Museum of the American Gangster

Rocketboom’s Ella Morton visits the Museum of the American Gangster in NYC. Assets: Prohibition car, we want beer, prohibition failed, repeal the 18th ammendment, tow truck, drive by shootings, Map, Fast Boats, Black Duck Rum Runner, Raid on Whisky, Barrels of Illegal Liquor, Gangster Being PRocessed by Cops, Prohibition Headline, Prohibition Headline 2, Mayor Jimmy Walker, Tommy Gun Ad, Man Holding Tommy Gun, Gangster with Tommy Gun, Firing The Tommy Gun.


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Posted to New York City
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  • greatestwhoeverlived says:


  • shai6anish says:


  • spundeman says:


  • Legnarrr says:


  • lonewolf74 says:

    great vid !
    love it

  • yoursisterinlaw says:

    i so want to go there!

  • rizwan1983 says:

    I'm not American, but that was still fascinating!

  • foureyes99 says:

    History = Cool

  • antshit123 says:

    i love all these crazy muesuem videos.

  • puttepossu2 says:

    you might be the only one

  • NikiDaDude says:

    Prohibition doesn't work, it only feeds the mafia, we should have learnt that from history, it wasn't that long ago damn it.

    Although I must admit I love gangster movies.

  • AnarchistDictator says:


  • robinsoncrucify says:

    no soul

  • ellamorton says:

    Have you seen Bugsy Malone? I used to love that film as a kid!

  • ruagamer says:


  • weirdoalisa says:

    I want you guys to come to the west coast and find cool stuff too!

  • ellamorton says:

    Gingers have them, darnit!

  • robinsoncrucify says:

    my best friend's gramp used to run booze to new york

  • BillyCauseyjr says:

    @NikiDaDude the reason prhibition and stuff like weapons bans do is make people turn to shady sources to get the stuff. if someone really wants alchohol or a weapon, they will find a way to get it.

  • wildboy92004 says:

    Ella looks tight with those guns. Next episode you hold guns Ella you should hold them outward with arms seperated at a 45 degree angle. Basically the same image of the intro to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles with Cameron (Summer Glau) holding a gun in each hand while the 3D modeling rotates. You can just search on YT and see what I'm talking about or go to my channel and look up my recent favorites of the show.

  • wildboy92004 says:

    I love Canadian Club. It was my drink of choice before I was old enough to buy alcohol. I have a little boy I need to take care of so I don't drink much anymore if I do at all.

  • Emerald1234S says:

    haha, sweet. They towed the feds cars. I love that

  • Selo79 says:

    cool vid, little dry perhaps?

  • balzac308 says:

    Ella always gets to visit the coolest places!

  • vicepresidentfru1tly says:

    The Thompson has gotta be the coolest gun ever. It doesn't give a shit what it kills. Best episode of Rocketboom in ages.

  • Gamepopper101 says:

    Oh god they've gone this low.

  • fishwish9 says:

    could have done with being longer

  • RyuDarragh says:

    @vicepresidentfru1tly: No gun cares what it kills. The Tommy Gun was a machine gun and *that* is what made it the gun of choice. Like a slow motion shotgun with 00 pellets.

  • Pendragondnd says:

    i heard that they turned the tommy sideways, pointed it at one end of a room, and used the hop up to clean it out

  • thelonewolf86 says:

    Those pinfire revolvers look cool!

  • number25by2009 says:

    Ok this is a real video, not Molly yammering about cute animals. God. Don't rely on your looks and cute voice Molly!

  • vicepresidentfru1tly says:

    Well obviously, it's a machine. My point was that it sprays EVERYTHING.

  • LidsAreFun says:

    aww no molly today :(

  • TheDepreso says:

    Love this era.

  • FluffyBunniesOnFire says:

    I miss that show... [sniff]

  • FluffyBunniesOnFire says:

    I want a tommy gun! Don't know what I'd do with it, I just want one.

  • TiniusGenious says:

    Lol that first dude was SO gangstah! RESPECT to the old veteran gangsters

  • ellamorton says:

    She will return tomorrow and the order of the universe will be restored.

  • SouthOx says:

    she looks a little like Kirsten Dunst

  • ellamorton says:

    I'm very lucky!

  • billyhkc says:

    ye i think so too
    kirsten dunst as a red head in spiderman

  • WeskJago says:

    ahh. the days of real gangsters. nowadays we have fake poser braindead gangsters with huge egos and talk like retards

  • billyhkc says:

    1st to die

  • AmericanKampf says:


  • scootosan says:

    forgot the the section on VD and use the tommy gun to shoot off your dick

  • CaptKundalini says:

    And as we all know, most of the Gangsters back in those days wound up getting shot to death by either rival gangsters or the Feds.
    Most of the Bugs Moran gang bought it in a garage on N. Clark Street on St. Valentines Day.
    Bugs Moran died of lung cancer on February 25, 1957.
    His mind gone and his body ravaged by Syphilis, Al Capone died of cardiac arrest on January 25, 1947.

