Happy Bastille Day!

Molly celebrates Bastille Day.

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  • RaV3ZzTheSniper says:


  • KajsSwedishMeatBalls says:

    Oh, Molly, I never thought you could look even hotter.

  • killerbath980 says:

    pauze at 0.40

  • Denamic says:

    Aw, no!
    Don't kill the cake!
    It's too chocolately to die anywhere other than in my belly!

  • bammcgn41 says:

    never has Bastille day looked so tasty!

    Oh, Come on, Meant the cake!

    Ok.. maybe not.. ... but still, love how you trick us into learning stuff...

    (It's true, I looked it up) :D

  • HUNMercy says:

    the cake is a lie, but molly's not :P

  • unorthodoxJ says:

    Anyone else disappointed that we didn't get to see a cake be smashed on the pavement from all those stories up?

  • TenderHistoryInRust says:

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA that was so funny I pissed the 75% water that we're made of and oozed into a puddle on the floor, fucking hilarious absolutely fucking hilarious....

  • KajsSwedishMeatBalls says:

    Pause @ 0:40 for my two favourite things.

  • TheMasochisticZebra says:

    @KajsSwedishMeatBalls Haha. Me too bro.

  • GAMEOVER128 says:

    The cake is not a lie!

  • ThePhildalegend says:

    molly wear your hair down its hotter

  • MegaEBoy says:

    301st Veiwer!

  • TheTeeeekaaaa says:


  • maksphoto78 says:

    How was the cake, Molly? You didn't actually drop it off the balcony. Notice where the cameraman is when you release it. I agree, it would be such a waste of a good cake. :o)

  • Burlak4 says:

    "Let them eat cake!" -Marie Antoinette (she never ACTUALLY said it)

  • unameit19 says:

    She never said "let them eat cake", it's just a poor translation of a legend. IF she ever said anything, it was "let them eat brioche", a french sweet fluffy bread. I thought this error would have been corrected after the 4th of July video. No matter, both vids were very cool :)

  • dickjoe says:

    @TheMasochisticZebra @KajsSwedishMeatBalls

    You guys shouldn't be so proud of your cake and one breast fetish.

  • fruitcake117 says:

    pause it at :40

  • DXR13KE says:

    OW MY HEAD!!!... hmmm delicious cake.... i must eat it.

  • seksigapanda says:

    0:40 EPIC WIN!

  • north21b says:

    nooooooooooooooooo!! It must have been a delicious cake...

  • seksigapanda says:

    no actually 0:39 would be batter

  • ReliableInsider says:

    That was Bastille Day.

    The aristocrats were all whining like, 'WHY can everyone have CAKE?' And The People were like, 'Carbs! In yo face!'

    And modern politics was born.

    Before moderin politics, people actually used to -debate- things and were very sophisticated.

  • MrTrollYourAss says:

    she didn't drop it that lil lying hoe

  • thefranstastics says:

    brioche in your face new york

  • sockbat25 says:

    (fortunately, James Woods was walking by)
    "Ow my head, oOOoOo piece of cake"

  • cursingyorick says:

    Its raining cake
    Its raining cake

    "The bakkery girls."

  • coolstream1 says:


    you didn't fucking drop that cake off the roof...

    you're dead to me forever

  • ChiefRepublic says:


  • flabslapper says:

    @ChiefRepublic lol dude

  • flabslapper says:

    @seksigapanda baby batter

  • ChiefRepublic says:

    I'd like to give you my jizzed of it.

  • bleach92master says:

    @coolstream1 unless she wanted to kill someone, she couldn't do it, so hey give her a break...

  • omgitsvikka says:

    @ChiefRepublic I dont see anything? The cake is a lie.

  • JohnsHouseofFun says:

    @DarrkHammer Oops, somebody cut the cake. I told them to stop.

  • ghjurx452 says:

    why are you dressing so slutty? i thought you were better than that

  • mtr2k says:

    you didnt really throw a cake on a glass plate down 15th floor? you could have killed someone from that height.
    Your makeup was quite weird, like it was very hot in your studio.

  • pudgeypigeon says:

    0:40 ftw

  • blackhole522 says:

    thanks for the cake

  • clecle333 says:

    The cake is a lie.

  • GorSthak says:


  • BlackMagister says:

    @mtr2k It's very basic camera work. You don't see her dropping the cake off the building. You see her leaning over a ledge, you see her drop a cake, but you don't see them both at the same time.

