoforange says:


  • loner469 says:

    this reminds me of my old atari 800 and tape deck.. I remember waiting an hour to load a game... the good old days...

  • lancelot5552 says:

    Love the end XD

  • NathanCipher says:

    she's so ymy.

  • tundmatu2 says:

    Great video:D hillarious -Molly:D

  • ruonddogross says:

    Spell Tulsa backwards and thats what that town is. a big ol...:)

  • drewthegnome says:

    molly is the best!

  • maccusportugal says:

    i love it when molly frowns :D

  • k3ytech says:

    why bother buying one of those modern commador 64s? just get a laptop and rip the screen off XD

  • greatsayain says:

    How is she spelling Jedi with an I?

  • ruckenfigur says:

    ♫ molly molly molly molly molly molly molly! ♫

    i wrote that song just now for you :D

  • Meglo56 says:

    She should have shown blue waffle.

  • ATOMICMEAT says:

    -takes iPad that molly dropped

  • rockabillyjon says:

    best show yet!

  • digismurf says:


  • clarissa61190 says:

    it was such a good idea to eat whilst watching this video :S

  • rockabillyjon says:

    @greatsayain "In Latin, Jehovah starts with an 'I'." ;)

  • Nogert says:

    @ruckenfigur ♫ mo mo moll molly mo mo mmmm molly m mo m mo ♫

    I did the remix

  • HellFireKane says:

    I love you Molly.

  • pixelr0 says:


  • Snowflake70 says:

    How did you get your words to match the motions of your mouth? So strange. I haven't seen that happen on YT for over a year...
    Lovely mouth btw.

  • yuriythebest says:


  • yuriythebest says:

    @HellFireKane molly rulez

  • vicepresidentfru1tly says:

    @ATOMICMEAT And then blend it right?

  • GNoodle says:

    one of those pics looked exactly like a pic on my hand after being on fire.

  • 0nn3 says:

    ergh nasty

  • RoeNand says:

    If a was making a tv-show, I would definitely buy molly and that other girl.

  • smikules says:


    She's awesome :)


    lol with the blendtec company, yummy with the sick people <3

  • yaysteele says:

    I love how she sounded so happy about the viper bite lol
    I'd much rather go with the commodor over the Ipad! up to 4 gigs of ram and 2TB of storage?? Yes, please ^_^

  • McDynamicEntry says:

    CONTROLLLARRRR. Such a nice accent.

  • north21b says:

    heh sleep deprivation much?

  • ai4281 says:

    oh god... sick people pictures made me sick!

  • jiggyghallam says:

    I wana meet molly! :D

  • MrMoneyclips says:

    fuck you molly, I was eating

  • chipmoonk902 says:

    Prettiest Girl Ever Seen on YouTube! Thumbs UP!

  • ActionCutter says:

    man and i just got my chicken nuggets out of the deep fryer...q.q

  • radu0 says:

    lol, I was eating some chips while the sick people pictures came up =))

  • betocoyote16 says:

    i tried that looking at sick people and it back fired... now am sick : ( next time i'll watch from far away.... lol

  • awawtamisheavy says:

    i love molly when she's angry.

  • brtshstel says:

    Commodore and Blu Ray? That's like combining flintlock muskets and bayonets with assault carbines and IR scopes.

  • murrymurrymurrymurry says:


  • kianttila says:

    Molly, shouldn't you be too young to remember commodore 64?

    I was playing Bruce Lee with commodore 64 long before you were born.

  • hubertfable says:

    molly 8D

  • norwegianbuddha says:

    Hot chick trashing computers.. I like it!

  • MorarSamuel says:

    She's soooooooooo BEAUTIFUL<33333333333333333333

  • scootosan says:

    Molly was still swinging between her daddies legs at that time....I want to techno spank Ellie

  • sakar181 says:

    "The keys still stick" Hahahah!!!

  • bangNL94 says:

    @MorarSamuel yummy

  • qtonic says:

    excellent videos molly : )

  • jergsden says:

    I will climb to the summit of Maggie's breasts! Why, you ask? Because they are there my friend, because they are there. Hint: Mallory died on Everest.