  • Gregerlindstrom says:

    i want Molly <3

  • amlife180 says:

    Ella is not bad at all. I love molly too

  • BigAndTall666 says:

    Being a ganster is NOT cool, just plain stupid!!! -Another stupid thing is that there is NOT ENOUGH MOLLY around here!

  • eatbeavers says:

    Molly wants you<3

  • Moscvitch says:

    Ella is very similar to you Kirsten Dunst.

  • patriotsfan11 says:

    Canadian Club!!!! Canada, best whiskey in the world

  • Gezab says:

    Trigger discipline!

  • trickyfeet says:

    Gangsters now are not cool Gangsters then were boss. Now teens think that they are gangster if they have their pants down at their knees a gangster back then wore a suit

  • risoto27 says:

    Cheers for Ella! However, don't like the gangster museum just as i don't like folk mexican music glorifying drug dealers.

  • fingersticks74 says:

    ehem, the term "mobster" is more PC.

  • brtshstel says:

    the Tommy Gun was an accurate weapon at close range when used like a submachine gun is supposed to be used.

  • vincentlikessnow says:

    @Moscvitch yeah I thought this too

  • RgSchmitt says:

    This vid remembered me "Mafia" the game and made me wanna play it lol

  • Probewitch says:

    Whats da secret password Bugsey !?

  • red80camaro says:

    I happen to enjoy Ella! Well not "enjoy" enjoy, but you know... like, just watching her... on Youtube that is!! ... not in some creepy sense... like while she sleeps or anything! .. ahh frig it! She's a hot ginger with an Aussie accent & I don't care if she doesn't have a soul! She's just as much a part of the universal order as Molly!

  • SuperChuck3 says:

    really cool :)

  • EchoRed says:

    Wow that was great, specially the part when he explains how people picked up liquor from offshore Canadian boats.

    Though I was kinda wondering why he didn't talk about the BAR, since he did bring up the Tommy gun. Not enough time in the video I guess.

  • Hogwartian says:

    ella always seems sincere and i appreciate that

  • P1ntto says:

    What the fuck ? Your videos sucks.. who wants to know about that shit !!! FUCK OFF .l.

  • DonBugatti says:

    isn't that Mary Jane from Spiderman!? :D

  • jamesjiao says:

    @DonBugatti I believe you are thinking of Kirsten Dunst and this is not her. I do perceive the resemblance however.

  • JamesIsDreaming says:

    They made Gangsters look like idols. WTF?

  • DonBugatti says:

    @jamesjiao ohh :D hehe they look pretty identical ;)

  • TheDorianGrayShow says:

    I want to know about his... how about you STFU and LEAVE!!

  • m4a1maverick1 says:

    @DonBugatti No, she just look very alike. :P

  • Ericlikespi2 says:

    I have the Thompson on Battlefield Bad Company 2 :D

  • coolhitmandude5000 says:

    molly ftw

  • ThePironik says:

    Interesting stuff. Best Ella video yet.

  • kite10122 says:

    This video format sucks.

  • RocketBoobs says:

    Dear Ella RocketBoobs,

    Great piece, Ella! You're always a delight to see.
    Keep up the good work, Dearie.

  • P0P357UR3 says:


  • Pred124 says:

    New yt design is fail

  • MechaMugen says:


  • mattblack77nz says:

    @trickyfeet Lookin' like a fool wit' you pants on da ground?

  • Soberum says:

    omgg stop bitching about youtube format

  • artvandelay13 says:

    Another reason why America needs Canada...

  • Leonardo says:

    Ella and Ellie always pop up at the right time to refresh my allegiance to RocketBoom

  • palapalooza says:

    What was the music playing in the background?

  • Bart Fartley says:


  • PatitoFilmsSAdeCV says:

    This format is pure shit!

  • ThePureawesomness says:

    WHERES MOLLY!?!?!?!?

  • IllogicalGenious says:

    They also trained horses to cross the Canadian-American border without a rider. I know because my grandfather was one of those people.

  • LidsAreFun says:


  • TheWingedGuitar says:

    Are you autistic?

  • crazygeek777 says:

    the thompson was a bad choice? FUCK YOU!!

  • manyakols9 says:

    gangsters back then are for real

    gangsters these days are pretenders, sagging thier pants down makes them think they're gangster, but they're not

  • ThePureawesomness says:

    @TheWingedGuitar no and why?

  • FuryChord says:

    I just got the new youtube on my home computer. it's different indeed

  • cupcakexL0ve says:

    thank you canada.

  • invisiblekiva says:


    Rocketboom now only appeals like twit tweenies like you. grow some pubic hair, some balls and when that day comes, molly will probably look like your grandmother.

  • skollll says:

    Where is Ellie ?

  • Leobons says:


  • mbonnar says:

    THESE people were THE "Original Gangsters". Makes me laugh at the "hood/projects" gang culture today.

