11 Useful Web Apps

Rocketboom Tech correspondent Ellie Rountree shows us some of her favorite productivity applications. Tweetdeck, CoTweet, Adium, Sizzling Keys, Dropbox,, Download Helper, Snapz Pro X, Aviary, Quicksilver, Little Snitch. Music by Podington Bear

This episode was created in collaboration with Intel!

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  • ComputerHelpGuy1 says:

    Umm... why does this have no comments rating yet?

  • theorderoforange says:

    ?? low qualty??

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  • rumbleforce2 says:

    fucking pixelated low quality

  • Kiki756 says:

    I think I'm going to check some of these out, they sound useful!

  • casey963 says:

    Unfortunately, none of these sound that useful to me. Maybe another video? :O
    Some of my apps:
    I'll tell you when I get lesser known ones

  • TK3C says:

    I love you, Allie.

  • xXmilkieXx says:

    Wow.... Low quality or what?

  • Deimosz says:

    Thank you for spreading your knowledge with us!
    Great info, I'll definitely will use some of these Apps.

  • kevin92764 says:

    It just got quality will get better over time

  • wanyal says:

    These arent web apps, web apps are websites that are the app, for example Twitter.

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  • logosh says:

    interest and helpful video, but the cuality was alittle to low

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    u have a mudkip poster on your wall ^^ thats sooo awesome 5/5

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    dang u is buff

  • NDNCABOOSE says:

    lol'ed at the "bitches dont know" picture in the bck

  • elspethjane says:

    I have 20 @cotweet invites to give out. Tweet me your fav apps + tricks and I'll send invites to my favorite responses.

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  • Gruntforglory says:

    Like aging a fine wine? I don't think that's how the Internets work.

  • JollySpace says:

    Favorite apps:
    RocketDock (Dock)
    Wakoopa (Tracks how long you use certain programs.)
    Snagit (Photo capture)

  • Lefkada18 says:

    i thought the same thing hahaha.

  • lincolnhasapikachu says:

    Favorite app has got to be: GetTube

  • optemoz says:

    fuck shes hot omg

  • javadude54 says:

    I like to use a free program called Picasa 3 (from Google) to straighten pictures I take with my digital camera. It also has other basic image editing features. I have a hard time getting the horizon straight in my pictures so I use Picasa 3 to straighten the images.

    I also use Any Video Converter to download YouTube videos and to convert them to other video formats if needed.

    For quick and easy screencaps I use ScreenPrint32.

  • nicknees93 says:

    good music choice (no sunlight- death cab for cutie)

  • TehCandleProductions says:

    Pillsberry: i dont know if you know this but Windows vista can do all but one of the Apps you just said. =|

  • flitz0Prinze says:

    i love you

  • thespoonage says:

    good to know! thank you, Ellie! I would give you hott points, but that wouldn't be fair now, would it! =)

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    take your top off

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    Hi Ellie

  • kcthinker says:

    Ellie, Thanks for the advice.

  • ilovetofart2991 says:

    i love you ellie. can i have you in a 17 year old package?

  • lukeb3000 says:

    Hey Ellie

    I see you are a fan of my two favourtie bands Death Cab for Cutie and Blac Party!

    I loved this video, I consider myself to be a power user too, but you highlighted some great apps here!

    I plan on setting up a new blog soon where I am going to review and screen cast all the latest and greatest web apps

    Keep up the good work :)

  • elspethjane says:

    Luckily I wasn't playing my Britney Spear's playlist ;)

  • SombreritoMaggot says:

    Are those programs available only for iMac?

  • poptarttoshi says:

    she useing a mac what do you think

  • SombreritoMaggot says:


  • zerfsun says:

    actually, firewalls are really simple to configure

  • nook3y says:

    damn it, I want a wife like her... :p

  • synterlu says:

    Guess what?

  • Joeflims says:

    for music i use songbird

    its better than itunes and its open source and free

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  • raphas13 says:

    most of em but there are these-like for win too

  • Tyrock16 says:

    For Gaming

  • raphas13 says:

    could you send me a msg when the bog is ready im interrested

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  • synterlu says:

    mac is number one in..

  • vitraxx says:

    mac >:

  • north21b says:

    use linux just that...

  • jonathanh95 says:

    ive had download helper for's pretty shit

  • BTandGMproductions says:

    U SUCK

  • maeB2morrow says:

    For bilingual users out there (esp. Russians) Punto Switcher is great. It will recognize the words you're typing and switch them into the appropriate language without you having to manually switch back and forth between languages.

  • ugh911258921 says:

    That's a big monitor...

  • DemonDash says:

    GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program is an open source, Linux based application which is also compatable with Windows and Mac OSX. It has a lot of the great tools Photo Shop has and while it can't do everything due to copyright and licencing issues, it is 100% free. Unless you're a proffesional image editor, you'll never know the difference.

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  • PianoScience says:

    Wow she has an iMac, lucky.

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  • SonomaDave1 says:

    That hitch is bot.

  • adv1k says:

    twitter is so lame LOL, its just for old people who dont understand computers.
    i agree though

    "this bitch is hot"

  • DemonDash says:

    I also use Keep Vid a lot for saving Youtube vidoes to my PC. You can choose to save in low quality as an FLV file, or high qulality as an MP4 file.

  • DemonDash says:

    Also, forgot to add, I like turtles!

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  • polywoly15 says:

    does it work with other languages?

  • lucasroxdanoobz says:

    that hot is bitch

  • SonomaDave1 says:

    Bitch hot that is.

  • librano says:

    some were not web apps... but anyway...

    My fav web app hands down is gmail. better than any other email client i've ever used even desktop ones.... and then some.

  • Stormavens says:

    wtf? mac? get a damn pc girl

  • jeanfaljean says:

    work properties miss use

  • abduction03 says:

    if you spend less time, IM and in tweer you wouldnt need so much time working...

  • Stormavens says:

    Firewall problem? disable windows firewall and get ur own. there are tons out there.

    why would u even pay for editing programs in the first place? if you ARE using it for personal reasons, why buy? if you are using it commercially, why the heck use anything else other than photoshop?

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    wtf is twitter? all talk about it

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    Lol, Mac

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    I Just love the Techno viking poster in the background xD

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    mac makes people cancer :D , I dont want this hot lady to die cause of mac

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    i didn't know disallow was a word? ...denied

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    age rie.

  • thefvck says:

    so how much did mac and twitter pay you? lol

    good vid, loved some of the apps mentioned, like dropbox, im definately going to check that out
    as well as little snitch hehe

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    i love your boobs

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    6. Tommorrow will be the best day ever
    it actually worked

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    hmmm,well you are pretty fit aint ya.

  • Yarcofin says:

    Sweet... I don't have Twitter or a Mac, so everything in this was entirely useless to me.

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    Why is there a mudkip on the wall??

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    and i like your boby by the way
    good luck with your firewall hahaha

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    I think you should be the new host of rocketboom Ellie *thumbsup*

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    what is the thing that the little snitch app can be used for ?

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    why so hot?

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    she's fucking hot!

    what's this video about?

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    Wow, she's gorgeous! I'd probably sit and watch her read the phone book!

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  • wowtrax says:

    haha i just noticed your calendar has a picture of the viking raver :)

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    haha true. And judging by the two thumbs down responses I got, I guess we are kind of alone on the death cab for cutie boat...

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    ellie is the new morgan webb! just don't get all crazy and end up on maxum when u go mainstream :P

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  • TheLaughingManD says:

    Another Useful App, a photo editor called GIMP it's free, it's like photoshop, a bit less user freidnly, but its great for a quick fix, and if you are making some simple image macros

  • Jafefewalini says:


  • Nolaxrs says:

    you look abit like Olivia Munn but you're smarter lol

  • atocruz says:

    May i know ur friendster account? Ur so pretty!

  • saken says:

    I noticed you have Web Developer for firefox addon, that would be a good one to suggest, a must have for almost anyone who works on websites.

  • CasualDaveDotCom says:

    DL Helper is a killer app, converts flv to other file types as it downloads and even downloads mp3 from some sites, Have to check out some of those others,

    I highly recommend Firefox web browser for people not in the know, has great add-ons like the DL helper, Adblock, NoScript, and too many to list

    XML script for Windows Movie Maker, I have XP, I added a simple file with notepad and now I can bluescreen

    I dig that bigazz monitor you got! :)

  • rainbow6vega2 says:

    what the

  • Snotnarok says:

    CD Burner XP

    A free CD/DVD/BluRay burner that works really well, I don't have any issues with it and wit works with all windows versions. (dunno about mac/linux)

  • nottimid says:

    use a PC instead... Macs are garbage for people who don't know how to use computers to begin with... so if you're a Power User, consider yourself powerless... you're cute, but the video is useless to most "Power" aka PC users...

  • shanepatrickfagan says:

    I use linux ubuntu 9.04. Quicksilver is a bit like Gnome Do, the deskbar applet is also a little similar. Ubuntu one is kinda like drop box but its invite only for the moment. For twitter I use the deskbar applet to send my tweets from my desktop. I use Facebook with pidgin to keep logged in on facebook. Gimp is a good photoshop like program and its cross platform so linux mac and windows can use it.

  • iqbali4u says:

    Very informative....I am always looking for good aps specially which are not so costly or free and useful in daily usage. Please Kindly put more videos like this and thanks for sharing such useful information with us.

  • DriitzzCabal says:

    i will surely get alot of flame by saying this but...

    all those apps are a bunch of useless apps that you will use like what 1 time and then it will just sit there on the PC ? lol

    anyway great video nice video quality you are pretty you explain well , kind of entertaining . but those Apps ... i must say No thank you.

  • PA16803 says:

    Who cares !