  • fingersticks74 says:

    Epic facial expression at the end.

  • T1carus says:

    pics or didnt happen

  • icanfly303 says:

    French revolution!

  • tekoa says:

    sexy shirt.

  • sensangsun says:

    today's my birthday!!!

  • FoxMedina says:

    kill some1 please...

  • geurgeury says:


  • bhz10 says:

    omfg, see through shit, what did she say about cake or whatever

  • TheDevilBurning says:

    molly's into bastiality? lol

  • Sxkcils says:

    0:08 Vizzetizez.

  • maigaard7 says:

    Wait, did she even, actually, drop the cake? I wanted to see it all splattered out on the sidewalk!

  • BattleBrawlerX says:

    OMG! I just had to pause the video right away! Molly is just marvelous with her hair like that!!! <3

  • BattleBrawlerX says:

    Thank you, my good sir!

  • sasukeichigo12 says:

    i had to play the video again i didnt understand the cake falling xDD

  • 19Nbsa92 says:

    Even though the cake is not dropped, it could have been hilarious if someone had got it in the face - probably also dangerous.

  • GirlyVoice says:

    Mmmm pastilles...

  • YoshiFan501 says:

    its also my birthday

  • greatonisionfan says:

    sonichu(dot)com has more information than this -.-

  • 101fate101 says:

    what a waste of a cake....

  • mafleeted says:

    well cake refers to the nasty shit that comes on the bottom of bread when it was cooked back then so cake then is not, well, cake. It's just nasty, ashy shit.

  • danella20 says:

    That's so sad and what's even sadder is that i am now on a diet and seeing that beautiful chocolate cake thrown away was like a part of my heart was being ripped out. WHAT A WASTE!!!!

  • hakkai999 says:

    you look cuter with your hair down molly

  • Localmode says:

    @danella20 I know how you feel!

  • GmasterRED says:

    You look better with the hair down, and you didn't even throw the cake off the edge.

  • Reyson01 says:

    thumbed down because she can't even pronounce Bastille right. double L is a 'Y' sound in french

  • banido says:

    I can masturbate to this

    Don't judge me

  • ShangTsungBeta says:

    The cake is a lie!

  • murrymurrymurrymurry says:

    @anonimo57354 LMAO

  • Rawrfearmeh333 says:

    you did not just do dat :o

  • yohatube says:

    Molly is awesome, and it's a statistical fact that brit women have nice racks. So if youre into that sort of thing....... Theres more to Molly then just her breasts.

  • OblivionModder13579 says:

    lol, i get to 0:40 expecting like...full on huge boobs, white t shirt soaked. u people hype it up to much...

  • AnotherExperience37 says:

    I love you Molly!

  • ThePironik says:

    Get over it you perverts.

  • chiowa says:

    yall are a bunch of sick fucks

  • BTManiaMan88 says:

    Yohatube is right. England has the world's largest average cup size per capita female.

    But seriously, if the only reason you watch this is for Molly's boobs, that's pathetic. Molly's awesome for dozens of other, and more important reasons, like her wit, obscurity, and talent for linking unrelated bits of trivia in a continuous stream of consciousness. Do not undervalue her!

  • nomad523 says:

    @yohatube I thought she was Australian.

  • redfoxbennaton says:

    Is that Jew york.

  • animasterJrowe says:

    @ShangTsungBeta That's not what the guy who it landed on said.

  • hvissotz says:

    Meanwhile, Benny in accounting is wondering where his birthday cake went. Good job, Rocketboom, you stole Benny's birthday.

  • flashlightfreak9 says:

    59 seconds of pure ROCKETBOOM awesomeness. Now, who are the dipwads that would thumb down a video like this?

  • CarrotTopBlog says:

    Bastille day is one of my favorite rush songs!
    But aside from that, the historical significance doesn't affect me in the slightest.

  • Fragolina1410 says:

    I reckon no one of you listened to a single word after seeing all those 0:40 comments... Leave Molly and her boobs alone :)

  • boomerxxx says:

    lol, creeps.

  • NUTS2882 says:

    so very AWESOME. what a waste of cake though

  • sido199 says:

    i was with the finger in the mouth till u dropped the cake , after i was like WTF :( it look so delicious :(

  • mbudden0 says:

    you guys got my hopes up for nothing

  • MasterBeefy94 says:

    Fuck, this is not a meme!

