Borna Sammak: Best Buy

Digital artist Borna Sammak displays his video art at a Best Buy in New York City.

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October 14, 2009 • 3:25 pm | Permalink


  • sschat says:

    very cool idea! Instead of the usuall crap what is on tv, put this on. It triggers the minds...

  • CrazyJimKU says:


  • Robotfan987 says:

    I've heard about this, it's a neat idea.

  • ShirleyPeanut says:

    You couldn't I'll bet

  • DynamiteChild says:

    that thomas guy looked like gambit.

  • Kalawan88 says:


  • tgm09 says:

    yes it is art

    a child can splash paint onto a page

  • ThisIsCleverUsername says:

    best buj to je

  • Gloom99 says:

    that is art as "asgksgbsukyhg sfuygbsadfg sfaguyhsdfgiuhsdfg dsafouihdsag" is poetry.

  • rayza says:

    trippy stuff

  • 3yE says:

    Who took my lauging gas?

  • redFISTofEUROPE says:

    it just screams

  • Jonatron101 says:

    Step 1: Get lure artsy people to store
    Step 2: ???
    Step 3: Profit!

  • MadRecklessLevity says:

    grainy edges!

  • MRaverz says:

    Pfft, this isn't artistic, it's barely creative.

  • GoNoAMMo says:

    Dude! I wish I could do that. It's definitely a new kind of art. And it's awesome!

  • tonyreno123 says:

    ART? ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Pawndurr says:

    What's with all these shit talkers?
    At least this guy is doing something original.

    I don't see any of you convincing a multi-billion
    dollar corporation to turn their store into an art

  • TrancePants78 says:

    "there's so much more stuff being made right now.... out of other stuff"

    art quote of the year lmao!!!!

  • Bornisen says:

    HAHA! Awesome! My name is Borna too! :)

  • defect530 says:

    if you pause it you can see crazy shit.

  • defect530 says:

    thats funny crazyjim LMFAO

  • ThePappas7 says:

    anyone who thinks thats art is retarted

  • IdleGod says:

    My face... Its melting...

  • HewbertLarzToast says:

    OH MY GOODNESS WHY CAN'T I LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY.That's AWESOME.That guy makes really cool stuff.

  • goodman854 says:

    Good job now the TV that use to last 10 years will last about 2Years... -_-

  • ramanglass544 says:

    if you go to someone who say they have made art
    and you tell them its not
    no matter what .... your a douche

  • ramanglass544 says:

    aparently people who comment on youtube dont know what art is
    kewl vid

  • tgm09 says:

    you are tellin me? i send that comment to a guy who said this wasnt art duh...

  • jennzee87 says:

    Interesting stuff, I wish my Bestbuy did this. :)

  • hoodedraider says:

    maybe its art.. but this vid showed me enough.
    it's not worth paying an entry fee or something

  • Doctaz1234 says:

    Genius art. Genius Ideas.

  • socialnoocrat says:

    wow, talk about garbage. this is an insult to real artists.

  • lillsecrets says:

    art is a way to express yourself. this is in no way an insult. People who don't understand would call this "garbage" but its not. Art is a freedom of expression.

  • masterpaul542 says:

    that is so no art just know how to use sony vegas, know how to mask, have different layers. Done its art a HURR DURR!!!!

    Insult to real art grab a pencil motherfucker!

  • vids02 says:

    Ok, it's his art, and it is art. But jesus it looks like a bad game or computer screen glitching. It doesn't look much like art at all. Then again maybe that is what the "art world" sees in it. Who knows, half the artists are on drugs anyway..... OH! Now I get it!

  • httprover says:

    A digital kaleidoscope?

  • TOstevo says:

    This generation's Jackson Pollock. (aka crap)

  • socialnoocrat says:

    if i take a shit and put it in a jar, is it art?

  • dtman83 says:

    Wow, very cool of Best Buy.

  • socialnoocrat says:

    or how about that guy who starved a dog, artist??

  • moppwns says:

    I saw some of BBC's Planet Earth (Jungles chapter).

  • lordace777 says:

    his "art" isn't very skillful I agree, but pencil and paper, paintings, sculptures etc aren't the only forms of art..

  • lillsecrets says:

    you know, to be considered art, it doesn't have to be drawn "motherfucker".