  • darraghtank says:

    please have sex with me

  • nooobdude says:

    lol a mudkip in the backround

  • JohnC290 says:

    Great list of apps! If you're on a Mac try out:
    AppZapper - Easy to use uninstaller.
    Awaken - If you want to use your Mac as an alarm clock.
    Tweetie - A lightweight and fun Twitter application.
    Coda - If you do any HTML/CSS editing this is essential.
    InsomniaX - Prevents your MacBook from sleeping when you close the lid.
    Jing - Screen video capture application.
    Skitch - Best application I have come across for snapping and uploading/exporting screenshots.
    Spotify - Stream music for free!

  • xTROJANxX says:

    i agree Quicksilver is a like Gnome Do on ubuntu

  • Pa2pseudo says:

    are u just trolling ? hmmm ... if your productivity is better on a PC stay on PC mine increased after moving to OSX after 5 years of an intense windows use...

  • Pa2pseudo says:

    totally agree with the adblock add-ons. It took me a while before using it but now with adblock surfing on internet is much better :)

  • bounce360 says:

    I don't have any suggestions, just kudos. You're articulate and beautiful. You're very refreshing! Thank you!

  • Bolder150 says:

    after watching it I thought "Don't I already use this on my PC?"

    Guess so.

  • D4Shawn says:

    Do you have a separate YouTube channel of your own?

  • Bern52hard says:

    too fast for me, but you are beautiful, and a pleasure to see the facial expressions. Thanks for a refreshing detour!

  • Joannec95 says:

    Did you know you can change the size of your screen by holding ctrl key with your scrolling mouse (that is on top of your mouse). It is very easy to use.

  • D4Shawn says:

    We all do. However, some of us keep that to ourselves so as not to sound creepy.

  • pkcrossing89 says:

    I had Download Helper. It is EPIC WIN

  • MrNiceHk says:

    Wow love this channel ... I am not sure what you said but I could watch your lips move all day long and twice on Sundays ... Hold on that sounds way too creepy

  • MrNiceHk says:

    Not sure if this classifies as an app but stumbleon is A.D.D candy to the interneties

    You are always one click away from not doing any work for at least 1 half an hour

  • commsky says:

    Winamp is extremely useful for music, you can search you favorite genres and there's hundreds of stations to pick from, all commercial free of course, it's like radio on your computer without the commercials.


  • SteveJ2008 says:

    Did Caitlin leave Rocketboom already? She hasn't been in a new video in two weeks now.

  • gytarok says:

    how come a woman is explaining this.. the bitch's place is in the kitchen

  • starvator says:

    i was just wondering, does anyone know if there is a macbook ichat background effect for filming movies? like, instead of buying a green screen, just use any background?


  • whipwhip says:

    why do you have a pokemon in the background??

  • triforcelink says:

    gytarok, didnt you hear about the recent role reversal? well, now you did! get a move on them samiches!

  • rob-e says:

    first comment, i rule.

    I hate to be a hater but I waited since may 15th for this? Didn't take 11 days to make. If your gonna take a big break like this let your viewers know. Its ok to go on vacation or something, just own it.

    I love rocketboom, been to the studios. I guess i just expect a lot from you guys.

  • asdfmosin says:

    lol. A+

  • superextremelaser says:

    using a mac????? loooooser

  • DerSuperJerome says:

    i'm really hungry.

  • k2qqq says:

    No thanks, web applications are for teenage airheads and old folkies who have no clue what pricacy means.

  • Mongo says:

    I'm with rob-e - please let us know if you're taking off for a while. Otherwise we'll just end up bombarding you with "where the hell is today's episode?" questions (which will invariably be ignored).

  • Mongo says:

    One more thing - where the hell is Caitlin? Hasn't Ellie done more episodes since the change over?

  • slothman07 says:

    yo she s not the greatest talker but shes getting better

  • GammaFoxTBG says:

    I want mustard and lettuce on mine!

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    and naked

  • Nociception says:

    I also have no clue what "pricacy" means. Care to enlighten me, oh Great Master of the English language ?

  • Dr3thepooner says:

    ... i spend over 8 hour in front of my PC at work as well, but unlike this twat... i work, instead of fukin around online.

  • Francis77727 says:

    It's the mudkipz meme. "i heard you liek MUDKIPZ."

  • casualviewer says:

    I guess i'm the only one watching this and not twittering so i was kind of bored? anyway i'm sure you guys will figure it out.

    The airquotes around power user creeped me out a bit.

  • kickacorpse says:

    She needs SWF Downloader by WenderHost. : )

  • d2gizzo says:

    Nice episode. I would say the only thing there that is useless for anything other than the Mac is Little Snitch. You need better security for a PC - this is why they are so hard to configure (because they NEED to be). So yeah. Why don't you use a PC? :P

  • comeasyouare1989 says:

    what's with the memes on the walls? what is she, a retard?

  • AjikanPanda says:

    Is this only for Apple computers?

  • jcowns says:

    RocketDock for Microsoft users.

  • upkarsaimbi says:

    well said

  • olegros says:

    watch more videos of them
    they have videos explaining the different meme's

  • BlitzWing00 says:

    Total Commander for file management for the PC. I don't think anything else comes close to it.

    TweetDeck is pretty good for the Desktop. I use PockeTwit for my Windows Mobile Phone.

  • david says:

    don't know if you know of it already but spotify allows you to stream entire albums for free with an occasional add

  • Sardonac says:

    I believe dropbox is PC compatible.

  • d2gizzo says:

    Didn't know that......Thanks.

  • thedudeb4 says:

    I agree, Total Commander is fricken excellent. I've been using it for many years.

  • StrayTheNomad says:

    Cotweet, Aviary, and more are web apps, but not everything coverd was a web app.

  • StrayTheNomad says:

    Yeah, I use Songbird too. It's great.

  • k2qqq says:

    Thanks for letting me know that I got you annoyed.

  • moomman89 says:

    Great info.

  • quatrains says:

    Techno Viking picture on the wall

  • apuppet says:

    what a waste of time

  • tycobrahe says:

    that voice!!!

    I miss the Banana suit.

  • ToddinHB says:

    I found this little gem on the Silicon Valley Insider newsletter. It's called "Readability" and allows you to read the main body of a web page without the sidebar clutter. You just drag the icon into your Favorites menu and click on it when you want clean, clear reading. You can find it here:



  • oneeyedgeek says:

    "Future FAIR use" LOL
    Great info. Thanks.

    What size of monitor do you have? It looks huge.

  • 033291 says:

    do you know about any good tool for web designing ? i need guidence for webdesigning, my html background is very good, also my php base is good but confused how to learn designing.iam from Pakistan, and here you have to be all in all if you want to work

  • KobayashiBR says:

    Beautiful girl. :-)

  • shaun180381 says:

    I know this comment has no technical or practical merit, but to hell with it, this girl is a total honeybabe.

  • finalfantasy696969 says:

    Does any1 think she looks like Jade Ramond, the chick who does all the Assassin Creed games?

  • peppsss1 says:


  • mergatroidal says:

    iLife suite of apps is great. Add Butler and Graphic Converter and the basics are there for a pleasant and productive computer experience.

    Ellie, think robots. Computer systems mimicking biological cognition. It's going to be the next industry.

  • TickleExpress says:

    Mac, power user... bwah ha ha ha! Fail.

  • Nociception says:

    get a copy of Adobe Dreamweaver, it's the industry standart. :)

  • shani2 says:

    thanks for the great info. :)

  • PookiePorn says:

    TRheyre all so helpful!
    I wanna hear more!

  • fmxfan11 says:

    u aint wrong

  • obefiend says:

    too bad its only for MAC yes? i am a pc user

  • sexsemaj666 says:

    she is totallY hot lol

  • agolosha says:

    I'm a cp user.

  • iDrifter says:

    I have been using Snapz Pro for years and I agree that it is a fine programme, a little slow, nevertheless a fine programme.

    Little Snitch works and one will have to configure it closely. I forgotten I've had installed it a few months earlier and one of my favorite web sites didn't respond after an update and I thought I lost it. After one of my disk maintenance I found deep within the bowel of my hard disk Little Snitch and tossed it faster than you can say Ellie Rountree. Never had trouble with that web site or any other after that.

    My favorite is MacTheRipper a DVD ripper (extractor). Need I say more about it?

  • Legoaliens says:

    I like To Use Safari LOL

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  • mouser says:

    Thankyou so much, Ellie! Now I need to find a tutorial for tweetdeck. It's way better than twitter itself but does some things i don't get (like just showing half of a profile pic).

  • k1ll2l1ve90 says:

    How about you get a life and get the fuck off the Internet, it seems it's taken up all of your sad little life and now you're having way too many fantasies. Perverted fantasies.
    Your parents failed.

  • opahan666 says:

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  • utgfilms says:

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  • agolosha says:

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  • Marlboro077 says:

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  • electranime says:

    Whats mudkipz?

  • hjk798 says:

    she seems pretty sweet.

  • TheXEliasX says:

    aguante Argentina concha tu madre

  • Soulcorruptr says:

    "I'm a power user!" then goes into an app about twitter haha.

    Maybe it's just my tech background talking, but a power user to me is the guy who's setup serveral bots to do his job for him while he uploads the latest hacked firmware on his PSP, as he messes around setting up a Linux server just for no reason other than he can.

    Enjoy the tweeting, I suppose!

  • mike_dixon says:

    Holy Crap! I jus''bout creamed my britches just about now; stop. slower, please: i really need to rewind here... hear? B-eaming, man; re-beam that seemingly redeemed gleaming, seamlessly steaming day-dream a streaming! I mean it! thanks; bye...!

