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February 9, 2010 • 2:17 pm | Permalink


  • ericinsurgent says:

    a lot of the people on there are guys masturbating and 4chan has been trolling chatroullette for a few weeks i think

  • NaiNosnibor says:

    lol, i troll on chatroulette , maybe i will stop XD

  • ShirleyPeanut says:

    alcohol + chat roulette = amazing.

    although 1 in 3 people is a naked guy

  • technologywontsaveus says:

    The "stranger" looked quite suprised, very funny, love you Molly!

  • mathemagician1986 says:

    lol, awesome hysterical laugh

  • sharperguy says:

    Like 40% of the videos are penisis and another 10% are people from 4chan.

  • EazyHakim says:

    lol salut beauté haha

  • HaistaPaska92 says:

    1:39 1 in 5 is like that

  • xDCJx says:

    Are you joking? Chatroullette IS omegle but with webcam and voice capabilities.

  • Exarian says:

    lol, after a certain imageboard got word of that site, anything interesting or productive just went down the hole.

  • AmadiTheShaman says:

    they dont tell you about how many trolls are on chatroulette though lol. get ready for some goatse

  • angel9719 says:

    that is funn I whent to the wesite but like you say you have to be carful the are alot of sick ppl out there. lol

  • Emerald1234S says:

    lmao, first guy was a perv

    as opposed to the groups of teenage boys

  • AnonymousCoward23 says:

    Hmm... What if two of those masturbating guys get thrown together? Won't that be a turn-off for most of those?

  • Kishiru324 says:

    Sadly it's full of masturbating men.

  • tdrone008 says:

    i agree i'm male and i only get disconnects from people who dont have a girlfriend?

    molly i think there is only one reason why you did not get disconnected all the time and that is because you are a girl...

  • gunnerjinn says:

    it's been a long time since i last watched rockteboom and damn! molly is still cute

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    Another great exploring of a site after the "Magma". Molly, you're bright as the sun here!
    A lot of fun! Thanks Molly!

    And... I don't want to insult him, but - is that guy in the middle of the group ok? He looked as if Molly greeted him every day online. He didn't even notice WHO greets him. It's weird.

  • sponjiraggae says:

    Haha "a few risks" like some guy waving his wang around.

  • viniciusxisz says:

    i'd really like to find her in chatroulette

  • ItsBalderDasH says:

    I would not use that...toooooo CREEPY!!

  • ruagamer says:

    So its Omegle with video.

  • AnonymousCoward23 says:

    Or maybe someone should join with a rigged camera that's able to send goatse or something on a button-press, to troll the masturbators...

  • Catacipige says:

    Omegle's better

  • TheFilip9696 says:

    100th rating :)

  • GaiashKetoji says:

    Looks like Omegle with video.

  • rex232 says:


  • HalfAssHorse0 says:

    I knew it. I got a guy masturbating. Thanks, Rocketboom.

  • VicciZ says:

    I've tried it. Fucking scary. It's more fun if you go on there with one or more friends.

  • HyperPyroNinja says:

    Yeah pretty much.

  • f00db01 says:

    with a webcam

  • f00db01 says:

    @MarkDLOL thats the whole world.

  • kirmokin says:

    lol wht the hell happened at 1:38 ??

  • rossidude says:

    Man I love trolling this site with manycam.

    So cash.

  • 1988simondoyle says:

    oh she saw willy haha

  • gabrielk310 says:

    the bad thing about that site is that it just reduces to be a bunch of guys masturbating in front of their cam

  • Pookmovie says:

    just ppl fapping in cam. Nt so funneh t lk at.

  • phillip8739 says:

    ''Salut beauté'' xD lol

  • piratecheese13 says:

    she got fliped the bird

  • mrtennessen says:

    Yupp, just a bunch of horny guys on the internet.

  • misterbearbe says:

    Do you actually use it Molly or just on there for Rocketboom?

  • BelgianGeneral says:


    someone showed his genitals obviously

  • thelolipopman93 says:

    I hope I meet Molly when doing this :3

  • crimsong19 says:

    Cool, Molly!
    West Side Story! Nice!

  • marjan15 says:

    Haven't you people heard for Stickam?

  • 666lordbyron666 says:

    that site is creepy riddled with horny guys

  • iTeets says:

    I've met strangers online and hung out with them offline as well but most of the time when you go to sites like that, you're just going to find horny perverts. Not always, but sometimes.

    So kids should really be careful on these sorts of sites. If you're 18+ then you can handle everything easily, but younger kids shouldn't really be on sites where they could possibly be exposed to certain material.

  • poelske1 says:

    @BelgianGeneral I think it's something else XD

    (are you from belguim btw?)

  • TDPUK says:

    Ahhhh huge boobs

  • iTeets says:

    There's nothing wrong with asking someone where they're from etc... but usually the conversation goes from learning basic info about a person to trying to hook up with them or something inappropriate. That's all. :/

  • thefireguy22 says:

    theres a lot of naked guys jacking off on it..

  • hmfvunit says:

    haha perverted kids xD

  • HPNEEK says:

    oh my fuck... chatroulette. traumatic experience.... not for a while. maybe next week... i duno.

  • MarkDLOL says:

    good point

  • roflschofel says:

    Never call it interfacing.

  • roflschofel says:

    @librano noone did.

  • kalle123sam says:


  • fruitcake117 says:

    thats just fuken weird and awkward

  • GrittyMcCheese says:

    Knew this would happen.... I went on it to see what the story was.....

    Apparently the story is that somewhere in the world right now there is a dude fucking a head of lettuce.....

    Fuck you internet.

  • Ensichrys says:

    4chan is simply marking its territory with the piss from its ocean of piss.

    I support Anon.

  • wario22 says:

    chatroulette is mostly just guys with there dicks out...

  • Pistbag says:

    wtf was @ 1:39

  • DeRealUno says:

    lolol thats so awkward.
    and molly i love you.

  • corpsevalentine says:

    1:05 "there's a lot of boys in a room... 1:11 NEXT" to more boys in another room lmao!

  • TheNewYorkPete says:

    its 2002 all over again

  • M0taX says:

    some man naked for what I see

  • willow925 says:

    the first person i was with....oh god....i dont even wanna say.

  • Malzzel says:

    Trolling that shit is too easy.

    Jonas bro gif. ftw.

  • DeRealUno says:

    @wario22 LOL

  • technicolour66 says:

    so creepy...

  • forphuksake says:

    @Ensichrys /b/rother i agree 4chan for the win.

  • MrDylaneric says:

    Chatroulette can bring alot of good times. . . hahaha

  • SerpentSouI says:

    Chatroulette is full of traps and gore. 4chan ftw

  • Zangdoodle says:

    sites full of penis

  • NimbusFilms says:

    Naked men masturbating.

  • Eagles1978 says:

    This website should be called NEXT!

  • CradLeRcker says:

    my god her scream was ear piercing.

  • SmashTVCanada says:

    i heart molly :)

  • jordanthewizard says:

    i wonder how many tried to get Molly's number?

  • sentenal01 says:

    I LOVE posting besiality and goatse on there. :)

  • Joeman280 says:

    half of the time there old guys faping

  • eSilva90 says:

    This website is either cocks or a butch of guys looking to see boobs

  • zorokid says:

    rember dont talk to strangers

  • PS3Cakeman9 says:


  • SmashTVCanada says: i tried the page...
    i went to 30 different users.
    5 had people beating off...
    3 were about to beat off
    2 where waist section shots of boxers
    many random teens...mostly ugly guys
    1 larger girl in a tiny tank top
    and random crap....

    disturbing site

  • TheHlynurskuli says:

    lul'z i spoke to you sometimes when you were filming this i think or just.. when you were on this site

  • AllYourViews says:

    I used chatroulette before it was cool

  • robbyam says:

    I've been scarred bu this website too many times.

  • ddhboy2 says:

    Nothing to do there, filled with dudes looking for girls.

  • mysterioso2006 says:

    That site looks really cool

  • masterpaul542 says:

    4chan already rules it.

  • djtron1x says:

    I'd never NEXT Molly.

  • mustapha180 says:

    We love you molly

  • whateverfin says:

    There's lots of porn on that site, it's weird.

  • djtron1x says:

    yeah, i tried it. The very first one I got was someone beating off. two chineese guys later, i get another beater. Then i get a bunch of people who next me imediantly. then i'm surprised with volumptuous breasts just hanging out in the open. Which is exactly when my 3yo daughter walks up and asks "daddy, what's that?" as the breasts are asking me "DICK?". Yeah.... time to find another hobby...

  • Trocker7 says:

    1:39 WTF?!?!?!?

  • beerasaurus says:

    it's just a bunch of wankers and /b/tards.

  • fleffi says:

    i tried chatroullete once... 1 of every 7 guys on there were jacking off and asking me to show my tits in bad english, and im a guy...

  • JJayProductions13 says:

    there are gd ppl on that website, but there are really sad ppl that need to get a life. but 5* faved

  • kirkom45 says:

    so its omegle with webcams

  • PwningIRL says:


  • tetsubo57 says:

    This looks like a true source of douchebaggery. Like 4chan live. I think I will pass...

    But those boys hit the jackpot with Molly.

  • OrphanPaper says:

    until this web sight pretend they were teen age girls ,, in a home erotic extravaganza , a bit like bill gates with hes with Iran and a Nuclear bomb thing

  • FidgetHermz says:


    The video that took chatroulette to another level


    1:38 the downfall

  • mtgforlife says:

    @0nn3 Rofl you got trolled not warned.

  • greycolumbus says:

    Jiggle, jiggle.

  • mtgforlife says:

    This site is just another site that is heavily trolled.

  • Tensukemaru says:

    Not worth it, too many dicks.

    I did see some female parts once, though.

  • luckythechi says:

    Chatroulette is terrible, but I love it. (:

  • kira902k says:

    Yeah super fun, except for all the penises. Gah.

