December 31, 2009

The Suffersons – Episode 9: The Editor

- Casual Fridays - December 31, 2009

The Suffersons, Episode 9: Dana brings home an editor who wants to publish her memoir. Created by Blair Singer . Starring Michael Chernus and Susan Pourfar. Guest starring Joanne Colan. For more information, see: The Rocketboom Blog . Mememolly and the Rocketboom Daily News will return on Monday, January 4th. var hupso_services_t=new Array(“Twitter”,”Facebook”,”Google Plus”,”Linkedin”,”StumbleUpon”,”Digg”,”Reddit”,”Email”);var hupso_background_t=”#EAF4FF”;var hupso_border_t=”#66CCFF”;var hupso_toolbar_size_t=”small”;var hupso_twitter_via = “rocketboom”;var hupso_image_folder_url [More...]

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