Molly discusses how the internet and social media effects TV shows today.

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June 10, 2011 • 2:41 pm | Permalink


  • ivanlai0225 says:

    all this is really cool BUT i dont wanna see a harry potter 8 with some weird fan fic in it

  • rikwatson200 says:

    @demosthenets adblock for atheist. . .i mean chrome. Or whatever your browser is

  • Makosis says:

    @demosthenets Who needs Christianity when we have Celestia and the Elements of Harmony.

  • 10zaq10returns says:

    what episode of ADVENTURE TIME IS IT?somone post its name when it airs i dont want to miss it.

  • Avakadoman1995 says:

    I watched this video in 10 seconds flat.

  • demosthenets says:

    @Makosis i just wanna watch rocketboom not be preached to over an ad

  • deadRoden7 says:

    Great episode! Very interesting

  • liquid0001 says:

    Move the camera back Rocketboom! Instant 50% more views.

  • ROCKETBOOM says:

    @mizsparrow nope, it's all theirs. We won't be making any more kym episodes.

  • MrAmerica1995 says:

    ...While initially produced for television and for little girls, the series has been uploaded to the internet, and garnered a MASSIVE following...of adult men.

    story. of. the internet.

  • BlazeAlchemist991 says:

    This needs to be 20% cooler.

  • JIYkp says:

    That is really cool.

  • beau99 says:

    I love ya, Rocketboom... but this brony doesn't go to 4chan and never has. I've actually been watching it since it premiered on The Hub last October.

  • beau99 says:

    @AARONMACKENZIE Cool story, bro.

  • Hynee says:

    @ROCKETBOOM XD, some very British understatement there.

  • beau99 says:

    @iamviewingurvideos I'm 24, male and straight, and enjoy both shows.

  • BohemianBlasphemy says:

    After I sent an apology letter to the Brony community they made me an honorary Brony.
    Isn't that the the preciousest thing ever?

  • TheRealEricLester says:

    This is relevant to my interests.

  • PureZOOKS says:

    I bet Molly has never seen FiM.

  • akjk1212 says:

    "Adult men who obsess over every detail about the show..."

    *sigh* Nope. Men and women of a huge variety of ages who enjoy watching the show. A lot of us also read fanfiction & watch fan videos based on the show. But it's OK, you're not the first news group to generalize the fanbase.

  • LearnManGo says:

    Good until 1:10, then I got bored from lack of pony.

  • MrGoupil89 says:

    You just FUCKING make my day!!!

  • DDRIsrael says:

    Brony reporting for duty :D

  • MikeOShay says:

    Huh, I never knew the Fiona thing was internet-spawned, now it makes sense why people are looking forward to the episode so much. I mean, it'd be awesome either way, but the internet made it.

    Good report. Fuck yes bronies.

  • richardpatrick32123 says:

    I'd never heard of those things. Very interesting.

  • xXaquaman52Xx says:

    @akjk1212 I write MLP fan fiction and have a pony folder on my hard drive containing over one thousand image files. I also have a plastic Pinkie Pie figurine sitting on my desk right beside me.

    I don't know if they're generalizing about the fandom at large, but I'd say it's a pretty accurate depiction of me personally. XD

  • SaltbearerTG says:

    @drewsta199 What's there to be sad about?

  • BIakDragon says:

    "Ponies is gay"
    What are you 12?

  • BIakDragon says:

    All hail the glorious Celestia.

    All who deny her greatness will be immediately banished to a far away place, and then thrown into a dungeon in the place they were banished to.

  • heymrk says:


  • BIakDragon says:

    You've been visiting the wrong forums then.

  • freelancewhore says:

    @ROCKETBOOM Right. Would you mind buying it back...?

  • Pyritie says:

    Uh, actually lauren wasn't the one who stuck derpy back in, the supervising director, Jayson Thiessen did. I'd post a screenshot of where he said that, but youtube doesn't like that

  • vinceandlilly says:

    @ROCKETBOOM But there will be kym episodes made by...umm...someone else... right?? If not then maybe the world *is* ending (just kidding)

  • MigelAnjel84 says:

    i hadn't heared of any of this. Seems great! ^_^

  • amfanman says:

    My Little Ponies, Strawberry Cupcake, and Puff the Magic Dragon.

  • Haippitus says:

    What? Television? That crap still exists?

  • withagun76 says:

    Needs moar pony

  • GirlyVoice says:


  • SweetxGuilt says:

    yay.. :3

  • d3st88 says:

    Oh my god, Molly! Tsstayeah. My heroin.

  • theTRUE1414 says:

    i love rocket booms video because there intresting and alot of work has been put into them but its such a shame that when i read the comments they all talk about her boobs.. i mean come on people! .... ¬_¬ ..

  • antpuz says:

    Molly's eyes are gorgeous. :)

  • Hikk0 says:

    Wtf is everyone commenting on bõõbies? I mean cum on people! ¬_¬

  • ninjaassassin27 says:

    Molly.... your boobs are hot. and squeezable. yeah.

  • Tusserte says:

    Susan was already in an Adventure Time episode.

  • EbonyShadow07 says:

    I only watched this before John Green's new vid because of MLP.

  • geektoro says:

    @ROCKETBOOM Whats wrong with boobs ?? Am i a troglodyte for asking?

  • iamviewingurvideos says:

    @BIakDragon I didn't say Ponies is gay I said My Little Ponies is gay, and how does that make me 12?

  • AMUletVocaloid4278 says:

    @ROCKETBOOM mkay then. imma go unsub.

  • OMIGHTYGUY says:


  • GaiashKetoji says:

    @ROCKETBOOM So their purchase was a bad move for both sides. ROCKETBOOM can't make KnowYourMeme any more while Cheezburger don't have the team that made KnowYourMeme a success.

    You should make a deal to continue making the videos as a ROCKETBOOM/Cheezburger collab.

  • katuysha says:

    I squee'd when I saw bronies in my inbox. A manly squee ofcourse.

  • Adam7625555 says:

    ...yeah, really cool. sry i zoned out. still ♥ u tho

  • ValandisValley says:

    Oh come on, don't care about what people are saying about Molly. She's gorgeous, embrace it! (Not saying that boob or sexual comments are good though) Have the camera how you want it!

  • indierollz says:

    Wait bronies? don't you mean jabronis?

  • InternationalCharity says:

    new camera?

  • ticklekitten says:

    "Derpy Hooves" with an English dialect is the sexiest thing i've heard in a long time.

  • thadreazie says:


  • so4eyo says:

    lol derpy hooves mail girl is the funniest one ....... you know most people have real jobs.

  • stfuBUDDY says:

    @ROCKETBOOM wow sellouts you sold your only good thing LOL

  • drewsta199 says:

    @SaltbearerTG It's an addiction.
    An addiction that's pulling me away from my family and loved one.

  • so4eyo says:

    i think we'll go make someone else popular for a bit, someone more appreciative...

  • SaltbearerTG says:

    @drewsta199 Silly brony, the ponies ARE our family and loved ones!

  • gabrielnorburg says:

    sometimes when the story gets a bit booring i find myself starting at molly thinking only: cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute...

  • so4eyo says:

    @rocketboom *

  • iamnottomgreen says:

    Anyone else notice Molly having a green hue today?

  • CKidsRanqe says:

    I don't mean to be a troll and i'm genuine when I say this but.. I'm actually going to unsubcribe due to the fact that I can no longer admire Molly's amazing breasts.

  • torhagen says:

    BMG,Warner,Sony and the rest of the soulless multis should take example something from this.
    instead of crusading their fans

  • sulz1234 says:

    Was the lighting off in today's episode?

  • nachoijp says:

    Sadly, they steal the ideas fans make and then sell it thanks to copyright... damn, sometimes I feel we're being cheated :(

  • basseAEG says:

    Move back the camera to Mollys boobs, please.

  • so4eyo says:

    lol everyone's unfollowing rocketboom on twitter

  • djlegacy96 says:


  • WinterInJapan says:


  • metaknight234 says:


  • ashwinkga says:

    too close up..nah and wats rocketboom up tp these days??

  • RabidKanid says:

    This is the first time I'm seeing where the Derpy Hooves thing came from.

  • Sosodeflol says:

    Rocketboom doesn't have a point anymore.

  • hitachi088 says:

    shity camera contrast and light exposure settings.

  • earthboundfreak64 says:

    Me and my best friend watch friendship is magic everyday, so our heads don't explode.

  • wootalors says:

    good...good... we are slowly taking over the internet... muhuhuHAHAHAHA!!!1!!11!!!!

  • JackMorgz says:

    Nice to see a video about us there from Rocketboom. Keep up the good work guys. :3

  • wwickeddogg says:

    Let's hope that Molly incorporates ideas from the comments

  • hawkiehawkiehawkie says:

    Those 2 shows are my favorite shows. c:

  • RiseOfTheNerd says:

    And yet again, the idiots at Rocketboom sell out internet comedy.
    Way to go.

  • Wade75seal says:

    I thought the internet got mad when television used internet based things!

  • akrex says:

    Derpy HAS to be an Offical meme now..

    ~Your pen pal (on KYM) Affinity For Muffins

  • powergannon says:

    I freaking love Adventure Time.

  • stickmanbrains says:

    Fans write the stories now, that's cool, yet lazy on the development side. So now fans are paying to watch content they created lol.

  • muggers says:

    woohoo Molly's back. Make more shows rocketboom :D

  • IntoTheCaramelFrappe says:

    You rock! Woo-hoo!

  • UnDeadGamers says:


  • peekayboo says:

    Thumbs up for robot chickens DEATH PONY!!!

  • Me, me, me says:

    Molly: she's just... really cool

  • TCholo says:

    Someone throw a pawtee for Molly!

  • ferny6979 says:

    so globalization then, lovely

  • frankylovesyall says:

    Pause it RIGHT AFTER the rocket boom intro logo for a Molly "O" face and start fapping. Bonus points if you can splooge on her mouth.

  • frankylovesyall says:

    because /b/tards are full of "creative value"... and the game

  • KK2K3 says:

    @frankylovesyall I lost :(

  • TheGreatLordNecron says:

    Guntar was preggers...

  • Plastica135 says:

    Bronies = cancer

  • Hemulen40 says:

    Prefer brownies ! :P

  • dragonswordcannon says:

    Lauren Faust is responsible for making Derpy a mail pony not the fans she said on her DA she thought about making Derpy a mail pony in a future episode and the fans ran with it.

  • 88multicolor says:

    lack of boobage

  • Zk8et says:

    lol hi molly :)

  • WGG25 says:

    ♥ molly =3

  • GLoiroG says:

    Molly, you are so cute! It is adorable to see you talk about all sorts of things.

  • 3Royce says:

    The most prominent example of this I can think of is the use of "I'm the juggernaut, bitch!!!" in the actual X-Men movie.

  • xiempie says:

    holy fuck I fucking hate ponies, seriously I could kill one right now.

  • Grue3 says:

    That AT genderswap thing is creepy. Let's hope MLP creators never do something like that.

  • starchip08 says:

    Television? i thought TV is dead since 10 years...

  • ZavCoyote says:

    @xiempie Just make sure nobody owns it, or you'll get sued.

  • BohemianBlasphemy says:

    ROCKETBOOM just became 20% cooler.

  • colleenfrances says:

    Friendship is Magic and Adventure Time are both awesome shows. So are their creators. ♥

  • ebilekittae says:

    ROCKETBOOM mentioned MLP:FiM?! @_@ no wai!

  • GoFloatOnAPontoonxD says:


  • DJActivitY says:

    lauren faust is 4chan omg

  • freakaefari says:

    are you still experimenting with cameras?
    cause this time, molly is kinda blurred.
    also, the lighting (or perhaps the camera's white balance) could've been better..