  • Mazequax says:

    @CENTENOMONTOYA what was that? xD

  • Mazequax says:

    molly love that laughter xD


    you dont want to know

  • madcowyup says:

    Did you seriously encounter the penis on that web site? Nasty.


    don't forget the trolls guys

  • Cruciatum says:

    Trolled to hell

  • ZaleZR says:


  • P0P357UR3 says:

    Chatroulette, it's older than the internet.

  • emorainbowz says:

    So true.

  • P0P357UR3 says:

    Glad you agree ;D

  • TLoZNarutofan says:

    "WTF are you?"
    "A cat"

  • NebPWN says:

    haha anon

  • emaleedrinkstea says:

    I would scream too, Molly hahahaha. I seriously could never go on that website for that reason, I have two roommates and if they walked by and saw that, no matter how much I would try to explain it they wouldn't believe me.

  • krullboll says:

    To bad Mr. Hands cant live to use this.

    R.I.P. Mr.Hands

  • Leobons says:

    302 views and 308 ratings... HACKETBOOM??

  • nolanofeast says:

    moly god dam it... 90% is awesome and the other 10% is masturbating men. thanks for the warning

  • TrippingOnAHeadShot says:

    My housemate has encountered the Jonas Brothers 3 times on the site. We called them pretensious assholes. it was fun.

  • TheBlackStatic says:

    i.... hope you know it was a video you watched :O

  • Mreyrey says:


  • Domomachine says:

    chatroulette is my lief

  • Vaughnlesterinoz says:

    @Hogwartian I was thinking the same thing...he was probably like "WOW! for a change a webcam that isn't a group of guys...rofl"

  • TrippingOnAHeadShot says:

    We thought as much... But then we waved to test it and they waved back. Still a bit sceptical, we tried again. Same result. SCORE!

  • Vaughnlesterinoz says:

    No wait am I going to this site lol I prefer chatting to people I know.

  • Starberriee says:

    LOL, I used this before. It isn't that much fun when half the people there are horny. (and you just wanna chat) 18+ for sure D:

  • walker1054 says:

    5* for 2:12 :D

  • uthinkucandraw says:

    @Leobons Views take 3-4 hours to go in and get processed while comments/ratings are instant.

  • maimingbetty says:

    yo maybe i'm not the only one who thought this but Molly looks like an older version Sophia of Mugglesam.

  • TriforceSlash says:

    Oh wow

  • DarkestDiary says:

    Aha, so it's like Omegle with a webcam feature-neat!

  • Nishie900 says:

    haha... Only some people know what you're talking about. It is unfortunate the equine fancier is dead.

  • SnakesShed says:

    that site is horrible

  • trickyfeet says:


  • tehsocks says:

    toooooo many dicks!

    dicks everywhere :( aha

  • TheT4xid3rmist says:

    That site is for a bunch of pervs. That's why you only see teenage boys on there.

    I bet Chris Hansen goes on that website.

  • FluffyBunniesOnFire says:

    Hey, that's me at 1:39

  • Skyline329 says:

    i think the concept of chatting with different people on the internet would be cool...but there are WAYYYY too many perverts for it to actually work...

  • martijn86 says:

    Tits or GTFO! :P

  • TheBlackStatic says:

    Funny kuz i have the exact video ;P

  • ThePurpleSheep says:

    it doesnt mean " hey sexy", it means more something like "hi gorgeous", i know cuz i actually speak frech

  • madmonkey43 says:

    lol there are too many dicks on chatroulette

  • americasux4589 says:

    not as good as omegle

  • marianalapena says:


  • egg9man says:

    I'd try it, but I'm too paranoid that someone would stalk me down and kill me..... O.O

  • ilikepigtails says:

    You're hilarious, Molly.

  • LuuKen says:

    new ? its old..

  • LuuKen says:

    if you like looking at 7 billion diffrent dudes jerking of then go ahed

  • bambapabbi says:

    damn your hot

  • ICDWILL117 says:

    literally, dicks..

  • DavyMacaroni says:

    @ 1:39 4chan attacked Molly.

  • madmonkey43 says:

    like, 10% of all i saw

  • carrottop12292 says:

    I love West Side Story.

  • magicalgoats says:

    Not being in a group makes it weird and unfunny.

  • magicalgoats says:

    @LuuKen thats the bullet in the roulette gun silly!

  • 3rkid2 says:

    I went on Chatroulette and it wasn't as bad as you guys said... I didn't see one creepy flasher, just bored people.

  • dietcokeabuser says:

    They're doing West Side Story at my school :D

  • MrLogicallyImpaired says:

    great way to kidnap someone

  • hectorleon says:

    I'd probably shit bricks if I ran into Molly on chatroulette.

  • lpasepok says:

    Lol, what about Omegle?

  • Cororo96 says:

    so? -_-

  • Leobons says:

    There you go.
    Then I just wanted to add I love the way her breasts wobble like gelatin

  • TiCLer says:

    Chatroullete = penis penis penis penis penis vagoo penis penis penis penis titty

  • acktar666 says:

    goatse trolling is an art

  • LuuKen says:

    yeah i guess, that and the other 90% that consists of .gif screen dumps..

  • panique365 says:

    NOT even kidding, the first time I went there, it was a chick rubbing her pussy. It only lasted like 2 seconds, and she nexted.

  • BeingLolaStar says:

    See that scares me Omegle all the way though. Less chance of *SEEING* a creeper.

  • DStyle86 says:

    4chan has stolen my feeling of experiencing something as new. When I saw the threads with gazillions of reaction screenshots from chatroulette I thought this site is at least 2yrs old. But no: It's just a hype among a "group of teenage boys" producing said myriads of content.

    Also the Game.

  • artvandelay13 says:

    lol I discovered this site a couple weeks ago... pretty fun but also a little freaky. and I SHIT YOU NOT, I saw the Jonas Brothers. it was weird.

  • artvandelay13 says:

    @artvandelay13 lol I just saw them again, I guess they're on there right now...

  • kylebeans says:

    Aha, Molly got trolled xD
    No, that's not the right word...
    She was contaminatinated?
    CORRUPTED! that's it
    That image will stay in your head FOREVERRRR

  • ChaosBW says:


    Anyways, ya I agree, I heard about chatroulette a long time ago thanks to 4chan just like you.
    I luld so hard at peoples reaction when you join with the hanged kid gif XD
    everyone thought I was a dead kid XD
    good times.

  • capitalistpig1968 says:


  • bhz10 says:

    its full of retarded guys showing off their penises. Dont go to this website

  • movetoyou says:

    Sort of creepy

  • KillYourPC says:


  • hmfvunit says:

    bullshit too many dicks

  • AAgibsonAA says:

    I would have taken offence to that! ... if you weren't nearly as old yourself :P

  • murrymurrymurrymurry says:

    1:39 FATALITY! lMAO

  • technicallyabsurd says:

    It's like Omegle but with video.

  • benthedragon says:

    dear god there is a lot of dong on that site

  • vonraven says:

    lol that looks like fun

  • LindemanProductions says:

    Someone wrote in french 'Salute Beaute' which means hi there beautiful :D. Looks like there are more people other then us here that thinks she's pretty.

  • gusoropeza says:

    Molly you are SOOOO HOT!!!!!

  • gusoropeza says:

    I love you molly!

  • ChocoboSennin says:

    Fool, if you would even joke about marrying for looks you fail completely to understand the properties of marital love

  • vadetatimus says:

    I wish i could chat with molly! her laugh when that guy scare her is soo cute!

  • avikine says:

    too many dicks on the dance floor

  • mravii09 says:


  • papercutoutspictures says:

    qaahhahhahahaha i love the west side story part.

  • epicwail says:

    what is at 1:39?

  • Funkydentface says:

    I'm on this site all the time.

  • gusoropeza says:

    He who assumes and makes a judgement without facts is a FOOL! don't be naive my friend.
    I have met Molly, she is a very bright and gracious girl. She is beautiful in an out.

  • personno2 says:

    Molly, there's a lot of man cock, not what I'm looking for, but interesting and fun other than that.

  • Falcon1499 says:

    You've changed me Molly. I want to be able to see pix of you every day.

  • PARADOXo0o says:

    love you fox lemon.

  • pixelr0 says:

    moily is awesome!!

  • licoricepencil says:

    yes! WSS!

  • OpalElegy says:

    why do 99% of the people that reply to videos always seem to be 12 year old guys?

  • yusefdoodie says:


  • ROFLpwnedvideos says:

    I bet all those dudes were happy to see you.

  • AllGlory2DaHypnoToad says:

    because molly is SOOOO HOT!!!!

  • KazziKolorZz says:


  • OD533 says:

    9/10 is some dude's penis

  • kzlll444lit says:

    Why do 99% of people think they're 12 and not 21?

  • marianalapena says:


  • marianalapena says:

    thanks to you i met a really nice girl!
    But dude, just DICKS!!-.-'

  • TobyTheCatFTW says:

    id wanna do it to meet people fro like china..........but not some dudes penis........

  • voiceofopinion says:

    God, I would hate to be flashed on that site... otherwise, that would be awesome!!!

  • Pennylaneeeeee says:

    this website is really not a good idea.

  • Firster says:


  • Vermeer says:

    Dear Molly RocketBoobs,

    Wow! What a colossal load of crap that is!! If I want to watch losers sitting around or jerking off in front of a computer, I can just set up a mirror next to my desk.

    Come on, girl. This is really, really lame.... :(


  • 510ohNO says:

    This video really understates how much inappropriate video is on that site.

  • blindyman says:

    haha your laugh is the best

  • Airl says:



  • HaruTsukiko says:

    Almost an upgraded Omeggle...

  • blak3554 says:

    so no comment on the trolls on chatroulette?

  • 6382474887 says:

    5 stars for the West Side Story segue.