  • SuperFinGuy says:

    Cooool, from the top of my mind, a program that I love for planning, organizing and working with stuff is ConceptDraw Mindmap. It is a program for mapping/brainstorming your concepts and projects in a very visual and intuitive way. It is so pretty and productive that you can't get away from it.

  • harpdevil says:

    I use iSquint, it is a really simple, effective and free app for converting nearly any video to a mp4 format that works with ipods and ps3

  • kdg118 says:

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  • dedek321 says:

    ^^ She is so pretty..^^

  • iammodel says:


  • DeacanSharp says:

    LOL techno viking pic is in the background

  • sharperguy says:

    Nope, that's a nerd.

    I would say a power user is someone who, since they have to use the computer a lot, know all sorts of shortcuts and quick ways of doing things they've learnt over the time to make them more efficient in what they do.

  • farahroony says:

    She IS the most Beautiful, gorgeous, Angel I have ever seen. So pretty.

  • Aeropher says:

    mac/pc compatability?

  • Chameleondude says:

    Little Snitch + Megavideo limit = ^.^ ?

  • Nik123dj says:

    Sounds like lot of fun at work :)
    And I agree with others, you're pretty like an angel...

  • Kyoukichi says:

    Hi Ellie, we love you! :D

  • majinchene says:


  • Ryan Faerman says:

    Tweetie for twitters
    iStat Menus
    GeekTool - it takes a little bit to get it setup, but once you do it is something you can't live without

  • natalegal says:

    gostaria de chupar seus belos seios..delicia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    'I get a lot of emails with questions from you guys'

    Yes, along the lines of 'I have a huge fat penis, please could you take it down your throat until you choke?'

    At least, that's what I write...........

  • maureenOWW says:

    Oh, and stop using a mac you primitive bitch.

    Or at least put it in the fucking title of the video.

  • Entropy3ko says:

    'and working of course'... right! :-)

  • dcstrike says:

    "Future fair use..../face" <3

    Right on!

  • zARCADEz says:

    im not sure weather its well known or not because i hadnt heard anything about it for until i was told resently but Spotify is a really good music program were u can listenin to pretty much any song for free whenever you want, now u cant download the music but spotify will tell u were u can download it and its just a good free program

  • candeogauisus says:

    All these apps are useless for a linux users, we just need the terminal, thats all.

  • molinobeer says:

    YouTube Official TEST

    Answer this comment (with it self) to confirm that your account is still being used at the moment. Otherwise it will be deleted!

    You should make this comment on as much videos as you can (in form of reply to other people). This will give you direct
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  • Leonardo says:

    After this and the banana suit RB has no more excuses to use Ellie only on second rate productions such as the interviews. She's more than adequate for the full array of videos.

    As an aside, do you know that in technology there's a breaking point beyond which complexity defeats human control? It's always closer than you think, and those who work on design know it full well. Heck, I don't even remember what apps I have on my computer, never mind to use them.
    A great book on this issue is "The psychology of everyday things", by Donald A. Norman.

    Anyway for those who love words and languages I suggest vocal synthesizers such as NaturalReader and ReadPLease (free download in their basic features): you type your own sentences and you can hear them spoken loud in different languages and different accents, by male or female voices, at different speeds. It's an incredibile fun.

  • avatarmoney01 says:

    Ellie Rountree GET ON YOUR KNEES......

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    One word, Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaym! ;) :D :P :P :P

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    Thanks for the vid, finding 'Aviary' pretty useful, 5/5

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    You should try Trillian!

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  • Jordan123x says:

    Because both macs and a lot of pcs are great. Stop the ignorance please.

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  • handianus says:

    Any lucky anwsers? ;)

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  • daytonamarc says:

    great video thanks for sharing

  • MyDamnChannel says:

    GrandPerspective is pretty good for finding where your large files are in OS X.

  • Jan89AlyssaRocks says:

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    2.Make a wish
    3. Close your hand(make into a fist)
    4. Hold your hand to your heart for 5 seconds
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    7. tommorow will be the best day of your life

  • FonkyLynx says:

    Very informative...Thanks

    BR/The Ghost of Elvis &
    The Soul Eater Videos

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    nice boobs

  • omegaxp2bk says:

    yeah he say about rocketdock in windows vista app...hahahhaha funny

  • alex says:

    Wow. Selling out to intel now. Rocketboom went south after Joanne left. Bring back the fun, quirky intelligent content.

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    RocketDock FTW DOWNLOAD IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • obefiend says:

    uh what happened to the video. i watched this earlier today and the video wasnt this bad!

  • GreatestCPmovies says:

    I know to PhotoShop based programs! Those are PhotoScape and Picasa v3.0

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    I see DeviantArt's Mudkips on the wall behind her!

    It was an April Fool's prank last year.

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    She lost me @ Mac. And apparently she has the hots for Keith Jardine. Did I spell that right? You MMA Spike TV fans know who I'm talking about. He's on the wall behind her.

  • Bleoxxx says:

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  • conman3234 says:

    copy and paste
    1. send this to 2 other videos.
    2. hold your breath for 10 seconds
    3. press refresh twice

  • Fencesandwind0ws says:

    It's a Mudkip, not specific to DeviantArt. N00b.

  • elspethjane says:


  • elspethjane says:

    That's actually my friend Daniel!

  • elspethjane says:

    Most of these work for not only Macs, but Windows and Linux as well!

  • faiz007 says:

    She looks like she swallows

  • elspethjane says:


  • JamesLovesYou17 says:

    Mudkip poster + cute girl = 5 star vid. Lol, joking.. I agree with you, these apps are VERY usefull for those who are working on a pc all day.. And mac do not suck, period.

  • tubetuts says:

    techno viking in the backround

  • JamesLovesYou17 says:

    Way to go, bro!

  • The5Aspargus says:

    Hey thanks for sharing your tips on the web apps, I dont really use none, but I downloaded an app called Voice Candy, it is a free demo version but it is so funny, you can record sounds and modify voices kind of like in the garage band, but you dont have to make a whole music with it and stuff. I liked the app you use to download the movies from the internet! Thanks.

  • winnyiscool says:

    the more people use download helper the more likely it will get deleted!

  • elspethjane says:

    Nope! Most of them are available for Windows and Linux as well!

  • elspethjane says:

    That sounds like a great idea! You could use Snapz Pro for the screen shots :)

    The only problem I've found is if you're recording the audio with the screen shots, there's a bit of an audio lag if you capture more than 2 mins at a time.

  • elspethjane says:

    Hmm, never heard of it Chris! I'll have to try it :)

  • elspethjane says:

    You can also edit photos, etc in Quicksilver. It's also faster and prettier than Spotlight. Customization is key!

  • Timmo137 says:

    thanks for the reply, I will consider downloading them!

  • Glamypunk says:

    ......and cheesy itunes, of course.

  • elspethjane says:

    No one paid me anything for showing the apps or even suggested it. I use these apps everyday and thought it'd be interesting to pass them along!!

  • elspethjane says:

    Thanks for the great suggestion!

  • Tanru2000 says:

    Sigur Rós, nice Ellie. :)

  • ScheldeBoy says:

    Firefox > Adblock best add on ever.

  • huso20 says:

    idk id say most of the apps wore unnecessary..whats a few extra clicks..:p..

  • H591boy says:

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    please put some buttons on when you talk...LOL!

  • denzen1520 says:

    You're gorgeous and sexy. Favorite from now on . Love you.

  • elspethjane says:

    I'll admit to having a slight crush on Techno Viking. That's why I did the Know Your Meme about him. :) Techno Viking doesn't dance to the music, the music dances to Techno Viking.

  • remedialy says:

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    650+ Architects & Engineers demand real investigation into 9/11:

    AE911Truth (dot) org

    911Blogger (dot) com

    Infowars (dot) com

  • l2radio says:

    hah ye.Ellie hot one :D :*

  • iRacerMatt says:


  • elspethjane says:

    One of the joys in life is making up words that sound like they might possibly be a real word.

  • MDragonFang says:

    little snitch can help cracking apps :3

  • elspethjane says:

    I heart Memes. Mud. Kip.

  • elspethjane says:

    It keeps applications from pinging information to any outside connection. Let's say you don't want iTunes to get your info, you can make a command so it doesn't connect to the internet.

  • elspethjane says:

    Yep! I've had it for over a year now and use it pretty often. Next time I do a show like this I'll show how to use it!

  • m0r1arty says:

    I was just having a go at Intel sponsoring Rocketboom - cheeky humour if you will.

    Like I said, a few of them were worth knowing (Cotweet for example).

    More of this in the future please! ;)

  • natzo89 says:

    Songbird if great, since you can add a lot of add ons like in Firefox. But syncing with the iPod add on is a pain sometimes.

  • 4zton15 says:

    "All youtubers"
    copy & paste
    This is a campaing to make user datmexicandude a YouTube STAR.

  • CognosSquare says:

    Great video. MOAR plz. I would recommend these programs:

    LAUNCHY -It indexes all your programs and documents, including visited webpages so that you can search them instantaneously. And its small and free

    IMGBURN - Small and free program for burning files.

    IRFANVIEW - view/convert/edit images. fast and free

    GIMP - Photoshop. Fast and free.

    UTORRENT - Download torrents. Fast and free.

    The best site i have found for productivity/lifestyle/"getting things done"/IT is lifehacker (dot) com

  • kumbaso18 says:

    i use flashgot + orbit to download hd videos from youtube and other sites....

  • chailisowns says:

    nice dubbing .......

  • kumbaso18 says:

    I will try dropbox...

  • chailisowns says:

    maybe you should get an audio editor

  • DemonDash says:

    Oh, here's something else as well. I know this is for Linux, so not everyone will be able to use this, but it has to be shown, simply because it's awesome.