  • jagex3000 says:


  • Meroroko says:

    Derpy is a god

  • BlackJeopardy says:


  • holliebadollie says:

    What's with the lighting?

  • worriedbanana says:

    molly, did you appear as an actress in an australian television show called we can be heroes? along with chris lilley? i could have sworn i saw you in it.

  • ChristianGenz says:

    @holliebadollie More like the colour correction.

  • yohkoGaming says:

    lol mlp is cancer

    nice episode, molly!

  • 1un4cy says:

    I thought this was about bronies then all of a sudden the 2nd half of the video is Adventure Time. I just wanted Pony Time. D:

  • iOniV2 says:

    Ever since Rocketboom adopted this zoomed-in perspective, Rocketboom video views have significantly dropped. This is counter-productive.

  • FuttFel says:

    Yes, finally! MLP is awesome and I'm glad to see Rocketboom finally made a video about it!

  • stekoraConcept says:

    when you explain the internet, it ceases to love you.

  • nanooki says:

    Great Episode Molly. You are looking ravishing as usual.

  • DaFisch33 says:

    I'm gonna Love and Tolerate the SHIT outta Molly.

  • HandjesBreda says:

    Roody-poo jabronis candy-asses

  • CZroe says:

    You forgot to mention Hollywood. "Snakes on a Plane," anyone? How about "I'm the Juggernaut, BITCH!" in "X-Men III: The Last Stand?"

  • Hazelnutfilling says:

    Cant find Lauren felsts deviantart! what is it :D???

  • arabianpharoe says:

    26 people don't like Ponies

  • Nintendoaxman says:

    Holy fuck, I didn't know this was a full fledged fad. I thought Ponies was just a Garry's Mod Theater thing.

  • katecampeau says:

    @Hazelnutfilling fyre-flye

  • RestDayer says:

    what happened to your camera?

  • Hazelnutfilling says:

    @katecampeau Thanks so much :D

  • faceplantcharlie says:

    @BohemianBlasphemy I would argue 22.36% cooler...

  • rtothepandj says:

    Fucking cancer

  • cricketbat08 says:

    mlp? nah!

  • MichaelBarry1992 says:

    dislike the way it's more zoomed in. no more boob shots.

  • TheHalcyonTwilight says:

    This video was only 50% it only got 10% cooler.

  • Yorsefener says:

    awsome, now make a Know your me episode Pl0x

  • MrTurtleMuffin says:

    @faceplantcharlie "20% cooler" is a sub-meme in the MLP:FiM fandom, just so you know :P

  • MisfitsChannel says:

    @rtothepandj ... is a horrible disease.

    FiM, however, is amazing.

  • JasonCliffordClement says:

    And that's just...really cool.

  • 1colonelsanders says:

    I didn't know that's how derpy was made...

  • Yorsefener says:

    awwww why did you bring up the other cartoon series? i wanted to feel special!

  • SlenderColbert says:


  • NeonFeatherWing says:

    it would have been awesome if she ended of like: and thats 20% cooler

  • maihem1 says:

    ads suck

  • kapwns says:

    wait so would rocketboom's equivalent be molly showing her boobs?

  • Alexraaar says:

    Tis true

  • RAWryyy says:

    @Yorsefener Know Your Meme is no longer part of Rocketboom.

  • Millsie18 says:

    So, cameras zoomed in too much eh?
    Btw, cool ep.. You should really learn your audience though...
    *Zooms camera in* Then talk about how viewers of talked about topic change the topic itself. Remark how cool it is that they listen to their viewers and do what some of them want..

  • DarkyoshiAshsPal says:

    So glad you covered that aspect of Adventure Time. I've compared that aspect of MLP to Adventure Time before and sometimes recommend it to people watching MLP or vice versa. Aside from that, both shows are amazing.

  • httprover says:

    Mock attack aside, encroachment by "fans" can be detrimental to creativity. It is indistinguishable from "trolling" and may be construed as a form of hazing in some cases.

  • theintoxicant says:


  • TheBlaziken437 says:

    Why does Molly look extraordinarily pretty today?

  • bigjavo36 says:

    lauren faust also is baiting the guile theme meme. i mean come on sonic rainboom? they want it to get guiled

  • hownottodie says:

    MLP is the manliest shit ever.

  • KaptenN says:

    Favourited for ponies.

  • KaptenN says:

    @BohemianBlasphemy It's funny because non-bronies won't get the reference.

  • brandonlace says:


  • fmgaluda says:

    That might be cool and all, but something's wrong with this picture.

  • Filrox says:

    is rocketboom zooming in more so that they dont get as many "mollys boobs" comments? i think so..

  • khosrow says:

    Something from 4chan in real world is never cool!

  • DAyomandude says:

    A production error in the Pie-Loat?
    Actually, Season 1 had a disappointing # of what I am now referring to as "Pie-Loats." Really, nopony's to blame - the show started out as bureaucratic as any, and I wouldn't be shocked if the animators were far overworked. Season 2 will be better, OR ELSE.

  • BohemianBlasphemy says:

    Well, I'm just an honorary Brony. I mentioned before that they made me an honorary Brony after I sent an apology letter -which they gracefully accepted- to the Brony community.

    Isn't that the the most preciousest thing ever?

  • bill739 says:

    i would like to know about molly . are you married str. dating where do you live .
    would you mind doing some dancing. do you get paid to put on the video's
    are you a university grad. what do you do for a job . fun what about that. pets
    hobbies all sorts of stuff. thats my wish list of topics thanks

  • Yorsefener says:

    @RAWryyy so now they don't make any know your meme anymore? it's just a diffirent channel but the same people!

  • fjfj says:

    Jessica Rabbit is better!no comment!what time is it in??

  • doorknob8774 says:

    she sounds like rarity.
    oh and btw this vid was uploaded when duke nukem forever was released!

  • chrisharden13 says:

    4chan runs the world now.

  • Dragiux says:

    welp. Time to lurk 4chan moar.

  • Q3hero says:

    fucking cancer

  • Zarggg says:


  • MrMadisun says:


  • roboflyguy says:

    How about discussing the fact that young adults are so engaged in fantasy worlds that they can't deal with reality in the workplace and it's now the biggest concern of mgmt across the globe.

  • Ironraven24 says:


    you rock

  • anevilzombiebat says:

    Fuck yeah, Adventure Time.

  • FabioSchleiter says:


  • gallademan12 says:

    Wow I didn't know thayer...epic(/O_O )/

  • gallademan12 says:


  • NusePR says:

    whats up with the close up? we want to appreciate molly's breasts

  • RAWryyy says:

    @Yorsefener But the channel is no longer used. Plus Cheezburger is now the owner of KYM.

  • kingdomjacko says:


  • Yorsefener says:

    @Q3hero yeah it is ahorrible desies that many people die from but what does that have to do with this video?

  • Yorsefener says:

    @RAWryyy how does that prevent KYM from posting new episodes...

  • RAWryyy says:

    @Yorsefener Well, I just know that it was the Rocketboom staff that made the videos, so if they're not with KYM anymore then they most likely won't be making more videos. But... It is possible that Cheezburger could make their own videos, I really don't know.

  • konataspecial says:

    this style of fan follow ad-ins could and should be a part of future TV programming. the MLP reference is a perfect example of how it could be done. itts also good to see program makers acctualy taking notice of their fan followings. ive even seen the music composer from the show liking an 8bit mix of one of his tracks (search "art of the dress (8-bit)" by RainbowCrash88)

  • Yorsefener says:

    @RAWryyy just because rocketboom is sold the brand to cheeseburger means that now they can't make videos now?
    well this sucks ass, they were awsome *sniff* :'(

  • Rasengan020 says:

    a little late, the season ended D:

  • RAWryyy says:

    @Yorsefener Agreed, but like I said Cheezburger COULD make some videos, they would just have to find new scientists.

  • SolowBoy says:

    Ed, Edd, & Eddy High School for new series on Cartoon Network! :D

  • percheron1654 says:

    I liked ponies before they were cool.

  • BrofessorNeeko says:

    @SolowBoy Uh, FUCKING NO. Already did that stupid idea with the rugrats.

  • lainnorcal says:

    ...i blame you molly. i so blame u for my new addiction. <3 ^^

  • Pirusiandres says:

    @jubbles23 You're right, Moly should be on the Playboy.

  • whathappensLIVE says:

    step aside GENTELMEN the ponies are gonna take over from here

  • godwin972 says:


  • prt1dh says:

    you've been sounding less Australian and looking less blonde recently.

  • lilsublime says:

    Molly, you've completely replaced know your meme in my heart of hearts. Elspeth who???


    Why am I not on TV even after I lurked 4chan?

  • fruitcake117 says:

    you look tanner, woman.

  • AnimeKitty202 says:

    Rocketboom + MLP:FiM = AMAZINGNESS

  • doctorcatsburger says:

    You know what really is really cool? "Molly", Molly is.

  • blayzebright says:

    @ebilekittae Now we must make a pony version of Molly.

  • LieutenantLeto says:

    I am so certain that "Party of One" is also a result of "Cupcakes". So certain, bro.

  • barbiesandninjas says:

    can you make a video about winnie the pooh?

  • CONKER17 says:

    WOW fans of MLP made derpy to a real char? wtf lol

  • Ayang41 says:

    WAIT!? Derpy is a dude?

  • mrich75 says:

    OMG Ponies!!! Too cute Molly!

  • can0mark says:

    All this pony shit is fucking stupid. You talking about it makes it even worse.

  • ROCKETBOOM says:

    @prt1dh She's british.

  • prt1dh says:


    I know but I'm British and Molly has a distinct Aussie tinge to the way she pronounces some words.

  • lubenbello says:

    molly you have way too much free time!

  • cboehm24 says:

    It also brings up interesting points about intellectual property. I mean, if Joe Fan creates a new character, doesn't he deserve acknowledgement if a show goes on to use that character to make money? What happens if it really takes off (i.e. Superman), and becomes a source of merchandising or other revenue streams?

  • jeanguylouisbourg says:

    @xWarlock3000x oh warlock... you are SO random!

  • Zovistograt says:

    @xWarlock3000x I'm straight, not a virgin, and am a brony. I would expect such a remark from someone who isn't into this type of show at all, but you watch Adventure Time and enjoy it. Adventure Time is, quite honestly, a comparable's just a little more fast-paced and haphazard. What I don't understand is how someone who is in tune with their inner child could be acting like a child being as closed-minded and arrogant as an adult.

  • sexyapplejack102 says:

    @xWarlock3000x haters to the left

  • CJAFTER5 says:

    i feel like i wanna marry molly then hav her watch the news and tell me evrything herself instead of me watchinn it... *le sigh* :)

  • prt1dh says:

    @PersonalJesus348 nope.

    I've just asked the guy I'm working with to tell me what Molly's accent is - his reply Australian?

  • crayon151 says:

    @xWarlock3000x Hahaha XD ohh haha you're funny, Adventure time woo hoo!

  • 1337thegame says:

    i might not watch tv shows that are made for girls but when i do i watch my little pony stay brony my friends

  • SE09uk says:

    @prt1dh yep English and Australian, and maybe kiwi

  • Sharpolicious says:

    Great video :D

  • Caliondraws says:

    I love you Molly!

  • MaGuss0909 says:

    @xWarlock3000x lm going to love and tolerate the shit out of you !!

  • egglplant96 says:

    Bronies are faggots, where was your childhood when you hated the mlp commercials when they came on your favorite shwos?