  • thndrjames says:

    Pretty sure I don't want to chat with a group of teenage boys...but if the site were to provide some sort of filter to just talk with Molly, might be worth a go.

  • billyhkc says:

    show us ur tits molly

  • Phaullen1 says:

    tits: always related
    Check out the shake on the wave. :)

  • lonewolf74 says:

    omegle is better

  • masutasc says:

    Molly is sooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee

  • Toro953 says:

    asians are fuckin fags

  • newkie2008 says:

    another almost useless website...

  • socialnoocrat says:

    feet for haiti!!!

  • JebusJack says:

    yeah...over 18 and not at work. Was on for the first time yesterday. Talked to a nice English girl for a while, then another two from Indianapolis. It's amazing how many people have never heard of Ontario before haha....but yeah. Things that should not be

  • wildboy92004 says:

    seems meant for the younger crowd unless your an old perv as seen in this video obviously. Why does every old guy in chatrooms almost always have to be a pervert. Gives good guys not a chance in chat rooms.

  • sarahneedsanaccount says:

    Is it blatantly ripping off Omegle or is Omegle involved?

  • ogodsell says:

    very entertaining!

  • YetiBrothers says:

    It may be the same concept, but Chatroulette involves webcams as well.

  • coolstream1 says:

    Goatse; what has been seen can never be unseen!

  • JazzyNym says:

    basically Omegle....with webcams

  • amlife180 says:

    oh my god there are stupid people don't know molly.!!!! if i see molly on webcam it will be the best day of my life.

  • wawrong says:

    I dont like omeggle.. lol.. i guess it can be cool if you are bored.. not really though.. lol.. eww. a wee wee.. i love ur reaction..

  • ZacProductions08 says:


  • tahnolikessharing says:

    molly saw a penis. lol.

  • xCatProductions says:

    1:38 Ahahaha :P
    lol i started cracking uhp! Lmfao

  • guesswhoready says:

    lol. people are so going to be going there hoping to chat with molly lol.

  • MAYof90 says:

    who in their right mind is next-ing you ~!?

  • wawrong says:

    I can not believe how much penis i saw tonight.. Never going back.. never going back

  • animasterJrowe says:


  • chrisuzwhite says:

    Dammit, I've been doing chatroulette for weeks and never ran into Molly D:<

  • TheeCoolOne says:

    lol is there no girls allowed on this website?

  • paintballcraka says:

    theres so much dick on that website

  • MauriceMorgan says:

    this site is like 100% bull... sorry all I see are crazy guyz showing their junk... ugh...

  • cricketbat08 says:

    omg she is amazing

  • ThaDRP says:

    I concur, that girl needs to indulge in some man gravy :P

  • markiduval says:

    What an interesting site. Thanks for that. I'll check it out :)

  • ifizzy142 says:

    HAHA! "i wonder what happens when a group of teenage boys..."

  • TheAussie00 says:

    Haha "Salut beaute"

    Oh god I felt bad when she saw bad shit :(

  • TOstevo says:

    The comments on this video have convinced me to never visit that site.

  • TheAussie00 says:

    Unlike what most people think, 95% of dicks/weird shit are loops (recorded video looped over and over with the purpose of getting a reaction) Not that I havnt gone on only once, too many guys on the internet.

  • UCBANDIT009 says:

    Most of them are from 4chan. And yea I keep looping car crashes there :P

  • UCBANDIT009 says:

    I got in with the fat black woman. Cant say the N word on youtube >_>

    Also fuuuckkk lost again.

  • CoolShadesBro says:

    the thing about this site is that theres too many dudes jackin off

  • UCBANDIT009 says:


  • UCBANDIT009 says:


  • wildchildd says:

    hm...same problem as with omegle....if you're not a gal, you wont get much out of it, b/c 90% of people there are horny men.....

  • wildchildd says:

    oh fuck, i think it was a joke, but there was one camera with dude hanged from the ceiling.... not a pleasant experience...:/

  • ModeLTU says:

    "Nice to me you"
    Fun stuff

  • ModeLTU says:

    Omegle is a slightly less risky, cause it doesn't have a webcam lol

  • digivince says:

    Guilty conscience?

  • Me, me, me says:

    I guess Molly was anxious to see what her fans are up to while they watch her show... Ignorance is bliss

  • pinoyfighters says:

    oh shes showed a site where some people jerk off.

  • tonicblue1 says:

    Cool. It's like a risky Omegle, that site amuses me.

  • snipes1000 says:


  • opahan666 says:

    half off the teenage boys are masterbating on chatroulette

  • yousefamar says:

    That was the 4channers for you. It was a famous gif and they put it up using most likely Fake Webcam 6.1.

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    Having looked throgh that site, I can only hope that Molly will not visit it too often. Theres a plenty of nice people there of course, but its a real gutter for the most part, definitely not the best place to be looking for new friends.

  • goonrush says:

    omg i just went to that site and saw this lady masturbating and theres also an old man wearing a diaper dancing that site is really weird.

  • Duirward says:

    ow wonder if she saw goatse or some other form of 4chan shananigans

  • alabanco says:

    They want you to take off your blouse

  • UltimateMemberz says:

    This girl is hot. Just saying. :D

  • UltimateMemberz says:

    Uggghh. Double Comment. MOLLY'S REALLY HOT! :D

  • kamilfreeman says:

    Dont forget trolls

  • utopiafire says:

    my gawd, more than half of the people there are masterbating in front of the webcam, thats a sick website.. i'm sure there are nice people there but i don't think its safe..

  • WEKS87 says:

    @utopiafire define safe in this context. Not safe for work no, but, really, whats the worst "unsafe" thing that could happen?

  • charlieskies says:

    i love the new transitions. its like, BAM.

  • TravisPepperwood says:

    Blah blah...smokin' hot....blah blah... love your mouth... blah blah.

  • dron48 says:

    nice boobs!

  • LHughesy17 says:

    Lol Molly is helping the trolls out big time here, sending unsuspecting people to this website hoping for good looking girls such as herself. Ebaums World will have a field day with this.

  • RoyaleFataleMusic says:

    can't believe she didn't see any dicks during the course of this video

  • Zoid87 says:

    i'd hit that

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    I think that those guys on Chatroulette will hardly be able to see such an amazing personality anytime soon THERE. No. Theyll just never see and they dont see, are not GOING to see, are not ABLE to see, are not ABOUT to see, are not going to be able to see, are not going to be about to be able to see, and will have never been going to be being prepared to be about to be able to see.

  • 0nn3 says:

    nope, it wasnt in the chat it was the interface itself

  • KanonXD says:

    I'd like to see molly there but it's unlikely

  • tigerbomb94 says:

    If she did, they would just edit them out.

  • rovdjuret1 says:

    i remember when this was new to 4chan

    oh god how we had fun trolling everyone with goatse, lemonparty and other shocking shit

    now its just reposts of old ones and no new ones on 4chan

  • thelolipopman93 says:

    1:35, is that guy touching himself?

  • OhNoItsGojira says:

    @rovdjuret1 4chan really is the Alpha & Omega of the Internet.

  • cricketbat08 says:

    omg molly looks like Patsy Kensit xx

  • danjoshmass says:

    My friend did this and chatted with the Jonas Brothers! No joke.

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    I suppose that Molly's visit to that site made up for someone's wasted years of sitting in front of a webcam :) They can leave now because they'll never have a chance to see anyone like Molly again.

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    And maybe some fairy tales about a legendary Molly's visit to ChatRoulette are going to be passed on from generation to genearation of ChatRouletters :) They can even invent a slogan like "Don't miss your chance to see Molly! For a second or may be even for two if you're real lucky one!"
    But they will be cheating, I hope Molly is not going to appear there anymore.

  • John8785 says:

    @danjoshmass i saw them twice yesterday

  • 80Insomniac80 says:

    like omegle, but with video

  • tunny2000 says:

    @rovdjuret1 I wish I was as cool as you :'(

  • philips502 says:

    I'd say 1/15 of all people you'll chat with will be guys touching themselves...

  • funkerman7 says:

    @danjoshmass that really is something to be proud of

  • wowrulez111 says:

    9/10 people you will chat with will be /b/tards with gifs of guy hanging himself, mutilated body in bathroom and 1 guy 1 jar clip :/

  • LHughesy17 says:

    Don't give /b/ credit or Ebaums will ruin your life

  • LHughesy17 says:


  • LHughesy17 says:

    Rule 1and 2 actually apply here.

  • jayeshchoudhari says:

    damn those hair Molly

  • cricketbat08 says:

    omg weirdness abounds

  • Ecksphyre says:

    Bullshit. It's always 1guy1jar or 2girls1cup. ALL THE TIME.

  • NearlyFreeSpeech says:

    what does that mnean

  • hellotwat says:

    that is soooo weird...'mainly groups of boys' i wonder why

  • tidus93 says:

    Lol! very nice

  • KCL000000 says:

    This site is too weird! Too many men, or should I say boys, and always in packs...!?

  • barillah says:

    This site is just old guys fapping lol

  • DanTheNextSpielberg says:

    yeah, i go on sometimes and see dudes jacking off, kinda disturbing

  • Alfarjamie says:

    theres always people jacking off. i went through 9 people in a row jacking off. most old fat guys

  • cello4eva says:

    wow thats creepy

  • InuTheSlut says:

    You'z Trollin..

  • akira357 says:

    LMAO just fucking look at their clearly freaking spelled out


  • LHughesy17 says:

    She sounds so cute when she squeals at the guy fapping lol

  • beast84741 says:

    *next* *next* *FAPFAPFAP "AHHHHHHH"*

  • misssy7ducks says:

    that's exactly like Omegle, except more offensive because people can disconnect from your conversation based on looks now!

  • upublic says:


  • Xxc0rrupti0nxX says:

    I troll this site all the time.

  • derberg19486 says:

    Molly was laughing out loud. I searched and it is possible this is her first public on air real out loud laugh, it was awsome!