  • masterpaul542 says:

    I'm not considering that art oh and your shitty little music video of the shining...ummm yeah no wonder your bagging on me because your no better than that guy...

  • penutwi says:

    YES!!! as long as you make it sound artsy your good... be like.... "this is what i think obama will end up doing to the US" or something like that.

  • lillsecrets says:

    lmfao. that was a school project from a while ago.
    and what does it have to do with this??? nothing....

  • coolstream1 says:


    Looks stupid and pointless to me! Also, Best Buy sucks...

  • mapleloaf67 says:

    Great vid thanx!

  • Techercizer says:

    A truly unique and beautiful form of art that's as innovative as it is complex; I'm glad I have rocketboom to bring me things like this.

    It was also pretty awesome for Best Buy to have gone along with something so creative.

  • TK3C says:

    I like how this is "art".

  • paralyticliff says:

    Yeah , as if it needed noting we live in a f*cked up world !

  • ilikepebbles says:

    Hope no one walking past Best Buy had epilepsy... lulz

  • NakedJKid says:

    I really like his art. It's not very complex to create but it's a brand new idea making use of a modern medium. It reminds me of the messy Jackson Pollock type of art that I dislike so much. I like this though because it moves and thus has a lot more depth and freedom of interpretation.

  • xxJoykillingKittenxx says:

    Oooh. It's pretty.
    I love that person with the yellow hair.
    I would totaly dye my hair that colour.

  • sharethispoison7 says:

    I think he kind of acknowledges that it's pretty simplistic to do and lacking a message. I think it was done mostly to show that technology brings new options and mediums to the art world.

  • CirqueDuCloud says:


  • chickennugget882 says:

    that would make one heck of an animal collective music video.

  • anotalreadytakenname says:

    Seriously. I watched this just to get it out of my subscriptions sections.

  • Raskolnikov32 says:

    did that dude say his name was Ronald Mcdonald?

  • M4rple says:

    He may not be very eloquent or articulate, but I really like his art. The vibrant colours and movement of shapes is mesmerizing; it's beautiful in a way.
    It's interesting to see what contemporary artists come up with nowadays; what new thing they create using modern mediums. It says something about how art has developed and changed over the years.

  • M4rple says:

    (comment cont'd)
    The fact that it is so simple to make (as the artist said), it contrasts with how busy and complicated it actually looks like. Also, he said he made it using deleted footage, so the underlying message of the piece is that "to create is to destroy" which is another interesting contrast.
    5 stars.

  • gvi341984 says:

    Can i have my seizures now?

  • mickey mouse says:

    In the 60s, all the clothes Walt designed for me looked just like that. I think he was on acid, cause he was sneakin around with Cinderella and got off on licking her left shoe.

  • drewthegnome says:

    just take your acid first

  • JdoubleA2 says:

    lmao yeh

  • NORCALVLOG says:

    explain why this is stupid

    (only respond if your alright with a video being made on this argument/question how ever you want to look at it)

  • Leonardo says:

    If the fiftheen videos have been designed -or adapted - specifically for that enviroment and that system of monitors then the thing might be interesting because the "art" would be the event itself (as happenings usually are) and not just the digital content. Otherwise is just televised seasickness.

  • necrokin1 says:

    that is sick

  • doompotty says:

    thomas mcdonald sadly. maybe hes got a brother named ron...

  • iDrifter says:

    Hell, I have screen savers that do that. Even iTunes has that and it keeps time with the music.

  • Laurenty says:

    Well it's in "New York"so it HAS to be good

  • j0rdanimal says:


  • Blythe31 says:

    succesful troll is succesful

  • jackielee62 says:

    live dreams.? thats the open door to be abble one day to record our own dreams...

  • andopolis says:

    I couldn't give a rats ass about underlying messages. Either you like the way it looks or you don't. Trying to add layers of meaning or interpretation is the reason I hate artfags.

  • andopolis says:

    I love your poem, looking past the abstract appearance there is an underlying confrontational tone. typed out in haste and labelled as poetry (a pleasing contrast) it is a bitting satirical piece perhaps giving a brief nod to the throw away nature of our society.

    Do you have any more?

  • Link10893 says:

    AH! My eyes just came.