  • shippem says:

    and it's my brothers birthday!

  • TheDorianGrayShow says:

    funny how she is remembered for that statement when she never really said it

  • TheBetterGame says:

    An error occured, please try again later. Anyone else getting this?

  • Theonegamefreak says:

    Where is Jew York?

  • Explosivz88 says:

    Nice if you just bought a suit for over 1000 dollars, you walk down the street and you get cake on your head..

  • ItsAndyYo says:

    THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • redfoxbennaton says:

    @Theonegamefreak it is in the USI. The united states of Isreal.

  • Prytonis says:

    I like cake...and Molly makes me smile :-)

  • leonidash15 says:

    You crazy CRAZY Girl!! xD

  • arakitai says:

    Death by cake. Nice.

  • VWLPT says:

    Happy Bastille Day Molly!

  • Chaosblade777 says:

    You sure let those damned peasants eat cake! Now...can we have some? :3

  • Unagodd says:

    Molly is uber cute.

  • maximo15 says:

    "so delicious and moist ...."

  • Marhlder says:

    Looks like epic cake ! :O

  • Cororo96 says:


  • RocketBoobs says:

    Dear Molly RocketBoobs,

    A lot of starving people in India and Africa would have appreiated eating that cake you wasted. Are you Marie reincarnated?
    A least give us peasants the benefit of seeing the cake splatter all over the pavement!
    Otherwise, what's the point? It's just unabashed cake wasting! No wonder they cut her head off. And, who could blame them?

    ( Nice boob shot at :37 - :39 though. Us peasants like them a lot more than a stupid cake anyway.)

  • hardworker424 says:

    The cake is a lie.

  • jerr0328 says:

    So Molly throws a piece of paper and it makes a loud crash. So if she drops a cake off a building, wouldn't there need to be a big boom?

  • marcuelcajon says:

    I don't even know what she was talking about. The boobies had me mesmerized.

  • GreenSight201 says:

    @todd3293 are you fucking 7 >:( dude just type in nipples in youtube you may find some bare boobs

  • andreous7 says:

    giggle :-)

  • GreenSight201 says:

    in 0:40 its just cake I wonder if they will ever make something that last 8:00?

  • cellmate89 says:

    that cake looked delicious

  • Theonegamefreak says:

    Oh, thank you for the information.

  • Andrewnuva199 says:

    *clever Portal-related joke here*

  • TheHolyFeary says:

    @PoisonAmber Actually, if you look close, she didnt dropped that cake on streets.

  • Reyson01 says:

    @aveslp Boohoo, that's what research is for, I'm not british/american, I speak english, I'm not french, I speak french, I'm not german, I speak german, I speak dutch, I'm not dutch, my god, must be really hard to learn to learn the name of the topic you're talking about, even if it's a foreign language

  • zorokid says:

    has anyone made a cake is a lie joke yet?

  • Accisma says:

    @zorokid constantly, every day, every hour, every minute, for the past 3 years

  • zorokid says:

    @Accisma i ment hear specifically

  • Accisma says:

    @zorokid yes, I count at least 8

  • freespace21 says:

    how could you do that to delicious cake, Molly?!?! at least let me eat it and then throw me off the ledge!

  • thelonewolf86 says:

    What a waste of cake!

  • phoenixsprite says:

    Bastille Day is my birthday, yay my birthday is today!

  • fantasyfeak999 says:

    I hope they don't chop off Molly's head :(

  • plus16hrs says:

    pause at :40 people!!!

  • DeeperBlueX16 says:

    the cake is a lie

  • NomactreOnline says:

    The cake is a lie

  • mini14tx1 says:

    The cake may be a lie, but that's okay because I like pie.

  • NoWehDude says:

    I have been hearing the cake is a lie... Is this true?

  • freesk8 says:

    Let them eat c#^*!

  • fjfj says:


  • PoisonAmber says:

    @TheHolyFeary oh thats good then :D No need to waste a delicious cake!

  • IHereVoices says:

    @mini14tx1 THE PIE IS FAKE!
    how 'bout some cake?

  • IHereVoices says:

    @NoWehDude portal.
    i'm happy #2 is coming out soon!

  • NoWehDude says:

    @IHereVoices Oh I know haha I play the game. Me too btw it looks awesome!