  • ChaosBW says:

    What, you mean nigger?
    you can say nigger on youtube.
    who the fuck said you can't say nigger on youtube?
    people can complain and thumbs down but nothing else will happen. :)
    Not that I'm a racist, I actually like black people just a lot of people over react when they hear that word.

    Also, the game, I lost.

  • Lindyhops17 says:

    for fucks sake, i lost the game.

  • Eric says:

    This is damn creepy before I read any of the comments... Just the potential for creepiness is immense. I was always told not to talk to strangers, and I think I will avoid this site like the plague. Poor people at Rocketboom have to find something interesting, so I will say thanks for reviewing the site so I don't have to. Well I guess the concept of two groups of guys finding each other and bursting into song is rather hilarious. lol

  • RoyVanNistelrooij says:

    @LHughesy17 pervert.

  • httprover says:

    The girl/guy ratio could be better.

    Se la vi...

  • LHughesy17 says:

    Nahh, it's just a cute sound

  • DaMelloKitty says:


  • Max10192 says:

    i would use chatroullette only to get to talk to molly!

  • emaleedrinkstea says:

    No! :(

  • ryanxboxlive says:

    i just went on it, its full of morons and ugly boys looking to talk to girls. sad sad website.

  • Spectralancer says:


  • irlyhateallofyou says:

    can you use the web sight if you dont have a cam or is there a website like that that doesn't require a cam

  • wingxerox says:

    Lol 1:38 WTF. Someone gettin too frisky on webcam?

  • stereokid says:

    Those teenage boys hit the jackpot when Molly popped up on their screen!

  • votumseparatum1 says:

    @irlyhateallofyou - lol, just go to any blog or chat room and you get "chatroulette" without the webcam.

  • infintiyward says:

    chatroulette is soo awesome.

  • Jesus says:

    LINDA !!!!!!!!!

  • toshibaaah says:

    out of all the ppl i talked to today on chatroulette, only 1 did not ask to see my boobs..and he was just not going to go on at night..

  • PuppetXeno says:

    riight.. I suppose some people enjoy such a site.. As for me... Next

  • ujdo says:

    So what did you scream at?

  • skeletonlord2126 says:

    tits or gtfo :)

  • LamentOfInnocence1 says:

    This is a troll's paradise.

  • igykalen says:

    @irlyhateallofyou blogtv

  • logosfabula says:

    Dear Molly, I really hope more nice people will hang out at chatroulette, 'cause I've got 3 penises out of 5 people, of which one was a black screen. The one-fifth good part is good, very embarassing anyway though! I'll try again later, hope not to stumble upon those many trolls haunting there :3

  • FidgetHermz says:

    If it was'nt for the 1 man 2 fish video i dont think chatroulette would be perceived to be a horrific site

  • tinkyaguilar says:

    show them ur tits bitch

  • Bushdoctor68 says:

    lol @ 2:15 hahaha.
    Could've been a waaaaay other shot tho. ;)

  • tinkyaguilar says:

    dont remove my comments ho

  • jakepanarisi says:

    IT'S OMEGGLE TIME!!!!! just better

  • notphatmageWins says:

    guys jerking off

  • ruckenfigur says:

    chatroulette is useless because most people aren't worth chatting to anyway and this site tends to gather the very bottom

  • Soizneaga says:

    people keep "nexting" me............. lol

  • PolArbezcukru says:

    Thanks molly! you made my day! ;)

  • 501para says:

    It is funny only to many guys on it lol, The first person was some1 wearing a white mask and a pirate flag behind him, scary and I also saw a naked fat guy :o last time I did this

  • venomouskiss320 says:

    Imma do this later :D

  • DeRealUno says:

    lol anyone know how old this website is?
    this site can surely help lose fear of meeting new people. although when the jerking hand comes it, i might make things worst errm

  • sarahneedsanaccount says:

    I totally met John Green on this.

  • b0bsmiley says:

    you are hot

  • penutwi says:

    id like to dip into molly lol...

    im sorry lol

  • LamentOfInnocence1 says:

    It's full of dudes wanking.

  • METALIST1989 says:

    it would be cool if that website had less perverts who dont get laid, otherwise it's cool, although for text chats i think omegle is much better

  • firemblemrules9 says:

    Clearly, that must be what the masses of teenage boys are doing together...

  • moppwns says:

    i would love to chatroulette with molly

  • shadyreefer69 says:

    shes cute, and right its mostly teenage boys

  • Pazzur says:

    chatroulette is so creepy

  • barttool says:


    you mean chaTROLLette

  • circasp says:

    i envy you!!!

  • townsjim says:

    wow, she's cute

  • shak200 says:

    I'm sure there is a better way to waste my time.

  • Nogeri says:

    99% of Chatroullette is Brazilians without shirts

  • logosfabula says:

    The idea is great, but... it's disgusting...

  • holycrapnessbatman says:

    its full of guys asking to see girls' boobs.

  • santoshiom says:

    foxy lady.

  • djderk says:

    i will now chatroulette 24/7 until i find molly. commence.

  • WoWKoest says:

    The other 1% is nerdy asian kids

  • diego380 says:

    Moar liek TROLLroulette

  • SputnikMedia says:

    show me your tits

  • Banjogoose says:

    Chatroulette is full of a bunch of homos living in their mom's basement beating off waiting for some chick to show their tits, which will never happen....

  • auti87 says:

    "I wouldn't recommend it if ur under 18" says the girl who screams when she sees her first penis.

  • ebnflowandell says:


  • CradLeRcker says:

    haha the first guy was like "oh sweet"

  • phlyphlo says:

    Mind rape- Something you did not want to see or hear.

  • studav87 says:

    presenter is pretty cute

  • leadspot says:

    2:14 LOL

  • GogetaEX says:

    You're pretty cute... and really innocent!

  • ChateauOfADoubt says:

    I was poking around Chatroulette yesterday. It is almost like Penisroulette sometimes.

  • unsenseful says:

    I went on chatroulette the other day and it was fun. I met a lot of nice people :D

  • dhamm11 says:

    totally. they need to take care of that

  • tommyaw123 says:

    i'd definitely get my cock out if I saw this hottie on chatroulette !!

  • Garrraaahyyy says:

    I agree. The amount of guys I came across with their camera pointing between their legs was actually quite off-putting to the website but I did see some pretty hot girls.

  • earlgreytempest says:

    it's like omegle only with video, knowing the percentage of horny guy's on omegle I'm not sure I'd be ok w/ having video available right there : /
    Plus you don't get the added benefit of being able to lie and say you're a guy

  • mssugartitz says:

    she forgot to mention all the penises

  • shiftyden says:

    And its dutch !!

  • LamentOfInnocence1 says:

    Just a warning to anyone who interested, It has some seriously fucked up stuff on.

  • michwng says:

    why do i know that people are going to abuse this...

  • Nogli says:

    People get their cocks out because hey can. They'll never hear or see the recipient again.

    I had a death threat from a guy in a mask being a serial killer. I said he looked like Phantom of the Opera and we had a civilized chat for twenty minutes. I talked to people from Brazil, Chile, Morocco, Norway and loads from France.

  • Nogli says:

    The most annoying thing on there was the Norwegian chat. The two people on the other end decided to teach me a Norwegian phrase.

    They said they would only tell me what it was after I'd said it. I did, and then my computer crashed. I'll never know what horrid thing I said.

  • Salmy88 says:

    tits or gtfo!

  • andrew39611 says:

    omg i love that website. i knew about it like a month ago b4 it became s popular. and u forgot 2 mention all of the old hairy perves wanking their small dicks

  • killrxr says:

    go to my ChatRoulette! on my videos its funny check it out

  • cammo6901 says:

    ohhh, and DICKS GALORE.


  • Woohoo5241 says:

    This girl has nice tits.

  • Hemulen40 says:

    Scary place . Oughta be called Russian Roulette .

  • fishy488 says:

    holy shit shes hot and her tits are so bouncy

  • blomvik16 says:

    I'll tell you what it means if you write it here. ;)

  • Nogli says:

    Ha ha. I can't remember what it was. It was a full sentence as opposed to a couple of words. I had probably just announced my fictitious homosexuality and fetish for goats.

  • onemindonespirit says:

    So you're saying that it's filled with teenage boys. Yeah. Sounds like a great place to go to (sarcasm).

  • GikoSan says:

    Where did you learn how to make this shit when you're only 17?

  • krullboll says:

    Amen /b/rother.

  • tomsonuy says:

    girl I really love you and I love your tits too

  • amibeere says:


  • mario64wii says:

    found a guy on it nude

  • imANassANDiDONTcare says:

    I went there and 10% are fucking faggots exposing themselves.

  • jonoalien1 says:

    wow, i love you.

  • cormano64 says:

    Well, Omegle sure is damn interesting.

    Especially the part about not having video on it...

  • PookiePorn says:

    OH MY GOD.
    There's someone who just hung themselves!
    Thats fucked up!
    I dont know if its real or not! But there is a man hanging from the roof. with a rope around his neck
    Im kind of terrified...

  • FidgetHermz says:

    Hey Guys

    1 man 2 fish video fag here

    here is my new video you faggots /watch?v=bRZaTBFQZHE

  • panicatthediscosuck says:

    Oh, that's pretty common. People use a program to fake video and show stuff like that.

    It's pretty inventive.

  • atomicmrpelly says:

    I loved the West Side Story joke!

    Also, she's hot :P

  • fsxlover says:

    Yeah the risks are freaking guys jerking it on camera.

  • Haddsch says:

    Show me your boobs!

  • Kouchy says:

    This site is a litte gore, when I see site like I'm a little bit disapointed. But the concept is a good idea, for sure !