  • j0ames says:

    that was disgusting molly.

  • DeRealUno says:

    dont spills liquids on keyboard molly

  • diablo275754867862 says:

    fuck you molly for that skin shit, otherwise nice vid

  • freespace21 says:

    dude Molly! i'm eating! skin conditions, bleh.

  • ATOMICMEAT says:

    @vicepresidentfru1tly nah id keep it >?:)

  • Magik57 says:

    molly is my dream girl!

  • gusoropeza says:

    I love you molly

  • xmenmatt says:

    That one is from being bitten by a viper!

  • TheCellCH says:

    haha that was awesome how you messed with the viewers and it worked
    now they all are angry xD

  • MasonsTurtle says:

    I never have any clue what she talks about. So random.

  • njlucifer says:

    Please let them puppies free!!!

  • Toro953 says:

    i love these

  • ment4mia says:

    Screw you and your pictures

  • thatoneguy1020 says:

    @freespace21 you where eating too?

  • cjbackintime says:

    molly needs to suck my penis

  • skollll says:

    I want Molly to get a rifle and shoot an iPad !

  • xtericx says:

    awesome she reads slashdot too

  • RuthlessBruttal says:

    Lol. I didnt get it.

  • BillyCauseyjr says:

    wow C64 games were sweet! (I also want an Amiga 4000.)

  • jgdogg441 says:

    ...the keys still stick...

  • freespace21 says:

    @rockabillyjon i've got a bad feeling about this...

  • 4gs8vh4gs8vh says:


  • RAWryyy says:

    Gee thanks, I was in the middle of lunch, in fact I had just taken a bite, when those skin pictures popped up.

  • terranark says:

    i was having supper...
    and its was great!

  • otakuworldwide says:

    really doubt she watched any star wars

  • Drunkenvalley says:

    @RAWryyy Oh dear. :D

  • SirKnobofCheese says:

    Bollocks to the Commodore 64,bring back the ZX Spectrum instead.

  • danisnotonfire says:

    iloveyou .___.

    yes after watching all of this video that's what i want to comment.
    don't judge me

  • RoTTTiIN says:

    kind of like the idea, but who wants the their pc inside the keyboard theses days? that's just an accident waiting to happen

  • davidthefat says:

    @RoTTTiIN You can argue that its a laptop minus a screen

  • andreapinti says:

    rocketboom dailynews FTW
    thanks guys

  • DariusDaGreat86 says:

    you know what i was hoping wouldn't make a come back?? That god-forsaken fuckin background

  • HybridPineapple says:

    This is old, it is a laptop without a screen. -_-

  • Liljonesyboy says:

    @danisnotonfire I agree dan but this comment makes you go on fire

  • ZeldaPhobia says:

    he accent is fake...

  • scootsie119 says:

    thanks molly i was eating.

  • HardRawRocknRoll says:

    starwars animated sitcom??????????????????????????

    geroge lucas... you have to stop prostituting your masterpiece

  • PenguinWalrus0 says:


  • kknev says:

    Oh God, Molly, pattern of light is not right - press more buttons!

  • wallysaruman says:


  • DStyle86 says:

    You can clearly hear Molly smiling at the Viper-bite photo... ohh I like sadistic chicks :D

  • poptya says:

    screw the video, nice throw and catch of that ipad. I was under the assumption that girls were unable to catch anything thrown at them.

  • usmc212 says:

    I cannot get enough of you, Molly.

  • RoTTTiIN says:

    @davidthefat in a way, it would have great portability, but I mean might as well just use the notebook. If I was going to use it as a desktop though I would pass, accidents always happen to keyboards

  • blazingcolts says:

    Does anyone know how old she is?

  • HeyDuffy459 says:

    I thought this was going to be about Lionel Ritchie.

  • MultiKdizzle says:

    what was that shit? rocketboom still has some things to learn

  • TheAtheistHero says:

    The image of Molly throwing away the iPad was hot! I love a girl with brains.

  • eelexa says:

    Is anyone watching RocketBoom for anything OTHER than to oggle Molly?
    I like RocketBoom for the content.