    Compiz Fusion


    This truely is, in my mind, the future of operating systems...

  • Maxke60 says:

    What about Apps for the Windows users?

  • elspethjane says:

    Wow, it sounds like you are certainly a power user as well!

  • elspethjane says:

    Those are great suggestions!!

  • elspethjane says:

    That also works well for zooming in on videos.

  • elspethjane says:

    Sudo make me a sammich, please.

  • frnando23 says:


  • Hew91 says:

    sounds good.....but do they all work for mac and pc??

  • achilles713 says:

    omg itz a mudkip!!!!!!

  • elspethjane says:

    They're 24' and give me a headache sometimes. I'd love to have two smaller screens, rather than one large one! I think it's the way to go.

  • elspethjane says:

    I keep seeing Rocketdock. I'm going to check it out!

  • elspethjane says:

    A few extra seconds adds up to hours if you're working on a computer all day. Efficiency ftw!

  • Kamrua says:

    I herd u liak mudkipz.

  • rockinriolu says:

    1. Take a deep breath
    2. Think about the one you love
    3. Press 'F10' 5 times
    4. Send to 5 other video on youtube
    5. Look at your background

  • evertsfnic says:

    you are hot, that's why i watch the video.

    ps: favorite browser opera

  • evertsfnic says:


  • BossRuckus says:

    somones a /b/tard

  • TUNEtheRAINBOWxX says:

    for instant messaging I use ebuddy . Its an online site ( which is really great when you have to go to work and they don't have msn downloaded ) and not only can you sign into your msn account, but your facebook, yahoo, google account, and many others all at the same time. It really helps. ; )

  • sammio2 says:

    Without wanting to sound pretentious, you might want to de-interlace your video before you upload it! Otherwise, nice selection. I use dropbox a lot, highly recommended especially for netbooks!

  • leklek69 says:

    youve got a small boobs. go get some silicon, baby

  • prasangabas says:

    tweeting chatting listening to music browsing the web, downloading, blogging, while u "work" ??? please whats ur job?

  • Tripp393 says:

    future fair use


  • Tripp393 says:

    I would recommend Google Notebook but they canceled it.

    Something I've been thankful to GOD for is a browser add-on called "Lazarus:Form Recovery" for firefox.

  • xaviday says:

    thank u!!!

  • 1xDackx1 says:

    This comment is full of win.

  • zahbaz says:


  • Sladethetermanater87 says:

    found this when i seen a thread on 4chan

  • ooweirdoo says:


  • arnolddisco says:

    These are not web apps though

  • sancsky says:

    she discovered VDOWNLOADER XD

  • liamhero2 says:

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    Copy and paste to 1 video, tomorrow will be your best day ever! no matter what!

  • Guyc00l says:

    how much whor3??

  • WithYouSir says:

    I have never found a purpose for Quicksilver when Spotlight is sitting right there in the corner.

  • Noolyn says:

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    2. Faça um desejo
    3.Feche sua mão (punho)
    4.Ponha sua mão no coração durante 5 segundos
    5. Envie isto para mais 3 vídeos
    6. Amanhã vai ser o melhor dia da sua vida

  • MetalManni says:

    I LOE the DownloadHelper, it is so useful. Sometimes my WLAN connection gets fucked up. In the past, if that happened, the video I was just watching will not play to the end, unless it is already fully cached.
    Now I download every sizeable video I want to watch, then watch it, delete it afterwards.

  • shanepatrickfagan says:

    Im actually a computer programmer so a little more than a power user hehe

  • youandretube25 says:

    Are those Web apps for Firefox only? And even if they aren't, are they Mac-exclusive?

    BTW, are you a Pokémon fan or admirer? It's because of that Mudkip photo you've got there. XD

  • clareloveh says:

    you missed 1. too haha

  • freeman150392 says:

    LOL OMG ITS TECHNO VIKING IN THE BACK!!!! by the pokemon lol:P

  • radioactivevalentine says:


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  • ANDRIS62 says:

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    You have a Pokémon on your wall! :D,

    soo nice :D

  • xPericaZGx says:

    Wow... such a boring video with such a cute girl!


  • TheTerminator97 says:

    11 web apps more useful than the average woman.

  • elspethjane says:

    They're avail for Windows and Linux, too.

    And MUD. KIP. :)

  • fcinter67 says:

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  • zakzakit says:

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  • ziguloi says:

    a windows version of little snitch... or does it wor for windows as well???

  • MrSamsa01 says:

    Bitchs dont know bout my mudkips

  • gotiniamecho says:

    That was absolutely useless.
    Especially the sizzling keys stuff, get a real player prog. No, wait even the lame ones support global hotkeys.

  • MrSamsa01 says:

    I heard you liek mudkips?

  • TheGameGuru says:

    You mentioned switching back and forth between work and home which I can totally relate to.

    I wanted to inform you of a great tool called Xmarks ( . Origionally it was called Foxmarks and was only a Firefox addon, but they recently changed their name and added support for Safari and IE. After creating a login and installing the addon your bookmarks automatically get synced to your Xmarks profile. So if you add a new bookmark at work you can go home open your browser and behold the bookmarks you just added are there!!! And because keyword searches are a type of bookmark they will work too, double bonus!

  • sindredit says:

    I download you:-)

  • cardshark87 says:


  • cardshark87 says:


  • AssanKurd says:

    um you want to go out sometime ?

  • Nocturnox65 says:

    mac and power user htis must be a joke

  • Hairylicker33 says:

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    btw, we like failblog and our did he die ? inventions starts to spread on other videos.

  • Yasmar89 says: I hear you like mudkipz?

  • s1LvAx says:

    bitches dont know bout my webapps

  • prozzezion says:

    creo que estas muy buena =)

  • Joannec95 says:

    I think it does.

  • DonP says:

    Snapz Pro is good but for me ScreenFlow by Vara Software blows it away. Capture, edit video, audio, add titling, add other clips, and export. Now you can even change the cursor to a finger for iPhone training.

  • dhcpy says:

    4 future "fair" use... yeahh, right!

  • 4li5t4ir says:

    Is using Twitter all it takes to be a "power user" on a Mac?

  • William says:

    I loved It! Thanks!

  • shanepatrickfagan says:

    Actually that second comment sounded a little bad. Power user is a good term. Oh and keep up the good work with the videos. :)
    I love linux though its great for customisation and it keeps up with trends like facebook and twitter. Shame it has no good games. Firefox and open office are the coolest things on linux IMO both for free and both have some great features that their competitors dont have. Like the extensions in Firefox so many different plugins and most are quite useful.

  • justplainmovies says:

    Damn it! I was going to say it!

  • smar01992 says:

    The girl is beautiful

  • justplainmovies says:

    Lol at "bitches don't know bout my gender"

  • superfish7 says:


  • acf2802 says:

    What, can't MACs deinterlace? I thought they could do everything, lol.

  • gonzo191 says:

    lol she has a pokemon [mudkip] in the background nice list

  • vaughnnovy says:

    Wow, nothing but shitware to aid lazy people.

  • notanotherreviewer says:

    It's so cool to have memes on your work space, right?

  • atakany says:

    I'd rocket her onto mudkips, if you know what I mean

  • sovsfan says:

    i enjoy photo editing, but not good at it, thats not the point..

    i bought a mac book, the reason is because most ppl working with graphic is using mac...i thought there's an added advantage

    but the day after that I was using my mom's dell laptop till now...

    my macBook is soooo boring...there's not even a simple game for my mom to play...solitaire at least

    i could buy 2 dell inpiron 1420...argh! stupid me & stupid mac....

    anyone can help me to make my macbook enjoyable???

  • DakinShaman says:

    Wow, you obviously know nothing about technology. Lucky you're female eh?

  • DetectivePopcorn says:

    At least she does have that...."Power User" good god she's stupid...

  • HandsUpPantsDown says:

    stop using proprietary garbage and dump the mac

    free your desktop and install gnu/linux -- software that respects the user

  • kamranf says:

    A Power User? Really? I wonder if you can open a terminal on your mac and write one command that works!

  • galaxyimpact says:

    U are not the only one around here ;-)

  • keewa says:

    I feel sorry for Ellie reading these comments, poor girl's being fawned over on one side and called stupid on the other O_o

  • liamisthesexy says:

    wow /b/tard much?

  • nick says:

    love this segment on new technology... I am getting way down with a web app called MEEBO....
    it keeps track of all of your IM accounts and no downloading an app encase you have restrictions! plus you can link it to your personal web sight to have interactive chat when you are available... I think you can use it on myspace too???? Duno though!!!

  • ezekiell666 says:

    Wow there's a lot of sexually repressed/frustrated pre-teenage boy here. Who cares if she uses a MAC.
    She's hot, she knows her stuff, and did I mention she's smoking hot jeez ahha . Most girls that I know can't even open Firefox ffs.

  • ExpatTwo says:

    Gosh this Girl is SO BEAUTIFUL !

  • DakinShaman says:

    You call the ability to use programs designed for a 10 year old to pick up "knowing your stuff?"

    Get a life you internet white knight.

  • kickit101224 says:

    Whats better Mac or windows

  • CoffeeAndCrumpets says:

    Once you go Mac you never go back.

  • lxshiew says:

    Mac FTW

  • DakinShaman says:

    Macs are fisher price computers..

  • Jusman010 says:

    Lol at Mudkip

  • envoy3 says:

    Twitter sounds like a really faggy concept.

  • jumponradiatorcod says:

    Am i the only one bored by this woman?

  • eynstynex says:

    Just wasted 1 minute of my life watching this...

  • sgtsnakeeyes11 says:

    i can fuck your mouth Elly?

  • MML2BeachedWhale says:

    windows without a doubt

  • jaycc9 says:

    No wonder they say Macs are designed for idiots...