  • Montork says:

    why bronies only? colts exist too! there's room enough for all of us.
    also /b/ has had continuous pony threads since at least February. thwarting mods at every turn, right now mods are censoring the word pony, brony, ponies, and i think fim. that much win must always be remembered.

  • Slashpython says:

    I like FIM, but every time something older comes up I cringe, the old ones are like ugly dinosaur pony hybrids that faced abortion

  • DaFisch33 says:

    @ROCKETBOOM @prt1dh just got ROCKET-PWNED!

  • stoolpusher says:

    derpy hooves makes me laugh every time i say it

  • mattblack77nz says:

    Dear Rocketbooms, please to Genderswaps Molly ::::DDDDDD

  • pancakewafflebacon says:

    @egglplant96 <<<<<<< HATERS TO THA LEFT

  • karanjhalaguy16578 says:

    i love how the internets work

  • egglplant96 says:

    @pancakewafflebacon no u

  • metaknight234 says:

    Whats that Derpy Hooves animation from at 0:43?

  • denshaotoko42 says:

    Has someone not paid the power bill or why is the lighting so dim? We love our Molly brightly shining!

  • Tuz0mbie says:

    1:54 lol british accent ftw.

  • Xavygravy says:


  • ahsonk says:


  • lisamariefan says:

    That was an interesting little bit.

    Consider yourself subscribed.

  • JameslJaames says:

    This show is so gangsta.

  • Baltican says:

    I am now aware that people who lurk 4chan make children's cartoons.

  • bladesharp23 says:

    Molly teaches me so much that I never knew I needed to know.

  • bill739 says:

    do you smoke pot ? Do you have a bf or gf. . what is the wildest thing you have ever done. . how come you so good at this video stuff and you dont work on a tv show . ?
    what do you do that is wild and more wild . what else do you do . swim camp ride horses fly planes . i would love to know more about you . no i dont think i will ever meet you i am in canada and who knows where you are . i hope you do

  • soraluna606 says:

    I just love stories like this! ^_^

  • 1000eboy says:

    Know your meme and molly? oh yeah!

  • FabulousLakeTahoe says:

    No TV show can match the interactivity of YouTube.

  • alphanum001 says:

    What's with the image quality? Molly looks grainy...

  • Koloszrodosthe says:

    "And gone under massive following... Of Adult Men" I lol'ed. It's also right. Especially on Inkbunny...

  • blackrogue6 says:

    ya looks like crappy filming or something

  • blackrogue6 says:

    ya looks like crappy filming or something

  • DaFisch33 says:

    Maybe Molly can do a new "Know Your Meme" thing, and call it, Learn Your Internet Phenomenons" to avoid copyright.

  • DaFisch33 says:

    Maybe Molly can do a new "Know Your Meme" thing, and call it, Learn Your Internet Phenomenons" to avoid copyright.

  • kingbingbongboo says:

    @ROCKETBOOM english

  • kingbingbongboo says:

    @ROCKETBOOM english

  • SkelIy says:

    Thank you for introducing me to Adventure Time. It's simply awesome!

  • SkelIy says:

    Thank you for introducing me to Adventure Time. It's simply awesome!

  • CDAWWGG43 says:


  • zyniker88 says:

    @chrisharden13 And this Cancer runs 4chan now.

  • godwin972 says:

    Are at least one of the Bronies male?

  • LuigiMario98982 says:

    Bronies before Honies

  • blayzebright says:

    @chrisharden13 It seems like every new internet thing originated on 4chan.

  • blayzebright says:

    @chrisharden13 It seems like every new internet thing originated on 4chan.

  • AriesCorinthier says:

    @chrisharden13 4chan IS the world

  • RAWryyy says:

    @Yorsefener Looks like Cheezburger found new scientists.

  • Koloszrodosthe says:

    @ROCKETBOOM he said sounding less australian, he didn't say australian :3

  • GoodCanBeDone says:

    The Bronie Virus -
    It's fucking real

  • cutjim says:

    @godwin972 At least one? More like the majority.

  • lemonswithhats says:

    I, and most of the others of my kind, hate the older My Little Pony. The toys were hideous and the animations were just long, crappy toy commercials. FiM is different. I'm surprised it's even attached to the same franchise.

  • Nibor7301 says:

    Wow! I'm impressed!

  • URProductions says:

    What kind of grown man watches my my little pony. My god in heaven, the world is going to shit in a handbasket.

  • aRi9977 says:

    Molly the stress is on the "a" in adult. You disappoint your fellow Brits.

  • Crazybenjiwoo says:

    @ROCKETBOOM really ? i never noticed...

  • damr1990 says:

    Yowane Haku and Akita Neru are also fancharacters that latter became officially reconized on the Vocaloid Fandom

  • pancakewafflebacon says:

    @Baltican omigosh.

  • Trocker7 says:

    All I can say is, BROHOOF.

  • ZooeyWTF says:

    So Rocketboom finally found out aswell :P

  • Makosis says:

    @URProductions A man who is comfortable in their masculinity. Try joining us one day, the grass turned out to be pretty green over here.

  • Zoot101 says:

    It's like old media is becoming new media. Cool.

  • TheZiggyZiggs says:

    You have the cutest smile. :]

  • URProductions says:

    @Makosis I think you must be smoking grass.

  • DarkEvilWorm002 says:

    @URProductions Says the man who's clearly never watched an episode of My Little Pony. If you want to know why the internet watches one of the best kids cartoons out there, go check out the first episode.

  • DarkEvilWorm002 says:

    @Baltican Be careful what you say on 4Chan. It may appear in an episode of My Little Pony.

  • xtralimit says:

    bronies are pedophiles

  • Makosis says:

    @URProductions You haven't even seen an episode. Go watch the first one, it's right here on youtube. Search Mare in the Moon, though you may be tempted to shut it right off out of survival instinct if you are insecure with your man hood. But if you're a real man, you'll stick it through the first ep and you may very well see why so many of us have joined the herd.
    May Celestia bless you if you watch all the way through.

  • vrajeala666 says:

    It is!

  • egglplant96 says:

    @lemonswithhats lolololo jews

  • effyleven says:

    Oh dear. Lighting on Molly getting worse and worse. You need to get those lights closer, guys. Camera is operaing well below optimum quality level.. (lux)

  • 425jeonsa says:


    Bronies please listen to this radio segment on us.

  • AlexSvend says:

    is it me or this was mainly about adventure time?

  • uaenruotel says:

    Whats been going on with rocketboom? they sold KYM, are integrating daily and NYC back into one channel, They have been using that animation everyone seems to hate and making little mistakes more often

  • CMSSL4D2TF2LoL says:

    @AlexSvend It does seem to be a joint recognition of bronies and Adventure Time fans.
    Still, it's a recognition, and that recognition makes me feel warm and fuzzy on teh insides.

  • rainethesage says:

    @Baltican I've been there before, and I can say WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that NO /b/tard should EVER be allowed to make a children's ANYTHING!!!

  • DaFisch33 says:

    The way she says "Derpy Hooves" is adorable.

  • keEinn45 says:

    Derpy Hooves. classic

  • codenine1 says:

    @rainethesage I think it's a great idea. The worlds largest collection of rapists, crackheads, child molesters, and gore fethishists you definitely without a doubt be making a childrens show.l

  • Yorsefener says:

    @AlexSvend nope, both got roughly the same video space and the video started off with the ponies.

  • glodraz says:

    Rule 63

  • rainethesage says:

    @codenine1 HOORAY FOR 4CHAN!

  • LostintheWandering says:

    i do not care for adventure time

  • Ryuurik says:

    Dat accent makes me watch the video 6 times in a row.
    I fucking love the british accent.

  • nunka78 says:

    i know what a pony is.. but wtf is a book

  • colonist067 says:

    @Baltican Today? Television. Tomorrow? The world!

  • Jionunez7 says:

    @glodraz fuck yeah

  • CONKER17 says:

    @Baltican that and some people who are on 4chan work for the FBI sometimes :S

  • bigred2989 says:

    @Baltican They also work for DICE, the people behind Battlefield 3.

  • MrAmerica1995 says:

    This is the video that, over the course of a few days, began my transition into bronydom.

  • rsmith3813 says:

    Wow, coverage of Friendship is Magic and bronies that isn't spiteful, satirical, or misinformed. How rare.

  • Crissix100 says:

    I only liked the video because I like Molly

  • doggett21 says:

    MLP:FIM > Adventure Time.

    I'm just sayin'

  • ZiddersRooFurry says:

    Wish we furries would get this kind of positive coverage, considering the fandoms share a lot of parallels.

  • Zoot101 says:

    @MrAmerica1995 Me too. My parents are bemused.

  • DIOMdude says:

    @ZiddersRooFurry I know, right? I guess the reason Furries don't get that kind of treatment is just because the fandom is based of a semi-subjective artistic concept, rather than a solidly grounded tv show, and it's a lot harder for the average person to grasp its meaning and significance. Also it doesn't help that it attracts more zoophiles...

  • ZiddersRooFurry says:

    @DIOMdude Thanks for the great answer, tho regarding the zoophiles thing..and ponies don't? lol I guess furries have to put up with the zoophilia association and bronies get to put up with the 'grown men obsessing over something meant for little children which creeps some people who have kids out' association.

  • DIOMdude says:

    @ZiddersRooFurry Well, I guess I didn't state that the way I meant it. I was trying to get across that many zoophiles see the furry fandom as a sort refuge of acceptance, because let's be honest, that's the kind of view many have of the fandom. As a result, they tend to gravitate towards furryism more than bronyism. However, I do not deny that some bronies are definitely zoophiles (or, more accurately, zoopedophiles).

  • ZiddersRooFurry says:

    @DIOMdude Thing is, there are screwed up people everywhere. Personally, i'm a very tolerant guy but there are limits to what acceptable-I don't find that sort of thing acceptable in the least.

  • DIOMdude says:

    @ZiddersRooFurry That's one of the many arguments I like to bring up when people say the fandom is all about porn and bestiality. As I stated earlier, furryism is a subjective concept: there is no set limits as to what it is and what it can be. That's way it's so easy for perverts to capitalize off it. People shouldn't hate the fandom, they should hate the perverts that are ruining it.

  • ZiddersRooFurry says:

    @DIOMdude Stop making so much sense, I don't know how to handle a mature discussion on teh internets oh and lolfurry 8)

  • 97PetLover says:

    lol i glanced at the title and thought it said Brownies XP

  • dwarfflesh says:

    WTF world map in background....what are you some kind of a school teacher or somthing

  • BombBakers says:

    WTF why ponies? how could ive missed this stupid meme until now ive seen these annoying ponies everywhere! cmon people ponies are for pussies

  • Nrt2Pnt0 says:

    RULE 244
    My favorite by far = w=

  • CONKER17 says:

    @dwarfflesh you must be new here.

  • CONKER17 says:

    @BombBakers I am going to love and tolerate the SHIT out of you!

  • CONKER17 says:

    @RDashalicious at first it was a mistake :/ even the shows marker said that

  • TheUnbreakableOtaku says:

    I love the way she pronounces "Derpy Hooves."

  • FinalDrag0n says:

    I'm cross eyed and i find this offensive.

  • liesje9876 says:

    "snakes on a plane" producers did the same thing.

  • BombBakers says:

    @CONKER17 WHY?? WHY ARE EVERYONE BRAINWASHED BY CUTE PONIES??!! see this is what happens when you let girls have internet

  • CONKER17 says:

    @BombBakers Dont knock it until you tried (and watched) 16 episodes.......also do your research....on derpy hooves XD You can play spot the derpy hooves in ech ep lol thats what i do :3

  • BombBakers says:

    @CONKER17 sorry I can't I do manly stuff like terraria

  • CONKER17 says:

    @BombBakers MLP is to manly for you huh? Okay then, thats understandable

  • BombBakers says:

    @CONKER17 no no rainbow ponies are NOT manly so please tell me whats so funny about them...