  • zorokid says:

    @eelexa same here oggleing molly is a just a perk XD

  • tetsubo57 says:

    Why do you think I subscribed?

  • faab007 says:

    @eelexa LIAR

  • guitarbass95 says:

    theres a all in one keyboard computer at my local library

  • pathduck says:

    Try Commodore Amiga next!

  • guitarbass95 says:

    @eelexa i usually just stop watching the videos with the other reporters. they're "boring"

  • ImmortalDestructor says:

    @HeyDuffy459 I see what you did there!

  • andrecp says:

    thank for showing me sick people! now im immortal!

  • ImmortalDestructor says:

    @eelexa Oggling Molly is a very common reason to subscribe to RB, but I did it to oggle Ella and Ellie as well.

  • PurepOis0n123 says:

    @chipmoonk902 i guess you don't look at many youtube vids

  • riotriotriot55 says:

    i want!

  • DrAmazing says:

    is there a way to get updates on the "know your meme" videos without having these ones popping up?

  • Vic says:

    as I said on youtube you look sexy when you put an angry face, I love

  • wildboy92004 says:

    I have all those skin diseases!.....yeayyyyy! Maybe I can win an URDB badge for having the most skin diseases at once.

  • samuraisharp3 says:

    @jiggyghallam i want to see her too, in ma pants XD

  • jerrylikevideos says:


  • venom326 says:

    ROFLOL molly rocks!

  • Blargaldalien says:

    Way to show that Commodore who IS the commodore of the video!

  • HeyDuffy459 says:

    @ImmortalDestructor Glad someone appreciated it. :)))

  • imusbbored76 says:

    there is no way she is old enough to hav used a 64.
    maybe an amiga

  • piratecheese13 says:


  • rionsic says:

    i bet the reason of showing those infected body parts is to irritate those guys that jack off to this vid ^^

  • ChocolateLive says:

    It's cool because I was eating when she showed the skin diseases.

  • hedonist27 says:

    I can't believe how watchable you are, and how lucky I am to have found this channel!

  • mememolly says:

    @fishwish9 the pile is getting pretty big..

  • mememolly says:

    @bobthewii the ipad's heart stopped.. RIP.

  • mememolly says:

    @DeMangoz mbmb.

  • ivankurz says:


  • Fensterplaetzchen says:


    It's not helping!

  • wildbilltexas says:

    Looks to me like those new Commodore computers are basically laptop technology molded into a keyboard.

  • RocketBoobs says:

    Dear Molly RocketBoobs,

    As a responsible citizen of the New World Order Global Electronic Society, ("newoges"), I think it's time to do my part to hasten our dumbing down toward inevitable extinction of the English language, through the resurrection of a literary tool, first employed most liberally in the poem by Lewis Carroll, entitled, "Jabberwocky" originally featured as a part of his novel Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1871). (Remember 1871?) The literary device so ably applied by Mr. Carroll, is know as "portmanteau".

    Origin and Definition -- Noun: The word portmanteau, is of French origin, deriving from porter (to carry, of Latin origin) and the Middle French manteau (a coat or cover). a combination word: a word that combines the sound and meaning of two words, e.g. "smog," a combination of "smoke" and "fog". The description (in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass) of the word "slithy" as a "portmanteau" because "there are two meanings packed up into one word" , i.e. a combination of "slimy" and "lithe. (Ref: )

    In this Age of Digital Information Overwhelm, I have taken the liberty to extend the meaning of this word to include the combination of MORE THAN 2 words, thus, coining a new concept in literary creativity: portmanteauadinfinitum! Therefore, several of the newly created words incorporated into the following story may be comprised of the combination of multiple words, for example: "carcreme" = car + chase + (car) crash + scene

  • Pawndurr says:

    i wanna squeeze her till her eyes pop out

  • yohank2004 says:

    @Pawndurr i wanna squeeze a part of her

  • sth128 says:

    Molly's cute when she's angry.

  • mini14tx1 says:

    Not the most ringing endorsement for the iPad.

  • TheSnotrag2009 says:

    ooooh...commodore come back

  • joen0411 says:

    Molly must have been one of those kids who likes to run around the house and break things. I never got away with it like she did.