  • RaptorTechSource says:

    As cool as that looks on maybe one or two TVs, if I wanted to buy one, I'd rather ben looking at some show or something, to get the feel of it...

  • jayx2710 says:

    At what point did you get the impression that artists give a "rats ass" about you? Art without interpretation doesn't exist. And layers of meaning are everywhere. Sorry to scare you, but you know, that's just how it is. Saying you hate layers of meaning is more or less saying you enjoy not seeing layers of meaning, which you can do at any point, as often as you like, and hence, it is stupid to complain that you're choosing to see more layers than you feel comfortable with.

  • MrFedo91 says:


  • lugiayoshi says:

    It reminds me of those collaborated tvs in the Dayton Art Museum; created by one person in 1986.

  • M4rple says:

    Art is never just about liking "the way it looks". Art is never judged purely on aesthetic. If you can't even make that distinction, your reply to my comment means nothing.

  • pathduck says:

    Awesome, I'd love that as a screensaver.

  • bigbookofnothing says:

    1:54 its that crazy sponge from the attenborough documentary thinggg! ahh!

  • florcita72 says:

    I like the way you get your point across.

  • lamplola says:

    more in the video EXCLUIDODIGITAL !

  • Fensterplaetzchen says:


  • ReliableInsider says:

    I think the message of the exhibit is that art and the creative impulse cannot be crushed by technology.

  • krum369 says:

    looks like something you look at at a youtube techno video.

  • Cowdozer says:

    Such a cute puppy dog!!!

    What do you have there puppy? A bowl! Oh yes you do! That's a nice bowl isn't it?

  • Poki3 says:

    I'm really into artsy stuff... but this just looks ugly to me.

  • CirqueDuCloud says:

    I guess I don't have the artistic mind for understanding the deep themes of the classic concept of collage...

  • mikemmx says:

    it looks like crap... honestly..

  • mikemmx says:

    it looks like crap, honestly..

  • danieager says:

    Heh... nice video. It a pity that we don't have this shop in our town.

  • forwardplease says:

    This changes everything...

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  • aurasss says:

    this will fuck up our eyes

  • roidroid says:

    I'm really into ugly stuff... but this just looks artsy to me.

  • esteban21022 says:

    Argentinos invite you to listen to my music

  • nicktpoe says:


  • Vermeer says:

    This just proves that people with absolutely NO artistic talent of their own can copy something, fuck it up, and call it art.
    This is just Jackson Pollack reincarnated with a video editor instead of buckets of paint.

  • Cantclickmehaha says:

    I bet that you Cant click My name! :)

  • fjfj says:

    wow!its a prototype but more expensive

  • TheIkidsEde says:

    Oh look! Acid Trips is nao Art...

  • ProJanitor says:

    So basically what Winamp already provides.

    Bravo for repeating history.


  • TERRYMEG says:


  • SabreTooth123 says:

    Nice art and great idea to have it at a Best Buy

  • matthewnic1 says:

    dont type dont type /user/VlogageD after u tube.... please... okay??

  • Maudrim says:


  • evotech says:

    This is some seriously crappy shit

  • D2JR09 says:

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  • VENUETA says:


  • 174pandas says:

    Way to rethink public spaces! Five stars... great installation!!! 174 pandas.

  • mittROMNEY666 says:

    this is fuckn retarded. corporate bullshit stunt. a total insult to people's intelligence and to art. forget the art museum - just go down to best buy and watch the fuckn hdtvs!

  • videochick770 says:

    very cool idea!

  • Lunkan164 says:

    Well...atleast he's not killing people...

  • Thisiz50B says:

    msg me if you want lockerz invite free stuff given

  • jayeshchoudhari says:

    Can things get more stupider?

  • Jragoonx says:


  • flock101 says:

    hey shit for brains, ever considered that this installation wouldn't even be possible anywhere other than a store like best buy? No contemporary art gallery is setup with that many HDTVs. This was a great idea.

  • FatCrimpChannel says:

    Gaaaaaaaaayy!, if my new vid dont make you laugh SUEEEE MEEEE!

  • mittROMNEY666 says:

    sorry this isnt art. its bullshit. are the pricetags, the cheap fluorescent lighting, and the helpful employees part of the installation too?

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