  • CONKER17 says:

    @BombBakers Oh rainbow dash? she is possible a lesbian.....Anyway its a combo of the derp pony....derpy hooves and the art style is like fosters home for imagery friends. :/ That and the animation is amazing XD In short:.....MLP Is the manlyist shit you'll ever see. Also you wont be able to understand until you watch a few episodes of it...that and spot derpy hooves 20 times :S

  • BombBakers says:

    @CONKER17 ok I give up! if you can't beat them join them...

  • CONKER17 says:

    @BombBakers Welcome to the herd! ^^

  • Pacce says:

    My only complaint for this video is that bronies include adult women as well.

  • BrainDS2 says:

    Necesito subs de esto.

  • Danc3R4ve says:

    i know what a pony and a book is... but wtf is an adventure time

  • SuperCartoonAddict says:

    I love both Adventure Time and MLP : FiM <3

  • cboehm24 says:

    @unorthodoxJ NO problem! Interesting about Lost Girls. Know the book, but hadn't heard about the dispute. Seems Moore is drawn to copyright firestorms.

  • NeedForMadnessSVK says:

    you know why this video have so many likes even if its know your meme kind? Because love and friendship is the way! <3

  • herbienbrian2 says:

    yay!! Its about time Rocketboom did a feature on us, and a good one to! :D

    not calling us creepy like adult swim and stupid fucking right wing asshole Fox...

  • xvise66 says:

    Lost all interest after 1:13

  • NiceHouseUHaveThere says:

    Like Molly said, pull a Twilight and get your head out of the books.

  • Crissix100 says:

    I need to go to England

  • AuraKnightStar says:

    I agree that with the modern digital age of internet communication this opens the way for a new way of TV show production. Fans can actively communicate with the creators and the production team back with the fans. I can see more shows in the future no only participating in fan creativity but also encouraging it.

  • RDashalicious says:

    @CONKER17 Really? Oh, I thought she said it wasn't. But then I looked it up after your comment and realized you are right.

  • basjumper002 says:

    Trollface @ 0:47

  • mestarilapsi says:

    I love your accent!!
    No, I'm not an american.

  • arvoreen73 says:


  • andacg1 says:


  • NeverendingTwilight4 says:

    Full grown men who enjoy My Little Pony are ill and need to seek help.

  • raizr says:


  • Corpseman100 says:

    I enjoy both shows.

  • Balmattoy says:

    @NeverendingTwilight4 you has twilight in you're name. you are ill too now.

  • CONKER17 says:

    @basjumper002 Thats Derpy Hooves bro

  • NeverendingTwilight4 says:

    @Balmattoy How am I ill for having a good username? That makes absolutely no sense at all.

  • basjumper002 says:

    So there's a Derpy Hooves beneath Derpy Hooves?

  • CONKER17 says:

    @basjumper002 yessssss that soooo needs to happen XD

  • HaroldAFowls says:

    Dude.. she's hot.

  • dominicanboy2896 says:

    i have no idea what she said but her eyes just spoke to me

  • lolman5921 says:

    Duhpy hewvs.

  • Balmattoy says:

    @NeverendingTwilight4 it makes perfect sense at all. magic.

  • Pouroushair says:

    Pause @ 1:08 <3.

  • thelucario4 says:

    man this was alot better than fox newses report

  • stickmanpwner64 says:

    bronies dominate the world...

  • NeverendingTwilight4 says:

    @Balmattoy I was being sarcastic. You clearly think that my name is referencing that book series... right? I hate when people assume that, considering there's nothing to hint at anything like that... my name is a reference to a video game... not a book.

  • ambr0 says:

    you are gay and i hate your accent. dont ever talk about adventure time again. go eat a dingo.

  • CyanideJoyride says:

    Children tv show creators are on 4Chan. I fear for the next generation

  • o0pwnman0o says:

    @ambr0 wow what a dick...Whatever then! Nice vid, made me feel happy and upbeat for some reason.

  • 0AuntJemima0 says:

    Faust obviously hasn't seen all the R34...well, for the best really

  • Balmattoy says:

    @NeverendingTwilight4 huh? book? I don't know what that is, but I know Twilight Sparkle does, I'm not being sarcastic, considering there's nothing to hint at anything like that... my name is a reference to a poop i just created... not a pony. sense, it makes perfect.


    Did someone say spiderman thread??

  • NeverendingTwilight4 says:

    @Balmattoy I was the one being sarcastic when I pretended to not know what you were talking about... and oh... I see... you thought my name referenced Twilight Sparkle... I'm used to people assuming it's referencing a book about gay vampires who sparkle in the sunlight... no... it doesn't reference Twilight Sparkle, either.

  • PercyandDuckfan94 says:

    @brittney8282 But then again, women like Transformers, so it makes it even.

  • 1Koakuma1 says:

    @ambr0 wat. umad.

  • doorknob8774 says:


    laren faust is looking at derpy hoove's ASS!

  • triggerx2000 says:

    Oh Molly, you should be the voice of Derpy if they ever decide to make her a regular character.

  • tomol6 says:

    Now we're taking over Memebase, sadly most of the memes suck, I'm still happy tough,
    next step: ponification of real life!

  • Balmattoy says:

    @NeverendingTwilight4 resistance is futile. I know you watch the show secretly, don't deny! you only make it harder on you're self to accept you're new most manly addiction.

  • NeverendingTwilight4 says:

    @ambr0 You butthurt because Adventure Time is a million times better than MLP?

  • NeverendingTwilight4 says:

    @Balmattoy You know, it's sad when someone who's gay hates a show that people who claim not to be gay enjoy.

  • TheArcanin says:

    It is! It is really cool!

  • LashD094 says:

    can u just say Derpy Hooves in that accent? over and over again? please?

  • Balmattoy says:

    @NeverendingTwilight4 > Implying anyone who don't watch the show is straight. hurr durr

  • NeverendingTwilight4 says:

    @Balmattoy No. I was implying that I'm not straight.

  • TruthJust says:

    I don't understand what the fuck this chick is babbling about.

  • Balmattoy says:

    @NeverendingTwilight4 exuses, excuses, thus, good try, anyone can see you are a straight person. Just because you wish you could be like Rainbow Dash, does'nt mean you have to lie, bad words causes bad feelings.

  • NeverendingTwilight4 says:

    @Balmattoy I'm as straight as a circle.

  • toobeetoobeetoo says:

    @TruthJust LOL! While particularly relevant to this video, it also has wings for nearly everything women talk about. :)

    Wings...get it? Wings on ponies? oh nvm

  • Balmattoy says:

    @NeverendingTwilight4 exactly! exept from that circle part you got it right! still coming, but you're getting it on the right tracks! soon you will be a fellow bronie! adventuretimesucks.jpg

  • NeverendingTwilight4 says:

    @Balmattoy I love Adventure Time... and Regular Show, too. I hate My Little Pony.

  • Taco1141 says:

    Dear bonies go grow some balls and go get a girlfriend

  • rattmice says:

    Yay, I'm responsible for something maaagic kinda.

  • Sairex666 says:

    Lauren Faust was not the director of PowerPuff Girls, she was a writer. The director was Lauren's husband - Craig McCracken.

  • Doaders592 says:

    Please stop the fighting. Part of being a Brony includes not getting into fights. Rather, we tolerate and love the shit out of the people who fight us. So basically, we are passive-aggressive in a loving/awesome way.

  • sexhaie says:

    @Taco1141 foreveralone.jpg

  • TheGrerex says:

    I'm 12 and why does my weiner feel tingly?

  • MattIntellectual says:

    @TheGrerex Son, I suggest watching "Our Changing Body".

  • Taco1141 says:

    Your just jelly cause In realty u would get jumped or shanked get a life

  • Taco1141 says:

    Bronies stop raping every single meme out there you already took Derp away and that was a awesome meme to bitch go fuck off and get a life

  • Taco1141 says:

    I will kill u all in black ops send me a message im ( the evil camel7) its camel and also come at me bronies you little shit nuggets

  • Taco1141 says:


  • akmp40 says:

    @Pacce but wouldent they be called something else?

  • misterfiredude1 says:

    The day we stop knowing how to love and tolerate, is the day when we die as a community.

  • misterfiredude1 says:



  • Pacce says:

    Nope, girls can be bros too AND they can enjoy my little pony.

  • darklink4567 says:

    @Taco1141 Aww, don't be mad little boy. And really? Black Ops? That's how you're gonna settle things?

  • boitahaki says:

    fucking furry shitheads, shoving their cartoon down everyone's throat, you are worse than sonic fags

  • Taco1141 says:

    Thank you boitahaki your American good job

  • Taco1141 says:

    Black ops solve everything furrys

  • Phriendship says:

    When is this fad going to die? "OH LOL DON'T JUDGE UNTIL YOU WATCH IT!" I did. It sucked.

  • NateTheHedgehog says:

    @Taco1141 you people say this is a fad. That it will die off. That Black Ops solves everything, well when was the last time u played any other COD games. I guess this were just fads too.

  • SweetTaLe says:

    @Phriendship It's going to take a while. A long while. A LOONG LOONG WHILE. Actually. I bet that it's never going to end. Yay ponies.

  • Uriel6178 says:

    the show really isn't that awesome, its meh. i just dont like "bronies" shoving it down my throat "MAGIC IS FRIENDSHIP, GO WATCH IT" "GO WATCH IT, ITS SO AWESOME!!"

  • Phriendship says:

    "Ha, no thanks, bro."
    "I've seen it. Not that great. Quit shoving it down my thr--"

    Pretty much how all conversations with bronies go.

  • SweetTaLe says:

    @Phriendship How unfortunate. Some people just can't accept the fact that not everyone like the same things as they do.

  • boitahaki says:

    you guys should realize the same people who obsess over the show are the same 20 yo losers who have pokemon posters in their rooms and fap do Sonic fanfiction. You will only find their true self on the internet, where they can do what they want without being mocked or punched in the face

  • Taco1141 says:

    I play cod4 waw and mw2 and alot of people do still play those games

  • Taco1141 says:


  • Atlink says:

    @Phriendship You forgot to mention that while saying "MAAAGICCCC!", you are grabbing said friend's arms and violently shaking them back and forth.

  • HardbeatAcolyte says:

    @Taco1141 nope.avi

  • HardbeatAcolyte says:

    @Phriendship Sounds like your making quite a generalization there.
    Sorry bro, but the popularity of this show is not going away. Deal with it

  • Phriendship says:

    @HardbeatAcolyte My point... Proven. A lot of bronies claim the show won't EVER die and that you MUST watch it and that you WILL love it. I understand ya' like the show, but you really don't have to go around the internet flaunting your love for it and "forcing it down people's throats." YES I've seen it. NO I don't like it. Same with most men over 18. Deal with it.

  • HardbeatAcolyte says:

    @Phriendship 'show won't EVER die'
    -Well not realistically, it will last for a fair while. But I'm not counting on it being just a short-lived fad
    'that you MUST watch it and that you WILL love it.'
    -I'm a brony and I don't think that at all. I think you know some pushy people who just happen to be bronies.
    I get what your saying, but I think that the main reason that you think all bronies are like that is because those few just make a lot of noise. Not all of us spam ponies in everything

  • HardbeatAcolyte says:

    @NeverendingTwilight4 'Full grown men who enjoy My Little Pony are ill and need to seek help.'
    That's just, like, your opinion, man
    God forbid you should learn a bit of tolerance...