  • imcrazy534 says:

    I went on chatroulette for the first time about a month ago. N00BZ be warned. . .about 99.999% of users on there are GUYS either wanking or asking for [nonexistent] women to show their tits. . the rest are either horny groups of teenage boys trolling for b00bage, jokers who just hang around all day pranking and stuff or [EXTREMELY RARE] girls who actually go online to meet new people. . . BUT most likely though, you'll see stuff you just don't wanna see. . cant say you haven't been warned.

  • orphedeliaXimmortal says:

    something about a guy and a fish...

  • phillyphan32992 says:

    Omegle 2.0.

  • Monroefanx3 says:

    always naked guys

  • nosnorbdude23 says:

    she haz nice tits

  • RunFromHumanContact says:

    tits or gtfo

  • RunFromHumanContact says:


  • schwep says:

    Hahaha!!! 2:10 - 2:17! :-D

  • hotsky says:

    You are a great moderator miss!

  • BestOfChatroulette says:

    You want more ?


  • bootworked says:

    oh my god i fell in love with you

  • bluewiz20films says:

    @phillyphan32992 too true lol

  • Chicohuman says:

    I can't believe a website like that is on the internet and people like that.
    You must be crazy to watch dudes masturbate every 5 guys. This website makes me mad. Imagine the parents... Their kids can get on websites liek that.

  • Alexomaaan says:

    and who won?

  • Cbejar13 says:

    it seems to be mostly man dicks

  • Rememborance says:

    Molly- it is completely possible to talk to yourself, myself and a friend did that the other day xD

  • opusman2 says:

    I'm talking to some asian guy right now xD

  • Fzeroxd001 says:

    it's true... we've done this on school, an like 80% of the cams were flashing...X(

  • howisdiscool says:

    she scared the SHIT out of me when she screamed. its was like a freakin banshee

  • NECKingProductions says:

    nice tits

  • HeBreaksLate says:

    Mad props on the Sharks/Jets reference.

  • JizzMasterPino says:

    man dicks on the internet, hahahha

  • JizzMasterPino says:

    That woman is one of the prettiest I've ever seen. Not Barbie like, not trashy, just genuine pretty/beautiful/smart.

  • 88sephiroth88 says:

    don"t chat to inferior race or little boys ho didn't make sex yet. Interracial is not good.

  • ChateauOfADoubt says:


  • BestOfChatroulette says:

    I discover a great website about chatroulette

  • OmegaNexus1 says:

    And then a gigantic penis pops up.

  • enp83 says:

    Molly is ridiculously hot

  • ruthford32 says:

    yea jizzmaster sounds like you know all about respecting women aren't u just a charmer that every girl should take home to meet mom and dad... ahahahaha

  • myalternative says:

    It's a pretty homophobic website... or maybe it's just Americans in general.

  • JizzMasterPino says:


  • DelSolSea says:

    CR is nothing more than a bunch of dudes jerking and wankin off! Its not that cool.

  • Mrozek93 says:

    many pedobears there

  • Oasis1920 says:


    i love she !!!!!

  • qariqasai says:

    nice boobs I love it

  • Glitch385 says:

    vem me mostrar essas peitolas gostosas na cam.

  • Halibut86 says:

    5* for not mentioning the penises lol

  • greyreview says:

    its funny how for a hot girl, every single person will say hello to, for boys most people just disconnect immediately

  • rutshut says:

    ChatRoulette is the greatest thing to hit the web. I got rejected fifteen times before talking to an amiable Russian man, but each time I saw a boring-looking man or a penis I just laughed. It's endlessly fascinating. They should make sister sites too, like ChatRoulette for Kids and ChatRoulette for Elder Folk. Anyway, good luck to the site's founder, a seventeen year boy from the Netherlands. He's got a lot on his plate.

  • SteveSpeedyy says:

    I like to play card games online with my Xbox 360. UNO is the best!

  • sr20turbo200sx says:

    that guy at 1.40 wanking is me, whenever my mums not home i wank on Chatroulette, notice how she never takes her eyes of the screen

  • Ununs3pt1um says:

    about 80% of all people on CR are wanking

  • ProPlayaz2008 says:

    @Ununs3pt1um xDDDDDDDDDDD
    you are so right

  • Glitch385 says:

    The whole internet scenario is very devaluating for males. 90% of the males online will feel used, ridiculed, rejected, treated as "a dime a dozen" and I don't think it's any good deal for the developing of their self-esteem and character.

    To let alone men who are automatically treated as potential criminals ONLY because they are older than like 28 or 29.

    The chatrooms and webcamchatrooms are doing to men's morals what the porn industry has done to female's morals 35 years ago.

  • Glitch385 says:

    Do you know what a creepy man is? A creepy man is nothing but a man you girls don't like.

  • patryktv says:

    Nice way to introduce chatroulette, great job rocketboom!

  • StephanBouthot says:

    Well when I go on it's basically just penises. With hands on them.

  • sr20turbo200sx says:

    @Ununs3pt1um more like 25%

  • JuniorWaxx says:

    wanna see fun @ chat roulette??


  • Kingspade808 says:

    damn girl nice tits

  • durant3535 says:

    @sr20turbo200sx dude your not cool. thats what ruins the website. you are a fucking pervert

  • Glitch385 says:

    I think I should just die, as well everyone older than 25, let us just remove ourselves from this planet and let these teens have their computer orgies till this planet retrograde to the stone ages--because these teens will no longer study nor work, it will be only "show me your boobs" and bating on cam till the end of times.

    My parents didn't raise me for the world the way it has become. My parents raised me for a world that is DEAD by now. Things changed too much fast in the 15 years.

  • temporary01890 says:

    honestly guys its not that hard to meet cool people. like even if only 10% of the people are chill, you can just click through everyone else, you don't have to hang around or take it personally.

  • Imkillinit408 says:

    "Boobs for Haiti!!!!"

  • AelHmzah says:

    i saw that thing on chatroulette hahaha

  • Glitch385 says:

    You who gave me a negative point, just tell me what IS a "creepy" then... I think it's just cyberbullying to insult men you don't in order to make them leave the chatroom.

    None of you women have a coherent definition for the word "creepy", everyone uses this word in a way that meets their personal agendas and it can mean just anything you'd find it convenient to mean.

  • Glitch385 says:

    The only reason I frequent internet is because I hate my country and I hate the women in my country, but I have learnt that every and each foreign women will just call me "creepy" because they HATE my nationality, then fuck you. Die. None of these sacks of shit here is whiter than I am, my ancestors only commited the mistake of immigrating to the wrong country, if you hate me only because the place my IP is pointing, them fuck you, Ahmadinedjad is gonna tell you what is a creepy.

  • Glitch385 says:

    You will only miss the White Man in the day the Muslins take over all the world and treat you like furniture, then you will see what are creepy men.

    I'm not gonna marry anyone anymore, I hope I can die very soon.

  • Glitch385 says:

    The only thing I like in this Rocketboom channel is that map on her wall, I wish I had a map like that on my wall.

  • Glitch385 says:

    You say you are "civilised" but I DOUBT anyone in Argentina is going to internet to ask people to "show ass" on Stickam. I hate guys who are sleazy and I hate MUCH MORE the girls who accomodate their requests.

  • Glitch385 says:

    Something so wonderful, a miracle like internet, the possibility for people to talk to someone in the other side of the world, and a bunch of meanies who CAN NOT STAND other people being happy... They NEED to come and troll, and insult, and to come with their "Tits or GTFO" crap, or to call everyone "creep" and block them, and to reminds us all of all these worldly miseries people like me are only trying to TAKE A BREAK FROM while on internet.

  • Glitch385 says:

    Can't anyone FIGURE that some people are here only because they WANT to forget about the things from real life that they HATE? I hate it when the few interesting women in my country fuck EVERY LOSER and don't want anything to do with me, so it is OBVIOUS that, when I come online, I do NOT WANT to be reminded of this sexual crap in chatrooms!!! Why can't you keep this crap private on your damn MSNs or Satan knows what other messengers...

  • Glitch385 says:

    comment 666 btw

  • sollap2 says:

    not, 667

  • sr20turbo200sx says:

    whenever my mums not home i have a wank on Chatroulette

  • airma89 says:

    @ sr20turbo200sx
    you are one of those freaks man

  • piacerreanalizando says:

    u are such a bitch

  • asseeninYOURDREAMS says:

    1:38 .. seems like you want to keep looking LMAO

  • Glitch385 says:

    A Muslin Kosovar girl banned me from her Stickam channel once for absolutely NO reason... I thought that chatting to a Muslin girl would be a clean, safe experience --but the animal just showed what rude barbarian creature she was...

    Then I sent her stickam URL to a lot of radical muslin guys I could find online and accused her of "showing off" to the "crusaders" and the "zionists"

    Then SHE disappeared from Stickam, and I WONDER WHY, LOL.


  • Glitch385 says:

    Men are a dime a dozen, aren't we?

  • Glitch385 says:

    You did the 667

  • Glitch385 says:

    It's been only 72 hours that I heard about chatroulette for the first time and I already hate that site.

    It must be a record.

  • ESSIGUTT01 says:

    What program can i use to record from Chat roulette?

  • Glitch385 says:

    why do you want to record that garbage, there's only 30 y.o. men showing their dicks there.

  • bam10333333 says:

    no I have seen girls and most of them look like they are 18 or 24.
    But there are more penis than girls which is lame.

  • blank530 says:

    the majority of chat roulette is guys with their cam showing them jacking off or just their penis. and of course you have the ones that just fuck with people on there, like me

  • blank530 says:

    the majority of chat roulette has guys with their cams at their penis.

  • damaband41 says:

    hypercam. dont ask me where to find it.

  • damaband41 says:

    never seen a girl this attractive on that site

  • NerdyNinja08 says:

    i was on here for a few minutes. One guy held up a sign "show me tits" another was a penis. And others were just regular dudes

  • jukijunk says:

    I've just learned about this site>. Its kinda funny as hell cause some people do random shit lol. Their are actually hot girls on their cause i bumped into a few haha. its like 1 out of 10 chance of bumping into one. Pretty cool site to kill time.