  • Auxenet says:

    These are apps that I have started using recently. - easily identify all of the programs on a windows box that need updates. - Automatic online backup. Free ability to back up bits that have changed between computers anywhere.

    Yes, Ellie is beautiful. Show her some respect.

  • MadMarkus07 says:

    and that argument came from where?


    Geeez, could this chick be any more attractive?

  • isaactr1 says:

    I have the same iMac 24; Mac is the best mothofucker shit in computers

  • ChillieBuffalo says:

    you made the mistake of listening to what she had to say :)

  • molecula999 says:


  • mick says:

    Respect, what is that again?

    You Ellie, bitch, are hot! Make lots of babies, please, if you need help, ask!

    I am a power user, too, so here goes: Safari + Safari Stand + Glims, Butler to make the execution of Apple Scripts triggerable by keystroke for Screen Rotation, iPhone Sync, Podcast refresh

  • IceJ7 says:

    fuck not again!

  • checkmaminoune says:

    the twitter and blog stuff is getting old fast... the next big thing is tactile table screens. the title of this vid should be : " More or less useful web apps " good effort

  • mehbr says:

    so hot hot chick

  • Piff says:

    Gee, what's up with those comments? I can't believe that men are really this primitive... But than again, what did I expect. I wonder if this is a form of digital tourette syndrome.

    Thanks for sharing the links, Ellie

  • cooldawg95 says:

    dont usually believ in chain comments, but this one is pretty cool. u dont need to do it, but when u read it, u might smile. :-)
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  • pumpitout says:

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  • mick says:

    I forgot to mention: The Mouse Gestures function of Quicksilver: Useful for very convenient window handling: hiding, maximizing, minizing windows, forward and back in browser, and endless other ways of use. A little difficult to set up, perhaps, but definitely worth trying. The MS Windows equivalent: StrokeIt (That is actually quite easy to configure)

  • SwagBucksInformer says:

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  • COALslaw says:

    you're dangerously hot

  • miguelanders says:

    Hi Ellie !! I don't understand what you're talking about, but I tell you: you are so beautiful.!!

  • cristinafcortez says:

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    manelrolim better way

    See you.

  • SpankTV says:

    Ellie, or however you spell your name. I will fuck you.

  • SpankTV says:

    Holy shit, she is an apple retard. Wow, those application's come with your freeking computer.

  • SpankTV says:

    You mean finder?

  • SpankTV says:

    There is a person in love with you Ellie, he keeps pushing down on my comment's and molesting kids. Do you have any advice?

  • turfallum06 says:

    Your finding some flack of greening to juy of blacking systems...

  • BadgerFunClub says:

    I love how there is a Mudkip on the wall in the background. rofl

  • d1st1l says:

    Did you frame a picture of that "bitches don't know bout my dick" t-shirt guy?

  • nodigassidiwi says:

    no leas esto
    si no escribes esto en 10 videos tu mama se va a morir en 48 hs

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    You are so beautiful...

  • p3ppyhar3 says:


  • 456whocares says:

    You look like catherine zeta jones. O and good vid too >.>

  • sperle2003 says:

    i ask me why she tell names of versons have to get payed, if each retards can google the freeware versions ^^................. fuckin marketing here !

  • mmmisplacedmarbles says:

    lmfao at "power user" mac users who say that piss me off....fkin 'power users' ffs * rolls eyes and wanders off muttering ...

    this power user tweets LOL yeah very powerful -drop box shit 10 year old sister is a power user lolololololol

  • mmmisplacedmarbles says:

    agreed she is 100% most of yt these days ....soon to be renamed as corporateadvertisingtube

  • DomLFM says:

    ¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨ post to 3 other vids
    ¨°º¤ø„¸ Copy „ø¤º°¨ press F5 twice
    ¸„ø¤º°¨Paste ``°º¤ø„¸ OK
    ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º look at ur backgroud

  • nickyt0teh0destroyer says:

    macs. are. overrated.


  • diffusedlight says:

    What a crock of shit!

    I thought you were actually going to say something useful, instead of promoting that piece of crap pinnacle of narcissism and time-wasting all wrapped up in a stupid fucking name TWITTER.

    I didn't get past 51 seconds because you take Twitter seriously. Loser.

  • diffusedlight says:


  • diffusedlight says:

    "omfg i'm sending 'tweets' on twitter teehee!"

  • diffusedlight says:

    "oh hai. i'm a narcissist nd use twtter all teh tyme so i'm tweeting nao. it gives me the ego boost of a blog (read: i can fool myself other people can about the tedioius minutia of my life) except NAO I GET TO DO THAT BULSHITT WHERVR I GO OMFG LOLLLLLL"

  • diffusedlight says:

    "tweet tweet oh hai im a tipical twitter user, my hour facebook login wasn't enough to give me mai narcissism fix so i neeedee to do it on mai mobile kthankbai"

  • shartanne says:

    who are some of your favourite artists/bands, i like radiohead too! :) hehe

  • diffusedlight says:

    Newsflash, you aren't a "power user"

    Anyone can call themselves that, it's a made up title people give themselves when they spend too hours at work "tweeting" and "blogging" and "vlogging" and "inhabiting the fucking BLOGOSPHERE (yes I bet you actually use that word too!)

    You aren't a power user. Come back when you can program in C++ and Java, then a couple of people in the whole world might think you can do something productive.

    What you really need is a tamagotchi.

  • ChristchurchRyhmez says:

    Your sexy !

  • diffusedlight says:

    So let's get this straight Ellie.

    You are supposed to be at work, but you're slinking off every few minutes to tell people "oh hai, im jst twettn 2 sy im at wrk so cnt tweettt mch nao kthanksbai"

    It's just as well you have a job where apparently your productivity is measured by the amount of time you can spend generating hits of stupid mindless "social networking" sites, otherwise you'd have to explain to your boss WAI I WS JST SNDING SME TWEETSS TO MAI TWTTER BUDDIES ROFLKTHXBAI"

  • diffusedlight says:

    How about a nice cup of STFU?

    You're all out?

    Okay tell you what.

    I've just put the kettle on, I'm making you a nice big FLASK full, so you have plenty left to last you the whole week.

  • diffusedlight says:

    I bet she's a model.

    I bet she doesn't work in that office, it's probably a studio.

    I bet she doesn't use those applications herself.

    I bet she got paid a lot of money to pretend she is "Ellie" the "IT professional" who is allowed to spend all day on social networking junk that only stupid people use.

  • JOHHILOR says:

    Ignore these sex-crazed assholes. Your a pretty woman but still it's absolutely no excuse to mention despicable sayings such as ones that came from IAmAMolester's mouth and all the other naive morons.

  • crazytgi says:

    your apps are awful.

  • Gatenboru says:

    I don't understand. It's a woman, her mouth is open, but no penis is being shoved in it? What a world we live in.

  • Iceteaneutrone09 says:

    she is so SEXY

  • taddiego says:

    Low quality? You can use HD, it works good.

    And don't be negative, just enjoy.

    And being a molester is not cool, so, get in touch with God, he'll help you.

  • ozzirt says:

    You obviously beat her to it, you knob gobbler.

    Grow up!!

  • Flurolamp says:

    I love your way of justifying your points.

  • haggidubious says:

    SO MANY dumbshits to block, so little time.

  • cherylx194 says:

    1. Close your eyes
    2. say your crushes name
    3. touch a body part
    4. copy and paste on two different video
    5. you're crush will touch you there tomorrow

  • ionel71089 says:

    meh ... i ain't got a mac ... :(

  • formika says:

    i can go to sleep listening to her voice. it's very relaxing, like the sound of water droplets.

  • twmfyt03 says:

    How about you get a life.

  • leekha777 says:

    wow formika, thats not creepy at all....

  • dwnur88 says:

    yancux smuah

  • FinulFinilor says:

    This girl;)

  • formika says:

    no it wasn't. i meant it in a good way.
    you know those nature channels on cable?
    i can now replace it with her voice.

  • Flinkson says:

    1. Close your eyes
    2. say your crushes name
    3. touch a body part
    4. copy and paste on two different video
    5. you're crush will touch you there tomorrow

  • Vordrace says:

    i think she likes MUDKIPS.

  • BIKERXYe says:

    she's hot

  • 3yE says:

    Ehrm. Very few of what she has shown are real web-apps, most are mac apps. Now, why does she assume everyone uses a mac?

  • RocketmanXO says:

    Elli tweets 8 hours a day... at work.

  • dutchmannl says:

    It are apps witch you can download at the web, and everyone should use a mac.

  • RaptorTechSource says:

    Water droplets?
    Aw damn, now I need to go wee-wee.


  • pimpinnevaslipin says:

    yea i notice that. . pretty much just Mac only crap. . . why no love for PC users?

  • shamaldon says:

    hot lady, beautiful as a mercedai

  • bitesh says:

    "I wanted to show you the applications that I use everyday at work..." didn't notice that sentence?

  • Pyttlock says:


  • Bimm3rcc says:

    can i get your number

  • Taecoe says:

    she's hot, isn't she? :D :P ^^

  • benbear76 says:

    Keepass is great, always forgetting my passwords but not anymore.

  • khaixy90 says:


  • groovizm says:

    There is a lot of talk about Quicksilver, but why? Starting apps is easy enough using spotlight. It will even take you directly to the right tab of your preferences app.

  • groovizm says:

    If you're on the mac you've got Keychain Acces. Just hit command+space and start typing keychain and you'll see it in spotlight.

  • insane0 says:


  • kirbzz204 says:

    your gorgeous!

  • giro1985 says:

    agree with all she is hot ,
    download helper is great and the snap program too , thanx

  • friendskd89 says:

    ive been looking for something like download helper. got it immediately after i saw this.