  • Phriendship says:

    @HardbeatAcolyte Piss off, I'm not here to argue. This pathetic, degrading fad will die off soon, and you're going to look like an idiot if your friends find out. Don't bother replying.

  • HardbeatAcolyte says:

    @Phriendship Also, thanks for at least giving the show a shot before hating on it, there's a fair number of people who don't. It can be a little annoying

  • Phriendship says:

    @HardbeatAcolyte No problem... I guess. I just don't like the bronies that get absurdly defensive and post ponies everywhere as a method of trolling or whatnot. Gets darn annoying for us who don't like it. I initially thought this whole 'brony' thing was one, big troll plot.

  • HardbeatAcolyte says:

    @Phriendship 'Piss off, I'm not here to argue.'
    -Who's arguing? I'm just talking, chill out :)
    'you're going to look like an idiot if your friends find out'
    -A number of my friends know, and one is also a brony now. Besides, I think there are more important things than worrying about whether friends would judge me
    'Don't bother replying.'
    -Sorry, just wanting to clear things up. Peace

  • HardbeatAcolyte says:

    @Phriendship 'I guess. I just don't like the bronies that get absurdly defensive and post ponies everywhere as a method of trolling or whatnot. Gets darn annoying for us who don't like it. I initially thought this whole 'brony' thing was one, big troll plot.'
    Lol yeah, I understand, and that's fair enough. It's a shame that some people make the community look bad by deliberately trolling other sites

  • Corpsolian says:

    @Phriendship Fads don't get both top meme and so many offshoots. Fads don't get too much fanart for a single server to hold. Fads don't contain ponies. Fuck your fads, this is here to stay.

  • Phriendship says:

    @Corpsolian Ha, grow a pair.

  • TheAnonymousThought says:

    We all have to remind ourselves...

    "It's just a show. Maybe I should calm down."

  • LuigiMario98982 says:

    Regarding MLP, Two Words: Vinyl Scratch

  • Load0Sheep says:

    one thing Mlp has teach me about friendship
    You are not forever alone
    well, except for those black ops faggot

  • techhelper233 says:

    yay derpy :P

  • JimmysUntitledShow says:

    I've Missed Your Videos Molly, Good to see you again.

  • boitahaki says:

    watching, obsessing over and making fan art of a show for little girls? whats wrong with you people?

  • ZECTCustomUnit says:


    This makes Waries, Trekkies, and Otaku look like a bunch of boy scouts.

  • ZECTCustomUnit says:

    Someone release the Rainbow of Darkness already and get this over with.

  • Koopsas says:

    @Taco1141 but blops doesnt take skill xD you can learn everything that you will ever learn about how to do good, after 12 hours. If your gonna settle things, atleast have the decency to do it on a game like TF2 or Uncharted 2. Love and tolerence yo.

  • cov1estalker says:

    Soon they will make some sort of pony porn series for the sick bastards.

  • vilsburg says:

    *Derpy Hooves* OMG i almost died

  • metroidhunter93 says:

    Somehow this is making me think of Hugh Bliss from Sam and Max. Anyone?

  • CaptainAAllen says:


  • Taco1141 says:

    Koopsas wat about halo reach you little furry and how old are you and now play those games besides hister

  • DJzxxxV says:

    fucking faggot Bronies

  • darklight436 says:

    i was hoping to witness unbridled rage in the comments, but it was dissappointing

    oh well, ponies!!!

  • pedoshark001 says:

    what's the problem with bronies?

  • ErrorOfRuto says:

    @DJzxxxV u mad?

  • SlenderColbert says:

    In my day, we called them faggots.

  • krd26 says:

    Hey, I listen to heavy metal and enjoy everything a standard teenage boy does, like video games and staring at hot girls all day. And you know what? I like MLP : FiM. Suck it trolls.

  • SlenderColbert says:

    People like you are the cancer killing the internet.

  • animeisart1 says:

    have you not heard rule 34?

  • ThomasMoar says:

    It'll die. Keep calm and carry on, denizens of that place we do not mention in adherance to the first and second rules; just bide your sweet time, everything does. Especially trends. Especially on the chans.

  • animeisart1 says:

    the deliberate trolling is because of the constant trolling we get. its funny because Bronies are like anti hipsters. actually "liking" something ironic rather than for the sake of irony. as we know, the more you hate something the stronger it gets.

  • animeisart1 says:

    also look at it this way. I still remember all the stupid comments on amv's and other anime videos say shit like "yall are gay this is a cartoon for kids, blah blah blah" but we know that anime is huge. people like what the hell they want to like.

  • 0SovietTurtle0 says:

    @ThomasMoar It may die, but definitely not soon. Season 2 of the show is coming out and bronies gunna go nuts on that.

  • dawnydawny123 says:

    i'm a bronie

  • Tubofluxar says:


    that is an interesting story mark.

  • HardbeatAcolyte says:

    @animeisart1 I understand completely, but I don't think it's best for the community for us to be trolling other sites, it just angers the haters in my opinion. It's like fighting fire with fire. I think we should try to be tolerant and keep a level head as much as possible

  • leotamer5 says:

    i watched it.Their isnt really any thing bad i can say about it.Their is somethings i like others i dont.I wont say not watch it but am not addicted to it.And i seem to be easyly addicted to animes and shows

  • animeisart1 says:

    oh jeez love and tolerance brigade. sorry but hate brings people in. it makes them want to stand up for something

  • HardbeatAcolyte says:

    @animeisart1 I disagree, it makes bronies as a whole look bad to outsiders, when the majority prefer to tolerate haters and trolls. I really don't see any benefit at all from bronies choosing to troll others, when it just hurts the reputation of the whole

  • Draezeth says:

    This announcer hasn't heard of TF2.

  • kristjannuus says:


  • dawnydawny123 says:

    @kristjannuus then again i'm a 13 year old girl soooo

  • CreeperSplosion says:

    This music is unfitting.

  • theuncalledfor says:

    @Doaders592 Or at least we SHOULD be, there's a lot of us who disagree... >.>

  • theuncalledfor says:

    @0AuntJemima0 She knows about the rule.

  • theuncalledfor says:

    @FinalDrag0n You do? Why?

  • 0AuntJemima0 says:

    @theuncalledfor well, season 2 should be interesting...

  • theuncalledfor says:

    @Zarggg *long inhaling gaaaaAAAASP* yaaaay!

  • animeisart1 says:

    As if the reputation could be hurt more. I see your point but there's nothing against defending yourself. after all were no non violent Buddhists.

  • Theonegamefreak says:


    It's kind of a fad.

  • MonthuRa says:


  • ambr0 says:

    @NeverendingTwilight4 Did you read what you just typed? Dumbass.

  • ambr0 says:

    @o0pwnman0o you must like eating dingos too.

  • l33tmomiji says:

    I thought Derpy was thought of as a delivery pony BECAUSE of that episode. I was under the impression most of the episodes were already completed before the show started airing.

  • qnaman says:

    Well. There's a two kind of bronies.
    Normal - whose just like how this show is funny, and cute.

    And FUCKING PSYCHO FURRY BASTARDS whose made a fucking wierd porn and gore comics to make a pleasure for another Idiots, a perverts like them.

    I have account on DA. I still can't imagine, how you can do that people?!?!
    That sick! Stop this shit!!!!!!

  • windcatfox says:

    @qnaman sigh.sometimes you are right but from my time being a furry i have known weirdo people but hey! a person that doesn't even know MLP could take you weirdo
    cuz it looks in every guy who likes ponys. maybe not each guy does that..maybe a little percentage does that but in other eyes they do it to criticize something you must KNOW more about it and not judge about what you see i just leave it to you you are very wrong cuz a 12 years old is saying it toyou BTW: sorry for my english

  • qnaman says:

    @windcatfox Of course I know about it. I still have invitations on Da from another fans. Thanks them I found what the furry IS. And they show me their arts. :-/ Ok. I don't care. You can do what you want in your house. You can put all weird photos on some sick sites like 2girls1cup. But why they put this shit on a normal art site?
    Well, I'm beginner animator. I wouldn't want to see how my characters are turned in to porn . I know the internet is sick, but isn't there any exeptions?

  • windcatfox says:

    @qnaman 2 Words 2 numbers: Rule 3 4 no one can be safe porn is everywhere on the internet you cant save of it maybe you have the wrong idea about what life is what its bad or correct you cannot find a correct idea of what are you searching just use the internet and stop complaining

  • Merc261 says:

    Everyone stop responding to taco1141, He's either retarded or a troll.

  • SnowdragonDS says:

    I wonder if Rocketboom lurks 4chan. Let's see - @ROCKETBOOM, what is OP?

  • theguywholikesNIN says:

    Adventure Time does not deserve to be in the presence of FiM.

  • DrIvoRobotnick says:

    Her voice makes it funnier. I don't think Dirpy is the only thing that made the show popular.

    Adventure Time is well... annoying.

  • FlCl3000 says:

    @SnowdragonDS i want to respond so much

  • SnowdragonDS says:

    @FlCl3000 Rocketboom must be new here....

  • Ranruk says:

    sadly, while the popularity may have grown on 4chan, the Brony community, to my knowledge, has since been shunned and forced out, and is currently at war to regain our place on the site.

  • AMVslowking says:

    you forgot doctor whooves

  • TWind says:


    ATs the better show though.

  • shnushnu36 says:

    @Taco1141 Try hard pants anyone XD

  • cloudonpot says:

    Join the Bronies.

  • theguywholikesNIN says:

    @TWind nope.avi

  • UntheUmbreon says:

    I'm a Brony and I'm proud of it! :D

  • guitarherothre says:

    @UntheUmbreon I play runescape and im proud of it! :D

  • 1995JWard says:

    Does anyone else think she looks like Cameron from House?

  • TWind says:


    Meh. Opinions.

  • Griffx52 says:

    @UntheUmbreon They all say that. We know you're proud.

  • Corpseman100 says:

    @Ranruk Then why are we always on the first page?

  • Corpseman100 says:

    @Ranruk Then why are we always on the first page?

  • BinaryBasket101 says:

    @theguywholikesNIN No, adventure time is fking awesome

  • Ziggygunner says:

    i think i am starting to get why the brony thing is cating on with people. i think it is because of the love the creatures are showing to the internet lurkers and when you find out that one of the heads of the project is a lurker herself, it makes you feel more wanted by the makers. that and it spread like wildfire all over the internet so its hard not to get swept up. bronies for life

  • malmalspur says:

    @theguywholikesNIN Don't worry, we'll all forget about FiM in about two years.So it does deserve it.

  • theguywholikesNIN says:

    @malmalspur hmmmmmm, Nah! That show looks like hipster art-fags hopped up on mushrooms drew it.

  • theguywholikesNIN says:

    @Ziggygunner Not that that's a bad thing. I Just like to keep mah poniez n mah other things seperate.

  • malmalspur says:

    @theguywholikesNIN /watch?v=0la5DBtOVNI

  • TheDownAndOutKS says:

    @Ziggygunner Dude. I used to be a troll, hardcore. I used to always get caught up in arguments and verbally attack people over the internet for the dumbest reasons. Religion, culture, music, etc etc. Interestingly enough, once I started watching MLP, I completely lost interest in arguing, and find it pointless when other people fight over these things. However, the one thing I get worked up about anymore, ironically, is when people prejudge the show MLP: FiM. *bro hoof*

  • Ziggygunner says:

    @qnaman well im a furry but im not a pony perv dude. i love the ponies but i don't want to hump them and i hate the gore/vore shit

  • PandaKewn says:

    @qnaman Excuse me, but who are you to say what normal is? It is all opinion based, and rude to think that your opinions are better than someone else's opinion. DA is a site for artists to post their art, not just one style or preference. Personally, I dislike gore and vore, but some others may enjoy it, and we are not ones to judge. My country was founded on the ideal that all men are created equal, and deserve the rights to be free, not only physically, but mentally.