  • eatbeavers says:

    you need to be on more!

  • arnaringi2 says:

    mostly old guys jerking off on there.... sucks

  • eraq07 says:


  • todoke says:

    bahahahah so true

  • iqqxazull says:

    1:35 ajajaj

  • longercats says:


  • NeneBoo589 says:

    omg is thats what its really like lol i never herd of it untill today lol

  • Roflwaffle91 says:

    guy at 0:41 is like "holy crap. it isnt a dick!"

  • max160709 says:

    she neglected to mention that 95% of all people on chatroulette are close ups on dudes masturbating

  • coktale says:

    LMAO ya ur right xDDD

  • willem01 says:

    molly's got a great rack!!
    : /

  • MutantWren says:

    It can get a bit annoying if you're female; most of the stuff you find is guys fapping away or groups of 'em trying to convince you to flash them. But if you don't mind the harassment, you might stumble on someone with half a brain. I talked for an hour with this awesome chick from India!

  • laxdude1995 says:

    Hah, bitch got goatse'd

  • UhOhParkingViolation says:

    Dammit guys stop trying to be cool by masturbating on the cams
    I got one Russian dude that's like "let me see your cock" and pretended to masturbate

  • HumanOFtheWeek3000 says:

    aww she is so cute!!

  • icecool1065 says:

    @MutantWren Did you?

    Wow, i cant beleive that guy talked for half an hour to see you go topless

    I hope you did after all the work and agony that guy had to put up with for HALF AN HOUR

    If somebody is gonna go topless they usually do it within the first 3 mins

  • CleverDjembe says:

    I have a life, I don't need random chat

  • Vercinger says:

    OMG I'd love to have been one of thoose who chatted with Molly :(

    She has a beautiful cleavage.. lovely Molly <3 <3 <3

  • srdjanjiji says:

    nope. now the entire thing is fucking creepy old men jerking off

  • almister999 says:

    jolly good show molly, that website is seriously fucked btw dont girls go on it. Unless your talking to me

  • boobearoakley says:

    this chick is hotttt.

  • GeirMovies says:

    People on Chatroulette:
    60% guys fapping in the dark
    20% alone guys in the dark
    10% asians
    9% girls
    2% nice people
    1% girls acutally showing you tits

    ...of what I have experienced....

  • subcyber says:

    show some boobs...
    at least one ;)))

  • aznp1nay says:

    k now i have people whacking off in front of my computer screen on the top left corner

  • Glitch385 says:

    I'm probably cancelling all my memberships in every and each site I'm currently registered

    I think I got sick of internet. It's only trolls, desperate lonely men and hateful women everywhere I go.

  • Glitch385 says:

    The internet only gets worse and worse. Maybe because people who have lives are very busy out there in the real world...

    Then it's only the garbage-people that remains online.

  • leurseng says:

    The only thing why I got on that chat thing was because of Yahoo news....Just checking it out...and it is pretty stupid!

  • ImNovaFett says:

    all it is is a bunch of guy's whackin off.

  • MutantWren says:

    And because the voyeuristic types usually go topless that soon, those who are only interested in tits tend to disconnect shortly after I laugh at their request. I'm not the best-looking chick out there anyway.

    And the lady I was talking to was a legit cam feed. At my request, she stuffed a scarf in a shoe and hung it from the ceiling. That's not the sorta stuff you keep stored clips of for the sake of convincing strangers your feed is real.

  • heytheremadness says:

    agreeed 12048357230572035 % with what everyone else is my video on my unexpected bad experience on chat roulette...its funny

  • AppleAficionado29 says:

    true that

  • Daan Kisman says:

    4 guys with music behind the chatroulette.
    Watch the reactions, hilarious!!
    Crazy and funny people..

  • girlie347 says:

    A woman can click next and then every person wants to talk to them.
    Of course its 100% different for guys. They have to click 'next' 20 times to get rid of the other losers and dicks, then when they finally see a girl, it's either a movie, a fake photo or the girl clicks next because you're ugly or nerdy.
    Using chatroulette as a guy is just punishing yourself, lowering your self esteem. Unless you're attractive, you're just wasting your time because no girl wants to talk with you

  • Glitch385 says:

    Good. Then a lot of us will go read books, work, earn money and do other constructive things instead. This is the bright side to that.

    "Using chatroulette as a guy is just punishing yourself, lowering your self esteem"

    The WHOLE INTERNET, not only that chatroulette.

    Thanks to the internet I learnt how much the human beings suck. It's better to have a dog instead.

  • Glitch385 says:

    Someone has kicked me at Stickam today. For no reason, I said nothing, I did nothing. I had just entered her room and it didn't last a second till she kicked me.

    Maybe she wanted the room "clean" for her to camwhore to some "attractive" guy... lol.

    You would blush if you read what I wrote to her in reply. And, also, I put her on my ban list too.

  • Glitch385 says:

    Actually, if you are a man, just kill yourself, because THE WHOLE LIFE is just punishing yourself.

  • madeirense31 says:

    Chat Roulette = Lowering self esteem, waste of time.

    Don´t go there, i am on this site for only 30 minutes and i am already disgusted.

  • TheTVbreaker says:

    on the contrary, chatroulette=highering self esteem, seeing all these teenage nerds and guys wanking remind me how awesome i am!

    ps: the girl on the video is very very very cute, icant understand some people put next on her at chatroulette, im pretty sure she didnt show everything because most of the teenage boys probably asked her to show her tits!!

  • Vincentpourfendeur says:

    Je suppose que cette bombasse a été payée pour sa prestation !
    Toi, le solitaire devant ton écran, tu n'as pas envie de la prendre par derrière, avec tes mains sur ses deux nichons ?!? Et cette bouche !!! On pourrait y mettre deux grosse bites bien bandées !!!
    Toi, le solitaire, si tu crois que tu va trouver sur Chat-roulette des bombes comme celle-là, faut pas rêver : il n'y a que des ados pas finis (ou finis à la pisse) et des gros connards frustrés et obsédés comme toi !!!

  • luanswan2002 says:

    I don't know who this girl is but she got a nick rack.

  • Vincentpourfendeur says:

    Fuck you Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck youFuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheTVbreaker says:

    et comme toi!!!

  • Glitch385 says:

    Things only get worse and worse.

    It's time to give up, people. Internet has completely gone to HELL.

    The good times are GONE.

    And I big fat hairy FUCK YOU to every and each girl who ever called anyone "creepy" online. They will get old one day too, and older women suffer way more rejection than older men. Everyone will always get what they deserve, so these shitty girls online will.

    Fuck you all you cunts.

  • Farksisten says:

    The way to use Chatroluette is with ManyCam.

  • beanodonnell says:

    i bet while trying to film this she saw like 1000 penises

  • Glitch385 says:

    Of course.

    Penises are a dime a dozen.

    Penises are like bananas, they are sold by clusters, and you can take also some single fallen ones as courtesy.

  • pepeotf45 says:

    Ya chatroulette = dicks WAYYYYYY too many dicks!

  • JasonMelancon says:


  • JasonMelancon says:

    Another good video about Chat Roulette, and where I heard about it:


  • tag says:

    The best screenshot from chatroulette on It’s Awesome !
    Enjoy =)

  • R says:

    Just wanted to say that you are absolutely beautiful

  • TheJJMaster12 says:

    i went to this side and a man played with his dick ... he showed his sperm and he was terrible so don't go to this side !! It will hurting you

  • Vincentpourfendeur says:

    Ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche ma bite dans sa bouche !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vincentpourfendeur says:

    Putain, cette blondasse ma fait bander !!!
    Ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul ma bite dans son cul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vincentpourfendeur says:

    Je suppose que cette bombasse a été payée pour sa prestation !
    Toi, le solitaire devant ton écran, tu n'as pas envie de la prendre par derrière, avec tes mains sur ses gros nichons ?!? Et cette bouche !!! On pourrait y mettre deux grosse bites bien bandées !!!
    Toi, le solitaire, si tu crois que tu va trouver sur Chat-roulette des bombes comme celle-là, faut pas rêver : il n'y a que des ados pas finis (ou finis à la pisse) et des gros connards frustrés et obsédés comme toi !!!

  • Vincentpourfendeur says:

    Je suis sûr qu'elle doit crier comme une chienne quand elle jouit !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vincentpourfendeur says:

    Je suppose qu'elle compte sur son physique pour faire carrière !
    Elle doit être bien conne pour s'exposer comme ça !
    Si elle croit qu'on écoute ce qu'elle dit, en fait on fantasme sur sa grande bouche et ses gros nichons !
    Putain je bande !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Retenez-moi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • telaketjufeministi says:

    chatroulette is full of brazilian fags.

  • Vincentpourfendeur says:

    Fuck you Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck youFuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vincentpourfendeur says:

    Et puis quand tu bouges, ma poulette, tes seins s'agitent, et ça me donne envie de dégrafer ton soutif et de caler ma bite entre les deux, et hop ça va ça vient !
    Putain, je bande !!!!!!!!!!!
    Retenez-moi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Glitch385 says:

    I do not know if I would envy her "dégrafer" that much... It would be like having a low-paid niggerjob at a slaughterhouse, a lot of meat all around and the guy can't even afford a barbecue.

  • BarlowEnter says:

    Wow, you're hot! Nice teeth and amazing smile!!
    Good luck!!

  • Glitch385 says:

    "Et puis quand tu bouges, ma poulette, tes seins s'agitent"

    Se bobiar se tirar o soutien ela tropeça.