  • hiddenchannelTV says:

    molly your very preaty but I think your tring to hard. eli is way more profetional and way more preaty and smart than you........well at least thats my opinion. Molly < ELI :D
    just my opinion

  • edwinrproductions says:

    2:37 wiggle wiggle 0_o !!

  • monrata6 says:

    mollys sooo fit!

  • kyekye15 says:

    @hiddenchannelTV if you're going to criticize, spell correctly first, thanks.

  • hiddenchannelTV says:

    @kyekye15 I dont think I made any mistakes but thanks for your attention on every single word I said lol oh yeah its probaly because I type very fast and make mistakes just like any human bean lol well thanks for you attention ; D

  • timothiess says:

    Americans can't pronounce Indonesia.

  • boxerguy2343 says:

    i used to be annoyed but now im really liking this girl

  • quosmo1 says:

    mollys a hottie :)

  • SpaminacanMK4 says:

    I am King of the internets

  • kanucksfan94 says:

    @hiddenchannelTV Human bean?

  • FuryChord says:

    yay TULSA!

  • captainclayman says:

    Respond to this video...

  • ShaneDtz says:

    Molly is the cheese to every guy's macaroni. Or is she the macaroni to every guy's cheese? I always get that backwards.

  • Unagodd says:

    @chipmoonk902 I don't want to meet her because I know I'd just make an ass of myself (even more than I do on the internet).

  • wdb4me says:

    Great video, very sofisticated and clean, btw, you're gorgeos too....

  • wdb4me says:

    Opps, sorry, I mean gorgeous....

  • eastsunshine says:

    molly rocks!!!

  • DailyMusiic says:


  • WhitePresents says:

    love it molly!

  • r3v3ng3ofthef4113n says:

    Yucks with Yoda? DO NOT WANT!

  • JONATHANgoober says:

    Good work

  • hiddenchannelTV says:

    @kanucksfan94 Ok here, human bean is like the same thing as "oh rly!?" its not correct but its ok to type it, or such as "can I has" kinda thing.

    I like your style kid, I really do, well hope to see you soon, so I can solve more of your questions

    but dont take too long kid you tend to have a really slow realction time to reply comments, but we will work on that kid ; P

  • truongcan89 says:

    molly is so cute

  • yoshypoo says:

    you soo cute molly :3

  • seanw23 says:

    did you see those prices? O_o
    gawd, it's like..... WOWO O_O

  • theDracoIX says:

    Commodore 64, fvck yes! Sticky keys?! That's vulgar, Molly!

  • thefranstastics says:

    ha @HeyDuffy459 Lionel Ritchie comment

  • Mamsecks says:

    Molly! I demand an opportunity to meet you =O

  • samus88 says:

    God, Molly is so lovely. I'd marry her.

  • sunshinevancouver says:

    molly's adorable when she's mad

  • HatterMadigan says:

    Here we go again rocket boom and the Apple adverts...

  • HeyRadialMoon says:

    There is only one thing that won't blend. Chuck Norris........


  • TrueBlueAustralian says:

    8mb hard drive never fill it

  • TheWingedGuitar says:

    Why are there so many guys here masturbating to Molly? She's not that cute.

  • LidsAreFun says:

    MOLLY :D yay!

  • 123456789basil says:

    i bet she has english tea bags...

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    Yet another Flying Gadgets Day, there haven't been any since the Augmented Reality vid :-) You have broken your own record twicen with those surface-to-surface, air-to-air and air-to-surface launches in this vid. That was funny :-) I won't wonder if we subscribers are presented with some GADGET-BOLSTERING video some day.
    Thanks Molly!

  • TheLarssan says:

    Mmmmmmm Commodore.....

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    Though I daresay that those nasty features and intonations don't fit you at all, Molly.
    I can see that those are just a part of the script, or the image, and some subscribers enjoy them, but I think you don't like them and those features don't belong to you... even they are a part of your nature (which I don't think they are). I'm sorry if I was rude, I would never offend you...