  • OM3GAman says:

    @theguywholikesNIN I disagree. I love both AT and MLP, however, comparing them is moot; it's a classic 'apples and oranges' discussion.

    Can't we just be happy that animators and producers are actively taking part in our fandoms and rewarding us for it?

  • JPlusWTF says:

    Everyone in the comments just needs to *epic sunglasses* deal with it. YEEEAAAHHH!!!! (Why have a single Meme when you can have a Meme made of other memes?)

  • JPlusWTF says:

    Somehow I knew they'd be a flame war on furries here.

  • SodaVampire says:

    wow, that's awsome!

  • A88mph says:

    @theguywholikesNIN You are 120% correct! MLP:FIM will buary Adventure Time in time!

  • Prnnce says:

    Adventure Time > MlP

  • EMH204 says:

    MLP is 20% cooler then adventure time

  • Ranruk says:

    @Corpseman100 because we're too stubborn to give up any part of our world domination plot!

  • Bones12445 says:

    Hey everyone! Let's all get into a flame war about which show is better 8D

  • iconsting says:

    *Finishes fifty waves of Gears of War, benching 200 lbs, and firing a Moisin Nagant down at the shooting range*

    Guess it's time for ponies!

  • NoxGoodxNamesxLeft says:

    @SlenderColbert Its okay. I will love and tolerate the shit out of you.

  • gmodfan2000 says:

    @SlenderColbert And people want to know about this why?

    Nobody cares about your Homophobic lifestyle, and yet you just love putting people down who don't feel like following the stupid base line of heterosexuality, and going by people like you's word of what's gay and what's not.

    There's nothing wrong with someone who likes something that doesn't stay along your guidelines of being straight.

    Go pout in a corner about it, or just plain out shut your stupid self up.

  • peepsbates says:

    @SlenderColbert and in my day we called people like you trolls!

  • SlenderColbert says:

    @peepsbates Because I don't like something, I'm a troll? Boy, you fucking kids these days.

  • SlenderColbert says:

    >Implying I'm not bisexual
    >Implying you aren't a hipster faggot for liking this faggotry.
    Nice generalization about anyone who doesn't like little girls shows is a homophobic hick. This shit will die in about a year, and you faggots will go be obnoxious cunts about something else.
    Nice name, by the way.

  • SlenderColbert says:


  • gmodfan2000 says:

    @SlenderColbert No, I'm saying you are a homophobic hick, learn to read.

    And plus, I never stated that I am a "faggot", to which proves that you are homophobic and label anyone who utters a word against you in this kind of a situation.

    And no, I do not say that because you dislike the show.

    It's because you are hating on the Gay community, to which they have done nothing wrong.

    And judging by the way you spew profanities, you lack intelligence.

  • windcatfox says:

    @qnaman hey in the internet there arent exceptions especially on porn even they could even make porn about a bread do you imagine it? cuz its real maybe you dont have the correct ''idea'' of what all one got it and the internet is for sharing too it doesnt matter what it is so just continue your life if it doesnt affect you dont fight plus what do you win putting it on a youtube comment?

  • JPlusWTF says:

    In my day, everyone on the comments either said something nice or learned to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  • JPlusWTF says:

    Ya know, if Friendship is Magic no one here is magical. What would be like if an episode went like;

    Dear Queen Celestia (I'm not sure if that's right, I've only watched like, one episode),
    I learnt there are load of fucked up people on the internet...

  • JPlusWTF says:

    Let's have a flame war on fire :D

  • TheDownAndOutKS says:

    @JPlusWTF Haha omg then we should have a flame war over irony, and then hipsters, and then... well... then...

    All I know is WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones.

  • TheDownAndOutKS says:

    @Ranruk We must combat the persecution.

  • JustCallMeAndreW says:

    is it fowst or fawst?

  • haloCE6 says:

    @JustCallMeAndreW faust

  • AndySan says:

    Lol, little galls!

  • SlenderColbert says:

    @gmodfan2000 Well, okay. I only use "faggot" in a harmless way. But some people would still find it offensive, and I can see why. I am a registered Democrat, and fully support gay rights. I guess I was in a shitty mood last night, and felt like ruining someone else's day.

  • gmodfan2000 says:

    @SlenderColbert Good, now that this whole fucking conversation is over, I can do something else other than look for a response.

  • MarioundConker13 says:

    @krd26 same!

  • JPlusWTF says:

    And WW16 will be catfights and thumb wars *insert random thumb flame war here!*

  • BinaryBasket101 says:

    @EMH204 Nah

  • Happycat287 says:

    I don't really care if you like MLP, but QUIT RUBBING IT IN EVERYONE'S FACE AND EXPECT PEOPLE TO ACCEPT IT. You people are almost as bad as furries.

  • tomol6 says:


  • SciFiFangirlsFTW says:

    @Happycat287 What's so bad about furries?

  • Happycat287 says:

    @SciFiFangirlsFTW The fact that they're so flamboyant about their "lifestyle".

  • JPlusWTF says:


    I find it weird that you do all this reporting on stuff and yet half the internet has the word "furry" on it. I don't see any vid with that word in... maybe a report on us prehaps?

  • JPlusWTF says:


    I just denyed her. DEAL WITH IT.

  • ShadowGatex says:

    @tomol6 Yeah she was at first. Or it was a joke, but no one knows.

  • tomol6 says:

    @ShadowGatex one of the animators said so, we weren't supposed to see her, but they changed the order of ponies in the background, btw look at the nose, it's too good to be an error, you can see her skin folding on it.

  • DysonPC says:

    Bronies are retarded. There's nothing actually good about that show, they just want something stupid to worship and rub in everyone's freaked out faces.

  • linkwolfmidna1 says:

    bronies= gay

  • DaFisch33 says:

    @DysonPC have you seen the show? the songs are actually well directed, the characters actually develop, and the directors and staff actually recognize the fan base. Plus, the voice of Twilight Sparkle is Tara Strong. I need not say more.

  • pivotnaza says:


  • pivotnaza says:

    @linkwolfmidna1 you = .... well.... you are so dumb than there is no word to discribe your ........ i don`t know.. you are dumb that`s all...

  • Corpseman100 says:

    @linkwolfmidna1 Comment=Unoriginal

  • Corpseman100 says:

    @kristjannuus >Troll

  • NCsmallCHILDREN says:

    non-bronies are just angry that they know they could never tell any of their friends that they watch cute, brightly colored, animated, talking ponies because they have a low self esteem and no ''idontgiveafuck'' attitude.


  • rogman1000 says:

    does it make me a nerd to even know what bronies means?? this guy i have on FB puts these pony pictures as his pic and i always thought that kid was weird. ya and my little sister has pony toys but i like horses better. PS these guys as weirdos

  • Stalkerdauno says:

    @DysonPC Haters gonna hate. DaFisch summed it up perfectly. Brohoof dude.

  • tomol6 says:


  • GoblinTinkerer says:

    @EMH204 so by that logic, Adventure Time is still pretty awesome, seeing how awesome MLP is.
    You know, when you do the math.

  • flysonic says:

    AT is 20% cooler than My little pony

  • BlazingIceX says:

    @tomol6 In the first episode she was. When they realized how popular she was becoming they decided to make her that way intentionally.

  • iToasterman says:

    Adventure time is scary

  • Corpseman100 says:

    @flysonic Adventure Time is something you watch when you're stoned.

  • tomol6 says:

    @BlazingIceX nah-ah, skin on her nose is folded, and the mouth looks ... well... derpy, the guy who animated that scene said that it was a joke, but they switched the order of ponies in the background and we could see her.

  • austin329iscool says:

    @EMH204 AT LEAST 20% COOLER.

  • flysonic says:

    @Corpseman100 Yeah...

  • onizack says:


  • onizack says:


    Totally math.

  • cirmothe9 says:

    @GoblinTinkerer Don't you use your fancy mathematics to muddle the issue.

  • sparklechao says:

    @EMH204 im gonna right that on my DA page now. :D

  • sparklechao says:

    @Prnnce IDK what adventure time is.but MLP will always be better.untill i find out what it is.-w-

  • sparklechao says:

    @flysonic how?

  • PintSizedSlasherJr says:


  • ColFeren says:

    I like this one, she seem cleaver..

  • flysonic says:

    @sparklechao I guessing since I'm male Adventure Time applies to me more (I don't go on 4chan)

  • tomalotube says:

    MLP:inspiring new kinds of porn all over /b/

  • sparklechao says:

    @flysonic first of all,how did you know i was female?and what does it matter if your a dude or a chick watching it?

  • flysonic says:

    @sparklechao I said I, that whole comment only applies to me, I have no Idea what gender you are. Also I guess I wrote that comment in kinda of a sexist way. What I am basically saying is i prefer Adventure Time, I seen a few episodes of MLP, I, personally, I find AT more assuming than MLP. On MLP they're more Kid-friend and appeal towards the younger generation where as AT is more teen based.

  • sparklechao says:

    @flysonic i want to watch AT,cuz i basically am a teenager...

  • flysonic says:

    @sparklechao T_T stop twisting my words around!

  • MeNoBites says:

    My name is Menobites and i'm a brony

  • Skimaskkass says:

    How the hell did I miss this, I fucking subscribe to Rocketboom.


  • chrischief says:

    and thats just realy goool wtfLOLCAT

  • PoopTruffles says:

    How bout Regular show :)

  • tomatid1 says:

    @MegaPartyVan a broine now GODAAMMNIT IM A GUY

  • sheepgull says:

    The whole time I was staring angrily at the screen, completely motionless. When she said Adventure Time, I blinked.

  • FcknAwsm says:

    LOL your accent makes everything 20% funnier.

  • Cortanaisatranny says:

    i will love and tolerate you if u disagree with me
    even though im not a bronie

  • dingumfCallofDuty says:

    Why can't we have a giant gangbang with molly?

  • NinjaShadow8 says:

    @PintSizedSlasherJr That's no excuse for watching a little kids show like a gay idiot. "Oh, princess cutesy-pie, what color hair ribbon should I wear today?" REALLY, you're a man!! But you spend your time watching my little pony like a little girl! DO SOMETHING MANLY FOR ONCE!!!! Watch Man vs Wild, play Halo, do SOMETHING. But please tell me that our nation's men aren't going to be reduced to watching cartoon ponies prancing through flowers!!

  • PintSizedSlasherJr says:

    @NinjaShadow8 You're comparing MLP to the previous generations of the show, which were vastly inferior to FiM. Believe me, this newer season is actually a great show. You may not be suckered into it, but it is a good show. If it were not, then it wouldn't have such a cult following. Also, what makes you think that I don't play Halo, or watch shows like Man vs. Wild. Believe me, just because we like this show, doesn't mean that we're prancing faggots buttfucking each other. ONE LOVE

  • Doeoeod says:

    @NinjaShadow8 "PLay some game nobody likes, buy a computer you don't need, or other stuff that's manly."
    Look at the 500 comments that disagree with what you say. That counts as losing an argument, Leave us alone.

  • NinjaShadow8 says:

    @Doeoeod what's that you say? you're losing your manliness?

  • NinjaShadow8 says:

    @PintSizedSlasherJr Hey, i don't care what season or whatever it is, it's for 5 YEAR OLD GIRLS and unless you ARE a five year old girl, it just isn't something you should be watching

  • PintSizedSlasherJr says:

    @NinjaShadow8 If you enjoy something, it doesn't matter if it is meant to be for your age group. Would you say an old person shouldn't play Call of Duty because they are too old? I'd find that BADASS. Things that people enjoy is based on esthetics and not the age group of people it was meant to appeal to. I truthfully don't care if it was meant for a person1/3 my age, I'll still watch the damn show because it is entertaining.