  • Vincentpourfendeur says:

    Je suppose que cette bombasse a été payée pour sa prestation !
    Toi, le solitaire devant ton écran, tu n'as pas envie de la prendre par derrière, avec tes mains sur ses gros nichons ?!? Et cette bouche !!! On pourrait y mettre deux grosse bites bien bandées !!!
    Toi, le solitaire, si tu crois que tu va trouver sur Chat-roulette des bombes comme celle-là, faut pas rêver : il n'y a que des ados pas finis (ou finis à la pisse) et des gros connards frustrés et obsédés comme toi !!!

  • SinOfBlooD1 says:

    u forgot to mention that 50% are wanker holding their **** into the cam -.-

  • icantthinkofanythinp says:



  • Thiagoelg says:

    @telaketjufeministi no it's not, it's full of pedos ans sh*t...

  • space91Productions says:

    my favorit text:

  • strawberryseeds92 says:

    so true

  • Vincentpourfendeur says:

    Putain, j'ai éjaculé sur l'écran de mon ordinateur !!!!!!
    Ejaculation faciale sur cette blondasse !!!!!
    Et je bande encore !!!!!!!!!

  • TheOneTheOnly009 says:

    chatroulette sucks it never works for me

  • yojuls says:

    1 word: masturbate. everyone masturbates on there and jerks off!!!! but i have met a few nice people on there so yea =)

  • dopplesoldners says:

    You lend credence to your own theory simply by existing in the idiotic state that you do.

    Keep on keepin' on for the garbage peoples.

  • Glitch385 says:

    O Vincent tá invocado

  • Glitch385 says:

    hahahahah I've just been at Chatroulette, the chat has CRASHED, hahahahah, a lot of people went there because this video, at least Mollymolly did the web a favour with this Rocketboom report on that wasteyard hahahahahah

  • Glitch385 says:

    No, it's you who lend credence to my theory because one of the reasons I'm disgusted about internet is because this place is full of mean assholes who are always on the prowl to find someone to insult and you are just another one.

    I've been reading your other responses, you just insult everyone, and with this nickname you must be just some playstation busybody who spends the whole time playing violent games at Playstation and getting fat.

  • Glitch385 says:

    The day someone called "dopplesoldners" or any other playstation/Xbox character's name is going to give me lessons of life, something will be very wrong with this world.

    Go waste your life with your playstation and keep the real world rid of you.

  • Glitch385 says:

    The problem with Western countries is that these are societies where you should be a bully to be considered "cool", and if you are a nice or good person, the men will call you "pussy" and these whores will call you "creepy".

    I'm jizzing and crapping over this western culture of bullying, but what goes around comes around and there's nothing like the morning after.

  • Glitch385 says:

    I wish Hitler had won that war, then this world would be founded over the correct moral values and not over being wealthy at the expenses of the destroction of the planet, bullying, materialism, pornography, "show me your boobs at Mardigras and I'll give you a bead" and everything else that makes this world stink.

  • Glitch385 says:

    It's full of PEIDOS

  • Vincentpourfendeur says:

    Je suppose qu'elle compte sur son physique pour faire carrière !
    Elle doit être bien conne pour s'exposer comme ça !
    Si elle croit qu'on écoute ce qu'elle dit, en fait on fantasme sur sa grande bouche et ses gros nichons !
    Putain je bande !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Retenez-moi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vincentpourfendeur says:

    Putain suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi !!!!!!!

  • Soft75 says:

    Putain suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce-moi suce

  • polipoli7 says:

    i think i saw kipkay

  • polipoli7 says:

    some guys are ja*king off

  • Hugoow16 says:

    but not the tits

  • Imahaxxor says:

    @Glitch385 Hitler was an idealist, and he certainly did great things for Germany - BUT he also slaughtered millions of people, which is wrong no matter race, gender you like, background etc - But I agree that it's built on "bullying", if you're being nice to f.ex an elder woman, people will laugh at you and call you stuff. If you try to do good in school people will call you nerd and loser...

  • Thiagoelg says:

    lol, pedos = pedophile

  • Wilbosteele says:

    you can occasionally find nice people to talk to on there but the vast majority just show their dick. I'm supprised you could make a vid on chatroulette without mentioning that...

  • Elemental135 says:

    @Imahaxxor That's sadly true... what a sick world this is.

  • omnigon4 says:

    i bet she saw 1000 of penis

  • zizyi says:

    CNN just did a story on this today (Campbell Brown).. it's going mainstream so I'm expecting more normal people going on it.

  • spoonspoiler says:

    It's so annoting that genuinely interesting websites like Chatroulette (and Omegle before it) come along that give you a chance to have conversations with strangers from around the world and they are just ruined by idiotic American teenagers (that isn't being really is the case.)

    They should have their own parrallel web so that nobody else has to put up with them.

  • sr20turbo200sx says:

    i always wank on that site when my mums not home

  • ramazanx says:

    check out titroulette website

  • wiimen909 says:

    beawere there are lots of cocks!!!

  • bublik25 says:

    @wiimen909 a loooooot

    and there is almost no girls

  • jaishalattacks says:

    0.42 rofl!

  • luanswan2002 says:

    Is the website slow for anyone else? FFS get some money Russian boy and update your servers.

  • willow925 says:

    i cant get passed hte loading screen mt browser freezes and crashes.

  • DGSE says:

    a lot of wankers and sissies on this site nothing more

  • ramazanx says:

    who is behind this alternative titroulette ? it's hilarious and nice boobs, too

  • OrcWyvern says:


    you know what sucks? when you are looking for girls only dicks pop I decided to play pranks...

    but last time I got alot of girls ...but since I had a video going on (of a really really really fat girl dancing) they would next me =(

  • joero00 says:

    that sucks.
    im looking for girls too but always wanking old fatties

  • Str1cker says:

    haha, that sucks. last night my boyz and i got a trigroup of english girls to get to their bras. we're 14. they were 16. best virgin night of our lives.

  • sharklizard says:

    Wow that's a ridiculous website...talking with complete strangers.

  • joero00 says:

    haha goodjob (:

  • Cheepn1s says:

    102% of troll-food, you say?

  • 1993ChelseaFC says:

    her tits = luscious

  • enzo83sr says:

    she talks sooooo much slower now...nice.

  • august14jc says:


  • hifoon says:

    so nice
    thank you

  • medicineman4ever says:

    You retarded woman! I spent 10 minutes on chatroulette and saw 25 different guys jerking off on camera and some ugly girl's fat tits. Jesus, what the fuck is wrong with you?

  • 2007TypeR says:

    @medicineman4ever it's fucking disgusting. just a bunch of retards with their dicks out.

  • xzaz2 says:

    He thats me me molly wtf!

  • perdedor3571 says:

    lmfao @ 2:15

  • joshualiu1993 says:

    She is pretty?.

  • Epikfil says:

    Hehe nice video thanks!

  • crissybhoygillen says:

    lol 0:45

  • GermanMetal says:

    Chatroulette is a sausage fest.

  • noobcake9 says:

    Fuck Chatroulette. I was in for 5 minutes and i see someone pretending to be Jonas brothers, 3 guys masturbating and 2 kids.

  • Frigolitify says:

    "few risks" think she mans 90 % cocks

  • soothsayer911 says:

    Literally the worst idea i have ever heard. This is like Internet Rape and is unacceptable.

  • sharklizard says:

    @soothsayer911 I ABSOLUTELY AGREE. That website is dangerous. This idiot doesn't know what she's talking about.

  • Glitch385 says:

    "doesn't know what she's talking about"

    Maybe Mollymolly doesn't mind about the dangers of Chatroulette because she knows everyone will want to talk as normally as possible to her, and she probablly doesn't mind much about the penises.

    And if any of these disoccupied nerds recorded Molltmolly's face to some stupid "hey see me trolling random people at chatroulette duh" video and uploaded it to Youtube, it won't make difference because her face is famous already...

  • Glitch385 says:

    I can't decide what is worse, if the kids, the wankers or the Bichonas Brothers.

  • xGore220 says:



  • SmashKing5000 says:

    Every other person has their cock out.

  • Scrol1 says:

    you can be sure that you will not find a hot chick like that in this website

  • r000nin says:

    only subbed to rboom because of molly

  • angrynapkin12 says:

    just a bunch of horny guys trying to find pussy.

  • DarkKnightBob1o1 says:

    molly is so nieve about all this internet thing.. jeese....

  • ramazanx says:

    missed the point. check it out @ titroulette

  • Delta77350 says:

    nice :D

  • drogadkatt says:

    You are supercute :D

  • mattCTB says:

    Full of dicks...

  • EhstPlayer says:

    can i get boobs?! xD

  • v8metal says:

    i love your tits

  • qazwaseded says:


  • PereUbu86 says:

    The idea is great. Such a shame that it is used by the superficial race called humans. Most of the time you are being next (nice verb) or getting a look at a penis (mostly in erected state) without its owner being visable (cowards and perverts).

    You are very nice though. I love your English.
    Greetings uBu

  • ZonaX says:

    Nice tits

  • AcousticNinja623 says:

    yeah, this might be cool if it didn't open up a whole new venue for pervs.

  • drewby6789 says:

    50% of it is just fat men masterbating. It's pretty stupid but if you're hanging out drinkin with friends it can be quite funny, especially when that fat hairy dude has a tiny little dick

  • okgo43 says:

    she didnt mention all of the cock that you will come across xD

  • AntiHater23 says:

    a few risks like
    little old mens penises flying in your face
    and pictures that scare the FUDGE out of you

  • TMWTim says:

    In the dictionary under "beautiful" is a picture of this girl.

  • stfuBUDDY says:

    i remmebr last year when that shit only has like 1,034 people on at a time

  • scoopmaster69 says:


  • eatcarbs says:


    I'll bet it was a cock!

  • hybmu says:

    80% of the time you see guys showing their dick on this shit.

    That website is crap.
    1/20 to fall on a decent girl
    3/5 to fall on prankers

  • mikeyskywalker says:

    Where the hell are people like you on this site?