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  • Ronjayl says:

    Power user ?? what the hell ! you're a geek honey !!


  • Andrewson79 says:

    Thanks! .. very useful

  • misterbearbe says:

    Seems like you like Mudkips!

  • hugotrucker says:

    you're so hot, I want your private number baby... :P

  • FriendlyWords says:

    lawl, power user = geek :).

  • marinoservice says:

    you are very very sweet and hot

  • ryanstube01 says:

    She reminds me of Jessica Biel. I don't know why. lol.

  • lianneinthebigworld says:

    awesome video... I think I just downloaded the majority of them ^_^

  • suerisk says:

    thanks- a nice, clear video and I can use aviary for my photo blogging. Great ideas!

  • CTGgALAXY says:

    are all the non web-bases applications just for macs?

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    U has MUDKIPZ on your wall!

  • hellonpluto says:

    get in line boy!

  • hellonpluto says:

    get in line boy

  • elspethjane says:

    Nope! Most of them are for Windows and Linux as well!

  • elspethjane says:

    It's all about the fair use!!! ;)

  • cyberANIMEfan says:


  • elspethjane says:

    My job is working as an Internet Scientist!

  • codeakira says:

    she's so hooot!!!!

  • CuriousMickey says:

    wow i look like you (==)

  • PRINCEofPECICA says:

    eeew she has an imac....

  • atomicapeboy says:

    future "fair" use hahah

  • xJPCx18 says:

    good stuff

  • Krigsforbryter says:


  • sMiLeEeD says:

    Anon is watching you...

  • hoerenj0ng says:

    you have an app to organise your apps?
    On an apple

  • alexkj93 says:

    Applause to you ; )

  • tee1188 says:

    i like this girl. i thing i would like to fuck her.

  • Kmezon2 says:

    what did you say at 3:17? I didnt get it

  • HWSDLS09 says:

    Whats goin on America,Come check me out. Up and Comming rapper...Next big thing? u tell me

  • danimagicmushrooms says:

    ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨ post to 3 other vids
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    ¸„ø¤º°¨Paste ``°º¤ø„¸ OK
    ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º look at ur backgroud
    amazing!! :)

  • s0undActivist says:

    mac.. soo ugly

  • Holiday8789 says:

    Good job. Thx for the vid.

  • ronaldguinhawa says:


  • aaadsf09 says:

    well, you're not as hot as some other freakgirls here on youtube, but i would be very, very grateful if i could fuck you over and over again.
    ... i think, the web is evil. files... folders... thanks for watching... bla bla bla
    shit i'm horny
    and: oh yeah, mac is ugly!

  • spydisil says:

    ellie u can leave a message on my page, i no a few apps, i wud love o share the wealth

  • ERaver2020 says:

    lol quicksilver? isnt that what the dock is least thats what i use mine for.

  • zidhartha says:

    there's one I like using too!
    it's a widget that calculates music's bpm by a tapping system!
    It's pretty useful to sync animation with music ;)
    BPM widget
    Beat Direktor

  • eeuro23 says:

    really great babie.. i got two gud applications to use from this

  • NooBIcE says:

    what's the app that u mention about in 3.46?
    i cant hear it well though

  • prasangabas says:

    : D

  • liadzv says:

    The pictures on the walls worry me.

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  • anastasia13456 says:

    ena binteo

  • leanmeantangerine says:

    mudkip is on the wall :D lol little snitch is a good app and i use it for some things :P

  • SingForYou1 says:

    TubeTilla will download and convert youtube videos in less then 3 minutes (mp3,mp4 wmv ect.)

  • WhatTehFux says:

    DestroyTwitter > Tweetdeck.

  • koilmore1 says:

    Well done Ellie, very informative, had not known about twit deck.
    ignore all the sick comments

  • rnusiclover says:

    Rocketdock, ObjectDock, and CCleaner.

  • niceveritt18 says:

    Maybe she wanted a good computer.

  • EPIKFALE says:

    its from know your meme.

  • samjoew says:

    bloc party- this modern love. very good taste, im impressed

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  • tichyedge says:

    ahh, suggestions, tips or questions...

    here's is my question: are you single ?

  • diffusedlight says:

    Any Mac user who knows how to find the power button considers themselves a "power user"

    And this person is no different!

    Tweeting is not work!

    Someone phailed at life.

  • sean77408 says:

    I used to use Quicksilver when I had an iBook G4 because for some reason spotlight went really slow on it, if you have a faster computer like a MacBook (like i now have) you don't really need Quicksilver.

  • AlwaysDancingOnWater says:

    Sizzling Keys sounds awesome

  • Davastus says:


  • arenales2008 says:

    Mamasota bella

  • muslimapurple says:

    I love Apple. Makes things so much easier.

  • tegjitha7 says:

    you are very beatiful

  • drybeverage says:

    i just blew a load on her face

  • will1818s says:

    most Windows keyboards have Media keys that you can play, pause, next song etc

  • will1818s says:

    should of also listed that its for Macs

  • sowedex says:


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  • Jerrycosyweegirl says:

    Heres a few very useful applications i use.

    CSSEdit: A totally brilliant CSS editing package that can make changes to the webpage in realtime so you can see what its doing before saving the new stylesheet.
    Cyberduck: Free FTP client.
    TacoHTML Edit: Pretty solid HMTL/PHP editor, using the free version that is no longer available.

  • arbiterddr24 says:


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  • youreallgeek says:

    "Because I'm very busy tweeting and instant messaging... and working, of course !" LOL

    Btw, schwing !

  • V3doP4jzs says:

    hot girl

  • CodeKitten says:


  • VictoR002002 says:

    u are very pretty lolxx

  • AlbertRavn says:

    LOL, Josef Fritzl in the background!!

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  • hauntedrico says:

    Diabeetus Shirt in the background!!

  • nbpacio says:

    Ohhhh lala...Sizzzzling hooot!!!!

  • joshdmcc says:

    For twitter, you could try tweetie, and for the dialogue box for sizzling keys, use bowtie instead to display song info. you can theme it also.

  • yugiboy77777 says:

    dont usually believ in chain comments, but this one is pretty cool. u dont need to do it, but when u read it, u might smile. :-)
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  • mytujuan says:

    PENDEJO!!! ja ja ja

  • Jay2294 says:

    Enserio que si lo son

  • Moosekid says:

    Wow, know what you need? Yeah. A PC.

  • maeB2morrow says:

    No, sorry, as it turns out - it doesn't. It's in the works, but in the far future...

  • loopafox says:

    this video is really cool

  • gitariztahomme says:

    ellie's really hot!!!!

  • cozizme says:

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  • Coachramsies says:

    I really hate these fake 4channers...

  • funnytip1 says:

    thank you

  • spinalBR says:


  • Ludwigtremblay says:

    U control is a great free app to handle music without ever having to leave the app your working in and seem to work better than the sizzling keys.

  • sweetbutdaring says:

    Realplayer 10 does the same as dropbox

  • WondrousBurrito says:

    for sizzling keys you can just use the itunes bar, its even easier it just appears on your bottom bar and you can change song and open up itunes at any time

  • MyFatherMolestsMe says:


  • incoserv says:

    I miss Joanne! Come back, Joanne!!!!!!!!! My life is empty!

  • twjmiller says:

    it is more well known and i saw the logo in the video but "adium" is great for mac users who like to instant message. with more than one service (msn, facebook ect) now they can all be in one aplication and it is super customizable

  • BaganJermal says:

    a fan of the techno viking?

  • gdfgd6 says:

    lol yeah that things massive

  • skankattak says:

    omfg i just noticed the mudkip

  • skankattak says:

    ... lol, not the way shes using it, but you obviously haven't heard of unix

  • miguelanders says:

    Hey Ellie I'm your techno viking !!!

  • Nic33rd says:

    Cute as a button! Especially at the end. =]

  • wtfuchattin says:

    Suddenly. Macfags. Fucking everywhere.

  • dujkabeerlover says:

    Yeah...looking all modern with their fagtops,powerbooks,dicks or whatever...
    I would fired her for playing on work...

  • chromedemotions says:

    future "fair" use?!? whats that even mean???...
    big-ass screen lol...
    nice to know though..thanks

  • Jonasklam says:

    Sure i Do :D,

    I guess she does too ;P

  • limoucene says:

    Smart and Hot- Good, Stupid and Anoying- Bad

  • sajnet says:

    Thank You

  • sourceofmind says:

    she is beautiful.. isn't she?
    her voice is sweet too..

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  • TheUTubeDude100 says:

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  • moogle993 says:

    do you like mudkipzz?....

    thanks for the apps =D!! dropbox was really useful

  • foxyprox1 says:

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  • albuorkka says:

    -_- are you trying to make things more complicated?

  • enoughtimeto69 says:

    omg, actual funny spam. thats awesome! but im not passing it on, cuz spammers are fuckheads. :)

  • 19jeff97 says:

    nice work thanx for the ideas

  • BrightBlackBanana says:

    1. yes, i am reading your comment
    2. no im not...
    4. i never checked
    5. im not checking it now either cos u already told me
    6. no im not, im bored
    7. well done
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    12. thats right, i didnt, oh wow! you comedy genius

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  • Knackwursti says:

    I've heard you like Mudkipz?

    4Chan ftw!

  • milkcare says:

    i just wanna tell u that u r so cute :)

  • elspethjane says:

    I like it too! Thanks :)

  • skostrump says:

    Mudkip on the wall!

  • dasklayne says:

    very beautiful women

  • irishclevertrevor says:

    screen geek or what?

  • denzen1520 says:

    Ellie! watching you, brightens my day.