  • thegamerkid77 says:

    Actually the first story ark revolves around an evil goddess who plans to plunge the world into eternal darkness.
    I don't know about you but that seems pretty gender neutral for a plot if you ask me.

  • NinjaShadow8 says:

    @thegamerkid77 yeah....but with pink ponies??

  • thegamerkid77 says:

    only one is pink.

  • NinjaShadow8 says:

    @thegamerkid77 aren't the others purple?

  • thegamerkid77 says:

    Only 1 is purple, and purple is a gender neutral color, just look at Spyro the Dragon

  • NinjaShadow8 says:

    @thegamerkid77 i watched like 1 1/2 minutes of it today to see what the big deal is. it wasn't exactly captivating.

  • thegamerkid77 says:

    If you sit through the entire first episode, than chances are you will feel compelled to watch the second one, because it leaves of on a cliff hanger.

  • NinjaShadow8 says:

    @thegamerkid77 oh no! will princess sunshine get her hair done in time? tune in next time!

  • thegamerkid77 says:

    "Actually the first story ark revolves around an evil goddess who plans to plunge the world into eternal darkness." Did you miss this part of the discussion or something?

  • NinjaShadow8 says:

    @thegamerkid77 that's the plot of nearly every show

  • thegamerkid77 says:

    so, its better than what your saying.

  • NinjaShadow8 says:

    @thegamerkid77 yeah, it's just that I'm not really intimidated by evil animated ponies. But if you can give me three good reasons, I'll watch the first episode. Start thinking!

  • thegamerkid77 says:

    Do I look like Wikipedia to you, if you want to know about it so much, than watch it your self.

  • NinjaShadow8 says:

    @thegamerkid77 Ok, no ponies. Go on and prance in a meadow

  • 11nevets22 says:

    @tomol6 Prove it


  • 11nevets22 says:

    @NinjaShadow8 I watched the first episode... well the first 2 as they were conjoined stories...

    Not bad but no where near my standards... thats what you get for trying to introduce an anime Otaku to Ponies... theres always something missing and by god if they start talking in Japanese It might be the best show on the planet... aside from Clannad and Kannon...

  • tomol6 says:

    @11nevets22 she's not only crossing her eyes, she's TOTALLY derping, and btw, the animator of that scene said it was a joke.

  • NinjaShadow8 says:

    @11nevets22 you sort of lost me on that one.

  • Dr3xf0x says:


  • Xlife93 says:

    @PintSizedSlasherJr i though this stuff was gay until i watched the first episode and im like this is good shit lol

  • 11nevets22 says:

    anime = Cartoons from Japan

    Anime > American Cartoons

    it's a fact

    now the fact that the ponies have large eyes makes me think I could convince myself it's an anime and it's POSSIBLE I could tolerate the corny dialog IF they spoke Japanese, the English voice actors aren't bad, they're great... I'm just more use to hearing corny dialog in Japanese...

    as for Clannad and Kannon, they're the best thing to come from humanity.

    Google is your friend :3

  • MrSonichu says:

    >the magic of friendship

  • poggymoose says:

    the mahgik uv frienshep. wut?

  • NinjaShadow8 says:

    @11nevets22 ok..... i don't think it really matters what language they speak. but from the art style aside from the big eyes, this is clearly american cartooning.

  • 11nevets22 says:

    @NinjaShadow8 Screw it you'll never understand

  • DuckHunt20 says:

    I want an entire episode based on Derpy

  • RaichusInTies says:

    @11nevets22 Anime - American cartoons is not a fact, it's an opinion.

  • NinjaShadow8 says:

    @11nevets22 i bet you're right

  • thegamerkid77 says:

    I'm not the one trying to squeeze info about MLP:FiM out of miscellaneous You Tubers. It's obvious you have a secret love for the show, your just to much of a wuss to admit it.

  • NinjaShadow8 says:

    @thegamerkid77 or, i could be just wanting to know why a bunch of "guys" like it

  • thegamerkid77 says:

    OK fine I'll give you an answer. The writing is fun, and at the same time tolerable, and rarely do you come across a scene with no entertainment value, this coupled with the interesting line up of characters with distinct personalities, makes this show a fun break form all the violence, sex, drugs, and over all "manly" things. You can argue that angry solders and brown make you happy at heart, but you'd be wrong. That feeling you get from CoD isn't joy, its a mini adrenalin rush.

  • NinjaShadow8 says:

    @thegamerkid77 i agree, but it just seems strange

  • thegamerkid77 says:

    its only strange because our society makes the gender gap seem like a big deal. When I was 5 i thought yellow was girly, and that having blond hair made me feminine, then i watch DBZ that one time, then I had the illusion that I was a bad ass for the next few days.

  • Marinemiketobe says:


  • dizzydiggy98 says:

    lol 69 dislikes

  • ArchMageFarnos says:

    @PintSizedSlasherJr dude... how can watching ponies be cool... at all

  • Qtoyghs says:

    To answer your question, it's not cool. Not in the traditional mindset.
    But if you're willing to delve into this, you can find that, while not accepted by most people as "cool". It's so much more. It's marvelously written with well developed characters; best of all is the community that has built up around this.
    So, no, it's not "cool", but it's so much more.

  • MrFunnymike01 says:

    @TheChernandez2020 te apoyo we!

  • MrFunnymike01 says:

    @NinjaShadow8 they are fags, putos putos todos .i.

  • PedanticPig says:

    @CombineHgrunt /)^ɛ^(\

  • leefishcake1 says:

    my name is leefishcake and i am a bronie

  • ArchMageFarnos says:

    @Qtoyghs Alright we got that out of way, so your telling me a show meant for kids is written as is was almost intended for "Bronies" ?

  • 2007excalibur2007 says:

    *sees comments down below*

    Hate detected. Firing low orbital friendship cannon.

  • Spinoraptorrex says:

    Bronies are the biggest faggots on the internet.

  • themangOMEGA says:

    To everyone hating on us, listen up:
    We don't watch the show because we're gay. We don't watch the show because we're furries. We don't watch the show because we're pedos. We watch it because the NEW MLP show is a very, VERY good show. The animation is amazing, the voice acting is top-notch, the characters, while very shallow, are all fun to watch. If you can just be a man and get over the fact it's made for little girls, you will realize you were missing out on a really great show.

  • Qtoyghs says:

    To quote Lauren Faust herself, "I didn't create this show for little girls, I created it for little girls and their parents--including male parents. It only stands to reason that adult animation fans without children may like it, too."
    So, yes. It was designed for both.

  • BinaryBasket101 says:

    I only know about MLP:FIM by playing moonbase alpha.

  • tomol6 says:

    @PintSizedSlasherJr not me, I just started watching it for teh lulz, and BANG, I'm a brony.

  • tomol6 says:

    your most faithful student:

  • nhavas says:

    @rogman1000 Going by your YT page, it looks like you're fairly metal. So... why hate ponies? Ponies are fucking metal. Ponies are metal as all hell.

  • CatTitBingo says:

    "O-M-G PONIES!"

  • BlizzardtheWolf97 says:

    If you think ponies are girly, then your masculinity is very easily threatened. >:3

  • xxplayer482xx says:

    @PintSizedSlasherJr I didn't I was like where are these pictures coming from?
    then I watched the show

  • Toavatar says:

    @NinjaShadow8 we aren't "supposed to"? Dude, listen to yourself :D nobody decides what people can and can't watch. that's child-thoughts.. being Manly is not just doing badass stuff, act tough and all.. courage is a part of manliness, agreed? Courage is many things such as acting on your own, make your own choices in life, not letting others tell you what to do and not to do (or WATCH). many has courage enough to say they love AC/DC, but it takes REAL balls to say it about FiM.. Btw i Love FiM

  • Toavatar says:

    @NinjaShadow8 Finally ^^... Now that's a better level of conversation. admitting your own mistakes and accept others reasons is also part of being mature, contra being absolute and judging only between good and bad, which is childish.. Dude, you surprise me with your admission and sudden politeness :) .. please, follow my advice and continue that way..

  • cpufightclub says:

    This is what has become of the nerd society with the death of Star Wars.

  • Skidblanar says:

    No way! theres a parallel universe of adventure time?

  • DeputyFifey says:

    Don't you EVER compare mlp fim to adventure time! I HATE ADVENTURE TIME!

  • NinjaShadow8 says:

    @Toavatar okay duuuuuude :)

  • ursimoo says:


  • dmgirl3000 says:

    Actually the genderswap started when nat was drawfagging in 4chan, and it later got onto tumbler.

  • MrAwesomeTrex says:

    Gay idiot? Are we bloody twelve here? Homosexuality is an insult? What kind of backwater do you hail from?

    Playing Halo? Watching some other guy dick about in a forest? THAT's your standards of manliness? Not getting an education? A job? Being responsible? Trustworthy? I dunno, anything that requires you to leave the couch?

  • DarkFireNacho says:

    Bronies get super annoying! It's getting unbearable! I watched half of the first episode! It was crap! I hate how all bronies act like it's a religion that has to be crammed down people's throats! It's annoying, just because I don't like the show doesn't give you a right to force it down my throat. I don't hate on the bronies that are cool about MLP since they have common knowledge to realize not everyone likes the same exact thing and that people are free to voice an opinion!!!

  • 1510107 says:

    judging from the comments...I sense a war brewing.

  • Kstylero7 says:

    DONT... DO IT.
    Thank you.

  • NinjaShadow8 says:

    @MrAwesomeTrex dude, seriously, hahahaha :D funny

  • thejobloshow says:


  • GummyBrains says:

    @1510107 The MLP nation is 20million strong and growing, us Bronies will never fall to those evil scum bag haters

  • GummyBrains says:

    MLP beats the shit out of spongebob

  • OvertardSupreme420 says:

    @Kstylero7 MY EYES... I... SHOULD'VE LISTENED... Oh wait, is that who I think it is?

  • OvertardSupreme420 says:

    @Kstylero7 Wait, are you trying to talk to Lauren Faust or someone like that?

  • flutterlover says:

    @DarkFireNacho your the most subtle hater i've ever met. and for that i wont annoy you for not watching MLP FIM

  • squal101 says:

    @OvertardSupreme420 lauren Faust is awsome

  • PhatxBoyxFresh says:

    @themangOMEGA The only ones who hate the show are the ones who haven't watched it or the ones that are closet bronies. I myself am a proud, 21 year old male Brony. :) I'm not ashamed at all, it's a good show.

  • dbkoob says:

    the show is the first king of slapstick show since the 3 stoges and thats why men watch it

  • Kstylero7 says:

    @OvertardSupreme420 Yes...

  • supermancatcool says:

    @themangOMEGA your spazkid3D's video about bronies

  • PitaBreadPeetah says:

    Adult men? More like 16 year olds trying to be edgy and different.

  • themangOMEGA says:

    @supermancatcool 1. Calling someone a faggot doesn't make you cool. It makes you look like an immature little kid that can't find a proper insult on someone.
    2. Those are Brownies, not Bronies. They're furfags pretending to be Bronies so they can jack off to cartoon horses. Brownies are frowned upon by bronies who watch the show and delight in it's quality and charm.
    Overall: Your comment has no strength to it and you should remove it before you get epicly flamed. Just a suggestion. :)

  • starstreamergirl says:

    I was so HAPPY to find out it was a fellow british woman in this video <3 :D

  • Ranruk says:

    @MrAmerica1995 OH THE EQUESTRIANITY!!!

