Adafruit Industries

Rocketboom Tech correspondent Ellie Rountree visits engineer and founder of Adafruit Industries, Limor Fried, to talk about their DIY open source electronic kits.

This episode was created in collaboration with Intel!

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August 31, 2009 • 11:36 am | Permalink


  • ZoolanderDZ says:


  • LinuxUser4Life says:


  • BigAndTall666 says:

    You may have been first, but i´m ACE!!! ;-P

  • LinuxUser4Life says:


  • Elliottslingsby says:

    Awesome :D

  • 1grolltack says:

    great vid.

  • danxl5 says:

    Loved it!

  • OneEyeJay says:


  • Fensterplaetzchen says:


  • naylklipper says:

    bahahaha! psycho death stare from 1:48-1:58.

    Anyway, I love the white pants, they're so in this summer and look great on you.

  • neocool12 says:

    neato :) dyi electronics !

  • SunMan6A6 says:

    they're so in?are you really a male?

  • LinuxUser4Life says:


  • iliekwaffles says:

    Are you gay? Who looks at peoples pants when watching videos like this.

  • crisisstar says:

    haha XD

  • ZoolanderDZ says:

    I think this is commonly referred too as the "Ironic Fail". An "Ironic Fail" is achieved when one person calls out another, on thier attempt to achieve their own goal. But in this attempt they themselves ironically fail, because the original goal was in fact reached, instead of the failed attempt they are referring too. So thusly, you are the one who has failed. FAIL! Hahahahaha =D

  • DaAce96 says:

    2 kb of RAM, DANG!!!!

  • sschat says:

    Is Ellie pregnant? I hope not...

  • Treknologist says:

    The opening 2 shot is so PC verus Mac.

  • drappke says:

    70 bucks for that clock you'll have to build yourself ?

  • machinate says:

    I'd say it's about right for a kit like that, including that VERY fancy and hard-to-find tube. Besides, there's totally value in DIY kits that you don't get from the same product as a ready-made.

  • farazazhar1 says:

    good stuff ...

  • ru429 says:

    Awesome stuff.

  • CognosSquare says:

    Subscribed to adafruit. Moar exactly like this pls.

  • smegingbastard says:


  • sth128 says:

    Power Supply doesn't generate power. It modifies the power output from the 60Hz 120V wall outlet to whatever it is you need.

  • sth128 says:

    Why? Are you trying to shirk parental responsibility?

  • httprover says:

    Ms Gadget?

  • KirosatLive says:


  • rocketman6881 says:

    Amazing Tech !!!

  • IdleGod says:

    I built a mintyboost a few months back. It is useless for an iPhone 3G, and it almost burned my house down... Great otherwise though. :)

  • naylklipper says:

    lol yes male, not gay. I went to Hong Kong for 1 year. It made me more fashion-conscious.

    Wait... I just realized, this is a video about DIY electronic kits, not white pants. How embarrassing.

  • KMAMK123 says:

    I think she was trying to keep it simple... and i guess you missed that.

  • Robotfan987 says:

    That altoids charger is pretty cool. I don't get all the technical stuff, but I like that charger for sure.

  • runescapetrainerftw says:

    1:54 look at her eyes

  • 89ermis says:


  • Sonic says:

    What is that payphone is doing there?

  • Chris Canole says:

    Rocketboom brings rocket science down to earth like the kids inthe movie "October Sky" which is and anagram of Rocket Boys. This is better than that new SyFy network that is related to what? Keep the techno coming for us gadget geeks.

  • jigglesnap says:

    moar like Mac vs Linux amirite

  • dtman83 says:

    This girl is such a nerd, I love it! I wish more girls were like her.

  • Ninjormon says:

    What is the one at 0:06?

  • pt says:

    @sonic - the payphone is a project that was not featured in the video, you can check it out at we show how to turn a payphone in to a regular home phone and then hack it even more :)

  • TheSv566Show says:


  • Ninjormon says:

    Thanks, but is it actually on the site? I couldn't find it.

  • TheCharleycat says:

    does adafruit have a youtube channel?

  • jigglesnap says:

    You're not very good at the Internet, are you?

  • Leonardo says:

    Considered the proprietary dullness underlying the usual feud between Mac and PC zealots I can hardly believe that the concept of Creative Commons License is so widely known that to post a link to it is redundant.