  • eltopee says:

    the cake is a lie

  • hollywoodwerewolf says:

    This woman is extraordinarily attractive!! I can listen to her read the phone book!

  • dbaird31919 says:

    @freesk8 what? Too pussy to say CUNT?

  • httprover says:

    Yes, I do believe that we can all draw a lesson from Marie Antoinette's fate.

  • darkglasses01 says:

    Not convinced it was actually thrown over the edge, would have liked to see footage of the cake actually falling.

  • yohatube says:

    @BTManiaMan88 thank you for replying to my comment with an intelligent response. It's refreshing to see there are still some intelligent ppl on yt.

  • Lancer873 says:

    I just had to laugh as Molly so solemnly and seriously talked about Marie Antoinette being led to her execution, and then instantly switched to being bubbly and cheerful in about one second.

  • PureZOOKS says:

    1. Marie never threw a cake out, it was Brioche
    2. only 7 people died in thsi storming.

  • TheBladeRoden says:

    0:38 where's the slowmo button?

  • SloCheetah13 says:

    @darkglasses01 It seems to me like she didnt actually let the cake fall over the edge. judging from the way they cut it she probably held it over the edge and then stepped back and let it fall on the balcony.

  • teddirez says:

    it landed on somebody and killed them.. thats why its not shown

  • miles2057 says:

    I can't leave this video without saying, you are absolutely gorgeous, 2 thumbs up from Melbourne , Australia : )

  • Bogdancho90 says:

    Nooooooooooo .... damn it I was hungry when I watched this *sad face*

  • Larimuto says:

    NICE !!!

  • TitoIsTheGreatest says:

    you got no cake? then eat the freackin bread! or was it the other way around...

    Listen, the beheadings of French royalty scare French politicians even today...It's time for America to start doing something about their corrupted system, no, no?!

  • morkhan says:

    Something tells me Bastille was something like Winter Palace in St Petersburg. Only the gate guard was chased away in the latter.

  • darkglasses01 says:

    @SloCheetah13 Exactly, that's the problem, I wanted to see it splat!

  • coolstream1 says:


    The cake alone would not have enough potential energy to kill someone... the plate on the other hand...

  • MOSpr0ductz says:

    0:27 A FLY!

  • stavros500 says:

    PAUS 0:40

  • Borstian says:

    That was by far the shortest and most inaccurate account on the french revolution I` ve ever heared, but I guess that was not the point of this video...

  • pathduck says:

    I think Molly should do a "Marianne de la Revolution"... Vive La France! Allons enfants de la Patrieee!

  • bleach92master says:

    Sry to tell u this but it actually can.. it just depends on how high up she lets it fall...
    Of course u're right that the plate has the higher potential, but even if the cake is just a little hard it can be enough ;)

  • CaptainKundalini says:

    A little song about Molly:

  • MyNameIsJonas60606 says:

    Ye olde caketh be a lie.

  • vitaR86 says:

    I was gonna say that the cake was a lie, but looks like everyone else and their mamas beat me to it.

  • Hombrelobo666 says:

    were did the cake go?

  • shuttledik says:

    I wanted footage from PA! grr. 4:40 will have to do.

  • opvrzero says:

    Nooo Molly we could have shared your cake

  • bobroxshard says:

    she didnt actually drop that cake. bitch. luv you ;)

  • Borstian says:

    @tycoonassassin I assume you are an australian, but you must admit that this is the only position in which she is not sitting in front of at least 1/6 of the worlds population.

  • Jewboyrules says:

    @tycoonassassin its a map, get over it

  • OreoCookieOreo says:

    PAUSE AT :40 Ahhh what a beautiful scene. :)

  • Picullus says:

    The people of Palau beg you to stop covering them up with your collar bone... it is a sheer sign of total oppression ... Miss Molly move your butt over just enough to free Palau! ... FREE PALAU! FREE PALAU! FREE PALAU! FREE PALAU! FREE PALAU!

  • pierreyveslaurent says:

    @ItsAndyYo sooooo funny dude couldn't stop laughing :)

  • pierreyveslaurent says:

    @pathduck ... Le jour de gloire est arrivé...

  • Gearholder says:

    @Lostfaith1980 unless theres a cospiracy revolving around the cake being a lie...

    since its not true she said that, and if she did then that would be a lie...
    marie antoinette was a paradox 0_0

  • Lostfaith1980 says:

    @Gearholder A paradox of CAKE!