  • adamsuail says:

    silly vid, whats the use of those silly apps

  • 11nifera12 says:

    swear do not read...I don't even know why I'm participating I guess I'm still a bit paranoid. But really do not read this I swear . Also thanks this was really appreciated.
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  • hugozap23 says:

    Is that techno viking in the background??

  • ronaldguinhawa says:


  • GoodApolloXX says:

    you liek mudkipz?? haha

  • crashcristi says:

    IT IS! She should wear a wet techno viking shirt next time :)

  • MrTakwarts says:


  • sweetangi3 says:

    1. copy and paste
    2. send this to 2 other videos.
    3. close your eyes for 5 seconds
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  • REEVE1000 says:

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    i got another nickname for you

  • venomisinmyblood says:

    Dropbox is rubbish. There is this thing called external hard drive. mine is no bigger than a passport. SIMPLE TRANSFER!

  • talha099 says:

    she's HOT!!

  • fedemvduy says:

    here is some other aplication for u, it's called "door". You simply open it and go outside your house, aoutisde ur big flat screen and actually see the real word with ur own 2 eyes.. amazing isn't it?

  • AmenJr says:

    hey dude give she support...

  • 2012Groups says:

    2012 join

  • 9Silent0Harmony2 says:

    new vid posted for you! check it out!

  • sadhukar says:


  • nesnahprotsdam says:


  • MammaLuigiRobotnik says:

    Did she die?

  • Davis20595 says:

    What will you do if one of the apps have a virus like a backdoor or they just delete you hole harddrive on your work computerer?

  • dlarkin says:

    I like her! Some of U guys r so harsh!!! - but funny:)

  • HorseOfCastleRock says:

    wow videos you know aren't going to be there next time? CP much?

  • fairfieldproductions says:

    Which of these work on Windows/Linux? Because that's what I use.

  • fairfieldproductions says:

    Hey! I use Safari!
    And I don't even have a Mac!

  • xxkixxllxxerxx says:

    If you will be one of the people unsubscribing to Fred on June the 1st.

  • psychophantom says:


  • SunJooNee says:

    lol. She's cute.

  • kingdeamon18 says:

    If you will be one of the people unsubscribing to Fred on June the 1st.

  • Catomania5 says:

    so i herd u liek kudkipz?

  • GrimEreaper says:

    macs are homo, thanks for nothing.

  • moyga says:

    yeah i was about to ask if these are only for macs

  • mikej5337 says:


  • soegel says:

    Climb the hightst Mountain - Punch Gods face!

    damn, courage wolf still rules.

  • gLowje says:

    what's name of this guy on the picture? :D
    answer me anyone pls

  • jumssi says:

    moar mudkipz

  • smash501 says:

    Rolof Farm

  • daniedac says:

    mac sucks

  • carloaccount says:

    wow a lot of them are useless

  • 555productions says:

    i knew about aviary from my comp teacher its real helpful =] thats about it lol MACS RULEEEEEEEEE (i got gay vista)(atleast its 64bit)

  • yumaa010 says:

    she is hot!

  • blackopg says:

    the world is beyond the window behind you not in front of you ... let's not spread this knolege ... we need more activity in the youth generations :) ...

  • sdfryc says:


  • Conor says:

    tweetdeck adds push functionality to tweety's realtime search results. Finding prospects has never been easier. nice apps!

  • foodaggression says:

    yay, your average linux distro has been bringing most of that stuff preinstalled or in the repos for a long time...

  • syalala says:

    if she called herself a power user, ill have to call myself a sysop.
    i spend 9 hours at office front of computer, and spend another 8 hours at home.

  • originalxchin says:

    i dont get it when she says little snitch i'll let you guys come up with that one

  • IAmAMolester says:

    Whore. What a fat pig.

  • DJMamu says:

    wow. just wow.

  • partyguerrilla says:

    3D is pig disgusting

  • shortarabguy says:

    Quicksilver is an excellent application launcher on OS X, but it's not available for Windows as far as I know. On the Windows side, Launchy is an incredibly useful, very similar program which I've grown accustomed to using even though Windows 7 has a similar function in the start menu.

  • MNscii says:

    WTF Mudkip?

  • thomasca says:

    What the fuck.

    Courage wolf.
    And about 60 other memes in this video.

    Plus the Mac.

    For fuck's sake. Really? You need to include all the shit? Look, if you're looking for attention, just go to /b/, scribble a screen name with a date on your breasts, and take a full body nude shot and upload it.

    I'm sure they'll find something wrong with your body, and then place -chan at the end of it. Then, you won't have any shortage of attention, you god damn whore.

  • coldfusion2 says:

    if power users are to GUIs, then there must be a lot of sysadmins, because terminal is where its at

  • Hinamizawaanon says:

    Bitches don't know 'bout my SICP.


  • Xtortion1337 says:

    I want to stick my penis in her eye socket.

  • IAmJerkingOff says:

    This is not a bad video to jerk off to.

    I would enjoy jerking off and cumming on her fat face.

    Can someone please tell her to where less clothing in her video? Also, she should post her home address so I can jerk off and cum on her stupid face.


  • lolrusman says:


  • SeanWelland says:


  • Vids like this one make me realize how tech-illiterate I really am...

  • arincrumley says:

    Great video. Thanks for that. I use 'A better finder rename' to rename all of the media that me or my collaborators create. I add date, camera, shooter, project and city meta data right into the name of the file to prevent ever having two files named the same thing and to save this meta data through destructive editing processes and crediting collaborators.

  • zhevox says:

    You sounded exaclty like my I.T teacher....that's just creepier than creepychan vid i've just watched

  • Lutherglukie says:

    Hey i know ppl hate this but come by and check out my channel i just made a video about the application 1Password come and check it out 

  • krzmad11 says:

    ur mums a pendejo u kaka stain hahahaha

  • IAmJerkingOff says:

    Not a bad video to jerk off to , you really have to wear less clothing.

    I did jerk off to this video, but it would have been way more enjoyable if you were talking dirty and playing with yourself and not wearing much clothing.


  • richardjebaby says:

    agree you're hot

  • asdfmosin says:


  • ispaniola says:

    I have a program to program all your programs to disappear!...

    its a DOS program, called:

    Format C:\

  • redrebel69 says:

    That won't work on *nix based system like macs or linux. In that case you do:

    sudo rm -rf /

  • redlion429 says:

    haha! 8D LMSO (laughing my socks off)

  • ThisIsCleverUsername says:

    only ubuntu has preconfigured sudo

  • ManAboutTownTV says:

    I guess no one knows... haha and i felt like the n00b

  • wrappedturkey says:

    No kidding.

  • rodney3 says:

    I really doubt you are a power user.

  • mystevie31 says:


  • mystevie31 says:


  • 00joe says:


  • HappysmokeProgrammer says:


  • ndhoeul says:


  • dueltommycha says:

    I like mudkip.

  • Ultimate7Maker says:

    "Hi I'm Elly"

    get out

  • TechTalkGuy says:

    Pretty good, but you speak so fast I didn't remember half the 'apps' you mentioned.

  • greenhawk46 says:

    no actually it's very, very scary out there, I'm afraid -
    do not open the pod bay door, HAL

  • greenhawk46 says:

    great stuff-not a Mac user-but tired of no geek shows on tv, G4 screwed up dumping all the great tech/geek shows-

    keep on keeping on, girl, geek, w/ beauty and brains=HOT

  • SluttyMcNugget says:

    Actually, thats Firefox dumbshit!!

  • devinmccloud says:

    Macs are for Btards!

  • keverone says:

    So don't know if I should defend you and comment back to the lack of intelligence of some of the rude and crude posting below, of perhaps that would be raining on your parade?? So in closing keep up the great hard work with your Online Marketing and I don't care what people say, I'd mary Ya!

  • keverone says:

    I think this was a very well put together and helpful video, especially your mention of the drop box app.
    If I were not Internet Marketing savvy, I would be appalled at the comments left here. But ya know controversy Builds Traffic.....To be continued.

  • cmreel says:


  • sk8ervzla says:

    Apple FTW !!!

  • silverstonewebcam says:


  • Robertd63 says:

    Screenflows better..

  • tigercrap says:

    She is hot! Very good video.

  • IAmAMolester says:

    I enjoy jerking off to your videos.

    Please make more videos, but remember to weat less clothing next time.

    Also, please talk dirty and remeber to play with yourself.

    Another hot chik would also make your videos. If you guys could kiss and make out and lick each other, they would be even better.

    I look forward to jerking off to more of these videos.

  • Givenzup says:

    So, I herd u liek mudkip.

  • ShakeAndBakeGuy says:

    I love ScreenFlow

  • ShakeAndBakeGuy says:

    Get VMware Fusion. Play whatever games you want on it and then download as many PC viruses as you want. Or Boot Camp and just use that.

  • ejayarts says:

    i wish all tech girls are that gorgeous.

  • omgtan says:

    try faster fox helps load pages faster and ad block plus there firfox addons though

  • chinchillawrangler says:

    what the fuck is twitter

  • chinchillawrangler says:

    im gonna guess that ur a girl cause you hate her

  • Ultimate7Maker says:

    You are a fucking moron then.

  • chinchillawrangler says:

    youre a fucking moron

  • Ultimate7Maker says:

    Obvious troll is obvious.

  • BathingApe333 says:

    what does she mean about little snitch?
    "there are some good uses, but ill let u figure it out yourself"?

  • Andreas H. says:

    Hi. I think the OSX Dashboard Widget i use most is this very simple countdown widget:

    You can do stuff like the with it, without carrying a tomatoclock.

  • nelsongotyou062 says:

    Disk Inventory X and Miro are great

  • megagues says:


  • artsmith1972 says:

    Your vid's are interesting to watch, but I find myself not paying attention because you are so beautiful.... its distracting...