  • powerpork111 says:

    but now is the time of new XDXD

  • kaykoyasuddin says:

    Molly is really hot, i couldnt help sayin that :)

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    (about skin diseases and at the end of the vid, not about flying gadgets, of course)

  • rendros88 says:

    @TheWingedGuitar yeah right, you keep dreamin'

  • canteen36 says:

    I like the way she pronounces 'controller' that many times.....such a turn on ;-)

  • jhubeJELLO says:

    i want the new commodore 64 please :)

  • jhubeJELLO says:

    with fries :D

  • Hergonan says:

    shit, I was eating!

  • jointracer says:

    I couldn't help agreeing on that :D

  • wellthenscrewna says:

    I love you Molly <3

  • HaistaPaska92 says:

    ''that one is from being bitten by a viper'' I lol'ed at how casually she said it and how cute she made it sound :P

  • 1metalnation says:

    I am so confused right now, I have no idea what the hell just happened

  • orphedeliaXimmortal says:


  • Snowflake70 says:

    @Stripdancer100 What I'm hearing is:

    I've tried my best "AT TRUTH" But everything else I've said as speculation"

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    @Snowflake70 Thanks a bunch for your help! You really helped me out.

  • ktie28 says:

    nice catch with the ipad, molly

  • IST814 says:




    I GOTTS THE ACE ... just missing the queen !

  • ArturoStojanoff says:

    I do not understand what that keyboard id for, your iPad?

  • mafiaman2u says:

    Dam quest dsl made the vid stop at the skin photos, why o why didn't it stop at molly :(

  • BizarreBrie says:

    Oh ok it was a good thing I was eating my dinner during this.
    Yum skin diseases!

  • Deusmeleveembora says:

    Hoje ela cobriu o peitinho

  • EdenBoiTV says:

    Molly is Cute and Hot!

  • GordonWolters says:

    She is too young to have ever used a c64 new.

  • oODragonOo says:

    Molly FTW!

  • smellygoat says:

    @GordonWolters got proof?

  • TheGabrielChannel says:

    ( . Y . )

  • vinny4man says:

    @BizarreBrie me too, good times

  • Flyingnifozro says:

    Blended Ipad :D

  • fruitcake117 says:

    @BizarreBrie That is awesome LOL

  • Kaarox says:

    @BizarreBrie same.. =-(

  • CrossLegend says:

    great episode Molly! I can picture Yoda singing along with Charlie and Alan for the theme song... lmao.

  • Glinda4evr says:

    blech! Skin disease pictures!

  • MonsteriuM says:

    2:12 onward... I say fuck you i'm unsubscribing from this channel.

  • gn3ricc says:

    only reason why i watch this ;)

  • kaykoyasuddin says:

    @gn3ricc lol, i was gonna write that aswell :)

  • Aeikozz says:

    i love you molly!!!!

  • BBQKana says:

    Chuck Norris didn't blend.

  • oobershnooze says:


  • Blah13lah says:

    Need a Lockerz invite? Send email to rami_300_@hotmail

  • lolguymilne says:

    Ehmagawd that was disgusting!
    I better be bloody healthy now.

  • JayQuebec116 says:

    how much money do you guys think molly could do by selling a sex tape?

  • Valis77 says:

    Commodore64? or Commodore256

  • theleastincompetent says:

    sharpie in pooper pl0x

  • godzilla19892012 says:

    are you british?

  • Diosukekun says:

    she's hot. so what

  • Agurksmurf says:

    You trashed a COMMODORE!?

  • ALEXIS257606 says:

    slt comment ça va moi c' est alexis j' aimerai te connaitre à travers ces sms si tu le veux bien moi c' est alexis. mon contact est 0022501640617

  • pallid56 says:

    Believe it or not she's representative of a rather common female post-tween aggresive wannabee upwardly-mobile sub-type presently populating places like Australia, South Africa, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, Southern California and New York City.

  • bucklandb says:

    Beautiful, but totlly unwatchable. She should be seen and not heard, and whatever she's thinking isn't worth knowing.

  • cedarpd says:

    @JayQuebec116 i'll let u know when i see it

  • cedarpd says:

    try wearing lower cut shirts.i'll be watching

  • Abdul3ziiz says:

    you are so beautiful , im lucky to see this channel

  • upo943 says:

    molly you have nice breasts. i want to suck them.