    Dont look at me like that. I've ran out of ideas for non-witty things to say. Now I only have bad puns. Leave me alone *Pouts*


  • slayer66616 says:

    Thanks for the notice, but i did already.

  • ApplausableGuy says:

    @ItsAndyYo portal reference... nice

  • djtron1x says:

    no filming of the splat? what a JIP!

  • DragonsRule02 says:

    Such a good cake.. ;A;

  • Stradigos says:

    Someone needs to link this to Chocolate Rain :D

  • TarEldamir says:

    @pierreyveslaurent ...Contre nous de la République...
    ...L'étendard sanglant est levé....
    ...L'étendard sanglant est levé....
    ...Otendez vés dans quiés campagnes...
    ...Les cris impurs des scélérats?...
    ...Gle venans jusque dans vos bras...
    ...Prendre vos feilles et vos femmes...
    ...Aux armes Poitevins!...
    ...Formez vos battaillons...
    ...Marchez, marchez...
    ...Le sand des Bleus rogira vos sellions!

  • MrAppleby56 says:

    @plus16hrs oh you pervert you! (ruffles hair)

  • MrAppleby56 says:

    the cake dropping is a lie!!!

  • MrAppleby56 says:

    @TarEldamir uuhh.... oui.

  • blitzucan says:

    it wasn't actually cake it was bread crust which was called cake back during the revolution

  • blitzucan says:

    @djtron1x she didnt really drop it

  • Mat says:

    Serious bangers!

  • wackattack180 says:

    I wish you would have droped it off at the U.P.S. !!! They take turns droping packages all the time !!! I heard they went pro.

  • slimyearthworm says:


  • jason24568 says:

    What happen to that cake?

  • quixgofar says:

    @plus16hrs Cake and Boobs, my favorite.

    Both go well together!!

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    Molly, that was funny in a way, and even though I couldn't totally get the meaning of it I'm absolutely sure you didn't mean that you were going to be executed like Marie Antoinette was :-) Cool episode anyway, thank you Molly! :-)

  • coo446 says:

    @plus16hrs jizzed in my pants lol

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    @BTManiaMan88 You know, I wouldn't have said it better. It's Molly's talents that attract a lot of viewers, not her beauty. Indeed, 64% of Molly's own channel audience is female.

  • Leadman1989 says:




  • OneEyeJay says:

    MMMmmmm, That cake looked good too!! XD

  • Jeridiculous says:

    @plus16hrs Hmm... interesting observation

    This requires further study

  • joen0411 says:

    Poor cake

  • BlueNight134 says:

    @jason24568 it didn't actually drop. there's no "body", no shot of the splat.

  • Fighting31st says:

    Molly, I think you should start producing cardboard cutouts of yourself, I'm pretty sure they would sell quickly.

  • br8knight says:

    @plus16hrs good call!...

  • TheNotDone says:

    @plus16hrs tits.

  • Casey says:

    Here's a question:

    Who cares?

    I have to say, Rocketboom really goes out of their way to be "hip" or "trendy" sometimes.

    I mean, Bastille Day? Really? Could you pick a more arbitrary holiday to make a video about?

    I guess when you make a video everyday, you have to latch on to every topic you can.

  • captianbananapants says:

    I would bring cupcakes and hurl them at cars. I'd probably get arrested, but it'd be fun.

  • luistijerina says:

    hooray for semi-transparent shirts :D

  • fALcon1603 says:

    I wonder if Molly ever reads these comments.

  • jason24568 says:

    Why she droppede the cake in the building? Because the cake has a poop?

  • Xylian113 says:

    the cake is a lie

  • mtr2k says:

    @fALcon1603 she does

  • Gearholder says:

    @Lostfaith1980 me too
    but how can we be so sure WE'RE not lying?
    this is turning to be a new version of the game i lost a few seconds ago ^w^

  • nathanredd says:

    lol you crack me up

  • blazemk2 says:

    you bitch you wasted a perfectly good cake

    PS we all know you didnt trow it

  • magicalgoats says:

    gtfo here cake

  • MrGooseberries says:

    she didn't throw

    Also, Molly where are you from? Sometimes you sound British and othertimes Australian.

  • igykalen says:

    @MrGooseberries originally she's from Iceland, but she grew up in Singapore.

  • Gnug215 says:

    @OreoCookieOreo Aah yes. That's a great cake, for sure. Beautiful indeed!

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