    : > )

  • bcatl69 says:

    I was enjoying this video until your mentioned "perez hilton". You redemed yourself though when mentioning Little Snitch.

  • PancakeRecipes says:

    i lost

  • srxshadow says:

    I think wiretap studio for OsX is a good "sound recorder" for your computer's audio.

  • ScrumptiousPotato says:

    so i herd u leik mudkipz.

  • DareYouNotToClick says:

    ~Can you RESIST clicking my username?~

  • nitroosc says:

    ssssssss washitaaaaa rrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiicccccccaaaaaa

  • DeSalvionjr says:

    I have always loved aviary!!!! so i herd u liek mudkipz

  • cool8742 says:

    Awesome apps, I love the Twitter one!

  • zenkalia says:

    noscript. amazing app.

  • 456whocares says:

    Ahh...guess i'll bookmark this for future fapping use >.>.

  • selsut says:

    daaamn she is hot!

  • TheGoldC says:

    sizzling keys is 4 mac

  • d3athlyd4rk says:

    Mudkip in the background of the office place!

  • Elvenfunk says:

    11 is the number of Death ... but this is sexy! xD

  • smileypker says:

    so i heard you lyks mudkips? *refers to the picture of a mudkip in the background*

  • ToyFlameThrower says:


  • AmirN86 says:

    I don't know about lesser known, but then again I wouldn't count tweetdeck as lesser known lol
    VLC Media Player - best media player hands down - not only does it play basically every type of video/audio file, but it is extremely small in size

  • bmxdudleydo says:

    lol xD

  • EFEWQ says:

    I love her 'mudkip'

  • alvarenga2007 says:

    She only did ten! Wen did she do Adium!

  • eskamokiller says:

    kinda confusing but u got a lucky husband

  • zappr5 says:

    Sorry but Twitter/tweeting is just grotesque.
    You forgot to say that Downloadhelper is Firefox only and free.
    I have tested all Firefox video add-on download programs and Downloadhelper gets videos from way more sites than any other.You can even get the high quality MP4 version from You Tube without reloading the vid. Consider looking at Evom for download plus convert for iPod because it is super simple with no space shuttle control panel.

  • brandon20904 says:

    r u serious? AD

  • decem10ber says:

    pyrography/burning bridge

  • modo203 says:

    she's very beautiful!
    I couldn't focus on the goddamn web apps, who gives a crap anyway!
    but she's an Angel! and I will marry her

  • g2gpotty says:

    She has a mudkip pic on the back.

  • ShowsMain says:


  • VandalRush says:

    This made me want to unplug my computer forever, outlaw caffeine, and go find a nice quiet place to go fishing. And I thought people who played WOW were stuck in a time suck...

  • randallreynolds says:

    omg mudkip!

  • VoteforObamaBinLaden says:

    Ellie Rountree looks like a prostitute. She need to stop spreading her herpes around because there is no cure for that.

  • TehNewV says:

    I like the mudkip in the background! I have one too :3

  • shiftri says:

    Some of these are built into windows lol and get Gimp, its the best alternative to photoshop.

  • famivallc says:

    Great picks: Sounds like Facebook+Twitter-savvy dad's will love for Father's Day.

  • Edarthas says:

    She is cute!

  • liaca27 says:

    yay mudkip!!!!!!!

  • nyarltep says:

    how can you use the words "power user" and "twitter" in the same sentance

  • V1olaPlayer416 says:

    Didn't you...just...?

  • avastmatey says:

    i love how everybody looks at the mudkip in the background instead of the smoking hot babe talking to you!

  • hjustin1993 says:


  • TehWilliscool9877 says:

    hey look, a mudkip!!!!!!!!!!!!wow!!!!!!!!!!

  • sadiequack says:

    Another great free way to do a screen shot or a video of what you're doing is with a free program called Jing.

  • olgreybush says:

    i love "crazy browser" its a better version of IE8 imo

  • RenkinPWNS says:

    Oh! u liek mudkipz!

  • annalovesyou345 says:

    i love using gmail notifier and twitterfox. they are both apps for firefox.

  • PerfektVeelo says:

    Didn't watch it, but I gave you a one and I hate everyone who is reading this.

    Viral video must die.

  • CWD3m0nSlay3r says:

    Check out Digsby..
    Facebook, Myspace,Twitter (multiple twitter accounts), linkedin
    POP3 Email.
    All on one desktop application.

    I've used it on my linux and Win machines...but there is also a mac version

  • trystwithuk says:

    All these are stupid Apps...bunch of bananas

  • cvbcvv45 says:

    damn i wanna bang this girl on that desk.

  • mattone says:

    cept downloading videos/songs directly from youtube is against the ToS now =/

  • bigsycthe says:

    do they have pc versions for any of these?

  • soft1planet says:

    mac sucks

  • Skripmusic says:

    oh cool this girl is in the video on my page

  • luisito0925 says:

    cool, but i just watch the video to see your beautiful face =]

  • cockyjeremy says:

    You've never used one.. i can tell. No one that has used a Mac ever tries to say "Macs suck". Only PC users that are too lazy to do a comparison say retarded shit like that.

  • cockyjeremy says:

    No need on a Mac, we have Adium.

  • cockyjeremy says:

    For Twitter.. Tweetie is the best, by far. On Mac and iPhone both. :)

  • Emasaur says:

    macs are way better then PCs.
    PCs are a hassle and get viruses, i own a mac
    and i have never gotten a virus the whole 2 years i have owned one.
    i had a PC and it crashed 3 times.
    and it was every time we didn't update
    the stupid virus protection.

    the mac updates its self.
    so suck it

  • CWD3m0nSlay3r says:

  • CWD3m0nSlay3r says:

    Mac's don't suck....and thats coming from me :) I don't like macs..or apple products in general..But thats just because I'm so used to windows, love building my own PC's, and don't want to spend the money on an "i" product

    Both Win and Mac are OS's. and in my opinion, neither are superior as both have their ups and downs..some find it easier to use a mac, others a PC etc.

  • yogikanna says:

    What??? you tweet and listen to music at you get any work done at all at work?

  • phunnyplace says:

    speak the truth

  • phunnyplace says:

    why would they

  • bigsycthe says:

    same here i have a pc but even though YOU don't like apple products, i like both :P

  • bigsycthe says:

    because i have a pc. lot of people also have pc's and can't afford a mac. i want one and WILL buy one in five years when i'm old enough to get a job.

  • knuckles15961 says:

    Not my fault you PC sucked and you payed 3 dollars for it. I've had this PC for 3 years, not one virus. period. My sisters mac notebook... it crashed 3 weeks ago... LOL, ok! keep going Emasaur

  • heysuciuhey says:

    apple is obviosly the best and i have one, macbookpro
    but pc is also good just apple is cooler, but its a lot more expensive cuz u have to buy everythimng for it...ugh

  • phunnyplace says:

    yeah i know how it pheels
    saved up phor a mac phor 7 months and bought one and are typing on one right now

  • amsedelm says:

    She's a fox.

  • HogieMorgan says:

    Total babe.

  • theshaggyshow says:

    THE VIDEO IS SO MUCH BETTER ON A MAC my friend has a pc and he started cussing when he saw my mac and said it was so much better... NO VIRUSES !!!

  • ac3jc says:

    damn shes hot

  • crimsonlung says:

    I hope you die in 4 years

  • anotherxyz says:

    ummmm.... mac does have select viruses just not as many as windows. and your friend must not know how to take care of a pc. cuz mine runs way better than any mac i have ever used.

  • bigsycthe says:

    i hope you die in 1 day

  • bigsycthe says:

    i want a mac but also want to keep my pc. you know, i can't completelly let go of somethinh that i was born using.

  • anotherxyz says:

    seriously? ummmm windows updates itself. and if you have legitimate virus software it will update itself too. and maybe u wouldn't get as many viruses on your pc if you didnt try downloading so much free porn...

    "so suck it"

  • phunnyplace says:

    i could
    but you need it phor gaming

  • bigsycthe says:


  • crimsonlung says:

    hey good come back, must of taken you that whole time to come up with it.

  • bigsycthe says:

    nope, it only took me 10 seconds

  • velomicro says:

    Adium RULES!!!!!!

  • ItamiBukoto says:

    "I hate Macs. I have always hated Macs. I hate people who use Macs. I even hate people who don't use Macs but sometimes wish they did. Macs are glorified Fisher-Price activity centres for adults; computers for scaredy cats too nervous to learn how proper computers work; computers for people who earnestly believe in feng shui."

  • SirJoughy says:

    screw macs

  • evanhayy says:

    i herd u lyke mudkipz

  • WatchingViking says:

    i use a macbook pro with win xp

  • rbscholtus says:

    Ellie Rountree is so pretty.

  • rbscholtus says:

    I don't hate Macs. I just think PCs are cheaper and Windows 7 is better.

  • jimp1102 says:

    Using your mac 8 hours a day doesn't make you a "Power User", it just makes you a regular person like every other user in the world. Power Users know what they're doing. Quality, not quantity.
    OMG, you're HOT though....

  • Boydgamer says:


  • leklek69 says:

    You look like you have a very smelly vagina but that's alright. I still cant help getting a hard on

  • 1WealthyAffiliate says:

    Whether or not she is a power user she does have some pretty cool apps that she shared.

  • Tony King says:

    Ellie, thanks for your suggestions. My Favorite and most useful application is Dan Schimpf's "MacJournal". As a journalist in the course of my quite extensive daily web excursions I need a powerful tool for taking notes and doing more in-depth research. MacJournal 5.2.4 has totally eliminated my need to use multiple Word and text Processors, Outliners and other journaling tools. It has become my primary documentation tool and information resource.

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