  • UpskirtPower says:

    wow how old is she

  • asCii88 says:


  • UpskirtPower says:

    @asCii88 and i was drinking soda but then saw her banging the keyboard makes it all gone.

  • Gummifunzel says:

    MOLLY 8D


  • goobiesgoober says:


  • XXXT3CHN0L0V3RXXX says:

    they keys stick cuz I saw you lol

  • MrBillTroop73 says:

    "The keys still stick!"


  • lunaontherun16 says:

    @MrBillTroop73 Indeed. :)

  • lunaontherun16 says:

    @bucklandb Same to you, jackass. Only you probably shouldn't be seen, either.

  • Kerrsch says:

    i feel healthier already!

  • imacf90 says:

    okay soo.. i'm eating right now and i had to look at those skin diseases........

  • ShadowAssassin887 says:

    her bewbs bounce...=)

  • vinnieblacklodge says:

    id go to the moon with this girl !

  • mazle100 says:

    I like your accent!

  • DarkGodSusanowo says:

    I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I get the joke...
    Also, That be a Commodore Vic20 she be usin there, I'm pretty sure. the 64 has a lower profile, and is a lighter grey, I do believe

  • supbro12 says:

    She is cute!

  • crazzynez says:

    i wish she would show more cleavage....

  • vleon1012 says:

    @GluttonForSex What's with the same question being asked in every video? This is getting a little annoying.

  • wheelieblind says:

    i like com64 so i wld buy & o ya i cnt move like u so thumgs up me 2 see dbags bch out o bordom my hands r ok new pc keys sticky shit o i kno old ppl who wil buy bcas of grate mems.u funny u shld drp screens2 4 nce glss brkin snd. tg i not sik like bord ppl lol

  • nocalsteve says:

    @DarkGodSusanowo It's a C64. The Vic 20's were white, and the C64's were tan.

  • 2Lukes says:

    cute innocent looking girl with an accent really brings in the views.

  • Hazedream says:

    she looks really innocent...she might have a darkside....
    If you need a laugh come check out "Hot Girl Gold" "Knicks Bronze" and "Zelda Silver" in my channel...enjoy

  • beautyfix9843 says:

    molly can i suck your perky breasts?

  • ShaneDawsonVlog1 says:

    I wanna fuck you in the ass, you interested ;)

    PM me

  • brianwrtc says:

    Like she's old enough to remember the Commodore 64 and whether the keys stick or not! HA HA HA

  • Finnishreinforcement says:


  • zad546 says:

    She is really yummmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyy.................. Damn girl

  • metalgypsy2010 says:

    who cares --my wife wants you molly

  • nninolol says:

    im in deep love again and again : ) u make me happy Molly !

  • Zeraan1337 says:

    Sex appeal for views, welcome to Youtube

  • egkg75 says:

    You need an uglier spokesperson, I didn't here a word of this video.

  • serperfect says:

    she is just a cry baby... only bcuz many of her subscribers left the channel in response of her "supposition" over the ipad... this is pure immaturity, hopefully she would stop receiving money from apple so the show would go to higher places...

  • Mattmoo36 says:

    @egkg75 rofl!

  • Mattmoo36 says:

    if you really close, you can see a map. At least i think it's a map, i can't get a direct visual on it.

  • eelexa says:

    @faab007 True, I think Molly is awesome, but I am also interested in the stuff they highlight. lol

  • eelexa says:

    Respond to this video...

  • haohmaru12 says:

    omg , i would fuck at you so bad

  • metesunshine says:

    so lickable girl

  • detubator says:

    I'd hit her.. in that bratty face of hers.. with the C64.. no wait, that'd be a waste of a cool & legendary machine, iPad would do instead.

  • kibk8al says:

    Molly should have her own subchannel!

  • andronickvll says:

    she's so fucking cool and pretty!
    subbing rite now :P luv it

  • booze505 says:

    i ve never seen world map with australia in the middle before

  • HellesBringer says:

    ur so annoying wanna stab you in the eyeball
    throw you across the room just like a freakin ragdoll
    if u ever got hurt i would probly rofl
    i srsly hate you so much ur so pathetic

  • misugijun says:

    OMG I can't believe how cute you are. I couldn't most of you say but your accent makes you even more cute. I would definetely *** that.