  • Tamodism says:

    @SukottoDeragon Also, the emotions of the animations really reflects the voice. The reason why I became a brony is because I pay attention to animation details and this is the show that really suits me. Unlike some of those animes with characters that only move their mouth when they are talking and not even blinking.

  • iheartcartoons1 says:


  • ColFeren says:

    Thank you for being nice about us!

  • Joe40oz says:

    You rock thanks for not making fun of us!


    @SukottoDeragon Power puff girls is older, thus not as better looking.

  • MrCocoaNinja says:

    @SukottoDeragon 1) Rainbow ponies, organic. Yeah, that's more like a science lab fuck up.
    2) Voice acting, ponies. Ponies don't speak.
    3) Easy to relate to a female speaking rainbow pony...Maybe if you're that Lady GaGa freak.
    4) Ponies are a pussy way to say a small horse. Take everything you know about a horse, make it smaller. That's all.
    5) Bronies are pussies.

  • MrCocoaNinja says:

    @TheStorytime7 Normal is not glorifying a adolescent girls cartoon show.

  • Divinelighte says:

    more informative then fox

  • nintendo3DS1889 says:

    @MrCocoaNinja Dont keep talkin' bad 'bout us bronies! We will love and tolerate you until you break.

  • SukottoDeragon says:


    1 2 3 4) your arguments don't make sense.

    5) you are just making an assumption.

    I know it's your opinion and I respect what other people say... but dude...

    your opinon sucks.

  • MrCocoaNinja says:

    @nintendo3DS1889 Sounds like hippies. We know what happened to them.

  • TheStorytime7 says:

    @MrCocoaNinja O RLY? So is normal a bunch of immature idiots complaining about people who like a show that's actually good? If normal means you can't watch a show you like because other people say so, then who the hell would want to be normal?! If you have a single working brain cell left, you'd realize that i'm clearly right, and you're wrong. Deal with it.

  • NexusofAvalon says:

    All of the most popular media productions\have allowed user participation. The community becomes more invested in a show if they are personally invested in its creation. For example, american idol, which recruits singers from the community, and harry potter, whose universe is shaped by community fan fiction and forums, have extremely large fan followings. Hasboro made a good decision, letting lauren faust take creative liberties on how the MLP is produced as well as community input from bronies.

  • MrCocoaNinja says:

    @TheStorytime7 Say hi to your boyfriend for me.

  • WolfRage324 says:

    So in other words, they're too fucking lazy to create their own material.

  • BannanaNation says:

    Thanks to Lauren Faust, bronies are everywhere. Thanks a lot.

  • EctInc says:

    Surprisingly informative report. :)

  • tacosareftw says:


  • TheStorytime7 says:

    @MrCocoaNinja You wish. :P

  • Rashonality says:

    Derpy hooves lol, thats brilliant


  • TheAnonymousThought says:


    (a.ka. MrCocoNinja)

  • Redemptioner123 says:

    Adventure time rule 63? Oh my...

  • SlenderColbert says:

    Ponyfags confirmed for new Sonicfags.

  • coolchillrock says:


  • lilsublime says:

    Know your meme: only 2 months late on the bronie train. Rocket boom and ponies are so fn magical!


    is derpy hooves MALE ?

    holy shit...
    she is suppose to be a girl..

  • p1nn3rT says:

    Oh NOW I understand why there are these cancerous "bronies"

  • themangOMEGA says:

    We are Bronies.
    We don't care what you think. We watch what we like and you criticize us.
    Who's the faggot trolls now?

  • NicDoesDumbThings says:

    The plot of powerpuff girls, was a science lab fuck up

  • NicDoesDumbThings says:


    MAIL Carrier

  • BlueTeamPlayer says:

    We are bronies.

    We do not hate we love.

    we are heard.

  • Quionic7 says:

    So much flankhurt here lol

  • nonginger says:


  • iwannabelikeyou says:

    @NegaAndrejborg LMAO... you a troll?

  • raymoreclef says:

    @SukottoDeragon I thought that the creator of Powder Puff Girls was the same lady who made MLP... just something I heard.

  • SukottoDeragon says:


    Lauren's husband (Craig McCracken) created the powerpuff series along with foster mansion.

  • refinden says:


  • blazedbl says:

    @themangOMEGA We are but your still a faggot

  • supersored says:

    @Spinoraptorrex obvious parasprite is obvious

  • signer0001 says:

    @SlenderColbert Wait, there was bronies before MLP:FiM? Lol

  • TheFulninga2 says:

    My little pony is for gay people men who watch it is not really a man

  • TheNintendofan7 says:

    Boys who like this show are BroFillys

  • PintSizedSlasherJr says:

    @TheFulninga2 Being butthurt about people's interests will make you severely tolerated based on where your opinions are expressed. Enjoy your prejudice and have a nice day, thank you.

  • clubpenguin235 says:

    @TheFulninga2 Gtfo

  • TheFulninga2 says:

    @clubpenguin235 Nope

  • clubpenguin235 says:

    @TheFulninga2 lolkay its your desicion to hate lolol0l0llolololo

  • TheAnonymousThought says:


  • LordTowel says:

    It's ok to not like things, it's ok, but don't be a dick about it, it's ok to not like things, don't be a dick about the things you don't like!

  • GentlemanBrawler says:

    I find Bronies to be a rather annoying and depraved bunch.
    The show has no quality.

  • TheFulninga2 says:

    @TheFulninga Yeah I like hating

  • flippy55555 says:

    Its kind of a social thing.

  • kingbrandus111 says:

    @GentlemanBrawler Thats alright because we're still going to love and tolerate the shit out of you.

  • themangOMEGA says:

    @GentlemanBrawler No quality?!
    Please tell me you're referring to those horrible previous generations of MLP, and not the epic newest one, because if you are, you have not watched the show. I repeat, it's impossible to watch the newest MLP and say there's absolutely NO quality in it!

  • GentlemanBrawler says:

    @themangOMEGA I have watched the first three episodes and found it rather lacking of quality. If you don't believe that I have viewed this children's show, it is your own fault.

  • themangOMEGA says:

    @GentlemanBrawler You're watching My Little Pony: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, right?

  • GentlemanBrawler says:

    @themangOMEGA That is the series that I watched three episodes of and scoffed, yes.

  • themangOMEGA says:

    @GentlemanBrawler ...Please double check the title before continuing this conversation.

  • GentlemanBrawler says:

    @themangOMEGA My memory of the show is not false and you are not helping your case.

  • themangOMEGA says:

    @GentlemanBrawler Did you find the animation good?

  • GentlemanBrawler says:

    @themangOMEGA It could have been much worse.

  • themangOMEGA says:

    @GentlemanBrawler HA! It DID have good quality in it's animation! See what I mean? It has something redeeming for literally ANYONE!

  • GentlemanBrawler says:

    @themangOMEGA Not redeeming, I am saying that it could have been worse. Not that it was good.
    Another couple of points is that the over-lying message is a lie, the voice-work is irritating, and the premise is worse than most.

  • themangOMEGA says:

    @GentlemanBrawler It wasn't good? It has to be some of the best animation I've ever seen!
    Over-lying message is a lie? How?! That statement doesn't make any sense.
    Voice-work is irritating?! Not at all! Are you a deaf guy just looking for an excuse to hate on this epic show?
    Premise is worse than worst? Well, while it isn't certainly the best out there, it is not the worst by any means.
    Wait a minute...CLOSE MINDED WEEABOO FAG! D:<

  • GentlemanBrawler says:

    @themangOMEGA I will answer these backwards:
    I dislike the animation, doesn't mean I prefer Japanese over the wide variety of western or vise versa.

    Magical ponies save the world with friendship and shenanigans...Below Average.

    I am deaf after watching what I did of this trash.

    Friendship doesn't do anything for you other than keep you sane.

    You haven't seen much animation than.

    Please note that we are arguing over each other's opinions.

  • themangOMEGA says:

    @GentlemanBrawler How are magical ponies saving the world below average?! You have no heart.
    Those are the best voice-actors out there! They're not trash at all!
    I've seen many cartoons throughout my life, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's animation is hands-down the best out of all these.
    It's one thing to say "I don't prefer this show", but it's another to say "The show has no quality"

  • GentlemanBrawler says:

    @themangOMEGA Because you are the only Brony with a capacity for hate. Those VA's could have gotten better work.

  • themangOMEGA says:

    @GentlemanBrawler Gotten better work?! You know what? You haven't watched the show. You just haven't. It's impossible. You're just saying you did just so you look like you have a valid opinion. There's no way, NO. FUCKING. WAY. That you're able to watch the show and say these things. EVERY SINGLE PERSON that watched the show for a minute, even if they're anti-Bronies, agree with me when I say the animation's good.

  • GentlemanBrawler says:

    @themangOMEGA Oh, but I have watched this below-average piece of children's entertainment.
    I find the animation to be less than what I consider 'Redeeming.'

    And as I said early, we are arguing over opinions.

  • themangOMEGA says:

    @GentlemanBrawler You don't find ANYTHING redeeming, then. Look, I'll test you if you watched the show or not...

    What is the name the fans gave a background pony that appeared in episode 26 of season 1 that was playing a ciello?

  • GentlemanBrawler says:

    @themangOMEGA A quick google says: 'Octavia'
    And pay attention the the next 7 words. I. Only. Watched. The. First. Three. Episodes.
    I could not take any more of it, I felt sick afterwards.

  • themangOMEGA says:

    @GentlemanBrawler CHEATER!
    You used Google!
    Alright, fine, since you're only 3 episodes in...
    What are the 6 elements of harmony and what ponies are they assigned to?

  • GentlemanBrawler says:

    @themangOMEGA If I recall correctly:
    Twilight - Magic
    Fluttershy - Kindness
    Rainbow - Loyalty
    Pinkie - Laughter
    Rarity - Generosity

  • themangOMEGA says:

    @GentlemanBrawler You forgot Applejack's, but you got the ones you DID present right...
    You're not using Google again, are you?

  • GentlemanBrawler says:

    @themangOMEGA Considering previous evidence of my skills with Google, you would not believe me if I told you I didn't. And go ahead and report me to your friends, I would love more fodder.

  • Noji1010 says:

    @themangOMEGA Dude why you arguing with this @GentlemanBrawler? He's part of the small minority who hate everything about the show and iz too jelly to admit he's jelly :P! Don't feed the parasprite! :p

  • windowguylol says:


    My sensitive ears also find the voices tragically annoying. I mean they're just too 'girly'. (didnt expect that from a show about ponies) One voice is too 'posh english,' another; cowboyish, too cute, high and wild, tomboyish and the last sounds like the voice of that powerful puff girl and harley quinn from batman (oh wait, the VA actually did those voices)...

  • windowguylol says:

    Argh, the story! Ponies saving the world, HAH! The writers need to watch movies like inception. The ponies should be ponies in ponies of ponies. (I don't give two fucks about the children, ponies should've died in the second ep!)

  • windowguylol says:


    The animation is terribly smooth, crisp, colourful and totally ruined my eyes with it's unattractively attractive art. The animators didn't care. The 'Evolution of a scene' videos prove nothing.

  • windowguylol says:


    Yeah, Bronies make me sick! "Love and toleration"? HELL NO! That shit is for losers. These losers need to be murdered. On COD. By winners. Like you and me :). Also these people raging about our opinions! They're French!

  • yesimstuntdude says:

    @windowguylol You will be assimilated into the herd in due time, don't worry.

  • AchiroRothlkin says:

    When you have something that you can relate to a 12 year old girl with that makes a pedophile by contact.

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