  • TheMrDecrase says:

    haha nice :P

  • Jimthere3 says:


  • kerstbalbakker says:

    haha look how she avoids dick at 01:00

  • se18doug says:

    id fuck her!!

  • thisismyytname says:

    Title should be:

    "Molly explores dick at 1:38"

    LOL !!

  • ramazanx says:

    Showed this video in class. Great! Was well received. Also the Titroulette project seems to be catching on. Number of hits is growing tremendously. Clever name, too.

  • kfetter16 says:

    bahaha you're really cute. think i have to give this site a try... lol

  • Basto s. says:

    moriiii ella es muy linda xDD
    saludos desde chile !

  • WaistHighView says:

    I like this website :) (except certain *cough* people...)
    Most of them are just looking at the camera like they are dead, so I decided to mime songs on there xD The reactions are pretty funny, though most of them are like WTF and then 'next' me, some of them smile and laugh, which is what makes it worth it xD

  • FreakinSweet87 says:

    What are the odds of the people you report actually getting banned? I report almost every time I see anything even remotely penis-shaped but I wasn't sure if it would make a difference.

  • mesan says:

    nice boobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gn3ricc says:

    oh man, her boobs are so nice.. love her acent.

  • brbrbr1 says:

    Thats some high definition chick

  • ovniforos says:

    Just works on static ips.

  • nillips says:

    yes this site is taking over i herd of it on our radio station JJJ, then checked it out only to find, cock after cock, fag after fag, rock spider after rock spider, then you may get the odd chick from france or somewhere, bring on boobs.

  • Glitch385 says:

    Internet is only for very young and good looking people now. And it's not enough, you have to have the "game" to.

    The democratic times of internet are in the past now. Maybe the conservative enemy has got what they wanted: to destroy the free internet.

    If you are older than 25, forget about internet --don't even try to talk to anyone online or you will be soon called "CREEPY" by some camwhore.

  • Glitch385 says:

    There was a time when there was a clear divide between whores and non-whores.

    Now, with webcams and digital cams, every woman is potentially porn.

    And I can't stand that. I can't stand the idea that I could be chatting to some "innocent sounding" girl who is showing their vag to the world at my backs.

    I got a mental illness from internet because of all these camwhores.

  • hatchetkid101 says:

    lol they had to pull away from tht first guy cause he prolly said something innopropriate after he exploded in his pants lmao 0:42 thats the face of him busting a nut lol and i wonder how many dude jacking off they had to pass threw to actually get a few ppl tht arent doing anything totally disgusting ha

  • hatchetkid101 says:

    lol and the answer to the question at 2:11 its a list of things the eather emediatly next or they have a weird off ( u do do awkwerd things to make the other ppl next u)

  • dazzytech says:

    @FreakinSweet87 reporting is useless...

  • Pivo4Ever says:

    Chatroulette = Chating with random penises

  • WaistHighView says:

    @FreakinSweet87 I just got reported as I was lip-synching to My Heart Will Go On (hmph... some people just don't have a sense of humor), and it says that I have to wait 10 mins

  • jokkeml says:

    Her accent is a HUGE turn on! just sayin'

  • Platikum says:

    She needs a cock in her mouth . Girls are not allowed to upload videos like this, they need to be inside of the house sucking dicks.

  • 61bobo61 says:

    2:15 lol that rememberd me wwe royal rumble 2005 the opnener!! (promo) XDDD

  • FunnyGlitcher says:

    I've always met pedophiles on chatroulette...

  • camper1159 says:

    Thats so dangerous.

  • ilkinond says:

    Damn! Some guys have all the luck....

  • Radioactivefantasy says:

    under 18 it says 16 on the website so everyone do as u please most of the people on the site are dudes jacking off or trolls with manycam

  • sursid13 says:

    I like waving to people ...*screams* xD

  • happyhappycarol says:

    @Pivo4Ever The first random person I talked to was a dick. I was horrified.

  • hoodedhumanhero says:

    1:39 we all know what that is

  • RijenRijen says:

    you need a penis in your mouth and shut up !

  • DKGkiller2 says:

    I never get hot chicks in chat roulette, only some gay wankers

  • dedder15 says:

    this website is dirty

  • GoingFullGamer says:

    do you have to use your webcam?
    cause id rather not.

  • Glitch385 says:

    You don't actually have to... But people who use webcams are allowed the option "webcam only" which will filter you off if you don't have one... If you don't want to show your face, just put the webcam pointing to the wall, not much helpful because people will eventually ask you to show your face anyway... But you won't be just filtered off... Luckily you will find someone to chat who won't ask you to move the cam towards your face.

  • WhyRuFightingOnUtube says:

    Chatroulette is kinda like beer, weed, and if you are a girl at college, lesbian sex. Even if you are not into it you have to at least try it once.

  • roknerd101 says:

    1 out of 5 times its just a dick

  • alexhc09 says:

    I did this last night and got 18 guys wacking it and 1 naked chick playing with herself. Almost worth it

  • greekpanther1 says:

    why JUST WHY

  • TheBroodBlood says:

    I just came from chatroulette, not as bad as you guys said. I saw five people. 2 black screens, 2 girls, and a dude.

    Chatted with a girl from Austrialia for about 10 to 12 minutes.

    I didnt see anything strange or did I get a lucky draw?

  • Haugli93 says:

    love how she reacts when that wanker comes

  • Pivo4Ever says:

    @happyhappycarol Was it a meaningful conversation ?

  • sikkindividual says:

    your so pretty :)

  • omsnaga says:

    Haha :P it´s me in the white hat!
    How crazy is this? i dont remember chatting with her at all

  • pepcycool says:

    i love Chatroullete

  • gamesmasher54321 says:

    chat rt is so fun!

  • showABCshow says:

    lol if she gets a wanker.

  • MobiusX says:

    this site is known to give trojan and viruses, go at your own risk

  • finzgar420 says:

    out of 10 ppl in CR 3 blank cams 3 dudes with it in hand and 4 trolls

  • 400thlou says:

    This site is mostly full of old pervs, ive seen some disturbing things on that site lol.

  • GoingFullGamer says:

    well the thing is i'm on a laptop and the webcam cannot move so yea i guess i'm screwed

  • Lkenmaner says:

    I fucking hate chatroulette. I went through 10 different chatters and 6 of them were dicks! Literally, there was a picture of a penis for six people

  • MrArtVandelay says:

    You are too cute

  • joshualiu1993 says:

    beautiful girl?.

  • PR0G4M3RING4M3S says:

    thats 4 chan having fun

  • vkgoku2012 says:

    I think myspace or facebook should pick up on this so that people wouldn't be so inclined to show their dicks in public because then everyone would know your profile.

  • teqwc says:

    I've never seen a pretty girl like you on ChatRoulette. Instead, I got to see ten times as many naked wieners :(

  • Tcho713 says:

    hahahaha the guy's face at 0:42 when he sees that ur a cute girl lol

  • MrKhash says:

    You better be careful with this site. I bumped across two naked men, urgh!

  • nold32 says:

    Check out my page! I'm going to be starting a chatroulette mini-series!!! Watch the trailer!

  • chatroulettedisco says:

    Check my chatroulette uploads, LOL.

  • marc00711 says:

    use the key words in youtube:
    "chatrt chatroulette shake ass"
    "chatrt chatroulette monk"

  • davetherave333 says:

    that was funny when she said "you're so green!" to that asian guy.

  • pigbank1123 says:

    most of them are jacking off i got dicked over like 100 times in one night but 2 girls that stripped down

  • DaSolidAce says:

    lmaooo same

  • timer999o says:

    first time on it. first thing i see a FUCKING DICK. FUCK YOU chatroulette.

  • lightwalker123 says:

    Lmao same here!!!! i saw like 5 dicks me and my friend were like WTF!!!!!

  • nold32 says:

    I'm starting a new Chatroulette Mini-Series... Check out the trailer on my page!

  • gabuks1 says:

    the guy at 0:50 was jacking of

  • whiterottenrabbit says:

    Nice people on chatroulette? Well, from what I say yet, the majority of people there are just moronic knobs. And there are always people, who seem to like it, when they insult other people - very annoying!

  • nold32 says:

    I'm making a Chatroulette Mini-Series... watch the Trailer on my page and subscribe to the series! It'll start April 1st... It's going to be full of comedy and laughter!

  • guldenclem says:

    I want to see your tits on chatroulette !

  • WennyMice says:

    on 10 peoples there like 3 masturbating, 1 girl, 3 normal guy and 3 fat old man.

  • nikpaq says:

    Juste trop belle cette meuf!!!.....putin

  • DBadomJR says:

    dont go on chat roulette with ur sis ... awkward!

  • jookbox101 says:

    oh yea and theres lots of wacking (if you know what i mean)... she forgot to say that

  • Godmicho says:

    Vanessa's shower prank (Chatroulette)


  • PaleLittleGirl1 says:

    love molly!!!!!!

  • MrP945 says:

    i she just young or just stupid?

  • misssxcgirl1995 says:


  • WennyMice says:

    yup lol

  • gn3ricc says:

    <3 1:39 her laugh is hawt

  • boatofcoins says:

    Basically, if your a hot girl, people will want to talk to you. If you're an average looking guy, almost everyone nexts you.

  • nold32 says:

    I'm making a Chatroulette Mini-Series... watch the Trailer on my page and subscribe to the series! It'll start April 1st... It's going to be full of comedy and laughter!

  • DrGorgenflex says:

    Chatroulette = Cocks.

  • JoeMc00 says:

    2:15 made me lollllllllllllllllll

  • Welle92 says:


  • WormClark says:


  • Wiking91 says:

    If you wanna see random people with their dicks out. Chatroulette is for you.

  • Erik Mann says:

    Want to see firsthand the dangers of Chatroulette?


    I am emotionally scarred now.

  • JabberCam says: next generation clone

  • Cute Lisa says:

    very nice website! I like it alot! I would recommend this site to my friends for sure. good job.

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