  • DefinitelyNotNoah says:

    99/100 of these comments are about Molly.

  • ghosthacker64 says:

    You Gotta Love MemeMolly :)

  • konoha1993 says:

    She IS cute!!

  • INVENT70 says:

    I agree Molly is is cute,.anybody got Her email address?

  • skatexfire says:

    The T shirts at the end are a joke. Are they really trying to get money off that...

  • teemuruskeepaa says:

    She is put to appear like the first narrator, which doesn't suit her style. Let her develop her own style, because it's natural. Let Rocketboom change along the new narrator.

  • TechShow101 says:

    So many trolls!
    "Molly is cute!'
    "Anyone got her email?"
    "Gotta love Molly!"

    Maybe you guys should check out girls OUTSIDE of YouTube. As scary as this may sound to you nerds, TALK to a girl! *Gasp* Terrifying, isn't it?

    Fear of being rejected? Ugly? Nerdy? Is that why you hide behind a computer screen 24/7?

  • crazycheatta says:

    I love how you just toss shit in this video, and right from the get go.

  • JesusChristRulesYOU says:

    Sorry but that girl needs to wear less makeup and put on more clothes because she is acting like a whore and that is illegal. Having sex before marriage is just wrong and she needs to stop being a whore because that is just wrong.

  • KlingonSpider says:

    what is this? it makes no sense. why dont you take your time and do charitable work that betters your community instead of this incorporeal garbage. this is why 4 billion people live in the third world. shame on you and me for watching.

  • steveguy3 says:

    Man, she has a nice rack

  • unorthodoxJ says:

    Ive no idea what was happening in this video...

  • GreenPliskin says:

    thanks for the skin I don't need lunch.

  • GreenPliskin says:

    @TechShow101 ahhhh man...good for you 101, go get them trolls.

  • ps1777 says:

    shes hot

  • Shadowrider5000 says:

    I feel as if i've just been hit by a driveby of unrelated information o__0

  • topsy420 says:

    I would have sexual intercourse with her, if you know what I mean.

  • kanucksfan94 says:

    @hiddenchannelTV I understand where you're coming from, but I find that the line must be drawn at "human bean"

    You were spot-on with that "reaction time" comment there, I never noticed I got a reply until 3-5 days later? Like god damn... :D

  • hiddenchannelTV says:

    @kanucksfan94 see told ya reaction time lol I know I reply on the spot lol but you took to long lol hope you reply soon?

  • kanucksfan94 says:

    @hiddenchannelTV This one took an hour, I'd say I'm improving. Your prediction was quite accurate

  • vizex11 says:

    ooooohh noooooooo.... did you HAVE to show those rare skin disease pictures?!

  • hiddenchannelTV says:

    @kanucksfan94 lol I see you are improving lol yeah it takes skills to predict the future lol

  • beanultimatum says:

    you look nice

  • othdogg says:

    holly molly!!!

  • filip12abefralotte says:

    @DefinitelyNotNoah i agree oops now its 98/100 sorry m8

  • d3st88 says:

    I find Rocketboom videos entertaining/informational. I can't deny that Molly might be the most charming woman on YouTube and she certainly does add to the value of Rocketboom videos. What can I say, Molly + Rocketboom do go very well together.

  • DarthMessias says:

    I guess...100 years from now she won't be that pretty...:P

  • dorel22 says:

    I like your accent

  • MrHetfield666 says:


  • 92SAITO92 says:

    @DarthMessias ya and her boobs will sag to her waist

  • JOJOBANANAZ1 says:

    OI MOLLYMOO, go down to STARBUCKS window and flash your TITS at the people inside

  • heyimtomato says:

    that one is from being bitten by a viper! ;D!

  • hereforthemusic93 says:

    does she even know were all looking at her boobies...... >:D

  • arrisfilms says:

    I wish I didn't read these cause they make me sick.

  • xXK4Z1Xx says:

    @hereforthemusic93 mmmm....ikr? shes amazing....o.o

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