    Just in case:

  • TheCharleycat says:

    lol nope....but i did find her channel. they do a great electronic comic book that comes with a sim

  • will0ughby says:

    haha holy shit

  • CasaDeCucaracha says:

    She's hot

  • blah22322 says:

    I love Adafruit

  • richboyhi says:


  • Omegaorgcom says:

    Wow amazing company!

  • hendersonhigh says:

    1.54 the presenters eyes go really wide haha

  • moderndukes says:

    haha ya, i noticed that. She looked like she had never heard of Ghz like she was talking greek.

  • Didanix says:

    It's Ladyada!

  • Didanix says:

    Err, Ghz? She was talking about disk (or RAM/ROM) space.

  • caniarlo says:


  • CylonFraker says:

    Wonderful video, so enjoyed this. Theres not a hope in hell i could make any of this stuff but it is such a great idea. ROCKETBOOM wins again :)

  • MrDrakosha says:

    is that CIA super-duper secret laboratory staff?))))

  • ovuori says:

    This is really good company and amazing way to think electronics.

  • Jonatron101 says:

    Well, Caniarlo, RAM has processing speeds too, although I can make no claim to fully understanding them, just check the full specs of a particular bit of RAM.

  • Hypermobilemind says:

    Ugh, I hate open source, it's like getting a patent, selling your product, and then releasing your patent out to anyone that want's to see it, it's so stupid. I'd rather pay for the software than have the source code out there available for anyone to look at and draw exploits from.

  • thebettyfordclinic says:

    That makes my TVBG so much more worth it!

  • tickletumtandy says:

    love this - awesome

  • Mandalorx10 says:

    I wouldn't mind getting my hands on her oscilloscopes!
    (note to self, write down better pick up lines)

  • d4m4s74 says:

    exploits for open source hardware?

    and it's just as easy to find exploits in open source software as it is to fix them. So if anyone releases an exploit for for example Debian the next day you will get a patch

  • Hypermobilemind says:

    Zero-day exploits, when someone finds one, they don't release it, then no one else knows about it. Or they only release it within their group.

    As far as hardware goes, all you need is the schematic to study it and replicate it, why would you want to release that to everyone?

  • SamTheToyRobot says:

    What is with girls and lip rings?

  • moderndukes says:

    woops commented in a hurry. Good catch

  • azumii says:

    LOL @ 1:52

  • nanooki says:

    There was such a hotness difference there is was causing some kind of cupidian wind!

  • redrebel69 says:

    that girl looks kinky

  • Aliyns says:

    Thanks Ellie, cool interview very interesting.

  • Bill B. says:

    Thank you Ellie and Rocketboom for reporting on emerging businesses like Adafruit. You guys fill a niche that the major news outlets fail at. That is, you understand the future. Thanks again.

  • Glickisrad says:


  • GaddingImp says:

    for tingly blow jobs

  • DoubleU says:

    Absolutely kewl!

    Kudos to you, Limor!

    Now, to check out your site and more about you.


  • plasticvideo says:

    I KNOW! I laughed at that too.

  • AllGlory2DaHypnoToad says:

    1:54, what's with her eyes!? it's like she wants to murder her!

  • brown016 says:

    Why doesn't Ellie just anchor? She has done lots of reporting it makes no sense to bring in a new anchor person rather than promote an existing employee or project member.

  • jayeshchoudhari says:

    lol look at Ellie's face. She has no idea what the other person is talking about. lol.
    She is here just because she looks hot!

  • OmegaGraham says:

    Creepy stare! 1:48

  • GodLikeSkillz89 says:

    Girl on the right is hot!

  • togaida says:

    Yeah, she looked as if she had an unintentional brainfart, was caught offgaurd, and quickly hoped Limor didn't hear it, let alone smell it. that or she had a quick out of body experience.

  • OmegaGraham says:

    I would love to know what's going through Ellie's mind at 1:49.

  • salazarmark says:

    Too much botox imo.

  • wakefield666 says:

    Oh... my... god... I'm so incredibly stupid compared to this hot geek girl.

  • wakefield666 says:

    Also check out 2:02, 2:49, and 2:56 for additional deer-in-the-headlights/death stare incidents.

  • OmegaGraham says:

    So what, if he's gay?

  • OmegaGraham says:

    lol, Canada rocks!

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