  • ThePureawesomness says:

    @invisiblekiva then why are you watching it?

  • MrMoneyclips says:

    ┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐ Fuck the new layout!

  • joebcool says:

    All of your booze are belong to us!

  • CrazyCheeseMagee says:

    Now THESE are real Original Gangsters! 50 Cent might have been shot several times and lived, but Al Capone basically ran Chicago and was only arrested on a technicality! Fiddy never did that.

  • VinceKato says:

    @manyakols9 I don't think they know why guys in jail did that......that makes it funny

  • VinceKato says:

    @Leobons yeah the 2 good things about youtubes new look is you see comments by how good they are and you dont have the wierd stats thing under the vid. everything is.......

  • inkstee says:

    anyone know the name of the jazz song?

  • StudioKimbo says:

    Gangsters aren't badass like they used to... They use uzis...

    Why the fuck do they use uzis?!

  • mike_dixon says:

    hey this show is bangin'! and i think i've fallen in luv w/ella, also!

    p.s.: happy b'day to drew, a true neoteric gangster.

    luv y'all (a plural second-person pronoun describing everyone @RB),

  • FatherTime89 says:

    Say what you will about the tommy gun, but there's no question that holding a tommy gun while wearing a suit instantly makes you look like a badass.

  • FatherTime89 says:

    @trickyfeet Ironic thing is those old gangsters actually looked better than the modern ones who obsess over image.

  • FatherTime89 says:

    Funny thing is that Canada also had a beer ban when the US passed there's although once the US did that Canada modified their law to allow for beer but only if you were going to export it.

  • Bart Fartley says:


    and you should fix your comment section so that everybody's IP number isn't shown.

  • ReliableInsider says:


    The executives at AIG (American International Group Inc.) wear nice suits.


  • iHateToRegister says:

    Hi Ella ♥

  • xXSOADDUDEXx says:

    @trickyfeet couldnt agree more, and the gangsters back then owned the place... nowadays its drive by's

  • invisiblekiva says:


    me watch cause the show was interesting 2day.

  • eSilva90 says:

    i love the roaring 20s!!!

  • 33dgtp says:

    @trickyfeet and were polite with the ladies. Manners...
    i guess.. Blame the Blacks... well in this case.... :))

  • 33dgtp says:

    @red80camaro /:) hmmm..

  • piratecheese13 says:

    COPY AND PASTE IF YOU THINK THE NEW YOUTUBE LAYOUT IS A FAIL!* ┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐ Fuck the new layout

  • TheLonelyImmortal says:

    But you didn't show the utter losers that we have today for our gangsters.

  • walker1054 says:

    wish we had the old gangsters back, at least they had some respect, now its like "theres an old lady, us chavs should go and steal her purse and then stab a kid on the way home"...

  • mapleloaf67 says:

    rocketboom rocks!

  • FFarmerCharlie says:

    Repeal the DEA! End the Fed!

  • jldkrank says:

    Gingers are cute sometimes.

  • LedenaVIla says:

    nice gunss!! 0:09

  • arrisfilms says:

    Wish my job was rocketboom

  • VideoUploaderTester says:

    Oh, Jesus! I could lick every inch of that freckles skin and then hump her for 4 hours straight nonstop... :)

  • vrfl says:


  • JoeDull says:

    Woah, Ella's looking better than usual!

  • ellamorton says:

    @LedenaVIla Thanks, I've been working out lately.

  • Sharkboy967 says:

    @FatherTime89 Is true :D

  • mrtennessen says:

    This video is probably my favourite one of Ella's interviews.

  • tanker58p says:

    awesome video loved the history!

  • Random1765 says:

    Another unique Museum, very cool!

  • j7x54 says:

    change this to museum of the WHITE american ganster.

  • j7x54 says:

    now why is cocaine not legal? people want it just like alcohol in the 20's but yet it still not legal cigs are legal. lawmakers in america are hypocrites.

  • zamrok73 says:

    back then gangsters were smart

  • Phyenux1 says:

    i want to lick your vagina

  • devil1966 says:

    @artvandelay13 Exactly why does America need Canada for? Their style of govt? No thanks we are getting that now. I can't think of one reason why America needs Canada.

  • picklejar222 says:

    @devil1966 oil, maple syrup, beer XD

  • bobdull123 says:

    @artvandelay13 canada can go fuck thereselves

  • artvandelay13 says:

    @bobdull123 And America can go educate "thereselves".

  • diamondrio21 says:

    @j7x54 leave it to someone to make this innocent vid into a racial sunbject matter, grow up !

  • NpKTURKEY says:

    can i have those 3mins of my life back plz

  • mamiurcas says:

    I want beer!!!

  • bobdull123 says:

    @artvandelay13 we already do that it is called school so fuck you and canada

  • gokartperson17 says:


  • EFEWQ says:

    Why gangsters (20s century criminals and murderers) are considered brave heroes and have a museum today?

  • FatherTime89 says:

    Does anyone know what song starts at around 2:10 ?

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